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When always-play-it-safe Jenna Ryan starts questioning how her brother died in Afghanistan, someone decides she must be stopped. Permanently. Her brother’s best friend—a sexy thrill-seeker she can’t stop thinking about—won’t reveal what he knows about the fatal shoot-out, putting Jenna at odds with the only man she trusts to keep her alive.

Former special forces operator Mick Fury would give his life to keep his best friend’s irresistible sister safe. He took an oath to stay silent about their last mission, but Mick’s will is tested by the white-hot attraction to Jenna he’s tried to ignore for years. Now he must risk everything—even falling in love—to protect her from the truth that could destroy them both.

295 pages, Paperback

First published February 19, 2014

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About the author

Gwen Hernandez

17 books238 followers
Growing up, Gwen Hernandez wasn’t brave enough to share the stories in her head with other kids, but they usually involved intrigue and romance. She was raised in the Army and Navy, and married an Air Force engineer, so it’s natural that her Men of Steele series features military heroes and heroines who must overcome danger to find true love.

The former programmer and manufacturing engineer also helps authors all over the world find the joy in Scrivener through Scrivener For Dummies, online courses, in-person workshops, and private training.

In her free time, she likes to travel, read, run/bike/hike, flail on a yoga mat, and explore her current home of southern California where she writes surrounded by houseplants. To learn about new releases and giveaways, join her newsletter, or find her online at gwenhernandez.com or ScrivenerClasses.com.

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February 16, 2014
Plenty of betrayal and mystery in this debut romantic suspense. Mick Fury met best friend Rob in basic training. They went on to become Air Force Parajumpers before switching to private security contractors with Claymore. When on their latest assignment in Afghanistan Rob is killed during an ambush and makes Mick promise he will protect his sister Jenna who has already had so much tragedy in her life.

When Mick gets back to the states he does what he can for a grieving Jenna while also keeping his distance which was another promise he made to Rob as he’s typically known as a playboy who lives for adrenaline rushes. But when they notice they are being followed and Jenna’s home is destroyed they figure out Rob must have stumbled onto something while in Afghanistan.

Mick has his hands full not only trying to protect Jenna but also trying to keep her from digging deeper into what happened to Rob while not alerting the bad guys who may be far closer than they think.

This was equal parts suspense and romance. Mick and Jenna both have misconceptions - Mick's are about himself and Jenna's are about Mick. As the two are trying to figure out the who and what about who's after them they also have to deal with the feelings that have always been there between them.
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January 28, 2017
Mick Fury and Rob Ryan have been best friends for years and just as long Mick has had a thing for Rob's sister, Jenna. But Rob has warned Mick off her years ago so he has followed his friends wish. That doesn't stop them from flirting as she has also secretly, or not so secretly depending on who you talked to, had a thing for Mick in a big way. Problem is, he's a playboy and Jenna knows she'll never be enough for Mick Fury.

Mick and Rob have done almost everything together, boot camp, pararescue training, and now the job they have at Claymore private security contractors in Afghanistan. The tour this time though is Rob's final one because he is staying at home this time and Mick is scared to death. They've always had each other's back. Rob makes Mick promise though that if anything should happen to him that he will take care of Jenna.

Jenna is so excited, her brother is coming home, she has a new job interview and life is looking up. That is until she is on the way out the door to go to the interview and she gets a phone call. It's from Mick and Rob has been killed. He didn't want her to hear it from the company representatives and he is on his way home but it will take a couple of days before he can get there.

Mick can't believe Rob is gone. It should have been him instead. After all, Jenna has lost all of her family now. He will keep his promise to Rob but he doesn't realize that there may be more behind that promise than he realized. When someone is following them it seems odd. Then they find out they both have a tail. Next her house is gutted and everything in her perfectly organized world is in tatters. It gets worse. She knows something is up with her brother's camera and it's missing memory card. After the funeral she goes back to her house to find the seats in her car slashed, and if that's not enough her house literally blows up. Now, she and Mick know someone is after something, they just don't know what. That's until they find the memory card in the mail and it opens up whole new questions for both of them.

Both of their worlds have been shattered and when Mick won't answer her questions about how Rob died she decides to investigate in her own. She and Mick are at odds, she and he are both in danger and they are fighting an attraction that can't go anywhere because of the promise Mick made Rob.

Read to find out how this all transpires and if and or what they find out about the pictures they have found, Rob's death, and if they survive long enough to finally act of the attraction they have for each other.
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Author 5 books35 followers
June 23, 2014
Originally posted HERE .

I know these topless, spray-tanned men sell books, but for me? I nearly missed out on a fun read because the cover frightened me!

This book was great fun.

I had no expectations of Blind Fury when I downloaded it, but it fitted in with my promise to read more suspense in 2014. It turned out to be a very entertaining book packed with so much action it felt like watching a movie.

Was it perfect? No. Was some of it a little silly? Yes. But this is an author with more readability to her writing than a lot of the authors who get similar things bought by the big publishers. At least we actually got suspense in this one, unlike a lot of recent “romantic suspense” bestsellers that have been sappy romance cover to cover with no action in between.

When reading Blind Fury, you’ll want to ignore yourself if you start worrying about the plausibility. There’s so much drama and – yes – romance packed into the space of a few days that… Hmm. I did think the heroine reacted unrealistically to a day that involved a funeral, a trashed house, a trashed car, a couple of stalkers and then an exploded house AND murder attempt. In ONE day! She was altogether too cool and collected and blasé.

I also don’t see the need for rushed marriage proposals in books like this. “Happy for now” is just fine with me.

However, it sort of seemed like the extreme aspects of the story just added to the fun.

This was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for when I read it. I was becoming quite tired of the super-realistic contemporary romances that represented day to day life with very little in the way of twists or individuality to make one stand out from the other.

I would love to see this author and more like her writing for the bigger publishers. I’d like more books like this around to show that romances can be about more than small town quilting shops and misogynistic MMA fighters.

Review copy provided by NetGalley.
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August 10, 2014
I received this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The gist: Jenna's brother was a defense contractor working in Afghanistan when he was killed. Mick was the brother's best friend and partner and was there when the brother was killed. Mick returns to the states to take care of Jenna, a promise he made to her brother as the man died in Mick's arms. It quickly becomes clear there was more to her brother's death than even Mick knew and someone is trying REALLY hard to make sure there's no chance their secrets get out. Jenna and Mick embark on a fast-paced, high-energy fight for their lives and for justice.

Okay, so there's really not a whole lot to say about this one. The story was fantastic. It was full of suspense and drama. My adrenaline was pumping during more than one scene. Jenna and Mick were GREAT! Being her brother's best friend, Jenna was always off-limits to Mick and he fought his feelings toward her for YEARS! Mick's playboy ways left Jenna heartbroken but never dampened her fierce lust for him.

My only complaints were that some details were overly sensationalized, like a TV show cop drama or something. You know the kind, I'm sure... Some of it was awful fast-paced, making it borderline unrealistic. There were a few issues I felt were somewhat unresolved. All of these things though were EXTREMELY minor to the story. The unresolved issues were little things that may or may not be resolved or explained in the subsequent books in this series.

All in all, this is an EXCELLENT romantic suspense novel. I thoroughly enjoyed he story and the characters. I don't know how anyone can really be disappointed with this one...
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9,520 reviews149 followers
May 6, 2014
I loved Jenna, "a pretty brunette who was perched on the neighboring stool held his attention, and Jenna couldn't stop a little arrow of jealousy from lodging in her gut. Fortified with a deep breath, she marched around the bar. "Do you still need a ride, or have you found a better option?" I mean she takes crap from no one especially Mick, "with a slight twist and a step back, she forced him to release her. "You're drunk. Why do guys always get horny when they're drunk?" The girl knows how to go after what she wants, "she gave him a long, slow, exploratory kiss, rubbing her body along his, quickly rekindling his desire. At that moment he would have killed for a condom. "Jeann, honey," his voice cracked. "I don't have any -" I mean Mick he's all for adapting to different situations, "standing's overrated." He pulled her in for a kiss, wishing he was in shape to do more. "Besides, you said you'l like to be on top, and since I'm stuck on my back..." I hope there's more coming from this author in this series because I really loved it.
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May 7, 2023
⤷ this is book 28 of 77 books i have downloaded for free on amazon kindle, so it may be time to finally go through them all. oh god, wish me luck.

well. i don't buy any of it. i don't connect to the characters, they're very shallowly written and so is the plot. there were action scenes and there was clearly a threat, yet i didn't get any sense of these main characters to be in danger at all. it didn't feel like i had anything to worry about, and it didn't pull me in nor intrigue me.

but it was an okay read. like, it's just...existing, i guess?
771 reviews8 followers
May 21, 2014
Fear is something that some people have but is it enough for you to stop living your life. Shouldn’t you live and what comes at you you deal with it as it comes. Well it’s a little more complicated for Jenna but she did need to live and not live in constant fear.

Mick Fury was in love with Jenna from the moment that he saw her but his best friend forbid him to even look at her. Rob was his best friend and now he was gone and he needed to keep the promise he made before he died. He needed to take care of Jenna and leave the private security contractors company they were working in. Mick had no idea what he was going to do, he was a thrill seeker. Only that when he was at home he wanted to go back and when he was out their in the 3rd world counties fighting he wanted to go home. There was one thing that he would always do when Rob was talking to Jenna and that was he would talk to her before Rob hung up the phone. What if he couldn’t stay living a normal life, would he be able to keep Rob’s promise.

Jenna Ryan has had a rough life but she was trying to make the best of it. She missed her brother and he would be coming home soon. Only that it changed when she got a phone call from Mick telling her that Rob had passed away. She could not believe that she was all alone why couldn’t he just have come home sooner. Jenna has always had a crush on Mick and now he was around her but she knew that he was a playboy and she wanted to be left alone. There were times that she found him flirting with her but she didn’t know how to take it. Then there were times that she wanted him far away but then she wanted for him to hug her. At times she was a little confusing. Jenna wanted to know what happened to her brother but Mick would not talk about it. So one day she noticed that they were being followed but they had no idea why.

When Jenna’s house exploded that was when Mick knew that they were in trouble. He knew he needed to protect Jenna but she was digging to get more information on her brother’s death and she wanted him to tell her what happened the day Rob died. That’s when things get interesting because she takes the advice from her bestfriend to seduce Mick and maybe that would get him to talk. Well it worked but then she blew his heart up and stomped on it. I could not believe her. But no matter what Mick was going to keep her safe then when he was done he was leaving her behind. The amount of guilt was eating Mick alive because he was keeping what happened from Jenna but when she learned the truth would she be able to see him the same, how about Rob.

Blind Fury is a great story that has plenty of suspense; it’s full of action and passion. This story had an interesting storyline and it was enthralling. Ms. Hernandez writing style is clear, focused and creative. I love when I get lost in a story and especially when I can see myself in the story with the characters. The characters were well developed and it was fast paced. I could not believe what was happening to Jenna and Mick it seemed that they would get into one situation then they would get out of it before something else happened. What was great about this story was that there was a happily ever after but I wanted to see what happened in the future. It would have been great to have a small epilogue but that did not take away from my rating of the story. Mick and Jenna love each other and the chemistry is noticeable from the moment that they reunite. Then when they kiss and touch its explosive.

I totally recommend this read to all readers that love suspense, action and romance in which two characters live happily ever after. I can’t wait to see if Ms. Hernandez will be giving Tara, Jenna’s bestfriend, a book or maybe Dan.

ARC received from NetGalley for an Honest Review
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June 25, 2014
Overall Rating: 4 Rockin’ ★★★★

Mick Fury and Rob Ryan are best friends and work together for Claymore Security. Mick has always had a thing for Rob’s sister, Jenna, but he keeps his hands off because of his best friend. Rob has told his friend that he has quit his job and in two weeks he will be going home for good. He asks Mick to take care of his sister if something ever happened to him and Mick promises that he will. It is almost like Rob knew he was going to die because on their next mission he is killed and will be going home for good.

Mick does not know that Rob had evidence that may have gotten him killed and could get still get Jenna killed. Before their last mission Rob had sent Jenna a package, a package that someone wanted really bad.

Jenna and Mick try to comfort one another but the pain is too deep. Mick decides that he needs to get really drunk to forget the loss of his best friend, so when he needs a pickup from the bar he calls Jenna to come and get him. The next morning on the way to get his car they realize that they are being followed and when they get back to Jenna’s place the entire place has been trashed. Then after Rob’s funeral they find her car torn apart in her driveway and the next thing she knows is that Mick has dropped her to the ground and covered her with his body. Her townhome is consumed in flames. What is going on?

Will Mick be able to keep Jenna safe? Can the two of them solve the mystery and not end up like Rob? Will Mick and Jenna give in to the attraction they feel for each other? Is this love? Will it turn a bad boy good?

Hero –Mick Fury: 4 stars
Heroine –Jenna Ryan: 4 stars
Steam: 4 stars
Plot: 4 stars
Cliffhanger: No

Would I recommend this book: Yes! This is a great mystery romance! It touches all the bases, love, lust, mystery and intrigue. In the end good does triumph over evil!

Would I read other books by this author: Yes! I would really like to read another book by this author.

***Received an ARC of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review***

Blind Fury
Gwen Hernandez
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398 reviews
August 11, 2016
4.5 stars

If you've read any of my reviews you know that I'm a military romance thriller freak, so this book was right up my alley and I love a girl falls for brothers best friend story, so this was a win-win for me!

This is the first book in the men of steele series and I have to say Gwen did a great job.

I'm not one to give a blow-by-blow of the entire book because I want you to experience everything it has to offer, so this will be short and honest.

We start off with action and it never ends. Jenna, Tara, Mick, Rob, Colin, Dan, Kurt, and a slew of others are really great characters with depth and I could feel the love they shared, the distrust, and the dishonesty. Things that shouldn't happen do happen from the very first page and I was left wondering how the hell Jenna was suppose to move forward. The sexual tension between Jenna and Mick was off the charts. We are faced with drug smuggling, murder, lies, love, and lots of unexpected twists and turns.

I will say there is a tiny cliffhanger for one of the characters, but hopefully their book is next. I'm looking forward to reading all of the books.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review.

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105 reviews
September 5, 2014
Loved this debut book. It was the perfect start to what I'm hoping will be a long series.

This book starts with a bang and keeps in going. Mick Fury is an ex pararescue jumper now doing private contract work. Jenna Ryan is his best friends little sister. After an op goes wrong and Mick returns home things really go bad. The bad guys are on the hunt and Mick and Jenna barely manage to keep one step ahead of them.

There are some interesting secondary characters introduced and to be honest, I have no idea which ones (if any) will feature as the main characters in the second book, but I can't wait to find out.

Another positive was there were no editing/spelling/grammar mistakes that I could find!!!!!

Well done Gwen Hernandez for a great book.
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2,005 reviews27 followers
May 14, 2014

This was a very emotional military romance that started out very good but seemed to drag a bit for me in the middle.
Jenna had lost her brother Rob in Afghanistan, and as he was dying he made his best friend Mick promise to look after his sister. Which wasn't a problem apart from the fact that Mick had had unsisterly feelings for Jenna for years.
The characters and the romance in the story is very nice but the thriller and intrigue is very weak. There is action which you need for a wake up call now and again.
I was a little disappointed.
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12.4k reviews425 followers
April 13, 2017
For me this one was just ok. I had a hard time buying into the romance between Jenna and Mick. If they were really attracted to each other, Jenna's brother wouldn't have stopped them. It didn't help that even though Mick was attracted to Jenna, he slept with a legion of other women due to being warned off by Rob. The drama surrounding Rob's death and how Mick and Jenna were pulled in was meh as well for me.
12 reviews
March 19, 2014
Hard to finish this one

Really wanted to like this book since I was looking for a new author but it didn't hold my interest at all. had to skip chapters just to finish it. I wanted to kill off the heroine because she was just annoying. If you are thinking about paying for this book do yourself a favor and pass on this one.
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3,764 reviews17 followers
February 27, 2015
good book, sometimes wanted to smack those 2 but looking forward to more in this series
321 reviews1 follower
March 11, 2019
Blind Fury by Gwen Hernandez is the first book in the Men of Steele series.
Note: this review contains spoilers!
Rob and Mick are best friends working for a contractor in Iraq when the unthinkable happens: their unit fires on unarmed civilians, killing several. To make matters worse for Mick, Rob is killed by “friendly fire.” Or was he? After extensive interviews with the DoD, Mick is finally released to go home. His first stop is Jenna, Rob’s sister. She is alone in the world now and Mick promised Rob that he would keep her safe. Problem number 1, Mick also promised not to tell Jenna how Rob died. Problem number 2, Mick has been in love with Jenna for years.
Problem number 3, unknown to Mick, Jenna has been in love with him for years. So Jenna finds it extremely difficult to have Mick as her protector and nothing else.
Mick insists on taking her to Rob’s funeral. When they get back to her home they find it completely trashed. Everything has been destroyed including the pictures on the mantle.
And that is just the beginning! Houses get blown up, brake line are tampered with, people are shot and kidnapped. All for what?
You’ll have to read the story to find out! Will Mick and Jenna survive? Will the truth come out?
I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
1,254 reviews1 follower
March 10, 2018
I read this several days ago but every time i sat down to write this review I had nothing to say. This was a fairly enjoyable book. The plot was good and writing solid. Both the characters were unlikable at times but overall they were good characters and once they finally got over themselves and got together I liked them as a couple. I finally realized why I couldn't figure out what to write....while the book was ok I was 0% attached to either character or the couple or the outcome so while this was was an enjoyable read I really have no opinion on the book either way. I would read others by this author but this one was just missing that spark that really makes you invested in the book
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7 reviews
October 21, 2020
After reading the teaser chapter from the latest Men of Steele series and finding it well written and intriguing, I got the first book of the series. It was amazing. It felt like I was reading the best of Jude Deveraux/Julie Garwood, just with added cursing (hey...they are military!) and well-written sex scenes.

The pacing was great and - the best part for me - there were several laugh-out-loud moments. Comparing this to the latest book by one of my favorite long time authors, which I had just finished the day before, I have to say I enjoyed Blind Fury more.
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1,252 reviews7 followers
April 9, 2019
This is the first book in this series but each can definitely be read as standalones even though you will be introduced to characters that will have more storylines in future books. I actually read Books 2, 3, 4 and 5 before having the privilege to finally read Book 1. Jenna Ryan has always been on Mick Fury's radar but because her brother Ryan has always made it clear that his little sister was too good for him, he has respected those boundaries. Things change drastically when Ryan is killed on his last assignment with Claymore Security and then it appears that Jenna and Mick are now are somebody's radar. As they run for their lives, it becomes clear that Ryan's death was not an accident but can they find the truth before they are eliminated? I found this very riveting and suspenseful until the conclusion of the book. Great read, great series and GREAT author.
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1,660 reviews70 followers
December 30, 2020
High body count and mostly unbelievable plot. Otherwise this is a pretty standard romantic suspense with a military/seal/security service type hero and the one woman he finds irresistible. I can't imagine the amount of therapy everyone in this book is going to need. I hope they have good insurance.
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Author 1 book11 followers
March 25, 2019
I just read Blind Fury (Men of Steele #1) by Gwen Hernandez—fantastic writer!

And such a fascinating genre: Military Romantic Suspense. I think you’ll really dig the action, adventure, and romance as it plays out on the page. I could visualize everything! Not easy to write with that authority that allows for a good balance between action, dialogue, and plot that mixes genres. But Hernandez succeeds in keeping our senses heightened, hearts full, and brains at work as the plot unfolds.

Indeed, a fast moving yet balanced feel of action, suspense, and romantic elements drives the story. And I truly appreciate how the lead female character, Jenna, displays strength and vulnerability, while her romantic male lead, Mick, displays a similar balance of vulnerability and strength. A fascinating study of the Yin and Yang parts of a couple and how that informs their struggles and bond, and helps them work together against deadly forces.

So, too, every secondary player and storyline fulfills the reader because they are rooted in dimensional characterization and situations that move the plot.

There are some truly harrowing experiences in Blind Fury, in this first novel of a now series of three from Hernandez, but it is both touching for its romantic elements (realistically-grounded romance), and an exploration of how love and loss figure into our lives, and also offers excitement for readers who like fast-paced suspense and action.

I’m looking forward to reading the next two novels in this series.
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264 reviews2 followers
March 29, 2019
Well written

I was hooked throughout the whole book. I did not want to stop reading. The book has a significant amount of violence and a lot of suspense.
73 reviews
March 23, 2017
Loved it!

Great book!!! Loved the hero so strong, so sensitive, so honorable! The heroine, a rough life, but wow, can she hang tough and still be feminine with guns, kidnapping and life and love on the line!
June 26, 2014
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews
by Gemini

Blind Fury was an entertaining but somewhat predictable read. It’s the story of Mick Fury and Jenna Ryan. Jenna is the younger sister of Mick’s best friend Rob. Rob is killed while Mick and Rob are working private security in Afghanistan. Mick promises Rob that he will watch over Jenna. Mick doesn’t realize that he will end up having to keep her alive in relation to something that Rob gets involved in prior to his death.

There is a lot that happens in this book that’s exciting but most of it is boiler plate stuff. Mick and Jenna have always had feelings for each other but neither has ever acted on them. Mick was respecting the guy code and Jenna thinks that Mick is a player. The cliches continue throughout the book; all the way down to the sports car that Mick drives. Consequently, the book ends up being very familiar. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you don’t go into it expecting to be wowed.

Of course, the romance between Jenna and Mick is electric. They desperately try to ignore their attraction for each other but as expected, they can’t escape it. There is plenty of hot sex so you will not be disappointed. The characters are very likable and I would still like to see what happens to them in the future.

Source: NetGalley

Rating: 3.5 Stars
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1,325 reviews21 followers
May 7, 2014
This was a captivating military suspense/romance. Jenna, loses her brother Rob and when his best friend Mick comes home to help her and to fulfill his promise to Rob the attraction they have felt for each other for years coupled with the mystery of Rob's death, a secret Rob uncovered makes them both a target, and forces them to stick together. Mick, was a womanizer and never considered himself good enough for Jenna. He also was amazingly alpha and strong and made my heart hurt with his loyalty to his friend and the guilt he carried around. Jenna, has always played it safe and tried to ignore her attraction to Mick, now that she is all alone she just wants answers on what happened to her brother. I liked that the romance between Mick and Jenna had been brewing for years and their relationship was more than just their attraction. There was plenty of suspense and steamy scenes. I hope that Tara can find out what was really going on with Colin and that he isn't all bad. I liked Dan and Kurt and wouldn't mind getting more on those two either. All in all this is well worth the read and won't leave you disappointed.
This was a complimentary copy via the publisher/author in exchange for a honest review via Netgalley.
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700 reviews8 followers
February 5, 2017
I received this book free from Amazon and I am voluntarily writing an honest review. Jenna and her brother Rob are all that is left of her family after an auto accident killed her parents and brother a year ago. Rob is a private contractor for the military and has announced that he is done in two weeks and is going home for good but while on a mission something goes horribly wrong and he is killed. Mick is Rob's best friend and was with him when he was killed and makes a promise to watch out for Jenna and keep her safe. On the morning of her brothers funeral Jenna and Mick find Jenna's townhome, garage, and her car maliciously trashed as if someone is looking for something and was angry and could not find it. They go on to the funeral and come home to get a few of her things and after stepping out the door to leave, her home explodes barely missing killing them. This is one of the best military romances I have read in a long time. Gwen Hernandez is a talented author and I cannot wait to read more of her work.
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3,683 reviews43 followers
May 9, 2014
Lots of action and adventure in this romantic suspense tale by “new to me author” Gwen Hernandez. Rule number one in the Guy Code is you don’t hit on your best buds sister. Mick has been trying to stay away for years but when that best bud asks you to take care of her with his dying breath what is a guy to do. Jenna has been kept away from the rough side of life by an over protective brother but when trouble shows up at her door there is nobody she would rather have to keep her safe (besides her brother) than Mick. He is hot and charming and has a way with the ladies but that hasn’t kept Jenna from wanting him. When your life is on the line priorities shift and you discover that life is to be lived and sometimes that means taking a risk even if it may break your heart. I will look for future installments of the Men of Steele.
Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review
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2,243 reviews23 followers
June 21, 2017
Contemporary romance with a tough ex-military dude and the little sister of his best friend who dies making him promise to take care of her.
Jenna Ryan has lost her last family member, her brother Rob died violently in Afghanistan. Rob sent his best friend Mick Fury to take care of Jenna, knowing that she would be in danger because of what he discovered. This is a crazy week where Jenna loses everything in the world as well as her family and then makes a new life with Mick while uncovering what really happened to her brother. This is filled with death threats, sex and violence.
Jenna is like a robot because she doesn't seem to stop for more then a minute to deal with the many many shocks and losses that she goes through in this crazy week of her life. Still the crazy flowed into a fun rollercoaster ride of a read. This is clearly part of a series of ex-military guys trying to come back home and adapt to 'real' society.
254 pages and kindle freebie
3 stars
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693 reviews13 followers
February 5, 2019
💛נתחיל מדמויות 💛

עבר סבבה, אבל יש דחף מאדרנלין.. לכן אחרי הצבא הלך אחרי חברו הטוב לאירגון עם נשק (לא יודעת להגדיר, כמו צבא אבל נלחם בשביל מי שמשלם)
הבאסה בעבודה הזו, שלעומת הצבא ששם אתה מוכן למות בשביך אחיך לנשק.. פה זה לא ככה.
אבל לפחות היה לו את רוב... לחצי פרק בערך...

לא סבלתי אותה 🤣
חרא עבר, אמא, אבא ואח קטן מתו בתאונת דרכים, האח הגדול התגייס על מנת להצליח לממן אותה ואז לקח את העבודה בארגון שאת הגדרתו לא הכי הבנתי ... כדי שתצליח גם לעשות תואר ועכשיו גם הוא הלך.

כשהראשי חוזר, היא לא נתנת לו מנוחה ורוצה לדעת מה קרה עם אחיה, אך הוא לא מספר לה, מסיבות שאנו מגלים עליהן רק לקראת המחצית השניה של הספר..
המטרה שלו זה להגן עליה (כי הבטיח לאח שלה) ולהלחם במשיכה שיש לו כלפיה (כי הוא בטוח שהוא לא מספיק טוב בשבילה).

חוץ מזה, בספר יש הרבה אקשן, כי אח שלה נרצח, והם מנסים לטאטא עקבות.

ספר חמוד, הוא מקבל את ה3.5 ⭐
חלק בגלל הבחור וחלק בגלל העלילה 😍


רייצ'ל טובה יותר 😘
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March 20, 2014
I'm really just excited to have the cover of this bare-chested male torso with a machine gun in my list of books. Whoo!

I'm a sucker for a story about a guy who has to overcome his demons by finding a smart girl who can see through to the good guy underneath his tough exterior. You will be rooting for Jenna and Mick to end up happily ever after. The plot is fast-paced, and the underlying story well-researched. It will make you think about what happens to our men and women who leave the military for private contract work in combat zones. A great debut novel! I look forward to the rest of the series.
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