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The co-eds of Timberland College know a little romance is good for the soul.

Follow four couples as they try to find love in the Campus Crush Series boxset, including Nothing to Tell, Romancing the R.A., Behind Closed Doors, and Rushing Into Love.

When you're looking for love, you have to be willing to break the rules.

372 pages, Paperback

First published February 18, 2014

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About the author

Ashelyn Drake

23 books327 followers
Ashelyn Drake is a contemporary romance author. While it’s rare for her not to have either a book in hand or her fingers flying across a laptop, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She believes you are never too old to enjoy a good swing set and there’s never a bad time for some dark chocolate. She also writes speculative fiction as Kelly Hashway.

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Profile Image for Amélie areadingdragon.
10 reviews11 followers
January 17, 2020
Waarom zijn covers van romance boeken altijd zo... ahem super lelijk. 2,5* want ik had het in 1 avond uit. Entertaining maar omg ik kon me echt ergeren aan de hoofdpersoon.
Profile Image for Maddie.
959 reviews133 followers
February 7, 2017
This one's a compendium of the first .5-3 of her series Campus Romance.

0.5: I really loved this little novella about Mike and Fallen. I'm also really pleased that it's around because it shows that not all of her characters get their happy endings, and that there are some really mean people around.

#1. Oh Andy <3 I love Andy. Swimmer, gentleman, good fun, perfect boyfriend material. And the whole ice cream and sprinkles thing. I love it!!!!!! I love how they got together too, but when

#2. This one gave me different feelings than the first one. This one had more serious issues, such as

#3. Oh I loooove love love this one <3 My favourite of the series. Just the whole drama, the age difference, the undeniable attraction. Ben <3 I clicked on straight away that
Author 37 books78 followers
April 2, 2014
Fun quick read. This is a collection of novellas, which I loved. Even though one character's story ends, they reappear in the next character's story. I love this, because it actually makes each book more satisfying.

I think book one is my favorite. I walked away smiling. If you need something light and to make smile, this is your book.

(If you are pro Greek system in College- book three might not appeal to you as much.)
Profile Image for Chrys Fey.
Author 20 books335 followers
June 13, 2014
If you love short and sweet romances, you have to check out this series.

I gave Nothing to Tell 5 stars, Romancing the R.A. 5 stars, Behind Closed Doors 4 stars, and Rushing into Love 5 stars. You can see my separate reviews for each story on their pages. :)
Profile Image for Beverly McClure.
Author 17 books453 followers
November 10, 2014
Ah, the college years. Study. Make new friends. Fall in love. Experience disappointment. Party. Just another day in the life of thousands of students as they leave home to get an education, often in more than classwork.

CAMPUS CRUSH, a new adult book by Author Ashelyn Drake, consists of four novellas about friendship, love, and making the right choices. In each story we see the pressures and challenges new students face in college, not only in their classes, but also in their personal lives. Take Mike who just wants to be honest with a girl but knows they expect flattery rather than honesty. His best friend Mindy, yes, a girl, tries to offer advice. He’s not buying. He’s also hung up on this beautiful mystery girl.

In each story we see characters from the other stories since they’re all attending the same college. They’re trying to “grow up.” They’re no longer in high school. New worlds…um..guys await. There’s Noelle, soon to be a freshman, and Andy, a sophomore RA (Resident Advisor) also a swimmer with a hunky body. Julia and Darren make another hot couple, as do Mindy and Ben. A lot of the action takes place in the bedroom. Sometimes people are disappointing, and not quite what one thought they were.

Ashelyn Drake has a knack for creating characters with distinct personalities. They make mistakes. They laugh. They cry. They’re human. CAMPUS CRUSH should appeal to readers that are experiencing some of the same situations as Noelle, Julia, and Mindy face. I hope they don’t think hopping into bed with the “love of their life” is necessary though. Yes, I believe in marriage first. Readers should enjoy the ups and downs of college life and maybe even can relate to the characters in the stories.
Profile Image for Katie Carroll.
Author 9 books96 followers
April 21, 2014
CAMPUS CRUSH by Ashelyn Drake combines four novellas in one. Discover the ups and downs of relationships as four Timberland College co-eds search for love. Mike relies on cheesy pick-up lines to (mostly fail) at getting girls. When he catches the eye of sun-bathing beauty Fallon, he thinks he may have finally found someone to love. Noelle hasn't even officially started college when she falls for handsome swimmer and R.A., Andy, at freshman orientation. But are the feelings mutual? Take-charge Julia inserts herself into Darren's life when she sees him eating alone at a pub and decides to join him, but a series of secrets and miscommunications jeopardize their future. Mindy isn't into younger guys. That is not until Ben serenades her at the Freshman mixer and wows her with a kiss.

All four stories are fun and sexy and pull at all the right heartstrings. The sexual tension of these four couples sizzles off the pages. I gobbled up these novellas, not even stopping for a break in between. The angst of new relationships and excitement of falling in love made me simultaneously glad to be out of that new-love phase and long to be back in a new relationship. I also enjoyed how the each story had its own arc, but the characters all intermingled throughout all four stories.
Profile Image for Loredana (Bookinista08).
605 reviews216 followers
May 2, 2016
Just so I'm not seen as mean, I'll give it 2.5 stars, but that's only because I made an average of the ratings I gave each story. I have to say, the only redeemable feature of this novella collection was Ashelyn Drake's writing style. Although a bit repetitive at time, it was very much in line with the New Adult genre. Other than that, however, everything was simply a mess. Too much instalove, too many feelings from the very start, too much drama. I felt like I was watching a Spanish soap opera at times. My favorite stories were Mike's, at the very beginning, and Noelle's. The other ones (Julia and Mindy) were just too much for me. Unrealistic and drawn out. I will read the last novella in this series, which presents Mike's story, but I don't think I'm gonna give it more than 3 stars. It is what it is, and it cannot change drastically.

Overall opinion:

Profile Image for Angelica  Brazil-Steward.
9 reviews5 followers
March 12, 2014
I thought I had already marked this as read. I finished this book quick. It wasn't hard because the writing was great and the characters are so easy to like. But it should probably be read alone because there were a few scenes that made me blush - in a good way. I enjoyed each of the novella's in the book and I liked how the characters from one story were also in the others. Now that I've finished, I want to go back to college! I highly recommend for anyone looking for something swoon-worthy to read.
January 27, 2016
Utter rubbish! Just as it seemed to be getting good, it ended. This has a few novellas in, but such an abrupt ending, I want the rest of the story, but it goes to other characters, can't be bothered to read anymore.
Profile Image for Kelsey Ketch.
Author 12 books351 followers
August 21, 2014
Nothing to Tell

I found Nothing to Tell one of the best in this novella collection. I really enjoyed it! Especially the fact that it was written in the male point of view. Mike was refreshing difference from most of the “Perfect Book Boyfriends.” He was realistic, and yes, a jerk. In fact, that was exactly what I loved. Oh, and Mindy!! Who says a girl isn’t up to being a guy’s wing-man? I think this girl actually rocked at it! Her advice and friendship with Mike was spot on.
As for the storyline, I found it very captivating because it reminded me so much of the old ‘Demon Lover’ stories they use to tell in Europe. The ones that were meant to warn young men and women to be cautious about mysterious lovers. Except, there was no paranormal element in this contemporary version. Only trouble.
I would definitely recommend this novella. It’s fun, quick, and a well worth the read.

Romancing the R.A.

I really enjoyed Romancing the R.A.! Compared to Behind Closed Doors, this was more my kind of contemporary romance. Honestly, I so wish my college orientation experience was similar to this novel, especially with all the hottie R.A. boys hanging around.
The best was that I could really relate to Noelle throughout the novel. The kind of luck she had, the little mishaps, were things I could see happening to me. I also love how her confidence grew through the novel, despite the few embarrassing moments that occurred. And the chemistry between her and Andy was so natural—which I really didn’t feel with Julia and Darren in Behind Closed Doors. Also, though the plot of Romancing the R.A. might have only been two days, the romance’s pace was easy and perfect.
This is a great NA romantic novella! I would definitely recommend for a quiet afternoon read.

Behind Closed Doors

Not being a reader who is easily won over with contemporary romance genres, I found Behind Closed Doors a nice, easy-to-read novel that definitely held my interest. The story line was well thought out, and the challenges and dilemma were definitely fresh and intriguing.
However, truthfully, I really was not impressed with the main character, Julia. She really came off desperate throughout the novel. For example, despite the fact that she found out Darren was her TA and off limits, she still plunged head long in her effort to get into his pants. Plus, I also found the freak-out moments afterward when Darren wouldn’t text or call her very off-putting. I just couldn’t stand her behavior.
On the other hand, I was pleased with Darren. With how many ways this kind of relationship could and does go wrong in real life, I appreciated how he handled the situation. At least he’s honorable and honest. I’m looking forward to see what other trouble lies in the Campus Romance series.

Rushing Into Love

Rushing into Love has to be one of my favorite stories this year! I loved Mindy in Nothing to Tell, but her story in Rushing into Love reveals the many layers to this girl, including the girl who just wants to find love.
Though I could really relate to Noelle’s sort of luck and clumsy mistakes, I think Mindy was really my soul mate in the series. We are so much alike, always being considered the good girl, follows rules, stays away from trouble. I just glad to see someone like that honestly win out for a change.
Okay, so a small part of me always hoped Mindy and Mike might get together, but I can also understand the whole “We’re better as friends” relationship. However, I would not call Ben my favorite book boyfriend. The whole time he was with Mindy, I just had this constant nagging feeling about him. He was too perfect. He was doing everything a girl would dream a guy to do. Call me suspicious, but I don’t trust men like that. I more trust men like Mike. And my suspicions were right!
I’m just glad the ending was well worth it. Seriously, there were times this novella had my gut all knotted up. The last thing I wanted was Mindy to become completely broken. The only down side, in my opinion, was I felt the ending was rushed (no pun intended).
Overall, I loved the Campus Crush Series, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good New Adult read.
Profile Image for Jami Wagner.
Author 12 books189 followers
June 8, 2015
This was the perfect afternoon read! It was cute, funny, and realistic. It was exactly what I needed to have a fun stress free read.

Nothing to Tell –

First off – the meet- I loved how they didn’t talk. The just shared a lingering gaze which in my opinion, says a lot more than words. Then I finished Mike’s story, and decided the meet was exactly where everything went wrong.

Aside from trying to decide how much I actually liked Mike, I decided his character was pretty spot on to that of a typical college guy. I also decided that it was nice to see someone who wasn’t rich and perfect, someone who actually has to work for a girl’s attention.

I disliked how his story ended…but hey, that’s reality. It was a nice switch up!

Romancing the R.A. –

I want to say Noelle and Andy are my favorites. I felt the most connected to them. Their characters really stood out to me as a reader.

Noelle is such a sweet girl. She is ready for college and everything that comes with it. I loved her spunk and her bravery to try new things.

Andy…I really loved how through their entire story he didn’t come off as negative or questionable. To me he liked Noelle from the start and couldn’t give a care in the world on what anyone says or thinks. That’s impressive!

Behind Closed Doors –

Julia and Darren were the funniest pair. Those crazy lovers were testing fate anywhere they could. Sometimes you can’t help how you feel or who you like and these two were no exception.

I thought both Julia and Darren were going to wise up and turn the story in a completely different direction. When it comes to job termination and expulsion, you would think one of them would give up. Not in this story.

Rushing into Love –

I’ll admit, I was a hundred percent in tune with Mindy and her mind set of dating a younger man. I voted against it through the entire story, but of course, I was happy for her in the end.

Boys are dumb. – That about sums up my thoughts on Ben J it’s a darn good thing he made the choice of a man in the end.

Mindy is the best friend everyone wants. She is kind, considerate, and honest. When I found out what Ben was up to I wanted to punch him in that face.

For me to have a reaction to any story is a dead giveaway that it’s a good one!

Overall –

Each story brings something different to the environment of college. Each one is fresh and never a repeat of another. I enjoyed seeing the characters in all the stories. Following along with past characters is always fun for me.

You can buy each story separately but I recommend buying them all through this box set. Each story is back to back keeping you hooked.
Profile Image for Medeia Sharif.
Author 21 books428 followers
April 20, 2014
Here's my take on all the stories in this collection.

Nothing to Tell: This is a short, steamy NA read. Mike is an awkward guy with a best friend, Mindy, who's trying to help him in the romance department. When a gorgeous, mysterious girl he sees around campus catches his eye, she seems unobtainable with her amazing looks and disappearing acts--and what if she mistakes Mindy for his girlfriend, when she isn't? Her name is Fallon, she wants Mike, and she's going to shake things up for him.

Romancing the R.A.: Noelle is in that in-between stage of adulthood. She attends the freshman orientation of her college when she spots Andy, an irresistible, slightly older R.A. (resident advisor). This is when her insecurities kick in. Is he really noticing her? Does she know how to flirt? Can she compete with other girls who want him? Maybe she’s too young and inexperienced for him. I’m not giving away the ending, but I loved how things unfolded.

Behind Closed Doors: Julia meets Darren at a pub. One thing leads to another and she winds up at his place. She never meant for anything serious to happen, but her feelings towards Darren are undeniable. Several problems arise. First, she led him to believe she’s older than she really is—she’s a freshman, not the grad student he thinks she is—and she receives a shock in class when she sees Darren emerge behind her professor as a T.A. Teacher assistants aren’t supposed to be dating students. They can both get into serious trouble with a firing and an expulsion. Between the lying and this situation, will their relationship last? This short and sweet NA novella had plenty of tension

Rushing Into Love: When Ben sings to her and kisses her at a dorm social, Mindy isn’t sure what to make of him at first. She’s a junior, while he’s a freshman, but everything seems so right. Despite not knowing a lot about him and the age difference, he’s perfect for her. They form a relationship, but a secret he’s keeping can tear them apart. This is a great ending to this fantastic NA series.
2,887 reviews22 followers
April 11, 2016
Oh Dear. I think I've been spoiled by other authors who've been able to nail (pun intended, if you wish) this genre and deliver stories with multiple dimensions and complex characters. And then there's this "book" which is just a collection of 4 short stories about characters that carry over from one story to the next. And that's the only continuity there is here.

Even with that, the stories are boring. Banal dialogue, simplistic storytelling, and apparently accurately reflective of the college campus hook up culture these days. I HATED that there was little discussion of safe sex.

What a waste of time.
Profile Image for Melinda.
186 reviews
May 17, 2015
Since I'm not one to stop reading a book, I continued this one after the terrible beginning. By the end, the stories had gotten progressively better but still left me feeling kind of eh about them. I'm a true lover of romance stories but even I found myself rolling my eyes at the love at first sight and jumping right into bed/a relationship that happened in pretty much all the stories. It was too much without having a real basis for the so-called love. It needed a little more character development for me.
Profile Image for Kerryn (RatherBeReading).
1,498 reviews93 followers
August 5, 2017
Individual Ratings:
Nothing To Tell - 2.75 stars
Romancing the R.A. - 3 stars
Behind Closed Doors - 2 stars
Rushing Into Love - 2 stars

Overall rating: 2.5 stars

Pretty typical tropey new adult reads. Unfortunately the final 2 novellas really brought this down for me. Contains a lot of harmful new adult tropes.
657 reviews1 follower
October 18, 2014
This is a collection of the first few chapters of each book in the series. This is just so have you a taste of each book. I guess to introduce you to the characters in the series. It did give brief insight to previous books so you will be able to guess outcomes.
Profile Image for Samantha (WLABB).
3,433 reviews234 followers
September 26, 2014
Cute short stories revolving around a small cast of characters and their insta-love. Cute, quick read with likable characters.
Profile Image for Claire Sayan.
551 reviews8 followers
April 26, 2015
Ahhhh I really liked this :) the first 2 stories were crap, but I LOVED everyone in the others
Profile Image for Stephanie.
59 reviews
November 6, 2016
loved the entire series of campus crush. Love happily ever afters! and love the way that every book in this serie is about someone we met in the book before but wasn't the main character
Profile Image for Serena.
511 reviews
April 25, 2015
So. Much. Insta-love. The whole thing was overwhelmingly meh.
Profile Image for Rogean.
42 reviews
May 1, 2018
Really quick reads. My thanks to play store for the free ebooks.
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