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The Legend of Eden #2

Garden of Ashes

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After four years as a prisoner in her parents' attic, hidden away from the Catchers, Eden never dreamt the very people she was hiding from would be the beginning of such impossible things. She's found freedom on the island like she never imagined.

Eden is a sorcerer, with the power of the world in her fingertips. She is determined to never be helpless like she once was, and spends every minute of her spare time training to fight back. As she discovers more of her own power, she and her friends continue to uncover the secrets of the Council. Deadly secrets, hinting at something far larger than the island and the Catchers. Before they can find out exactly what the Council is hiding, Eden's magic begins to spiral out of control, and she loses it for just a second. Just half of a second, and it's enough to change everything.

Suddenly, lives are put at stake, and Eden and her friends must do something no one else has ever dared. They have to escape the island, or they have to die trying.

First published April 1, 2014

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About the author

Kate Cowan

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Hey there!

I'm an author, writer, painter, and illustrator. When I'm not writing or creating art, I love to take my three insane dogs out for hikes and explore the beautiful Niagara region of Canada, where I live.

My passion is in telling stories that move people and capture their imaginations. I also strive to create art that is full of life and beauty.

I love creating pretty things, both written and painted. I'm also a martial arts instructor, 3rd-degree black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate, and lover of badass characters (which I'm sure you can tell from my books!!)

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September 1, 2014
Amazing Second Half of the Story! Kate Cowan started of the story with a gritty realism and lands us in never never land minus the fairy's, mermaids and pirates, instead we have crazy scientists, magic, and and Island that wants to devour them all!

The story takes quite a twist in this one where no one can turn there backs as they are never sure who is going to stab them in the back. We meet some new and interesting characters in this one as well. Tom and Adriane who have both been there the longest and then Dana a shy and quite girl who is Eden's roommate.

Adriane was by far my fav of the new friends, she was real and tough and didn't take crap from no one. I didn't much care for Tom I was always waiting for him to do something to mess them up or turn them in as his personality just had this slipperiness to it. I really liked Dana too although we didn't get to hear too much about her and her life yet and she is so shy. She stood up for Eden and Will and did a lot of stuff she probably won't have done before.

The Seventh Island novella threw off a bit at first cause it went from all about Eden to all about Adriane. When I realised it was a whole another story then I began to enjoy it. I loved learning so much about her as she was my fav. I found it to be a fun and fascinating tale and I can't wait to read more of Kate Cowan stories!

do not wait to get these stories! TBR today and get your copies!
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September 20, 2014
This review originally appeared on Fantasy is More Fun.

I received this book for free from IFB Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Initial Reaction...
Garden of Ashes is, much like Garden of Eden very mystifying and a bit confusing. The included novella about Adrienne was excellent and gave me a lot of missing links to this world.

Note:There are some series spoilers in this review.
The Characters...
I really really like Adrienne and, especially after reading the novella, I find myself wishing she were a larger part of Garden of Ashes. She was taken from her parents at a young age, so this life is all she's known, unlike Eden. It's made her tough, perceptive, and highly suspicious of everyone/everything. We really got to know her in the novella, and I wish some of the character I saw there came through more in Garden of Ashes.

Because the supporting characters aren't very developed in Garden of Ashes - like in Garden of Eden, this is really all about Eden. And that's okay, to an extent. It's just Eden is so damn confusing! It's not her fault, she doesn't know what's up with her either. But she's learning she has magical abilities - something she'd already started learning in Garden of Eden- and that's really the source of a good deal of the mystery and action in Garden of Ashes. So our main character is mainly a mystery - even to herself. What we do know about her can be maddening - mainly in a good way. Eden is impulsive as all get out - she just definitely lives by the motto "Do first, then think." So that lands her in so many predicaments. You just want to shake her and make her think for a second!

I was really really pleased with how much more we saw of the boys - Tom & Will - in Garden of Ashes. In the first book they both felt like this giant mystery - and while they still are shrouded in some mystery, we find out why and start to understand them both better. It's sort of a love triangle, except that I don't really feel anything beyond friendly love between Eden and Will and I'm not even sure I'm supposed to. There's DEFINITE chemistry between Tom and Eden, though his playboy reputation sort of gets in the way of that. Particularly considering how things ended, though, I'm really at a loss for guesses on how these relationships will develop.

The Story...
Garden of Ashes is full of magic and mystery. On one hand, I love the magic and just wish I understood it better. But I don't because there's just so much mystery. I like to be uncertain about where things are going, but sometimes I got lost. Maybe there's just too many layers of mystery? You've got what's going on with the island itself, who the hell are these people who are gathering the kids, what happens to the kids when they turn 18, why are they doing this anyway, and then there's all the mystery around Eden too boot!

So I walked into Garden of Ashes remembering that at the end of the first book I had so many questions and I just HAD to get the answers. Well, I did get a few, but I really wanted more. And I just don't have any guesses, because I'm still kinda lost. If it were just Garden of Ashes, I probably would have given this 3 stars (which still means I liked it!!!), because I wanted more answers than that.

Thankfully, there's an INCREDIBLE novella included that goes back in time to when Adrienne was just a girl taken by whoever-the-hell is running this show. This filled in SO MANY ANSWERS. I left the novella in love with this world, in love with Adrienne, and even more jazzed to know what's coming. I wish the book could have done more of that, but together they still come in at less than 200 pages, so it's not a big deal to read the novella (that's included with the book).

Concluding Sentiments...
I give Garden of Ashes 3 stars and the novella included 5 stars, so averaged together it's a 4 star read. I'm really excited about this world and just hope that the rest of my questions are answered in the third (and, I think, final) book!

pretty good
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September 18, 2014
I am having mixed feelings about this book. Garden of Ashes is the second book in the Legend of Eden series. So you really need to read the first book to understand what is going on.

What did I like about this book?

I still really like the heroine, Eden. This book picks up where we left off in Garden of Eden. Eden is still adjusting to life on the mysterious island and is learning how to control her new power. Eden is also building her friendships with Will, Tom, Adriane and Dana. It was good to see Eden spend time with Tom and Will. There is an attraction building up between them and a potential love triangle. But the romance is a side story and I really liked that the author was focused on the mystery of the island. Eden’s goal is to get off the island and find out what the Council is planning, so having a romance is not a priority.

What did I dislike about this book?

Garden of Ashes starts off really good but then the story started to drag. The story made a strange and confusing twist in a scene with Liddon, the mysterious man in the woods (who I can’t help but picture Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter). I don’t want to spoil it but the scene threw me off guard and I was so confused with the direction this series was going. Another thing that bothered me was that there wasn’t anything major revealed in this story. I was as frustrated as Eden was by not knowing what is happening. There are still too many secrets to keep me interested in the series.

There was some excitement at the end and we are left with another cliffhanger. But I don’t know if I would read the next book.

There was a short story at the end that I give 5 STARS to. It is a prequel of Adriane’s story which was really exciting and gives a good background for her and also to the Council.
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1,176 reviews116 followers
September 11, 2014
'Garden of Ashes' is the second book in a young adult fantasy novel that continues to follow our heroine - Eden - as she learns how to harness her magic. On top of that, Eden and her friends are determined to uncover all of the Council's secrets and to finally figure out what's really happening. Things are going seemingly well until Eden loses control of her magic for just a split second - and the consequences are devastating. With no other alternatives, Eden and her friends must do something that's never been done before - they have to escape the island. Or at least die trying.

This was a solid second installment in a fantastic YA fantasy series. Eden remains an awesome main character - especially now that she knows she has magic. I loved watching her character grow and mature as she learns to control her magic, along with learning all the dirty secrets the Council is keeping. All the twists, turns, and mysteries surrounding the Catchers, the Council, the island - all of it - continue to blindside the reader throughout the story. Just when you think you've figured something out - BAM! Giant twist in the story that throws you back to where you started. I love to attempt to figure out mysteries in books before the characters do, and I have to admit that it was hard for me to do that with this book. I see that as a sign of great writing talent and only makes me want to read more. The story was original and keeps the reader on the edge of their seats almost the entire time. You never quite know what's going on or what might happen next, so I was reading quickly just to find out the truth. I ended up flying through this book in a few hours. The writing was great - it's told in an easy and conversational tone, so it's easy for the reader to identify with the narrator. I was also able to slip right back into the world the author created from the start and I felt like I was experiencing everything that happened in the book right beside Eden. The descriptions and vivid details really helped to entwine the setting, characters, and the storyline. They all blended together naturally, which I think helped with pulling me back into the story and Eden's world. I definitely recommend this book (and series!) to fans of YA fantasy and dystopian novels - as well as those who enjoy magic and paranormal fiction.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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272 reviews35 followers
September 10, 2014
I received this book from Itching for Books and the author Kate Cowan for review!

This book was so good! In this we find out Eden is special and it can’t be known that she is on the Island by The Council. She starts to become more powerful and spawn creatures of her own; that aren’t so friendly. We also find out more about the hybrid creatures which are in the thousands. Eden and her friends all start to find out more information about The Councils intentions for the Children and the Hybrids. Also Will is back in her life, yay! I still ship them so much. So all her parts with Tom had me rolling my eyes,but it was just out of bitterness. We do find out important information from him. Both he and Will are bound by a book. That is the reason Will had distanced himself.

The relationship between her and Will is so sweet. They both know they need each other. That the time in the attic had bound them for life. She even thinks a lot herself how he’s the one person she can’t do without. I also feel like that has a lot to do with her not letting herself get too close to Tom,even if she doesn’t notice it yet.

The story takes a dark turn when she is practicing her magic and finds out a deep secret in her roommates past. After that everything starts spiraling out of control, and Eden is left needing to get off the Island asap! The book has you going through page after page as fast as you can,just to see what happens! Then it leaves you wanting to find out what will happen next!

I liked this much more than the first and think everybody should pick up the series! It’s a quick good read and only about $5 for both on Amazon.
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134 reviews24 followers
September 12, 2014
***Disclaimer: I was provided a free copy in exchange for a review.***

This book is best described as bridging the gap to the next novel. Eden's powers develop- in ways that even surprise her- and she discovers more about what the Council is up to in their labs. There's also a deadly secret about the island that leads to a tragedy and forces Eden and her friends to attempt something never done before- escape the island.

The first thing you'll notice about the book is that it's short- the last quarter or so taken up by a prequel novella involving a few things about the Council and the Catchers. Shorter stories mean you have to get things going faster and it doesn't, due to lack of pacing There's about a six-page discussion between Eden and Tom about what he knows but can't say because he's made a magical promise not to. The word for that is 'geas', and it shouldn't take an author six pages to get to the point. It was like a couple of 12-year olds talking about sex saying 'his thing, her thing'. In that vein there’s a couple of similar instances where the story really needs some tightening up
The rest of the novel mostly deals with Eden’s exploration of her powers and her relationships with other (male) characters, particularly Will and Tom. There’s some growth there and Liddon even has a few surprises of his own for her.

It’s an ok read- not good, could’ve been better.
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759 reviews92 followers
September 12, 2014
Received an ARC as part of a tour. Review to come.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book as a part of this tour in exchange for an honest review.

Much like book one, Garden of Eden, this book is very fast paced, with plenty of interaction between Eden and her fellow prisoners. Eden is learning to manipulate her magic while she and her friends uncover more of the Council's, and the island's, secrets.

I'm enjoying the characters and the pace of these books, however I'm also frustrated as there are NO answers and tons of ambiguity. And just as you think you're getting somewhere, it leaves off, making you wait for another installment.

Included in this book is a novella, which I enjoyed very much and would actually rate a star higher than the novel itself. I realize that my review this time around is more vague than ever, however, considering the length of this novel and how quickly you will be tugged in for the ride, I think it is better to keep story elements out of my review! I do think any reader will be fascinated with Eden's growth, will adore Liddon, and will desperately be trying to put together the puzzles pieces as we've received them so far!
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Author 4 books248 followers
September 10, 2014
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

3.5 Stars for Garden of Ashes
4 Stars for Seventh Island: A Garden of Eden novella

Garden of Ashes is the second book in The Legend of Eden series. It picks up right where book 1 left off with Eden/Katrina on the island. You will definitely want to read Garden of Eden first. There is also a very short novella at the end that I quite enjoyed.

This is a fast-paced read with non-stop action and answers, along with new mysteries. I can't really go into anything without spoilers, so that will make this review very short. Eden is a girl possessed. She is desperate to learn the secrets of the island, to control her magic... which is easier said than done. We learn a lot more about the mysterious island as Eden finally finds some answers.

My favorite character is still Liddon. There's just something about him that speaks to me. Perhaps I'm a touch insane as well. If you read Garden of Eden, you'll definitely want to pick up book 2. If you haven't, this is an intriguing urban fantasy series worth considering.
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6,908 reviews31 followers
September 12, 2014
Great book, loved being in this world again! So good! Really enjoyed it!
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