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Scarily Ever Laughter #2

Little Dead Riding Hood

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You know things are going to suck when you’re the new kid. But when you’re the new kid and a vampire… well, it bites!

Unlike most kids, Scarlet Small’s problems go far beyond just trying to fit in. She would settle for a normal life, but being twelve years old for an entire century is a real pain in the neck. Plus, her appetite for security guards, house pets and bloody toms (tomato juice) is out of control. So in order to keep their vampire-secret, her parents, Mort and Drac, resort to moving for the hundredth time, despite Scarlet being dead-set against it. Things couldn’t be worse at her new school, either. Not only does she have a strange skeleton-girl as a classmate, but a smelly werewolf is intent on revealing her secret. When she meets Granny—who fills her with cookies, goodies, and treats, and seems to understand her more than anyone—she’s sure things will be different. But with a fork-stabbing incident, a cherry pie massacre, and a town full of crazy people, Scarlet’s O-positive she’ll never live to see another undead day.

Not even her Vampire Rule Book can save her from the mess she’s in. Why can’t she ever just follow the rules?

320 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 2014

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About the author

Amie Borst

13 books49 followers
Amie Borst still believes in unicorns, uses glitter whenever possible and accessorizes in pink. She enjoys eating chocolate while writing and keeps a well-stocked stash hidden away from her family. A native New Yorker she currently resides in Northern Virginia with her husband, three children and a cute dog named Lily. She wishes she had a hot-pink elevator with carnival lights to travel the world. But for now, her minivan will have to do.

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836 reviews70 followers
October 21, 2014
Scarlet Small was new in town. Her dad, Drac, is in the army, and they moved a lot. Scarlet was scared of her new school. It smelled of werewolf. It didn’t help that at her old school, she was friendless and ridiculed. A lot. Did I happen to mention that Scarlet Small and her “parents” are vampires? And that Scarlet is over a century old? In a 12-year-old body? So far, school is going great for her, until Scarlet meets Ethan. She is sure that he is the werewolf she smells, which is bad, because a werewolf’s bite is the only thing that can kill a vampire. And he seems to hate her. Could things get any worse for a pre-teen vampire?

This is a fun book and it is the second in the Scarily Ever Laughter Series (Cinderskella is the first). The Borst mother-daughter team have written monster characters that even I (who really doesn’t like monster stories) like. There is humor in the story, which is always a plus for me. The characters act like middle schoolers and have many of the same issues – fitting in, doing well in school (only in monster terms). I like the sense of fractured fairytales throughout the book. It adds to the enjoyment of reading it. I felt like I was really there with Scarlet as she went on with her story. The Borsts describe the setting very well – it gave the perfect feeling for the story – a small town with a humongous woods surrounding it. This story contains minor spoilers about Cinderskella so I’d read the books in order. Scarlet befriends Cindy (Cinderskella) in the story. I love Scarlet’s “parents’ ” names – Drac and Mort: Dracula and Morticia. The language in the book is kid appropriate. Obviously the book is about monsters and some of the things they do, but there is nothing graphic or unpleasant in the story. It’s a really nice story about trying to fit in. I hope that there are more books in this series!
*NOTE* I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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Author 56 books79 followers
September 16, 2014
I had the pleasure of reading Cinderskella by Amie and Bethanie Borst last year, and enjoyed Little Dead Riding Hood just as much. A scene from this story gave me the feeling a third book in the Scarily Ever Laughter series is in the making and am already looking forward to it.

This awesome morbid twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story we grew up with was as fun and funny as I expected it to be. It started off with a young looking vampire named Scarlet starting the 6th grade (AGAIN!) in a new city and making friends with a girl named Cindy, the main character from Cinderskella. Other characters from the spooky story inspired by the popular Cinderella tale were featured in this book as well and it was interesting to see the unusual bunch of friends interact with each other…

If you’ve read Cinderskella, you already know what Cindy turns into at night, and what the character named Ethan becomes. I don’t want to spoil the fun for those who have not had a chance to read it yet. What are you waiting for though? Read Cinderskalla A.S.A.P and then jump right into Little Dead Riding Hood! It won’t be predictable, I promise. Scarlet’s visits to granny’s house takes an unexpected turn and you won’t want to put the book down.

The book is over 300 pages, but is an easy read for pre-teens and just as enjoyable for adults. The artwork within the pages of the book is pretty cool too.
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Author 15 books154 followers
December 28, 2014
A witty, fun retelling with humorous, quirky characters that sure do know how to get in trouble!

Vamps are my favorite kind of paranormal creature and Scarlet Small is no exception. (I need to get a fedora and a pair of Doc Martins!)

I really love how this mom and daughter duo bring their stories to life so vibrantly. This is certainly a series worth reading and worth telling your friends about.
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558 reviews32 followers
October 27, 2014

I do enjoy a GOOD retelling of a story, as they are often hard to get right or have so little to do with the source tale that they are unrecognizable. For the most part, LDRH succeeded as a retelling. But to me, it's almost as if it could have been two separate stories.

Our little dead riding hood is vampire and unfortunately perpetual sixth grader, Scarlet Small. She has to move often, due to her dad's military job and the fact that vampires just can't stay in one place for very long. Just when Scarlet believes she is finding friends and fitting in at this new place, her secret is nearly exposed. It's then she finds comfort at the home of a kindly old granny in the woods. But are granny--and her sweet treats--all what they seem?

As I read, I discovered that this book is the second in a series of fairy tale retellings by this mother and daughter team. I wish I would have known this--I don't think it has any effect on my understanding of the plot, but characters from the first book are present in this one and I would like to know their backstories. Also, I'm just REALLY anal about reading books in the right order :/

Scarlet is a smart girl, but being a teenager forever does wear on a person. She's moved around so many times, that she doesn't really go out of her way to make friends, and she's actually surprised when someone does act nice to her. Still, even though she's over 150 years old, she makes some childlike decisions and doesn't trust her gut when it matters.

The "red riding hood" part of the story doesn't come into play until well over half the book is done. The first half focuses on Scarlet in school trying to hide her vampire existence, and her relationships with her family and friends. It's not that this wasn't interesting, but I think huge chunks of it could have been cut to get to the meat of the story sooner.

I definitely didn't expect that the granny would be what she was revealed as, though I knew something was up with her. The villain of the story isn't really explained at the end, and I wish that part would have been fleshed out more.

The authors have definitely created some original characters and they fit nicely into the fairy tale world.
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2,951 reviews244 followers
October 31, 2014
Happy Halloween everyone! I've saved a very special and holiday appropriate review for today. It is "Little Dead Riding Hood", part of the Scarily Ever Laughter series. The first book, "Cinderskella", I reviewed a year ago today. These books are Middle Grade books, with the main character being in 6th grade.

Scarlett Small is a vampire. She is sarcastic and has more of the glass is half empty sort of attitude. It's not easy being a vampire and the daughter of Drac and Mort!

There are several things I love about this book. First, I love the illustrations throughout the whole story. Pictures make everything more fun. Two thumbs up for the illustrator!

Second, I love the continuous play on words. You can get a sense of what I mean just from the blurb above. It's that sort of creativity that makes this book so fun to read.

Third, it was so nice see Cindy from the previous book. As a reader, I always like to know that previous characters I've gotten to know haven't gone away. They are still around for me to enjoy. :) Here is what Scarlett says about Cindy. "Somehow I thought I would really like this earthy-smelling girl. Maybe because, for starters, I had no desire to eat her." Yup, that's a good start alright!

Young readers will love this book and this series. (Adults too) It's light and it's fun. It hits on some common themes for middle graders (peer pressure, my parents don't know anything, making friends) and provides for a great, humorous distraction.

My thanks to Jolly Fish Press and the authors for allowing me to read and review this book for them. It's been my pleasure.
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76 reviews2 followers
October 2, 2014
Scarlet Small is a vampire...

But, you shouldn't know that.

Scarlet is in her afterlife. Well, forever EVER afterlife anyway. And she's starting middle school again, but she's actually made a friend this time. Besides that being different, she has absolutely no interest in blowing her cover in front of her peers. But, luckily her friend doesn't cause Scarlet to have the urge to suck her blood (this might be the best year ever!!) downside is the friend has a major 'thing' with a disgusting dog (ugh).

Even a dog who can't keep his disgusting nose out of her business. Great...

'Little Dead Riding Hood' is basically about a girl whose trying to fit in, but not tell anyone about who she really is. It was a great read, and I couldn't peel my eyes from the book. I kid thee not. It's hard NOT to be entranced in Scarlet's story, and you want to see what happens next (which means you can't unglue your eyeballs, I tried, it's hard). Scarlet's first interactions with Ethan always put a smile on my face, and it was really nice to see their friendship grow. And it was really nice to see Cindy and her skeleton-self once more. I had a few (meager) problems. Like when Scarlet said she wanted a pet and then something went wrong and she said they were dumb. And also her few 'jokes' on not having powers (it was funny once, but then it didn't have the same effect). That said, it was still enjoyable.

In summary, I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the third (the Borsts have done it again!)

(And to Bethanie's afterthought: the book did not 'suck')

I'll see yeah at the third installment!
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348 reviews
June 17, 2016
This book is just as endearing and clever as the first book and a must-share with my middle grade children and friends. It's full of crazy antics and deep emotions as Scarlet faces a new town with very old problems. Despite that I'm not a vampire and haven't had to live for years in a twelve-year-old body (thank goodness!) Scarlet is so easy to relate to. You'll be cheering and groaning and wishing you could help her. I don't want to give anything away, but the twist in this one is so perfect! I cannot wait for the next book to come out!
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562 reviews51 followers
November 24, 2014
This companion novel to Cinderskella bites! Readers who enjoyed Ella's tale will love the story of Scarlet even more. Middle-Graders should pick up this book and fall into the spooky town of magical beings. Overall 4/5 stars; I hope there's another book in the series!
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