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My Dog Is the Best

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What do you get when you combine one energetic, enthusiastic little boy with his sleepy but tolerant dog? Unconditional love. Using simple words and spare illustrations, My Dog Is the Best celebrates the special bond that exists between a young child and a beloved family pet. It’s the heartwarming story of two best friends. . . told by a boy with a very active imagination.

“This simple, quiet story conveys the enduring bond between child and dog, with the added appeal of a joke that younger children just beginning to understand humor can enjoy.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Though ‘a boy and his dog’ may not be a groundbreaking theme, it’s often a popular one—and this gentle tale of friendship is no exception…. While this is a familiar story, it’s a well-executed and charming one.” —School Library Journal

40 pages, Hardcover

First published June 9, 2015

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About the author

Laurie Ann Thompson

9 books87 followers
Laurie writes for children of all ages. She is dedicated to inspiring and empowering young readers through nonfiction and fiction that educates as well as entertains.

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Profile Image for Laura Harrison.
975 reviews111 followers
June 21, 2015
I am enchanted by My Dog is the Best! It is deceptively simple. The sparse and lovely pastel illustrations and text are perfect for bed and story time. It is a perfect picture book!
Profile Image for Beth  (YA Books Central).
415 reviews115 followers
February 1, 2015
My Dog Is The Best is a beautiful children's book that is full of natural, light colored drawings that attract children's attention to the book. The simple wording helps young children who are learning to read to be able to understand the story.

I loved the different scenes with the child and his dog. The young boy uses his dog to help him face his fears and sees the dog as his protector. I loved the fireman scene where the dog is helping to save someone! So cute!!

I really enjoyed this cute children's book and enjoyed its depiction of man's best friend....or should we say "boy's" best friend! :)

Profile Image for Sandra.
770 reviews98 followers
October 2, 2015
enumerates the things the dog can do, like roll over, play ball, or scare away monsters, but in the pictures all we can see the dog calmly laying while bearing the boy's games. The boy thinks his dog is SO special because all the things it can do! But what makes this dog really special is how it patiently loves this little, happy, loving boy.
The illustrations are cutely rounded, focused in the characters, without background.

Age range: 2 to 5 years old.

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Profile Image for Kellee Moye.
2,414 reviews428 followers
April 7, 2020
Full review at: http://www.unleashingreaders.com/?p=6516

This book makes me want a dog. I loved this sweet story of a sleepy dog and a rambunctious child who is going to have fun with his dog no matter what the dog thinks about it. The play between the words and illustrations is what really made this book special and made the quiet humor really ring through. I also think that kids are really going to like the end of the book. I cannot wait to read this to Trent!
Profile Image for Laela.
775 reviews20 followers
September 24, 2015
I just hugged this book.

It may be because this dog looks like my dog. But the text is cute and the dog is cute and the little boy is cute. I love it.

Hug Hug Hug
Profile Image for Deimante.
6 reviews
April 27, 2018
Rikis really is the best dog. This book shown me that my dog is better.
Profile Image for Tasha.
4,115 reviews102 followers
June 18, 2015
A little boy adores his dog, despite the fact that the boy is full of energy and his dog...well, he's not. When the boy offers the dog a ball, the dog dozes off. The boy then demonstrates the tricks his dog can do, like playing dead. His dog can also roll over, while sleeping. And even turn into a ball, still asleep. The plays tug of war, by lying on the boy's blanket and not moving. And even chase, well, not really. The dog can do so many things, like listen to stories, provide a base for playing with toys and even blow bubbles when the bubble wand is put in front of his dozing face. In the end, the little boy gets sleepy and after a big hug falls asleep next to the dog. The dog wakes up and is ready to play now.

I loved this book with the patient sleeping dog who allows himself to be clambered over, played with, and piled on while he is sleeping. There is no sense ever that the dog is anything other than a very happy and willing partner to all of this. The boy is eager but also gentle, his imagination creating worlds where the dog is an active participant in his merry games. The ending is completely adorable with the boy asleep and the dog awake.

Schmid's illustrations are just right for this book. Done in simple lines on pastel backgrounds, the illustrations show the lovely interplay between little boy and dog. The round dog makes a perfect foil for the active little boy, one a whirl of motion and the other almost motionless.

A book that celebrates having a pet as a small child and the incredible connection one develops. Appropriate for ages 2-4.
Profile Image for Barbara.
12.9k reviews264 followers
July 14, 2015
There's just something about the love between a youngster and his/her dog. Even when there is nothing particularly special about the animal--at least that others can see--the child and the dog love each other and share a special bond. In this picture book, perfect for sharing with little ones, a young boy describes all the things that his dog does particularly well. Clearly, the dog doesn't do very much since he seems to be napping throughout much of the book. But once the boy has fallen asleep, his canine companion wakes up, and prepares for some fun. This is one of those books that gently tugs at the heartstrings and makes readers, young and old, think about the special animals in their own lives and the adventures they've shared. Ultimately, what our dogs and cats do best is love us unconditionally. After all, as the little boy states so perfectly, "He is mine," and that possession somehow makes him special. The book would be useful in helping youngsters explore their ideas about friendship as well as identifying the differences in the text and illustrations.
25 reviews
February 8, 2016
My dog is the best

The simple art in this book tells most of the story for this book. The words describe the dog in the boy’s mind. The boy looks no older than two years old and the dog he is talking about is illustrated fat and round. It’s a simple story about a boy and his dog. The whole time the dog is sleeping. The boy thinks the dog is playing with him and doing tricks but he is actually sleeping the whole time until the last page where he wakes up and the boy finally falls asleep.

The peritext includes what the story is going to be about and has information about the author Laurie Ann Thompson and some information about the illustrator Paul Schmid. There are some illustrations on the back of the dust jacket including the little boy hugging the awakened dog. The title page includes the title and the little boy with his dog. This picture book has cut-outs. The pictures in this book have no frame, they just appear against the tan back round. This book also has double page spread illustrations. Some of the pictures take up both pages.
Profile Image for Margaret.
2,487 reviews
June 28, 2015
Our neighbors have a new jet black puppy. To say it's energetic would be an understatement. It bounces around in a constant state of motion as if its legs are pogo sticks. They also have an older Golden Retriever who wanders about the yard trying to ignore the relentless invitations from the youngster to play. As the one jumps up and down in the face of the elder, she regally walks away, chin lifted high.

Older dogs, if they so desire, have earned the rightful place in their households to savor every second of the day in silence, drifting in and out of sleep. Their presence is a cornerstone of what home means. When you introduce a young boy into the mix, the results are utterly charming. My Dog Is The Best (Farrar Straus Giroux, June 9, 2015) written by Laurie Ann Thompson with pictures by Paul Schmid tells the story of this enchanting companionship.

My full recommendation: http://librariansquest.blogspot.com/2...
Profile Image for Ricki.
Author 2 books102 followers
June 8, 2015
This charming tale will surely win the hearts of many children. It made me feel a bit guilty that I don’t have a dog for my son! I can imagine teachers reading this story aloud to captivated audiences. Teachers might ask students to compare this story with others in their classrooms. The way the illustrator and text focuses on the two subjects makes their friendship shine. You can find an example of the text’s playfulness in the flagged page below. It made me smile! After reading this story, I would encourage my students to write their own stories about friendships that they have.
Profile Image for Jana.
2,587 reviews35 followers
June 29, 2015
The text is simple, but in it's simplicity there is an awesome story about unconditional love and friendship. The illustrations do a beautiful job of capturing the special relationship between this boy and his dog. My husband, who also had a dog he cherished as a child, loved this book. I'm sure this will be a favorite in my 5th grade classroom, as you're never too old to appreciate the story of how special a pet can be.
Profile Image for Cheriee Weichel.
2,400 reviews33 followers
September 16, 2015
I am enchanted by this charming little book. If you just read the text, you will see how much this young boy loves his dog. It's in the pairing of Paul Schmid's illustrations with them that makes the reader smile. As the boy tells us about his dog, we discover that his dog isn't exactly as his words would suggest.
Profile Image for Adrienne.
1,989 reviews12 followers
January 9, 2016
My daughter loves this one; she's too young to really get the little twist of the dog being asleep the whole time the child is awake and "playing" with him and then waking up to play with the child as the child goes to sleep, but she still loves the illustrations (which are adorable) and the words.
Profile Image for Rachel.
863 reviews10 followers
June 24, 2015
Sweet story filled with gentle humor about a boy who loves his dog. As he introduces his dog to the reader, it's quite obvious that the dog best excels at sleeping. Simple, yet lovely illustrations accompany text that invite the reader to engage and explore.
Profile Image for Mel Leigh.
181 reviews10 followers
June 24, 2015
This book is adorable. Too adorable. Simple. Easy to read and follow along. Something to just back and enjoy. The humor with the dog is quite funny but shows that even fun and happiness can be found in the simplest things. Love this book. 4 stars.
Profile Image for Nancy Luebke.
1,325 reviews42 followers
June 25, 2015
This is a fast, cute picture book about a boy loving his dog. The boy has a big immagination and the dog just seems to always be there. It makes a fun, early to read book that I think my grandchildren will enjoy.
Profile Image for Courtney Huskisson.
398 reviews12 followers
December 5, 2015
Really simple story with adorable illustrations, and perhaps the most accurate picture of a baby and his dog. This is exactly how my niece Olivia and her big doggy plays together :). Will definitely use for story time with her.
Profile Image for Sandy Brehl.
Author 7 books128 followers
October 13, 2015
Vey simple lines (with pencil sketches visible) and simple, familiar language related to pet dogs make this a book that is both familiar and funny. it will be enjoyed by the littlest lap sitters and their parents, and it would serve well to develop independence for the earliest/emerging readers.
Profile Image for Sue.
216 reviews4 followers
August 19, 2016
Listed in CCBC Choices 2016 under Picture Books for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers. If you've ever had a dog who was a slug, this book relates to your experience. It is a simple story of unconditional love. Young boy imagines all the things his dog could be good at. Sweet spot: Preschoolers
Profile Image for Juliana Lee.
2,236 reviews32 followers
October 19, 2016
Baby thinks his sleeping dog is the best at playing dead, tug, and rolling over. Then when Baby falls asleep on the floor next to dog, the dog wakes up and looks lovingly at the baby. I'm sure he's thinking 'my baby is the best'.
Profile Image for Great Books.
2,923 reviews54 followers
January 15, 2016
A young boy tries to get his sleepy hound to play in this sweet and funny book. when the boy finally winds down and falls asleep, the dog is awake and ready to play. Reviewer 5.
Profile Image for Maree Hodgess.
36 reviews10 followers
July 1, 2015
My Dog Is The Best is a wonderful children's book!
The story and the illustrations are quite charming and humorous. My son enjoyed it and loves the cuddly dog featured.
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