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Ultimate #1

No Limits

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A surprise inheritance reunites a mixed martial arts fighter with the woman he's never forgotten in the first in a smoldering new series from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster…

Cannon Colter is quintessential hero material: chiseled jawline, shredded body—the works. He's also the guy who rescued Yvette Sweeny from kidnappers, only to put an end to her romantic dreams. These days, she's older, smarter, determined to face whatever life throws her way. Even the prospect of sharing a house and business with Cannon.

Cannon knew Yvette wanted him three years ago. But she was young—and some things are worth waiting for. Thrown together by her grandfather's legacy, he realizes how deep Yvette's scars really go, and how much danger lurks in their quiet town. As pent-up desire explodes between them, protecting her becomes the only fight that matters. And he'll break all the rules to do it…

424 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published August 26, 2014

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About the author

Lori Foster

458 books11.2k followers
Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN.

Lori hosts a very special annual “Reader & Author” event in West Chester, Ohio. Proceeds from the event have benefited many worthy causes, including the Hamilton County YWCA Battered Women’s Shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, The Conductive Learning Center for children with spina bifida and cerebral palsy, and The One Way Farm, Children’s Home.

Each year Lori donates all proceeds from one book to charity. You can see the benefit romance books here: http://lorifoster.com/benefit-books/

Career Highlights
•In 2001, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Series Romantic Fantasy.

•In 2002, Lori’s book Too Much Temptation was the top-selling romance title for Amazon books.

•In 2003, Say No To Joe was the second “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for Waldenbooks.

•In 2004, Lori Foster was a clue in the New York Times crossword puzzle.

•In 2004, The Secret Life of Bryan was the “Bestselling Original Contemporary” romance title for the BGI group.

•In 2005, Lori received the prestigious Romantic Times “Career Achievement Award” for Contemporary Romance.

•In 2006, Jude’s Law was the “Bestselling Romantic Comedy” romance title for the BGI group.

•In 2007, Lori launched a new “urban fantasy” series under the name L.L. Foster. See more on her “dark side” at www.llfoster.com.

•In 2007, Causing Havoc was among Amazon’s Top Ten Editor’s picks in Romance.

•In 2008, Hard to Handle made #2 on The New York Times.

•In 2009, Servant: The Acceptance was Amazon’s #1 Editors’ Pick in Romance.

•In 2010, Lori was a clue in the USA Today Quick Cross puzzle.

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May 8, 2017
3 I Can Take Care Of Myself Stars

 photo tumblr_newoyhbF7Q1sr0pqfo1_500_zpsfiwwerzk.gif


So I finished this book early yesterday and since then I have been trying to decide how I want to rate it. There was things about this book I loved and then there was the heroine. Yvette was my main problem with this book but not my only one. Let me start with my feeling for Cannon. While I loved Cannon he did some shit at the start of the book that really bugged me. See I have no problem with man-whores, or men that sleep with other women after they have met or known the heroine as long as they are not together I am okay with it.

 photo 10147049_zpsg4rcsnkr.gif

“I’ve made it as plain as I can, honey. I don’t mind giving you some time, but you need to understand the facts. The only woman I’m interested in right now is you.”-Cannon

So when the book starts Cannon is back in his home town in a lawyer's office where said lawyer is telling him that he owns a house and pawnshop half and half with Yvette (who he kissed 3 years ago after he saved her and her grandpa's lives and then she left town). Now he is sitting there remembering how much he wants Yvette and decides he is going to have her when he sees her. So far I'm cool. Then the lawyer's secretary hits on him and he lets her feel him up, but decides that he really just wants Yvette so he tells her rain-check. Really? rain-check. Okay whatevs then he leaves. So at this point I'm okay not as okay as before but still okay. Then Yvette that same day goes to find Cannon at the bar he use to work at and finds him with a bar slut name Mary who he planned on taking home that night to burn off a little stress before he goes to find and get some Yvette the next day. So at this point I am grossed out. Okay like I said I am okay with being with other people they aren't together but when he planned on going after Yvette that next day it's nasty that he planned to do it with another woman's juice on his junk Just sayin'! Other then this lapse in judgement (BTW he didn't go home with Mary he went home with Yvette) I really liked Cannon. He was sweet, caring and sexy.

 photo image_zps4s3wgywb.png

“But, hon, I get what you’re saying. You wanted to show him that you were free of the past.”Exactly! “Yes, that’s what I meant.” “Only no one ever is. Not me, not Cannon.” He glanced at her. “Not you. Some shit digs in, gets under our skin, and while we might get used to it, we can’t get rid of it. It takes part in everything we do, every decision we make.”-Armie and Yvette

Yvette, Lord in heaven she was a hott mess! Yvette the whole book walked around telling everyone that she can take care of herself, which she couldn't. She was a doormat to her crazy stalker ex (who she couldn't handle either even though she kept saying she could) and super insecure about her relationship with Cannon. Even though Yvette drove me batty I still didn't hate her. She had moments where I felt sorry for her and in the end I ended up liking her a little.

 photo tumblr_m82tpuASOT1qf5i4e_zpsspgaafn5.gif

“No, you wear this mask, hiding who you are and what you feel. How you react to things. You don’t trust me not to judge you. You don’t trust me to see the truth of things.” “What truths?” “That you’re strong and smart and independent. But shit happens to everyone, and we all have to deal with it. The thing is, you don’t have to deal alone. Not when I’m here.”-Cannon and Yvette

Cannon and Yvette's relationship was a slower pace. It built up nicely but again I struggled with Yvette's insecurities. I loved that Cannon was patience with her. I loved Armie Cannon's best friend. I was intrigued by him and at times totally charmed. I hurt for him and Rissy who have feelings for each other but Armie pushes her away(for many reasons one being she is Cannon's sister and Cannon doesn't want Armie near her) and is with a ton of women. I really connected to all the side characters, but Armie was my favorite. I am looking forward to his book and a little scared to read it at the same time. I hope all his pushing Rissy away doesn't end up pissing me off at him to the point were I can't forgive. Overall I did enjoy this book, could it have been better yeah, but it was still a good solid 3 Star read and the ending was very sweet.

“I want you to know that it’s you, Cannon. Not just the well-known fighter, not just the great body. It’s everything about you. I hear you and I want you. I think of you and I want you. Will it ever end?”-Yvette
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November 10, 2015

No Limits is book one in the Ultimate series by Lori Foster. I won this book in a prize package from a give-a-way.

Yvette Sweeny moved away from Warfield, Ohio three years ago. Although she has been back for short visits to see her grandfather who had raised her, she no longer felt comfortable in the town she once called home, or safe.

She’d known Cannon Colter for years, and probably loved him for just as long. But she was young, just a teenager. She used every flirtation she was capable of at that age but he didn’t seem to notice her in any way other than his friend. Until that horrible night. The night she was kidnapped, and the night Cannon saved her. And the night Cannon kissed her.

After that, Cannon was leaving to pursue his career as a fighter, and Yvette needed to get out of Warfield so she moved to California. Now, three years later, her beloved Grandfather has passed away. In his will, he left the house and his pawn shop evenly divided between Cannon and Yvette.

Yvette returns to Warfield with the sole purpose of letting Cannon know that she will take care of everything. She’ll sell the properties, give him his half, so he can get back to his career. She wants to show Cannon she is not that silly, hormone driven teenager anymore. She doesn’t want him to see her as a victim any more. She wants him to see her as a strong, independent woman.

“She wasn’t a missed opportunity. She was only a girl he’d gotten to know better under extreme, dire circumstances. A girl he’d wanted, but had been too noble to touch…much. But she had gotten under his skin, and even after three long years, he wanted her still.”

MMA fighter:

Cannon returns to Warfield and couldn’t have been more shocked when he learned of the wishes of his friend, Yvette’s grandfather. Cannon has never been able to forget Yvette. That horrible night changed so many lives. But even more, that kiss they shared. He knew Yvette had a crush on him and as attracted as he was to her, he knew she was hands off. That one kiss, though, left a hold on him that never let go. Now is his chance. Yvette isn’t a kid anymore. He will stay, move into the house with her, and show her just what he wants.

“She had the means to set him on fire with need, and to piss him off with confusion. Without even trying she left him undone and in pieces.”

As Cannon and Yvette struggle with re-establishing their relationship and trying to figure out their futures, there is still danger lurking. Cannon isn’t the only one that wants Yvette. Not only is Yvette still facing the memories of the horror she endured three years ago, she is forced to face something new. But Cannon steadfastly stays by her side. He will protect her whether she likes it or not.

“Though her return to Ohio had been filled with turmoil, in that moment she felt such amazing peace. She had so much more than many people ever hoped to get from life. She had a home. She had amazing friends. She’d been loved by her grandfather. And at least for now, she had Cannon.”


This is my very first Lori Foster book. I really enjoyed the build between Cannon and Yvette. The chemistry was crazy hot and Lori Foster can most definitely write sizzling sexy times. I would almost call this book romantic suspense. There were some definite surprises that kept me on the edge of my seat. I also loved all the secondary characters. Cannon’s sister, Merissa and her roommate, Cherry. And Yvette’s best friend, Vanity. Also, Cannon’s fighter friends, especially Armie. He is the one I loved the most.


There is a prequel to this series, Hard Knocks, which I will probably go back and catch. And the next book after this one is called Holding Strong, which is Denver and Cherry’s story. I look forward to more of this series and more of Lori Foster’s work.

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August 5, 2014
You can also read my interview with Lori Foster on my blog here
4 Swoony Romance Stars

When need be, I can fight dirty, though usually I just fight for sport. But when it comes to you, I fight to win.

I've been a HUGE Lori Foster fan since reading her very first SBC Fighters book years ago. Ever since then, I've been stalking the poor author in hopes that'd she'd write another MMA series. Considering that she's a big fan of sport and it's very evident in her writing, it just makes it all the better. So when Cannon was first introduced in Getting Rowdy, I've been practically salivating at the thought of him getting his own book. I kid you not. Allow me to quote my own review
On a different note, I am absolutely DYING to get a book for Cannon. He was one of my favorite parts of this book. Please please please give us a book for him. Did I happen to mention that he's a fighter? I would squeal like a teenage girl spotting Justin Bieber if Lori Foster gives us another series like her SBC Fighters with Cannon. Seriously, I'm not even embarrassed to admit that.

So when I began reading this book and realized that Cannon is THE Cannon, I had a little moment

The one thing that I've truly come to appreciate in Miss Foster's books is the way she ties all her characters together flawlessly, even from earlier series. We got Rowdy, Logan, Reese, Dash...and even Havoc had a mention.

Having said that, you can definitely read this as a standalone, though I would recommend reading the novella Hard Knocks, just to get a better introduction to all the fighters. Now on to the review.


If you're looking for a sweet yet incredibly sexy, protective and possessive yet not OTT hero, you simply must meet Cannon.

Three years ago, Cannon rescued her and her grandfather from kidnappers. Yvette has always harbored a school girl crush on the sexy fighter, but then he walked away from her. She was too young, too needy, too vulnerable...or so she thought. But Cannon never forgot the beautiful girl with the green eyes, so when her grandfather's passing and will gives him the opportunity to fix the wrongs of years' past, he doesn't think twice. He wants Yvette, and he'll have her, but first he needs to convince her.

The one thing that I always liked about Cannon, even when he was a young man in the other series, he was always the sweet guy. He was the neighborhood protector, the nice guy, yet he still exuded that sexy and dangerous vibe without coming off like an asshole. I was so happy to see that didn't change in his own book. He was still the swoony protector, and still the nice guy. While he hasn't been a saint in the 3 years he hasn't seen Yvette, he was dubbed "the Saint" in the SBC for a reason; he treats everyone, even his one night stands with kindness. This is not your stereotypical asshole fighter book hero.

Cannon loses no time at all in making his intentions clear to Yvette. His feelings for her haven't changed, and if anything they've only intensified through the years.
Her impact on him was the same as three years ago when he'd first kissed her. She'd started an itch that had never gone away, and instead had grown to nearly consume him.

Yvette has always had feelings for Cannon, but she never thought he'd reciprocate it. But she's not the same woman that she was when he rescued her. She's older, wiser, and determined to fix her problems herself and not be seen as the vulnerable and needy girl used to be.

If you're looking for some fighting action here, you won't get it. This is very strictly a romance book with a hero that just happens to be a fighter. And honestly? I can't complain in the least.

This was a slow burn and slower paced romance, meaning the author didn't throw the MCs into bed at the very first opportunity. Not even close. The sexual chemistry and tension between them was palpable by the time they burned up the sheets together...and boy did they burn them up. But the sex wasn't at the center of this book. The romance was. And the romance was perfection. Lori Foster was the author that first introduced me to contemporary romance, and all these books later she continues to remind me why she's one of my go-to authors in the genre.

This book had a little bit of everything; romance, suspense, and some action. Even a twist at the end that I didn't see coming.

Yvette was a character that in any other circumstance would bother me with her insecurities, but something about her just worked for me here. Sure I was frustrated with her a few times, but I also understood why she felt the way that she did, so I was able to look past it.

Then there were the side character; Armie, Denver, Stack, Vanity, Rissy, and Cherry. One future pairing has already been made clear, and let me just tell you I can already tell that that book will be SCORCHING. I can't wait. I'm so happy that Lori has has written another MMA series, and can't wait for more. This was the perfect book and couple to start off what promises to be another amazing series.

***ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest revew***

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February 28, 2016
I am going to be honest here and say that I wasn't "wowed" by this book; but I didn't hate it either. I am just kind of sitting on the middle of the fence with Cannon and Yvette's book. A big reason was that the heroine annoyed the heck out of me...and the hero irritated me with the way he treated her like she was this fragile piece of glass. They had a past where Cannon had saved Yvette from some kidnappers, and when circumstances cause them to meet up again years later; they both have unresolved issues regarding it. This is totally understandable; but I felt that their issues dragged on through pretty much the whole book. It is a long book, so that is a lot of repetition....believe me.
Also, they didn't get into the mattress mambo until after 80% of the story. Hellooo....I am a pervert when it comes to my romance books, I will totally admit that...so yes; I was disappointed!!! I expect a ton more action than that! LOL

I have always loved Lori Foster's books...and don't get me wrong, I did not hate this one...I just felt that it could have been a lot faster pace as far as the couple went. Now, this is an Ultimate Fighter series, and what I love about this author's past fighter series is the friendship and loyalty that the fighters share with one another. This is very prominent in No Limits too. I just adore how the guys are there for one another. Also, there playful banter is highly entertaining, and that was my favorite part in the whole story. The fighting is not a focus in the story, the storyline mainly focuses on the couple and the camaraderie amongst the men.

The next few books in the series will each focus on another fighter and the woman they decide to fall in love with. I am dying for Armie's book, and of course I have heard his is the last in the series! So, moving on I believe Book 2 focuses on the fighter named Denver. My fingers are crossed that we will get more action as far the sex side of things go, and less repetition!!! I am anxious to keep going and I'm hopeful that the next story will have way more exciting things happen!! If you are a fan of Lori Foster's other MMA series, then this is one that you will want to give a go..
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2,650 reviews3,234 followers
December 7, 2015
3.5 We're Good Together Stars * * * 1/2
As is my way, I seem to start many series in the middle. This Ultimate series by Lori Foster was one of them. I am a Lori Foster reader and when I was able to read Holding Strong the second book, I met all of the crew and didn't feel the need to read this book.

I have since read the 3rd book and soon the long awaited coupling of Armie and Merissa will happen in Fighting Dirty. With that in mind, I thought I would go to the beginning and see how all of this started and get what insight I could for the upcoming book. I can say this entry was full of groundwork for Fighting Dirty...as well as the others... but in this book, you feel the connection between Armie and Merissa at its root. You also have a huge chunk of characterization to fall hardcore for Armie.

So by now you may be saying... what about Cannon and Yvette??
That is what the book is about...

Yes, it is. It is a MMA fighter and his love he has had from long ago and how they end up together. It shows how traumatic events can bring people together and how these events and aftermath can shape them.

With Yvette, it caused all kinds of concerns, rightly so. She witnessed and was held against her will experiencing fear, survivor's guilt and then the spotlight on her. Through it all she needed to see herself as strong, not the victim needing saving...Because Cannon, her fantasy man since teen years, did just that...he saved her, her grandfather and then held her as if he would never let her go...but then he did...

Cannon was always taken by Yvette... but she was young... and he knew he had to be strong and not pursue her. She would flirt and play...and it was difficult but he remained focused on the long term goal. Then the worst thing happened and he was only lucky to have sensed something was off... he interceded with his law enforcement friends and Yvette and her grandfather were rescued. This overwhelming desire to protect and care for Yvette continued... but he also had an opportunity he couldn't turn down... the MMA circuit was calling and it had been his dream for so long. He had to go for it.

Now three years have passed and both Yvette and Cannon are back in the same town tied together by the last wishes of the grandfather. They co own the house and pawnshop. Cannon can't wait to see Yvette...Yvette wants to show Cannon she isn't a weak clinging vine...she has worked at being strong and able. She doesn't want him to feel obligated in anyway to her.

Both of these two are meant to be together... and Cannon takes the time to show Yvette "things are good with them, they fit."

And fit they do... Lori Foster took a path with these two and it worked for me... Cannon was a man restrained and then wasn't... Yvette thought she was broken and then was shown...she wasn't.

This was an excellent first book because it gave a solid plot with a couple of story lines and then introduced all of the characters who would have their own books. By reading it after the others, I felt more connected to them.

So the reason I am reviewing and sharing my thoughts on this is two part; First- this is a strong first installment for a bunch of Alpha MMA fighters who like to do good for their community and women. They are a chosen family unit. They are loyal and know they are these types of Guys...The type that focus hardcore on their women... who sometimes sound a bit raw when discussing them...and if someone does anything to hurt "one of their own", all will rally together to get the job done.

Second- You need to read this to have the full beginning and understanding of Armie and Merissa...and what they have been like in the past. Other books in the series have touched on it... but for me, this book gave me a stronger taste of Armie... and we were introduced to Merissa and saw her want for him from the start.

If you like Lori Foster, MMA and some over the top but not Alphas then this series is for you.

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July 6, 2014



We all remember Cannon & Yvette from the Love Undercover Series. And we all fell hopelessly in love with him. He was the young & sexy & mysterious neighborhood-watchman who tried to help wherever help was needed. And Yvette was the girl who had a mad crush on him - and he liked her too, but she was just too young and too broken after everything that happened. And then she left for California. But he never forgot her these last three years.

Now they're all grown up!!!!
Cannon is a famous Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and he's still running the rec center in town, together with his fighting buddies Gage, Armie, Denver & Stack....
And Yvette is back in town too. Because her grandfather died recently and left her his house, his closed-down pawn shop and lots more. But he didn't leave it all to her - half of everything goes to Cannon.
Probably her grandfather's way of making sure those two can heal each other and will one day end up together.

Even though 90% of the town's female population is throwing themselves at Cannon, he only has eyes for the girl that got away three years ago.
But she was hurt pretty bad back then, physically, but even more inside. And he knows he'll have to be careful with her - not spook her into running away again.
He wants her to stay in town. He just wants her, period.

And of course Yvette wants him too - who could resist this amazing piece of male perfection?☺

He had an athlete's body, a fighter's strength and an angel's heart - all wrapped up in gorgeous good looks.


But she thinks she's somehow broken inside.....

Then we have the little side stories of our future book's characters - like the amazingly funny Armie - who might or might not have a thing for Cannon's sister Merissa.
And then there's Denver, who might or might not be interested in Merissa's roommate Cherry☺

But of course the main focus is on Cannon & Yvette.

And if their past experiences weren't enough of a problem between them, there's also Yvette's horrible ex Heath....he'll be making some problems for our new couple....
And he's not the only problem they have to face....



I'm not telling you that of course ☺




When you read the prequel to this new series: HARD KNOCKS, then you already know about all the guys at the gym. And of course we all can't help but remember Cannon!
Back when I read about him for the first time in the Love Undercover Series I was soooo hoping that Lori would one day give him his own story - and now here he is. And whoa he is sooo amazing!!!

Phew o.O
Can I have my own Cannon please???

I just totally loved this book.
It starts out so sweet and innocent and adorable, as they get to know each other again.
But Cannon just can't help himself - he has to up his seducing a little bit and it's sooo sexy and hot and grrrr... I loved it!

Add a little suspense and the amazing side-cast - mostly in the form of Armie - and this was an amazing sexy Romance novel!

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that we meet our darling hot bar boy Rowdy again!!!! ♥ And Logan & Dash & Margo too!! ☺

It isn't your typical fighter story - if you were expecting something like REAL or Beautiful Disaster - not much fighting going on here - but I didn't miss that at all!!!
The story and the people in it .... everything is so adorable and cute you can't help but love the book!
The most adorable thing is to see all those big bad fighters falling for their girls one after the other ☺

NO LIMITS - was an amazingly beautiful & sexy Romance!
You'll love it!!!!!

I WOULD SOOO LOVE IT if someone would make a movie/tv-series out of this book - just so we could stare and fangirl at Cannon all day long!!!!

Now I can't wait for the other books in this series!!!
HOLDING STRONG will be book #2 - coming April 2015
It will be Denver & Cherry's story!!!! ☺☺☺



Smokin Hot Book Blog Email

March 3, 2015
4 MMA Stars!!

I loved, loved, loved Cannon "Saint" Colter! He’s everything we come to expect from a Lori Foster hero; alpha protective, loyal, and definitely sexy!!! Yvette is the girl who always loved Cannon, but ran away from him, her hometown, and the horrific memories that continue to plague her.

We first met Cannon in Getting Rowdy, and get to know both him and Yvette in Dash of Peril LF reveals their back story in No Limits, so if you haven't read either of those you won't feel lost). Cannon is an MMA fighter and he returns home to find that Yvette is back in town due to her beloved grandfather’s death. Cannon is shocked to learn that he is named in her grandfather's will.

Cannon decides to use her grandfather's last wishes to his advantage and does what he can to convince Yvette that Ohio is where she needs to be. For Yvette returning home and seeing Cannon not only brings back horrific memories, but also reminds her how much she loves being with him and how much she actually misses her hometown.

“Don’t run from me,” he said low, his mouth touching her ear. “Swear to God, Yvette, it only makes me want to chase you.”

 photo PicsArt_1424755913978_zpsve1k59qi.jpg

Yvette is stalked by an ex and there is a side story with someone who is constantly after Cannon. While they deal with these pesky problems Cannon tries to tie Yvette to him. Yvette has sexual hang ups because of the past, and when she confides her sexual issues to Cannon in an attempt to drive him away, he decides to help her with her problem.....I've got to say I love Cannon's methods!!! I'd let him heal me!!

“Stay with me, honey.” And then, “You’ll like this.” With building anticipation Yvette watched him bend down until his dark head was between her thighs, his breath hot,His mouth hotter”.

So why 4.5 Stars instead of 5? The stalker ex storyline was great, and fit in with Yvette’s current emotions, and the need to maybe move back home. But, the conclusion to Cannon's storyline was sort of anti-climatic and seemed more like “filler” to me.

In closing, it was fantastic to catch up with the Love Undercover series characters (Rowdy & Reece.....Rawwwwrrr...love them!!!) and meeting fighters Armie, Denver, Stack, and Miles. I am soooo looking forward to Armie and Denver's books...which LF sort of sets up in No Limits.

Review Posted at: www.sweptawaybyromance.com

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August 15, 2014
****Full Review****

There is nothing more attractive than a good man and Cannon is one of the best.
No Limits picks up Cannon "The Saint" Colter and Yvette Sweeny's story that started in Dash of Peril. (This is a standalone and the back story is explained but trust me, this couple is so squee worthy to read about you'll want to go back and read that book just to catch any glimpse you can of the two together) Yvette's grandfather has died and Cannon finds out he has been left half of the grandfather's house and pawn shop business. In a letter, the grandfather explains that he wants Cannon to help Yvette come out the shell she has erected around herself. Why Cannon? Well, even as a teen Cannon has been the neighborhood enforcer and worked to keep it clean of drugs and criminals; he helped keep the pawn shop safe. This, along with an incident he went through with Yvette in Dash of Peril, led to Yvette having a serious case of hero worship. Cannon held back as he thought she was too young at the time (she was 20) and thus made Yvette feel like she was always just an annoyance. Now three years has passed and Cannon is ready to make his move.
No Limits is a heart wrenching, pounding, and clenching story of two people who lived through a harrowing experience working to reconnect. Yvette thought when she left town three years ago she was freeing Cannon of any responsibility he may have felt towards her and could pursue his career in the MMA arena, Cannon ultimately let her go because he thought she needed time on her own to grow but harbors some hurt as what he saw as her leaving him. Now that she is back in town and he has some time off from his MMA career he is not going to let her go. What follows is a story full of deep emotions; grieving, hurt, yearning and ultimately love. Cannon must work to not only show Yvette he is truly committed to her but also help heal the wounds of that past experience they had. The way he holds himself back, the tenderness, the understanding, and how he is willing to keep fighting for Yvette, will have you enchanted and rooting for him all the way. Yvette will have your heart breaking as she refuses to believe Cannon could possibly have feelings for her, struggles to overcome her past trauma, and works to reclaim herself. The tension, passion, wanting, and desire between this couple ignites the pages.
The only minor grievances I had involved the two story threads of Yvette's stalker ex-boyfriend and escalating danger of someone trying to scare Yvette and Cannon out of town, one or the other should have been cut as they kind of clogged up the ending and the book seemed to run a little long. Although, I would not envy the editor who would have to choose what scenes to cut or trim. Even with those complaints this is a must read. The way Cannon loves Yvette is why the whole romance genre exists in the first place. This is a couple that will stick with you for a long time. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, which I'm betting will feature Cannon's sister Merissa and friend Armie. I have a feeling Merissa is going to be a challenge Armie won't be able to resist.

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December 9, 2018

No Limits de Lori Foster es el primer libro de la saga Ultimate, spin off de otra saga de la autora y narra la historia de Cannon e Yvette.

Decir que estoy decepcionada es decir poco, esta novela era una que tenia muchas ganas de leer y tenia unas expectativas bastante elevadas pero por desgracia quedo en un quiero y no puedo.

La historia de Yvette y Cannon tenia muchisimo potencial para convertirse en una lectura muy atrapante y memorable, pero la trama es tan simple y esta desenvuelta de una forma tan sosa que hace que solo quede como una novela olvidable y del monton.

Tampoco me convencio como se desarrollo la parte romantica, no me resulto creible la historia de amor y su evolucion me parecio forzada y poco fluida, ademas ciertas actitudes de los personajes no me gustaron del todo.

En general, No Limits es un libro que no destaca, que da demasiadas vueltas sobre lo mismo una y otra vez, y la parte de " suspense " si se le puede llamar asi es demasiado predecible y sin gracia.

Honestamente no se si continuare la saga, en este momento no siento ningun tipo de interes por leer las siguientes partes, pero quizas pasado un tiempo ( y no este tan desilusionada ) decida darle otra oportunidad.

En fin, un comienzo de serie bastante flojo, al que le falta intensidad y potencia para estar a la altura de las mejores historias de Lori Foster.

2.75 Estrellas!
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October 27, 2016

Un ottimo inizio per una serie che promette scintille!

Quando ho scoperto che la serie Ultimate sarebbe arrivata in edicola, ho fatto i salti di gioia! Fin dal momento in cui è stato pubblicato No Limits in lingua originale, sono stata attratta dalla sua cover :Q_ e sono super felice che anche l'edizione italiana abbia mantenuto lo stesso modello!

Ma veniamo alla storia (:

Come ben sapete e vi ho già rammentato nei precedenti articoli, ho conosciuto Lori con il bellissimo Non amarmi, primo romanzo della sua serie Love Undercover, ma purtroppo i seguiti non mi hanno per nulla entusiasmata, tanto da portarmi ad abbandonare la serie prima del volume conclusivo.
Dunque, mi sono approcciata a questa nuova lettura con i piedi di piombo . . .
. . . e ne sono rimasta pienamente soddisfatta!

Cannon è un fighter della MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) e ha un'ottima posizione della SBC (Supreme Battle Championship). Vi ho mai accennato al fatto che i lottatori mi fanno arricciare gli alluci? No? L'ho fatto ora :P Cannon è un uomo attento e passionale, e sa perfettamente quello che vuole.

Yvette è il suo obiettivo.
Gli è sfuggita una volta, tre anni prima, e non lascerà che accada di nuovo.

Ho amato la sua tenacia, nonostante lei accennasse a mettere dei paletti per via di un piccolo "problemino" sorto dopo il trauma – e che trauma mostruoso – subito tre anni addietro che l'ha spinta a fuggire dalla sua città.
Da Cannon.

Piano piano veniamo introdotti anche ai personaggi che saranno i protagonisti dei libri che comporranno la serie e, ve lo dico chiaro e tondo, ARMIE È MIO. Tra gli amici di Cannon, è quello che mi ha conquistato! E . . . *rullo di tamburi* troverete anche un paragrafo dal suo PoV e da quello di Merissa *-* oh, chetati, mio cuore ♥ Armie e Merissa (sorella di Cannon) sono una coppia esplosiva, davvero. Merissa è off-limts per Armie, e lui è un donnaiolo di primo ordine a cui non interessano le brave ragazze. Non vedo assolutissimamente l'ora che venga il loro momento :D [ovvero al quarto romanzo della serie T_T] Spero almeno che nei libri che verranno ci siano momenti ad alta tensione, come quelli che troverete in questo primo capitolo ;)

Posso dire con felicità di aver ritrovato la Lori di Non amarmi ^_^ la sua scrittura è sempre molto piacevole e scorrevole, ricca di quella sensualità che vi fa palpitare . . . in tutto il corpo :P anche la parte suspense è stata interessante, nonostante si evinca fin da subito come stanno le cose – ha dato un tocco in più a una storia già bella di per sé :)

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October 18, 2014
No Limits is a story of love, obsession and fight.
It mixes them all in a strange stalkerish "love gone wrong" way and focuses on providing you with the best quality of man candy.
The story itself was pleasing- with quite a few twists and turns and enough amount of bickering and hotness of male characters.
However, it should be said that you're required to read other series written by the author as sometimes I felt lost when the goings of previous events were mentioned and I don't recall reading about them.
To summarize: I rate this book as strong 3.5 stars. To fully satisfy my wicked imagination it needs to straighten the few inconsistencies that were brought to my attention.
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October 2, 2015
This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance My Review
Cannon Colter, is the ideal hero, but he truly became a true hero for Yvette Sweeny on a horrific night that still haunts her. Cannon saved her when she was kidnaped. Yvette fell in love with Cannon, but Cannon thought Yvette too young and distancing himself from her was the hardest thing he had to do. Now its three years later, he has just returned from one of the hardest fights that he managed to win, and Yvette's grandfather has passed away. Cannon and Yvette are brought back together when the will claims both of them has equal heirs to a pawn shop and a house. Cannon understand Yvette in ways no other man can. He sees her as intelligent, strong and courageous. And she was worth waiting for all this time, and now Cannon wants her forever. But Yvette is determined to show Cannon she isn't the flirty girl she was three years ago. She has made a successful business with a friend in California. But there are inner demons of Yvette that could keep her from the only man she has ever truly loved.
The Hero 
Cannon, is one of those heroes that is a true hero in every sense of the word. Honorable, loyal and strong. Cannon is an MMA fighter and is one of the best. He isn't shy around women, confident and knows his own abilities. But he also knows a good woman when he finds her and Yvette has always had his heart and is willing to wait for her no matter how long it takes for her to mature and be ready for him both physically and emotionally.
When need be, I can fight dirty, though usually I just fight for sport. But when it comes to you, I fight to win.

I fell hard for Cannon because of the way he views Yvette and how he treats her. I love how respectful and understanding he is, doesn't take her life a train at high speed. He slowly wins her over by gradual degrees, he is patient and sees the real Yvette, inside and out. Love a hero that is willing to wait and be patient and not rush into anything.
The Heroine 
Yvette was raised by her grandfather and worked along side in his pawn shop. She was kidnaped but was rescued by Cannon and suffered a severe case of hero worship. She fell hard for Cannon, but he rejected her. So she left and moved to California and made a new life for herself. Yvette comes back for her grandfathers funeral and try to figure out what she needs to do about Cannon now that he has returned full force into her life. Yvette is ashamed of how she practically worshiped Cannon and wants to prove she is mature and a woman, not the flighty girl he viewed her as. Yvette is haunted by her past, and we see how trauma can affect us in numerous ways. Yvette hasn't had it easy when it has come to romantic relationships, and Yvette is attempting to deal with her problems on her own. What I truly found I liked about this heroine, is her inner strength.
Plot and Story Line 
No Limits is the first full-length novel in the Ultimate series. This series is based on a crew and group of MMA fighters. No Limits is a story that I fell hard for. I can't believe how long it took me to get a hand on this book, because I adore Lori Foster and she did a fantastic job with this book and setting the series up. The couple we have Cannon and Yvette have some rough hills and mountains to overcome. Both Cannon and Yvette have loved each other for years, but when they both return to Ohio at the same time...sparks fly. The chemistry between these two is quite intense and I could get enough of seeing their bantering and the way they interact with one another. I loved seeing these two reconnect with one another.

This is a story that I couldn't stop reading, Lori Foster is the storyteller that captivates the reader from the beginning. I just wanted more of these two. I love how easy going they are with one another. At first there is some sexual tension, and quite a bit of reluctance on Yvette's part, but Cannon is ready to pursue her and uses every 'weapon' at his disposal to gain her trust and love.
He had an athlete's body, a fighter's strength and an angel's heart - all wrapped up in gorgeous good looks.

Yvette is brought into the band of Cannon's group of friends who are quite colorful. Each member is so different, but each one of them is outrageous and Yvette takes it in stride, and she gains the friendship of each man. These secondary character really added some flair to the story and we saw some characters flirting around each other and I am eager to read their books in the near future.

The love story between Cannon and Yvette, isn't what I was expecting.
“Don’t run from me,” he said low, his mouth touching her ear. “Swear to God, Yvette, it only makes me want to chase you.”

We see two people that are reconnecting, but there are emotional demons to fight before either one of them can embrace what they have together. We see some sub-plot lines that add more conflict to the story. We see other characters take a step into the story that attempt to keep Cannon and Yvette apart from one another. I found myself intrigued by the development of the story. It takes some twists and turns, with some drama and some funny moments that added a charming quality to this romance. I couldn't get enough of it, the strong emotional bond, the sizzling sexual chemistry and the secondary characters that wrapped this story up perfectly.
The Cover 
I truly love this cover, because it has a tough feel to it, both physically and emotionally. Its almost thoughtful and pondering in some ways. Love the stance...calm and secure and sexy all at once.
Overall View 
No Limits is a stunning beginning to a new series that kept me on my toes. It dug into my emotions, stimulating and compelling. Bravo to Lori Foster for creating a love story that captivates and charms in the most balanced way.

Series Order

No Limits Holding Strong Tough Love Fighting Dirty

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August 18, 2014
Not as good as I wanted it to be. I loved Cannon and his MMA fighter friends but Yvette got on my nerves most the time. Armie, Cannon's best friend, deserves a star on his own - he was great - quintessential bad boy fighter, staying away from nice women, falling for the nicest one :) Can't wait for his story!

This full review is also posted on my blog - http://elliereadsfiction.blogspot.com/

This is the first full-length novel in a new series, spin-off of Love Undercover series. There as a prequel novella, Hard Knocks, which sets the stage for the future novels, though No Limits can be read as a standalone. Still, I'd recommend to read Dash of Peril (Love Undercover #4) where we meet the hero and heroine for the first time.

I enjoyed a lot in this MMA fighter romance, especially the hero, Cannon and his fighter friends. My rating would have been higher but there was some plot weaknesses, some slut shaming and I disliked the heroine, Yvette, most the time.

We meet Yvette and Cannon in Dash of Peril (Love Undercover #4), we see her as a love struck teenager/young girl and he rescues her is some rather dangerous situation. After one hot kiss they go on their separate ways only to meet three years later back in their hometown.

I loved Cannon a lot, he was the perfect hero - honest, hot, kind, the neighborhood vigilante. All the women were falling for him which I didn't particularly like since they were portrayed as too pushy and somewhat slutty and the same time he was judging them for being easy. Still, he was kind and patient with Yvette and he was amazing with his friends.

Yvette was his opposite in many ways - shy, trying to stay in the background. Initially, I sympathized with her because of the violence she had suffered but her drama dragged on too much and was annoying. Yvette's hang-up (in terms of a sexual relationship) didn't seemed believable and was resolved all to easily.She kept wanting to come off as independent, strong, yet she was whiny, childish, immature. She was always pushing everyone away when in reality she needed their support.

Cannon was open and honest about his feelings for her being more than his need to protect her and take care of her, yet she continued to question his motifs. Yvette easily believed what other women said about him over his honest declarations and actions.

I very much enjoyed Cannon's interaction with the other fighters, especially Armie. I quite liked him and I literally can't wait to read his book. There was a great sense of brotherhood among the fighters - they were all fun and carefree, yet also loyal and reliable.

The final 10% of the story was action-packed but the resolutions of some of the conflicts were too quick and simplistic.

The story ends with the expected happy end, yet it was not completely satisfactory. I would have liked to see more of Yvette and Cannon together, being open and honest, not playing games or keeping secrets.

Even though I was slightly disappointed with this story and I'm intrigued about the rest of the characters and will be reading their stories when they come out. Armie is a particular favourite of mine - he is a bad boy with a good heart and a lot of baggage and getting his nice girl should be quite an adventure.
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November 12, 2014

Overall Rating = 2 Stars
Book Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 5 / 4 / 3 = 4 Stars
Writer’s Voice = 1 Stars
Character / Secondary Character Development = 2 / 2 = 2 Stars
“Did I like” Hero / Heroine = 4 / 1 = 2.5 Stars
Story / Background Story Development = 3 / 3 = 3 Stars
“Did I like the Damned Thing” = 1 Stars
Ending = 3 Stars
Worth the Chili = 1 Stars -- [$2.99 on Amazon]
Smexy [HEAT] Rating = Steamy
432 pages

I just don't like this author. I've tried a few and she doesn't gel with me. I know this and why I keep letting myself get suckered in, no explanation. I liked the cover. I liked it has a sports theme [although I've tried a boxing book by this author before and it dudded out on me too].

No depth to the story but sexual tension that builds and builds. So, why don't I like it? Characters that act out of character and did I mention no depth to the story?

Others really like her. Me? Nope. I'll say it again ... not going to read anymore by Lori Foster. I can curb my cover whoring ways or I'll be back here again in a year or so. Na .. Na .. Na .. not going to listen to anyone anymore where she is concerned. She just doesn't work for me.

Happy Reading!

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September 2, 2014
Wow! Canon was an AWESOME Alpha, bad ass hero. He was strong, both physically and mentally for our heroine. Our heroine is brought back into town to face down her once huge crush, that was also her real life hero. See, 3 years ago, she was the victim of a horrible crime and was rescued by her longtime crush, Canon.
Because of this crime, she suffers from PTSD and has never been really felt safe.
After years apart, the two are brought back to town because it seems the h's grandfather left everything to BOTH of them to split. Looks like someone was playing match-y-maker :)

The story was entertaining and fun. Who doesn't love a good ol' stalker story that has a sweet, innocent heroine and a strong (note above's description) hero??!! The smex was hot and intense. The hero was not only Alpha, but possessive.

I definitely recommend this read to anyone that can't say no to Alpha's in charge. It seems each book will have it's own HEA and the next will move on to another friend/hero in the bunch.

PS - Can I just note that I can NOT WAIT for Armie's story....sighing already....
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June 15, 2015

I think the problem with this is that I can't connect with the heroine. I'm excited to read Cannon's book because he is such an interesting character (not to mention HOT). On the other hand, I find Yvette a bland heroine.I first met Yvette on Dash of Peril and though she may be a whiny kid on that book, I kinda understand the phase she is going on.

I don't understand why I find her now boring. Maybe that's just how I see her character or maybe this is just the slump talking.

Nevertheless, this book is recommendable for those who love Cannon. And guys, get this. There's a lot of MMA fighter here.(Read: HOT, ALWAYS BARE-CHESTED GUYS OVERLOAD.)
June 22, 2018
This book follows two amazing characters.

Yvette: A very nice, cute woman who has a troubling past.
Cannon: A hot hunky, MMA fighter.

I just love the chemistry Yvette and Cannon share.

This story was good, It had a few twist and turns. Some parts made me laugh, some parts me angry, some parts made my heart melt, some parts made me cry.

The story follows a mixture of 3 things: 1) Love, 2) Fight, 3) Lust.

Lori Foster does not disappoint. This book was very well written.
it makes you hot, it leaves you wanting more, craving more.
I am a big fan of Lori Foster.
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July 25, 2014

My rating: 4.5 of 5 ⭐️


Oh my..... Cannon Colter just ruined me for every other man out there!!!
(Not that there are many, any, waiting in the wings....)
Hard, gentle, sweet, fierce, loyal, hard, trustworthy, protective, hard, hot, did I mention hard? Hmmm.... Stuff that dreams are made of.

I remember Cannon from Lori Foster's earlier books, at that time he was working at the bar and it is how he met Yvette in the first place. Cannon himself was still a young pup at the time, but already hell-bent on saving the neighborhood. A penchant for fighting, he chose to take his talent into the ring and became quite successful. He never lost sight of his friends or his neighborhood though, so when he was mentioned as co-beneficiary of the old pawnshop, he didn't hesitate making his way home. Of course, knowing the one person who had never been far from his mind was the other beneficiary in the will was Yvette, was an added bonus.

After the traumatic incident she endured three years ago, Yvette had left her grandfather and his pawnshop behind, finding her own legs and doing her best to forget. But forgetting Cannon was not that easy, especially since he had been her focus long before he rescued her and then kissed the stuffing out of her. To her dismay, three years had done nothing to diminish the attraction, as she found out when faced with Cannon over her grandfather's will. But far be it from her to depend on another, she had managed quite well on her own, and Cannon had rescued her more than enough for one lifetime. If only Cannon would listen.....

Can I just say.... the man is a saint? Or perhaps an idiot.... waiting and waiting, while Yvette is practically foaming at the mouth to get her greedy little hands on his..... ahem..... him. The first is saddled with an overdeveloped sense of chivalry, and the second with an underdeveloped sense of self-worth. Of course this equals much wasted time! But the build up is deliciously wicked...

Lori Foster transitions and melds one series into a new one seamlessly, giving us an entire new cast of characters to fawn over, while at the same time allowing us to stay in touch and keep track of old friends from books past. The new series, both in HARD KNOCKS and NO LIMITS, has a slightly harder edge, the men a bit more controlled aggressive, with tempers that can be absolutely deadly when unleashed but who turn to gentle giants in the hands of their women.

Exactly what I had hoped and wanted from Cannon's story, the man we had seen glimpses of before, all fleshed out into what he had promised to become. A series with enough punch, suspense and heated sexual build up to completely satisfy. I cannot wait to see more..... A certain person with a proclivity for kink comes to mind........

✨No Limits is right!! First round goes to Lori Foster!✨

**Copy provided in return for an honest review.**
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April 10, 2015
I went and purchased No Limits right after I had finished Holding Strong for its book tour. I knew as a diehard fan of Lori Foster that I would probably enjoy No Limits, but I didn’t realize how familiar it would be. So I went to my kindle app and what do you know, I had received a review copy from the publisher last year and completely forgot to review it! Whoops. Guess it’s karma that I went and spent almost eight bucks on a book I already had. *sigh* since I love the author, I wasn’t too upset, but sometimes I just have to *facepalm* at the dumb shit I do when my brain fails to hold on to things.

Regardless of my stupidity, it did not affect my love of this book. I’ve had the hots for Cannon since he first appeared in Getting Rowdy and was glad when his book was just as awesome as I thought it would be – even the second time around! He is fucking sexy in this book, even more so when he’s incredibly sexually frustrated. *grin* I’m not going to write a big review for this one because I didn’t take the time to write up notes for No Limits. I pretty much went ham on Cannon and Yvette after finishing Holding Strong. Nothing was gonna keep me for getting in some sexy time with my favorite MMA fighter of all time!

If you love a sexy sports romance, why haven’t you picked up Lori Foster yet? She has to be the first MMA romance writer that kick started the MMA sport taking off in contemporary romance. I believe she wrote her first in the early 2000s, but I could be wrong. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is READ THIS FREAKING BOOK.

bite size review

You made it to the end! If you enjoyed my review, please consider giving it a thumbs up on Amazon *HERE* Thank you for all that you do! ❤
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May 21, 2016
2.5 stars

I might be a bit generous with that rating. It's hard when I don't like something, but there's nothing really wrong with it. This just was too sugar-sweet and the h got on my nerves. By the time they finally had sex, I was bored. DNF'd at 87%. I'm sure others will like this novel/series.

So, to the important bits...

The h.
Just another damsel-in-distress, the new twist here being she knew it and wanted to make sure no one felt put out by having to help her...oh, wait, that's not new. And another beauty who has no clue...[*eye-roll*]...and BTW...How many times can you nibble on your lip before you have to consider it a snack? I mean, seriously. This chick nibbled on her lip so many times I thought she was hungry.

The H.
He was going to hook up with a chick from the bar the first night he rolled into town because he hadn't found the h first. Yeah, you read that right. He'd already let us know in his POV that he really wanted to see the h and pick up where they left off. So what, he was just too horny to wait for her? Not to mention the scene with Mindi? Feels like he'd have fucked them both if the h hadn't arrived on the scene. And while we have his thoughts about wanting and then later not wanting those women...it wasn't cringeworthy...but I'm just tired of reading that stereotype in nearly EVERY FUCKING BOOK I PICK UP. Oops, did a rant slip out.

Secondary romance...oth characters.
As for Armie, who I kinda love/hate, and Rissy, H's sister...its so obvious through his POV that he's seriously into her even tho she's off limits...it's ok for him to have threesomes, but if it might possibly be with her then it's too "sordid" for her - slut shame much? - considering he is a man-ho deluxe. Then his next thought is how he'd like to fuck her roommate instead, but he won't since another buddy really likes her. And then a few short pages later he's semi-lusting after the h.
Another winner, Ladies.
But then he stole his scenes...hence the love/hate. I might read his book.

The plot.
Friends to lovers and some ex-bf stalker shit thrown in for spice. I'm pretty sure there's another plot twist involving Mindi, the lawyer, and the inheritance but I don't care enough to find out.

And lastly, every once in a while I read a line and think why haven't I thought that shit up yet:

“She wanted affection, not an erection.”

Classy ;)
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February 5, 2016
This series is set in the same town as the 'Love Undercover' series and the setting is often in Rowdy's bar, so of course we get to catch up with Rowdy & Avery (Getting Rowdy) as well as Dash & Margaret (Dash of Peril), and a bit way into the story we get to say a quick hello to Logan Riske who featured in Run the Risk).....I would have liked to catch up with Logan's wife Pepper but that wasn't to be.

Those who read this series will remember Cannon & Yvette - Cannon used to work at Rowdy's bar and they both featured a great deal in Dash's book as Yvette is the granddaughter of the pawn shop who was helped by Margaret.

As you can gather I really enjoyed catching up with much loved characters and had often wondered if Cannon & Yvette would get their HEA. Cannon returns back to his hometown as an old friend has died and he had been contacted by the lawyer informing him that he'd been mentioned in the Will. As well as leaving Cannon 50% of his estate his old friend had asked him to look after his granddaughter who had of course also returned back to town to sort out her grandfather's estate.

Yvette didn't have a problem with her grandfather leaving Cannon half of his estate and invited him to stay at the house with her whilst they sorted everything out, after all rather than selling the shop and the house Cannon might decide to buy her out as she has no plans to stay in the town where she went through such a traumatic experience....That is until she see's Cannon again and her plans began to waver.

I really enjoyed this as it was classic LF with a great H and h and happily recommend it to all her reads CR.
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February 2, 2021
I’m obviously missing something here. Maybe there’s another book with Yvette and Cannon in it with a major scene.

The story wasn’t bad, but I didn’t connect. Yvette was written over the top. Lori Foster really dug her heels in the ‘damsel in the distress, but I’m going to whine about not needing help.’

Cannon was the typical alpha male, but I really didn’t understand the vigilante stuff. It seemed so out of place.

The side characters have a lot of potential.

Overall, not bad, but didn’t connect with it.
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August 18, 2014
First date: Cannon and Yvette come together after the death of her grandfather. From page I was hooked and quickly lost myself in this date. The last time they were together Cannon was attracted to Yvette in the Love Under Cover series. At the time he felt she was too young. He was caught up in his career, and he ignored her strong advances. He is back from his bout in Japan and ready to address his feelings for Yvette. Yvette left town after her near death experience and has grown since their last encounter. She is determined not to throw herself at Cannon or get him mixed up in her issues. Yeah..Not gonna happy. When these two are in the same room, the sexual tension just crackles through the atmosphere. You can feel the temperature drop as the sexual storm begin to form..yeah baby! I love how Foster threw these two together allowing them to sort out their feelings and reconnect.

Second date: We meet Cannon’s martial art buddies, and I thoroughly enjoy this band of merry men. Much like a military unit, these boys have each other’s six and tease each other unmercifully. The banter and small talk was hilarious and ladies the testosterone levels are off the chart. These boys are smoking hot. Alpha-males that quickly stole my heart with their honor code and friendship. Things are heating up between Yvette and Cannon. Foster makes their dance believable and I am rooting for them. Yvette while damaged is brave and confident. I had to laugh at her protective nature towards Cannon. Foster had me giggle:snorting as they interacted as a couple and with other characters. Outside threats begin to weave into the tale creating danger. There are two separate threats and Foster created suspense without pushing things over the top, creating a believable tension.

Third date: Can I just say I friggin' love these characters and totally want more! Yvette’s friend from California is absolutely hilarious, and I need her story. We will get her story. Right?*raises eyebrow at Foster* Cannon’s buddies, sister and her roomie are all well developed and unique. The suspenseful threads wrapped up with a nice climax. Foster hinted of relationships to come while keeping me entwined in Cannon and Yvette’s tale. Their romance is sweet, tender, and unbelievably hot; it felt natural and beautiful. I do not want these dates to end, but I cannot set the book down. The savoring will have to be left for the second read.

I was gifted a copy of this title from the author.This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer
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June 24, 2014
Once upon a time there was a book called Getting Rowdy that starred a handsome rough and tumble hunk and a minor character named Cannon. Cannon was one of those guys that should be bad news but was surprisingly vigilant about protecting his community. He ran a rec center that went pretty far in keeping kids off the street. He taught them boxing and gave them a place to go. He watched over his neighborhood and got pretty close to Rowdy.

Then there was Dash of Peril, in which Cannon played a bigger part and got to play hero to Yvette, who had been kidnapped, nearly raped and doused with kerosene. After the horror of that ordeal, Cannon and Yvette became close and ALMOST hooked up, but the trauma of it all drove her away to California. Cannon went on to become a famous fighter with the SBC... and Yvette loved and watched him from afar.

No Limits is a return to the Brotherhood that I've come to love, this closely knit group of men and women, small town shop owners and law enforcement, bound and determined to keep their corner of the world safe. It is also a book focused majorly on Cannon, and if you've read my other Lori Foster novels, you know I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for this one!

Let me just say................. it doesn't disappoint. There's something about that sexy, smoldering, good guy under the bad guy facade that I just adore about him. He's so protective, it's instinct-- not just about Yvette, either. At one point he's angry with one of the fighters at the Rec Center for making remarks about his sister's roommate. Cannon has an innate need to protect people, and he does it well. Easily. With his fists. *shrug* Hey, they deserved it.

No Limits was a great read, to me. I know some were expecting more fighting action, but we really needed to get Cannon's story out of the way, and the way he dealt with Yvette's stalker ex, there was plenty of fight in this novel. There was also some good ole lovemaking.

There's a bunch of details I am leaving out, but I am not one to rehash a story when I give a review. Read the blurb, buy the book, READ IT.

Now I'm trying to figure out who the next book is about?? Armie? Denver? Stack? And who is the love interest? Hmmmm... Rissy? Vanity? Cherry? SO MANY OPTIONS. I trust Lori to write us up some good stories to read.

Excellent story, long awaited, but well worth it!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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July 23, 2014
I really liked Cannon and Yvette when they showed up in Getting Rowdy and hoped that they would get their own book. So when I realized that this book was that book that I had hoped for I was super excited to read it. I hate to even say something, but it didn't live up to my expectations, which makes me wonder if I went in expecting too much. It's not that I hated the book, but I didn't love it either, which is what I thought would happen.

I felt like Cannon was placating Yvette for most of the book. That the letter from Grandpa made Cannon do what he did for Yvette. There were times that I wanted to reach into the book and shake Cannon. A couple that come to mind were when Cannon talked about hook ups that didn't happen right in front of Yvette, letting her know that they didn't happen because of her. That should have made me happy, because he was into her, instead I felt like it was more because she was around and he had to babysit her, that given the real choice he would have taken those random hookups.

What really saved the book for me was Armie. He brought about some great comic relief, but you know he is hiding a lot, the least of which is what he really feels for Rissy. I can't wait for a book to come out with these two, even as Rissy has had a front seat to his man-whore ways.

Even with my issues with Cannon and Yvette, I'm really happy with how things ended, loved that Cannon and Yvette each can chase their dreams with their jobs, but still support each other.
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October 13, 2015
DNF @ 40%

I'm sorr - Actually I'm not. I couldn't continue with this book and I'd sooner jump off a building then finish it. I couldn't connect with both characters AT ALL. Their attraction is superficial as hell and I found myself in an extremely unpleasant mood as the story progressed.

And I thought. "WTF AM I WASTING MY TIME?"
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December 12, 2021
This was just okay. I think it suffers a bit from trying to set up too many future romances and calls back to too many previous ones in the series. This book sets up Denver and Cherry, Armie and Merissa, Vanity and Stack, and calls back to Rowdy and his wife, and Dash and Margo. It’s too much. And it didn’t help that the secondary plotlines were a lot more interesting than the main one.

Overall it was just okay. Yvette was pathetic and self-deprecating for the whole book and her romance with Cannon was pretty uninspiring. Cannon was a first rate manwh0re in the beginning but was fine, I guess, as the hero once he and Yvette got together. I just wasn’t terribly moved by their romance and thought they were TSTL about the stalker and the “mystery” they were dealing with.
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January 14, 2015
I read this straight off the back of reading the introductory novella, so I had a good idea of the characters (though not as much as I would have if I had read the Love Undercover books beforehand, so I have been told lol)

I have to say I just adore Cannon. Strong, fun, successful.... and only has eyes for the one girl he has loved for years, Yvette.

Wow, what Yvette has gone through! How emotionally strong she is was amazing. Oh, and can't forget that she is still in love with Cannon!

I tell you what, I need to head to this town and hang out at their rec centre because gees Louise it seems to be hottie central!!

I did feel for a little while there that Cannon and Yvette just seemed to go around in circles, their relationship not moving forward and they kept on going over the same things, but this may just be me?

I know I am a late comer to this series, but man I am loving it more and more - and I really do need to get back and read the earlier series.

What I really loved the most though is the way all the fighters protect and fight for their "family". They all rally around with shit happens, they rib on each other like no ones business, but you know that if you ever need them they are there.

Armie! Armie is amazing! At times I didn't know whether I felt like punching him or laughing with him. I am reaaaaaaallllly wanting his and Rissy's story (though I know Denver's story is coming up next). I just can't wait to see what happens with this pair. It is going to be explosive!

Bring on Holding Strong Ms Foster!

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September 2, 2014
HOME FREAKING RUN. That is exactly what Lori Foster hit when she published No Limits. I didn’t think that I would read one of her books that would top my love of Trace – but she just won me over completely. Cannon captivated me mind, body and soul and nothing will ever come close to the joy I got from reading his story. With this being the first book in the series – I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us!

Yvette – we met her in one of Lori Foster’s other series. While we didn’t get to know her in depth; I could tell that there was something there – especially with her and Cannon. I love that I got to know more of her. I was able to see the girl she was in the previous book and watch her grow into the woman that she is now. I love her no nonsense attitude – the fact that she’s not letting her past run the way she faces the future and I especially love her “go get em” attitude. She knows what she wants and she will stop at nothing to get it. The loyalty from her speaks volumes and even though everyone around her feels the need to protect her, she has a voice loud enough to assure them that she will live her life the way she wants – and she doesn’t need a big strong man to live it for her. A damsel she is not, but a vixen she will become.

Cannon is the very definition of the word complex. I learned this about him in the previous story, but I got to see it first hand in this story. His loyalty runs deep and he surrounds himself with those who he trust – and no one else. His emotions run long and he loves just as hard has he fights. I love the fact that he won’t give up without a fight and he will move heaven and earth to ensure those he loves stay unharmed. He is witty, lovable, Alpha, loyal and about 348597345 things all rolled into one. In the end though, he is a giant teddy bear and nothing will ever convince me that he is not.

This book is ripe with witty banter, lovable companionship between the other characters, and a love story for the ages. No Limits would be nothing with the secondary characters that Lori Foster brought to life. While I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series, I will eagerly be awaiting Armie’s book. There is just something about him. Alas, she does not disappoint when it comes to the infamous love scenes Foster has become known for. To say the downtown area came to life is an understatement. This book speaks volumes and the words captivate you from page one. Lori Foster has done it again everyone. This is one book that you WANT to get your hands on – and sink your teeth into.
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