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The Big Bang: A Guide to the New Sexual Universe

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From the creators of the popular Web site Nierve.com comes a humorous, comprehensive guide to human sexuality, complete with step-by-step guidelines and practical advice on everything from how to choose the right condom to bondage for beginners. Original.

272 pages, Hardcover

First published July 1, 2003

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Emma Taylor

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60 reviews
August 1, 2007
Whether you want to know where your parts are, need to know the rules of bondage, whether you have the clap, or the cost of a Sanrio brand Hello Kitty vibrator (really!), this book will cover it. Has some no-brainer stuff about foreplay and making out no-nos, and reasons why you shouldn't use a dick pump. Pictures and illustrations make this a top-shelf book to keep out of the reach of young'uns. Glad this book exists - you can give it to your next bed buddy if s/he doesn't have a clue. In the next version, it would be good to see them cover a few topics they left out of this edition, like getting off when you're old (at least include some older folks in one of the photos!), or respecting no-touch zones, etc. If you're going to claim to cover it all in one volume (the title does include "Sexual Universe") *cover* it.
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390 reviews42 followers
August 26, 2011
I was looking for a book about sex to recommend on mothering dot com and was reminded how good this book is. It talks in a humorous, but direct way about just about every aspect of sex you'd want to know about. The upshot though was I didn't end up posting anything after realizing that they're looking for books that speak from a conservative standpoint which this book definitely does not.
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292 reviews7 followers
March 14, 2007
When people ask me for a good book on sex, this is always the one I point them to. Witty, informative, and quite cheeky.
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9 reviews7 followers
July 8, 2007
This book is witty, funny, and well-researched - an excellent conversation starter not only between friends, but between partners.
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32 reviews2 followers
November 2, 2007
While informative, with correct information, this book uses a lot, and I mean a LOT, of slang and "edgy, hip" verbage to relate to an "edgy, hip" reader. Personally, and maybe this is simply because I've read so many of these types of sex books, I found the writing to be kind of pompous. I felt like the book was trying to emulate the cool kids table in the school cafeteria, and I wasn't one of the cool crowd. There were even times when the slang was so thick, I barely understood the information they were trying to give, which is certainly not what you want out of a sex ed book! My other critisism is that most of the models in pictures in this book were white, and they were all very skinny (even the men) and emo-looking. If that's what "edgy, hip" people looks like having sex (no diversity in color, age, or body type, and all elbows, knees and hip-bones) then I'm glad not to be part of the in-crowd.
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34 reviews6 followers
March 28, 2007
Fairly large volume. Cheeky and trendy, but with LOTS of good information. Every 10 years or so a book like this is written (more than once a generation). IMHO, this book is the current incarnation in the field pioneered by "The Joy of Sex" (circa 1979).

BTW, The only reason I didn't give it more stars is that an encyclopedic volume like this isn't all flowers and fireworks. It IS a good read, but I'm not going to bring it to the beach w/ me like a Harlequin novel, or Harry Potter.
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1,138 reviews27 followers
December 25, 2016
Why You Might Bump This Down On Your TBR: The images all portray the same body types over and over, and most of the models are white (with very few exceptions). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there was any information helpful for trans persons.

Why You Might Bump This Up On Your TBR: If you're looking for a guide about sex, this one is okay. The information is healthy and sex-positive. It's inclusive of same-sex sexual interaction.
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105 reviews19 followers
July 18, 2018
Radiolab asked listeners for their sex ed recommendations.

Heather, a Radiolab listener, says, "The book is modern and frank and addresses many topics of concern to a 20-something navigating dating and relationships. A good reference on STDs, and really quite helpful how-to guide (of the 'everything you wanted to know but were too embarrassed to ask' variety)."
5 reviews
February 2, 2009
I swear I'm not a freak, my therapist had me read this one! It will make you blush, but super eye opening and kinda funny. The authors are witty and straight forward. It will definately make you feel more comfortable in your skin!
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37 reviews1 follower
October 3, 2007
best sex book. GREAT pictures! good info, and really funny.
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3 reviews3 followers
February 26, 2008
Another Valentine's Day gift..and absolutely hilarious and fun to read with a partner.
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153 reviews21 followers
June 24, 2008
I'm a big fan of Em & Lo and Nerve, and think this is probably the edgiest comprehensive, straight forward sex guide I've found.
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152 reviews1 follower
August 7, 2016
A tongue-in-cheek sex manual? Seriously? Yes!
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102 reviews20 followers
January 2, 2010
Everyone should read this book!! It is highly informational and interesting to boot.
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