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Haberdashers Tales #2

Fortune Said: A Valentine Haberdashers Tale

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When the earl’s valet falls desperately ill with a fever the household isn’t sure what to do, until one housemaid steps forward to care for him.

Sissy Devonport has known her share of grief. Her family was laid low by a fever that only she survived. Now a member of her new household appears to be suffering from the same illness and she is the only one sure she can care for him without falling ill herself.

Whit Whitman is a known flirt. A clever man who prefers to tease and gossip rather than do anything of substance. To his surprise, his illness has upset the household. And garnered the attention of one woman he thought he could never have.

86 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 8, 2014

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About the author

Sue London

47 books181 followers
Best selling author Sue London created the beloved Regency romance series The Haberdashers. If you like your historical romance with a little action, a little humor, and a lot of strong-minded women, then this is the series for you!

Recent reader reactions:
"Sue London is a very gifted writer. I always enjoy reading her books." ~ Annie
"It was so well written, and the storyline is wonderfully thrilling. If I could I would have rated this book a ten, but five is all they allow so that's what it is." ~ Pattimari
"This witty love story enchanted me, and I look forward to reading more of the Haberdashers series." ~ ReaderLady

For more on Sue you can check out her website, twitter page, or be her fan on Facebook.

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2,716 reviews391 followers
January 5, 2017
This one picks up some time after A Common Christmas, and after the second Haberdasher's novel. Gabriel's valet, Whit, an accomplished flirt, was attracted to one of the new maids, Sissy. But it is frowned upon for servants to dally with each other so he backs off. But circumstances change and Sissy is the only one who can save his life. There is more Sissy than people know because she keeps to herself, in her own sad way. Whit and Sissy will help each other despite the off the cuff judgment of Dibbs. A marriage to stop wagging tongues will lead to a deep understanding between two people used to showing others of themselves, only what those people expect to see.
I think what I loved most about this one, was there were two people who had disregarded their initial attraction to each other for the good of the house. Then through a twist of fate they ended up exploring their attraction to create a deep love.
Profile Image for Gilgamesha.
469 reviews11 followers
February 14, 2016
The books in the series were disasters...I guess the first book was ok....this novella was really cute....I just wish the epilogue was more satisfactory.
Profile Image for Tracy Emro.
1,834 reviews48 followers
February 17, 2014
I am never disappointed when I read a book by Sue London.

This was sweet little novella - I have always had a soft spot for Whit and I am thrilled that he got a happy ending.

I would have liked more - but I feel the same way with her full length novels - I am just greedy I guess :)

The only thing I wanted that I didn't get in this book was the I love yous - that is my favorite part of a romance novel and it didn't happen in this novella. It was short read and I didn't expect the depth of a full length novel, but I was hoping that it would turn up in the epilogue and was a little bummed when it didn't.

That aside, it was great and as always the writing was fabulous, the story believable and the characters likable.

Bottom line - this was nice little story to read while waiting impatiently for George's story - and honestly, you can't go wrong with a Sue London book!
Profile Image for Bev Ross.
1,003 reviews11 followers
January 4, 2015
Good short story

This was a great little story! I really enjoyed reading sissy and whit's story. It had a nice plot and made me feel happy for them. I'm glad they found each other.
Profile Image for Marianna.
341 reviews476 followers
May 16, 2014
Read more reviews at A Lust For Reading. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Whit Whitman is known amongst the household staff as a harmless flirt. As the Earl's valet, he also has a uniquely personal relationship with Gideon. When Whit comes down with a deathly fever, it is up to newcomer Sissy Devonport to care for him. She has only been working at the Earl's townhome for six months, ever since her entire family lost their lives to this same fever. But she survived it and now she may be the only thing that can get Whit through it. Whit and Sissy were fond of each other before, but inevitably this brings them closer together.

This was such a sweet and lovely romance. Both of these characters are lonely in their own way, and the few weeks they are forced to spend in confined quarters together really makes their love blossom.We also once again get to see just how much Gideon cares for his staff. They may work for him, but he doesn't treat them as lesser beings and he is genuinely distraught when Whit becomes ill.

I absolutely adore these side tales that go along with author Sue London's The Haberdashers full length series. Now they can all be read solo of course, but when you read them all, you gain so much more depth for the characters and the era. And if you especially enjoy steamy historical romance novels, I recommend you check them all out.
Profile Image for Judy.
3,049 reviews
January 16, 2016
Fortune Said by Sue London
Haberdashers Tales Book Two
We meet Whit Whitman in the first Tales book, A Common Christmas. Whit is Joshua Dibbs cousin and Gideon’s valet. He is a handsome flirt with no intentions of settling down. He has eyed the pretty maid, but knows that she deserves a much better man than he is. Not to mention that Cousin Joshua had warned him to leave the girl alone.

Sissy Devenport had been poor gentry. After the fever took her family and her relatives couldn’t take her in, she ends up in service for the Earl of Harrington. It’s not such a bad life, she has room and board and enjoys the monotonous of her duties.

When Whit falls ill to the fever, Sissy offers to stay with him. She has survived it and cared for her family...and watched each of them succumb to it. She would do her best to see that the exuberant Mr. Whitman would stay in this world. The first book is Dibb’s story, A Common Christmas. These are stories with a unique look of what goes on below-stairs in Gideon’s home. Gideon’s story is in The Trials of Artemis. The Haberdasher Tales are sweet books.
Profile Image for Deanna Stanley.
211 reviews6 followers
February 10, 2014
Sue London follows up her Christmas story with a valentines Day themed story that reprises characters that rarely get much page time - the servants. This time is all about Whit Whitman, valet extrodinaire. He's a flirt and a jokester, who could never settle down with one woman... or could he?

Sissy is still grieving the deaths of her entire family, and her change of circumstances from beloved daughter to housemaid. But when Witt falls ill to the same sickness as killed her family, she volunteers to take care of him until he recovers... or dies.

This is a romance, so I'm betting you can figure out Witt fate. But needless to say this is sweet, PG, and a satisfying read for the season.
Profile Image for Queen of the Geeks.
114 reviews2 followers
September 1, 2019
The second book in Sue London's sweet short stories. I liked it but struggled with feeling that Whit/Percival was truly in love with Sissy. It was a nice story but didn't feel the warmth between the two characters as in the previous book. Which honestly is hard to develop in a short story and when you keep the heat level low in a book. More than likely a personal prejudice in not believing a practiced flirt could ever really love or that the marriage felt forced between two people who didn't really know each other and had such divergent personalities. In the last story there were hints of pants feelings where in this one there weren't.
Profile Image for Cara.
346 reviews12 followers
February 15, 2014
Sue London does it again. This book focuses on another of the "downstairs" staff from the Haberdasber books, this time, Gideon's valet, Whit. The flirtatious valet comes down with a very serious illness and needs to be nursed to health. Who better to do that than the young maid who recently arrived to the household. Full of sweet interactions and is a thoroughly enjoyable read.

I bought this as part of a valentine's day sale, so it was only $0.99.

Great novella!
Profile Image for Diane Lang.
69 reviews3 followers
April 1, 2014
One of the best things about these delightful novellas Sue is writing is they allow her to add depth and richness to the world of the Haberdashers. Here we get a second peek into the lives of Gideon, the Earl of Harrington's staff. This time it is his valet, Whit, whom we get to know in greater depth. He has devoted his entire life to meeting the needs of others and is only now given an opportunity to figure out what he wants.
Profile Image for Aleen.
454 reviews40 followers
July 28, 2015
This was such a sweet tale. I enjoyed reading about the romance between a valet and housemaid. Their HEA's are rarely given. This story takes place in between Giddy's love story, so I liked how that connected. There are no steamy love scenes in this story, just sweetness. If you are up for a quick, sweet, afternoon read, this is the story for you!
Profile Image for Lynn.
3,043 reviews71 followers
January 20, 2016
A cute little novella with an enduring love story and any one would be surprised by Whit’s character in this one!
Profile Image for Diane Horne.
616 reviews6 followers
September 4, 2018
Fortune Said: Valentine Haberdashers Tale (Book 2) By Sue London

Five stars, good story..Cannot wait to read the third in line of this series..Love it's the help having their own story..Could read more books like this.
Profile Image for Sandy Digger.
519 reviews1 follower
September 23, 2016
A lovely romance

This is the story of Whit and Sissy. Whit is the Earl's valet and he is taken sick with typhus. Sissy is a young gentry lady who's family all died from typhus and she was left with no money and no home. Her cousins refuse to take her in so she becomes a maid in the Earl's home to protect her and give her a place to live. When Whit becomes sick she is the only one to survive typhus so she offers to care for him. It's a sweet, romantic short story that helps to round out the tale of the Haberdasher's.
Profile Image for Tonileg.
2,243 reviews23 followers
January 22, 2017
Sweet short story set in the world of the Haberdashers (a smart sword dueling lady club) in Historical English society.
We get a little glimpse into the world of the domestic workers in the houses of the titled rich English.
86 pages and kindle freebie
3 stars
Profile Image for Sieravonne.
358 reviews3 followers
October 23, 2018
2.5 stars

I wonder why did the author nicknamed the female lead Sissy. She wasn't sissy at all but a brave and strong woman.

And while I think the progress of this novella is too fast, like it was ended just for the sake of ending it, so that nothing has to be explained more.
July 16, 2014
Good if at times confusing read

the editing of the book was atrocious, but the story underlying story line was good. would recommend a re-edit or edit in general.
Profile Image for Tamara.
418 reviews7 followers
May 5, 2015
This tale was cute, but the romance was too rushed. I feel like most of the love story happened off stage. I wish she had included more interaction between the characters while the hero was awake.
Profile Image for Kimberly Hatten.
23 reviews
September 23, 2015
A sweet Valentine story

A nice little sweet Valentine story. There is loss and then there is finding what they need. Lovely and well written.
Profile Image for Sandra R.
2,893 reviews34 followers
May 3, 2017
Another well written, interesting, sweet historical romance from this author. Something a little different, as it is between a Valet and a house maid.
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