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Hidden Legacy #1

Burn for Me

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Nevada Baylor is faced with the most challenging case of her detective career—a suicide mission to bring in a suspect in a volatile case. Nevada isn't sure she has the chops. Her quarry is a Prime, the highest rank of magic user, who can set anyone and anything on fire.

Then she's kidnapped by Connor "Mad" Rogan—a darkly tempting billionaire with equally devastating powers. Torn between wanting to run or surrender to their overwhelming attraction, Nevada must join forces with Rogan to stay alive.

Rogan's after the same target, so he needs Nevada. But she's getting under his skin, making him care about someone other than himself for a change. And, as Rogan has learned, love can be as perilous as death, especially in the magic world.

406 pages, ebook

First published October 28, 2014

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About the author

Ilona Andrews

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Ilona Andrews is the pseudonym for a husband-and-wife writing team. Ilona is a native-born Russian and Gordon is a former communications sergeant in the U.S. Army. Contrary to popular belief, Gordon was never an intelligence officer with a license to kill, and Ilona was never the mysterious Russian spy who seduced him. They met in college, in English Composition 101, where Ilona got a better grade. (Gordon is still sore about that.)

Gordon and Ilona currently reside in Oregon with their two children, three dogs and a cat. They have co-authored two series, the bestselling urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and romantic urban fantasy of The Edge.

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475 reviews16.1k followers
April 3, 2015
You'd think with all the bestsellers they have, they'd be able to get some decent covers for their books. Don't get me wrong. I love their writing, but I'm embarrassed to hold these books in the street.
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1,257 reviews8,679 followers
November 12, 2021
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

For those of you who have been living under a rock don’t already know, Ilona Andrews is my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E.

Has been since I first read Magic Bites five or six years ago. After I binge-read all the available Kate books, I moved onto The Edge which I also loved, and knowing that the Ilona love was not a fluke, the internet stalking began, in which I discovered the Curran POV Collection and Kinsmen sci-fi short stories, etc.

And the Andrews, have never, not once, let me down.

BURN FOR ME, the first installment of the HIDDEN LEGACY series, takes place in a world where a few hundred years ago a serum was discovered that could awaken a myriad of different types of magic in humans. Eventually the serum was destroyed, but the damage had already been done, and the newly awakened magical gifts were passed on genetically. Fast forward to the present, and the highly magical families guard their bloodlines the same way the real world Western European blue bloods do.

Enter Nevada Baylor, who at 25 has had the responsibility of keeping the family PI business afloat since her father died of cancer six years ago.

The family PI business whose mortgage was sold to one of the Big Deal magical families in order to pay the medical bills. The family PI business the Big Deal magical family is offering up as a sacrificial lamb when our story begins.

Baylor Investigative Agency looks great on paper, you see, and Montgomery International Investigations (MII) has been asked by another Big Deal magical family to bring in their prodigal son, a Prime (the highest level of magic user) pyro(FIRE)kinetic, who just recently burnt up a bank, which resulted in the death of a cop amongst other things. MII, being unable to refuse such a request without risking unpleasantness, weighed the risks, deemed an honest attempt too expensive, and decided to make use of the clause in the mortgage agreement that allows them to contract out Nevada’s services.

If she refuses, she breaks the contract, and the business is forfeit. If she fails, she breaks the contract, and the business is forfeit. If she dies, MII gets to recoup their loses, and the business is forfeit.

And this was the point where I shrieked my vicarious RAGE and scared the crap out of my cat. Seriously. He sat on the floor in front of the bed for the rest of the day. Wouldn’t come near me . . .

Such was the level of emotion the book was able to pull out of me, and that was in the first 8%.

That’s one of my favorite things about the Andrews—their ability to create instantly likable and/or interesting characters. Slews of them. Nevada is a perfect example of this. She’s snarky and fantastic, so much so that you don’t mind or begrudge her her super special snowflake status.

Nevada’s family is the “slew,” her grandmother especially is a hoot, and then there’s Mad Rogan . . .

Mad Rogan, a Prime with off-the-charts magical abilities . . . Mad Rogan, the wealthy and powerful head of House Rogan . . . Mad Rogan, pure sex walking around on two legs . . .

Mad Rogan, the borderline sociopath.

Yes, you heard me: SOCIOPATH.

I can only hope more is revealed in future installments to make him a more sympathetic character, b/c, right now, Mad Rogan is my only real issue with this book.

Oh, there was also some slight disbelief with the Big Reveal at the very end, but that was small potatoes. Mad Rogan, on the other hand . . . he’s downright scary. Like Ted Bundy scary. And I can see Nevada being hot for him, but eventually in love with him . . . ? As it stands, she should run screaming, in the opposite direction.

Literally Mad Rogan aside, Burn for Me is positively delightful. The world-building is fresh and original. The characters are hilarious, and the sense of family will give you the warm-fuzzies. Those of you who stalk follow the Andrews like I do will particularly enjoy a scenario with Nevada’s high school-aged sisters that very closely resembled something that happened with one of their daughters—the pen is mightier than the high school coach. *wink* Overall, an excellent start to a wonderful new series. Nevada Baylor is now second to only Kate Daniels. Highly recommended.

And if you're interested, you can find my interview with the Andrews about this book here .

My other reviews for this series:

White Hot (Hidden Legacy, #2)
Wildfire (Hidden Legacy, #3)
January 9, 2022
And the moral of this rerererererererererereread is : I don't understand why everyone is so desperately looking for a covid-19 vaccine right now, when they could just call The Butcher of Merida for help. I mean, I'm pretty sure Rogan would make the pesky virus go "splat!" Peaches-style in less time than it takes to say "unleash the murderous crustaceans" and stuff.

I have the best ideas, I know.

👋 Until next time and stuff.

· Book 2: White Hot ★★★★★
· Book 3: Wildfire ★★★★★
· Book 3.5: Diamond Fire ★★★
· Book 4: Sapphire Flames ★★★
· Book 5: Emerald Blaze ★★★
· Book 6: Ruby Fever - to be released 2022

[March 13, 2019]

And the moral of this rererererererererereread is : it is a truth universally acknowledged that the Scourge of Mexico this book is the ultimate cure for all book slumps everything.

👋 Until next time and stuff.

[May 2, 2018]

💉 Some Clueless People Use Illegal Drugs to Get High But That's Just Because They're Um Clueless and Stuff and Have Never Read a Tactile IA Book Before Ha Buddy Rerererererererereread (SCPUIDtGHBTJBTUCaSaHNRaTIABBHBR™) with the IA Addicts 💉

And the moral of this rerererererereread is : can I beat the crap out of Adam Pierce? Please? Pretty please? I promise to be nice and behave and not skewer puny humans for at least a day and stuff!

P.S. I really don't understand why antidepressants are still being prescribed when this series is readily available. Doctors are really weird, if you ask me.

[May 28, 2017]

And the moral of this rerererererereread is :

Sorry, what? I only just rerererererereread this a month ago, you say? And your point is?

P.S. I want to be Nevada Baylor when I grow up. And not only because the Scourge of Mexico wants to go all tactile on me her and stuff. Not that I mind the Scourge of Mexico wanting to go all tactile on me her and stuff. But, you know, there's other, you know, cool stuff about being her that makes me want to, you know, be her and stuff.

[April 22, 2017]

And the moral of this rererererereread is :


Real Life Sucks Too Much We Gotta Get Ourselves Some Tactile Now Poof All Problems Gone Impromptu Buddy Rerererererererereread (RLSTMWGGOSTNPAPGIBR™) with the IA Addicts ❣

And the moralsssss of this rerererererereread are:

Mad Rogan=

I want to be Nevada Baylor when I grow up. Because Mad Rogan reasons.

Mad Rogan=

The cow didn't do it.

Mad Rogan=

No idea what DNA helicase is? Me neither. Who the shrimp cares, anyway? You get the idea, right? Right. So?

Best IA banter and dialogues in the history of IA banter and dialogues.

Mad Rogan=

⑧ Best car wrecking extravaganza in the history of car wrecking extravaganzas.

Mad Rogan=

Exposure therapy is all about snake handling.

Mad Rogan=


» And the moral of the moralsssss of this crappy non review is: I might be slightly obsessed with Mad Rogan. Not sure. The jury's still out on that one.

Bye now. Until next time. You're welcome. And stuff.

[October 2015 rerereread]

Previous rating: 8 stars.
New rating: 10 stars.

YES I have read this book FOUR times in less than a year.
NO it's not particularly deep.
NO it's not particularly philosophical.

►► BUT ◄◄

YES it's bloody entertaining.
YES it features high-quality, hilarious IA banter.
YES I love ALL the characters. YES, every single one of them.
YES it's the best alternative to anti-depressants I've ever come across.

❂❂ Ilona, Gordon, you're my life savers ❂❂

❣ Buddy rerereread with the eye candy IA addicts starting April 20, 2015 ❣

This is the third time I read this book in the last six months. Were you expecting a full-length review? Too bad.

☆☆☆ Book Covers From Hell Productions proudly present ☆☆☆
Burn For Me: A Crash Course

Nevada Baylor: I love you. Because buzzer magic. And because no matter how infuriatingly hot IA's male leads are, the damsel in distress residence always kicks ass and saves the day.

Mad Rogan aka The Scourge of Mexico: MINE. Because hottest mass murderer ever. And because TACTILE. Need I say more? Didn't think so.

Grandma Frida: coolest grandma ever. Because mech mage and military vet. Because armoured vehicles and tanks. And because weakness for shirtless hunks. I want to adopt you.

→ yes, I know this gif has nothing to do with this story. And your point is? I never said any of this was supposed to make sense.

Secondary character heaven: sniper mom ✔ Pancakes ✔ Ever shirtless Adam Pierce ✔ Dysfunctional cousins ✔ Addicted Bug ✔ Exasperating teenage sisters ✔ O’Leary's cow ✔

Chopsticks. Everything kinetic. Flying greyhound busses. Levitating in parks. Shaking buildings. Exploding buildings. Rearranged buildings. Sliced up buildings ← yes, this book is a builder's dream.

You know there's something missing here don't you? Don't tell me you didn't notice. I've barely mentioned it so far. And it's my #1 obsession. Still don't know what I'm talking about? I'll keep short and simple: TACTILE. TACTILE. TACTILE. TACTILE. TACTILE. TACTILE. TACTILE.

Added bonus: the White Hot Cover From Hell mystery is now solved. The publishers got their male character wrong. They thought book 2 would be about Adam Pierce and his "terminal fear of T-shirts or any other garment that would cover his pectorals." Ha! I've got two words for you Dear Publishers: MAD ROGAN .

Simple maths time again :

IA greatness

Book cover from hell

Tacky title

I'm raising my rating to 8 stars. QED and stuff.

[First re-read: December 2014]

Original rating: 4
New rating: 5

This book? Too awesome for words. So awesome I could start re-reading it again right away. So awesome I don't even feel like reviewing it again.

I think I'll just stick to a list of random awesomeness:
The Osiris serum. Nevada. United Native Tribes. The Butcher of Merida. Sniper mom. Hilarious dialogues. The chopsticks scene. Armored cars. Grandma Frida. Mexico, the magical juggernaut. Grandma Frida hanging up on Mad Rogan. Huracan. Swarmers. Snifers. Truthseekers. Carnations. Pyrokinetics. Squirrels. Augustine "Pancakes" Montgomery. The dinner conversation between Rogan & Leon. The Scourge of Mexico. Time stopping and fast forwarding. Tactile. The Key. Rogan shaking the warehouse. Shockers. Wind mages. Breakers. Aquakinetics. The Bridge Park scene.

[Original review (Oct 2014)]

Group read with the IAA bunch.

Let’s get two things out of the way real quick:

First, the book cover. I cannot even begin to comprehend what happened there. What publisher in their right mind would choose such a trashy-romance-looking cover for a UF book by Ilona Andrews? I just don’t get it. [ETA: it turns out the Andrews had chosen an alternate cover for this book but several retailers thought it wouldn't sell {insert major eye roll here} so they went for this one instead.]

Second, the inevitable Kate Daniels comparison. I have to admit I had KD in mind when I started reading Burn for Me but quickly decided to stop comparing the books and just enjoy what I was reading. Burn for Me is a great introduction to the Hidden Legacy series but it is a much lighter read than KD. Granted, as it is the first instalment in a new series, the world building will probably expand and become more complex, which I am really looking forward to.

So, back to Burn for Me. This book was so much FUN to read! I really enjoyed the premise of the book: a serum that revealed different types of magic inherent to humans about a hundred years ago, the destruction of said serum and then the use of genetics to pass the magic from one generation to another. Highly magical (and very wealthy) families are prepared to go to great lengths to keep their bloodlines intact and increase their magic. Now that’s one fantastic premise! The world building is great and I love the mix of magic with the military, heavy weaponry, armored everything… It makes for a very original world.

Then we have our heroine, Nevada Baylor, who has been running the family PI business since her father died. I don’t want to go into much detail here but as the story begins the business is on shaky ground and Nevada is doing her best to keep the family afloat. Nevada is a fantastic character, she is straightforward, principled and snarky as hell. I loved her from the very beginning. She lives in a huge warehouse with her hilarious grandmother, her mother, her two teenage sisters and her two cousins. They all contribute to the business in their own way and make a great family. I really enjoyed their interactions.

Now for Mad Rogan, our mass murderer hero. I mean, just how cool is that? A mass murderer/sociopath hero?! Only the Andrews I tell you! So. The guy is sizzling hot. Sorry, I meant sizzling hot. There are a couple of scenes there that had me swooning, sighing & panting. The works. I can't imagine what will happen the day these two go beyond the kissing stage^^ *rubs hands in anticipation* One thing that did bother me about Rogan: the never-ending descriptions of how hot and sexy he is. Amazing abs, great chest, broad shoulders, strong biceps, incredible eyes… I got it the first three times, no need to re-hash it over and over again. But that’s a minor quibble really.

Put Nevada and Rogan together, shake well and you get great chemistry and fantastic banter. So many great lines there, I wish I could quote them all but there wouldn’t be enough space in this review so I’ll just pick three:
And let’s be honest, you weren’t exactly harmed. I even took you home.” “You dumped me on my doorstep. According to my mother, I looked half dead.” “Your mother exaggerates. A third dead at most.” I stared at him. Wow. Just wow.
Why can’t you just slice them to pieces like that chopstick?” “Because my telekinetic magic doesn’t work on living things.” [...] Oh. “So the best way to fight you is to strip naked and attack?” His eyes flashed with a wicked light. “Yes. You should try it and see what happens.” Well, I did walk right into that one.
Mr Rogan,” I frosted my voice over. “What I put into my body is my business.” Okay, that didn’t sound right.
Burn for Me has it all: action, suspense, lots of magic, great characterization, world building with lots of potential and sizzling hot chemistry between the two main characters. I’m definitely planning to be read it again before its sequel comes out in 2015!
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Author 10 books7,468 followers
May 14, 2018
Let's talk about expectations, shall we? A few years ago, I went on a business trip to London. I was good friends with the co-workers I traveled with, and already had a fantastic rapport going with our British counterparts because I served as the liaison between our two companies.

The trip was a roaring success; everyone not only got along, but got along really well, and because of this dynamic, we accomplished everything we set out to early on in the week. That left us with a lot of free time to tour the city.

And by tour the city, I mean tour the pubs.

Each night after work, we would pour forth from the office doors in search of the nearest or loudest watering hole. One evening, already half-smashed thanks to the deceptively strong cider I'd been downing (seriously, what the hell is in that stuff?), I ordered pie off the menu, because apparently I fancied the idea of descending into a sugar-induced coma.

The "dessert" arrived a few minutes later, carrying with it the smell of golden pie crust and roasting meat. In my inebriated state, I brushed off the unexpected seared-flesh scent, thinking that it must have emanated from something else on the tray the bartender carried. I stabbed at the pie and lifted a steaming spoonful to my mouth.

Maybe, if I hadn't been absorbed in the conversation taking place at my table, or if I hadn't been such a goddamn lightweight, I would have noticed that something was off. I would have realized that my spoon hadn't slid into the pie with the same ease I would expect from a fruit-filled delicacy. I would have caught sight of the chunks of carrots and peas that ascended to my lips. I would have seen the massive chunk of meat hanging off my spoon.

Alas, I didn't.

Did I mention I'm a vegetarian? No? Ah, well, now you might understand why after biting into the carcass of a dead animal when I expected a dead fruit I tore out of the room and vomited spectacularly onto the sidewalk, narrowly missing a group of pedestrians.

It was all anyone talked about for the rest of the week. And when we briefed our boss on the success of the trip after arriving back home, one of my co-workers, who is sadistically quick on his feet, snuck a picture of my humiliation into the slide show.


I'm sure you're wondering what the hell this story has to do with Burn for Me. Well, let me tell you. I went into this expecting a paranormal romance. I had recently finished reading a book that had made me think about a lot of things - too many things - and I wanted to turn my brain off for a few blissful hours. I wanted something light and fluffy and sexy.

And really, with a title as cheesy as Burn for Me, who could blame me for thinking that this would deliver? Also, have you seen this cover? It promises certain things. Let me demonstrate what went through my mind when I first saw it:

Imagine my surprise when instead of witty banter and half-veiled propositions I was met with nearly a hundred pages of (shoddy) world building. I spent the first thirty percent of this book regretting my decision to pick it up. I spent the next twenty percent trying to stifle my hope, lest I be disappointed. I spent the last fifty percent enjoying the hell out of myself but also having some SERIOUS misgivings about all the woman-on-woman hatred and the shitbag of a male lead. In short, the second half of the book did not make up for the first, just balanced my rating out a little.

This was not the fluff-filled dessert that I had expected. This was a goddamn meat pie.

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1,588 reviews1,467 followers
May 8, 2018
Re-read of the series in May and June


5th read and I still love practically everything about this book. It is like coming home after a long trip away and just being so happy to be there again. If you haven't started this series yet you are missing out in my honest and very humble yet biased opinion

Rereading Again....for no reason what-so-ever *whistles nonchalantly*

Buddy Read with Alexa, Athena, Ya, Carole, oOSarahOo, and Sandra

Fantastic and fun buddy read with some great girls. Totally worth the re-read less than a month later

Kindle highlight count 149 (I might have a problem)

LOVED IT, Loved it, LOVED IT!!! 4-4.5 Mad Rogan Stars.

Spoiler Free Review -

Top 5 Reasons I Love anything Ilona Andrews:

1. Fan-Freaking-Tastic build-up of sexual tension.
2. Never disappoint in making entirely new worlds and new magic systems.
3. They know how to make interesting side characters that add to the story.
4. Blending humor with action and suspense
5. I want to live in these worlds. I want to hang out in Nevada’s warehouse home and play on Herald. Or hang with Kate at the Keep, go with Andrea to the shooting range and drink some of Doolittle’s Honeybadger tea. I’d love to go on an adventure with George, Jack and Sophie and I need to visit Dina’s Inn and play with her broom. I read all of their books over and over and love them more every time.

Simply put they are the best. How many authors can switch up their worlds and make each one just as interesting if not more interesting than the last? I can only name a few.
 photo best_zps254aa930.gif

Burn For Me has everything that I have come to expect and need from an Ilona Andrews novel. There is the strong Heroine who is tough and likable, Nevada. The charismatic male lead Mad Rogan, who is handsome, rich, powerful, unconventional and a handful, possibly even a bit crazy, the jury is still out on that one.

 photo diagonal_zps98fedcf0.jpg

The bad guy/s are just as interesting as everything else. They are never quite what you would expect and sometimes they can give the Hero a run for the money with their wit, charm and burning sexuality.

It all adds up to a great ride. I loved my introduction into this new world. It has new rules, a very different backstory than any of IA’s prior books and a whole new cast of characters. I’m sure I’m going to love all of them. Nevada’s family seems ripe with possibilities and I really liked the detective agency she is running with a few of her older and younger family members. They are a hoot and one of the strangest families I’ve read in a little while.

The premise of the world is that some people through scientific help generations ago developed abilities to control different elements or energies. Something like X-men-ish type powers, anything from talking to animals, controlling fire, telekinesis to working with metals or plants. It was deemed incredible dangerous and so the serum used was banned and now generations have gone by where some families have coalesced their power through breeding over generations to become the strongest they could possibly be. Mad Rogan is a byproduct and head of such a family.

Nevada’s family detective agency is owned by another powerful family and she has been commissioned to find one of its members before the police find him. Shouldn’t be too hard, except Adam is wanted for murder, extremely powerful and has an unusual fascination with Nevada.
 photo psyco_zps18707739.gif

When Mad Rogan and Nevada’s paths meet in search of the same thing it doesn’t all go well.

“So instead of talking to me, asking for my credentials, or doing any of those things a normal person would do, you decided to assault me and chain me in your basement?”
He shrugged a, slow, deliberate movement. “It seemed like the most expedient way to obtain the information. And let’s be honest, you weren’t exactly harmed. I even took you home.”
“You dumped me on my doorstep. According to my mother, I looked half dead.”
“Your mother exaggerates. A third dead at most.”

These two together really made the book for me. I ship them so hard. They are completely different and the way they rub against each other had me laughing and smiling just waiting for when something even hotter was going to happen. This is a slow building romance that I’m going to enjoy to build up for no matter how many books it takes…please in the next book…I love them please….
 photo nopants_zps7e026a46.jpg

IA has this special way of making me love their characters. They aren’t perfect, they are scared or had deep seated issues of some kind hidden away, and I love ever new revelation and facet of them. I’m totally ready to dig in deeper and find out what makes Nevada and Mad Rogan especially tick.

Another winner from IA and I really can’t wait to read it again. Which is why I’m re-reading it with some GR buddies when it come out.

In Short….
 photo Read_this_zps8706f1dc.png

p.s. I will post a few more quotes after the book come out.
p.p.s. Thank you to _______ for the ARC, you know who you are and I love you for sending your copy to me
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Author 7 books696 followers
October 29, 2014
I'm not one of those readers who swears a favorite author can do no wrong. I feel I have to say this because it seems like every time I pick up an Ilona Andrews book, I find myself fawning all over it, like a teenage girl with her first crush. BUT IT'S REAL LOVE. I SWEAR.

This book rocked my socks off as much as any Kate Daniels book ever has. And while the Andrews team has a unique voice that is unmistakable, this book is not Kate: Part 2. The world-building is fantastic and utterly different from the some of the tired UF/ PNR templates I find in so many books of these genres. I loved the heroine. I loved the hero. I loved the unpredictable progression of the plot. And I loved the foundation of a romance that promises to be spectacular. I'm going to stop gushing for a moment and tell you a little about the story.

It takes place in world where the wealthy and powerful wield magic, and create influential dynasties surrounding their skills. One of the strongest members of one of the most powerful families has gone rogue and now small-time PI Nevada Baylor is tasked to bring him in unharmed. She doesn't want the job. It's way out of her league, but circumstances force her hand and before she knows it, she is tackling a job too big for even the police to take on.

Mad Rogan is a force just as powerful as Nevada's target. Maybe even more so. Which is why she wants nothing to do with him. But he has his own reasons to want to capture Adam Pierce and he knows Nevada may actually be savvy enough to do it. He pushes his way into her investigation --and into her life-- sparking a mutual attraction she can't control and he doesn't want to. Their mission is dangerous, exciting, and completely captivating from beginning to end.

Nevada is impossible not to like. She's devoted to her family. She loves them and she's kind of taken over the mantle as the person responsible for them all. I love how Andrews paints these characters. They feel so real. They have quirks and color that make you feel like you know them; you can see why they mean so much to Nev.

I love how smart the heroine is. How she tries to be practical instead of reckless. How she is so vastly powerful but has absolutely no idea.

Rogan is totally badass. He can level cities with a thought. He is every bit the dragon of Nev's musings. But he is also more than that. I feel like she can teach him so much about what it means to be human... what it means to feel. The sexual tension between these two is off the charts. Her reactions to him are so hot and every time they touch, I am glued to the page.

So I mentioned the great characters, the phenomenal world-building, and the scorching sexual tension. But I also have to give a shout-out to the awesome pacing and funny, funny one liners. Right in the middle of a serious conversation or observation, we're treated to inside jokes on tortured heroes and snake-penis metaphors. I laughed out loud more than once.

It's smart. It's engaging. And I wouldn't change a thing.

Disclosure: I beta read for this book. But I already considered it an A-read on the first pass. And I swear, if I didn't like it, I would tell you.

*ARC provided by author for review
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399 reviews13.1k followers
April 30, 2022
Początek jest nieco chaotyczny, ale druga połowa angażuje jak mało co!
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3,869 reviews69.2k followers
May 10, 2017
4.5 stars

I refuse to blame Andrews for this ridonkulous looking cheese-fest, but I wish that whoever is in charge of this sort of thing at Avon would get a clue.
This looks like the sort of thing I've come to expect from crappy PNR, not Urban Fantasy. This cover doesn't say kick-ass story between these pages, it says Fabioish romance inside.
Well, guess what?
They don't have sex in this book.
The folks who were hoping for a little *bow-chicka-wow-wow* (thanks to the cover) will be disappointed.
And the people who don't want mindless PNR (not that there's anything wrong with that!) are going to bypass this book altogether.
Even I put off reading it, and I'm a fan of Ilona Andrews...so I should know better.
That's the power of a BAD cover, people!

Alrighty, enough bitching.
I picked up Burn For Me and gobbled it down in record time.
I loved Nevada and her entire wacky family. Especially Grandma!
Surprisingly, I loved Mad Rogan, too. I see some complaints about him, but I thought he was awesome. Sure, it seems like he's sort of a sociopath, but I have a feeling he's a bit more complicated than that.
Or maybe not.
Either way, I thought he was great!

Magic (thanks to a scientific breakthrough) is now a hereditary quality that the more powerful magic users in the world view as a commodity. They marry for the power it brings their families, and those Houses rule cities and corporations.
Or something like that.
The world-building wasn't fully explored, but I'm hoping that we'll get a better glimpse of how everything works in the next book. There was definitely enough information to get to get started with, though.

I'm feeling really lazy, and I want to go eat some soup and pie.
So instead of trying to review the plot, I'll just say that if you're a fan of Ilona Andrews stuff, you're going to like this.

Highly Recommended to fans of Kate Daniels, Mercy Thompson, etc..

*No points were deducted for the horrible cover...
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718 reviews1,789 followers
December 21, 2020
I've read many books this year. I've given only 11, 5 stars. 7 of these are by Ilona Andrews. If that doesn't tell you how good they are and that you need to check out their books, I don't know what will.

Ok, not enough? Fine. Let's see, why would this book be worth it? First, I need you to forget that beautiful hot cover (the male model doesn't even look good, for God's sake...) and the title (because it's not what you think it means). Now let's see the content:

➀ Awesome family. Yes, this is #1 because we rarely see good families in books. Most of the time, parents are dead, the MC isn't on good terms with them, or they're bad but he/she is trying to earn their love. However, in this book, they live together: Nevada, her mother, her super cool grandmother, 2 teenage sisters, 2 cousins (yes people normally have cousins), and they all live in a warehouse. I don't think I've ever read a book in which the adult MC actually lives with the parents. And is happy with it. It felt kinda weird even though it's the normal thing to do in my country... it's so rare in novels nowadays. Thus, I naturally loved this aspect. The family’s bickering was so entertaining as well.

➁ Nevada. This girl is amazing!!!! Yes, she might not have the strongest powers, yes she might not be able to use her own magic to kill, but she definitely can handle herself. Confident, snarky, smart, and resourceful, she’s all I can hope for in a heroine. She’s a living lie-detector, perfect for her job as an investigator. I honestly wasn’t sure if I should expect another Kate (who is my favorite heroine ever) but I’m glad that Nevada was so different and yet just like Kate, doesn’t take shit from anyone, she can hold her own ground, she's her own person, and is also badass.

➂ Mad Roger. I’M SWOONING. He’s just perfect. He's a bit the anti-hero. The slow burn romance was so hot and just exciting. Don’t be fooled. This is no romance book, though. It has heavy world building, more action, and very little kissing. So the title and that damn cover can totally trick you (in a bad way) but don’t let them. Seriously, if I need to give an example why people shouldn’t trust covers, I’ll just give the Andrews books as an example. Anyway, back to Mr. Roger, his interactions with Nevada made me want to pick the next book now. But alas, my tbr list always gets in the way. Yes, he does try to order her around but she stands up for herself. The difference in his behavior comparing to the start is very clear. He’s murderer who can do this tactile stuff that well... I’ll let you find out if you ever read this book. It’s like explaining how a jet flies to someone who has never seen a plane.

➂ The world-building. After the release of a serum back in 1871 that gives humans supernatural abilities, things got messy. Those with great magic abilities (pyrokinetic, telekinetic, aerokinetic…) pass their abilities to their children (the stronger the parents, the stronger the children's magic and therefore, they only marry for power). Each powerful family forms a House, on the head of it, a Prime (highest magic rank). The more magic you have, the richer you are. Some didn’t have big abilities but minor or not, a magic user should never be underestimated.

➃ All the characters. I loved them all from Nevada and Mad Roger to Adam Pierce. Grandmother Frida, who is obsessed with hot guys like a teenager, is simply hilarious. She’s so precious, I adore her. I hope she survives this trilogy. Even her mother is cool. Everyone has his own distinctive character.

➄ Addicting plot. The book is full of action, mainly shooting people, burning people, and chocking people. It’s also fast paced and addicting. The romance is to die for because it’s so hot, intense, and most important of all, slow. Nevada doesn’t buy his shit. I love the sarcasm in the Andrews books. A lot.

I won’t talk more about the plot and let you know discover the story for yourself. You only need to know that Nevada is forced to make Adam Pierce, pyrokinetic prime, surrender to his family and Mad Roger needs to find his cousin who is associated with Pierce. Therefore, she’s forced to work with him since he has the manpower and some information.

If you’re a fan of Urban fantasy, this book is a must read. If you aren’t, it’s still worth checking out if you like these stuff. I just think Ilona Andrews is so underrated and I wish her books were more popular. I mean I only see people way older than me reading them so I can never fangirl except with some very few people (*cough* Annie (whom I BR this book with). So yeah, please try this book! But if UF is not your thing, you don't like alphas and such stuff, this book isn't for you.
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October 30, 2020
so i'm going to leave my initial review below bc i think it's funny how differently i feel about this book now!

i definitely stand by my assertion that this book is best consumed with eyes on page. the audiobook narrator for the male love interest did NOT do him justice. and i do think that while nevada is a perfectly fine main character, she isn't overwhelmingly special.

but that being said, i really did enjoy this book the second time around. i think the nuance to mad rogan's character was really subtle and getting to read it physically especially helped me appreciate it. i was also watching gilmore girls around the same time that i was reading this book and wow i get big jess mariano vibes. very sardonic & mildly alpha vibes. definitely made me want to get to know more about his character and i'm excited to do so in the subsequent books.

the plot was still not my absolute favorite. i did appreciate the near constant action but there were times when i was just not that invested in what was happening. i think it set up the next books well but this particular storyline was just kind of okay for me.

ANYway, i think this is a book that has pretty broad appeal both for paranormal romance readers and YA/NA fantasy romance readers. if you like Rhysand, you will probably like Mad Rogan. i can definitely foresee me recommending this book frequently in the future soooo go pick it up :)


this was... not bad. i just think audiobook was not the best format for me & this book. i need something i can occasionally zone out with, and not be completely confused. this wasn't that. which i kind of knew going into this because it's an urban fantasy...

but i think the bigger problem is that for me, there is a fine line between paranormal and urban fantasy. and i'm coming to find out that by and large i do not like urban fantasy, sadly.

objectively, this is a pretty cool concept. humans have found ways to augment their abilities (i.e. telekinesis, telepathy etc). and the richer and more powerful humans have better powers and have started to marry/breed to become more powerful. (i also liked that this was set in houston, but that's just me).

but subjectively, i just didn't care? i didn't find nevada to be that compelling. she seemed like pretty much every other paranormal/urban fantasy heroine. gritty but still emotional. hidden trauma probably in her past. stunningly beautiful and very talented. and mad rogan seemed like kind of a tool, like a lot of paranormal/urban heroes.

and to be honest, getting to the 60% mark i really just didn't care where the story was going. there was a lot of running around to catch the bad guy and bring him back to his family but nothing seemed strategic or bad ass.

i'm honestly getting bored just writing this review. i'm sure these are good books, and that thousands or people are not wrong. but i was just underwhelmed and i probably will not continue with the series.
October 10, 2022

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I'm not very good at fangirling, but some books make me want to try. BURN FOR ME makes me want to try. It was so good. The heroine, the villainous antihero, the magic system, the world-building...it was all so, so good. Reading this transported me to childhood again, when I could completely immerse myself in fantasy stories and they all felt real -

Except no childhood fantasy story ever had Mad Rogan in it.


BURN FOR ME is the first in the Hidden Legacy series, which takes place in an alternate universe where a magic serum has given various human beings X-Men-like abilities. Some control the elements, some control minds. Nevada Baylor, a private investigator, has the ability to discern truth. And right now, she's hunting down a powerful pyrokinetic named Adam Pierce who seems to want to set the whole city of Houston up in flames.

Mad Rogan is a powerful tactile who can level large buildings with the same ease that he can peel splinters of a chopstick, layer by layer. (And that's not the only thing he'd like to peel layer by layer *cough*) He's after Adam, too, although when he meets Nevada, he decides that he might just be after her, as well. You know, while he's at it.

The result is a tug-of-war between the various powerful mages, called Primes, with poor Nevada bouncing around between them like a ping-pong ball, as she dodges gunfire, actual fire, mutant turf wars, and the sexual advances of a very attractive, possibly sociopathic telekinetic, all the while trying to prevent the destruction of the entire world.

One of my friends recommended this book when she found out that I love villainous heroes, and Mad Rogan definitely fit the bill in that regard. Goddamn, that man is the type of bad that inspires X-rated fanfiction. He had some amazing lines, and some super steamy scenes with Nevada. Did I maybe skim ahead a bit, looking for said scenes? No, no of course not. That would be sacrilege. (Maybe.) It's so hard to find urban fantasy novels with romance that don't put the world-building in the backseat. In BURN FOR ME, it's front and center, and instead of detracting from the romantic elements, it makes them that much more stronger and compelling.

I want to say more about this book, but to be honest, I wouldn't know where to begin. I could tell you that the secondary characters are just as colorful as the ones in a Stephanie Plum novel, and I could tell you that reading this book gave me those same "this is good fantasy" vibes as I got from His Dark Materials and Harry Potter. I could tell you that Mad Rogan has a place in my exclusive heroes hall of fame, and I could tell you that I am insanely jealous of my friends who seem to have acquired ARCs for not just book 2 (which isn't out yet) but also book 3 (which also isn't out yet). I could tell you all these things, but you should probably just read the book for yourself.

Also, for all you people saying Mad Rogan is yours? Back off, he's mine. I WILL FIGHT YOU.

4.5 stars
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March 5, 2017

There is a Mad Rogan POV scene on IA's site!!!!!


5 If I Could I Would Kidnap IA And Make Them Tell Me Stories Forever Stars

There might(definitely) be untagged SPOILERS.

In 1863 European scientists discovered the Osiris serum, a concoction which brought out one’s magic talents. These talents were many and varied. Eventually the world realized the consequences of awakening godlike powers in ordinary people. The serum was locked away, but it was too late. The magic talents passed on from parents to their children and changed the course of human history forever. Those who previously married for status, money, and power now married for magic, because strong magic would give them everything.

Now, a century and a half later, families with strong hereditary magic have evolved into dynasties. It is a world where the more magic you have, the more powerful, the wealthier, and the more prominent you are. Some magic talents are destructive. Some are subtle. But no magic user should be taken lightly

In a world where Magic is the currency that talks and the Houses(families with strong magic genes) rule the world, Nevada Baylor is a very small fish in a huge pond. She works as a PI and she loves it buts he also carries the responsibility for her family's wellfare on her shoulders since her father's death. When MII, the company who owns their mortgage, sends Nevada in a suicide mission to deliver a Prime(the most powerful magic users) pyrokinitic who doesn't want to be delivered, back to his family, she has two options. Deny the job and lose everything, the bussiness, the house, the cars and all their savings, fail the job and lose everything, or succeed and earn a considerable amount of money. At least her family will get the bussiness back if the worst happens. Reassuring? Not really.

So Nevada has to manage to talk Adam, a narcissistic psychopath who has taken a liking for her, to return to his family and as if that wasn't enough, Mad Rogan, a Prime telekinetic with off the charts power, is after Adam too and is willing to walk all over her to get there. The chances of survival don't seem in her favor.

What can I say that will describe IA's brilliant minds? This is the first installment in a brand new series, a brand new universe and I wasn't bored for a minute. The world building and the story were so well-done that I felt like I knew the rules from the beginning. No struggling to understand, no slow parts that magic is explained in length. They let the story flow and gave you enough information to keep you from being confused but not enough to overwhelm you.

Nevada is a brilliant heroine. She has Kate Daniels' spirit and snark but she is more responsible, more logical and not quite as quick to jump in dangerous situations. Just like Kate though danger seems to be drawn to her whether she wants or not. I liked how relatable Nevada was with her everyday problems of keeping her family bussiness afloat and her not always being the biggest badass around town. She is also highly moral and surprisingly law abiding which is a nice change for an UF heroine. The fact that she has a magic talent that must be hidden if she doesn't want to end up forced to do a job she won't like only adds more to the story.

And then comes Mad Rogan. Mad Rogan is powerful, arrogant, completely lacking in empathy and thinks everyone is beneath him. He is by all accounts a sociopath and makes no excuses. He used to work for the military but has retired and at the moment he has zero purpose in his life until he is given a distraction in the faces of Adam Pierce and Nevada Baylor. He could level a town with his power and probably wouldn't feel much regret later, he kills with hard, cold logic just like he does everything else in life. In a world full of badasses he knows he is the most badass of them all.

“You have no regard for human life,” I said. “You saved the city, but I don’t think you did it because you genuinely cared about all those people. I think you did it because Adam Pierce got under your skin. You hire desperate soldiers, but you don’t do it to save them either. You do it because they offer you unquestioning loyalty. You rescued your cousin, but you had been content to ignore the existence of that whole branch of your family. You don’t feel that rules apply to you. If you want it, you buy it. If you can’t buy it, you take it. You don’t seem to feel bad about things, and you offer gratitude only when you need to overcome some hurdle. I think you might be a psychopath.
“I can’t be with you, no matter how crazy you make me, because you have no empathy, Rogan. I’m not talking about magic. I’m talking about the human ability to sympathize.”

Adding to the awesomeness of the book is the fact that despite Nevada's attraction to Rogan she doesn't jump in bed with him. There is insta-lust but they don't act on it so it doesn't count. This is something that IA always do well, they develop the relationship, give it time and space to mature and by the time they get there you know why, you can't deny that they belong together. As frustrating as the unsatisfied sexual tension is, the end result is definitely worth it.

Also the bad guy of the story is suficiently cruel and demented but he isn't the one pulling the strings so we see the foundation for a bigger story arc. I want the next book so badly. We'll see how this develops but I have every faith I will ove it.

The secondary characters... IA know how to do secondary characters. From the overprotective mother who never misses a shot, to the crazy grandmother who loves a good eye-candy and is always there for everyone, to the teenage troublemakers in the family, they are all special snowflakes, hilarious and full of awesome.

“You're Mad Rogan!" Leon burst out.
"Yes," Mad Rogan said, his voice calm.
"And you can break cities?"
"And you have all this money and magic?"
Where was Leon going with this?
My cousin blinked. "And you look . . . like that?"
Mad Rogan nodded. "Yes."
Leon's dark eyes went wide. He looked at Mad Rogan, then glanced back at himself. At fifteen, Leon weighed barely a hundred pounds. His arms and legs were like chopsticks.
"There is no justice in the world!" Leon announced.

“If you’re really hard up, I can introduce you to my grandmother. She’s a fan.” Adam blinked. “She doesn’t typically sleep with pretty young things, but she would make an exception in your case. You might even learn a trick or two.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Grandma Frida asked. I put my hand over my face.
“No,” Mad Rogan said.
“A boyfriend?” Grandma Frida asked.
“What about . . .”
“No,” Mom and I said in unison.
“But you don’t even know what I wanted to ask!”
“No,” we said again together.
“Party poopers.” Grandma shrugged.”

Coming to a close to my description of why IA is awesome... I'm looking forward to knowing exactly how powerful Nevada is and how her exposure will go down.

That's all for now. It's a mile long worship letter!:P


Re-read April 2015

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March 22, 2023
UPDATE 2023: It's time for a re-read - fourth one it seems 😂 - what can I say, everything else bores me to tears right now, and I know IA is just the cure for it.

Every book by Ilona Andrews has been exceptional so far.

IA books have the best world building, they are always incredibly stunning in detail and description. But they also never overwhelm with super in depth descriptions as some high fantasy books do. The detail are just enough to make me feel like I could see it with my own eyes. Whenever I read one of their books I dive into a world that's vibrant, fascinating and keeps me glued to the pages until the very end. Their books are non-stop reads for me. No interruption ALLOWED!!!

The idea of different Houses having different magical abilities is fascinating. Children are born just to expand a lineage and produce even more powerful mages. Each house has one or more primes, and their magical skills are scary and dangerous. Some houses are able to communicate and control animals, others are able to wield incredible power and manipulate the elements. Some are able to read minds, others grow plants. Love how detailed and complex this world is.

Nevada Baylor a truthseeker, keeps her magic hidden, otherwise she would be used by agencies to interrogate people in the most invasive ways. Her ability is feared by everyone.

Connor "Mad" Rogan is already the most feared and dangerous man in Houston, he is jaded after being used as a weapon for the military.

Nevada, of strong character with a high moral compass does everything to keep her families private investigation firm afloat. When she is forced to accept a contract she does so under duress and with the knowledge that the outcome could be dire. As it happens she stumbles upon Mad Rogan and goes immediately head to head with him. Her inner strength, integrity, and loyalty is irresistible to Connor.

Realizing that they need each other to have a fighting chance in closing the case, Nevada and Mad Rogan become partners in a dangerous chase against the clock.

What I've always loved about any Ilona Andrews novel is the layered plots and story arcs. The complexity of their novels, multiple arcs and twist, on top of unique and captivating characters turn their books into fascinating reading experiences. The authors are masters of creating the most fantastic stories that boggle my mind and make me devour each and every of their books. Outstanding and impeccable writing makes this duo one of the best in this industry.

On top of that they write the most hilarious and entertaining dialogues.

The amount of dialogue often decides how much I enjoy a book. Add to it the quality and you got yourself a unputdownable book. Dialogue in my opinion is one of the most challenging aspects of writing a story. It allows for flow and movement. And it makes the characters seem real. I can almost see them with my eyes. And their writing does just that - again and again.

Now after I finished Burn for Me for a second time I can't wait to dive into White Hot (Hidden Legacy, #2) and Wildfire (Hidden Legacy, #3). The excitement is making me GIDDY!!!

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December 27, 2021
I never read paranormal romances.

Ok, fine. And I'm not in the Andrews fan club, either.

I've only read this book once.
Oooh, big fat lie.

Well, that was unexpected.

Despite being a charter member of the Kate Daniels fan club, I've been hit and miss on the Andrews' other offerings. When I read a chapter preview with leads Mad Rogan and Nevada in a kidnapping scene, I was out, and never gave the series another glance. But desperate times call for desperate measures. On a PNR stretch, I needed a palate cleanser after binging Singh's Psy-Changling series. Among my most compatible friends, this was four stars (view spoiler) so I what else was I to do? Read literary fiction?

One of the biggest surprises is the balance between action and relationship; I'd only call it a PNR by the loosest of definitions. Nevada, the lead character, is a PI running an agency with the aid of her family: ex-sniper mom, mechanic grandma, two younger sisters and two younger male cousins. The agency that owns her firm has forced her into taking a 'find and return' case of a missing son on a pyromania spree, and absolutely no one thinks it is a good idea. As she's tracking down the pyro, she runs into Mad Rogan, ex-military mage. Rogan runs his life like he's in active combat, so it doesn't go well--see kidnapping scene--when they first meet.

Honestly, teaser chapters should probably be tossed out, because it was very misleading. It was the initial encounter where two people get the measure of each other, and Nevada walks away with a healthy perspective of the situation. Before they even met, however, Nevada gets historical insight into young Rogan, and it colors her impressions. Events conspire to continue to throw the two together, and much to my surprise, it was done well enough to permit growth of a kind of uneasy friendship. You know the kind--the one where you might have inappropriate thoughts, but you keep them on lock-down, even if the object of your thoughts flirts. It's really beautifully done, the way they end up having reasons to re-evaluate each other every encounter, but without Andrews spelling it out for the reader. Nevada is definitely an empowered person that owns her skills and her feelings.

There's a strong supporting cast, and Nevada is particularly interesting in the PNR world because of her over-involved family. I especially appreciated the multi-generational family. Grandma is a lot of fun, and well, let's just say she's twin to Stephanie Plum's Grandma Mzur. Perhaps a little too carbon, but maybe there are all sorts of grandmas out there like that--I don't know, mine definitely weren't. Humor threads nicely through the story as well. There's a number of one-liners that are well-integrated into the story without making it seem like all the leads are doing is trading quips.

For those who really want the romance, there's a different spin on the sexy times in this book, but it's not (view spoiler) Still, a fun read. I went straight on to the next.
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October 28, 2018
If the writing team of Ilona Andrews decided to write an instruction manual on how to use my dishwasher, I would buy it, stay up all night reading it, chuckle out loud while my family sleeps obliviously, and highlight all of my favorite parts until the pages were so yellow that it looked like my dogs took turns "marking" it as their own. In other words, I'm a fan.

This book hit every one of the happy spots in the Big Book Map that is located in my brain. It's like one of those old Nintendo Mario games with the world maps that have different levels. Some books can deliver on a few levels, and some books have "game over" written all over them from the start, but very few can make it past all of the bosses and beat the game.

super mario photo: Super Mario Bros. 1UP SuperMarioBros1UP_zpse9a8fce9.gif
so much win

Crazy analogy? I have boys, video games are my life, give me a break!

Why so much win?

Level One: The main character, Nevada.
Nevada is a 25 year old Truthseeker who is the head of her family business, a private investigation firm. What is a Truthseeker? Someone who can magically tell if someone is telling the truth or not, and can pull the truth from someone even if they are not inclined to talk. She hides the fact that she has this ability because she does not want to get stuck working for the government as a human lie detector for the rest of her life. Her loyalty is to her family, and her family is awesome and funny. Ilona Andrews knows how to write amazing families. They did so in the Edge series, and they did so in this one. The grandmother in this series is hilarious.

Nevada has a great magical talent, but doesn't have Special Snowflake Syndrome. She is funny and sarcastic, but she is also very likable, loving, and compassionate. She is tough, but not unbelievably kickass- just human. She is attracted to these extremely attractive men, but is too smart to get involved with them because they are a-holes and psychopaths. Her reactions are actually reasonable and well thought out. I never felt like she was acting like an idiot, and that's a big deal. I think people are too stupid to live in half the books I read, and I think that characters are making dumb decisions sometimes in the other half. Nevada's only questionable decision, in my opinion, was when she kissed Mad Rogan, but at least she also realized it was a mistake.

Level Two: The Setting
This was exciting for me because this book was set in Houston, Texas. I live in Houston!!!
wide eyed photo: Cookie Monster wide eyed cookemonster.gif
best day ever!!!!

Also, the world-building was awesome. Blah, blah, blah.... But, again, Houston!!! Yay!!!

Level Three: The Romance
Very little!! Haha! As I said before, Nevada appreciated the good looks of the sociopaths men around her, but was too smart to get involved.

He probably had to have protective detail when he left the building to fend off all the sculptors who wanted to immortalize him in marble.

I'm a known fugitive who likes to set people on fire. come away with me so we can have hot sex while the entire city is trying to shoot me in the head. If I get bored, I'll barbecue you for my amusement.

Sure, let me get my shoes...

Level Four: The Sociopaths
The men in this book are sociopaths. There is a bad guy sociopath, Adam, who has the magical ability to catch any noun on fire, and there is the "good" guy sociopath, Mad Rogan, who can move anything with his mind, including buildings off of their foundation. Nevada is hired to find Adam, and Mad Rogan kidnaps Nevada in order to find out what she knows because he is looking for a relative who is with Adam. Nevada ends up in a very uneasy partnership with Rogan. Uneasy because he kills with no remorse and hardly a thought. He doesn't even get why this bothers her.

"I would really like to know," he said with genuine curiosity. "The next time I kill someone, I'd like to do it in a way that doesn't freak you out."
"How about you don't kill anybody for a little bit?"
"I can't make that promise."

Both Adam and Rogan are awesomely fun psychopaths. They have no remorse and no understanding of normal human emotion regarding the sanctity of life. Characters like that are always amusing.

If the clouds split open and an archangel descended unto the street in all of his heavenly glory and tried to make Rogan see reason, he would fail miserably and have to pack up his flaming sword and go back to Heaven in shame.

Bonus Level: The Humor
This book had me laughing out loud so many times. The duct tape and paper towel bandage - yes, all men instinctively know how to make them from birth; the scene where she slams the door in his face, then opens it, takes the flowers, then slams it in his face again; the "I hate you", "You're okay" interaction... But, my favorite laugh out loud moment came toward the end, so I can't spoil it. I think it was the most original funny scene I have ever read when Nevada stopped Rogan from beating someone up just so that she could beat the crap out of them. I seriously cracked up at that.

This book seriously delivered!

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August 30, 2022


Links to the game, apple and android:




This book will be adapted into an interactive game!! Choose Your Own Adventure: Burn For Me


Authors will post link to app on 30th of October!

Re-read 7/8/21, 29/7/19


Rogan POV from Burn for Me (Part 2)



Re-read! I needed a pick me up and this was perfect.



Rogan POV from Burn for Me (Part 1)




5 stars


If there is something Ilona and Gordon Andrews excel at is world building. And once again they weaved their magic and I fell for it! I love this book! Crushing hard on Mad Rogan and Nevada, in the modern vernacular totally shipping them!

Nevada Baylor is a strong young woman that's been struggling to keep her family and business afloat. She does her job, tries to uphold the laws and keep the hard earned state of calm her family finally has. Unfortunately for her she's given a case to retrieve a very powerful magic user, a Prime, or forfeit everything she has worked so hard for. It's suicide but she sees no other option. I absolutely adored Nevada. A strong heroine, absolute loyalty to her family and a very strong sense of ethics, of right and wrong.description

We are introduced to her family which I also loved and I'm looking forward to read much more of them. I have such a weak spot for her Grandma! I wish my Grandmother was like her. Nevada decides on a course of action but guess who disrupts everything by kidnapping her?

None other than Connor “Mad” Rogan.
Mad Rogan is also an extremely powerful Prime and has the same mission as Nevada but for his own reasons. He decides the best thing to do is to kidnap her and find out what she knows but the whole thing backfires on him. There's a reason he is called Mad and you see it from the beginning. Very imposing figure, dangerously attractive and just plain dangerous. He's also insanely hot, intense, commanding and swoon worthy to the nth degree.

There's undeniable attraction between Nevada and Rogan, the pull and push of their chemistry makes an amazing read I couldn't put down. I wanted to know how they'll catch the bad guy, I wanted to know if they'll get together. I wanted to read more of Grandma! I kept reading until I devoured the whole book and I still want more. The second book cannot come soon enough!

I am fangirling on Ilona Andrews and I'm not ashamed to say it.
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July 8, 2021
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Original Review

I'm a massive fan of Ilona and Gordon Andrews's Kate Daniels series, in fact I'd put it right up there as one of my favourites, so of course I couldn't wait to dive into their newest novel and explore another world they've created in Burn for Me. When I pick up a story from a favourite author I always go into it with high expectations and sometimes that can work against me but this husband and wife team have never let me down and with each new book they consistently hit the ball out of the park. They excel at excellent world building, creating strong female lead characters, sexy heroes and fantastic casts of side characters and that is exactly what they've done again in Burn for Me. I wanted to climb into the book and live there, Nevada would make a great friend although I don't think she'd appreciate me having such a big crush on Rogan LOL.

Nevada is a private investigator in charge of running her family business, they're a small operation and money is tight so Nevada is under a lot of pressure to keep her family stable financially. She has a close relationship with her mother, grandmother and younger cousins and siblings but as the main breadwinner she has a lot on her shoulders. When she is asked to take on a case against a Prime magic user she knows she has very little chance of succeeding but the money she could earn would make a huge difference to her entire family and it's not like she has much choice other than to accept. As if going up against a Prime wasn't bad enough the case also brings her to the attention of Mad Rogan, an eccentric billionaire and powerful magic user in his own right. Rogan doesn't play by the rules and he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, for now it is in his best interests to work alongside Nevada but she knows she can't trust him to have her back if their goals change which makes him trouble.

I absolutely loved the world that Ilona Andrews has created, the magical system is well explained and thought out and the idea of the powerful magical families having mob like control over certain areas was a brilliant one. These families do whatever it takes to protect their interests and to keep their bloodlines pure and it is safer to stay under their radar, something Nevada and her family have always tried to do in the past. Her latest case drags her right into the middle of things though and she's now stuck in an impossible situation. She isn't powerful enough to tackle the case on her own but accepting help from one family could set the others against her. Nevada is a great lead, she is strong and intelligent, she knows her own mind and she doesn't let anyone get away with pushing her around. She cares about her family and is willing to risk everything to keep them safe but as much as she would prefer to go it alone she is willing to accept help when she needs it. I loved the relationships she has with her various family members, in fact, the whole family was just so much fun to spend time with. There are some quite eccentric characters amongst them but I mean that in the best possible way and I can't wait to see more of them as the series continues.

Then you have Mad Rogan. What can I say about Rogan apart from that I have the biggest crush on him? Nevada and Rogan don't get off to the best start and considering that Rogan kidnaps her trying to get information that isn't too surprising. Technically I shouldn't like Rogan for that incident alone but oh boy do they have some fabulous chemistry going on between them. I loved the fact that Nevada didn't instantly forgive Rogan and act on her attraction to him, in fact she is fighting it all the way because she is still annoyed at his behaviour but he's definitely wearing her down and I can't even blame her for that. Rogan is dangerous with a capital D. He isn't the kind of guy who lets anyone close easily and if you're not part of his family then he really has very little interest in what happens to you. He doesn't have standard morals so if you're not an ally you're automatically a potential enemy and he'll have no reservation about doing whatever it takes to make sure you give him what he wants. However, once he has given someone his loyalty they can trust him to have their backs no matter what. Nevada starts to see that but it's going to take a lot before she accepts that they are anything beyond convenient, and temporary, allies for the length of their current case. I'm incredibly excited about seeing them spending more time together and I'm also looking forward to seeing Nevada start to get more control over her abilities.

I could rave on and on about Burn for Me but if I haven't already convinced you to give this series a try then I don't think anything else I could say will make a difference. This is a fantastic start to the Hidden Legacy series and any future books will be going immediately to the top of my to read pile.



28th Feb 2014:

Want. Desperately. I mean NOW!!


6th May 2014:

OMG I HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Burn for Me is up on Edelweiss for review right now guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!


2nd Read

I told myself I was going to read this slowly the second time so that I could savour every minute. I should have known that would be impossible - I just can't read anything by Ilona and Gordon Andrews slowly, their books are written to be devoured in one sitting!

I started this before heading to bed (again I should have known better!) and ended up staying up all night reading until I was finished. I absolutely love Nevada and Rogan and I can't wait to reread this again before White Hot finally releases (I'm actually tempted to read it again now but I figure I should wait at least a couple of months LOL).


3rd Read

You know you have a problem when you only manage to wait just over a month before you have to reread a book again! To be honest I'm not sure how I held off for 2 years the first time around (probably because I knew it would be such a long wait for White Hot to release!) but now I'm just too addicted to Rogan to go long without him.

This book gets better and better with every reread - like all of Ilona and Gordon's books. They're the Queen and King of UF!


4th Read

No that's not a typo, I really did read both this book AND White Hot twice each in about 5 days LOL. I am totally addicted to this series and Rogan IS MINE!!


5th Read

I love this book more every time I read it! The characters, the world, MAD ROGAN! It's all perfect & it's the ultimate happy place read <3<3<3
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January 22, 2018
I wanted a fast pace Urban Fantasy with a strong but caring heroine, a dangerous Alpha love interest with a hidden heart and some smut. Burn for Me delivered on all accounts. Urban Fantasy is my go to genre when I need something light, fun and the right amount of sexy. Ilona Andrews is one of my favourite writers for this type of books and I knew I couldn’t go wrong with her new series. I love Kate Daniel’s adventure but I wanted something new and maybe a little bit more romance so decided to start the Hidden Legacy.

Nevada Baylor is a 25 years old, attractive woman who owns a small private detective agency. She lives and works in a warehouse together with her extended family: grandma, mother, 2 sisters and 2 cousins. Nevada’s world is bit different than ours. During the 1800’ a serum was discovered which conferred magical powers to people. Those powers differed in strength and form and were passed to offsprings. Although the serum was banned after its dangers became obvious, people continued to posses magical talents and the society changed in order to favour those with magic. The most potent magic users, the Primes became the leaders of Houses which pretty much controll the world. Nevada has her own special skill, namely she can tell if someone is lying, a handy talent to have in her job. Her relatively safe existence is shattered when she is hired to locate one of the most wanted criminals and to bring him to his family unharmed.

Mad Rogan is a former soldier with a destructive power, a Prime and the leader of a powerful House. He is tangled in the same investigation in order to protect one of his relatives. The paths of Nevada and Rogan will intersect and, although they had a bad start they will be forced to work together.

I enjoyed Nevada’s characters and the relationship with her family. I particularly loved her bad ass, tanker fixer, grandma. An Rogan, well, he is hot. :)) I do like an alpha whose heart needs to be discovered, although I wouldn't touch this kind of person in real life. Also, because in real life assholes usually remain assholes.

It was funny, full of action and I can’t wait to read the 2nd volume asap.

P.S. The 2nd one is almost done ;)
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November 1, 2014
After the brilliant Magic Breaks, Burn for Me further proves that Ilona and Gordon can do whatever the hell they want and it will always be gloriously entertaining!

Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes, and good UF from Ilona Andrews. There aren’t many authors who can be counted upon to always deliver the best, but Ilona and Gordon are among them. Burn for Me is just another in a long string of successes for this husband-and-wife writing team.

Please don’t let the cover and the title mislead you. Burn for Me is not paranormal romance. In fact, it’s urban fantasy in its purest form, with only a hint of romantic development to keep things even more entertaining. Ilona and Gordon once again did what they do best – they created a compelling world and filled it with fascinating characters and plenty of danger and action.

Nevada Baylor is a heroine with a backbone of steel, just the way I like them. She carries some heavy burdens and makes some hard decisions along the way, but she’s never indecisive or weak. Her family is also very colorful, starting with her grandma Frida and ending with her young cousin with a man-crush on Mad Rogan.

And then there’s Mad Rogan himself (and yes, he actually answers to that name). He has the looks, the money and the unimaginable power. In short, he has everything but Nevada Baylor’s trust, and he’s determined to get it (and consequently her) at any cost. Their relationship starts with a kidnapping, involves things like snipers and duct tape, and ends with a juicy promise and lots of pent-up passion. Lots and lots of pent-up heat and unfulfilled desires. Their interactions are hilarious, the dialogue witty and quick, Ilona-Andrews-style, and the promise of things to come is more than enough to keep us fully invested and desperate for the next installment.

The worldbuilding is considerably different from their other series, and it’s where this fabulous duo shines. I loved their version of Houston, and the quality of their writing made the short world-establishing prologue almost unnecessary. They have a way of including just enough information for the story to function smoothly, never overwhelming the reader, never creating confusion and never ever info-dumping.

I don’t give five stars often, nor do I do it lightly, but this book deserves more praise than I can possibly give. All I can say after this is ‘more, please’.

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Author 105 books20.5k followers
June 29, 2022
I devoured books 1-5 of this series over the last few weeks.

Here is the honest truth: I skimmed over many of the action sequences and descriptions of weapons, battles, confrontations, etc. That stuff ain't my jam. What I did read of the action stuff was great, exciting, well researched-- but I'm here for the romance and the capable, drama-free heroines. This series delivered both.

The best part: I LOVED the characters of Nevada (books 1-3) and her sister Catalina (books 4, 5). They struck that difficult to find balance of being capable and strong without arguing just for the sake of arguing, or being flippant, mean, and nasty-sassy for no reason (which I find annoying). They might've been young, a tad naïve, but they weren't emotional morons, and that made all the difference. Loved them both.

The hero in books 1-3 grew on me over time. At first he was just *meh* and felt quite 2-dimentional, but I adored him by book 3. He developed as a character and it was lovely to see. Also, he was a good balance for Nevada.

The hero in books 4, 5--however--was intriguing from the start. By the end of book 5, he's my favorite. His vulnerability, competence, and straightforward honesty were so refreshing for a romance hero. I loved how he recognized his own flaws / weaknesses and sought to work on them. I loved how he owned them and didn't make his shortcomings about Catalina.

I can't wait to find out what happens in book 6! (releasing August 2022)
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June 16, 2022

This statement has never been more true than for this particular book. The cover just screams "cheap-romance-with-sex" and if it hadn't been for the recommendations of Tadiana & Steven I probably wouldn't have touched it with a barge-pole (yes, I am a booksnob).

But I listened to reason (recommendations), wrapped the book in thick paper & started reading ... and then I got hooked & I had great fun.

The story has everything you need and in perfect proportions: nice world-building with urban fantasy elements, sympathetic main and secondary characters, action, romance & humour (never an element to be taken lightly).

Influential families (called Houses) with powerful magic rule this alternate world and also control territories in Houston, where our story takes place. There are several kinds of magical abilities (telepaths, telekinetics, pyro/aquakinetics, etc) and several levels: minor, average, notable, significant & prime. Primes are usually the leaders of their families/houses and also "breed" to have offsprings with even more magic as it means social and economical power: the more you have the more influential you are.
Of course, there are the "multitudes" with little or no magic: Nevada Baylor & her family is considered to be among them. She is managing a small private investigator agency and gets forced by her employer, House Montgomery, to go after a crime suspect who is a dangerous pyrokinetic & an anarchist, way out of her league. When, out of the blue, Connor "Mad" Rogan - prime of House Rogan & notorious ex-army "weapon"- gets involved, things get even more dangerous & complicated & intriguing ...

It was very easy to like the MC Nevada Baylor: she is level-headed, funny and absolutely loyal to and fiercely protective of her family. She has her principles and her and her family's code of honour is very respectable & relatable. There are some hints of her being maybe, just maybe, a special-snowflake and yet to me she seemed normal & ordinary in the "I could be her" kind of way (well, I can't shoot or run very quickly, but the feeling is still there, if you know what I mean :) . )

I also found Connor "Mad" Rogan a very appealing male lead, despite the suspicions I usually nurture whenever a customary alpha-male-billionaire is around. He was smart. I mean really smart, not just described as such and, just like Nevada, I couldn't help being fascinated by his brutal efficiency and found his total lack of social skills almost charming. His character development is handled very well by the authors. At the beginning he seemed to be one-dimensional and step by step we get to see behind his facade and discover his depths. He also has this self-deprecating sense of humour, which I liked. His encounter with Nevada's family & the following "interrogation" and banter from their side was one of the funniest scenes in the book.

The secondary characters, members of Neva's family, are a delight to read about and their always being there for each other really gives you this warm, fuzzy feeling all around.

The action and the world-building part (magic, politics) is also well thought-out and built-up. There is a certain conclusion to the storyline, but we find out at the same time that a greater pattern is behind of this particular adventure & I am glad it will continue & soon.

Original Update
Well, never judge a book by its cover and all that ... and feel free to despise me for being a horrible booksnob, but this cover is just ... Yikes! *shudder*
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July 18, 2018
Review also posted at Fantasy Literature:

The husband-wife author team of Ilona Andrews began their new Hidden Legacy urban fantasy series in 2014 with Burn for Me. The initial trilogy is finished and a spin-off series is starting soon, beginning with Diamond Fire (starring Nevada's younger sister Cassandra) that promises to be lots of fun!

In an alternative reality to our world, a serum discovered in 1863 unleashed people’s magical talents. As the powerful and rich sought the serum as a new way for their families to gain more power and wealth, others realized the potential it raised for chaos and destruction, and locked it away – too late. Magical talent now runs in families, with magical dynasties forming, and the strength of a person’s magic becoming a major factor in whom they might marry in these families. The most powerful magical users are known as Primes.

Nevada Baylor has magical powers – among other things, she always knows when someone is lying – but Nevada isn’t a member of a powerful family. In fact, she does her best to stay under the radar and hide her powers from the world. She’s the head of her family’s private investigation firm, taking low-level jobs like investigating cheating spouses. They’re staying afloat, though not by much, and when the head of their parent company forces her to take on a high profile and highly dangerous job, bringing in Adam Pierce, the man responsible for an arson that left an off-duty police officer dead, without involving the police, Nevada knows her family business isn’t likely to survive… and neither is she.

If that weren’t bad enough, it turns out that one of the most notorious magical Primes in the country, Connor “Mad” Rogan, is determined to find his relative, a teenage boy who assisted Adam Pierce with the arson. Rogan is a sexy billionaire with Prime telekinetic powers, sufficient to destroy a city. And Nevada is in Mad Rogan’s way. He kidnaps Nevada and uses his secondary power of telepathy to try find out what she knows about Pierce.
Telepathy was will based. My magic was also will based, and in all of the time I had been alive, I had never met a person on whom it hadn’t worked… He might be a dragon, but if he tried to swallow me whole, I’d make him choke. I scooted forward, trying to get as comfortable in my restraints as I could, and liked my dry lips. “Okay, tough guy. Let’s see what you’ve got.”
Once Mad Rogan and Nevada each realize they can’t make the other go away, they begin to reluctantly cooperate as they try to reel in their targets, while trying to figure out why the arson was committed. It doesn’t make it easier for Nevada that she’s so strongly attracted to Rogan, when she doesn’t want any part of his world.

While I didn’t find the world-building in Burn for Me as complex and compelling as Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, there are compensating factors that made Burn for Me an exciting read. The power exercised by magical families and the different types of magical talents were intriguing. Nevada’s family, which includes an ex-military mother whose magical power is never missing her target and a crusty mechanic grandmother, along with assorted siblings, adds a nice humorous touch to the story.
"Mom?" Mother turned to Grandmother.
"She's going to lunch with her kidnapper!"
"Take a picture for me," Grandma said.
"This family will put me in an early grave," my mother growled. "I'm coming with you... We'll take the van and the Barrett."
"Would the Barrett be enough?" Grandma Frida asked. "Isn't he supposed to bounce bullets off his chest?"
"It fires .50 cal at twice the speed of sound. It will hit him before he ever hears the shot." My mother crossed her arms. "I'd like to see him bounce that off his chest."
Mad Rogan is a bit of a cliché – the rich, hot, powerful but emotionally damaged guy – but he grew on my over the course of the book.. He seems irretrievably damaged at first, but gradually more layers to his personality and past are disclosed. By the end of the book he’s a sympathetic character.

The mystery on which the plot is based was a fairly good one by urban fantasy standards. I found it less convoluted and easier to follow than some of the Kate Daniels plots. There was an unexpected twist that could have been better handled or foreshadowed, but overall the plot holds together well and is an enjoyable ride with some fun tongue-in-cheek humor and a confident, determined heroine.

I recommend Burn for Me for fans of romantic urban fantasies. The second book in this series, White Hot, is just as good, if not better!


Prior review:
The husband-wife author team of Ilona Andrews is starting up a new urban fantasy series as the Kate Daniels series appears to be winding down (maybe?), and it's interesting to compare and contrast this book to Kate's series:

World-building: Simpler (at least at first glance) and less complex than the Magic Bites series. Some people have magical powers due to some scientific mucking around about 150 years ago. Sure, there are a lot of variations in those magical powers. But no shapeshifters (no Curran! D:). No vampires, or exotic wacked-out magical non-human or not-quite-human creatures. No magical waves eating up the buildings and turning off your car or gun. I kinda missed it.

Heroine: Nevada is a reasonably kickass kind of main character, but doesn't rise to Kate's level. Which makes sense; you don't want to repeat yourself too much as an author, but still. It's interesting that both Nevada and Kate are in the private investigation business. It does fit well in the plot, but a little more distinction would've been nice. Nevada's magical powers were a fun twist, though.


She also has a great family, which really adds a nice touch to the plot.

Romantic interest: No Curran! D:
*sighs* Okay, I actually like Mad Rogan. He's hot, and he knows what he wants and goes for it. He seems irretrievably damaged at first, but by the end of the book I felt like I understood who he was, and I'm rooting for him and Nevada. I also liked that the authors are taking their time with this relationship--although there was that one really seriously sexy kiss . . .

Plot/Bad guys: A plus. This one was a little less convoluted and easier to follow than some of the Kate plots. There was an interesting twist that could have been better handled or foreshadowed, IMO. But overall I really enjoyed it. It held together well.

Final assessment: I liked it better than the first Kate Daniels book, Magic Bites, about the same as the second book, but not quite as well as the third. I think the Andrews have learned something about writing books as they've gone alone.

Content advisory: Scattered F-bombs and some sexual content (kisses only, but. Um. Yeah.).

April 2015 buddy read with the Ilona Andrews Addicts (IAA) group.

Initial reaction: Well, I sucked that book down in pretty much record time. Review to come, when I finish fanning myself.
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January 18, 2023
I am in love with a psychopath. That psychopath is Mad Rogan.

I can’t believe I’ve simply been cruising through the year of our Lord 2022, going about my life, without realizing how amazing this series is. I devoured this 400-page book like it was a pamphlet, and now I’m going to dive into the rest like the thirsty bitch I know I am.

This masterpiece is the story of badass private investigator Nevada Baylor and mega powerful psychopath Connor “Mad” Rogan.

The series is set in Houston, Texas, with the small addition of magic into people’s everyday lives. Some families have more magical powers than others (the most powerful ones are called “Houses”, like in Game of Thrones, lol) and their members basically choose their partners with the single purpose of breeding even more powerful children.

One of these nepo babies is called Adam Pierce, a guy who controls fire and is essentially an immature, bratty, spoiled teenager in the body of a twenty-something literal arsonist.

Nevada and Mad Rogan’s paths cross in their search for Adam. Nevada is looking for him because the parent company to her private investigation firm is blackmailing her into bringing him in to his family before he is caught by the police, while Mad Rogan is searching for him because his cousin’s son is running around committing crimes with Adam and his mom was like, “Hey, I know we haven’t spoken in decades, but I do need you to bring my son home so he isn’t shot on sight by the cops”.

The meet cute happens when Mad Rogan kidnaps Nevada in public and takes her into his dungeon so he can interrogate her and steal all the info she has managed to gather on Adam. I can’t put into words how hot it was, I’m sorry.

Anyway. The two of them basically team up and decide to look for Adam together; that way, Nevada can bring him in to her boss and Mad Rogan can find his cousin’s son (also his cousin, you know what I mean).

Their partnership is so filled with sexual tension and frustration and just, ugh, it’s so, so good. Nevada is understandably apprehensive towards him due to, you know, the fact that he murders people all the time, sometimes in front of her, and has in fact kidnapped her that one time. But he doesn’t take pleasure in it! He just… lacks a certain empathy.

There was SO much going on in this story – the world building is scary good and every single character is interesting and fleshed out. I was so into the whole thing.

If you haven’t read this book, RUN, don’t walk!!!
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3,278 reviews429 followers
March 30, 2023
SERIES: Hidden Legacy #1
GENRE: urban fantasy
TROPES/THEMES: enemies to lovers, slow burn, mystery-solving, family ties, banter, action
CLIFFHANGER: not really
RATING: 5 plus ⭐

after the fifth reread still a five-star read... DO I NEED TO SAY MORE!!!

This is one of my ultimate favorite trilogies ever!! And I can't single out any of the books out because each and everyone is special in a way..

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June 28, 2016

Not a real review, but this book is eons better than that cover. I don't know how Ilona Andrews keeps coming up with a never-ending set of AMAZING urban fantasy realms without them feeling stale. This writing team is everything. The second book can't come fast enough, and I actually think I like it better than the Kate Daniels series.

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June 4, 2017
Buddies, who's up for a White Hot BR on the release date?????? Let me know!
There was a fluid, magnetic grace in the way he moved. All those muscles I had been admiring yesterday were just a by-product of his journey toward his goal. And the goal was power. Raw, lethal power. All of him, his incredible strength, his blinding speed, his flexibility, dexterity, and stamina blended together to achieve an almost feral savagery. Tiny hairs stood on the backs of my arms. It was like watching a god of primal human violence dance, and I couldn't look away.

Ummmm...... wow.


Anyone else feel a little hot and flustered?

Please nobody stone me for heresy when I admit this: Burn for Me is the first and only Ilona Andrews I've ever read. (I'm sorry! I'll do better!)

But color me impressed.
Burn for Me contains the sort of pure storytelling and character-building skill that makes you face unapologetic psychopaths and absolutely fall head-over-heels.

Exhibit A: Mad Rogan. aka The Scourge of Mexico, aka the dragon, aka bae
"Is that why you joined the military? To get away from your family?"
"I joined because they told me I could kill without being sent to prison and be rewarded for it."

What's the obsession with a mass-murdering megalomaniac? Well. I can't really explain it. Nobody's forgiving his homicidal tendencies because Rogan is mad hot. The Andrews couple infuses his character with a whole lot of spicy darkness but just enough light to melt all readers instantly. The master authoring behind Rogan's character alone convinced me that the Andrews are a winning team.

The whole cast of Burn for Me, major and supporting, is fleshed out in loving detail and complexity. Each character has a depth that makes you constantly second-guess what you assumed upon first introduction. It's hard to guess the true villains and heroes of the story.
I especially enjoyed the attention given to minor players. For example, Nevada's family didn't exist purely for advice and support of the main heroine; they all had personal motivations and backgrounds. This bonus really added to the credibility of world & plot.

Not that I'll ever care as much about anyone like I do about Mad Rogan.
April 27, 2018
Re-read in Audio this time.

HELL YESSSS TO THIS SERIES!!! Lemme tell ya, Mad Rogan has some mad skills.


I love Ilona Andrews books and this book was no exception. It's like the author sprinkled crack on the pages, I just couldn't stop reading. I didn't want it to end. EVER. Seriously, were do they come up with this brilliant, magical stuff?

I love the writing, all the humor, the action, the romance and everything about the characters. It's really easy to relate to Nevada, she's such a likable character. She's strong and brave, but also vulnerable.
I adore Nevada's family, especially her grandma! That lady is hilarious!!
I hope there's going to be lots of her family in the upcoming books, I enjoy immensely reading about them.

''Mad'' Rogan. *Sighs* Kinda psycho and oh so so hottttt.
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December 27, 2017
As much as I hate the cover, Tessy said its an amazing book and won't stop gushing about it. In return I gave her one of my favourite books to read. Guess what? She was right, I loved it.

#Experimental love read.

I don’t even know where to begin this review from, I love the book, charcters, magic, plot etc. But I still find it hard to review this. Urban fantasy and 3 star reviews have always being my hardest to write but I will do my best to make this good.

World building and Writing
The magic system is very easy to understand, if you understand the magic then you understand the world which in tur0n will make you understand and like the book.

Magic users were segregated into five ranks: Minor, Average, Notable, Significant, and Prime.

The primes are the most powerful, they rule and own basically everything, from companies to school, lands etc. You are as important as your magic rank.

The writing is okay, the book is written in first person POV of Nevada Baylor the MC.

The charcters in this book is what made me love the book the way I do. They all haave amazing different personalities. They are fun and wise and make great decisions when the time comes. I love that the book did not revolve only around Nevada and Mad Rogan but also her family and work was blended perfectly. Her thoughts were not cringy and annoying but calculating and fun. I love Mad Rogan, he is everything Tessy said he will be.

Do not let the cover decieve you, this is not a romance novel, The total number of kisses in this book is three, the remaining part of the book is action packed, filled with plotting, scheming and politics. The book is not predictable, the only predictable thing in the book is the romance which the cover and synopsis have already made clear.
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