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YumUniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful, Whole-Food Lifestyle

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Adding more plant-based, gluten-free foods into your life just got a lot tastier.

Whether you’re transitioning to a completely plant-based diet or you just want some ideas for how to prepare scrumptious veggie dishes, Heather Crosby provides a step-by-step guide to adding good stuff into your existing routine.

YumUniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful, Whole Food Lifestyle offers a creative collection of more than 150 amazing recipes developed by Heather, all with no meat, dairy, gluten, or soy. But this is more than just a cookbook—it’s a treasure chest that will help you build health-promoting habits and recipes of your own for a lifetime. Once a bacon-loving skeptic, Heather knows first-hand how overwhelming yet rewarding the transition to a plant-based, gluten-free diet can be, so she’s included essential, everyday know-how for folks seeking to adopt and maintain a healing whole foods diet.

Fans of YumUniverse.com, Heather’s inspirational food blog, and new readers alike will discover unique recipes that are as delicious as they are beneficial. With hearty dishes such as Skillet Crusted Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Cardamom Cream Chia Pudding with Raspberries, as well as divine desserts such as Mexican Unfried Ice Cream and Chocolate & Salted Caramel Stack Cake, Heather’s recipes will have you saying �yum” and finding joy in clean foods that respect and nourish your body.

A plant-based, gluten-free diet is delicious and doable. So say goodbye to temporary dieting and embrace healthy, incredible dishes as part of your long-term wellness adventure!

320 pages, Paperback

First published October 14, 2014

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About the author

Heather Crosby

3 books6 followers
Heather Crosby is the author of the upcoming book YumUniverse Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free Plant-Powerful Whole-Food Lifestyle which will release October 28, 2014—a day she may cartwheel down the street with excitement.

Heather is also a certified T. Colin Campbell Foundation plant-based wellness coach who has developed a unique and well-loved collection of over 500 gluten-free, plant-based recipes on her popular website YumUniverse. And since she didn’t start eating fruits and veggies until her 20s, she’s dedicated to helping folks transition and maintain a heathy diet and lifestyle with acceptance, know-how, (and of course) tasty recipes that everyone will love. She knows first hand what it’s like to make major changes and she’s not interested in labeling you—just providing creative tools and recipes that inspire and help.

In an effort to kick medication and heal naturally from disease, Heather's been fine tuning the maintenance of a plant-powerful lifestyle for almost a decade, and sharing what she's learned with thousands of folks all over the world—because a journey is always better shared with friends.

She loves chicory root tea, the city, the country, listening to records, creative everything, bulky scarves, thoughtful food, cardamom, laughing, cooking and roadtrips.

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111 reviews
November 16, 2014
I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

I'm not vegetarian but wanted to try this cookbook for some whole food vegetable recipes since it's always hard to get enough vegetables into every day. It's hard to believe someone could come up with recipes I haven't seen before, but the author in fact did. I loved the pages of recipes she had for salad dressing and sauces. The sammiches section was creative and really simple but flavorful ideas. Nice mix of recipes with a bunch of ingredients and then some with just a few for the nights I don't feel like playing chef. Lots of beautiful pictures and useful information. Almost too much information in the first half or so of the book but still one I know I'll use.
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368 reviews16 followers
October 24, 2014
Review originally posted on my blog Living Life with Joy:


My Thoughts in a Nutshell

This book is for YU (Yes, you)! Although I do not live a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, I was intrigued at the possibility of introducing more plant-based meals into my diet. Reading this book was enlightening, inspiring and motivating. I won’t be jumping in to a 100% plant-powerful diet, but I will certainly begin to make small changes in my diet for my health an well-being. There’s tons of recipes I’ve bookmarked to try and great tips on updating recipes that I already make and love.

Why I Wanted to Read It…

When I saw what this book was about, I was excited because my older sister eats a gluten and dairy free diet. She gave up gluten and dairy a long time ago, and she raves about how much better she feels. I’m looking forward to trying recipes from this book, both for myself to eat healthier and possibly to help my sister find something new and delicious that she can enjoy eating.

My Review

This book is for YU (Yes, you)! Loved this in the foreword of the book!

I recently was given the opportunity to read a review copy of Heather Crosby’s new cookbook YumUniverse through NetGalley and it is AMAZING! Although I do not live a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, I was intrigued at the possibility of introducing more plant-based meals into my diet. I figured that this cookbook would offer a handful of recipes and tips to try, but I was rewarded with much more than just recipes. It’s an inspiring read, even if you have no intention of going completely gluten-free.

The book is broken down into three sections; 1. Why 2. How 3. Let’s Eat! It’s pretty easy to understand and follow, but essentially the first section tells you WHY you should consider a plant-powerful lifestyle, the second section tells you HOW to make the changes in your life and eating habits and the third section LET’S EAT is filled with delicious recipes!

You might have read many of the important messages that are found in this book in your readings or online. But it’s great to have it all in one place and coming from an author that’s been in the same situation as most of us are in now; gluten, meat and dairy eating people, suffering to an extent from what we put into our bodies. Food is fuel for your body and it is incredibly important to have a healthy diet to have a healthy life. There are tons of chronic diseases that can be avoided by eating better and this book is the perfect inspiration to help you get on the right path to feeling wonderful in your own skin! There’s a ridiculously long list of major health benefits to eating a plant-powerful diet and even if you don’t intend to do it 100%, you should still consider adding more plant-powerful foods to your diet. In a nutshell, you should try to incorporate more plants and less processed food to your diet and you will feel exponentially better.

YumUniverse is more than a cookbook, it is the ultimate healthy guide book that offers a comprehensive path to a healthy lifestyle. It’s packed with inspirational passages on the why and how of a plant-powerful diet and it’s got everything you need to know about how to shop for, make and store healthy food. It explains in detail about all of the things you might’ve heard about but didn’t know what they were, how they taste or how to use them. You’ll get introduced to the controversy over coconut oil, the types of flour you can use that don’t contain gluten, and all of the wonderful gadgets to keep in your kitchen that will help you prepare and make all of the types of food you want to eat. There’s also a great list of resources for more information and recipes in the back of the book.

As I mentioned before, I wasn’t expecting to find more than a handful of recipes that I would want to try. I was pleasantly surprised to find a ton of recipes that I’ve bookmarked to try. The following are the recipes that I’m looking forward to making soon; Orange & Pepita Granola ~ Herbed Carrot & Sweet Potato Hash ~ Mushroom, Caramelized Onion & Artichoke Quiche ~ Chickpea Flatbread ~ Homemade Spice Mixes ~ Sausome Sauces ~ Crispy Chickpeas ~ Multi Bean Chili ~ Sweet Potato, Kale & Lentil Stew ~ Black Bean Soup ~ Fig & Caramelized Onion Tart ~ Simple Cashew Cheese Spreads ~ Simple Hummus ~ Green Smoothies ~ Chocolate & Salted Caramel Layers Cake with Chocolate Frosting ~ Dark Chocolate, Sweet Potato & Black Bean Brownies ~

The first recipe I was dying to try was for the Dark Chocolate, Sweet Potato & Black Bean Brownies. As a self-proclaimed baking lover I never would have thought you could bake brownies that were gluten, dairy and egg free AND taste delicious! Click the link for my review, originally posted on my blog where you will find an excerpt from Crosby’s cookbook of some seriously delicious brownies.

After reading the YumUniverse cookbook, I was inspired to make small changes in my diet and add a recipe section to my blog. I’ve always loved pinning delicious looking recipes on Pinterest but now I’m going to start sharing the recipes that I try at home on here for my readers. I read Crosby’s cookbook cover to cover and highly recommend that you go and order yourself a copy – whether it be a kindle edition, hardback or paperback book. The kindle version (only $9.99) is super user friendly; you can highlight, bookmark and click the link to different recipes in the book. If you’re the type to prefer to have a physical book to mark up, make notes and peruse, the paperback edition is under $14.

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Thank you to Heather and BenBella Books for creating and publishing an amazing cookbook and to NetGalley for providing me with a review copy prior to the public publication day.
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252 reviews1 follower
May 29, 2021
I really applaud the amount of work that the author put into YumUniverse. I can’t quite call it a cookbook because the first 163 pages are a tiny font diatribe on why everyone should be on a plant based diet and how the modern food diet is killing us all. While I appreciate her work and her passion, to me it felt redundant (I picked up a cookbook for a plant based diet - I’m at least somewhat on board so I’m not sure I need the lecture) and also very preachy with little to no wiggle room for exceptions. When she finally got to the recipes they were creative and sounded flavorful but for my life, they were too involved and far too many involved cashews, an allergen so high in my house that I cannot keep cashews in the house. For me personally, other cookbooks resonated and inspired me more than this one but I appreciate the immense amount of work involved in YU.
163 reviews315 followers
May 23, 2017
Have you ever visited the YumUniverse? I have! It is the most wonderful place created by Heather Crosby full of resources and experiences geared towards learning about and supporting plant based, gluten free eating. I first became acquainted with the YU a few years ago when Crosby published her first book: YumUniverse. At that time I was a new mom with a budding interest in cooking (I've spoken before about how the birth of our daughter made me more aware of the type of vegetarians we were -- bread, pasta, and cheese -- and how I realized that I wanted us to set a better nutritional example for her. After years of immersing myself in whole food, plant-based cooking I can say that our diet now is completely different than the one we started with) and I appreciated what a positive message Crosby put out into the world. Anything is possible and no limits should be placed on what plant-based eating could/should be defined as. She recognized how challenging it is for someone to face a lifetime of eating habits and traditions and embrace something new. Scary? Yup. But she's got a whole support system set up on the YU -- recipes, books, meal plans, etc -- for you if you need it.

There is a misconception that plant-based eating is cult-like, which can be a little threatening to those who are new to this way of cooking and eating. Don't worry -- no borg-like chanting: "Join us! Join Us!" Those of you who are not gluten free or plant-based may be feeling like this doesn't or won't apply to you but here are the three words from Pantry to Plant that will open a whole new world for you: You do you. Simple. So simple. You take whatever way you feel most comfortable cooking and eating and you use this playbook and adapt the templates to suit you (as you will notice I use regular wraps and pasta -- do what works for you). You make the rules!

What the Yum Universe Pantry to Plate cookbook is are a group of 30 recipe templates (I'll explain this more in a moment) and 100 plant-based, gluten-free recipes that you can use to create amazing meals! Some cooks are really adept at cooking without recipes and knowing when to add certain ingredients and what flavour-profiles work together. This is what I really loved as soon as I opened this book -- the "choose your own adventure" style of cooking presented in each template. My first "test" of the cookbook was to find a template that I could use to make supper. I hadn't been to the grocery store and all I had was some homemade pesto, bell peppers, and zucchini. The template that seemed to match what I had in my fridge and pantry was the 'Banzo Bakes ('Banzo flour-- short for garbanzo/chickpea -- is used in this template to make a warming, comforting, skillet of a meal. The look reminds me of a frittata and the texture reminds me a little of polenta). This template, just like all the others, begins with the must-have-no-matter-what ingredients and then it leads you through different options you can use (or not) to built your bake. While I could have served this with a side salad we ate it on its own -- even my toddler ate her slice! By using the chickpea flour it was a great way to incorporate beans without having the texture of them. My first try using one of her templates was a success and it was fun! I was able to prepare this meal quickly, get it on our table, and have very few dishes to clean afterwards. For any busy people out there having no-fuss, home cooked meals is solid gold.

Someone out there may be thinking, "But I like using recipes!" That's o.k.! For any template in the book she offers recipes that you can use too. For example, there are the recipes: Harissa Swirl 'Banzo Bake or Rainbow Chard & Golden Raisin 'Banzo Bake if templates aren't your thing (yet). The point is that this cookbook is full to the brim with options that allow you to (as it states on the front cover) "Improvise Meals You Love from What You Have!"

Over the weekend I gave her recipe for Za'atar-Spiced Lentil Wrap a try and it was delicious! Wraps are a perfect, easy lunch -- you can roll up a whole meal and toss your knife and fork! I loved the spiced lentils with the hummus and I thought the fresh veggies were a perfect accompaniment. Even with the recipes she gives suggestions to try -- for this recipe she suggests mixing in some roasted veggies. Doesn't that sound great?

One of the applications I see this cookbook lending itself well to is cooking with kids. As you can see in the photo below my three year old is adding ingredients to the Breakfast Cookies we're making. I can only imagine that as she gets older (and her non-existent reading ability becomes existent!) template cooking like this will offer her opportunities to explore cooking in a way that no other cookbook-cooking could. Plus, what is more fun than being able to create your own dish from elements you choose? The scaffolding that the templates offer is perfect for the emerging cook. What a great way to get the whole family involved! Also kids can really develop good eating habits by learning to make and enjoy their own food!

While there are so many great things to make in the book (and I've barely even scratched the surface!) I have, um, "tested" the template for Cookies a couple of times. My first attempt had us gobbling down some fairly DELICIOUS Chocolate-Butternut Squash Cookies w/ coconut & chocolate chunks (and a hint of cinnamon). The next batch was so different but still sublime -- Buckwheat Flour, Pecan, & Chocolate Chunk Cookies. So. Many. Options. I think this is may favourite thing (or at least one of my favs) from this cookbook.

The first thirty or so pages of Pantry to Plate help to introduce you to what the cookbook is all about from tips & tricks, techniques, to ingredients and homemade staples. All this background information really helps when you start to freestyle from her recipe playbook. The rest of the book is organized into 4 main chapters: Good Morning, YumUniverse!, Munch & Lunch, Main Meals, and Sweet Tooth.

As I've been showing this book to my friends what has made them really curious is the idea that they won't need an entirely new pantry of ingredients and that the templates and recipes offer a comprehensive but uncomplicated way to make delicious, whole-food meals. YumUniverse Pantry to Plate is a great primer for anyone wanting to build on their cooking skills or just to change up the same-old recipes that are in rotation week-in-week-out.

(This is an excerpt from my review on www.shipshapeeatworthy.wordpress.com)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Experiment Publishing for providing me with a free, review copy of this book. I did not receive monetary compensation for my post, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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365 reviews
February 18, 2017
Excellent book to have in one's cookbook & lifestyle collection, whether vegan or just veg-curious. Stories and recipes compliment the author's very popular website/blog, YumUniverse.com, which I have followed for years.
Heather details her journey to her plant-based, gluten free lifestyle, initially due to personal health challenges, sharing her stumbles along the way, and her persevering determination that led to her sharing on her blog, and eventually in this book.
Very good instructions on setting up one's kitchen to support cooking at home, from staples like knives & pots, to good-to-have splurges, like high speed blenders. Heather lists food items must-haves, must avoids, and maybes.
Detailed references are a good plus, backing up the how and why of the what.
And the recipes; mostly easily sourced ingredients, with a recipe key offering suggested changes to personalize the listings for raw, oil free, omnivores, and swaps.
Must try, the Buffalo roasted Cauliflower, mini Chesapeake veggie cakes (cause I wanted appetizers for football watching), herbed carrot & sweet potato hash, Sweet potato, kale & lentil stew (sweet potatoes in season at my local farmers market, & it's cold outside).
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345 reviews
August 7, 2017
Think of this book as more of a how-to, rather than a cookbook. The book is broken into 5 color-coded sections:

1) An foreword by Brendan Braizer & an introduction on how Ms Crosby chose her plant-inspired life (pgs 10-21);
2) Why: Why plants?; The benefits of eating said plants; How to filter out the noise & focus on you; And the Yum Universe approach (pgs 23-75);
3)How: A detailed path on how to get from the point A, or why, to getting ready to eat. This includes how to shop for your new foods, food storage, food prep, & how to get though social situations (pgs 77-155);
4) Recipes, from breakfast to desert (pgs 157-297) and finally
5) Appendix, which includes conversion tables, resources, extensive endnotes, & an index (pgs.298-317).

This book, coupled with No Meat Athlete: Run on Plants and Discover Your Fittest, Fastest, Happiest Self will really give you a firm game plan & foundation if you want to make the switch to a more plant-inspired lifestyle.
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122 reviews4 followers
December 31, 2018
Some books I go through and think these are some cool recipes but way over my head as far as knowledge of some of these ingredients goes. That's how I felt about this book a few months ago. Rereading it for the second time now , as my food journey has progressed and expanded , this book is exciting! I have already tried a few recipes with success and can't wait to try more, maybe all. It is hard to find a gluten free, vegan cookbook that is realistic to me whether in ingredients or something I actually would eat. All the recipes in this book make my mouth water and appear very accessible ingredient wise.
Profile Image for Katrina.
36 reviews
February 14, 2022
This is the place to start for anyone overwhelmed by transitioning to vegan and gluten-free lifestyles. With a 'back to basics' feel, I would suggest just picking one thing at a time and then when that's mastered layer in something else. But if diving in and tackling it all at once is your thing, all the tools are here to do it!

The first half of the book is packed with homemade swaps for pantry items dairy alternatives to extracts and handy-how to's. The second half of the book is stocked with recipes from dips/sauces and snacks to meals. This is a must have for a one-stop shop for homemade staple items, overall gluten-free/vegan kitchen support and delicious recipes to get you started.
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33 reviews2 followers
August 12, 2019
By far the most well researched, informative, attractively laid out, enjoyable to read, and valuable book on healthy eating that I've ever seen or read.
I'm constantly astounded by how often I reference the book and in how many different ways it provides what I'm looking for.
As a writer and designer I can't imagine the amount of work that went into creating it but it was worth every moment.
Profile Image for l.
189 reviews
March 14, 2021
a really hearty, helpful cook book !
the first half of it is about nutrition, the 'why' of plant powered eating and kitchen know-how. the other half is beautifully displayed and curated recipes that are full of flavour and soul - without any gluten, refined sugar or animal products !
gorgeous read that feeds your eyes and heart, as well as your stomach 💖🤩😍
479 reviews3 followers
June 9, 2017
There is a lot of great information here, so it is much more than a cookbook. I enjoyed the author's writing style and humor. I liked the layout of the book and the many photos. Yummy sauces and interesting recipes, with lots of room for experimenting and making the food with my own personal style.
Profile Image for Elizabeth.
66 reviews
May 29, 2021
This book was so helpful. I learned a ton about nutrition and found the recipes appealing and achievable. I was especially happy with the layout— the preparation tips and the whys behind plant based eating in the beginning made the recipes, which came later, feel very accessible.
Profile Image for Lisa.
33 reviews
March 11, 2018
Hands Down

Hands down one of the best plant-based cookbooks ever. As a veggie phobic as I am, she gave me lots of yummy options.
January 4, 2023
2.5 stars. The format of the book is set up well, but the recipes and self-righteousness are for very strict vegans. I just can't relate.
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96 reviews
March 3, 2017
Love her, her blog, and this cookbook. Nearly all of the recipes I have tried have been keepers. It's a well used book in my collection of plant based eating cookbooks.
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118 reviews
November 14, 2014
I received a copy of this book from the publisher.

Heather Crosby has a passion for real food, gluten-free, plant-based living. While she once dined on a more traditional diet that included meat and dairy, her health lead her on a different journey. It was a journey filled with discovery and learning. She transformed her diet into one that no longer included dairy, gluten, or meat. She is now living a plant-strong life and loving it. YumUniverse takes readers along on her journey in a way that explores the whys of how this works without any judgement for those who chose a different path. It’s way more than just a cookbook. It’s a story, a journey, a learning experience all paired with some delicious, plant-powerful, whole-food recipes.

We’re not a vegetarian/vegan family, but we’re gluten-free and eat a lot of veggies. I’m always looking for more whole food, gluten-free recipes that allow me to utilize all the beautiful veggies that we pick up every week in our CSA box. I love how Heather tells her story and explains why adding more fruits and veggies to our diets is so important. She has the attitude that labels aren’t important, but eating a healthy, whole-food diet is extremely important. I completely agree with this even though we approach it slightly differently.

YumUniverse takes readers through the basics of eating a plant-strong, gluten-free diet. It covers setting up the kitchen and goes over important tools for the kitchen. Don’t worry. This isn’t about boring lists or a preachy style of writing. It’s about Heather welcoming you into her life and shares her journey. She learned what worked and what didn’t work through trial and error.

Finish reading review here...
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205 reviews58 followers
December 20, 2015
As someone who has PCOS, and gluten intolerance, it is still a struggle to find what I call the 'groove' in eating to accommodate my dietary needs because it's such a lifestyle change that only I can be the one to make happen. Over the course of the past two years, through discussions with my doctors, and my own research, I discovered that we are truly what we eat, and it does have tremendous effects on our bodies, and health. So, I personally do try, and want to change my lifestyle to eating entirely plant-based to receive the best benefits for my body and wellness. When I finally did transition to gluten-free, eliminating processed foods, and eating wholesome meals, I felt completely new. Not only was my energy restored, but symptoms I experienced stopped, my skin cleared up, and I just felt really well overall.

This cookbook is the only one I have ever come across that is well-rounded, informative, and very helpful with guidance. It begins with why you should change your lifestyle, as well as the how-to, and of course offers some of the most delicious dishes to eat. It is what I'd like to call a textbook and cookbook in one! Heather Crosby offers a creative selection of over 150 recipes without meat, dairy, gluten, or soy.

The visuals are beautiful, and this cookbook has so much to offer whether you're just beginning your lifestyle change, or would just like to have the information in one place, and on hand. There are simple recipes, useful tips, and details about ingredients that I was even unaware of. It's well-written with guidance and knowledge on changing your habits to improve your health and wellness, enriching your life, and being health-positive. YumUniverse is thoroughly researched, comprehensive, well-executed, and a must-have for every kitchen.

Thank you so much to Jennifer at BenBella Books for sending me a copy.
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1,114 reviews47 followers
November 22, 2014
I was blown away by this book!

You don't have to be a health nut or a foodie to easily incorporate plant-based, gluten-free foods into your life. YU just have to start.

YUMUNIVERSE by Heather Crosby is an amazing, inspirational step-by-step guide to making positive changes in your existing routine. It allows you to take baby steps towards a delicious plant-based, allergy-friendly diet and includes more than 150 recipes that are scrumptious and easy to prepare! Don't expect a guilt trip! Heather is very non-judgmental and isn't interested in labeling people by what they eat. She simply advocates eating more plants and whole foods, and encourages the reader to take what they want from the book.

YUMUNIVERSE is so much more than a cookbook! It's a road guide to health.

My full review has been posted to Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Check it out here: http://www.readingbetweenthewinesbook...
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Author 2 books8 followers
February 14, 2015
Although I'm not planning a completely gluten-free, plant-based diet, this book was extremely useful and contains a great deal of information for those looking to improve their diet overall. It's very thorough, and is much more than a recipe book - it has information on shopping, preparing and storing foods too. The recipes are inspiring, achievable, and of course, yummy.

Reviewed in exchange for a preview copy.
March 13, 2015
This amazing book is easy to read it is so captivating, inspiring and the recipes are sooo tasty and it is fun to actually not have to empty my bank account to get the ingredients it calls for . This book is my all time favorite "ESCAPE" to another world book !
It gets me out of the routine of thinking that I cannot create ! It is well explained and Heather Crosby is a genius !
Brigitte Estelle
Profile Image for Monique.
1,690 reviews
May 24, 2015
This book totally change my food perspective. You don't have to uproot your life and change everything at once. Little by little change your perspective to save your life. Crosby has written a masterpiece that if you let it will change your perspective and free you from the fast food bondage you have become accustomed to. This plant based whole-food book is more than a cookbook it's a way of life. Take a leap of faith and enter into the YumUniverse...you will be healthier because of it.
Profile Image for Rina.
28 reviews
November 26, 2014
I'm a fan of this lifestyle for a while now, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do it best. This book is filled with helpful tips and tricks how to storage, cook and organize everything. And the recipes are so delicious! And mostly very easy to make.
I love this book!
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52 reviews1 follower
January 21, 2015
it's more than a cookbook, and it's awesome. so many tips & suggestions & prep tips & food storage ideas..the awesome recipes are like an added bonus!
54 reviews1 follower
March 9, 2015
Great insight to foods and how to truly make them from SCRATCH (ie soaking nuts overnight vs buying fillers in jars). A resource on food, cook wear and a cookbook. So far the recipes are delicious!
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