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Her Rebellious Heart

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Re-published as: Resisting the Highlander

Bridget Campbell is more interested in music than men. In fact, she may be the only girl in the Scottish lowlands who isn't looking for a husband. But when her estranged grandfather's health begins to decline and he asks her to move into his castle, Bridget is introduced to a handsome Highlander who becomes a rival for her attention. Although perfect strangers, there's a connection between Bridget and Aidan MacLeod that she can't ignore. Can she stand up to the men in her life who are pressuring her to settle down?

At first uneasy about leaving her parents' modest home to live at Ty-Runach Castle, Bridget feels pressured to accept her grandfather's invitation. Robert had distanced himself from her mother when she married a man from a rival clan. The ancient feud between the MacDonalds and the Campbells broke her family apart, but maybe Bridget can heal the rift?

But someone clearly doesn't want her at the castle. Strange noises in the night and a frightening attack nearly send Bridget running from the keep. And then there's Aidan. Rumors of his reputation as a ladies man convince her to stay away lest she become the highlander's conquest. Yet her rebellious heart beats faster whenever Aidan is near. A single kiss lights a fire within that threatens to consume her. Can she resist Aidan's advances and rein in her runaway heart?

120 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 25, 2013

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About the author

Marian McBride

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Marian McBride is an American author of Scottish descent. When she feels like honoring her roots, she plays her Celtic harp, but not as well as she'd like. Occasionally, she sings along, usually when she wants to punish her family.

Marian is not a particularly good Scot. She doesn't enjoy haggis or bagpipes, but she does love a good Highland Games, particularly when men in kilts do the caber toss. "Her Rebellious Heart" is Marian's sole novella. She hopes by showing some Scottish pride in her writing, her clansmen will forgive for not visiting home often.

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1,207 reviews9 followers
November 11, 2015
This would have been a good book if it had been properly edited and line edited before published. Lots of spelling and grammar errors. Sentence structure needs work. Missing parenthesis, paragraphs have between single to triple indent. Glad this was free not worth paying money for something so screwed up.

A few of the editing errors (from my notes & highlights) I found in this book.

and I ahall let Read more at location 1111

Note: editing error Edit
patience for that for that, but I do have a great love for playing it, and get lots of Read more at location 1204

Note: editing error Edit
and laughed, "I would have given anything to see the two of you going at Read more at location 1518

Note: editing error Edit
incredulous, "You mean you feel out of bed, lass?" Read more at location 1619

Note: editing error Edit
"I would never sell him if he were mine, Aidan, he is such a bonny beast. May I pet her?" Read more at location 1761

Note: editing error stud horse has a sex change Edit
"I'll try grandfather, really I will. Goodness where did the time go. Besse will be waiting for us for dinner. Let me dry off my feet a bit and I'll catch up with you." "Well, the boys are probably very busy, today being Saturday. They have the day off tomorrow. Should have been someone there though. Didn't you see Aidan? He talked to us for a bit, then rode off towards the stables on a black stallion. What a beautiful horse. How I would love to own him." Read more at location 1817

Note: editing error Bridget and Robert (grandfather) talking in first paragraph next paragraph Bridget and Margaret talking no skip/break Edit
don't believe there is any danger of a blood clot., but Read more at location 1935

Note: editing error Edit
You can come and spend some time with her every day, and I'll get a nurse if it is necessary. Besides, I don't think the doctor will allow her to be moved at this time." Read more at location 1954

Note: editing error what happened to using parenthesis when someone is talking Edit
As you know ,the Read more at location 2424

In the preview alone there are over 20 spelling/grammar/editing errors. I honestly do not understand why authors cannot edit a book before publishing.

Pass this one by. One minute I felt I was reading a contemporary romance the next I had a slight feeling it might be historical.
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571 reviews99 followers
June 17, 2014
I purchased Her Rebellious Heart a few months a go as a free download on Amazon, and since we went to the Scottish festival this weekend, I wanted good a historical fiction with roots in Scotland. I was pleasantly surprised that this was clean, and the setting was authentic. I loved the descriptions of the North Sea, the crumbling castles, the tartans and feuds between clans. My only complaint is that at times the Scottish dialect was present and others times it wasn't. Do not becomes "dinna" etc. Also, the flow could have been more smooth and the main villain definitely needed to be fleshed out more fully. It seems like the author cut the conflict short. It reads more like a novella than a full story. With more editing and filling out of story line this could have been much more. I did enjoy the surnames in the book...main man Aidan MacLeod carries my ancestral clan name!

Overall, if you want a short historical Scottish read as a taste of the era, this may be a good pick, but I would wait until it goes up for free again.

Content: some tension and kissing, innuendo
808 reviews
March 14, 2015
The story was weak. Aiden just seems to fall in love with Bridget because she was there; no great interaction between them. It was just disappointing all the way around.

I'm not one that frets much over grammar and spelling mistakes in kindle books but this one had soooo many that it did end up bugging me. A simple spell check through the document would have caught a good portion of the errors.
5 reviews
August 30, 2014
A little simplistic for my tastes. I just like a more complex story, and there were a lot of errors. I see the book is now under another name Resisting The Highlander. Now I'm thinking that all past reviews and this one won't even be seen on Amazon. Also it did not seem very historical.
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856 reviews1 follower
March 15, 2014
Love the 'scenery'...the characters needed to be filled out, but the story was okay. Lots of typos. Not on my list of favorite books, but I did read it all the way to the end!!
54 reviews
December 20, 2014
I liked this book better as I read further into it. Light entertaining reading.
Enjoyed the history and adventure also
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