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The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract

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Nikos Demakis and Cassia Andrade get married under a billion-dollar merger.

Nikos isn’t ready to give up his playboy lifestyle, and Cassia is far from the glitzy socialite their elite circle expects. Events force them to live separate lives. Ten years later, Nikos is ready to make it work with his wife, whom he only sees once a year.

Cassia is also ready to settle down… just not with Nikos.

Will Cassia once again surrender herself to the man who scarred her forever? Or will she give up her inheritance and never look back? Will they still be able to fulfill the terms of their billion-dollar marriage contract, even when death and danger stalk them at every turn?

292 pages, Paperback

Published February 14, 2014

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About the author

Alyssa Urbano

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Alyssa Marie R. Urbano is a Registered Nurse, blogger and a freelance writer from Quezon City, Philippines. She writes in an online publication site called Wattpad where her works were first recognized. You can find her in this URL: http://wattpad.com/user/AerithSage or reach her as @AerithSage on Twitter.

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1,217 reviews491 followers
December 23, 2017
Ok where do I start?
1. He has sex with his wife on wedding night and the next morning the wife finds him with his naked mistress. Instead of an adult conversation which she was still willing to have he literally kicks her out injuring her. Fuck this guy! That's abuse in at least 4 different level. I would personally like to see him in jail for domestic violence.
2. HE is now tired of his playboy ways, HE couldn't find someone else to settle down with, HE wants a family, and HE wants his "gold digger" wife back. It doesn't matter whether she wants it or not! It's all about HIM. It has been the same in the beginning, same at the end.
3. He listens to other people, doesn't verify facts, got married for financial gain, yet somehow, SHE is to blame? I fail to see how he's a billionaire business man. With that instinct, I can personally crush him to ground and make him bankrupt.
4. He FUCKING cheated! He didn't have the decency to get a divorce before sowing his oats for fucking 8 years!
5. SHE made a life of her own. There is no way she'd turn into a airhead just because they were kidnapped and had sex. She was hurt beyond repair. For once, please give the heroine some backbone and dignity. She SUFFERED FOR 10 YEARS!
6. This was on Wattpad, a free platform, I at least expected a somewhat decent hero who doesn't cheat, as this is written by people like us. Or is this what we should expect these days, that cheating is ok, and just because he batted his eyelash and said he was sorry and does nothing else to redeem himself we should forgive them? So am I supposed to just forgive my cheating violent ex spouse just because he keeps on insisting he loves me and he's sorry?
7. LASTLY did this guy seriously cheat on his wife for 8 years of his marriage and stay celibate for 2 years because of PTSD and smugly claim to the heroine that he has been faithful to her throughout the marriage? Does he know the meaning of faithful? Would he know faithful if it hits him on the face, do I send this guy a dictionary? Somebody please explain before I kill myself or reap off all my hair or both?
I think I need a minute to be sick here.
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1 review7 followers
August 4, 2016
I would like to start and say that I have had the greatest honor to read the ARC of The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract and would like to give my review:

In Alyssa Urbano’s (a.k.a. AerithSage) debut novel, The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract , she teaches us about the most important things in love and in life; trust and courage. TBDMC is a story about taking a giant leap of faith no matter how terrifying it would be. It will take its readers by storm as they wait with bated breath at every twist and turn in the lives of both Nikos and Cassia.

To simply put it, the Wattpad version is incomparable to the published version for many good reasons. The readers will see less of the fillers that are well enjoyed in Wattpad and will instead see more dynamic plot twists, heart-fluttering romantic scenes, and mind-blowing action and drama that will capture the hearts of readers around the world.

It is a truly remarkable novel and I would definitely not think twice in re-reading it again and again!
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150 reviews9 followers
April 29, 2014
A poignant but romantic tale of two people, Nikos and Cassia, caught in the bog of lies, deceit and revenge.
It takes years, a decade precisely, before they even try to forgive each other and move past their misunderstandings. But then again their lives are threatened and they are again almost rend apart by a maniac who is obsessed with vengeance.
I found the story a bit predictable, and in spite of all, I thought something was missing. Nikos and Cassia's love story is not as romantic or intense as I expected it to be.
395 reviews9 followers
March 6, 2017
SPOILERS throughout review
In all honesty, this author has written books way better than this on the wattpad website. I tried and tried to like this book but every time I start thinking about it I get angry all over again. There was absolutely no genuine remorse, no sincere apology, no groveling whatsoever for treating Cassia like dirt. Nikos is one of the most inconsiderate, unworthy, j*ckass *heroes" I've ever come across. I hated him and how fast the storyline moved didn't help.

I can understand Nikos' anger over being manipulated into forced marriage, he has the weight of so many on his shoulders. I can understand Cassia trusting her grandfather that Nikos was truly interested in her, she's completely naive and desperate for her grandfathers approval. But geez, you figure they'd both go right to the source and make sure they were both on the same page. Nope, not them. They both want to live in different worlds and believe what they want without confirmation. Both were idiots and that caused a ton of misunderstandings and miscommunication that didn't have to be drawn out over 10 years.

The separation itself felt unrealistic and contributed nothing to their character. They're still the same people they were then. The only thing Nikos' kidnapping changed in him was his celibacy due to scars and nightmares. If he didn't have those scars, he'd still be sleeping around guaranteed. His nightmares also magically disappear when Cassia sleeps by his side. Cassia put up an indifferent, haughty front that didn't even last very long. So much for growing up, showing him who he messed with, and moving on. She swore revenge but we never saw it. Joke's on her. She just fell in his arms like the past 10 years never happened. A weak doormat and a selfish as*hole. Classic.

Not only did I hate how easily she took him back after humiliating her publicly and in front of his friends, I also felt that her boyfriend was automatically made to be a bad guy to make room for Nikos. Why does the new boyfriend always turn out to be a bad guy after all that hype about how he's so much better, more loving, more attentive, then he does a complete switch and all of a sudden the ex is the good guy again?

This guy embarrassed her, demeaned her, and made her run across the globe to get away from him. He wasn't sorry, just wanted to move on because he was getting older and wanted kids. His friends didn't even apologize for their part and her friends encouraged her to give a chance to the guy who has done nothing but hurt and humiliate her her whole life? I just don't understand how someone who has caused another so much pain is able to get away with their mistreatment no consequences and still get a happy ending. This is not a love story and I'm disappointed at the amount of women that will let men like this walk all over them and take that mistreatment with an insincere "sorry, it happened, I can't change it, let's move on." No, sorry, just...no. Will never read this book again.
1 review7 followers
February 24, 2014
To the great Alyssa Urbano,

Alam mo ba kung ilang beses ko iniyakan ang The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract? Di mo alam, pero grabe, ang sakit. Wedding pa lang humahagulgol na ako. Lalo na nung 10 years after. Shemay. Na-dehydrate yata ako.

One whole day. One whole day kong binasa iyan. Di ko inalisan. Kumain ako ng brunch sa higaan. Dun na rin ako nagmeryenda. At sa wakas natapos ko. Basang-basa ng luha yung kumot at unan ko. Grabe ka, Ate. Ang ganda talaga ng story mo Kulang pa ang 5 stars sa Goodreads mo. Dapat 10,000,000 stars, so isang buong galaxy ng stars ang ibibigay ko sa iyo.

P.S. Cassia, kapag nag-away kayo ni Nikos in the near future, mag-ingat ka. Nandyan lang ako umaali-aligid sa private island nyo. I'll snatch him the moment opportunity knocks on my door. BEWARE.
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January 29, 2014
"Second chances were made for relationships like Cassia and Nikos'. I absolutely loved Alyssa Urbano's The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract!" —Me

If you're assuming from the title that The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract is one of those cliché stories about a normal girl meeting a rich guy then they eventually live happily ever after—it's not, it's much, much more. Besides romance the author, Alyssa Urbano, injected this tale with tons of action, adventure, and even a mysterious sub-plot that will keep you on your toes—mentally speaking. Oh, and I won't lie to you there are also some tear jerking moments that will either have you seeing red or falling in love—but you'll love every minute of it.

First off, let me ease your worries if you're unsure of purchasing this novel if you've read it for free on Wattpad. Yes, the premise of the story is the same and the characters personalities haven't been altered. However, the author enriched the story with new perspectives and cut out unnecessary filler—which I can tell you makes the story an easier and more entertaining read.

I won't give away any spoilers, but rest assured you won't be disappointed purchasing this book—Can't wait until that February release date!

—Lis E.
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Author 1 book5 followers
January 26, 2014
The Billion-Dollar Marriage Contract by Alyssa Urbano Alyssa Urbano

Nikos thought he could get her back with a snap of his finger, but Cassia made him grovel in the ground and work for it.

A charming and hot hero VS the spitfire and classy heroine, who will win this fight of love and who will lose billions of dollar?


5 Billion Shining Stars for this debut novel!

I watched this person shine, she started posting her stories in Wattpad, an online writing community and since then, I've been in love with her stories. I can still remember when I first started liking her story and I devoured it like a monster hungry for cookies, I couldn't put it down! I eagerly waited for her updates and I enjoyed talking to her, she's so friendly! So when she gave me an advance reader's copy of The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract, her debut novel, I was beyond ecstatic! It was my honor to read it beforehand and give her one of her first reviews.

I already read too many books that sometimes, finding one that will quench my thirst for romance and overall greatness is so hard. And this author, Alyssa Urbano, will surely do the same for you, you book eaters! *winks*

The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract is a remarkable book! Don't be fooled by how cliche the title sounded, because it's not. The concept of billionaires falling in love, learning their ways about love and life is not completely new but in my opinion, Alyssa wrote it as if she invented it. I half-expected that the author would bombard me about descriptions of how extravagant their (billionaires) life is, which some authors tend to do and annoys the hell out of me because hello, readers wanted to relate, but Alyssa didn't go down that path. She made me fall in love both with Nikos and Cassia. I rooted for them. I was able to relate to her characters, the emotions were real --- everything felt real and I loved it even more! She made me fume with anger, giddy with romance, shake with mirth, crying and gripping at my iPad so hard I though it would start breaking, she sent me into a roller coaster of emotions and it was one hell of a ride it was fantastic! There were no out of the world gorgeousness among the characters and that made them even more three-dimensional, they have flaws, they weren't perfect and you would be able to feel for them because Alyssa made them so realistic, it was as if they were alive somewhere in Greece and she just told us their story. With that said, it's safe to say that Nikos is one of my fictional boyfriend, and Cassia, my spitfire of a heroine will die in jealousy. Haha, I know, in my dreams. LOL.

I know, I know, you guys must be thinking that since you have read the Wattpad version, why bother read this published one --- I'd only give you one reason as to why you should purchase the published book. And that is, you've been fooled, my dear friends, if you think the Wattpad version is awesome, cool and great? Then you're wrong, way, way, way wrong! The Wattpad version didn't do justice as to what Alyssa did to the published version. Nope, your money wouldn't be wasted! I guarantee that! *winks* Now I hope that is already enough of a reason. And for those who haven't seen it in Wattpad yet, I hope that reason is enough to convince you to give this new author a try!


I can't wait to get my own copy! And, I am looking forward to more books from this author! :D

So guys! I am off to my flight to Greece to meet my new fictional boyfriend, hehe. Oh by the way, brace yourselves about Alyssa's explosive twist. It will leave your heart racing and wishing and chanting "No, No, she can't die! No!" *winks*

PS. Can I also have Alex as my hot body guard? And also I like Antonio to be my best friend and he can cook for me. *winks*

2 reviews
April 16, 2014
Feels like old Harlequin romance. Hero insults and humiliates heroine, allows his friends to laugh at her. But he respects his mistress and friends, and won't allow Heroine to insult them. Chooses mistress over wife, doesn't allow wife to speak at all, believes she is a liar w/o any reason.

10 years H enjoys life changing mistresses and dating all the models. Finally after 10 year when he realizes his wife is still beautiful he decides to give their marriage a chance. Heroine had a friend named Hector with whom she was close during separation.

A kidnapping and few days spend together, then he just says a insincere sorry and send flowers online for one month she decides to give him a second chance and her friends also supports her decision. What kind of friends will do that ? Is the heroine truly insane ? which world she is living in ?

If her parents were alive will they want such a life for her ? Her grandfather married her off to H and ruined her life by telling a lie, send H to other woman by telling h doesn't mind that. h's father wouldn't have forgiven him(grand father) if he were alive.

The more ridiculous thing is H insults h after the marriage, but he is not in a situation to do that, the h could have totally ruined his family business according to the contract. But she doesn't do anything at all, and H doesn't fear even for 1 minute if h will destroy the business.

After reading this feels like h is a fool living in 1950s or something.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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27 reviews
August 5, 2016
Wow, I am surprised by the reviews because this book is CRAP! How can a woman stay married to a man who humiliates her at her own wedding? The man flaunts his affairs for god's sake! If she's not concerned about the merger, why not opt for divorce?

I feel that the author couldn't make up her mind. There are too many story lines e.g. the conniving grandfather, the shady love interest, the kidnapping, another villain fuelled by revenge. Is it contemporary second-chance romance or is it romantic suspense?.

I am puzzled by the chapter 13 that I decided to stop reading (DNF). Don't waste your time reading this book. There are many other great romance books available.
33 reviews
April 24, 2014
ok,i hardly write a review after i have done with the book, the reason?? either i like it so much or i was left unexplained. ok,so i can accept that H didnt slept with his Supermodel the morning after the wedding(a misunderstanding) so how would u explain why he took her to his private jet? To have a good time after he insulted and humiliated the h in front of all his friends?? OUCH!! isnt it a bit too much? the h have insecurities problems and H make it worse. it was a good thing that h became strong and she tried hard to follow her dreams, to be successful but it was all for H to notice her 10 years later and claim her again as his. WTF?? all kinds of kidnapping and dramas were nice but can we get more of H and h come to understanding together? it was like a sudden realization that H know he like her and h find that she still have feelings for him.all the flowers and letters? please make H really work hard for it. not one time that i stop reading and scream to heroine to have some "Sense". this could have been so much better. i mean dont mistaken. i really like those painful moments that h was humiliated coz i hope to Hell like H will grovel like the last man on earth but sadly, he didnt have to.all too easy and nice.i dont want to compare but the story plot is really similar to "The unwanted wife" by [aurthor: Natasha Anders] but the difference is i fell in love with Alessandro (Sandro) whereas i cant help but think Nikos Demakis is a big a**hole. i expect so much more ~~sigh~~
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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488 reviews
October 25, 2020
The story dragged out in many parts ....so I skimmed..... with no regrets!
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4,006 reviews439 followers
June 3, 2014
Book review in English and Portuguese.

I've read several books with the same story. Hero marries for duty with heroin to keep company ... idiot heroine and a doormat is in love with a jerk.
He arranges a series of lovers during the wedding of facade and even has a lover with him during the marriage ceremony in which he appears drunk ... I read that before ...
10 years later he decides that he wants to keep the wedding ... oh my God!!!!!
And parallel plots happen with kidnapping and etc and hence the happy ending ...
Nothing special!

I remembered the book I found similar: The Greek's Chosen Wife (A Mediterranean Marriage) (A Mediterranean Marriage #6)
by Lynne Graham

Já li vários livros com a mesma história. Herói casa com heroína obrigado para manter empresa... heroína idiota e capacho é apaixonada pelo imbecil.
Ele arruma uma série de amantes durante o casamento de fachada e inclusive tem a amante com ele durante a cerimônia casamento em que ele comparece bêbado... já li isso antes...
10 anos depois ele resolve que quer manter o casamento... oh meus sais!!!!!
E acontece umas traminhas paralelas com direito a sequestro e tudo mais e final feliz...
Nada de especial!

PS: lembrei o livro que achei similar ==> The Greek's Chosen Wife (A Mediterranean Marriage) (A Mediterranean Marriage #6)
by Lynne Graham

Tem outros... assim que lembrar vou colocando aqui... tem um que o sobrenome é Demarkis também!
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5 reviews
May 4, 2014
I honestly have no words to describe how much I loved this book! It had everything that I loved, action, romance, passion, drama, heart-whelming moments, and of course heart-breaking moments. And not to mention, those humor moments, especially in the Wedding scene.

You know that sore feeling in your heart that you get after reading an amazing book? Well, The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract is the kind of book which connects you to the characters and their emotions. And trust me, not many authors have the ability to capture the readers`s minds and hearts. But Alyssa Urbano, in my opinion, with her creativity and her captivity, is the next Jk-Rowling perhaps.

And I am sure that The Billion Dollar Marriage Contract is not the last of Alyssa Urbano`s amazing and captivating books. And I honestly can`t wait for more from this wonderful author, and her heart capturing books :D
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59 reviews
July 20, 2014
Okay, here's the thing. It would've been better if the sequence of the story didn't felt like it was rushed or like watching a movie with so many cuts or a series with so many commercials. The story was promising. I just wished it was well written.

And what's up with the hero? A billionaire, who was suppose to be very smart in business, have unlimited sources at his disposal chooses to believe her grandfather, your family's arch nemesis in business, than his own wife? Hello? Ever heard of PIs or background checks? Would've saved you both time & heartaches.
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370 reviews99 followers
May 21, 2020
1 star, think nikos demakis is quite literally the worst husband on the planet. also, this girl cassia was impressed just because her husband actually took 5 minutes out of his day to send her flowers himself instead of having his assistant do it ... the bar is in HELL.
119 reviews4 followers
July 7, 2015
with all do respect to those who give 5 stars to this book, i have a different view, and i gave this book 2 stars. clean n clear.
after i read it, the first that came to my mind was, this book has a plot like a smashed between lynne graham's the greek chosen wife, unfaithful wife a MORE -ridiculous- action that includes repeated kidnapped until it seems, what the heck??
so, here it goes, first, about the male lead. that damakis boy. he's greek, but unlike many alpha male-man whoring usual greek male lead, this guy doesnt give any of that "strong" vibe. he's more... the snob having fun american than "greek hero". this guy was forced into marriage that involved a billion dollars contract between the 2 family, otherwise, his family will go bankcrupt. the female lead is a 19y.o chubby girl, who also being forced into a marriage by her mean granpapa. but ofc, after she saw the hero's appearance, she then fall over her heels. while the hero just feelt..so so. bcoz of the heroine granpapa mean words, they both partways right after they consummated their weeding night, with her found him comeout of the bathroom w/his former france supermodel mistress naked on the bed. even though he didnt slept w/that french girl, but bcoz of he already being poisonous by the heroine's granpapa's words, he believed that the heroine only married him for his money and he firmly believed that the heroine is a gold digger. which is funny, bcoz they marriage after all WAS BASED FOR A COMPANY MERGER that will profit both family MORE money. so, dont this make both hero n heroine also jumped in the same "money boat" ? why the ruckuss and being THAT angry if he found out that the heroine is a gold digger?? (even if that was not true). the heroine then beg him to listen to her, but he ignored her and drag her out of the room after he in front of his former naked in bed mistress and his other friend, laughing at the heroine's face. heartbroken, then the heroine went to america and build her career there as a designer for 10years. the hero then doesnt give a shit of his wife, where she goes, what did she do or anything. she basically was out of his life and he doeasnt have ANY info about her at all. whic is then weird. why? well, first, when the hero finally met the heroine again, how freaking come he doesnt recognized the heroine face AT ALL?? even when he tried to flirt w/her and asked her for dinner, he still didnt recognized his own wife's face! what's more ridiculous was, even after he felt like he known her face somewhere and familiar w/that faced, when he aske dher what's her name is, HE STILL DIDNT REALIZE THAT THIS IS HIS WIFE! is the this guy got brain dead or something? that was just ridiculous.
his infidelity and hopw he flaunt all his dates in all 10 years also didnt came as a problem and didnt get enough spot to be talked in this novel. it's like his sins is just forgiven and doesnt seems that much meaning, bcoz, hey, for the last 2 years, the guy dont slept w/any girls after being kidnapped, bcoz he cant and wont showed his scarred to other girls, and he's screaming in his sleep. but for the long 8years while he still married w/his wife, he didnt give a shit to following his wife's latest info. and he dated all those girls with goal in his mind that he might just found the girl that he want to be serious with! but found none, so, he turn his head again to his wife and proposed to bcome a real family. yeahh.. right!
ofc then the heroine come back to his arms. without him being forced to realized his mistakes, he didnt even try to find a truth about the heroine background and what's bcome their problem 10 years ago and he accused her for lying. no, he didnt do that. just thrown a situation where the hero n the heroine then being kidnapped together, and then they run away and hide in a secret house in the forest, where they finally hv sex again, and so long w/all of his cruelty and humiliation for 10 long years. and hello to the heroine being "oh shit, i fall in love again w/him, and i still love him"-stupid thought things. this book have a busier activity than the latest james bond movie, i tell ya, first, he got kidnaped w/his friend which then lead him to his -so sad but proudly celibacy for 2years-, then the heroine's apartment got brokedown and there's a shooting here and there like in a movie, then she got shot. after that the hero take the heroine to his private island, but then getting kidnapped again and he was beaten (yeay!), they escaped, found the secret house, having a marriage trial, bad guy come again, the heroine got shot 2 more times! it makes 3! HEA.
for reall??? i kept on readin until it's finished, coz i was hoping that maybe there's a ninja came out and grilled the whole bad-guy actions more sizzling.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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2,057 reviews580 followers
Shelved as 'not-happening'
January 8, 2017
so he slept around 4 ten years while he was married....??
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332 reviews25 followers
November 28, 2014
“She’d remember this day. She’d remember Nikos and the pain he dealt her. She’d remember how much she thought she loved him and how he smashed her heart to pieces. One day, she’d have her revenge.
One day she’d make him pay...”

When Starvo Demakis is loosing his company against Costas Andrade, he vows himself to makes Costas pay. But when Costas presents a proposal that both gives a win-win situations, Starvo can't help as if he is selling his soulto the devil…

But it isn't actually Starvo's soul but the soul of his grandson, Nikos Demakis. The proposal was about a merger of their two companies and Nikos has have to marry the only heir of Andrade, Cassia.

Cassia has been brought up far from the luxury she has known. The only thing she wants is to please her grandfather. So when her grandfather schemes this plan, Cassia is left but to follow blindly to her grandfather.

Then she meets Nikos for the first time. And both their worlds just stopped.

And then lies, misunderstanding ensues.

Years later, Nikos want a chance with their marriage. But someone, who's bent on revenge, will try to stop Nikos and take everything away from him. Even Cassia.

“After everything that happened, it was really hard to trust Nikos. She felt as though everything was too good to be true and that if she so much as blinked, all of it would change again. But Nikos was really trying while she was too afraid to give him a chance.
Could she take that blind leap of faith and hope that he was there to catch her?”

Oh how I love second-chance romance!

Errrrhhmm…not really a romance at first but there was still these second chance stuff going on…well, you get my point.


I just simply love this story and can't believe it just ended there! Of course, I would like more


I would day that second-chance love story are the best one yet...


So I guess you should drop everything now and read this book! *wink wink*


Credits to all the gifs in this review. All are from the internet. And 9gag too.
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702 reviews15 followers
April 22, 2014
Nikos Demakis and Cassia Andrade were married because of a billion dollar contract through their grandfathers. Niko is your typical playboy, woman, toys and booze. He is not ready to settle down as he told his grandfather for at least another 10 to 15 years on his terms.

Cassia is a nobody, she was raised with her poor parents, and when they died she was past down to foster home to foster home, her story will break your heart.

So after the marriage something happens and it leaves Cassia devastated. Then it forwards their marriage 10 years later and this is where the fun begins with them.
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1 review3 followers
March 19, 2014
I'm giving it 5 stars X 2, so make it 10 huge shiny stars for this book deserves it! The author never ceased to amaze me. This is definitely one of the best books I've ever read, and this is the kind you want the whole world to read. It truly exceeded my expectations! I experienced all kinds of emotions while reading this story, I laughed, I cried, I even felt dread and was dumbfounded, and others. I so fell in love with the characters. Perhaps you'll think at first that they were just product of pure imagination and can never represent the real situations of humanity, but as you read, you'll eventually realize that what they encountered as characters of this book, really happens in real life. They showed feelings that we, ordinary people, experience everyday. This books also accentuate the greatest lessons in love and life that we must always remember. First is that revenge leads to nowhere and it'll just bring more pain and violence. Next is that there is no revenge as complete as forgiveness, Cassia and Nikos exhibited kindness to forgive all the wrongdoings Costas did to them. And everyone deserves a second chance at love and life. It would be a great leap of faith to start something new, but if it worked out, everything will be worth it. I'm glad Cassia took a risk in giving their marriage a try. These lessons will serve as reminders for me. And I really really love the places paraded by this book, it just strengthened my desire to visit Greece, and Bora Bora and Paris. I also love the words of wisdom written in the book, I love the quotes and these makes me read it over and over again. It has been a wonderful experience reading this book, and Cassia and Nikos' story will be forever wedged in my heart. To the amazing author, please please keep writing. Continue to inspire people and share joy and love to your readers. I will always support you in every step of the way. Thank you so much for this book and God bless!
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113 reviews3 followers
April 29, 2014
Okay, WOW, if someone said that a Filipino wrote this beforehand, I wouldn't have believed them. All throughout the book I thought the writer was greek!so kudos to Ms. Alyssa. I don't know if she has Greek lineage or just very knowledgeable in Greek culture but, yeah, kuodos all the same.

The Andrades and Demakis. Two wealthy families at war with each other all because in the name of love. So when an opportunity to crush and fulfill a lifelong vendetta against another arises, one simply takes advantage of the opportune.

So when Stavros Shipping goes down in shambles, Costas Andrade proposes a merger to his rival. Win-win, yes? But it may just be a plot to make the Demakis lose their company and make their lives miserable from Stavros down to his grandson, Nikos.

Nikos is the ultimate bachelor, young and rich and successful. The great triumvirate of the ultimate bachelor. He gets what what he wants when he wants it so why would he tie down himself with marriage with someone he doesn't even want and even more so to someone he is bound to hate?

Cassia is a social outcast. She recently discovered that his father was an heir to a billion dollar company and that his grandfather is still alive. Pulled out form fostercare, Cassia just can't seem to fit in with the rich and wealthy. She is socially awkward and feels unbeautiful amongst supermodels and beauty queens. So when Nikos pays some attention to her, she is instantly enthralled. Even moreso when she found out that she would be wed to him.

Apart from that this has typical ugly duckling urned to swan coming for revenge ring to it, I found it quite enjoyable. Yes, Nikos is a bastard whom is gullible contrary to what the others might say, believing the lies of a family rival over his wife's word and Cassia has that drive all other heroines instantly have when they were mocked and belittled. But all in all, this was a pleasant read.
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April 27, 2015
4 stars

The story reminds me of Pamela Ann's Falling for my Husband so after reading the synopsis, I decided to read it!

It's written in 3rd Person, which I'm not a fan of, but the author did well, I was able to connect with the characters though quite a few times, I thought I was reading the heroine's POV but it was the hero's. I kind of didn't like it, the POV's jumped from one character to another without pattern.

The story was interesting from the start. The heroine's not what we usually read that made guys melt, she's plain, low self esteem, doesn't really fight back that much, she's a goody-goody.

I love Hector! Love is a strong word, I like him. He's such a good guy. At first I was worried because I thought he was the guy on the epilogue......

I love what happened during the wedding, I was so sleepy but I forced myself to continue, my eyes were literally closing and protesting! But I just had to get through that very exciting scene so I could sleep. After the heroine left for America, the story continued ten years later, which...was okay. Both characters are more mature, the heroine was only 19 when she got married.

When the heroine removed her mask, I was like 'Take that you son of a bitch!'I wish that scene was a little longer, I enjoyed it very much.

I love this novel, it's been awhile that I've stayed up late for a novel. I would have given this novel a 5 star if it was written in 1st person POV.
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214 reviews
January 17, 2015

This is a good debut novel if ever this is her first. My student recommended it to me and gushing about it for the few hours we were together, now I know why she's giving that good praises for this story.

This is not your ordinary forced marriage story that will capture your hearts instantly but it will leave your hearts in a wrenching state after just the first few chapters. The sorrowful pain inflicted upon in every characters has their own deep impacts into the development of characters through out the years passed by. The pacing of the story is not that slow nor fast, it's just the right amount of progress.

This is not all about romance and happily ever after, but this will teach you how to trust, respect and have faith in a person. It also shows the true meaning of friendship, moving on, time lost, courage to accept failures and face the uncertain future and most important of all, family. Let's don't forget about revenge, there's nothing good will come out of it. It always ends in tragedy.

So all in all, this story is nicely done and very realistic.

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January 20, 2016
Do Not Read

The hero was a jerk and did not redeem himself or even attempt to.

The heroine was a doormat and never found her spine.

There was no meaningful conversation to enable them to understand each other. Nikos never made any effort to find out where his wife was coming from, if what she said was true. All that money and he couldn't hire a PI? Which his best friend was? And that only one of the plot holes of logic this book has.

He treated her worse than dirt at his wedding, the wedding night, the day after, humiliated her in front of all his friends who laughed at her. And nobody, not even Nikos, apologised for any of it. I couldn't understand how she didn't hold them accountable for their callousness after she met them again. But... spineless with no bone in sight describes he well.

I only give the author points for actually writing and posting her work out there. It takes courage and hard work to do that. However, this could have done with more refinement and more research into human logic and behaviour.
March 21, 2018
3.5 ✮ ✮ ✮ ✰

Nikos Demakis and Cassia Andrade’s grandfathers arranged a billion-dollar contract to merge their companies when the two get married. Cassia grew up in the United States as a normal middles class girl while Nikos grew up rich in Greece. When Cassia’s parents died her grandfather brought her to Greece and made her life miserable. Cassia is very shy and innocent at the time she met Nikos and she fell in love at first sight.

Meanwhile Nikos was fooled by Cassia’s grandfather and made Cassia a spoiled brat. Cassia was terribly hurt on their wedding day and decided to leave Greece and started on her own life.

10 years has passed and they are still married. A lot has happened but I will not go further with the story as I don’t want to give out too much.

This book is about forgiveness and 2nd chances. It’s just that 10 years for me is a long time to keep up a pretend marriage. Though the plot is different from the typical Billionaire cliché. There were also action and suspense and especially the drama. You’ll definitely like this.
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August 9, 2014
I have to say this book is one of few books that ends up exceeding my expectation.

When I first read it I thought this one was a common romantic story, you know, with unoriginal plot, marriage of convenience, one of them finally feel the urge to settle down and well, the usual in romance books.

So I was a lil bit surprised with all the actions this story have. lol. I won't give any spoiler because that's the surprise element. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of novel like this, but strangely this book was a page-turner for me.

It also had more depth than the usual romance story, well, it's hard not to if you 'suffered' together. Anyway, even with the intriguing mystery, this book's still a light read. For me who don't like thinking-hard-when-reading-but-getting-bored-with-common-romance-plot, I like it so much!

The reason is not a 5 star, only because one of them was 'playing around' while separated (you know the drill).
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5 reviews
April 1, 2014
After reading the book, I could totally give the author a chocolate bar, five stars on Goodreads, and a high five for creating a wonderful thing. I would do those things to express my gratitude. Damn, she brought me to Greece for almost 5 hours. And dear, I met another man (or should I say men?) worth claiming as one of the many boyfriends I had claimed after reading a good book. So, welcome boyfie Nikos! Hahaha! (AND LET ME ALSO HAVE ANTONIO AND ALEX!!!!!)

It was a really nice book. The action was there. The sizzling hot romance was there. And the revelations (Can't say it really. Don't want to spoil the other readers. You guys have to find that one out.) are so awesome.

The way it was written was almost perfect. It was really great. I can't get up my arse to do some chores because I can't leave the novel itself. It was worth reading.
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August 22, 2014
Finished it in a nights sitting. Its one the incredibly amazing books I have ever read. Consisting love, action, adventure, fun and mystery, its definitely a must read. The auction for Cassia's kiss and Nikos and Cassia's Great escape to the island were the bestest parts of the book. Every scene is well written and thoroughly enjoyable. Absolutely in love with Nikos and Cassia.
Seems like its not a debut novel but a book written by a well-experienced writer. Alyssa Urbano in this book empasised the most important things in love and in life; trust and courage.
I was in an emotional roller coaster ride throughout this reading experience. I cried, I laughed,and my heart ached along with the characters.
It is a truly remarkable novel and I would definitely not think twice in re-reading it again and again!
Wish u all the best Alyssa Urbano.
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July 21, 2014
I stayed up all night just to finish this book! And now I'm torn between giving it a 5 star or a 4 star! uugghh! I loved this book and at the same time hated how things happened again with Nickos. I felt sorry for him..for how he suffered.. For how both of then suffered. But still, I was happy with how things ended.
Anyways, no spoilers here! The book got me hooked! I was mad at Nikos, and then I felt happy with how Cassia became a stronger woman and then it made me feel pity and mad at the same time..and finally, I felt inlove. And felt giddy by the end of the story. Everything was so worth it for both of them in the end.. <3
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May 11, 2014
“They knew that when love hit, it hit hard. Love made you forget past mistakes and gave you hope for the future”

I really love it when a book is able to genuinely take me by surprise and keep me guessing like this one did. The more I think about all the layers, the more impressed I am with the way it all came together. I loved that the book leaves you thinking. I'm still running sections of it over and over in my mind processing it from all the different angles. It's really very well done!

“Am I winning your heart yet?”

Oh Alyssa Urbano! You win my heart! Looking forward for more!!
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