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The Road to Salvation #1

The Appeal of Evil

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Katie wants to invest her heart and soul in love, but she may lose both to Hell. Katie, a senior in high school, is torn between loving the "good" guy, her childhood friend Wes who makes promises he doesn't keep and abandons her when she needs him the most, and the "bad" guy, the new kid at school Josh who is also a real demon from Hell. Katie wants someone who pays attention to her and puts her first, but what is she willing to give up to find him?

210 pages, Paperback

First published January 13, 2014

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About the author

Pembroke Sinclair

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569 reviews200 followers
March 10, 2016
You can find more of my reviews at Cornerfolds.com!

When I first read the synopsis for The Appeal of Evil I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy it. It's not often you come across a paranormal romance about demons instead of vampires or werewolves! Unfortunately, it was not all I had hoped it would be (not even close).

The Appeal of Evil begins with Katie and Wes arguing and the reader is immediately made privy to their relationship woes. Honestly, there is no relationship. Katie has a crush on Wes and Wes is an unreliable jerk. The end. But not for Katie. She's been pining over him for years even though he's literally never kept a promise and she doesn't really know anything about him (though that hasn't stopped her from sharing every detail of her life with him for whatever reason). But suddenly a new guy named Josh shows up and - INSTALOVE - she can't decide who she cares more about. Even when she finds out he's a demon who wants to kill Wes (who, by the way, is a demon slayer), she can't decide who to side with. Did I mention this is like, one day after she meets Josh?

I cannot wrap my head around the relationships in this book. There is literally no reason whatsoever for Katie to have any loyalty whatsoever to Josh. To be honest, there's no reason she should feel any loyalty towards Wes either since he's a total ass. But she does. And I can't handle it.

This book, despite what I read in other reviews, is not written in such a way that I would want to continue reading it. Apart from the annoyingly unbelievable relationships, Katie is irritating. There are literally full pages of her wondering about various scenarios. For example:

Katie's breath caught in her throat. What was she going to do? In either scenario, someone was going to get hurt. Did she want to alleviate her pain by helping Josh fight against Wes? Josh was right: she did want Wes out of her life, but not permanently. And she didn't want to watch him die. Sure, he'd been a jerk and broken her heart for eleven years, but that didn't mean he deserved to be killed. And why would Josh want her to travel around with him? He was a demon; what could he possibly like about her? What could she possibly see in a demon? Did she have any other choices? If she protected Wes, she'd probably be right back to where they started. If he didn't get close to anyone for fear of them getting hurt, he would totally abandon her after they got out of this alive. Or would he? What if he continued to play the same game, claiming he just wanted to make sure she was safe? Wes popping in and out of her life would drive her insane. It already did. If she helped Josh, she was helping evil, but he'd stayed true to his word and never let her down. Could she count the last day as him keeping his word? She thought so. Wes had never kept his word hours after giving it. What was she going to do?

Please tell me that's not the most infuriating paragraph you've ever read in your life. That's just one of several I ran across in the 22% of the book that I made it through.

Alas, I cannot say much about the world building. All I can say is the main character is one of the most annoying I've ever come across and the plot is ridiculous (so far). It seems that other people enjoyed it and maybe you would too, but I couldn't make it.
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498 reviews37 followers
May 22, 2015
3.5 rating!

I really liked the concept of this book. Good vs Evil. What I found interesting was how good was evil and evil was good in Katie's eyes. This story is very fast paced. It was like boom let's do this. The problem with that was I didn't feel connected to the main character Katie. I lacked compassion towards her. If there was a little more back story about her everyday life I think it would make a big difference. It was well written. I just want to make myself clear I am completely team Josh. I want to read the next book to see what happens.
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310 reviews91 followers
February 7, 2014
The Appeal of Evil - Could not be a more appropriate title that would convey the essence of this book!

After the first pages I had some doubts about the book, yet the author never gave me any reason to give up reading, so I continued. Is far from me the regret that I did.

If you've ever wondered how a person (apparently) good chose the dark side, how and why it can fall into the nets of and on devils’ side, well, The Appeal of Evil will give you a very good answer. Because, without lacking of action scenes and danger, this (hopefully first) volume focuses on what I could call, more as a joke and recognizing the extension use of the term meaning, the subjective element of the crime (mens rea)... i.e. that intimate, intellectual process of making capital decision.

Katie, the main character, must answer several questions: what is good and what is bad, what to do, what to choose. And if finding the correct answers to these questions is not sufficiently hard, things are actually more complicated because the heroine‘s clear thinking is flawed by a broken heart, a unaccepted resignation, by partial explanation and especially by the blurred images and promises of a devil what lay in her eyes and heart a lot of shades of gray, true or not. Any motivations that could have stopped all that will happen are given too late, after the evil deceptions already got root.

The characters are believable, they convey emotions and support the story, and both pretendants will attract fans. Pembroke Sinclair exploits very well the idea of our day paranormal literature that pure evil is gradually becoming an antihero, and after that he will change, for the sake of his sweetheart, in the good guy, and so she makes the reader to hope that something good exists too in Josh, the demon. If we add here that it is in the nature of a lover to believe that it has the power to change for the better any bad guy, it's clear that the road to hell is paved not only with good intentions, but also with too much self-confidence.

In the absence of a firm decision to take side of one or the other, the two-way deeds and words will lead to an intense ending. A denouement that could be a finale, but one that also provides great opportunities for a continuation... that I cannot wait to read it.

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581 reviews57 followers
March 29, 2016
Katie has had a crush on Wes since kindergarten. Wes has secretly been trying to protect Katie all these years, but his actions have left Katie confused. "For every tender action, he always followed it up with abandonment." Now Josh Evers, the new boy and also the hottest boy in school, is showing Katie a lot of attention. But Josh is hiding a secret as well. Josh is a demon and he wants to hurt Wes by going after those he loves, and that means Katie.

As Katie struggles with her feelings towards both boys, she also senses that there is a blackness in her soul. Can she change her destiny? Can she ever really trust Wes after all the secrets he has kept from her over the years? Can she "save" Josh? In this battle between good and evil, who will win, and which side will Katie choose?

While well-written for the most part, there was a bit too much exposition, tiresome self-analysis, and wondering about "what if" for my liking. As Katie herself even says, "She could drive herself crazy thinking about all the what-ifs." Well, I don't know about her, but she sure was driving me crazy! There was also too much description of characters' movements, for example: "When Katie was done eating, she brushed her teeth and grabbed her backpack from her room. She unplugged her phone from the charger and turned it back on, placing it in her pocket as she headed out the door. After pulling the door closed, she turned and stopped on the porch." Totally unnecessary! And be warned, this book ends on a major cliffhanger. You'll have to read the sequel to find out what happens next.

All in all, this was an interesting story that kept me reading, and I am now involved enough in the characters' lives to want read the next book in the series.

I received this book for the purpose of providing an honest review.

3.5 Stars
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630 reviews80 followers
July 28, 2015
The synopsis for the story intrigued me alot and let me say that I did enjoy the story but oh my gosh the main character Katie almost drove me insane! I found her to be very whiny and childish. I mean she supposed to be a "senior" in high school but to me comes off acting more like a grade school student.

I really felt like she maybe was a senior in body but had the mind of a child because she supposedly has had a crush on Wes for many years but most girls I know don't even begin liking guys all that well until early high school. Even still who in their right mind is going to pine away for one person for so long knowing they don't feel the same way when there is so many other "fish in the sea"? I mean seriously why keep setting yourself up for the disappointment?

But with that being said, that doesn't mean run out and hook up with the first guy that "DOES" pay you some attention ESPECIALLY if you find out he is a demon! I can understand Katie's attraction to Josh...he comes in a pretty package and appears to be putting her needs first but undoubtedly nobody has ever told Katie to beware of wolves in sheep clothing?

I'm not really super liking any of the characters at this point. Katie as I said is so naive that at times I wanna smack her, Wes is a bit too secretive and comes off acting holier than thou and Josh is a sneaky booger but the story is really fast paced and demonstrates how easily evil can look good and vice versa.

Katie is really having a tough time deciding which side she wants to be on because they both have good and bad points. We're left with a good cliffhanger and I feel like things will heat up better in book two.
August 23, 2015
I received this book in return for an honest review.


This book was AMAZING!
And let me just say, I'm honestly not a biog fan of these kind of books. Demons and stuff just isn't my thing. But this book... oh my gosh! Super awesome! Gripping, eye-popping, astonishing! The list goes on and on. If you are a fan of Hush, Hush and Fallen, you are gonna love this book. I could NOT put it down. So if you start it, you might as well clear your whole schedule because you are going to be sucked in and won't want to put the book down.
5+ astounding stars

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589 reviews95 followers
February 27, 2014

I just love Pembroke's all book! She's such a great Writer. I enjoyed this one,like other books of her.
Also there was a lot tense situation,but I think it was kind of HOT!!
I don't want to take sides for these guys but...JOSH!
Sometimes you just want to choose dangerous one :)
Author 8 books11 followers
March 22, 2014
John Keats and the Romantics explored the idea of deadly beauty, and like the poem "La Belle Dame Sans Merci," where brave knights are waylaid to death by a spirit that enchants them with her supernatural beauty, Pembroke Sinclair creates a narrative where the heroine, Katie, a senior in high school, finds herself waylaid by hot teenage hunks who are on opposing sides in the war of good vs evil. Unlike the Keats poem, the hot hunks want Katie’s soul, not her life. Beauty, it seems, exists on both sides of the war, and both tempt Katie in a tug of war for her heart, soul, and mind. Beauty is The Appeal of Evil.

The novel opens as Katie navigates another dreadful day in high school. But by the end of the day she finds herself balancing the pros and cons of Wes, her old childhood crush, and Josh, her new handsome knight in shining armor. Wes is a tease. Josh is polite and decisive. Both offer Katie enough attention to keep her distracted and bothered throughout the rest of the day. Both boys have her hooked, and Katie spends most of the early act of the novel trying to figure out which one she likes best, which readers will relate to. This romantic tension will appeal to readers of the Twilight series; team Josh, or team Wes? Who does Katie like the best?

The Appeal of Evil is at its heart about the choices we make as people, and how they add up to a life. The main conflict is internal, for Katie is given choices. Josh offers answers, security, albeit of an evil variety, and Wes offers an old comfort, but no easy answers, and ironically, more deception. Josh is a demon sent up from Hell, but quite up-front about reaping souls, and Wes is a Praesul, a demon hunter, trained to be highly secretive and deceptive to protect those around them. Part of the appeal of evil, and Josh, for Katie is that evil doesn't lie, as much, where the good characters cloak themselves in lies and deceit. When Josh takes Katie out of the hospital and portals her to Hell, he tells her that she's needed and wanted as an agent of evil. Katie finds this honesty attractive, coupled with the fact that Josh is hot and knows exactly how to turn her on doesn't hurt either. Her path seems set. But that’s part of the narrative twists Sinclair sets up for the reader as she lays the groundwork for her demon hunting series.

Wes, and his despondent father, are both Praesuls, and because their life is cloaked in secrecy, Wes keeps Katie out, which ticks Katie off to no end. Add to the fact that her mother seems to find the father sympathetic and attractive, Katie bucks the demon hunting Brady Bunch impulse, or at least for while. Years of what ifs work against Wes: what if only Wes liked me? What if he opened up to me this time? What if he kissed me, or asked me out? What if he told my mother what was really going on with his family? What if Wes shares his demon hunting life with me?

Sinclair sets up Katie as the balance point between good and evil. In this way she is as ordinary as any of us in the real world. Good feels too hard, full of difficult choices, whereas evil feels easier, full of parties, popularity, and fun. It's a metaphor for the teen experience, and Sinclair puts up front for the choices that will, or could eventually ruin a life. Of course, in the demon hunting world of Evil, this means giving up your soul to popular, well liked Josh. And Sinclair is aware of the trappings of her metaphor, and even winks at the reader as she acknowledges Katie's metaphorical journey of heart and soul. Her best friend, Deb has a secret, and when she reveals that her grandfather was also a Praesul, Katie's secret world opens a little bit wider, and she finally has someone she can talk to. Most of the novel's tension comes from the fact that Katie can talk to no one about her secrets. By novel's end she has a veritable Scooby Gang as she relies on Randy, Wes' father, to help her rescue her mother and Wes from Josh's evil machinations. What will she decide? Sinclair doesn't offer an easy answer, as she leaves the reader hanging in the balance, as Katie is left to figure out how to save herself.

The Appeal of Evil sets up what promises to be a back and forth series in the vein of The Vampire Diaries, and Twilight, where good and evil aren't necessary easily understood, and where the heroine must make difficult decisions and balance out the lives of loved ones with her own. Three stars.
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104 reviews12 followers
February 3, 2015
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The author has never asked me or tried to influence me for a positive review, nor have I promised one.

My head hurts. I really do wish this had less romance in it. I really think the romance took away from actual story development.

With that said the story minus the romance was good. However I found it to be lacking in character development.

The story centers around Katie. OMG! I hate Katie. I hope she dies in the end and goes to hell to punish for all eternity. I wish Wes or even Josh were the main character. Anyway… So Katie has been in love with her friend Wes forever, but Wes has a secret life (demon killing) that he wanted to protect her from and so he avoids a relationship with her (but he’s still her friend). Now she meets a new guy, Josh, who’s always there for her, is hot and defends her when she and Wes gets into an altercation. He also has a secret, he’s a demon. Now this is where the story loses me. Josh wants to steal souls. He originally intends to do this to Katie then finds out that Wes is a demon-fighting Praesul and decides to use her as bait to kill him. This will raise his status a demon. Of course, Josh tries to convince Katie that he likes her and maybe he does. But for Christ’s sake (pun intended) how can Josh’s secret be less bad than Wes’. Give me a break. To me this is a no brainer. Except, she considers it and then this debate drags on for the rest of the book. Till she ultimately end’s up choosing Josh because he has threatened her. But she is convinced that she can save a soul-less demon. Good luck with that!

The premise of learning about her world of demons and demon hunting is much more enjoyable to me. I hope that we eventually learn more about the demon-hunters. I know book 2 will be more about the demons, but I am always on the side of good. Perhaps that was one of my reasons for getting upset with Katie as well. If a guy I met told me he was a demon… f**k that… I’d disappear before you finish this sentence.

You already know I hate Katie. Here are my reasons why. She is whiny, needy, self-centered. I mean she literally makes everything about her. Wes tells her he can’t give her certain information because she might get tortured and he can’t risk anyone finding it out and she goes on defensive mode. “Oh you can’t trust me when I’ve trusted you for so long”. I’m sure not with someone’s life you have. I am still hoping that she will grow up and realize she is in the wrong because in truth she is.

Wes is a butt-kicking demon fighter and my fave character. I feel like he has the best character development and you can relate to him to some extent. You understand why he has tried to keep Katie out of this world because it is dangerous. And although her knowing about demons would probably have kept her safe in this situation, it’s still one those cases where the person you’re trying help is such a pain that you sometimes think they aren’t worth trying to save.

Josh is good at what he does. He gathers souls easily and he has Katie wrapped around his finger. She is so gullible and naive and that’s exactly want he wants. I can understand if your bad and you love it so he is perfectly understandable.


The writing was very gripping, actually. Although I wish I could skip over 90% of what ever Katie is thinking about. There is just too much. “What if I do this and this happens?”. And worst, sometimes she says she’ll do something and never does, or does the opposite. It’s hard to keep at.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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257 reviews68 followers
February 12, 2015
Reviewed at: http://queenofteenfiction.blogspot.co...

This story follows Katie, a high school student with a seemingly normal life until fellow student Josh suddenly comes to her defence in an argument with her best friend, Wes. Katie then discovers that Josh and Wes aren’t all what they seem, and her world is turned upside down.

The first few chapters throw you straight into the story, but also straight into a love triangle. I felt like I knew nothing about Katie as a character, but I knew all about her past with Wes, and her sudden feelings towards Josh. Although this is a story about Demons and Hell, I felt like it was more to do with Katie’s romantic relationships than anything else.

I really enjoyed Katie’s friendship with Deb, but it happened too late on in the story. We hear mentions of Deb throughout a bunch of chapters before we actually meet her, and I feel like the story would have benefited from her presence from the very start. I liked a certain twist that her character revealed towards the end, but it felt random and too conveniently placed. Maybe if there had been more clues hinting towards it, then it would’ve felt believable.

The characters I liked the most were Randy and Wes. I wanted to know more about them and their lives. I felt like I didn’t get to see enough of Wes, and I think he and his father have huge potential to be really interesting characters. I also want to know more about Josh, because right now, I can’t see his appeal. Katie’s feelings towards him are quite confusing and it seems like she keeps changing her mind over him. He’s untrustworthy and dangerous, yet she feels safe with him. I want to know what it is about him that she trusts, because I don’t think he’s done that much to prove he’s worth choosing.

There were some funny moments in the story that I enjoyed, and definitely some realistic scenes. For example, I like that when Katie told her mother the truth about Randy and Wes, her mother thought she was suffering with rabies. A lot of the time in fantasy, I find that shocking revelations are calmly accepted by characters, when in reality, they’d completely freak out. So I liked that this story showed a few more obvious and realistic reactions. Katie’s relationship with her mother is an aspect of the story I especially liked. I wish we’d gotten to see a bit more of their home life, and learnt about the family’s past.

The disappointing side for me was the love triangle. I prefer romance being a subplot to the fantasy and action in YA stories, but with this book, it felt a little like the fantasy was a subplot to the romance. Everything in this story revolved around the two boys. Even Katie’s thoughts were dominated mostly by the guys, and which one’s side she should choose. It made it extremely difficult for me to like Katie. I wanted to know more about her, and I wanted her to be stronger and make choices that didn’t revolve around the boys.

I know this is the first book in a series, so in the second book, I’m hoping we get to see more of Hell, and get to know more about Josh. I also think that Katie needs more of a plot away from the two guys. Maybe meeting a new friend, or taking off on her own for once. I’m rooting for her to become a stronger character. I look forward to seeing what the second book has to offer, because I still think this is a story with good potential, but it simply hasn’t delivered it yet.
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505 reviews141 followers
January 28, 2014

Check out the blog tour at my blog post, with a giveaway and an excerpt too.

This book has given me some mixed feelings. Let’s start with the good. Overall, this story is captivating, interesting and gets you hooked. IF you can stand the main character, Katie, which I couldn’t. She was a whiny, selfish shallow person. The overall writing was pretty good, except a few things I talk about below. I really liked Wes and Randy, and Hated Josh. It was a quick read for sure, with the biggest cliffhanger ever too. Just fair warning, boy I hate cliffhangers.

As for the bad: There are a few things that I didn’t like, one of them is the tiresome inner dialogue that goes on and one, we are in very immature teenage girls head. She will go on and on about “what if’s” that seem to never stop. Even Katie, would think to herself that she could drive herself crazy with all the “what ifs”. Well if it didn’t drive her crazy, it sure did me.

I also didn’t like the nonsense filler info. Mostly on her actions, just too much. For example:

She turned to her bowl and shoveled the food into her mouth. Mom disappeared upstairs to finish getting ready. When Katie was done eating, she brushed her teeth and grabbed her backpack from her room. She unplugged her phone from the charger and turned it back on, placing it in her pocket as she headed out the door. After pulling the door closed, she turned and stopped on the porch.

That whole paragraph is so unnecessary. There are so many instances in that useless info, mostly of movements and actions etc.

Don’t get me wrong, overall the story is still interesting, and will appeal the younger crowd. This all happens pretty early in the book, so it’s not too bad later on.

I am still giving this book 4 stars because what didn’t appeal to me, will to others. I know the biggest issue for me is me disliking Katie, so it puts me off her from the start then I get a bit nit-picky, sorry for that, can’t help it and want to be honest.

I realize that the title is the Appeal to Evil, but I guess I didn’t really think that she would like evil, lol, I should pay more attention to titles and the meanings.

I still do recommend this book to those who like a quick easy evil against good type book, and do not mind the mind of a teenage girl, who “thinks” to much, lol

I was provided a copy of this book for my honest review.

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Author 4 books248 followers
February 20, 2014
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

3.5 Stars

The Appeal of Evil is a rather interesting story with one heck of a love triangle. Demon versus demon hunter with the soul of the girl the prize. I don't think Katie particularly enjoys being the prize, but she's dealing with two alpha males who will not take 'no thank you' for an answer.

Katie has been crushing on Wes as long as she can remember. He has a long streak of drawing her in, only to abandon her immediately afterward. It's obvious she has abandonment issues from losing her dad when she was a young girl. Wes just makes everything worse until this poor girl doesn't know which way is up anymore. I have to give her excuses because frankly, her wishy-washy attitude annoyed me to no end. It boggles the mind how she can allow bad boy, demon Josh to string her along. Sweet words does not a sweet person make.

Wes and Josh want to fight for Katie. Let's take a closer look at these two guys. Wes has been her friend for years, and done nothing but break her heart over and over again. He's a tool. I don't care about his calling. I don't care about his needing to keep her at arms length to protect her. He reeled her in and hurt her so many times, I think maybe he's the demon.

Josh doesn't hide his intentions, though he hides his demonic form behind the exterior of a drop-dead gorgeous teenager. It's hard to say whether he's honest or not because he's a demon, and they do have a tendency to lie. Josh tells Katie he wants her because of the dark spot on her soul. She's so physically attracted to Josh that she can't see straight. The girl knows what he is and doesn't run screaming. He shows her souls suffering in hell, and she acts like it's a field trip. Katie is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She's emotionally stunted enough that she allows Josh to string her along.

For the most part, this is an enjoyable story. Though, Katie's indecision got old really quick. Make a decision and live with it. I loved Josh's character, he was rather amusing most of the time. Wes I wanted to beat upside the head. This is book one of a series, so the ending isn't really an ending but closer to a cliffhanger. If you are a fan of love triangles, I think you'll enjoy this good vs evil story. The Appeal of Evil is suitable for ages 13+. There is some violence, rather graphic at times, and some coarse language.
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28 reviews6 followers
August 31, 2014
The Appeal of Evil is not for the faint of heart. From the very first page, it's a whirlwind that will suck you in until the final sentence. This is one of the fastest paced books I've ever read, and while I would have liked a few slower parts, I couldn't put this one down.

I loved the balance of reality and fantasy this book had. Katie was half in the real-world with her best friend and parties and prom and half in the boys' fantasy world fighting demons. As strange as that sounds, it actually worked really well and was one of my favorite aspects of the story. However, my main issue was with Katie herself. Her life and story revolved around Wes and Josh. Every little thing about her was defined by the boys and I felt like I never really got to know who Katie was. Wes and Josh were both such strong characters, but Katie felt a little washed out, her thoughts and motives were never clear. The story was told from her point of view, but often there were creeping mentions of the boys' thoughts instead of her own. I feel like Katie had such potential to be a really strong female lead, but she fell flat for me. I also would have liked for her best friend's story line to be finished, but I guess that's one for the next book in the series.

Other than that, I loved The Appeal of Evil. It was fast-paced with action on every page. However, that did take away from the drama of the story line as it never really felt like there was a climax because there was constantly a conflict.

The fantasy aspect of this book is very well done. Often times I'm leery to read high fantasy books because the world can become really confusing. I think the split reality/fantasy aspect really helped with this. I also really loved that this was a book that dealt with demons, but didn't include angels. With so many Heaven vs. Hell books on the market, it's hard to find an original one, but I truly did enjoy the fantasy aspect as it was different from so many others.

I am actually a huge fan of cliff hangers. If you don't give me a reason to need the next book, I'm probably not going to read it. And, while placed at a very awkward point in the story, the end of this book isn't just a cliff hanger; you'll fall off the cliff wanting more.

Overall, I really liked The Appeal of Evil. Even though I had issues with Katie, Wes and Josh pretty much made up for it. The fantasy in this novel is out of this world, and that alone is worth a read.
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Author 25 books104 followers
January 17, 2014
Katie has done her best to live a good life. It's her last year in high school, and she's intent on making the most of it. Determined to forget about past hurts, she tells herself she'll be strong whenever Wes comes her way. She wants to believe that she no longer feels anything for him, but his good looks and charm always do a number on her.

When things between the two of them come to a head, Katie realizes that there's a lot about him she doesn't know. Add to the fact that she's received the unexpected attentions of a boy named Josh, and things are growing weirder by the second. The two of them are trying to pull her in every direction, hoping that she'll side with both of their plights.

Though she's not sure as to what it is she needs to do, she's willing to hear both sides of the story. Granted, she still hasn't grasped the fact that her world has been torn asunder. The very thought of Heaven and Hell is mind-boggling. More so when Wes and Josh wreak havoc on everything she knows.

As things grow more chaotic by the day, Katie soon realizes that she's being forced to choose between both sides. On the one hand, Wes wants the best for her, but he's determined in gaining ground in his own manner. A manner she refuses to stand for. Josh, on the other hand, has shown her a kindness she's not sure what to make of it. Yes, he's evil, but at least he's shown her exactly who and what he is. Unsure of what to do, she tells herself she needs to be strong. The question is, how can she do that when her heart is being pulled in so many directions?

Pembroke Sinclair has written another intriguing thriller. The story pulls you in from the moment you begin reading. So much so, that you don't want it to end. Caught up in the action, you're thrown smack-dab into Katie's chaotic life. Though she's head-strong, she's still vulnerable. The lure of evil is getting under her skin, and it's only a matter of time before she succumbs to it. I'm looking forward to what Pembroke has in store for her soon enough. This is a series you're definitely going to want to sink into. It's that good!
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418 reviews21 followers
July 10, 2014
Katie has been in love with Wes since she was a kid. Wes has pulled her in and pushed her away over and over again. Katie finally decides to no longer put up with it. Katie decides it's time to put Wes in her past. Then comes Josh. He is handsome, and pays attention to Katie even when she didn't think he knew who she was. Katie is instantly drawn to him, because he isn't afraid to show Katie attention

I do not link insta-love. It's just too unrealistic. Yet, I can see how Katie falls for Josh so easily. Josh pays attention to Katie, and Katie is determined to put Wes behind her. How better than to go for the new guy? It's a little much all at once, and I think it moves a little fast.

Katie's world is torn apart in a heart beat. When she meets Josh she learns that he is not all he is cracked up to be. He is a demon from Hell. What? Yes, a demon. Then to top it off Wes, decides to be everywhere. He claims to be helping Katie get away from Josh because Wes is a Praesul, and hunts demons.

This was a cute read. It was a bit teeny bopper for me, and I say that as a compliment because I love teeny bopper. Having said that, this was a little too teeny bopper..hehe. I enjoyed reading it, and thought it was super cute, but the insta love wasn't my favorite.

I enjoyed the battle between Josh and Wes, and the struggle Katie had to go through to decide for herself if she really wanted to follow the demon from Hell or the good boy she grew up with.

I cannot remember if this is suppose to be a series or not, because I am lame that way BUT it better be. It cannot end the way it did. It did not finish enough for me. I don't like it when books do that to me. When I read a book that is a stand alone and it doesn't end how I think it should I will spend the next week dreaming about it. I always dream up either the ending I want, or a very traumatic ending. hehe. I know silly.

Source: I bought this book for myself from Amazon. I am not affiliated with Amazon in any way. I was not compensated in any way for this review. These are my own PERSONAL thoughts on the book.
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September 4, 2014
The Appeal of Evil By Pembroke Sinclair
—Review by Bethanie

Where do I start?
Hmm, the beginning would be best. Well I must say this. The first chapter set the mood for the entire book—Tennis Match. I’ll be honest this is one of those stories I love to hate and hate to love.
Ms. Sinclair really has a nack for creating the type of story where I was not sure who I wanted to win. In reading, I started jumping between the good boy and the bad boy and at the end I really wanted the one just stuck in the middle to find a way out. It was nothing like I had imagined—warning cliffhanger. It is the first book in a series, so a cliffhanger seemed appropriate.
I consider myself a fairly decent judge of how a book will turn out or what might happen. This time I was just stumped. It would seem the main character would be going one way and then would turn around when I was almost sure she had made a choice and go directly opposite of what I thought. It was frustrating and exciting at the same time.
Whether you like good vs. evil or not you will get into this book. I was concerned at first but by about the second chapter, I was hooked. I read the book in less than twenty-four hours.
I found myself getting so excited or really nervous about what would happen next that my eyes would rush down the page. I would then have to stop and go back to where I started the rush to keep up with everything happening. There was so much.

The writing of this book was superb. I cannot think of a single thing that made me go back and question what was going on. The story flowed like water from the tap. The description of things in the book brought me directly into it as if I were standing there witnessing it first hand. The story was NOT your typical good vs. evil, but at the same time it was. I’ll let you figure that out when you read it. 
Would I recommend this book to others? Definitely yes! Happy reading!

I was given a copy of this book in return for a fair and honest review. No monetary exchange was made.
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March 27, 2015
BLOG REVIEW: http://chaibooks.blogspot.ca/2015/03/...

The Appeal of Evil is a great, fast-paced paranormal romance! It reads super easily. Although Evil doesn't have too much action, there was just enough of character building to keep it interesting.

I felt like there was too much of an instant romance, especially in the beginning. The beginning is, in my opinion, the weakest part of the book. It was too romance-heavy, too quickly. There was a lot of telling instead of showing in the beginning part, which I understand because there were a lot of introductions made, but I felt like it was too expository in that sense. I also found faults in how the author tried to portray Wes. I didn't feel any real emotion or feelings of affection from him. The only times I felt like Wes actually cared about Katie was when Katie would state, "I know he cares for me," or the like. I know this is to keep his stoic and the remain true to his duties as a Praesul, but his character simply fell flat for me.
I am pretty much a huge fan of the the "bad-boy" trope, so of course I was rooting for Josh the whole time. I guess I did sort of got what I wanted in the end, but I really hope that Josh goes through more character development in future installments as I love his character. Also, for some reason I envisioned him with a British accent the whole time? Odd, however, I did enjoy his character all the more.

The world-building was mediocre. It was super interesting, especially the brief adventure into Hell,. however, for the most part, there was little-to-no world building. This is forgivable because it is a romance and an urban fantasy but I really do hope we get to explore more into the world of Praesul and Demons in future books.

Overall, it wasn't a perfect read at all, but it is a quick, paranormal fantasy that was simply a fun ride! There is a bit of action and some romantic intrigue to keep the story super interesting. Definietly recommended for those looking for a quick, fun read!
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January 14, 2014
Whew! Talk about having to choose between the good boy and the bad boy! This book is for anyone that wants a fast and fun read! I loved every word! And funnily enough there are a lot of moments when Katie is just sitting around thinking and I remember thinking to myself that if I had to read a bunch of non dialogue in another book I may be disgusted or at the very least bored. But not with The Appeal of Evil. We’re in Katie’s head most of the time and it was fabulous. I really enjoyed getting to see the dilemma in her choice and why she made that choice at the end.

I mean, Wes is supposed to be the good guy but he’s basically an idiot most of this book. Consistently hurting Katie with every turn. The reasons behind it may or may not be good enough, to me I don’t think they really are. Katie is so open to him and he squashes her every move!

And then you have the bad boy… and Josh is the epitome of a bad boy. You think some of the things he does would turn Katie off (and all of the readers!) but really he can have a good soul underneath, right? He’s so suave and sweet (when he’s not eating souls) and really looks after Katie, and especially in the times when Wes has let her down, AGAIN!

Needless to say I totally got into these characters. I love the choice between good guy or bad guy! But in this case is it really choosing between heaven and hell? That’s some pretty heavy stuff! Why does a girl need to choose at all?

So, I loved this. I can’t wait for the sequel. Yes I’m going with Team Josh. Total bad boy but I am hoping maybe there is something else there that can be saved.

It’s almost like believing in Snape all of those years and finding out later the truth behind everything. Maybe it’s like that… maybe? …
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September 14, 2014
The war between good and evil is endless and you can find thousands of stories about it. However, when Katie finds herself divided between the two sides an original argument comes to surface.

Katie and Wes have been friends since they were kids and she has always loved him. Despite suffering multiple times because it seems Wes doesn’t love her too, she still tries to be his friend. But when Josh enters the picture, things get a bit dangerous.

Katie is a character difficult to define. She seems so naïve at times but also strong and decided so it is hard to say if I like her or not. I enjoyed the fact that she doesn't go for the logical choice she is not the typical "good and nice" heroine. It’s like she had a twisted sense of good and bad.

The love triangle is entertaining. However, for moments the intensity gets lost because she is so focused in only one guy and the other is just a distraction. Maybe in the next book we can see more tension and drama.

The writing is good, the action scenes are easy to follow and the dialogues are natural and believable. I like the internal conversations Katie has in her mind, this are typical teenager behavior and for me are so real. Kids that age spend endless hours figuring out what to do and why.

Another element I enjoyed is how soon in the book Josh identity is revealed. I was reading and asking: “and now what???” luckily the author had it all planned and the action continued.

This is the first of a series so you can imagine some lose ends and questions left unanswered.

If you like YA paranormal with teenager drama and love triangles you should give this book a look.

*** I received a complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review. ***
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361 reviews
July 28, 2014
I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Many of the actions and reactions in The Appeal of Evil were portrayed realistically and it seemed easy to slip into the lives of the main characters. The only real issue that I had with the characters of The Appeal of Evil is that throughout most of the book I was honestly supremely annoyed with Katie. There were a few moments where I was excited for her and happy with her but most of the time, she just annoyed me. Most likely because of the fact that her thoughts could go around in circles, or she started leaning to make a decision that I thought crazy. Whatever it was I found it hard to read much of the book because of the annoying behavior of Katie.

The writing was really well done, and it was smooth. Not to mention that Pembroke Sinclair also portrayed the struggle between good and evil as difficult. Many times the main characters almost seem to find it easy to choose the side of good or the good guy. But it was clear that Katie wasn't exactly happy with the good guys and she had reason not to be. There was a difficulty between choosing what she thought right and her wish for someone to treat her the way she felt she deserved to be. It was an interesting dilemma, and I liked the difficulty that it was treated as.

The debate between good and evil is an interesting read and you should give it a chance.

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March 27, 2015
You can find more reviews at http://highway-ya.blogspot.com
(I was given this free ebook in exchange for an honest review)

The story opens with Katie who is a senior in high school. She has always held a crush on a childhood friend named Wes but he constantly breaks her heart over and over. When she finally thinks she has officially given him up she is always thrown back into his charm. It took me a while to connect with Katie. She was irritating to me especially at the beginning of the story. When she tries to convince her mother that Wes and his father are not what it seems over and over again and is constantly in disbelief of the truth it was a bit frustrating. Going into the story that faded away and I enjoyed the character.

Josh who is the popular kid at school starts to notice Katie and starts to spend time with her. Wes shows his disapproval of how close she is getting with Josh and tells her to leave him alone. Katie only brush it off and assume it is jealousy and the only reason why Wes would be concern . Things aren't what they seem between the two boys.

Katie's world is thrown upside down and what she thought was real and the truth is totally the opposite.

I loved the plot of the story. Ever since I read The Collector by Victoria Scott I have been into the demon type books. I enjoyed reading this story and I look forward to reading more by this author.

Rating 4Stars
Recommend? Yes
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January 20, 2014
I was given a copy by the author in return of my honest review.

I loved this book. It has so many twists and turns that you would be hooked throughout the novel. Pembroke has done an amazing job with her characters and you do relate to Katie on so many levels.

it starts with Katie and Wes. Katie is crazy about Wes, but he is toying with her feelings time and time again, rejecting her every time she thinks something is going to happen. For sure a girl will get fed up with this and Katie did when Josh came into the picture.

Now Josh is the ultimate bad boy, a demon eating souls.

He is amazingly sweet on Katie and although she knows Josh is bad news, she really wants him too.

Wes don’t like it one bit, and it turns out that Wes is Katie’s protector, but chooses to do this from a distance.

Katie needs to choose, good or evil and believe me it’s not as easy as you would think.

I really loved this novel. I couldn’t put it down and I feel sorry for Katie that has to choose between the good guy, Wes, or evil bad boy Josh. I liked both of them, Josh a bit more, and it’s for me hard to choose.

I would recommend this for everyone that wants to read a fast entertaining novel about good and evil. I hope there will be a sequel.

Good luck Pembroke and job well done. I can understand now why you are a finalist in the Dante Roseetti Awards.

I wish you all the luck with that.
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February 3, 2015
Hello Readers,
I was given this book to read for free in exchange for an honest review and, honestly, I wish it could have been more enjoyable. I don't really know how to express it. Yes, I read the whole thing; yes, I wanted to know what would happen next; yes the plot moved at a good pace and I was never confused by what was happening. I don't know though, I was distracted easily while reading it and didn't feel the need to get back to it right away. It seemed like it was all set up for the next book in the series, like the pilot episode of a TV show...throw everything at them in the beginning so the real action can build from there. It also seemed like every other type of demon/vampire story out there on TV right now...two guys wanting one girl for either themselves, or because they want to "protect" her from the other. I'm over that type of storyline and am looking for something exciting, not just more of the same. I will be reading "Dealing with Devils" (The Road to Salvation, Book 2) in hopes that it will make this one better somehow. Book one is left with Katie being taken by one side (good? evil? read the book to find out, it really could go either way at the end) and things are kind of up in the air. I am interested to know what happens next, but I'm not on the edge of my seat, to say the least.
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February 17, 2015
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Katie, a normal 17 year old girl, finds herself in the middle of an age-old battle between good and evil, but which side will she choose?

The Good:
Fast-paced and easy to follow.
Great ideas of good, evil, Praesul and Demons to give the story a fantastical edge based on things we already understand.
Perfect for the YA readership, though perhaps a younger category than the main character as she is a little bit naive.
Totally readable and easy to pick up. Perfect for a bit of light reading.
Points for the cover - Josh is HOT.

The Bad:
One dimensional characters, particularly Deb, Katie's Mum, Wes and his Dad.
A little too much teen angst and self-pity.
No decision-making for the main character to move the story on, so grew a little stale.
A couple of grammatical errors - 'worse comes to worse' is meant to be 'worst' (I'm pretty certain, anyway).

A cast of fairly unlikeable characters gives little for the reader to care about, but it is a fun, easy-going read. You do tend to egg Katie on all the time, but tend to feel exasperated with her. The ending is certainly interesting, with a big old cliffhanger ready for the next book, but it doesn't quite answer the 'will she, won't she' question. Still, it might have been me, given that I am not exactly a YA any more!
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December 20, 2013
Katie has had a crush on Wes since she was six years old. Now a senior in high school, Katie has had enough of the yo-yo of smitten rejections to last a lifetime. Every time she thinks Wes is interested, he rejects her leaving he feeling confused, hurt, and like it is all a game and she is the pawn. When Wes begins his usual snare of acting interested, Katie is the one rejecting but this time she has someone who is willing fill the void. The problem is Katie doesn't realize that Wes is trying to protect her and the boy she has let captivate her is a demon who wants to use her as the pawn to get Wes.

Now Katie is torn between good and evil. Wes who has his reasons for trying to protect he but always keeping her at a distance and Josh who exudes sinful and although she knows he is dangerous, he makes her feel desired.

I sure hope there is a sequel. I thought this was highly entertaining and I have to say it kept me on my toes. I was surprised by some of the twists in the plot. If your looking for bad boys, paranormal, and a book you cannot put down. This one is for you.
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467 reviews
September 9, 2014
Good plot even though it felt like a typical "girl has to choose between the good boy & the bad boy" scenario. I really wasn't expecting the ending. I thought it would've taken a completely different direction. I was a little tired of the back and forth nonsense in parts of the novel but overall, I enjoyed it. I really liked Wes & felt like he was the better catch of the two - surprising since I normally go for the bad boy. I loved how the author stuck to the age ole "demon" picture. Black, winged, scary creature. I could see the other books delving more into her & Deb's friendship as well as Deb's family history with the Praetus. That piece of the novel sort of leaves you hanging - it's like it started out to be an important point in the plot but then nothing ever came of it. Overall, I enjoyed the characters & the plot. There were a few bumpy moments where I was tired of the main character's pov but it was never to the point where I wanted to not pick it back up and continue reading.
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January 17, 2015
I received a copy to facilitate my review the opinions expressed here are my own.
Katie is a senior who has always had a thing for her childhood friend Wes. Unfortunately, he has never really reciprocated. She is tired of this roller coaster ride. Enter Josh, a new kid at school. Josh is all about showering attention on Katie. Wes doesn't want Katie with Josh. Katie is intrigued by Josh's bad boy persona. This is your classic good versus evil plot.

Josh wants Katie not because he really cares about her, but because it is a way to get to Wes who knows that Josh is a demon. What Katie doesn't realize is that Wes is, and always has been her protector. The author has created a bad boy that is so tempting you almost want Katie to choose him. There is enough descriptive language for those like me, who thrive on description, but not so much to drive others away. The fantasy aspect was very believable and not too far-fetched. The title definitely fit the book. I will definitely recommend this book.
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July 29, 2014
*received for free through Goodreads First Reads

I wanted to like this book more that I did. I thought the premise was a solid one that would appeal to girls and women alike but as I was reading I was consistently turned off by the childishness of the dialogue and writing. I know it's geared towards young adults but that doesn't mean it needs to be obvious. There were some good scenes and imagery in the romantic relationships between the characters but I did not feel very involved or attached to any of them.
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December 19, 2015
** A free copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review. **

I really enjoyed this book. The main female lead and her love/hate relationship internal dialogue with regards to her best guy friend was spot on. Placing the characters ages as graduating high schoolers was sheer brilliance. Being able to weave the good/divine/right and bad/evil/wrong plot with a teenage love triangle in the uncertainty of life's stage from being a dependent child to soon to be independent adult was genius cohesion. I found my own heart breaking in many scenes. Well done.
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November 25, 2017
Oh My Goodness!! How could the story end BEFORE I WAS READY? Katie, a senior in high school wants someone to love her as much as she wanted to love him, but she's caught between two guys. Wes she'd known since childhood who makes promises but doesn't keep them and the bad boy, Josh who's new in town, but is a demon from hell who pays her attention, but dare she side with him? What must she willing to give up? AND THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST BOOK!!
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