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Confessions of a Paris Party Girl

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When newly-single party girl Vicki moved to Paris, she was hoping to indulge in wine, stuff her face with croissants, and fall in love. It proved to be much more "difficile" than she'd imagined. In this laugh-out-loud memoir, this cheeky storyteller recounts the highs and lows of her life in the City of Light. Sassy and shamefully honest, Vicki makes you feel as if you're right there in Paris stumbling along the cobblestones with her.

273 pages, Paperback

First published January 12, 2014

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About the author

Vicki Lesage

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Bestselling author Vicki Lesage proves daily that raising two French kids isn't as easy as the hype lets on. In her spare time, she writes, sips bubbly, and prepares for the impending zombie apocalypse. She just moved back to the US after living in Paris for 11 years, with her French husband, rambunctious son, and charming daughter in tow, all of whom mercifully don't laugh when she says "au revoir." She penned the Paris Confessions series in between diaper changes and wine refills. She writes about the ups and downs of her life at VickiLesage.com.

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346 reviews337 followers
March 25, 2014
Oh how I wish the author's trials and tribulations in France didn't ring so true! But France is France--one of the most impossibly frustrating and impossibly lovely countries in the world--and life here is never simple but never boring.

This is a fun memoir that I gulped down in two hours. Vicki has a wonderfully chatty voice, though at times it veered a bit too informal for my taste. Reading this book was like talking with another expat friend over a pint of Kronenbourg. Miserable appointments to the immigration office followed by "strip! and take a lung selfie!"? Been there. French people wrinkling their noses asking, "Vous préférez que je parle en anglais, Mademoiselle?" Been there. Charming, self-assured Frenchies with zero knowledge of American geography who become your new BFFs over the course of a Friday night and numerous bottles of wine? Been there.

Alongside her fantastically recounted stories of French life, Vicki gave me encouragement that this whole France thing works out even in the darkest moments. This is a terrific ode to an exasperating country. For any expat, it will remind you why you persist on living here even when the Sécurité Sociale asks you to submit your birth certificate (apostilled, officially translated, and no less than 6 months old, of course!) for the fourth time in four months. For any Francophile considering a séjour in France, it will convince you to give it a try, but caution you about the inevitable struggles you'll encounter. A funny, happy, and informative read!
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156 reviews82 followers
July 29, 2014
Let me tell you a thing or three about my new friend Vicki (granted she knows nothing of this friendship but more about that later). The best way I can describe this book is that it was like reading a long, hilariously intimate email from a close friend. So what happens when a 20-something girl from St. Louis (MISSOURI!) with a basic knowledge of french and a great appetite for adventure decides to move to the city of love (and great English speaking bars apparently), Paris? Well first of all you get a glimpse of the everyday life of the French through the eyes of an outsider, and as a bonus, a colorful cast of characters and loads of 'laugh out loud' moments (am I ever grateful that I read this book in the privacy of my own home).

One of my pet peeves when it comes to "chick-lit", lighter literature and such, is the fact that just because the subject matter is lighter (often more humorous) that often means that the entire focus is on the plot (and even that often leaves a lot to be desired) and not on the writing style and/or quality of writing. You can't imagine my relief when right from the start it was obvious that won't be the case with this book. The fact that I didn't have to stumble over poorly composed sentences meant that I could give my full attention to all of Vicki's adventures and misadventures. Plus, in case I ever decide to move to Paris I will be armed with an impressive knowledge of french bureaucracy (paper, paper and more paper) and great tips on how to handle apartment hunting in the city.

By the time you finish reading this book you too will feel that a) there simply has to be a sequel to this book and b) that Vicki is just another one of your friends. In my case, part 'b' was helped along by Vicki's ("barely noticeable") OCD, (takes one to know one) germophobia, humour and perceptive way of viewing (and describing) people and situations. (well the fact that every once in a while she ends up having just a few too many drinks will have many 20 something relating and many 30 and 40 something reminiscing) Now there's nothing else for me to do but hope and wait for the sequel.
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187 reviews138 followers
February 9, 2014
Vicki is a young American full of dreams and ambition. She decides to move to Paris when she loses her job. Her adventures in the city of lights are hilarious and full of surprises. Her struggle with French men, love, work and bureaucracy made me laugh out loud, I could not pu it down before I was done with it !
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1,484 reviews691 followers
March 8, 2016
:: 5 Pretty Little Stars ::

If you’re looking for a good laugh AND finding a book that is stylized as chick lit than this is your book! When I started blogging I signed up for a book tour for Christmas Cocktails and Confessions knowing nothing about this author. But once I read that book I became instantly HOOKED! This book (and the others) are told as memoirs and they follow the life of the author, Vicki Lesage, as she journeys through Paris. Each and every chapter of the book tell a humorous tale of what her life was like. And, in each one of them Lesage is able to successfully make the most mundane things seem downright hilarious! She is now my “go to” author when I am looking for some good, light reading, with a lot of humor, and of course chick lit qualities. Let me also say that the idea of reading a memoir can seem boring. I never in my life thought I would be able to read these types of books because frankly, I am a fan of fictional characters who go through insane situations. HOWEVER, don’t let the idea that this is a memoir frighten you! As I said before, this book read like a chick lit told in the first person. The storyline (or plot) flows successfully within this book. I absolutely LOVE it!

This book in particular follows Vicki as she moves to Paris from St. Louis. Along the way we journey with her through trying to find the right apartment (who knew there would be so many doors to choose from), to finding a job, and getting married. Each chapter of the book takes us to a new place giving us a glimpse as to what it would be like to move to a foreign country. In addition to this, each tale is laugh out loud funny. Who knew you could laugh so hard from reading about someone’s life? This book is absolutely amazing and Lesage is a favorite author of mine. Seriously, you NEED to check out her books. They are GREAT!

Overall, this is a 5 star read for me and I look forward to reading all of her books in the near future. If you need a good laugh, are looking to try something new, or are a fan of the author but haven’t checked this book out yet, then I recommend doing so. I promise, you won’t be disappointed! Hey, you may even learn a little French while you are at it!!
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359 reviews24 followers
February 10, 2014
A fast moving, humorous memoir of Vicki’s first six years in Paris.

Arriving alone with her laptop and a freelance web designer work plan, Vicki is in Paris to party, and party she does. My ever-sensible eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at some of her stories, including when she mentioned the early closing bar where everyone was booted out by 2.00am. It just highlighted my dull youth when I realise 2.00am has never been a time to move on to another bar for me. She is also not afraid to write honestly about being so drunk that unpleasant incidents occur - you should see the smug smile my sensible head is making now!

I was a bit worried from the description that there would be a bit too much moaning and anti-French rants in this book, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Vicki embraces all that Paris has to offer her; from the simple pleasure of walking to the boulangerie, to late night drinking sessions, to boyfriends found in bars, to full time French employment, to wedded bliss and beyond. Her writing brings the characters she meets to life, her friends, boyfriends, fellow Metro travellers and French officials, and the stories she tells are full of humour, even the truly frustrating ones. What was most enjoyable was watching her change and mature as her life in Paris blossomed.

This book will give you a lighthearted look at life in Paris and should be essential reading for anyone planning a similar move to Paris or anyone missing the heady days of their youth.

I was sent a copy of this book to review, but I’ll be looking out for more from Vicki.
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Author 7 books98 followers
October 7, 2016
I really enjoyed this memoir for several reasons. First of all, it was hilarious – the adventures themselves as well as Vicki Lesage’s way of describing them. I found myself laughing out loud more times than I could count.
And that brings me to my second reason for liking this book. Reading it is like having a conversation with a good friend. Lesage is a natural storyteller. Her style is unpretentious, and the pace of this memoir is just right.
I also like the fact that the author explains how she found her first Paris apartment, how she was able to support herself when she first moved to the city etc. She presents living in Paris as it really is, with the good and the bad. I prefer this realism to a sugar-coated version of Parisian life. This real picture of Paris is much more interesting! (And it’s useful for those readers who dream of following in Lesage’s footsteps.)
I don’t want to give any spoilers so I won’t tell you about my favorite moments, but I will say that whether you have experienced life in Paris or not, the author’s stories will have you laughing.
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2,094 reviews590 followers
July 4, 2019
When Vicki Lesage went to Paris at the age of 25 to spend the summer subletting a tiny apartment and working as a free-lance web designer, she never expected to stay for years. But she did and she blogged about it and then turned her blog into this funny, witty memoir of her experiences.

It's clear that Vicki loves Paris, warts and all and the book reads like a series of emails from a close friend. She is often self deprecating in her mistakes with the language and customs and doesn't moan about the difficulties she encountered with the bureaucracy involved in renewing her visa, letting an apartment or starting a job but writes about it with good humour even though she was often seething inside at the time. She clearly enjoyed a good time when she was young and fresh to Paris and made many good friends with whom she shared many alcohol and food fueled exploits in Paris. By the end of the book she is a little older and wiser but clearly still in love with her new home. I'm hoping there will be a sequel (and there is! See Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer for Vicki's continuing adventure into marriage and motherhood in the heart of Paris).

I happily received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 27 books280 followers
February 9, 2014
So funny ! The adventures of Vicki, young American who just arrived in Paris after having lost her job in the US. Loved it, would definitely recommend it !
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77 reviews656 followers
Shelved as 'did-not-finish'
March 21, 2022
Dnf @ 16%

Cringe: the book
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71 reviews8 followers
March 17, 2014
*I won this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaway. In no way has this influenced my rating or opinion of this book. Thank you to Goodreads and to Vicki Lesage for the opportunity!*

I would like to say that this is a very FUN read! I literally laughed out loud while reading it! If you like someone with a sense of humor, a funny way at looking at life's (not so fun) moments, and can appreciate someone being bilingual (sarcasm anyone?), then this is the book for you!

I knew I was in for the ride of my life from the very beginning when Vicki arrives in Paris and locates her apartment, only to struggle through finding the key that was left for her at the convent next door. Not to mention the hassle of figuring out exactly what floor it was on. (did you have any idea that the French consider the main floor to not count when counting floors? So technically what we call the second floor in America is the first floor to French folks.) Not only does Vicki have slight issues initially with the language (chop sticks? bread?), but she also runs into issues with money. (Don't carry a 50€ note into a grocery store unless you can handle the consequences!!) She finds friends (Anne Marie....or better known as Ammo, Lisa and Katrina), wine, part time job as a nanny, wine, Refuge des Fondus (which I will definitely try if I am EVER in Paris!), baby bottles of wine, work, love and did I mention wine?

Vicki is wonderful and I wish I could be her best friend. She is fuuuunnny! Plus anyone who loves cheese, bread and bacon as much as she does is someone who wins a special place in my heart! Plus if I ever find myself near Paris when the Zombie Apocalypse starts...Vicki will be my first recruit. Unless I find her eating brains with....you guessed it...wine...then she is on her own!!

P.S. Vicki, if you are reading this, I would like to submit my request ahead of time to be considered part of the "Mutinous Maniacs" if that becomes a reality! OK? Thanks! :-)

Anyways, I would recommend this book to friends, best friends and complete strangers! I feel it is a must read and will leave you smiling and feeling good. Unless you have a problem with feeling good.....then I don't know what to tell ya!
1,373 reviews19 followers
April 17, 2014
Having been an ex-pat in Paris myself, I totally related to Vicki’s story. She definitely managed to capture the daily life of ordinary French citizens as well as their reaction to a transplanted American and her reaction to them. I loved the way she described Vicki’s struggles to learn the country’s vernacular and slang and how her ineptitude in this area caused her and her listeners a lot of laughs. The one thing I wondered about were all the author’s descriptions and time spent on drinking good French wine and other French cocktails, as I think it could send the wrong message about Vicki the young female ex-pat acclimating herself to French daily life. However, it did add to the humor of this book. I found myself caught up in Vicki’s life from the get-go, unable to put the book down until I read the last page. What Vicki’s story did bring home to me was the fact that studying a language in school can in no way match actually living there and that living in a foreign country can easily become fun and a real adventure. Many people would shy away from any adventure like this, but probably not after experiencing the wanderlust that comes from such an adventure. Just as Vicki did, many people would gradually grow to actually love living in the new country, filled with new, unheard of experiences that will enrich one’s life in ways one might never expect or fathom. This is a real must-read for anyone who ever lived abroad for any amount of time or for anyone who may have ever dreamed of such and adventure. The writing is easy and understandable. The characters are rich and well developed and very believable, as are their experiences. I highly recommend it as a fascinating way to get a good picture of Paris/French daily life and customs as well as a good idea of how taking such an adventure could be both interesting and immensely rewarding. I received this from Library Thing to read and review.
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Author 8 books24 followers
October 29, 2014
If you love reading about fearless gals takes on foreign cultures and winning, then this is a great book to grab! It's funny, insightful and full of great tips on culture (eat the fish at the Integration to France seminar! go on!) and we find ourselves cheering her on as she jumps through the flaming hoops of French bureaucrasy to secure her long-stay visa, get a real job, manage the paperwork to get hitched, and even get a wedding cake for her reception. (Believe me, these things are flaming hoops!) Very relatable and just plain good fun. Will be reading her follow-up memoir Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer as soon as I get my iPad off my children for more than a minute.
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Author 9 books364 followers
October 24, 2014
Vicki’s memoir is more than JUST a book, because reading it is just like hanging out with your best friend and drinking lots and lots of wine. As an American expat in France, I love her enthusiasm and humor as she conquers Paris one foible at a time. She doesn’t have the “I love you, Paris, but you’re bringing me down mentality." Nope. It’s more like “I love you, Paris, and if you bring me down...I’m just going to get back up, brush off my knees, and then head off to local expat bar. I’m so looking forward to the second installment. And I have to make my way from Toulouse to Paris. And soon. That way I can hand out with my new Parisian best friend and we can laugh about our adjustments over a bottle of wine.

Note: You don't have to be an expat living in France to enjoy this book-- you just have to have a sense of humor. Highly recommended.
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Author 5 books3 followers
December 27, 2014
*Full Review can be found here: http://therevboard.com/2014/11/10/mr-... *

Vicki Lesage’s “Confessions of a Paris Party Girl” has an autobiographical feel as a young Vicki (VeeKee as she is called by a few characters in the story) chooses to leave her unceremoniously relieved from her IT job’s duties as well as take a car everywhere life in St. Louis, Missouri to venture abroad into the lavish and glamorous living of Paris, France as a freelance web designer.

Granted, to be in (let alone LIVE IN) a new land, whether stateside or abroad, is trying as well as taxing. Vicki takes everything is stride, and makes the best of her day-to-day situations. From trying to find the key holder to her first dwelling, breaking 20 euros at the store (while getting guff from shopkeepers), SERIOUS bottles of wine, homesickness, loads of reflection of many fun times with her friends and family, TONS AND TONS of handsy, ignorant, quasi-disrespectful, and helpful Frenchmen and Frenchwomen, all the way down to the locals STRONGLY believing that St. Louis in Missouri) is ACTUALLY (in THEIR minds) located in “Louisiane,” dealing with French authorities while renewing her Visa, and Love.

Ahhh, Paris: you fickle whore…

I am going to be honest: I LOVE THIS BOOK!

Like Thor Odinson with his coffee, I say “ANOTHER!” when it comes to Mrs. Lesage’s writings.

NO ONE has ever heard me use those specific combination of words EVER in my review (UNLESS you are close to me to where you can contact me by certain means and we talk at length; NEVER said this in writing).

It is a great read that got me from the jump. When I read the first few pages (namely the boarding call for Paris), I had a strong feeling that this read was going to be something special.

I am glad that I was right (for once).

The description of the Parisian life is overall solid, sound, and good. It has a feel of a blogger which helped greatly in my comfort level of reading (bloggers love bloggers for the most part). There are humorous recollections, sadness, and sarcasm which give the book depth and character.

The ONLY complaint that I have with this read is a not too bad one actually. At the same time, a little lesson for everyone:

While reading the book, I had to put it down a few times to look up and translate certain French words and phrases that did not have a translation already included. Citing that I speak Spanish personally, I would make sure that IF I use a Spanish term, I would include its translation in parenthesis so the language barrier remains intact.

Also, while Vicki was dating a particular gentleman, I noticed a few missing words in the young man’s dialogue, ONLY to come to my own conclusion (and Mrs. Lesage can either verify or deny) that the young man REALLY spoke that way.

Spelling and grammar is quite nice. Ms. Lesage makes sure that her sentences end with either a noun or a verb (Oui [that means “Yes” for my non-French speaking populous]: I AM that damn picky in the realm of sentence structure).

“Confessions of a Paris Party Girl” is 237 pages of memoir that I KNOW will put a smile on your face. I had a chance to glance at Mrs. Lesage’s Amazon Author Page, and see that she is a hardcore blogger, and has another book “Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer.” I TRULY enjoyed this read, and would LOVE to take a crack at her other books as well.

If I am giving a reigning endorsement for a book, YOU KNOW that I either fell and bumped my head (possible, but not likely in this review), got bought off to give it a reigning endorsement (laughable, because you would have to have me Set For Life FINANCIALLY for me to give you that type of brown nosing ass-kissery), OR (and MOST LIKELY) I REALLY Loved this book.

Mrs. Vicki Lesage DEFINITELY has something special here, and I look forward to reading MUCH MORE from this young lady!

Keep it up!
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Author 3 books7 followers
July 21, 2016
I’ve just been chatting over a cup of coffee to Vicki Lesage about her first few years in Paris. At least that what it seems like reading her book Confessions of a Paris Party Girl. (Or should that be over several glasses of vino?).

Vicki begins her adventure in Paris optimistically: “The hardwood floors were old and creaky – or in my eyes, authentic and beautiful. The shower didn’t have a curtain, which simply provided a better view of the wooden sauna-like walls of the bathroom. The antique sofa was uncomfortable, which ensured I didn’t waste time lounging around when I could be exploring Paris. ”

Soon the foggy haze of illusion lifts and Vicki is thrown into reality. There is no doubting that she remains delighted with her decision to move to Paris (readily available baguettes, endless glasses of wine and beautiful landmarks certainly help) but between French bureaucracy, struggling with language misunderstandings and some strange characters Vicki is on the proverbial see saw. To her credit she never loses hope and remains steadfastly in love with her chosen city.

Vicki copes with everything Paris and its people throw at her. She has the rare ability to not only laugh at herself but to publicly share both funny and embarrassing (but still amusing to the reader) episodes in her very entertaining and fun book.

Being friendless in a new city doesn’t daunt her but she does have some hiccups along the way to finally find a group of friends that she can party with on a regular basis.

Although she has several ongoing jobs from back home as a web designer she realises that she still needs to earn an income from a job in France. (It’s a bureaucracy thing as well as a need for cold hard cash to fund the partying.) At first she finds a baby sitting job and then eventually gets a full time job.

Her story is certainly is never dull and boring.

My one and only criticism? There is a little spoiler towards the end of the story. I use spoiler in the sense that something lets you know what is going to happen not that the whole thing is spoilt. (I confess that I didn’t take much notice of the chapter titles – I needed to keep reading Vicki’s story to bother with that.) It’s only a teensy one but gave me the answer to something that kept me page turning – would she marry Mika?

This review is also available on my website www.pam.id.au
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Author 1 book65 followers
May 15, 2014
There are a tremendous amount of self-published memoirs on the market today and I'll be the first to tell you that many shouldn't be there - not that everyone doesn't have a story to tell, but that not all stories should be published and let loose on the world. I have had the opportunity to muddle through many of them and CONFESSIONS OF A PARIS PARTY GIRL by Vicki Lesage is not one of those.

Vicki headed off to Paris, almost as a default destination, to have an adventure and hopefully meet the love of her life. What she found was not quite the fairytale she had expected. It exceeded her expectations, but not before making her second guess herself a few times as she learned to navigate a strange country and finally find her place in it.

CONFESSIONS OF A PARIS PARTY GIRL is her story and is told in a candid and humorous voice, and it was a delight to read. I laughed throughout the book as she finally found the apartment she sublet and through her journey of finding friends and handling the "loving" Frenchmen along the way. She takes us along for the ride. as she satisfies her appetite with wonderfully decadent French croissants and the rowdy bars where she enjoys a karaoke existence. Vicki gives us a first hand accounting of what it is like to be an American in Paris.

Few memoirs have held my attention the way this book did. The book was not only well-written, it was intelligently written, and of course, the character well-developed! Confessions is not just another memoir, it is a truly entertaining read. I am giving CONFESSIONS OF A PARIS PARTY GIRL five stars and I would definitely recommend it.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. See more at www.mylifeonestoryatatime.com
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925 reviews52 followers
July 24, 2014
Reviewer: Lynn
Disclosure: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.
Vicky needed a change from her mid-western life. Well what's a girl to do except move to Paris. After back-packing through Europe during collage breaks she wanted to try living there. Where better way to continue with her love affair with wine. This book was smart, sassy and fun. Trying to live in a new city with basic French, having to make all new friends and still have the time of your life. Everything from finding her apartment the first time to placing adds for meeting friends, Vicki turns it into an adventure. you feel as if you are on the journey with her. She takes you to places most people will never get to see and gives you such a vivid accounting of them you can picture them in your mind. Some of the situations she finds herself in has your giggling out loud. it is such a wonderful accounting of everyday Paris life.
The book was one of the better chick lit books I have read in a long time. Vicki keeps you turning pages just so see what she has happen to her next. She is extremely resourceful, where most people would have melted down, she takes it in stride. The characters are well developed from the creepy guy to the man she falls in love with. She gives it all to you from the good, bad and ugly with a refreshing view-point.
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Author 2 books19 followers
March 6, 2014
Paris. Wine. Croissants. If this sounds like your dream getaway, then get comfy because Vicki Lesage is about to take you on a trip. Confessions of a Paris Party Girl is a humorous memoir detailing the author's life in Paris. The memoir is witty and on occasion a tad bit snarky - but that made me enjoy it all the more. The author shares her adventures - not only introducing us to a variety of people (I loved old creepy foot fetish dude) but letting us tag along to her favorite places. We get lessons on French bureaucracy and witness the struggles of apartment hunting.

There's a lot of drinking as the title suggests and the author is honest in her recounting of events - even when she's not at her best. (At one point - I felt sorry for her liver!) But there's more to this story than the author's drinking. We get to watch as she grows and matures - as friendships/relationships develop and she embraces all that Paris has to offer.

I really enjoyed the author's writing style. She describes her life and Paris without subjecting the reader to tedious details - yet, I felt as though I had ventured into the bakeries and bars along with her.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 9 books4 followers
April 18, 2014
I read the first chapter for free, bought the book immediately, and kept reading until I was finished, although I had plenty of other things that I was supposed to be doing. I was surprised that I liked it so much. I lived abroad for two years and love everything to do with Europe, but I'm not a “party girl” by any means (and I was always annoyed at the Americans who were). But Vicki's style is so fun and engaging that I was happy to experience France alongside her, parties and all.

I like how the book is organized. The plot progresses steadily from Vicki's first days in Paris as she gradually gets her bearings in her new country, while at the same time, specific themes are presented in each chapter (crazy people in the Metro, for example). I never got bored. If anything, I would have liked to know more about why Vicki decided to stay in Paris after the first few months. The transition between that summer and her having lived in Paris for three years seemed a bit sudden. But when my main critique is that I wanted to hear more of a lovely story, it means the book was good. I will purchase the sequel as soon as it comes out.
Profile Image for Shelly Schulz.
Author 6 books19 followers
April 8, 2014
Confessions of a Paris Party Girl is a great debut from Vicki Lesage. I was a bit hesitant to read someone’s memoir (biographies aren’t exactly my favorite thing in the world) but I was blown away by how much I loved this. It’s a quick, fast paced wild ride detailing the first six years Vicki lived in Paris. She spares no details, talking about bar binges and what to do (and not do) while out for the night. She’s a wonderful story teller, and it feels more like catching up with a girlfriend rather than reading someone’s memoirs. I was laughing out loud at some of her exploits, and all the while I was rooting for her to find her feet, her head and her bearings.

There are ups and downs in this story, and Vicki takes them in stride, constantly trying to make the best of her situation. Even when French officials seem to be giving her the run around. I can’t stress how much I enjoyed this book. It filled a bit of wanderlust, and opened my eyes to some things that I didn’t know. I highly recommend it.

I was sent a copy of this book for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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75 reviews
September 13, 2016
I’ll start by saying that I’m not a fan of memoirs but this was the exception! Confessions of a Paris Party Girl was the first memoir that I actually read to the end and wished for more! Who am I kidding? This was the first memoir that I actually finished!

Vicki Lesage describes her experiences in Paris with entertaining humor and honesty. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her descriptions of people, the situations that arise, and her friendships/love interests. I also cannot fail to mention her wonderful descriptions of Paris landmarks and architecture.

Vicki’s straightforward story telling was hysterical – I was laughing by the second chapter. The scene at the ball with the creepy foot guy had me laughing out loud and shaking my head in disbelief.

I will definitely be visiting Vicki’s blog at VickiLesage.com for more updates and bits of humor.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to a light, humorous read.
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15 reviews
November 13, 2019
This book was absolutely fabulous, amazingly written and genuinely hilarious!

As a french girl, I was able to read this book with an other perspective and I think that allowed me to enjoy it even more.
All the Paris' "adventures" that happened to Vicki was so (sometimes sadly) true and I also happened to get my hair caught on the train doors. (I feel you Vicki).
Lots of the anecdotes she tells us about are so damn funny. My classmate must have thought that I was crazy (yes I couldn't stop reading so I was a rebel and kept reading in class. Shhh don't tell anyone.) as I kept bursting out of laughing. The metro people, the sushis baguettes, the Nunya Bizness Project amongst other stories almost made me pee my pants.

It was such an incredible book. I really enjoyed it from the first word to the very last one.

Big thanks to Vicki! :)
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723 reviews23 followers
April 3, 2014
* Received for an honest review.
This book came to me at just the right time! I need something fun and light! I also needed to take an escape to the streets of France and emerge myself in French culture! I loved that once I started this fantastic memoir I could not put it down. The complexities of two cultures meshing are always fun and I think eye-opening experience. I personally love France and French culture so much of the “conflicts” I took as a chuckle. Vicky’s adventures in France were normal adventures that a young woman living in a different country could experience. This was such a delightful adventure. It reminded me of SATC but in France! Anyone that wants to sit and enjoy a glass of French culture wrapped up in this young woman’s adventures in France would love this book. It reminded me how much I miss France and Europe! Thank you for the fun read!
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March 28, 2014

I recieved a copy of this book from the author in an exchange for an honest review

I would like to say that this is a very FUN read! I literally laughed out loud while reading it!

The adventures of Vicki, young American who just arrived in Paris after having lost her job in the US. Now in Paris she plans to party… and Party she does. This is how Vicki finds herself in some odd…..situations, and a lot of us can relate to!

The writing style was wonderful and it felt like you were talking with an old friend throughout the story, which is nice while reading a memoir.

A Must read….
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April 16, 2014
This book is an absolute delight from start to finish. But don’t read it – at least, not in a public place. It’ll have you smiling to yourself at the author’s light, lively smile, chuckling quietly at the faux pas, which are a normal part of expat life, that she shares with us and occasionally laughing out loud at the sudden ridiculousness of a crazy situation she finds herself in. And there’ll be the odd gasp of horror at the hair-tearingly-out stubbornness of French bureaucracy, and once or twice of admiration at our narrator’s partying stamina. People sitting in the airport terminal or doctor’s surgery around you shoot you looks of alarm and sidle quickly away from this clearly insane person giggling to themself!
Vicky Lesage shares the adventures of her early years in Paris, warts and all – and that’s what’s so wonderful. ‘Confessions’ is absolutely the right word to go in the title. The author doesn’t spare the French and she doesn’t spare herself. However, she only has a dig at French people when they deserve it, and is quick to admire all their good qualities, of which there are plenty. She’s less forgiving of herself, calling herself a ‘nerd’ now and again and worrying about her language skills. What she forgets to tell us is that Resourceful is her second name. There seems to be nothing she can’t cope with, and she tackles Paris head on – and wins!
We join Vicky as she finds friends, frustrations, places to live, fun, work, more frustrations and, on the way, the love of her life.
I honestly can’t think of anyone who won’t enjoy this book. If you’ve ever thought of going to France either to visit or to live, or even if you haven’t, you’ll get a sharp insight into what it’s like in this country. From the shopkeepers, who regard you as ‘Satan’s spawn’ because you want to pay with a €50 note, or, worse still, a credit card, to the fonctionnaires who always seem to withhold crucial information and thus complicate your life a million times more than it needs to be, to the bewildering number of public holidays, and finally to getting married there. Fabulous!
And as well as being a thoroughly brilliant book to read, it’s a showcase of good self-publishing practice. Here I put on my professional editor’s hat. We have the following:
• a classy, sassy cover
• an extremely well-written and well-presented text
• short, punchy chapters
• acknowledgements and table of contents at the end of the book: I wanted to dance when I saw that! Why? Well, these items take up valuable space in the free sample 10% or so that interested readers download when they’re considering buying an ebook. Given that an ebook opens at the last point you read to, you don’t need a contents list to find your page, so push that to the back. It’s there, but it’s not intruding, as are the acknowledgements. I’ve always advocated this approach but there’s been resistance. We’re too used to having these elements up front. Please, follow Vicky Lesage’s example!
• a chatty ‘about the author’ section, inviting us to review the book in exchange for a bonus story not in the book and to get in touch.
We have not only authoring, but indie authoring at its very, very best in this little gem of a book. It’s a self-publishing party in itself!
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June 1, 2014
Review first posted on my blog: http://spoonfulofhappyendings.blogspo...

Vicki is an American twenty-something who after losing her job decides to pack her bags and move to Paris for an unforeseeable time. With the money she earns with her work as a freelance web designer, Vicki can afford a small apartment and is ready to throw herself into the Parisian night life (which of course includes lots of wine in all forms!). The reader is taken along on Vicki’s Paris adventure, which consists of numerous hilarious situations, a large amount of complaining about France, but also her transformation from an American in Paris to a true Parisian who happens to be from America.

‘Confessions of a Paris Party Girl’ is a collection of Vicki Lesage’s stories of her time living in Paris, which started out as blog posts. I’m personally not a big fan of memoirs, but I really enjoyed reading about Vicki’s experiences in France. The book felt more like I was chatting to a friend who was telling me all about her adventures in Paris; stories which made me both shake my head in amazement and laugh out loud. I think it’s great how Vicki managed to convey this particular feeling into words and it’s definitely one of the strengths of this memoir. The fact that all of it is based on real-life experiences also gives it a realistic feel, because it gives a true account of what life in Paris as an expat is like.

I love how, as the book progresses, you can really see Vicki grow as a person and experience how her initial plan of going to Paris for a few months turns into a stay that lasts for much longer. I am sure people who love to travel and/or read about other cities and cultures will really enjoy this because of its distinctive voice and entertaining stories. ‘Confessions of a Paris Party Girl’ is a fun, light and quick-paced memoir, and I already look forward to reading the sequel, ‘Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer’!
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February 22, 2018
I don't know what I expected when the title of the book clearly states that the author is a party girl.

I guess I figured there would be interesting anecdotes about nights out on the town where something fascinating and worth writing about occurs.

But instead I got chapter after chapter about drinking/vomiting, drinking/stumbling home, drinking/trying not to vomit, or not drinking/talking about drinking. And nothing interesting happened.

The second half of the book - where she meets her future husband and details their courtship and engagement was more palatable, but still, certain parts dragged on with far too much detail and recreated dialogue.

Even at her bachelorette party the author still can't contain her partying ways as her friends step outside for air just as her shots are delivered at the bar, and oops! She drinks them all. And - wait for it- gets home and vomits.

It got to a point where I was actually concerned that she had a problem, with repetitive comments about needing a drink during the off times that she wasn't drinking. Again, I should have known given that partying is IN the title, but there's also little point to a book about night after night of partying when nothing interesting happens.

I really dislike giving negative book reviews; it's a person's heart and soul put out there for all to read and critique, and I definitely do not want to discourage someone from being vulnerable, as it takes a lot of courage. I read a lot of memoirs - mostly travel memoirs, at that - and this one just didn't hold up. Maybe if you're a party girl you can relate more to her tales, but I found myself rolling my eyes at yet again, another chapter ending with the author trying not to vomit in the back of a Paris cab at 4am.
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April 19, 2016
Being a major Francophile myself, I am always thirsty for more Paris (and more French wine!) and Vicki Lesage's Confessions of a Paris Party Girl totally quenched my thirst. From late nights drinking at The Long Hop to living in (and learning to love) tiny Parisian apartments to navigating those oh-so-romantic Frenchmen, Vicki's lighthearted and humorous Parisian tales brought me right back to my days as a student in Paris and made me yearn for more. Vicki's writing is so personable and real that I felt like I was experiencing Paris with my best friend--a best friend who appreciates all the little things about life in France, even when some of those things aren't easy (hello French bureaucracy...!). But she makes the most out of all of her adventures in Paris, even the mishaps, and this made me love her even more. Vicki's story is an absolutely fabulous read for anyone who has that Paris itch that just won't go away or for anyone who has ever wondered what it's really like to live as an expat in the most magical city in the world.
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June 18, 2015
'Confessions of a Paris Party Girl' is funny, witty and admirably honest. It was light-hearted and had me crying with laughter on several occasions. Vicki finds herself in some...odd.... situations, which many can relate to. I loved this book and intend to read it again. I hope to hope to hear of more books by Vicki in the future.
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March 25, 2014
Since I am a complete Francophile, I really enjoyed this book. It was fun to vicariously live through the author's experience of moving to France and falling in love. It's not without its challenges (some of which I could relate to from my travels in France) but she takes the less desirable aspects of being an expat in stride.
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