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Debut romance author, Sarah Robinson, arrives with her first book in a new romantic suspense series, The Photographer Trilogy, sure to keep fans of thrillers and romance on the edge of their seats.

A woman haunted by her past, Kate Jackson was listlessly floating through life until she meets charming lawyer and play boy, Derrick Kane. Just when she thinks she might have found the key to learning how to live again, learning how to love…The Photographer rips it all away with one click of his camera.

He takes a picture of every woman he kills. A little memento of his favorite moments. The infamous serial killer is on the attack, but little did Kate know that death could be the one thing to bring her back to life.

Or that The Photographer is just beginning…

Trigger Warning: Due to violent and dark subject matter, this book is intended for 18+ years old. This book does contain triggers for violence and abuse. This is the first book in a trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. The next book, Tainted Pictures, is available on all retailers.

333 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2014

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Sarah Robinson

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Contemporary Romances Across the Rainbow…

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About Sarah:
Contemporary Romances Across the Rainbow…

Sarah Robinson first started her writing career as a published poet in high school, and then continued in college, winning several poetry awards and being published in multiple local literary journals.

Never expecting to make a career of it, a freelance writing Craigslist job accidentally introduced her to the world of book publishing. Lengthening her writing from poetry to novels, Robinson published her first book through a small press publisher, before moving into self-publishing, and then finally accepting a contract from Penguin Random House two years later. She continues to publish both traditionally and indie with over 18+ novels to her name with publishers like Penguin, Waterhouse Press, Hachette, Forever, Grand Central Publishing, and more.

In her personal life, Sarah Robinson identifies as a queer, non-binary mother and is happily married to the gentle giant of her dreams. The duo have two little children and are happily living in Arlington, Virginia where Robinson also works full-time as a psychotherapist with queer individuals and couples.

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2,433 reviews24.8k followers
November 11, 2015
 photo 10013222_10202830245831300_1214969173_n1_zpsmbw9h6ov.jpg

Tainted Bodies is book one in the Photographer Trilogy by Sarah Robinson.

“The world might be tainted, but we don’t have to be.”

Kate Jackson has not had an easy life. After an unthinkable violation when she was just a child, her mother left and her father slowly drank himself to death. So Kate and her little sister Annie were all each other had left. Their bond as sisters was unbreakable. Her life as an adult is definitely not what she envisioned for herself. She is working at an office furniture store. It’s not her dream job but it’s paying the bills.

It’s on her way to work one morning at her favorite coffee shop that a chance meeting with the oh so handsome lawyer, Derrick Kane, changes her life. She immediately feels that little spark of attraction with Derrick. Their courtship isn’t rushed but for her she knows that he could be something special. Maybe even the one!

Derrick Kane is falling in love with Kate. The more time they spend together the stronger his feelings are for her. But Derrick has secrets of his own. Secrets that prevent him from committing fully to any woman, even Kate Jackson. But is he willing to risk losing Kate to protect himself? Or is it maybe time to give his trust and his heart to this woman?

 photo Rapevictims-300x200_zpsmallubgz.jpg

Just when they are finally able to take their relationship to the next level, neither of them ever feeling happier, the unthinkable happens. Kate’s life is forever changed. And the chance for happiness with Derrick seems to disintegrate right before her eyes.

 photo Woman-leaning-against-door-frame-CBP1012836_zpsk1fxs139.jpg

First I want to say that this series is based on real events. It does contain delicate subject matter that may be upsetting to some. The description of the one violent scene is very tastefully done. I thought Sarah did a wonderful job with this and with allowing us to understand what was going on in Kate’s mind during and after this event.

At times I thought that too much time was spent dwelling on Kate and Derrick’s relationship as it progressed but I do understand that it was important to the story line to experience their relationship as it slowly grew stronger.

Even though Kate is making some mistakes dealing with this situation, I have to say I am as proud of her as if she were my own. That woman has more backbone in her pinkie finger than most of us ever will in our whole bodies. Is Kate still in danger? Will her relationship with Derrick survive? I can’t wait to continue on with this trilogy to see what happens next.

 photo 12763610_zps6i7fuxrg.jpg
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July 23, 2021
Tainted Bodies by Sarah Robinson is the first book in the Photographer Trilogy romantic suspense series and the second one that I have read by this author. The author brings the expected romance and suspense. However, there is much more to the novel once you get into it.

Kate Jackson works in retail sales for an office furniture store. While she has a psychology degree, she hasn’t been able to find a job that uses it and pays as well as her current one. Her one strong relationship is with her sister, Annie. Then Kate meets Derrick Kane at a coffee shop and they connected. When he asks her out on a date, she accepts and thus the romance begins. After a traumatic childhood, she starts feeling alive again as the romance develops. But then the Photographer enters her life, turning it upside down and inside out.

Kate and Derrick are relatable characters with both strengths and flaws. The secondary characters provide support or conflict, but without the same amount of depth.

The prose was well-written and engaging. The story contains some hard to read themes including child abuse and assault. The author tackles these difficult subject matters and handles them well. While both Kate and Derrick make mistakes, they both realize that their past experiences are affecting them. Will their relationship survive or collapse? Is Kate safe now? Will she find a job that she enjoys instead of one that pays the bills?

My biggest quibble with this book is that it ends on a cliffhanger and isn’t self-contained. I have the other books in the trilogy and hope that all the threads are tied up by the end of the trilogy, but I wanted more closure at the end of this one. 3.5 stars rounded to 3.

In addition to the usual intense connection and steamy scenes, the book tackles other important issues (besides those mentioned above) including family, friendship, trust, commitment, self-image, and the different ways victims are treated when something bad happens, as well as the various responses to such events.

Overall, this was a read that tackles some serious issues with sensitivity and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Thanks to the author for a complimentary copy of this novel and the opportunity to read and provide an honest review. Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way. The publication date was January 1, 2014.
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1,093 reviews1,027 followers
February 3, 2015
3.5 tainted stars
It felt like a painting of perfection hiding secrets behind its facade.

Note from the author: People are hurt. People are killed. People make mistakes, one that will have you screaming at your e-reader with rage, maybe even disgust. I ask you to go into this story with an open mind, because this is based on a true story.

I had to include the note from the author in my review, because it was a good reminder for me because when I finished the book, I pretty much was in a bad state and didn't know if I wanted to continue on. Then after I talked it out, I realized how I could even judge a book that was based on a true story, it's not like the story could change, because if it did that would make it fiction.

I found it hard to remember that I'm not reading one of my fairy tales, that in real life, people don't have the slightest clue what to do or how to act in difficult situations. It's the fact that I am reminded of how ugly our society can be that gets me depressed, (a reason why I don't watch the news). Try as I might that to believe that I would know what to do and what to say, I know deep down that I am full of shit, I'd probably react just like everyone in the book... Watching it all unravel and just go from bad to worse, was a hard pill to swallow.

With that said, this is Kate's story, Tainted Bodies is a story I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. It was a slow build, getting a feel of who Kate is now, hints of her past and the event that would change her life forever. I was left, upset and mad, wondering how so much bad can happen to one person and thank my guardian angel for watching over me.

And now to explain my 3.5 rating, mind you this has nothing to do with the story, it was more how the story was told to me versus inviting me to live in the story with them. I'm not sure if that would makes sense to most, but it's the best way I can describe it.

The author, thank god for her and how she humbly and graciously put up with me and my initial rant, gave me a little insight. This was one of the very first stories she has ever written, and over time people grow into their trade and evolve, this is one of those series. We will see the progression of not only how the characters grow but the author's style as well as Kate's story is told in three books. I may not have jumped into the second book right away but I had to sort through my thoughts and put things back into perspective in order for me to continue; wishing and hoping that something good will happen for Kate.

ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

***Quotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication.
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Author 48 books2,225 followers
September 20, 2016
Have you read the bestselling romantic suspense series, The Photographer Trilogy, by Sarah Robinson yet?
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 photo Tainted_Bodies_Fotor_zpsa4282569.jpg

Please leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon/Barnes & Noble if you get a chance to read this book!! Thanks for all your support!!
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935 reviews654 followers
April 17, 2014
Didn't work. (Minor spoilers)

It's never fun to review a book poorly, but I'm a firm believer in honesty, so I'll try to explain.

The first 50% of this book was nothing but dates, cheesy flirtation and coffee. I needed a little bit more meat in my story to keep me interested. The story and the characters felt very under developed. I had nothing to connect me to these characters, nothing to keep me invested in their stories. It was just very bland. I don't know if this is a debut novel by this author or not, but this book read like the author is still trying to get her footing in her writing. It wasn't fluid, it was choppy. The dialogue was stiff and forced, it didn't come naturally at all. It didn't feel like conversation two young people would have with each other.

I also found it a tad inconsistent. Derek is declaring his love for Kate after what seemed like two dates, but four months later they're not exclusive, he doesn't want to put a label on it? Kate repeatedly declares that they spend every waking moment together, yet Derek won't commit. Six months in, they're on vacation together, and she pretty much had to talk him into calling her his girlfriend. It came off as incredibly pathetic, and I almost shut the book right there. It didn't jive. I sort of stopped committing to this story early on because it lacked believability. And it made the main female character look extremely weak... It's really hard to connect to a weak character or to invest in her story.

I had a really difficult time with Kate's behavior after she was attacked. She was infuriated that no one believed her when she told her parents about the abuse she endured as a child, that the perpetrator got away with it. Yet, now as an adult, she's attacked again, and refuses to speak to the police? And then Derek discovers what happened to her and leaves for a meeting? I mean, come on!! No one acts that way! This whole scenario further cemented the fact that the characters and their personalities were seriously inconsistent and underdeveloped. The story lacked any real depth and the whole thing was poorly delivered.

I read somewhere that this book would please readers who enjoy a good episode of Law and Order SVU... unfortunately, I never drew that connection. It actually read more like a cheesy sitcom with some minor drama thrown in. It's supposed to me suspenseful, but I felt no suspense.
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1,453 reviews418 followers
February 11, 2014
Tainted Bodies was surprisingly a really good read in my book! I normally don’t like anything with law and crime since my dad has been a police officer all of my life and have therefore overheard a lot of stories regarding these topics so I was pretty reluctant to read this but am glad I did anyway.

What actually ended up snatching me was the scorching chemistry and connection between Kate and Derrick. I liked how they are both tainted and broken in their own ways. Meaning, none of them is necessarily perfect and have flaws. I thought they were super cute as a couple until one wrench is thrown into the story and left me really NOT liking Derrick. It was pretty unexpected and not the reaction I was hoping from him. Nuh uh. Would I have taken him back after that? Heck no!!
I got upset when Kate got hurt. Especially when it had to do with the horrible crime that was committed against her and then Derrick being a letdown.

Btw, the ending really gutted me and was a real cliffhanger!! Really left me hanging with my emotions all over the floor!! I can’t wait for book two now!!

Will Kate be able to survive? Will she and Derrick be able to keep it together to find the truth behind the crime?

Read and you will find out!! I can't wait for book two!!
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2,225 reviews8,036 followers
December 29, 2014
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

TITLE: Tainted Bodies
AUTHOR: Sarah Robinson
GENRE: Contemporary Romance
RELEASE DATE: January 4th 2014

I would've easily given this 5 stars but "commitment phobic Derrick" the drop kick that ran away took that 1/2 point!!

Such an easy story to get absorbed in, well rounded characters (this excludes Derrick of course) lol Loved the slow story line wasn't rushed in any way..I can not believe it took me so long to one click this bugga though!!
I started reading this late yesterday and finished it that night, a really enjoyable story that keeps you focused on the story line right up to the last word written..In my mind I had 3 suspects so I can't wait to see if I was right at least about one of them..(Jimmy, Craig (the cousin) and the weirdo she works with but I've forgotten his name..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So we meet Kate whom had graduated with a psychology degree but found herself in a dead end job of sales which was given to her by a close friend of her late fathers..

She meets a cheeky guy in a coffee shop whilst she's ordering a coffee and places an order for himself on top of her order..

"Excuse me? Do I know you?" Kate asked
"Well you should, if you are planning on buying me a drink, or do you just make a habit of buying strange men their coffee?"

Very Very Smooth!!

Things ran slowly between these two from that first connection at the coffee shop, loved this as it wasn't insta love *cringes*

Then they go away together and there they put a label (finally) on their friendship status to a relationship status, Derrick drops her off at her apartment, not so long after that there is a knock at the door Kate thinking Derrick had left something behind doesn't check the peep hole opens the door to a man in a mask and this is where things take a turn for the worst..

When the man had finished, he pulled something out of his jacket pocket that Kate couldn't identify at first but then she realised it was an old fashioned instant camera, the kind that printed a photograph as soon as you took it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Say thank you He spoke for the first time during their entire interaction in a spiteful and sarcastic tone, mocking her as if she should appreciate everything that he just put her through.

BUT to make it even more heartbreaking is what Derrick does after that incident!!

This isn't what he had signed up for, he had no idea how to handle situations like this.

Can not wait to get my grubby little hands on book 2, off to one click again!! And if Derrick is a drop kick in book 2 I'm going to hunt down the author lol

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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1,380 reviews98 followers
April 7, 2014
Kate graduated near the top of her class with a degree in Psychology, but after graduation she finds herself working in office furniture sales, a far cry from the field she had spent the last four years studying. She seems to be simply going through the motions of life, just trying to put food on the table, until she meets a charismatic stranger, Derrick, at her local coffee shop. The two hit it off right away and soon they find themselves spending all of their spare time with each other.

Derrick is fresh out of law school and is working at a local firm when he strikes up a conversation, in a most unusual way, with Kate. He is immediately drawn to her and after months of courtship, he finds himself confronting ghosts from is past that are keeping him from committing himself completely to Kate. Kate wants more from the relationship than Derrick is willing to give, but when faced with the prospect of losing her, is he willing to take a chance and find happiness once and for all? When tragedy strikes, Kate & Derrick soon find themselves fighting for more than just the love they share together. They will soon fight for answers and justice, so that together they can find their happily ever after, together.

Tainted Bodies is a well-written, well developed, page turning thriller. From the very beginning we are introduced to characters that are slightly broken, but are working hard to mend themselves. The characters are interesting, yet seem to each hold secrets that keep the reader engaged with the knowledge that there will be more divulged, without showing all of their cards at once. The storyline is intelligent and well paced, with just enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged, while still being plausible.

Tainted Bodies is a solid four and a half star read. My only knock was the ending. I’m really not a fan of the cliffhanger ending and in this case it almost felt like hitting the pause button just a little too soon, it felt that there could possibly be a little more resolution in the book, especially considering the way the book starts with the prologue (the prologue is present day, the book is essentially telling the story up to that point). I will definitely be around for the next volume, Tainted Pictures, which will be released later this month!
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Author 7 books207 followers
April 16, 2014
Oh my goodness I loved this book for so many reasons!
You can tell the author took her time writing it, because the characters are well developed and there's an in depth and intricate (not convoluted) plot. I haven't read a crime/law type romance novel in a long time, and I'd forgotten just how much I love them! So all this to say, first off, I loved the story and the way it's written.
But what I really really REALLY loved was how real it was!! I'm weird. I want romance, I want suspense, I want hotness, and I want happily ever after. And I want it to feel real. Even if it's a totally out there storyline, I still like to feel like it could happen. This book was genius because the author took very real life situations, real life reactions and emotions, real life people, and told their story so you felt like you were peering in their apartment window (in a totally non creeper way). Kate and Derrick meet in such a cute and normal way. They begin dating. Like, dating as in 'go out on dates' dating. They take their time. Weird.
Written in 3rd person, you get to see each of their insecurities and the foibles in their growing relationship. And then life happens. Some of the bad stuff in life. The stuff you think you know how you'd handle, or how you'd hope to handle. But until you're thrust into that position, you don't know. Hearts and trust are broken, tainted. MY heart was broken. I cried. But they are human and they find the strength to understand and to forgive and to pick up the pieces as best they can. Kate is exceptionally strong and I think you will find her to be an inspiration as much a Derrick will.
By the way, this is the first in a trilogy. Of course there's a cliffhanger! How else would there be more books! And no way could this story have been told in one anyway! But get this one because book 2 is coming next month and you'll want to be ready!
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587 reviews44 followers
March 24, 2014
This is the first book in the Photographer Trilogy. What starts as a good and fun romance turns quickly into something much darker. This book will slap you upside the head and take you on a dark ride you didn't expect.

Though the action is sometimes disturbing, it is also faced paced and believable. This book is as real s tomorrow's headlines. Though bad things can destroy a person, so too can they be the making of one. Which will it be for Kate our female protagonist?

The overwhelming feeling I got after finishing this book was a desire to read the next one immediately!
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14 reviews1 follower
March 17, 2014
This book surprised me. When I first started reading, I assumed that Kate and Derrick were going to have some sort of epic romance and solve crimes together.
So not the case.
Sarah takes you into the lives of these two people, and throws a tornado at them. The characters are very well developed, and the words seems to flow off the pages. It's a very raw story, very real. I'm glad that I read this book now, since I don't have to wait too much longer to see what happens next! I am looking forward to the rest of Kate and Derrick's story.
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1,618 reviews75 followers
March 19, 2014
My review at 62% done with Tainted Bodies: OMG! I won't spoil it for others but I'm just so frustrated, angry, and appalled! Aaaggghhhh! So far the story is amazing. I got sucked right in and only stopped reading because my eyelids did not want to cooperate with my want to read.

Now that I have completed the book, this book was an unexpected surprise. The story engaged me right away! I haven't read a Crime Romance in awhile that has kept my attention when I had the time to read. Not the story with Tainted Bodies! I even took it with me to the CCD class I teach because I was at 92% and couldn't stand not being able to just finish it.

I felt like a basket case with the myriad of emotions I felt while reading this. I fell in love with Kate & Derrick's romance. I cried with what happened to Kate and the way Derrick treated her after. I was "so frustrated, angry, & appalled with Derrick!

I'm glad I don't have to wait too long for the next installment in the trilogy, Tainted Pictures (April 18,2014).
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117 reviews72 followers
March 28, 2014
This is unlike any story I have EVER read!

Kate is a strong woman working through her battles, trying to overcome the emotional damages that have recently occurred. Derrick is battling his own demons, trying to figure out how to be stronger for Kate.

Well done
This is a cliffhanger, but book 2 comes out soon... (Thank goodness)
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89 reviews2 followers
September 7, 2016
Review for Tainted Bodies 5 Stars.
Characters were well rounded everyday people. I loved this. I love the feeling you get when you read a book and you can relate to the characters.
In this book we meet Kate Jackson who is working in a furniture store. She seems to have the same morning routine that includes stoping into the corner coffee shop daily on her way to work.
One morning she meets Derrick Kane, at the coffee shop, when he uses this cheesey type of pick up skit with her.
As the book goes on we learn more about Kate's past and events from her childhood. And all the things she has had to overcome. We also learn why Derrick has commitment issues.
Together they help each other figure things out. But before they can get to that point certain tramatizing events happen. While these events take place I found myself wanting to slap Kate for choices she made. (Over time she fixes those choices.) And Derrick left me wanting to karate chop him in the throat for walking out in her time of need.
When the end came I was shocked. I was left wanting more. Needing more. I want answers. I can't wait until the next book comes out. Hopefully some of those answer will be in that book and I won't have to completely wait for book three.
The suspense of who did this is eating me alive!
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200 reviews81 followers
February 15, 2014
Kate Jackson is not living the life she anticipated... She is not working in the field she graduated college from, just listlessly floating through life having no idea what she truly wants to do with her life.

Living in the past doesn't help her cause either, letting things from her childhood continue to take over her adulthood. But then one day changes every thing. On her way to work she meets Derrick Kane in a local coffee shop in downtown D.C.

That day starts a whirlwind of a romance, leaving Kate to believe Derrick is the answer to all her problems, hoping he will be the one to mend the open wounds of her past.

Just as she feels she can move on from her horrible past, a shocking crime forces Kate to learn how to deal with it herself, not letting her past invade her present and leads her into a mystery that only Kate can solve.

This is a totally different book than what you are probably thinking. You will not find this book in the "After 50 Shades" section. It does tell us the about a couple and their whirlwind of a romance but there is no erotica or BDSM about it!

You will love Derrick and Kate at the beginning but then things start to become fishy. You can tell Derrick has his secrets. They jump into a relationship so fast, but after sometime, you can see and feel Derrick is hiding things from Kate.

This book is a crime-romance. There is hot sexy scenes, you can feel the chemistry between them, no doubt. But when Derrick lands himself in hot water, it all comes to a screaming hault. But Kate doesn't realize it is up to her to save him, not knowing she is the key to saving the man she loves.

This is my first read by Sarah Robinson... But this is her second book. She contacted me via my page asking for an honest review. Tainted Bodies is the first book in what will be a trilogy. I did enjoy this book, it was a nice change to what I have been reading lately.

This book will grab you right from the beginning. You fall for Derricks charm just like Kate does but then you will realize something is wrong. There are so many secrets and lies, you can't help but continue to read because you want to solve the mystery.

You instantly want to scream at Kate, "Don't trust him, he isn't being honest with you." You will get that strange feeling like you know something is about to happen. But there is a second book in the works, so Derrick has time to redeem himself.

Watch for book 2 and more of Kate and Derrick to come later this year!

Thank you Sarah for letting me be a part of this!

I give Tainted Bodies 4 out of 5 Owls.

**Mature- 18+**
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646 reviews65 followers
April 17, 2014
Sarah Robinson’s Tainted Bodies is a Crime Romance, a dark and heavy read that I could not bring myself to put down.

Romance, past traumas, sisterhood, secrets, betrayals and a horrific crime that occurs now—it doesn't seem like it would all fit together into a book that would leave ME wanting more. But it worked together flawlessly. It was real, raw and gritty—full of secrets, lies, mysteries and evasions which lead you up to a cliffhanger and breathlessly waiting for the second book in this series. Yet it also had another side to the book—the budding of a new relationship between Kate and Derrick, the close bond between sisters and the incredible chemistry between Kate and Derrick.

One of the things I liked the most about Sarah’s writing was how utterly flawed and imperfect her characters were. Where usually we all dream about the knight in shining armor who swoops in and saves the day…let’s be honest we don’t see it every day. Derrick has flashes of the charming, dreamy, handsome, romantic man of our dreams and then there is that slightly mysterious, secretive commitment phobe side. Kate is dissatisfied at her job, yet is still there accepting promotions, all the while wishing and dreaming about something different. She is incredibly strong yet at the same time still broken inside. When she meets Derrick, their instantaneous connection starts off a relationship that truly excites Kate. However they are not exactly in the same page.

I have to be honest that Sarah made me rethink how I rate books! Usually I reserve 5 Stars for books that I want to read over and over again. I can’t be certain that I want to curl up with Tainted Bodies again because the material is so heavy, intense and realistic (though I am not ruling it out!), but this book was so brilliantly written and has not left me since I swiped that last page that to give it anything less would be a gross injustice.

I received a complimentary copy of Tainted Bodies from the author in exchange for my honest review.
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298 reviews
February 11, 2014

Tainted Bodies by Sarah Robinson is the perfect blend of romance, mystery, and heartbreak. This book cover is gorgeous and beneath it’s exterior is a story equally as stunning. I loved this novel from start to finish and the ending left me excited and anxious for the next book in The Photographer Series.

Kate Jackson is mindlessly going through life until a chance meeting with Derrick Kane. Sarah thoroughly builds their relationship as the pair is inseparable and sparks fly. As their relationship unfolds, their connection is realistic and swoon worthy. The couple is down to earth, playful, and it’s the little gestures and time spent together that contributes to their growing foundation. I loved that Derrick came across as a normal guy. He didn’t need to throw around money and win Kate over with pomp and circumstance. Instead he pursued her with genuine charm and a desire to learn more about her on a deeper emotional level. To me Kate and Derrick seemed like a regular, real-life couple. It was refreshing to watch their courtship.

As the plot progresses, filling my heart with flutters and hope for a happily ever after, there is a sudden, soul shattering twist. This unexpected turn left me breathless and with painful aches resonating in my heart. Relationships are tested, characters are destroyed, and everything I was certain of is now in shambles. I loved it.

Immerse yourself in the first novel in Sarah Robinson’s The Photographer Series. Tainted Bodies is a mind trip full of heart-warming romance and heart breaking suspense. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next installment in Kate and Derrick’s story.
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182 reviews24 followers
September 9, 2016
**4.5 Stars**

I typically do not read crime/romance books but I did enjoy this one.

Kate Johnson is living a normal life, with little to no excitement. She has a past that still troubles her some but does a great job at hiding it. When she goes to her normal coffee spot Derrick Kane enters her life and stirs up some excitement.

Derrick is hot, fun, and a little mysterious. He too has a troubled past. You learn a little bit about his past and it gives you a understanding of why he the way he is at times.

Kate and Derrick date for a while and you can tell by the way they are around each other they are in love but Derricks past gets in the way and it leaves Kate feeling a little insecure about their relationship at times. She is in love with him and determined she won't let it get in the way of their relationship.

After an amazing weekend together the two go back home and a horrific crime takes place involving Kate. She must now help the police catch this sick and twisted criminal while trying to hold her relationship with Derrick together.

The book started off a little slow for me but once it got going it sucked me right in. I ended up finishing in one sitting. Holy hell the reaction from Derrick about the crime just blew my mind. I won't say exactly how I feel because I don't want to ruin it for anyone. It does have a cliffhanger and I can't wait to find out what happens next.
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538 reviews75 followers
July 13, 2016
*ARC provided by author for a honest review.

This was an amazing read!(Little typos, but nothing serious). At first its all the details. Kate Jackson meets her perfect man, Derrick Kane. She is head over heels in love. They have their dates and just enjoys being in love and in each other's presence almost 24/7. We meet her sister, Annie, which is a lovable character. In the mean time Kate and Derrick is still much in love. Kate is decisive about her job, and what she actually studied for. But she is appreciative of her job, it pays the bills.

Then all of a sudden a surprising twist!! Something that I never expected to happen. I was really disappointed in how Derrick handled the situation, even though he explained to his best friend Brian, why he acted like that.

Kate lost her trust in Derrick, but still decided to give him another chance, I wouldn't. But the heart wants what the heart wants.

I am extremely excited to read the next book in the trilogy, and I can't wait. I have to know what happens next!! I would recommend this to anyone that likes reading romance with a brush of crime.

Kate is a big Ellen DeGeneres fan and I found this quote, thinking of her.
“Accept who you are. Unless you're a serial killer.”
— Ellen DeGeneres
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April 1, 2014
A touching romance novel with a twist of mystery. I enjoyed getting to know both Kate and Derrick as they fell in love with each other. They both have a past, one that they intend to keep secret for as long as possible. While trying to hold on to what they have, will their past get in the way of their future?

When Derrick runs into Kate adding a coffee to her already placed order. It's Kate that's taken off guard, his savvy charm takes her by surprise. Derrick has never met anyone like Kate, her style and her personality holds his interest, for much longer than he had intended. While the coffee house they both frequent in the early mornings turns out to be a ritual in both their lives, they fall under each others spell.

It is not until Kate mentions commitment that everything seems to go downhill between the two love birds. Derrick's past comes back to haunt him and the two begin to drift apart. Both holding back secrets but will Kate's past come back to haunt her when she falls victim to a horrifying crime? Will Derrick's moment of weakness be the end...or will their love prevail?
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April 14, 2014
First off I want to say, I have another new favorite author. WOW… This book was a fast and enjoyable read, I was on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put it down. This book in very intriguing and interesting. It has your romance, the humor and then a serious issue. My emotions where defiantly on high reading this book. This book even had a little suspense to it, which was really good.
Kate and Annie are sisters, I LOVE the relationship that they have. They come from a broken family, their mother just ups and leave because of a situation that was going on with Kate when she was younger. Then their father passes away, and they are left to be raise by their father’s friend! Years later one day in the coffee shop Kate runs into Derrick. OH MY DERRICK!!! They hit it off, Derrick has issues that he has to get over with and so does Kate. Then here comes the twist… A SHOCKING ONE….. I will not give it away. This is a book that is a MUST READ!!!
Sarah you did an amazing job, OMG one of my new favorite books of the year. I can’t wait for book 2!! Thanks for writing an incredible book. 
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March 18, 2014
Kate goes aimlessly through life until the day she meets a cheeky guy in a coffee shop. Derrick makes her happy but he avoids adding any labels to the relationship. Kate presses him for more than simply being called 'A friend' some time into their relationship but just as Derrick agrees... Something terrible happens to Kate. Can Derrick push past it? or more importantly can Kate find the strength to heal from such a vicious attack?

Loved this book & it's plot. It begins slow but then it picks up & before you know it, it's over leaving you wanting more. I completed in one seating and I'm now waiting (not patiently) for the next in this trilogy.

PS. This is a Crime/Romance story
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February 5, 2014
arc received in exchange for an honest review

well I so did not see that coming, in the first half of this book i kinda felt the story fade a little for me but I continued reading hoping of better to come and I'm glad I did it shocked me tbh and I won't go into detail because I don't wanna ruin it for anyone but stick with it you won't be disappointed I actually can't wait for part 2 now congratz Sarah 5 stars ya lost me at the beginning but you pulled me back in well done great read sexy , warm and heart wrenching all rolled into one
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March 22, 2014
This book caused emotions of anger and disgust and sadness and intrigue. Looking forward to book 2.
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March 25, 2014
I would rate this book as a 4.5 if given the option.
This is the first book in The Photographer Trilogy by Sarah Robinson. The main character, Kate Jackson, lives alone in Washington, DC and works for her "uncle" Lenny. He is a childhood friend of her father. The story begins with Kate walking up to a podium to give a speech to law enforcement. This hints that the story is going to be bigger than we know.
Kate has suffered unimaginable trauma when she was 6 years old. Her mother used this for attention and her father calls her a liar. This shaped how she views life, and how not to trust that anyone will have your back when things go wrong. Her closest trusted family to her is her little sister Annie. Annie lives in New York City. They are very close because when they were young, their mother left them and their father turned to booze and died when Kate was in middle school. Annie is the only true family Kate has left.
She meets a man named Derrick one day at a coffee shop and soon they are dating. Derrick has a lot of baggage just like Kate does. Slowly we learn what all is holding him back from getting serious with Kate. After a few months, they go on vacation to a bed and breakfast in Delaware. Things go really well and her life is looking good. When they return, really horrible things happen to Kate and she has trouble dealing with the aftermath. She struggles to do the right things and just when she is at her lowest point, Derrick does something bad. How she reacts and deals with all of this is what the story is about.
I liked the different direction this story moves in. It is a breath of fresh air, completely different then other books of the same genre. This book has mystery, suspense, romance, intrigue. It is the whole package. I am looking forward to seeing how this trilogy plays out, and if you like a deeper story, but don't want gritty, this is a good place to start. Although the subject matter could be graphic, Sarah has written this as to not be so in your face like some books. I found myself getting frustrated with the characters, which for me is a good thing. When you start looking at the characters as if they are real, then the author has done a wonderful job of bringing them to life. This is a very interesting start to a very interesting trilogy, and I for one, won't miss a page. Check it out for yourself!
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February 11, 2014
Tainted Bodies (The Photographer #1) by Sarah Robinson
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Kate Jackson and her sister Annie lost their parents at a young age and are left to take care of one another. Kate hasn’t decided what she wants to do with her life and in the interim sells office furniture by day. Once she meets Derrick Kane in a coffee shop things change quickly. Kate and Derrick are swept up in each other, but Derrick has some commitment issues, can Kate convince him to give her and love another shot? When an unthinkable tragedy happens, it shockingly rips them apart; will they be able to pick up the pieces?
This book is full of suspense and drama! My heart broke for Kate, things were going so well and then it happened. And Derrick made me so mad I am pretty sure I started yelling at my kindle. I won’t go into details, because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone else. If you are a fan of Law & Order and romance then I suggest grabbing this one. My only complaint was that the criminal content hadn’t started sooner in the book; the detective side of the book really grabbed my attention. I can’t promise a HEA in this one, but it will make your skin crawl and you will be dying to get your hands on the next book in the series. This novel is geared toward anyone 18 and over due to strong sexual content and extreme violence.
Thank you to Sarah Robinson for the opportunity to read and review her book, I can’t wait for the next in the series!!
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February 19, 2014
*An ARC of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*

This was a difficult review for me to write and I have mulled it over for a few days now and have decided that in reality I would probably give it 3 1/2 stars but with the rating system I always rate up hence the 4.

This book tackles some difficult subjects and for me personally the way they were handled just didn't work. I am sure there are many people out there that will feel differently but I was asked to provide my honest opinion and that is how I feel.

The overall story I found to be OK. Unless there is a major twist in the second installment I spotted the guilty party very early on and although I went into this knowing it was "part 1 of 3" I found the actual place it ended to be on the irritating side. There was no major cliffhanger, nothing really to hook me into wanting to read the next book.

I found the main male character to be very irritating although I have to say it was a refreshing change from the "perfect" guy that almost every romance based book that I have read lately likes to portray.

I think this is really a book people will be torn about. I am sure there are many reviewers out there that will rave about it but something just didn't work for me.


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January 21, 2014
I work in criminology but I have a love for romance and heart wrenching stories as well, so this book was the perfect mix of both of those! It was like watching the first part of a Law & Order SVU episode which was awesome to find in a book! I can't believe the cliffhanger at the end, I am absolutely DYING to read the rest of the trilogy the moment that it comes out!!

I read the other book *Sand & Clay* by this author as well. Much different than this one, more heavy on the romance but I absolutely LOVED that one too. I highly recommend this book to everyone! Go out and buy it NOW! You will not regret it!
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April 18, 2014
I really enjoyed this book. It was a really sweet romance between Derrick and Kate until tragedy threatens the future of the couple. Can Kate and Derrick's relationship survive? I can't wait to read the rest of this trilogy to find out.
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April 15, 2014
This was a good book that I enjoyed and read in one sitting. Kate is a strong, dependable woman. She is busy living her life when she meets Derrick, a carefree and happy guy. As they begin to fall in love you are introduced to many characters that keep you thinking. My mind didn't stop turning, every time one them were mentioned I was thinking, what are they gonna do. Derrick and Kate have far from a happy love story, they each have issues that they need to deal with before I think they can give into each other fully. I'm thinking they have some of the same issues. What happens to Kate is a horrible thing and just when she needs Derrick the most will he be there for her? I can't wait to start reading Tainted Pictures and find out what happens with their relationship. Also I'd can't wait to see if they catch the person responsible for hurting Kate.
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