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Evil Jester Presents

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"Evil Jester Presents" is a gorgeously illustrated anthology featuring terrifying tales from some of the biggest names and most exciting talent working in horror today. FULL COLOR. 28 PAGES WITH NO ADS.

The premiere issue features the Bram Stoker Award winning story “The Box” by International Bestselling author Jack Ketchum, who Stephen King calls “The Scariest Man in America.”


- New York Times Bestselling author Jonathan Maberry (“Flesh and Bone")

- International Bestselling author William F. Nolan (“Logan’s Run”)

- Bram Stoker Award Winning author Joe McKinney (“Flesh Eaters”)


- Richard P. Clark (“Creepy,” “Batman”)

- Beni Lobel (Smallville,” “True Blood”)

- Felix Ruiz (“Marvel Zombies,” “Astonishing X-Men,” “Wolverine Max”)

- Salvador Navarro (“GI Joe 2: Retaliation,” “Grimm Fairy Tales,”)

- Esteve Polls (“Zorro,” “The Long Ranger”)

- Nacho Arranz (“Dungeons and Dragons,” “Grimm Fairy Tales”).

1 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 30, 2013

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About the author

Taylor Grant

50 books58 followers
TAYLOR GRANT is a two-time Bram Stoker Award Nominated Author, professional screenwriter, and award-winning filmmaker. His work has been seen on network television, the big screen, the stage, the web, newspapers, comic books, national magazines, anthologies, and heard on the radio.

As an author, he has shared pages with Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Blake Crouch, Kelley Armstrong, Joe R. Lansdale, Peter Straub, Bentley Little, and many of the top writers in speculative fiction. He wrote and produced the hit comic adaptation "Rot & Ruin," based on the New York Times Bestselling series, which became the #1 horror comic for WEBTOON, the largest digital comics publisher in the world, with over 75 million active readers.

His fiction has been published by Random House, Cemetery Dance, National Lampoon, Crystal Lake Publishing, WEBTOON, Moonstone Books, and many more.

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Profile Image for Kya Aliana.
Author 11 books105 followers
January 13, 2014
The horror world has been slowly fading since the rise and fall of the 1950 horror comics. In hopes to revive this nearly lost genre, four masters of horror team up to contribute: Jack Ketchum, Jonathan Maberry, William F. Nolan, and Joe McKinney. As if that isn’t promising enough, they feature the Bram Stoker award-winning story “The Box”.

“Evil Jester Presents…” is perhaps one of the best horror comics printed to date, rivaling “Tales from the Crypt”. Not only did they have a promising line-up of authors and artists, along with an undeniably compelling objective, but they executed it masterfully!

When you first open the comic, you find a fantastic introduction written by New York Time’s best selling author, Jonathan Maberry. His compelling writing style is perfectly expressed through this comeback introduction to Evil Jester Comics, proudly announcing that “Horror comics are back. And they’re getting the respect they deserve.” The readers couldn’t agree more.

Sure, the writers are good, and the stories they give fit the genre well. But how do they pull it together? Cue Taylor Grant and Aric Sundquist! This brilliant team worked separately and together to adapt the stories into comic book form. They piece together the perfect forum for artist and colorist, Beni Lobel, Esteve Polls, Esther Sanz, Salva Navarro, Ester Salguero, and Nacho Arranz to literally bring the comic to life!

Readers and fans of comics and horror alike will devour this book as a vampire devours blood: in a single gulp. This will inevitably spark a craving so hard to satisfy, that they’ll practically be begging for the next issue!

Like lighting on a cloudy night, the comic opens with “The Box”, sparking terror in the reader’s mind and illuminating your deepest fears. But this goes far beyond a story: the illustrations spring to life in your mind, and the box is suddenly before you… calling to you! The world around you vanishes and all that exists is darkness, you, and the comic you hold in your shaky hands.

After the adrenaline rush fades, but before your heart can resume a normal tempo, you begin “Swallowed”. A story and illustration combination that will leave you yearning to slither out of your skin! This powerful story will leave you covered in gooseflesh, your heart unable to slow, and your eyes wider than ever. The illustrations make the perfect accompaniment in order to sink deep into that “unforgettable” section of your conscious.

You can’t stop now: you’re only half way through! “Small World” opens with a heart-pounding, action packed beginning that will keep you awake for the rest of the night. Not only does this outstanding prose and illustration collaboration promise thrills and chills, but it will also make you think: as most good stories tend to do. This isn’t just a story: it’s a journey of a thousand thoughts deep in your subconscious that are clawing their way through your deepest inner emotions. Written in a way that you aren’t just reading it, you are living it! The characters come to life in a way unmatched by any other, and you’re along for the ride.

As if this thrill trip isn’t already an instant hit alongside a classic, the brilliant creators suck you in for one last story. This has to be the best and most ingenious way to end this comeback comic. Not only will “Like Part of the Family” quench your now bloodthirsty nature, but leave you thriving on high-octane energy, unable to say enough good things about what you just experienced, and yet trembling for more!

Jonathan Maberry is a literary genius; and it is as if this story was born to be adapted into comic-book form. The characters will live in your mind forever. They are the kind of characters that can never escape and are unforgettable. Maberry delicately balances jealously, human nature, greed, the most classic form of horror creatures, and gives an ending that couldn’t be better. His masterful ability to showcase this once near-dead genre is just what this comic needed to end with to leave you wondering what will they come up with next.

There is no denying that this comic will make a comeback like no other before. This is what the horror genre needs and this will go down in the horror legacy we leave to our children. Overall this comic is fully satisfying, flawless, and leaves you ready to sink your fangs into the next issue.

This is an instant classic and an undeniable hit! I know this is one I’ll save and pass down to my children and grandchildren. I’ll say, “This is the one that sparked it all. This is what brought back what you’re reading now.” And that statement will be 110% true.

From the bottom of my darkened heart, thank you everybody who made this comic possible! You’ve sucked me into your twisted web and I can’t wait for more!
Profile Image for Sydney.
Author 28 books37 followers
January 8, 2014
I picked up a print edition of this as soon as it came out, and to say I was not disappointed would be a gross understatement. This pristine publication has so much going for it I’m not even sure where to begin. The cover alone is exquisite...it’s evident these guys have a strong grasp on the art of horror comics and a matching passion and respect for those that inspired their own love for such industries.

The entire book is simply breathtaking, with an extremely impressive combination of writing, artwork, layout, and design. The adaptations of the stories from legends like Ketchum, McKinney, Nolan, and Maberry are perfect for this venue; each is illustrated beautifully, with eye-catching colors and typography so unique to this type of publication. Ketchum’s Stoker Award winning short “The Box” opens the collection, and is a brilliantly haunting little tale. I recently read the original of McKinney’s “Swallowed”, and love the eerie script it’s delivered in here. The “ring of small cruel faces” from Nolan’s original apocalyptic “Small World” is deftly captured in the grim panels. Maberry’s snarky dialogue in the violent blend of crime and horror in “Like Part of the Family” seems meant to be put into speech bubbles.

This publication is definitely in keeping with the whole notion of comics being a collector’s item...I now want to own every issue that Evil Jester releases, and frequently show this one off to friends--but loathe to let them touch it. These guys know what they are doing, and I expect to see them thrive...and I’m definitely going along for the ride.
Profile Image for Keith Milstead.
Author 5 books12 followers
January 22, 2014
The folks responsible for this comic have made my dream come true. I have always been a fan of the horror comic. Great stories and great art are a lost art form. Then the wonderful folks at Evil Jester Presents put out the opportunity to support this comic and I jumped at the chance to invest. Every penny was worth it. The stories are by great authors like Joe McKinney, Jack Ketchum, William Nolan and Jonathan Maberry. I mean, that is one major line-up. Add to that the brilliance of the artwork by such artists as Richard P. Clark, Beni Lobel, Feliz Ruiz, Salvador Navarro, Esteve Polls and Nacho Arranz and you have a leap into a new classic that rivals EERIE, TALES FROM THE CRYPT and WEIRD ADVENTURES. It is easy to tell that the folks at EVIL JESTER PRESENTS such as Charles Day and Taylor Grant made this a project from the heart. It is beautifully crafted and well worth a look. http://www.amazon.com/Evil-Jester-Pre...
Profile Image for G. Munson.
Author 14 books11 followers
June 3, 2014
This is the stuff.
As a kid, I used to devour the classics from EC Comics. This brought me back to those times and in my opinion one-upped them, as this is the best horror comic I've ever read. With stories from Jack Ketchum, Joe McKinney, William F. Nolan, and Jonathan Maberry, how could they go wrong? Rather than take the easy route and simply rely on the knowledge that they had great writers to start with, EJC created an incredible script and a visual masterpiece to match the storytelling. If it sounds like I'm being dramatic, it's just because the comic is really that good. I can't say anything bad about it. Honestly.
Go read it for yourself. If you like horror and comics, I can't think of anything I'd more highly recommend.
Profile Image for Greg Chapman.
Author 103 books103 followers
July 21, 2014
An awesome comic anthology which pays homage to the old EC Comics with its storytelling and slick modern artistic style.
Profile Image for Tamara.
569 reviews51 followers
May 24, 2016
This is incredible! My disappointment is that I did not get a hard copy. I got this on my Kindle. Even electronically, it is a beautiful, amazing masterpiece! Check it out!
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