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Morgan and Fairchild #1

Sins of the Father

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As a former Royal Marine Commando, Brad Morgan is among the best of the best. Now heading up his own unit in the private security world, he lives by the same mottos he served by.

When Alicia Gladstone, a star in the entertainment industry, is put under threat, Brad and his team at Morgan and Fairchild must step in to find a killer before it’s too late.

At the peak of physical and mental fitness, all his years of training are put to the test when he is forced into a world artificial by nature, and too distracting for his own good. But it isn’t the environment that poses the biggest threat. It is the past he ran away from, one he thought he had overcome.

212 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 1, 2011

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About the author

Melissa Barker-Simpson

15 books17 followers
I truly believe the ability to write is part of my genetic make-up. Without it I have no identity. Creating different worlds and populating them makes me happy; it provides enough light to blind the darkness in my soul.

Sounds pretentious maybe, dramatic definitely, and yet it’s the truth. I’m an artist. I can be temperamental, moody and sometimes downright anti-social, but I love deeply and I try to be as good as I can be.

As a reader, and a writer, I enjoy a wide variety of genres. At the heart of my novels, there is always an element of romance. I just can’t help myself. I write about connection, friendship and love in all its forms. If that’s in a magical setting, an alternate universe, or a world where anything can happen, and often does – my characters don’t seem to mind.

I love language in all its forms, and am fortunate to work in my second language (British Sign Language) on a regular basis. Being an interpreter allows me to immerse myself in a variety of settings and, even better, I meet a diverse number of people – most of whom find their way between the pages of a book!

You could say I’m somewhat of a geek, and you already know I’m a drama queen. I’m also a mother to two beautiful teenagers, who keep me grounded. We laugh a lot, me and my girls, and, as I enjoy to share the love, I try to channel my humour into my stories. Life is about connection and it brings me great joy (again as both a reader and a writer) to create and experience those connections.

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Profile Image for Robin Morgan.
Author 5 books280 followers
January 12, 2015
I received a KINDLE Edition for this book as a giveaway prize through a FaceBook group, and the following is my honest opinion of the book.

One would think someone like Brad Morgan, who gained his experience as a Royal Marine Commando, would have had any problems with the simple task of protecting Alicia Gladstone, an entertainer. It shouldn’t have Brad had been in an elite unit, and now owns his company in the field of private security, which he operates under the same standards he’d learned in the service.

But it does, and he’s ultimately comes to terms with this issue; all the while making sure his client is kept safe.

Being an entertainer, Alicia lives most of her day to day in another world, a world in which practically everything is really a fake. People are not who or what they appear to be, and things which seem to be happening have merely been staged. Think of walking onto a movie set in the middle of movie set without realizing it and seeing people being shot at, etc.; the experience can be quite upsetting.

While this for Brad it is extremely distracting given his training, it poses no problem. However seeing this happening, and hearing the sounds triggers a history he believed he’d had long forgotten about; now becomes something he needs to resolve before he can truly move on.
Alicia is a strong, self-determined woman who lets nothing to get in her way of what needs to be done, and like the old silent movie, “The Perils of Pauline,” she’s able to overcome things which gets thrown in her way.

The overall melding of action, dialogue, plot twists made for an exciting turn-paging read. The mixture of two genres; mystery and romance, added to the enjoyment of this book; especially that of the relationship which develops between these, ending with --- you’ve got to read the book to find out.

A word of advice to American readers:
The author uses the British spelling of words, so a word like “favorite” become “favourite,” and also uses British terminology. While becoming a Book Reviewer, I’ve become accustomed in reading this, still shouldn’t distract anyone else from enjoying this book as I have.

In the end, I’m happy to give this book 5 STARS.

Robin Leigh Morgan is the author of “I Kissed a Ghost,” a MG/YA Paranormal romance novel as well as the author of "Micro Fiction - An Anthology."
Author 8 books61 followers
August 6, 2014
I’ve read some of Melissa Barker-Simpson’s work on her blog, where she posts short fiction, which is always of amazing quality and incredibly gripping. Her book was no different! The opening was amazing, and I was instantly pulled in from the very first sentence.

The characters were all written in such a way that they felt truly real, not like characters on a page, with their dialogue flowing like a real conversation that I could hear in my head rather than written on the page.

There are some great action written into the book, and although it is described so that you feel thrown into the scene yourself, it was the glimpses into how the character’s felt that made those moments even more intense and exciting.

The romance was amazingly written and gave me butterflies at some points.

Throughout Sins of the Father, you are thrown into an exciting story of mystery and romance that I couldn’t wait to find out what happened, but then didn’t want to reach the end because it was such a great story!

It was a brilliant ending, where I felt satisfied with how the book finished and no cliff-hanger, but I grew to know the characters and loved them so that I can’t wait for the next book including them from this author.

This book has high quality writing, well-developed characters and a good flowing story. I would definitely recommend reading it.
Profile Image for Gina Briganti.
Author 11 books858 followers
October 15, 2014
"Sins of the Father" is a great introduction to a new series. I enjoyed meeting compelling characters who share warm, witty relationships. I also enjoyed reading a romance and a mystery in the same story. They flowed together well.

Melissa Barker-Simpson writes fantastic villains and clear action sequences. I loved the resolution to the mystery.

I have already read 75% of the next book in the series!
Profile Image for T..
Author 2 books27 followers
August 15, 2015
This introductory novel to the Morgan and Fairchild series was hands-down the most fun I've had reading a book in months. So many lovable, crafty characters - watching their interaction was my favorite part of the experience. And what an experience this story is, the worlds of mystery and movie-making colliding.
Profile Image for Taylor Grace.
Author 1 book11 followers
September 17, 2014
I had read another of Ms. Barker-Simpson's books and hoped I was going to like this one. I wasn't disappointed.

One of the things I like the most about Sins of the Father is its clear sense of direction. There is a reason for every scene and conversation. The tension doesn't grow haphazardly or uncontrollably. It doesn't ebb for no reason. It rises clearly and unerringly to the climax and delivers a beautiful resolution.

I particularly loved the dialogue. Fresh, light and so real I could hear voices and intonation, it kept me turning pages. Nothing is over-stated or repeated, instead quirky humour kept me smiling and drew me into the story.

In a few paragraphs, I both knew and liked Alicia. She was determined without being pushy, courageous in the face of overwhelming odds and passionate about her friends and family.

Brad is the bodyguard I'd like to have if I had a choice. Tall, handsome, confident, competent and just a little bit dangerous. Their meeting is one of my favourite parts of the book.

The characters are deeply layered and I'm not just talking about the hero and heroine. Even minor characters have histories, stories and quirky comments that make them stand out and take them from ordinary to fascinating. And that awful villain...I have to admit, I really loathed this villain. He scared the socks off of me.

I was more than a little terrified for Alicia. She, on the other hand, faced problems with a determination and clear mind that left me awed. Unlike other books, where the heroine's job magically disappears, Alicia keeps working and facing danger every day. To say that I admired her is an understatement, by the end of the book, I was cheering for her happy ending with Brad.

Fast paced, with delightful characters, lively dialogue and a touch of humour, this is a great read for anyone who likes mystery or romance. The writing is superb and the story really well put together. I would highly recommend it.
Profile Image for D.B..
Author 8 books19 followers
August 25, 2014
Book Review

‘Sins of the Father’ Morgan and Fairchild Book 1 by Melissa Barker-Simpson, is a well-written, action packed, mystery-suspense-thriller with a bit of romance thrown in. ‘Sins of the Father’ is the introductory book for the Morgan and Fairchild Series.

The author, Melissa Barker-Simpson, does a wonderful job of writing the story with strong characters and adding back field on Morgan and Fairchild as needed. There are many twists and turns, along with who-done-its. I found it a page-turner and a fast paced read. The story flows really well.

I loved ‘Sins of the Father’ and highly recommend it.

Displaying 1 - 6 of 6 reviews

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