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The Saga of Darren Shan #4

Cirque Du Freak: Vampire Mountain

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In this fourth book in the bestselling Saga of Darren Shan, Darren Shan and Mr. Crepsley embark on a dangerous trek to the very heart of the vampire world. But they face more than the cold on Vampire Mountain? The vampaneze have been there before them.

Will a meeting with the Vampire Princes restore Darren's human side, or turn him further toward the darkness? Only one thing is certain? Darren's initiation into the vampire clan is more deadly than he can ever have imagined.

212 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2001

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About the author

Darren Shan

244 books7,605 followers
Librarian's note: Also writes books for adults under the name Darren Dash. And in the past he has released books for adults under the names D.B. Shan and Darren O'Shaughnessy.

Darren Shan (born July 2, 1972 in London, England) is the pen name of the Irish author Darren O'Shaughnessy, as well as the name of the protagonist of his book series The Saga of Darren Shan, also known as The Cirque Du Freak Series in the United States. He is the author of the series The Demonata, The Saga of Larten Crepsley, and Zom-B. He has also released the stand-alone novel, The Thin Executioner, and the stand-alone short novels, Koyasan, and Hagurosan. Plus, for adults, he released The City Trilogy (originally under the name of D.B. Shan), and Lady of the Shades..

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Profile Image for Miranda Reads.
1,589 reviews157k followers
December 10, 2020
This is not going to include anything to do with the actual Cirque Du Freak

You have been warned. I know, I was pretty devastated too...

It's not a bad book. Darren has settled into vampire life somewhat well but upon summons by the Vampire Council, both he and Mr. Crepsley have to trek to Vampire Mountain to plead their case.

Throughout the book, we are given snitches and tidbits of what vampire society is like - harsh, cruel and noble. The author has no qualms about depicting gruesome details.

Characters die, often painfully and without a 'reason.' I keep expecting (as seen with other middle school books) for the character's death to further plot or provide character development. Here, the characters die because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Chillingly real.

I was a bit annoyed by the ending - we spend all this time building and nothing is played out. ALSO there's no Cirque du Freak. I picked up this series cause I adored all the cirque characters but we don't see any of them. Highly disappointing.

Audiobook Comments
Read by Ralph Lister - and he did a lovely job of it.

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Profile Image for Ahmad Sharabiani.
9,564 reviews33 followers
February 4, 2019
Vampire Mountain, Darren Shan
Branded a traitor, betrayed by a friend and hunted by the vampire clan. Can Darren reverse the odds and outwit a Vampire Prince?
تاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه مارس سال 2006 میلادی
عنوان: قصه های سرزمین اشباح : جلد چهار 4 : کوهستان شبح؛ نویسنده: دارن شان؛ مترجم: سوده کریمی؛ فرزانه کریمی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، کتابهای بنفشه-انتشارات قدیانی، 1382 در 192 ص - سده 21 م
دارن و کرپسلی راه دشواری را برای رسیدن به کوهستان اشباح پشت سر میگذارند، کوهستان مقر همه ی اشباح جهان است. هر یک از ساکنان کوهستان، چند صد سال زندگی کرده، و همیشه درگیر مبارزه ای مرگبار بوده اند. آنها میخواهند شبح واره های خون آشامی را نابود کنند، که سرچشمه ی همه ی پلیدیها و شرارتها هستند. اما در این ملاقات حیرت انگیز، دارن با واقعیت تازه ای روبرو میشود. بهتر است داستان را رو نکنم. ا. شربیانی
Profile Image for Kyle.
168 reviews59 followers
August 19, 2016

Good read but frustrating ending…

So great story, the plot is building, it’s really starting to get good and then, TO BE CONTINUED…

Really? The book is only 212 pages long! I get that the author is writing these for a young audience but we can sit and read a book that’s longer than 200 pages. The Harry Potter series should have proven that. If you’re going to publish a book then make it a complete story for crying out loud. Right now I just feel cheated. If the rest of the series ends up being the same, not sure I’m willing to invest my time in it.

To read my review of the other books in this series, use the links below:

Book One: A Living Nightmare
Book Two: The Vampire's Assistant
Book Three: Tunnels of Blood
Book Five: Trials of Death
Book Six: The Vampire Prince
Book Seven: Hunters of the Dusk

Profile Image for Shawna Finnigan.
510 reviews327 followers
January 14, 2021
This book was like a breath of fresh air. It was less scary and intense than the other books, which was a nice break. A lot of this book was about creating a new setting and introducing new characters, but it was still just as fun as the other books in the series. I loved the mountain and how it was described. This might seem weird, but I wish this series as a whole and especially this book were made into a video game. There's lots of fight scenes in this series and unique settings that could make a really fun video game.

My only complaint about this book was the ending. The ending wasn't satisfying at all. It felt like it was the middle of the book, not the end. I get that it was setting up the plot for the next book in the series, but I wish this book and the fifth book would've been combined into one large book because it would've flowed better.

Also, one last thought on this book was that as I was reading it, I was wondering if Stephenie Meyer got some inspiration from this series for Twilight. The Volturi from Twilight seemed almost exactly like the vampire princes and there was both a Volturi and a vampire prince named Aro. It might just be a coincidence, but I'd be curious to hear if Stephenie Meyer read this series before writing her own series.
Profile Image for Sara Kamjou.
612 reviews331 followers
May 29, 2019
داستان این جلد روندش کندتر بود، اتفاق چندانی نیفتاد و بیشتر حالت مقدمه داشت. اون قسمتی که لارتن کرپسلی قرار بود دارن رو به شاهزاده‌ها توضیح بده، از منطق داستان یه کم ناامید شدم...
Profile Image for James Trevino.
68 reviews35.7k followers
August 28, 2016
This was pretty bad. It is really hard to judge the books in this series because they are parts of a bigger story. Even so, I felt that the first three entries were way better than Vampire Mountain was. I understand the need for an overreaching arc, but as a stand-alone novel this book offers almost nothing. It starts nowhere and leads nowhere, with a bunch of new characters being introduced and no climax. Nothing really happens until the last few pages that set up the next novel.
The only good parts were the humor and the likable characters. But those can only take you so far.
Profile Image for Helaquist.
22 reviews3 followers
March 17, 2020
i love their interactions on this book and also OH GOD HARKAT I AM SCREAMING AGAIN BECAUSE I REMEMBER (!!!)
Profile Image for Shannara.
448 reviews81 followers
February 9, 2021
These books just keep getting better!!! I love pretty much all the characters by this point. Darren is especially great, probably because he’s growing up and is less annoying now.

I also love their journey in this particular installment. Vampire mountain is pretty awesome. It was super interesting reading of the vampires and their traditions etc.

I’d write a longer review, but I have got to start the next one right now. Obviously I really recommend this!!! Especially for those into vampire books!!
Profile Image for Narges Amooei.
255 reviews159 followers
January 28, 2019
خوبی این قسمت این بود که آخرش، دنباله‌دار تموم شد، یعنی کاملاً نیاز به اینکه باید هرچه سریع‌تر کتاب بعدی رو شروع کنی، احساس می‌کنی. و اصلاً مجموعه‌ی چندقسمتی خوب یعنی همین :>
Profile Image for Rachel Bea.
358 reviews115 followers
October 5, 2017
Not my favorite book in the series so far, which isn't to say that the writing is bad or anything - the series is consistently good. If the series was a TV show, this might be considered the "filler" episode. I still liked the story quite a bit, but I'm more excited for the next one!
Profile Image for Cami L. González.
1,159 reviews395 followers
October 8, 2020
Entiendo por qué juntaron los libros, porque este es en realidad la introducción literal a los ritos, o al menos eso supongo.

Han pasado 6 años desde la transformación a asistente de vampiro de Darren, ya se acostumbró a su vida aunque no es fácil envejecer 1 año de cada 5. Cuando una reunión de vampiros se acerca irá con Mr. Crepsley a la montaña de los vampiros.

El libro es 80% el viaje hacia la montaña de los vampiros, 15% de que nos muestra cómo es por dentro, las costumbres y nuevos personajes y un 5% de lo que podría ser la historia en estas tres entregas.

Es cierto que aún así la historia es divertida y se pasa volando, tanto porque suelen ocurrir cosas de forma continua como por la misma narración de Darren. Su voz y su forma de enfrentarse a lo que va sucediendo es divertida y hace que el libro tenga un tono más ligero, aunque sea una historia oscura.

No hay mucho más que decir que quedé con ganas de leer el siguiente, Darren siempre tan impulsivo con sus decisiones.
Profile Image for Paul Eckert.
Author 14 books46 followers
July 9, 2010
This marks the fourth book I've read in the Cirque Du Freak series, and I keep expecting to be disappointed, waiting for the magic to run out. Thankfully, the series is still strong and still gripping.

One of the things I like best about the Cirque Du Freak series is that the protagonist, Darren Shan (yes, also the author's name...which I thought was a pretty hilarious thing to do, thought I bet his intention was to make it more 'real' for the young adult audience), never has an easy time. Considering that the series is twelve books long, it's almost a given that he isn't going to die. But he is constantly making tough choices and put in difficult situations that constantly build his character. I'm a sucker for characters that strive to better themselves, or that become stronger characters throughout the story.

In this installment, Darren and Mr. Crepsley (his vampire mentor) make the trek to Vampire Mountain (if I have any gripe against the CDF stories, it is that the names can be a bit corny). Vampire Mountain is essentially headquarters for the vampire race. But getting to the mountain is far from easy, and vampires pride themselves on being tough resilient creatures.

This book lacks much direct conflict, with the exception of few fight scenes. Additionally, there is a lot of tension built around a predicted war with the vampaneze (another corny name). But the real fun in this book is how much the reader learns about the vampires. Much of the information is revealed in dialogue, which is usually a no-no in fiction, but Shan writes it so smoothly that it's easily forgivable. Moreover, the world of the vampires is quite interesting and combines familiar legend with unique world-building on Shan's part.

I'll be diving into book #5 momentarily...
Profile Image for Niki.
776 reviews123 followers
April 15, 2017
2 stars seems a little generous for this, since the book had nothing to offer, so 1,5 it is. It was basically an infodump about the "broader universe" just to set up the next book, with a little bit of "Darren's life in Cirque du Freak has gone stale so we have to move on" in the beginning. Just when I was expecting some action, the -already short- book ended.

Not to mention a terribly sexist remark at one point: "There aren't many vampire women because we can't have children" Obviously, when a woman can't have a child, she has no purpose in life, amiright?? No matter that there are women who physically can't have children in real life. Awesome. But what did I even expect from a series that has had a whooping five (5) women with "supporting" speaking roles so far, in the entire series?
Profile Image for Baya.
41 reviews10 followers
August 31, 2017
Pěkně se to rozjíždí... ani jsem nedoufala, že mě to chytne až tak moc :) ...takže s další knížkou by měl teda přijít ten masakr, jo? Nevím, jestli se mám těšit nebo bát... :-/
Profile Image for Dana Cristiana.
441 reviews202 followers
September 16, 2021
3.5 stars for this interesting adventure!

And this is how my 30 books in 30 days journey starts. This was the first book in this personal challenge that I listened to.
To see what I'm talking about, please check my newest blog post: https://silvermoonreads.wordpress.com...

Getting back to this, we finally see the Generals and Princes in the Vampire Mountain, get to know more of the Blood Stone and meet some new fresh characters.

I loved the wolves Darren encountered in their way to the Mountain and I wish they could re-appear lately in the story. The author has this power of creating lovely characters that you wish to see again and can't split apart from them.
I still can't believe 6 years have passed since the last book's content. I wonder what have they done meanwhile.

But nonetheless, I am thrilled to see what trails will Darren have to face in the next book, which will be the one for tomorrow's pick!
Profile Image for Quentin Wallace.
Author 32 books159 followers
February 20, 2020
In this volume a lot of new information is revealed about Mr. Tiny, the Little People and vampires in general. Darren journeys to Vampire Mountain to learn about Vampire Hierarchy and also legends of the vampires. Every writer likes to put their own spin on vampires, but I'm more of a traditionalist. That being said, Darren Shan's vampires are close enough to tradition that they are still enjoyable.

There are hints of darker times coming from the series in this volume as well.

Very compelling series!
Profile Image for Vendea.
1,478 reviews156 followers
May 7, 2017
Re-reading 7.5.17: Důvod, proč celou sérii miluju tak moc. Upíří hora, která představuje ty nejúžasnější postavy na světě (i mého knižního manžela). A samozřejmě Gaver ve svých žlutých trenkách s růžovými slony. To neomrzí nikdy. Je škoda, že už brzy přijde masakr :((

Není nad to si zopakovat jeden z nejlepších dílů série! Kurda ♥, Gavnerovy trenky, ošklivá nemluvňata, Vanez, Arra, senilní Seboun a další! A hrozba pána vampýrů.. Bojte se!
Profile Image for Zohreh.
113 reviews20 followers
May 19, 2022
باور نمیکنم مستر کرپسلی همینطوری الکی دارن و وارد این داستان کرده. تازه اون به کنار حالا همه یه گوشه نشستن این بچه از همه جا بی خبر مجبوره خودشو به ملت اثبات کنه. چقدر نامعقول و مسخره هستن این جماعت ومپایری
البته بطور ضمنی اشاره کرد که دارن یه جنمی توش بود که منو وادار به اینکار کرد. ولی باز خیلی روش تاکید نکرد
بریم ببینیم در ادامه چی به چیه
Profile Image for skauing.
67 reviews31 followers
July 2, 2023
This book is so juicy. The cast grows, developing and/or introducing Gavner, Harkat, Arra, Kurda... 👀 The bits of vampire culture and history hinted at or mentioned in previous books gets expanded upon almost mercilessly in this, it just keeps going and going and it's so exciting! I honestly adore this series' take on vampires in general, it's really interesting and creative. Darren is still Darren, he's kinda stupid and his specific cocktail of impulsive and naive doesn't always work out for him but he's just lovable honestly. Mr. Crepsley remains my favourite obviously, and the relationship between him and Darren is just 👌 good shit.
This book does get a bit infodump-y at times. It sets up the next two books and really the whole rest of the series in a way so it makes sense, but also. not a lot of stuff actually happens?
Very excited to dive into the next book already!
6,286 reviews67 followers
April 6, 2019
Another great adventure for Darren Shan, a bit less complete in itself, it's really a piece in this awesome story and it open up for the next one in a good way, but in itself, even if the characters evolve and we learn more about the vampire world, alone, it felt less complete then the other volume who could have been read has stand alone in some and still be enjoyable. I really looking forward reading another one, probably around next month! One of the best, if not the best, fantasy series for children I've read since Harry Potter. A series that deserve more love and to be talk about way more!
Profile Image for Johana.
47 reviews
December 27, 2022
Loved this book in the series when I read it first time and nothing changed today. I was thrilled since the beginning and I am looking forward to reading the next book.
Profile Image for Fernando.
244 reviews2 followers
May 15, 2019
He looked like a nice old uncle but was really a cruel, dark-hearted man who'd cut your tongue out as soon as say hello to you.
Profile Image for Davidus1.
227 reviews
April 10, 2020
I'm still enjoying this series. Vampire Mountain is interesting. Shan does a good job with his storytelling and I'm intrigued and will continue on with the series. Its another take on vampires
Profile Image for Zahra.
138 reviews28 followers
June 13, 2023
اون مبارزه‌ی دارن با آرا به‌نظرم خیلی غیرواقعی بود. دارن اونقدرا تمرین خاصی نداشت ولی تا حد زیادی پابه‌پای آرا که به گفته‌ی خودشون روزی چهار-پنج تا شبح رو ناکار می‌کنه جنگید. :/ از این کار نویسنده‌ها بدم میاد. خب اگه تمرین داشته یه جوری بهمون بگو تمرین می‌کرده هرروز این شش سال و قبول، اگه نداشته هم دیگه باید زودتر از اینا از پا درمیومد. همینجوری که یهو آدم متخصص یه چیزی نمیشه، هرچقدرم استعداد داشته باشه.

ولی این جلد خوش گذشت. کنجکاویم داره خیلی بیش‌تر میشه.
62 reviews
March 22, 2010
This is the fourth book in the Cirque Du Freak series. In this series Darren Shan assumes the role of a half vampire and travels with Mr Crepsley as he learns more about his new powers of a vampire and he adapts to the standards and needs of a new vampire life. In this book, Darren has to travel to vampire mountain, the journey can take months and they are forced to travel on bare feet. On the way to the mountain with Mr Crepsley, they met Gavner Purl, a Vampire General who was following Mr Crepsley to vampire mountain. On the way they also met a pack of wolves to go to the Council to pick up the leftover food there. When they got there, they met up with the other Vampire Generals such as Mika Ver Leth, Arrow, Vanez, the oldest vampire, Paris, Mr Crepsley's fiance, Arra Sails, and a friend vampire named Kurda Smahlt
I can relate this book to the world because many people are called everyday to arrange a party of some sort. When they arrive, they have chats of old memories, of recent activities and such and they just socialize, in book 4, Vampire Mountain, of the Cirque Du Freak Series, they also travel a long harsh way just to meet about their fellow vampires and then socialize like normal and have duels.
I rate this book a 5 because just like the other books of the Cirque Du Freak Series, it is well paced, and beautifully written, I would recommend this book to anybody just finding a book to read, this series will keep you reading for a while. I also personally find it hard to put down because Darren is a teenager in this book and he needs to go through relationships personally and with others as well.
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