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For five thousand years, Revenant believed he was alone in the world, a fallen angel beyond any redemption. Now he finds he has a twin brother who had all the light and love Revenant was denied. Caught in a tug of war between Heaven and Hell, he must weigh his thirst for revenge against his desire for a mysterious female named Blaspheme—a female whose very origins could deliver him into salvation . . . or destruction.


Blaspheme has a deadly secret: she's the forbidden offspring of an angel and a fallen angel. Hunted by both heavenly and satanic forces, she has survived only by laying low and trusting no one. When Revenant claims he can save them both, how can she possibly believe him? But the powerful angel is persistence incarnate and for Blaspheme, there's no place she can hide in Heaven or Hell where he won't find her . .

368 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published December 16, 2014

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About the author

Larissa Ione

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Air Force veteran Larissa Ione traded in a career in meteorology to pursue her passion of writing. She has since published dozens of books, hit several bestseller lists, including the New York Times and USA Today, and has been nominated for a RITA award. She now spends her days in pajamas with her computer, strong coffee, and supernatural worlds. She believes in celebrating everything, and would never be caught without a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge…just in case. She currently lives in Wisconsin with her retired U.S. Coast Guard husband, her son, a rescue cat named Vegas, and her very own hellhounds, a King Shepherd named Hexe and a Belgian Malinois named Duvel.

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July 15, 2015
5 Perfect Ending Stars

Heaven doesn't want me, so all I have is hell.

Wow oh wow but does Larissa Ione know how to save the very best for last. I do believe that Revenant may top my list of favorite bad boys that she's ever written. After all the revelations that took place in Reaver, I simply couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. Not only did it live up to every expectation I had, it managed to absolutely blow them out of the water.

Revenant has spent the last five thousand years believing that he's a fallen angel that's beyond redemption. He's taught himself to make piece with his evil side even though the demons from his memories continue to haunt his every waking hour.

I don't think I've read a hero by Larissa Ione that I haven't loved yet, but Revenant is probably my top favorite. He's such a damaged and tortured soul hiding behind the exterior of a bad ass that you can't help but fall for him right away. All he yearns for is for someone to accept him, to care for him, to love him...even though he knows that he doesn't deserve it. But that all changes when he meets a female that tempts him like no other. A female that may just have the answer to his salvation but is also hiding a secret that may be his demise...
The physician in her wanted to heal him. The False Angel in her wanted to seduce him. The female in her wanted to comfort him.

Blaspheme has spent spent centuries hiding who she really is. As the forbidden child of an angel and fallen angel, she is cursed to be hunted until the end of time. And the biggest threat to her comes in the form of a Fallen Angel in leather that is not at all what he appears to be.

There is so much that happens in this book that I don't even want to touch on because it simply must be experienced. Ione is a pure mastermind the way she ties every single loose end together seamlessly in a story that action packed and oh so sexy...
...I would have you up against that wall, my hands pinning yours so you'd know how this feels, and I would rail you so hard you'd feel me for a month. And after we both came, I'd have you on the floor, pulling a sixty-nine that wouldn't end until I tasted a dozen of your orgasms. before you could even think about recovering, I'd fuck you in every way a male can fuck a female. And I wouldn't stop. Not until you begged.

I went through the ringer of emotions while reading it. I must have spent the entire last 30% a sniveling and crying mess.
There were so many twists and turns and not a dull moment in site. I binged on this book and practically read it in one day. I just never wanted it to end.

As always every character from the previous books makes an appearance and all of it serves it's own role. Ione doesn't waste a page. It was, in a word, perfection.

As sad as I am to see this "conclusion" to the series, I'm also happy that she didn't drag it out. It ended in a way that was absolutely fitting and I cannot wait for more from this brilliant author.

I would NOT recommend reading these books out of order as the plot really develops though each book, even though every book focuses on a different couple with their own HEA. You will enjoy it that much more if you read this series in order. Besides, I haven't read a book in this series that I haven't loved. But this was by far Ione's best book. I LOVED IT.

ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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March 12, 2017
Revenant was one fucked-up fallen angel.

Not really…
Apparently Revenant had been deceived for the last 5000 years. Born and raised in Sheoul, he always thought that he was a fallen angel before his memories returned in Reaver’s book.
So he is Reaver’s twin brother and it seems he is also the uncle of the four horsemen.
So he is a good guy.
Well, he does not like this! He has always been the bad boy, the dark guy, the evil angel you don’t want to meet when you visit Hell.

Revenant has four major problems that torture him in his book:
1. He hates how he was played and he wishes he could forget again. Because he is still Satan’s bitch and when Satan summons him he has to obey.

“It’s good to see you, my son.”
“Don’t call me that,” Rev ground out. “My father was an angel.”

2. He wants to be left alone by his relatives. Reaver keeps trying to meet him and Revenant does not feel like it. Especially because he has been denied before.

“I want for you to fuck off, just like I said.”

3. He does not belong to Heaven anymore, although he is an angel. He is Satan’s son now. Not even his mother sweet memory can save him.

Moonbeams and sunshine, the clouds and the seas, all part of the many worlds I want you to see. Fear not the unknown, nor the depths of the night, for nothing can harm you when I hold you tight.

4. He is obsessed with Blaspheme aka Blas and this has to be resolved somehow. Because Blaspheme keeps avoiding him.

“I was on my way to see you.”
She smiled sweetly. “Well, you’ve seen me. Buh-bye.”

All his problems will be resolved by the end of the book:
1. He will learn that it is not that bad to remember and to know the truth, because the truth will set him free from the Satan’s influence.
2. It is not too bad to have relatives, who have also suffered a lot. He was not the only one in the dark.
3. Since he does not belong to Heaven any more, that’s the perfect opportunity to make Hell his home – but under his own conditions.
4. Blas and Revenant belong together – especially when they found out that Blas was played as well. And she will also learn a few accurate facts about herself.

Blas and Revenant together are burning the pages of the book
“Is this what you wanted?” His guttural voice sent tingles across her skin. “Do you want more?”
“Yes,” she rasped. “More.”
“That’s my angel,” he whispered.

To say that I absolutely loved this book would be an understatement. So I will just leave it at that.
I really hope that you give this book a chance, but as a warning it not a standalone book. You need at least to read Reaver’s book before Revenant’s book.
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December 18, 2014
5 Love a Bad Boy Stars

I luuuuuuuuuuuuuved this one. Review to come... Maybe.


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Author 8 books330 followers
August 1, 2022
I just love Larissa Ione’s Demonica series. Revenant is Reaver’s twin, separated from him at birth, but raised in hell instead of heaven. This one was really great not only because we continued in the angels world, but because we got to explore the tortured brothers relationship theme as they were split at birth, one sent to heaven, and one to hell, which has turned Revenant into something of a bad boy.

Blasphemy is an interesting character as well, a part-angel who has been hiding out for years under the protection of her mother and working as a doctor at UG. They have some steamy chemistry! Adding to everyone’s troubles is the fact that Satan has gotten a fallen angel to try to reincarnate his murdered son Lucifer by carrying him to term as a full-grown baby/man, which would obviously be bad for the forces of good. Much interesting development and world-building as always, although my very favorite part was seeing bitter, angry Revenant discover if maybe he could have people who cared about him after all.

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January 21, 2019




So, Revenant will always be my favorite Demonica books to date, simply just because the 1/4 final parts (and battle) alone. The most, epic, final battle that Larissa Ione ever write that I doubt she can write it again in the future (Demonica: Birthright when, Ione?). Out of nowhere, I want to re-read Revenant again, since my reading fumes just kinda snuffed out, but reading Eidolon's excerpt in the back of my Revenant copy make me read Pleasure Unbound first. Followed by Passion Unleashed then Revenant, and I have a very happy merry weekend (plus got my fix of daily smut, lol). I know I just jump into Revenant, and not reading Lore's, Sin's, all LoD's books, Reaver's, but oh well. I will make time to re-read their books when I'm in the mood! :D

Revenant deserve all of the love in the world, consider how fucked up he is, and while he can't dethroned Eidolon as my numero uno Demonica's favorite, I still love his story, his personality and his character development. Yep, he's very, very deserve the love!

My old review below :)


(And I end up re-read the 1/4 last part book just because, duh, it's fuckin' awesome!!)

It's hard to part with your favorite series, and not just once, but twice. I have the same feeling when read Sin Undone (Demonica #5) by Larissa Ione , the last book of Demonica series and rejoice when knew that Larissa continue her story with Four Horsemen of Apocalypse arc. I love all her books, not one of them never let me down (well, Ares did. He's a JERK after all) and I always swallow her new book right after said book come in my lap.

REVENANT, like REAVER is a hell of a ride book. Larissa wrap-up the battle between Good vs Evil in the end with a good punch. Even the event that lead it can be so deus ex machina, especially after reader learn the real identity of Blaspheme and Revenant, I have no complaint. Everything is so fuckin' perfect and, again make me sad when reading word "THE END".

Revenant is so much like Wraith but of course he's so different than the most favorite Seminus. Revenant is the fucked up version of Wraith but not over the top. His past is so painful and behind his devil-may-care attitude, he has a softer side and so strict with rules that somehow make him more attractive and cute in another way. Some of his scene make me melt like a puddle of goo and some make me want to hug him because he don't know where he belong to. My favorite part from him? When he rescue Thanatos's vampire from Gethel's torture rack:

"I went back to Gethel's and got the vampire." He lowered his voice to a mumble, even though there was no one around to hear him, and she swore the faintest blush spread over his cheeks. "And the kittens."

Blaspheme stared, and for a moment, she almost believed that she must be part of Soulshredder, because the big, dangerous Shadow Angel radiating death like a malevolent power plant had morphed into something else before her very eyes. Something more relatable. Something admirable. And yet, something no less dangerous

MELTING. Big. Time. I know your feeling Blaspheme, for I think at first Revenant will become alpha asshole biker type, and yet, like Azagoth, he can be as cuddle as teddy bear.

I like Blaspheme. She's not kick ass like Tayla or Limos, or Harvester. She's just a doctor, but she has a big heart and in the end that heart is what saved Revenant in the end. She's a fighter of her own, with ethic to saved people life not end it. Even the said people is evil. I like her determination and glad that she still true to her principal, because killing is not her nature. And, I'm so touched that Revenant, even he's lusting after Blas, he still praised her code, even support her when she's torn between killing for a greater cause or stay true to her doctor ethic to save live.

Wow, I'm almost weep when read this book...because like I said before, I'm not ready to part with this series!! :'( I know that all good thing must come to an end, but Demonica series is a series that I don't mind to have 20 or 30 books because Larrisa Ione's writing is so addictive! Her take of angel and devil again remind me so much with manga Angel Sanctuary by Yuki Kaori. But, the romance and the steamy factor of Demonica better than Angel Sanctuary, hands down. Larissa Ione in a league of her own when writing a steamy and so-hot-I-want-to-fan-myself sex scenes ;)

The most cool character maybe Metatron, Rev and Reaver's uncle, the highest Archangel in Heaven. This archangel is cryptic and full of riddles, yet in the end he is the most compassionate angel I had read in Demonica, compare to the devious and always plotting angels in this world. Yep, like not all demon are evil, the angel also not all goody-goody person. Some are cunning, some are heartless. My complaint just why Larissa choose Raphael to be one of the villain, for I love him in Guild Hunter series! >.<

Some old character, like the Sems brother and the Horsemen, Reaver and Harvester have role here, especially Reaver because he's Revenant's twin. But what make me so happy is, my favorite Seminus demon ever, Eidolon have a big role! XD. I really love reading his scene and glad that he doesn't change at all.

A link in the end of the book bring me to the Epilogue scene in Larrisa's blog and make me sadder to part with Demonica world! Actually REVENANT is not the final book of Demonica series, even the event that happen in this book is final. The next is HADES, and I really can't wait to read it!!!

..."The Destroyer, she said. "His name is Revenant. He's a Shadow Angel. And he knows the truth about me."

"He what?" Deva's shout rattled the pictures and anatomical models hanging on the walls. "How? And why the fuck are you standing here like it"s no big deal when you should be hiding?"

"Because," Blas said, "I'm the one who told him. And... I'm kind of sleeping with him."

Her mother, the rock-solid pillar of strength, lost all the color in her face... and passed out.
August 2, 2017
Revenant was a badass with a black heart with some splashes of gold. I thoroughly enjoyed his identity crisis issues and his obsession with Blas.

Blas was interesting in how what she was trying to be was the opposite of what really was inside. I enjoyed her interactions with Rev and how she got to him. I'm happy with the solution they gave her, I think. The other night have been more interesting.

Nice finale to the series or at least a closing to an overarching plot that's been a problem. My one problem with this book - I wish it'd been longer! I usually hate when books drag things out, but I could've used more Rev & Blas relationship building.
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February 23, 2015
4 Badass, paranormal, action packed, sexy stars

The Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series is probably my favourite PNR series EVER! And as a mad reader of all things PNR, that’s a huge statement to make. But Larissa Ione has created an intricately developed world that covers all things paranormal, with characters that I adore, heart-pounding action, heaps of laughs and sensational (and hot) romance. It’s all win!

As the name suggests, this is Revenant’s story. Revenant was introduced in the last book of the series as the Sheoulic (evil) watcher for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but as it turned out, that is just the tip of the iceburg.

I can’t go into any detail about this book without spoiling the previous book of the series – Reaver. And having said that, if you have read Reaver and don’t remember all of the twists and turns and big reveals that happened in the last few chapters, I would recommend going back and reading it, because there were some massively complicated bombs dropped in that book, and this is the continuation of all of that.

Very briefly though –

Revenant is an asshole. He is understandably bitter about his life, and all that he was denied, but there is also a vulnerability about him that makes him an endearing asshole – the kind we all love. Even though he is still Satan’s bitch, he is trying to find the answers to all of the questions he has about his past, while trying to determine his allegiances now that his big secret is out and his whole life has turned out to be a lie.

Now that he knows the truth about himself, he’s struggling with who he was, who he is, who he wants to be and who he thinks he should be. He doesn’t know if he’s good, evil, both…

Blaspheme has appeared here and there throughout the series as a doctor working at Underworld General. She is known to all as a False Angel, but there is more to her as well, and she is fighting against a ticking time bomb that will reveal her true identity and put her in danger from both Heaven and Hell. Despite this, she is a strong heroine with a firm sense of wrong and right who is very protective over those she cares about. I loved her.

Revenant encountered Blaspheme in the last book, and he wanted her immediately. And from their very first meeting in this book, he makes that startlingly clear to her. She also makes it clear that she’s not interested (despite the fact that she is attracted to him), so right from the very start there is crazy UST.

“Why me?” she asked.
“Because I want you,” he said simply. “And you want me.”
Good Lord, he was delusional. “I don’t want you.”
He smiled tightly. “You will.”

Rev finds any and every opportunity to put himself in Blas’ path, and the more she fights him off, the more intense things become between them. And as they get to know each other, they find themselves drawn to each other in a way neither of them have experienced before. Their arguing, banter, and inner monologues are all sensational, and when they finally cave into the crazy lust between them, despite the fact that they are fighting it so hard, it’s hotter than all hell.

“I would have you up against that wall, my hands pinning yours so you’d know how this feels and I would rail you so hard you’d feel me for a month. And after we both came, I’d have you on the floor, pulling a sixty-nine that wouldn’t end until I tasted a dozen of your orgasms. Before you could even think about recovering, I’d fuck you in every way a male can fuck a female. And I wouldn’t stop. Not until you begged.”

I loved watching the development of the relationship between Rev and Blas - two people with crazy chemisty who are battling so much personally, and who rail against each other, but who fall for each other nevertheless. And watching a tortured asshole fall in love is always something very special.

“Something about you draws me. False Angels are always dark, but there’s a light in you that seeps out and warms me … I haven’t been warm in a very long time, Blaspheme.”

*dreamy sigh*

But their burgeoning romance takes a back seat to all of the paranormal action, and OMG, there is SO much going on! All of the events that have been playing out throughout the series all come to a head and the big finale is intense and brutal!

Pretty much everybody from earlier in the series makes an appearance and Reaver, in particular, plays a big part in all of the unfolding action. There is a lot of history between him and Revenant - most of it is bad - so their animosity provides some great entertainment. And with Revenant rocking some serious powers, his arrogance and assholey nature lead to some epic dynamics between him and pretty much everyone around him.

“How did you do that?”
He shrugged. “I’m powerful as shit.”

Once again, this is a wild ride from start to finish. There is so much going on, and the story moves at a fast pace. I would have liked a bit more detail around certain plotlines, and things seem to get wrapped up really quickly - it was a bit of a surprise when it all happened, and I just sat there thinking “wow, that’s it then”. I also think that with so much going on, there isn’t the chance to get to know Rev and Blas as well as we did other characters in the series. That, and their relationship does take a back seat to everything else that is happening, so even though I loved seeing them get their HEA, I didn’t feel it as much as I did some of the other couples. It’s all still fantastic though, and I loved getting swept back up in this world that I love so much.

Larissa Ione has confirmed that this is the final book in the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series *sniff*, but there will still be more! She has posted an epilogue on her website, here - http://larissaione.com/blog/not-the-end/ - which is all kinds of gorgeous, and she has announced plans to write a spin off series featuring the Sem kids and the Horsemen offspring, and to that I say - OH. HELL. YES! There will also be novellas released about some of the other characters that have appeared throughout the series. So I am beyond excited that this isn't really the end for the amazing world she has created and its sensational characters. Bring it on!

4 stars.

An Advanced Reader Copy of this book was provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an hoest review.
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August 17, 2015
This is the final book in Larissa Ione’s incredible Lord of Deliverance/Demonica Series and what better to end it off with Revenant’s book!!
 photo revenant_zpsw1uyvukf.jpg
If anyone has been given a raw deal…it’s this guy. To discover that he’s not the fallen angel he has believed to be for the last thousands and thousands of years…but that’s a good angel….and that he has a twin brother, Reaver…who just by the way, lived a fab life in Heaven whilst

Revenant and his mother spent a life of torture and hell in Sheoul!!! And now, Heaven comes calling to ask him to help stop the Apocalypse!!! Hell, no…..I wouldn’t be that quick on that request!!!! Why should he????

But then, he meets Blaspheme, a False Angel….working as a doctor at Underworld General Hospital…and who is hiding her true identity….with danger following her from both sides…Heaven and Hell…….
 photo d600731a823784a4cb8471748cd2eb9e_zpsj0xoeogi.jpg
Revenant and Blespheme are totally intrigued with each other…..their chemistry is hot and sizzles beyond ……
 photo incubus_new_sm_zpsj5qenmgg.jpg
The banter between these two was absolutely amazing…funny, cute…..
 photo 9a3c703d1a1c9ad0fb94414548345513_zpspi3s9ep3.jpg

I loved what Blespheme brought out in Revenant….trying to be a good person…fighting evil…….and what he sees beneath the façade, is actually quite beautiful….
 photo a9b5df37b40c43ce81efee5836c4fba8_zpswlirpl5h.jpg
The humour in this series has just been phenomenal….the author has such an incredible style in writing dialogue that you often remember words, sentences from all her books….
 photo d2b8fb790c7f7ed1ada04375bf87ecdf_zpstcqzzzgb.jpg
Her character development is fantastic and I became very attached to a lot of those characters…..how could I not engage with someone like Bles?????
 photo p1_zps2xlufcun.jpg

There were a lot of twists and turns and huge revelations galore!!!

I loved this book……and yes, it’s a wonderful conclusion to the most fascinating, captivating and mesmerizing world ever…..but…….okay, okay….

My favorite quote ever:
 photo d67d09b029a8f6acef3620c73f206579_zpsfbqw2w26.jpg
And now – it’s like THE END….I’m left feeling bereft….
 photo tumblr_inline_mtlvvev6Qd1sn0d92_zpsgg9asjdu.gif
Is this truly the last we will see of these amazing characters??
No, I am not going to think about that now!!!

To end off: THANK YOU LARISSA IONE….for giving me so many hours of reading pleasure!!!!
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644 reviews358 followers
January 14, 2015
As always Larissa Ione does not disappoint. - Oh, how I love her books!! - I was missing reading this author terribly. But after 3 re-reads I just could only wait for a new book to come, and I'm glad it was everything I dreamed it would be. Every now and then a book comes into my hands... a book that forces me to stop time and just read. I swear I just can't do anything else once I start with those type of books. So yesterday at night I foolishly started this book thinking it would be another read. Well, I ended up skipping work and reading all day long. I just can't help it. This author has something that I can't seem to find regularly. I adore her unique writing style so damn much.

While I had low expectations for the main character, being the bad guy so far, I got fond of him pretty soon. I love how the author manages turning assholes into heroes. Many times I thought I would not fall for something like that again, and always I end up loving them at the end. Revenant was an insecure and unwanted man, while he covered that with venom to everybody who dared crossed his path. He really had a terrible past and did some unspeakable things. So IMHO reading about man capable of redeeming himself is always worth my time. The heroine was great. Spark and humor. The only thing I did not like was that they connected a bit to rashly. I mean, only a week and hello HEA? Really? I just don't like when that happens in books at all. But it didn't really bother me at the end because while it was mentioned that only that time-lapse had gone by, it truly felt like more. So I won't make it weight on my rating.

More than anything, this book gave us an amazing ending to both series. I loved how everything ended up perfectly.
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1,911 reviews43 followers
January 21, 2015
4.5 stars.

Revenant!!! He was every bit as I expected and more! I swooned all over the scenes he was appearing in.
 photo Fans-self-gif-glee_fans_self_fansself_fanself_zps778466cf.gif

Sadly, I wasn't so ecstatic about the book as a whole. I loved how everything was tied up with a neat bow. The Demonica/Horsemen story arc came to a highly satisfying end, and it it felt incredibly good to see the four main villains locked away in their personal kind of hell. Oh yeah..

But the romance part was pretty disappointing. I was enjoying it circa the point Blaspheme and Revenant learn some truths about each other...but from then on, I was lucky to to get to see them together. Rev goes off to solve the problems of the universe, and Blas plays NO role in any actions. She gets to sit on her hands and wait for either Rev or Eidolon to save her from being found out. After all the active, kick-ass heroines in this series it was strange to see one just sitting around doing nothing..I won't even dwell on how she screwed up her chance to kill Lucifer..
 photo tumblr_m6963ecigx1r6aoq4o1_500_zpsd04fcb79.gif

ugh, I'm still pissed! And, actually, Blas's problems were focused on only in the beginning. As the story went on, it all fizzled out. The romance also took a back seat to all the other things going on. Rushed I-love-you-s and a bit of an epilogue - those were all Blas and Rev got. Disappointing.

I don't know if I missed something, but there appears to be a big screw-up in the time-table of the events in this book... Revenant spent first 10 years of his life with his mother..the next 10 he was slaving in the mines, then came back, tried to escape with his mother..she told him about Yenrieth and died. So, Rev managed to leave Sheoul, found Yenrieth and told him everything. At this point, both Rev and Yenrieth were 20 years old, but it's repeatedly mentioned that Yenrieth just learned about his already grown children when Rev found him. WTH? Already grown children at 20? Unless there's something I'm missing, it's all really strange.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read. I'm not ready to part ways with the Demonica world, though(( One more spin-off, please?? Those Sem brothers at the UGS sound delish!
 photo tumblr_m00nj1pCMa1r9x0sdo1_250_zpsf0e0b07d.gif

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2,005 reviews370 followers
February 13, 2015
Initial Thoughts: Definitely for fans of the Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series. The world is dark and full of demons and angels. The four horsemen are living with their mates, kids, and scary hellhounds. All that's left is some closure for Revenant, the "evil" twin with an attitude. Loved the author's sense of humor. I still chuckle when I see the acronym for Underworld General Hospital (UGH) and for some reason Eidolon kind of looks like one of the doctors on General Hospital. What I enjoy the most in this series is how these big bad alpha males are tamed by their women. (It also helps that the author can write amazing sex scenes).

The Review:
It's hard to believe that the Demonica series has concluded. And what an ending! Absolutely epic!

Revenant focuses on - you guessed it - Revenant, Reaper's twin brother and his love interest Blaspheme. And in the tradition of this series, most of our past favorites from the Demonica and Lords of Deliverance series make an appearance. (Yay for sexy demon doctors!)

Rather than go into the story and possibly spoiling the series, I'd rather talk about the richly detailed world created by the author. The hierarchy of both the angel and demon worlds, the mythology of the end of days, and pure imagination prevails. The descriptions of these worlds are breathtaking (and a bit scary) and it is so easy to lose myself in this world.

The narration is action-packed, edge of your seat, worthy of loss of sleep. And once our hero and heroine get together, sparks fly.

A fantastic series. Epic. I'm sad that it has ended, but I know that there will be more awesomeness to come from Larissa Ione.
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276 reviews19 followers
December 27, 2014


Revenant, oh naughty Revenant... you sexy bad boy come reluctant Hero...

A few years back after I read Thanatos book I remember thinking "That's it, Larissa Ione has ruined every paranormal story I will ever read because there just isn't a badass around to beat him..."

And then she created Revenant...

I cannot, simply cannot take any other badass seriously from here on out.. and this story arc, man oh man is it the biggest fight you'll ever see between good and evil. And if you're religious, it is exactly as it is prophesised..

Between the greater story arc and Rev and Blaspheme's hot sex drama, this was all as it was expected to be... so brilliantly written, so perfectly balanced, words just cannot describe... I'm ruined... paranormal will never be the same again... all the greats are coming to an end.. my heart breaks...

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April 30, 2016
I won't say to much since this book hasn't been published but it was another great installment to this exciting series.
Revenant is Reaver's twin that was raised in Hell. Now that his memories are restored, he struggles with his identity. Who he should have been, who he was told he was and who everyone thinks he should be now.
Blaspheme, on the other hand, knows exactly who she is, but has to keep her identity secret from those who seek to harm her.
We have two sort of lost souls trying to find their place in the realm.

What I love about Ione is that her stories aren't typical. Normally Angels are good, demons are bad. But not here, everyone's got an agenda and no one is necessarily all good and all evil (with the except of Satan who is all evil). Everyone has their own agenda, thus it's difficult to trust anyone because you don't know who is truly on the side of good and evil.

(*I have never met an author who seemed to love redeeming douchebags as much as this author. She does it well though, so I am game).

**Special Thanks to Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Netgalley for the Advanced Reading Copy
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December 1, 2017
Este es quizás uno de los libros más románticos de toda la serie... la historia no se centra tanto en épicas batallas ni en el fin del mundo y cosas por el estilo, es de alguna forma muchísimo más emocional que todas las anteriores. Este fue el único libro que me apachurro el cora 💔 varias veces... (muchas)

Pero también es en algunas partes el más aburrido. Lo admito, no era muy fan de Rev pero me tenía intrigada, y aunque su historia de amor es magnífica la historia en general no me lo pareció tanto. Me faltó algo de chispa, diversión y sarcasmo... no sé, siento que su historia de amor es una de las mejores pero todo lo demás fue medio meeeeh... 🤷🏻‍♀️

De cualquier forma para el final el libro agarra muy buen ritmo y tiene un cierre estupendo. Magnífica forma de cerrar con esta serie que me ha acompañado ya por dos semanas.

Ahora no sé que hacer con mi vida...

AVISO: no estoy segura sobre reseñar en el blog todos los libros, pero voy a tratar de ampliar en GR mis reviews 🤘🏽🙃
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January 23, 2016
ARC generously provided by Grand Central Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Warning: The review contains some spoilers and a lot of raving!

Revenant is a shadow angel, the most powerful being apart from the Satan himself in Sheoul (hell). He also happens to be one of the most cocky, arrogant hero I’ve read but I couldn’t help but love him. His dialogues made me laugh. He is also very vulnerable and hurt about; how he not only has a twin brother but he had thousands of memories wept because of the said brother. He covers up these with his I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude and other times rage. In the last book he gets his memories back which leads him to feeling betrayed, in a sense very lost of who he is now that he knows that he wasn’t evil as he though he was. But he is still very much a badass.

She said “how did you do that?”
He shrugged “I’m powerful as shit”

Blaspheme is a false angel or so she pretends to be. She’s the forbidden offspring of a angel and fallen angel, a vyrm. Her kind is hunted and now they are coming after her since her disguise is failing. She doesn’t need a complication in form of a six foot fallen angel who just doesn’t take the hint to leave her alone. She’s a doctor at Underground General Hospital. Blas is very sassy but at the same time she’s also caring, compassionate and doesn’t want people to get hurt because of her.

“Gethel, your diet sucks. Stop eating infants and eat more leafy greens”

I really enjoyed Rev and Blaspheme’s banter, some of them had me laughing out loud. Revenant from the moment he saw Blas wanted her (they met the first time in Reaver), while she was trying really hard to get noticed especially not a fallen angel who could kill her if he found out her secrets. Rev was honsetly baffled why Blas didn’t want him, he’s really that arrogant. Blas made Revenant feel loved which he really needed after the mockery his childhood was, living in sheoul. They were both tough and determined characters with very strong personalities and I think they made a great couple.

“You’re good” she whispered against his mouth.
“I know” he whispered back.
Suddenly, pain tore into his arms as her nails scored his skin. “But you’re not that good”.

Everyone in the book has their own agenda, the world is filled with politics and have truths. The book had alot of action and fights. It had some suspense and excitement especially near the end where I was like:

But that just made everything more interesting. The lines of what’s right and wrong were kind of blurred too in the book. But there were also a few scenes that were very touching and emotional such as Rev’s childhood and Rev and Blas scenes near the end. That epilogue was quite lovely as well.

Quibbles: I needed it to be a just a bit longer especially since near the end so much of the action took away the focus from the couple. Also Reaver, I wanted to smack as one point because he couldn’t see how hurt Rev was. I love Reaver really I do but dude open your eyes and look already!

Overall, I loved it. This was another great installment to the series, a joy to read I think was grinning almost the entire time I read this like a loon and I can’t wait for Hades’s book which comes out in May 2015. Happy Reading!

Originally posted: http://www.afortressofbooks.com/2014/...
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May 12, 2015

So it's time to say goodbye to the Lords of Deliverance and Revenant is a fitting end. It's not my favourite of the series, I really don't think anything will beat Reaver but I did enjoy it.

I think the main problem with waiting a year between books is that I tend to build it up in my head and try and figure out what way it will go. This inevitably leads to disappointment but I can't stop myself from doing it. It didn't go the way I would have liked but I'm pleased with how it was all wrapped up.

Larrisa Ione does tease us with a little epilogue and what the future holds for this universe on her website that is worth checking out.

This series is not perfect, I actually have some pretty strong dislikes about a few things throughout, my biggest being the inevitable relationship issues, douche head behaviour and inability to listen of the characters I loved in previous books in the most recent one. In this case Reaver. I love Reaver. I knew he was going to be an asshat at some stage in this as that's what always happens but it annoyed me. It annoyed me because it's become like a formula but also because, well I love Reaver. I also love Than and he was a bit of a dick as well, he did have more reason though so I suppose I'll overlook that.

Anyway, these books, flaws and all are among my favourites. I love the world and the mishmash of demons and religion. It always makes for interesting reading and I really, really, really hope that it's not the last of this world.

Oh and I also now love Revenant (yay for brothers) and even though I posted this in my updates, I think it is worth putting in the review. This is what he looks like in my head:

Revenant doesn't have a beard in the book but 99% of the time my brain gives hot alpha males beards. It's a thing.
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January 7, 2016
My absolute favourite of the series!

I just loved Revenant, he reminded me of Wraith, with all the snarky attitude and disregard of other people’s opinions. He is such a delicious bad-boy.

The romance between Revenant and Blaspheme was amazing and so intense, and I just loved how Revenant pursued Blaspheme, and all the outrageous things he said to her. I loved how Blaspheme stood up for Revenant, and I’m so glad they they got their HEA.

I really didn’t like Reaver in this book, and he really upset me with his accusations and judgements of Revenant. Would it have killed him to give his brother the benefit of the doubt instead of always thinking the worst? What a jerk.

This book was a perfect ending to this series.
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448 reviews
August 12, 2016
This series is one of my favourite ever. I don't want it to end.I'm feeling both sad(because the series is over) and happy for their hea-s.
Anyway I really loved this book.
September 11, 2015

REVENANT left me in shock and awe. What a way to close out (or is it?) a series. This book is epic, masterful and full of everything Larissa Ione has done so well over the years! Alpha, cocky hero. Strong, independent heroine. Sexual chemistry that will leave you needing a cold shower. And a truly epic story!

Revenant and Reaver are twins, one grew up in Heaven and one grew up in Hell. Their lives are nothing alike, and they’ve had to grow into very different people. Revenant had to learn to grow a thick skin, being evil and an asshole was the way to survive. I absolutely LOVED his cockiness from the very beginning. Especially when he can’t comprehend that Blaspheme is rejecting him.

I tend to be a goner for the hero who is a complete ass and a total badass with everyone, but he is not afraid of being sweet and soft with his woman. Revenant is the PERFECT embodiment of that. He breaks only for her. He’s that bad boy you always want to fall in love with but might scare you a bit. He’s irreverent, possessive, and will go to the end of the world to protect Blaspheme. Whatever it costs.

As much as I love Ms. Ione heroes, Blaspheme is pretty kick ass as well. She’s been working at UG for a while pretending to be something she’s not. Hiding out her true nature so she’s not hunted and killed.

And did I talk about sex yet? Hot, sizzling, smocking hot! I wouldn’t expect no less from Ms. Ione!

REVENANT was full of twists and unveiling of truths. It’s a fast paced read that won’t let go until you’ve finished the whole book!

If this is the end, I will be completely heartbroken. I don’t want to let go. I don’t want to say goodbye. This series is one of the best worlds and most entertaining stories in paranormal romance, and I will continue reading as much as Ms. Ione is willing to write!


“Gethel, your diet sucks. Stop eating infants and eat more leafy greens.”

“There’s not a rule I wouldn’t break for you.”

*ARC provided by publisher
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February 17, 2019
What a a great final book for this series! It was fun to see both UG and the Lords of Deliverance intersect so greatly.

I really liked Blaspheme! She is a doctor at UG and not a false angel, but a Verm, a half fallen half angel, apparently something both groups execute on sight. In order to survive she has to hide her true nature under a spell. She was smart, principled and acted like any sane person. She made mistakes but I felt like none were stupid and she owned up to them. She was able to connect with Revenant as they both were conflicted between their dark and light sides.

Revenant was a bit whiney at first but luckily that improved relatively quickly. As Eidolon said Wraith took decades to get past his difficult stage so Revenant hardly took any time. He really is quite remarkable and by the end I was fully a fan.

Phew and the ending - I was not expecting what happened! I can't wait to read the Demonica Underworld series.
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October 15, 2021
Revenant is the official last book in the Lords of Deliverance series and what an epic conclusion it is! This review will contain spoilers.

Revenant is Reaver's long lost twin brother, the Shadow Angel to Reaver's Radiant Angel. After regaining his memories and finding out that he's in fact an angel, Revenant has a crisis of conscience. He can't decide if he's evil or good. Heaven doesn't want to accept him, so he feels forced to be Hell-bound.

Revenant is also very interested in Blaspheme, a False Angel he first met back in Reaver's book. Blaspheme is in fact a vyrm — the forbidden offspring of an angel and a fallen angel. As such, she's been in disguise as a False Angel for 200 years. But her False Angel persona is fading away and now she has to find a conscionable way to renew her disguise.

Here's the thing: Revenant is a total jackass and he's decided that he wants Blaspheme. So he makes a lot of advances toward her. But man, his character growth is so damn worth it. I don't even know how it happened, but I ended up feeling so much for Revenant 😞 As we explored his traumatic past and his relationship with his mother, I couldn't help but feel for him. His story even made me cry. I felt so bad for Rev 😞 He's been dealt a bad hand, but he makes the best of it. Heaven doesn't want him, so he has no choice but to stay in Hell even though he doesn't want to. I really felt Rev's loneliness 💔

Revenant spends most of this book being angry at his fate, his brother, and at Heaven. And honestly? I couldn't blame him. I felt that his anger was justified — it made complete sense to me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Revenant's journey as he finds himself and works through his messy feelings. As much as I love Reaver, I think Revenant's behaviour toward him makes sense.

I also really enjoyed the romance between Revenant and Blaspheme. Her deception didn't bug me and the moment of revelation was so well-written. It was soooooo swoonworthy how Rev fell for Blas. I swooned when he finally realized he was developing feelings for her. As expected, the romance is both steamy 🔥 and romantic ❤️ I especially loved how protective Blas and Rev were of each other. The things he did to protect and save her made me want to scream 😭 And the way she defended him and positioned herself between him and the others made me cry because only his mother had ever done that for him before 😭

The climax was epic on a grand scale and I didn't see it coming to be honest. I wasn't sure how everything would be resolved, given that there were a few enemies that had to be dealt with. But the author made it work so well. I loved the climax and the ending. The only thing missing is scene with Reaver and Revenant as Rev frees their mom's soul from Sheoul 🥺

I'm happy that there are still more stories left to be told in the Demonica world because I just love losing myself in this series.

P.S. The Tracker and Harvester scene slayed me 😭

P.P.S. Angel's Embrace 🥺
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December 19, 2021
Yes oh yes!
Although I love all heroes in Demonica series , Revenant must be my favourite one. I adored him, so many layers underneath all that badass bad boy persona he portrayed . He just wants to be accepted, embraced, loved and to belong.

Revenant just recently got his memories back, he knows he is Reaver’s twin brother,uncle to the Horsemans , that he is an angel and not and fallen angel as he was made to believe for 5000 years.
He is confused and doesn’t really knows his place anymore. In Sheoul he was tortured and damaged constantly by Satan, but Heaven doesn’t want him either, so he is at crossroads and angry.
He made himself believe he is the bad guy, until he wants to be the good guy for someone.

Blaspheme has spent spent centuries hiding and running from who she really is, as the forbidden child of an angel and fallen angel, a vyrm , she is hunted viciously by hell and heaven alike. The least she needs is a complication in a form of a bad boy in leathers who doesn’t know to take no for an answer.

This book is a rollercoaster of emotion and suspense, so much happens that I don't even want to touch on because it simply must be experienced. Larissa Ione is a mastermind the in way she ties every single loose end together seamlessly. This couldn’t have ended better, pure perfection.

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May 18, 2015
Starting off at the intersection between two series, I was hoping I could keep up with the story, and not feel lost. I was eager to see why the fallen angel, Revenant, was beyond redemption, and what led to his downfall. And the author did not disappoint! There was enough back story so that this enchanting tale felt complete on its own. So, if you haven't read the other books in the series, don't let that stop you! Still, it's so well written, and such a fantastic tale, I recommend starting at the beginning.

Revenant believed he was alone in the world. But now that he has discovered the truth he is caught between heaven and hell, and must decide if his desire for revenge outweighs his desire for the mysterious false angel, Blaspheme. But there are no easy choices in matters of love and revenge, heaven and hell... one decision could mean the difference between salvation or destruction.

Revenant is a handsome and fearsome fallen angel, with a violent past. He is torn between past and present loyalties, and soon finds his twin brother to be the biggest barrier to a life he was denied. On Earth, Blaspheme has her own internal battles to overcome. She and Revenant are unlikely allies. But their chemistry is undeniable, and their sizzling hot romance is off the charts. Revenant knows something is different with the mysterious female who he can't get out of his head. But the secret she is keeping isn't anything he could imagine... and it's about to be uncovered.

I was impressed with the fearlessness of the scenes, and the manner in which the author described the heavens and other scenes that other books seem to tiptoe around. This is exactly what I wanted in a book about good and evil: A detailed account of what it really looks like behind the curtain, blurred boundaries between what it really means to be good or evil, and a story filled with enough magical elements to allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.

A truly spellbinding tale! I am eager to see what will happen in future installments. But there was enough of a conclusion to this story to make it stand alone in a satisfying way. One of my new favorite books! Not only will I be continuing on with one or both series that connect to this story, but I am eager to read the earlier installments to find out the history of the many other charming characters in this book. I was thoroughly immersed in the world the author created, and didn't want it to end!
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November 17, 2014
Superb writing from Larissa. The worldbuilding is incredible here and the characters explosive with their dialogue and actions. The sex scenes smolder, especially the first one. I'm surprised my fingers didn't burn the pages. if you're an Ione fan you will eat Revenant up.

The end of the series (or is it?) is really kick arse. The last few chapters are gripping.

Plus, how can you not adore a hero, who think he's bad to the bone, who saves kittens from being eaten from the mother that will give birth to the future spawn of Satan?
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February 23, 2015
What?? This is the last in the series?! *sobs*

Full review to follow when I'm not on my Kindle, but for now, if this has to be the end, I couldn't have asked for more.

4.5/5 Stars

(Oh and as of the time of this review, it's only 99¢ on kindle if anyone wants to snag a copy for cheap)
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