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World of Blood #1


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A Halloween scream night theme park adventure for software gaming developer Cheyenne O'Cuinn reveals a hidden supernatural reality she never dreamed existed. Recovering from a vicious attack and her sisters’ abductions, Cheyenne must rescue her sisters from vampiric kidnappers before they’re used to breed warmongering dhampirs.

Betrayal lurks in every corner. Cheyenne must evade attackers by unconventional means through her online role-play game. She must navigate through virtual, tortuous clues and mailed body parts, which cross over from her virtuality into reality. Can a team of dragons, vampires, and werewolves come together to help her? Who can she trust? Will the help from her virtual lover become compromised when he learns of her new immortal existence and crush the fragile love they share?

Amidst an impending vampire apocalypse, Cheyenne finds herself both in conflict for survival and for her heart. Will her immortal self derail any hope of solving the multiplying puzzles before time runs out to save her sisters, herself and her humanity?

304 pages, ebook

First published December 8, 2013

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About the author

Killion Slade

5 books94 followers
Killion Slade is an award-winning, Amazon bestselling speculative paranormal fiction author. As a loyal reader of dystopian urban fantasy herself, the apocalyptic genres drew her to become a homesteader, ensuring her family could survive if a world-wide crisis ever occurred and washing machines disappeared.

When not writing, she can be found raising chickens, geocaching, making soap and artisan cheeses. Growing natural herbs for medicinal therapies and hanging with family and friends in Montana.

(Seriously, no apocalypse is taking this woman down.)

Killion's novels include Exsanguinate (2013) and Obfuscate (2016). Her short stories can be found in Sirens Call; The Danse Macabre; Cynic Magazine; Bewildering Stories; Midwest Literary Magazine; and in the anthologies Bite from the Heart; Death Sparkles; and Roms, Bombs, and Zoms.

Learn more about Killion Slade at http://www.killionslade.com.

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February 5, 2014
Let me get this out there right from the start of my review, I absolutely hated this book! It wasn’t the book itself I despised; it was what it turned me into. As an online gamer, and a casual one at that, I hold no love for those that crow about their access to areas of the game I can only dream about; they like to call themselves the L33T! This book turned me into one of these people, but in the book world, and I loved it. In the pages of this book I was able to experience content that I KNOW there are a few out there will not be able to access, and it made me feel like a God.

Urban Fantasy novels are really not my usual thing, but I was so glad I read this book. The characters are realistic and full of humour, sadness, secrets and guts. They are written in such a way that you feel as if you know them, or may have even grouped up with them in your online game of choice. The Author invested a lot of time into making sure the characters in this novel were true to life representations of the gaming community, and made sure they did not fall into the stereotypical portrait most people have of gamers, that they are loners with no lives living in their parent’s basements. With a skilful use of words the characters show that a wide variety of people game, and without overloading the reader with technical terms and phrases, he painted these characters as intelligent and likeable people that the reader would want to socialize with. The main protagonist of the novel is a strong, smart woman; however she is also extremely loyal and once she gets her teeth into something sticks with it to the end. On the flip side of her personality is a woman who is also a little unsure of herself, especially when it comes to the area of romance, and one who is determined to confront the fears she has of the main driving tool behind the project she is working on.

This is a very imaginative novel, full of strategy and clues that span not just the online role playing game in the book, but also the real world lives of the characters. I was delighted at how well the Author brought the vividness of these games to life and managed to get across to the reader just how many people are involved in the playing of them. They also managed to convey that for some people this is not just a game, but a form of connecting with others around the globe; a kind of social media tool with quests thrown in. Blending well together the book has just enough humour its pages to stop the horror aspect of it from becoming overwhelming; the humour is laugh out loud funny and the horror is blood chilling made even more so as at some points in the action you are not sure if you are in the virtual world or the real world.

This book creates its own world and mythology, but uses well known creatures of the supernatural to do so, and this serves to make the reader feel they are experiencing something new that has a familiar feel. The real novelty in its pages though was the inclusion of the ‘quick mark’ tags, this enables the reader with a smart phone access to hidden ‘Easter eggs’ which include additional pages of the novel and numerous other hidden goodies on the book’s website; this was the part that made me L33T! Flawlessly bringing fantasy, horror, humour and action together the Author has done an outstanding job of putting together a highly absorbing and entertaining read.

I would highly recommend this book to readers of all genres and lovers of epic series as I am sure this is going to be among the greats. I will definitely be reading the remainder of this series as it is published.

Originally reviewed on: http://catesbooknuthut.com/2014/02/05...

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434 reviews20 followers
December 9, 2013
In the world of an online role-playing game anything can happen and for Cheyenne O’Cuinn, a Halloween Scream Park adventure is about to become a supernatural reality. Cheyenne is given the task to watch, record and study fear. Her job is to find out what causes people to run screaming out of haunted attractions while peeing their pants. The three O’Cuinn sisters know horror, they live for horror trivia, and have developed a horror themed online role-playing game called ExanguiNation.

Things are not going well for the O’Cuinn family, while at the theme park, two of the sisters have been kidnapped by vampires to breed warmongering dhampires and its up to Cheyenne to save them. To do that, she has to play the game and solve riddles or her sister’s body parts will be mailed to her one by one.

Cheyenne is not alone though, she has a dragon, werewolf and a vampire to help her. She also has a virtual lover who has secrets of his own. Can their love survive? Who can Cheyenne trust in this virtual world and can the vampire apocalypse be stopped? Find out the answer to all of these questions in Killion Slade’s Exsanguinate.

When I first heard about Exsanguinate I was excited. I always like to read books that create their own mythology and combines it with reality. This one goes one step further, adding a virtual computerized world to the mix which happens to be more real than anyone knew. Part of this story takes place in a virtual world and the book includes links that go to extended animated scenes on the book’s website or if you buy the print book it has a code you can enter. I thought this was a great idea that added a lot to the book, it was like looking at special features on a blu ray movie.

Killion Slade takes the mythology of vampires, werewolves and dragons and changes it just enough to make everything fresh and original. One of my favorite scenes was when four of the characters go into a supermarket that is geared towards supernatural beings. The supermarket is cleverly disguised as an old warehouse and it has supplies for witches, blood donors for vampires, spas, restaurants, and items for creatures that no one knew existed.

Another thing I liked in this book was how it blends humor and horror. There was one funny moment where a vampire stakes a human and talks about selling humans on a stick at the state fair. I also liked when the werewolf in the story is eating bacon flavored dog treats, much to the disgust of a vampire. Exsanguinate has some great moments of horror as well. The description of the room where human women are impregnated and give birth to dhampires (a human, vampire hybrid) is chilling. Another scene is when one of the characters battles a rogue vampire in a Halloween haunted house. This scene was great because at first you’re not sure if its real or not.

Exsanguinate flawlessly blends horror, fantasy, romance, action and humor into one entertaining read. This book has it all and fans of all genres will enjoy it. This is the beginning of an epic series that has a lot of different types of creatures to work with.

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620 reviews
August 18, 2020
This one will appeal to gamers, and especially to people interested in creating virtual reality games.

The story starts out with a spine chilling, horrific situation. We meet Cheyenne, one of three sisters with those distinctively American names like Dakota and Savannah (okay, the third sister is called Sheridan, like the hotel), named after places and generally only found in novels *rolls eyes*.

Cheyenne works in the gaming industry in what looks like a not too far off future and making virtual worlds is normal life to her. One particular game has given the users a lot of autonomy and aspects of the virtual world surprise her, as do the supernatural creatures who increasingly inhabit this developing cyberworld. Cheyenne is surprised by the popularity of zombies, vampires, werewolves and other mythological beings from the Horror end of imaginative fiction.

They go to a real life Scream House event with everyone dressed up in costume in an amusement park. Cheyenne worries about security at the event, foreshadowing that something has to go wrong. There are some funny episodes involving Sheridan's costume and I now know what a Ghillie suit is, something meant for hunters to hide out in bushes that could be very fun for such events!

Things take a horrific turn and there is a fair bit of graphic violence so people sensitive to gore and later on rape issues will want to consider this a trigger warning.

Basically this is a Paranormal story which is not a go to genre for me, yet it held my attention. Sometimes the writing seemed amateurish, but the grammar was reasonably good bar a couple of typos and I kept wanting to see where the plot would go.

It ends with a few things unresolved, so the story continues in the next book, but overall most things came to a tidy conclusion and I did enjoy the read enough that I'm considering getting the second book. Not a deep, intellectual read, but plenty of action and some interesting ideas about supernaturals.
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Author 4 books257 followers
April 16, 2014
Warning: This is a book that I sacrificed sleep to stay up reading. As a mom of four children, including a nursing infant, “stayed up all night reading because I couldn’t put it down” is the highest rating I can give a book. If you also have an addiction to well-written, fast-paced, highly entertaining books, you may want to start this one first thing in the morning so you don’t lose *too* much sleep when you find yourself unable to put it down when bedtime rolls around.

Another warning: This is the first book in a series. When you read Exsanguinate, you’re going to want to read the next book in the series, that’s pretty much a guarantee. I hope you have more patience than I do, though, because the next book hasn’t been published yet. So the good news is that this amazing story keeps going; the bad news is, you’ve gotta wait to get your hands on it.

Cheyenne O’Cuinn is the girl-next-door – if the girl-next-door is a role-playing game-developing wiz. Cheyenne is a sweet girl who’s totally devoted to her dog, her two sisters, her online boyfriend, and her job as the lead developer for ExsanguiNation, an online role-playing world reminiscent of Second Life. Cheyenne and her two sisters are strong and realistically portrayed– each girl has her own quirks, strengths, and weaknesses. These are definitely not cardboard cut-out female characters!

One of the features of this book that I really enjoyed were the links to the secret bonus content – it’s like when you get a DVD of a movie you really like and can access the deleted scenes that were cut from the final film. You can read and understand the book without them, but the fangirl in me squeed with delight when I realized there were extra surprise goodies to be had that gave me more story to read.

I greatly enjoyed this this book – the characterizations were spot-on, I cared about what happened to each of them (even the bad guys, in the sense that I was interested to know how Cheyenne and her pals were going to make them pay for their misdeeds). The storyline is intriguing, with lots of thrills and chills and laughs and love. As I mentioned, I literally stayed up all night reading this book, because just when you think you’re reaching a part where you can set the book aside for a few hours, the author throws another curveball at you. The ending does leave you hanging a bit – the book ends on an amazing cliffhanger, ensuring that I’m going to be first in line to pick up World of Blood #2 when it’s released!
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4,081 reviews59k followers
January 23, 2014
Exsanguinate by Killion Slade is December 2013 Spirit release, a division of Draconian publishing. I was provided a copy of this book by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

I think most people are familiar with the Halloween festivals in theme parks, such as Six Flags. Haunted houses are the biggest draw. Cheyenne O'Cuinn, is a software gaming developer. She and her sisters plan on going to the theme park haunted house. The terror for Cheyenne and her sisters is very real when they are attacked viciously. Cheyenne survives the attack, but her sisters are missing. When Cheyenne recovers enough to leave the hospital it seems that she didn't get out the attack unscathed after all. Now, she finds she must deal with what has happened to her, find her sisters, and deal with a love affair that has mainly taken place online in a role playing game, which is also where she finds clues to her sister's whereabouts and why they were kidnapped.
It seems there is a plot among vampires to mate with humans to form a species named dhampirs. This may be the reason her sisters have been taken... to become breeders.

In a race against time, Cheyenne will encounter vampires, werewolves, and dragons. But, who will she be able to trust?

I haven't read an Urban Fantasy novel in awhile. When it comes to this genre, I can be hard to please, so this one was good choice. A very imaginative novel unlike anything I have read previously. I loved the character of Cheyenne. She is strong but fragile, loyal and tenacious, and smart.
I also liked the clues and strategy being included in the online role playing game. This is really clever and not as far fetched as you may think. Gamers of course know this, but some readers may not realize just how vivid these games are and how many people are involved. Information could easily be communicated to key people through the game and people have done this, some who were using the game for this purpose entirely.
The horror being enslaved for the purpose of creating a vicious race to become warmongers is terrifying.
The romance is fragile. Cheyenne discovers her long time online lover has a pretty big secret. Now, however, there could be hope for them, but can he be trusted?
The only problem I had with the book was that it ended. I can't wait for the next book! This book will appeal to those that enjoy horror novels, but mostly to the Urban Fantasy fans out there.
This one is an A+
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Author 4 books42 followers
June 29, 2015
I was provided a copy of this book by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

I want to be sure that I say this upfront and get it out there....I downloaded the sample of this book and was hooked from page one!

I heard from some people and reviews that the book was "too scary" or "I just couldn't read it" but guess what?!? Those people are crazy!

While, this book was scary it was also an amazing story! I was addicted and begging for more before I knew what happened! I am going to do my best to do a quick review (full review will be up on my blog later on) without any spoilers!

My hubby and I are HUGE gamers so the fact that the main characters (which just happen to be awesome women) are programmers and game lovers just appealed to me even more. I loved that this book managed to mix what we know of as reality with things that most people believe don't exist.

I can honestly say that I read a TON of paranormal romance/urban fantasy style books....some are good and some are not so good. This one is definitely up among my favorites!

The romance mixed in with the drama and mystery was not too much and not too little. I didn't feel overwhelmed by explicit sex scenes or feel like I missed out on the romance.

The story ling is epic and seriously unique. There are twists and turns and some unexpected out comes (to say the least)!

I still can't get over how amazing this book is and my only problem with it is that I am already begging for book 2!!
16 reviews28 followers
March 28, 2014
Exsanguinate is a book about three sisters who run an online RPG community. The Role Playing Game focuses on supernatural beings such as Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons. The book starts off introducing the main characters, all of which are really relateable, but as you get a few chapters into the book you suddenly become hooked on the story line. Suddenly, the sisters realize that supernatural beings are not as fictional as they thought.

The first half the book I was intrigued and kept reading to find out what happens to the sisters, the second half the book was when I really could not put the book down because I HAD to know what was going to happen. Even though the ending does reveal a lot you are also left on a cliffhanger with many questions. I can definitely see someone turning this book into a script and making a movie out of it. I can not wait for Book 2 of the series as I must know what happens next with the sisters and what is going on with the character that is literally introduced in the last paragraph of the book.

If you are into books with supernatural characters and LOTS of suspense then I definitely recommend reading this book. If you are interested in the Twilight series then I see you enjoying this book.
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1,673 reviews
June 1, 2016
This book was original, I will say that. Here's my breakdown:

The pros:
* Creative storyline
* Offered as a kindleunlimited
* Paranormal beings galore - you name it and it was in this book. Vampires, werewolves, dragon shifters, demons, so on etc.
* I liked having a taste of the horror genre mixed into this read
* Great book cover

The cons:
* There were some slow and dull periods throughout the plot
* Ended on a cliffhanger and I felt as if there were too many issues left unresolved
* No real romance in my opinion - the main couple say they love each other and kiss a couple of times, but they lacked chemistry and intimacy
* At times it felt as if too many characters had been introduced - it seemed to take away from the main characters as well as the story development
* The characters had a juvenile feel to them and never at any point felt realistic
* The name of the book was awful. Exsanguinate?? Even if I wanted to recommend this book to someone, I wouldn’t be able to!

Overall, I am skeptical on continuing with this series. While I did enjoy it being a unique story, I never connected to any of the characters or felt any moments of intensity or suspense. It just had a ridiculous feel to it throughout.
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23 reviews
April 2, 2014
Exsanguinate – World of Blood – Book One by Killion Slade made me want to read more. As an avid reader of novels and books about supernatural beings, specially vampires and werewolves, I can say this book is more unique and more interesting than other similar books I’ve read. I love the character development of Cheyenne, the female protagonist. I also love that there are other new supernatural beings included in the story like dragons. The story doesn’t revolve around Cheyenne only, but to the other characters as well.

I am a fast reader so I read this book in one sitting. I can’t seem to put it down once I started reading it so I just finished it throughout the night. Each chapter is shorter compared to other books I’ve read but it’s well paced. I like that in some chapters, other characters in the book are highlighted. Reading Exsanguinate brought me fear, fantasy, romance, action and humor.

I loved this book and cannot wait for the next part to come out, your left wanting more and craving the next thing.
6 reviews1 follower
July 12, 2016
Exsanguinate - World of Blood - Book One by Killion Slade made me want to read more. As an avid reader of novels and books about supernatural beings, specially vampires and werewolves, I can say this book is more unique and more interesting than other similar books I've read. I love the character development of Cheyenne, the female protagonist. I also love that there are other new supernatural beings included in the story like dragons. The story doesn't revolve around Cheyenne only, but to the other characters as well.

I am a fast reader so I read this book in 1 sitting. I can't seem to put it down once I started reading it so I just finished it throughout the night. :P Each chapter is shorter compared to other books I've read but it's well paced. I like that in some chapters, other characters in the book are highlighted. Reading Exsanguinate brought me fear (just a little bit, I promise :)), fantasy, romance, action and humor.
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138 reviews
January 29, 2016
This is one of the goofiest books I've ever read. I hate giving negative reviews, but when I roll my eyes while reading a book hundreds of times, I feel I must warn others about what they are getting themselves into.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Cheyenne was determined to save her sisters and had evidence that terrible things were happening to them, but does she make it her immediate mission to figure out the geo cache info? No. After some halfhearted efforts to find Dakota's notebooks, in which should be THE ONLY clue to her whereabouts, Cheyenne and her friends go take advantage of spa services, she goes shopping for vampire whitening toothpaste, then stops in an orange grove to make out with her boyfriend. All this extraneous crap made the book, frankly, weird. I was frustrated that the characters seemed so nonchalant about their mission when there were lives at stake. Over and over they were all sidetracked and engaging in all sorts of nonsensical activities while an entire family was being tortured.

Then, you have to wonder how damn dumb these characters are when they know the dad is in danger of being kidnapped but they give no thought to him staying on his own and, surprise surprise, he gets kidnapped. They knew that her family was a target from the beginning, so why would they not stick together until threats of abduction ceased? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Her father was a more central character in the beginning of the book, then all of a sudden we barely hear about him or what happened when he was nabbed, held hostage, nothing. Everything was hunky dory I guess. He isn't a part of any rescue plans and generally does little to nothing to help his daughters. It seems that he slept for most of the book, and nothing about his ailing health was explained or brought up again from the beginning of the book. Disappointing.

When new characters are introduced, everyone is a different type of supernatural creature. Most of them have never talked before face to face though they have worked together for years. What??? They are all coupling off and falling in love but they have never even met? One of the guys looks totally different than he did in the beginning of the book and became basically a different person from the one introduced in the beginning. And they all just happen to represent different supernatural species. Quite a diverse group here, and I didn't buy it. I know this all fantastical story line stuff, but I couldn't suspend disbelief enough to make it work for me.

We never find out anything more about "The Red Man". It would have been nice to know why she dreamed of this fellow for her whole life. Who is this guy and why did he do what he did? Yet another part of the story just dropped in midair. I'm guessing this will be explained in later books? It could have added to the mystery of the story to find out more about him, but we learn nothing as readers. More jumbled up unexplained goop that does the story no favors.

The vampire "family" was largely a sidelined plot in the book. They were neither helpful (not very much anyway), nor interesting. We are introduced, they kinda help with a rescue mission without featuring in the story in any sort of substantial way, and then they are gone again. Something of this magnitude going on under their noses should have been a priority to route out IMO, but again, everyone is so nonchalant and self involved in this book, so who REALLY cares?

Well, I can offer many examples about why this book is a miss, but to save time and condense my review, this book is entirely too odd and not focused enough to provide a grand adventure or even make a whole lot of sense. Lots of characters were added but without follow up or development. They just float there or disappear entirely with little to no purpose for being in the story in the first place. The actions of the main characters were so ridiculous...I can't even. Because the writing itself was decent and not riddled with grammatical errors, it can't quite be considered a hot mess, thankfully. It had potential, but the focus of the story kept getting sidetracked and the characters were not developed enough to make me like them. I considered putting it down several times, but I did make it through so that's something I guess.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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15 reviews5 followers
April 21, 2014
Before anything else, I’d like to note that, as much as possible, this review is spoiler-free. I will emphasize more on writing my opinion about the story, writing, style, etc in general. I can’t promise I will not be mentioning some parts from the book so if you don’t want to continue reading, it’s fine.

As I said, “Exsanguinate” is not your typical young adult fiction and I think the synopsis says it so. Heck, it’s actually one of the reasons why I volunteered to review it and I wasn’t disappointed.

One of the things I liked about “Exsanguinate” is the supernatural element THAT IS NOT SEEN in your typical supernatural young adult fiction. You get to find not just one, but more than 3 supernatural creatures and elements that were combined well and never looked forced in the story. It’s also cool that almost most mentioned here set aside their differences and help each other to reach their goal---and it’s no laughing matter.

And speaking of that, while there are comedic moments, the overall style and atmosphere of the story is serious---more serious than I expected. Remember when I previously mentioned there are disturbing and awkward scenes? Well, be ready for that because it’s not all flowers and rainbows here. There is indeed fear, violence and disturbing scenes that sort of contributed in me not breezing through the story easily. While I kept reading on, there are times when I had to stop because it was a bit too much. But it was also the reason to make me read more and see what will happen. It was the overall atmosphere that made me read it until the end to see what will happen to Cheyenne and the gang.

Cheyenne is also the reason I love this book, though I want to see her more in action in the next book. I will not tell more to make this review as spoiler-free as possible, but I wish she will put to use the things she acquired in reaching her goals and show she can take care of herself too. I want to see her more in combat and fighting. I also want to see the interactions of the gang with each other more and how they will cope with the various obstacles and hardships along the way.

I am not familiar with Killion’s style of writing. There are words and phrases that I have not heard of, though I understood once I read them many times. His writing style is unique though and makes me curious to see/read the next book.

And lastly, I love books/writing styles that have short chapters yet are very descriptive in telling about the setting, characters and happenings. Talking about fear, violence and the supernatural is not that easy and I commend Killion in doing it well. It makes imagining easier and delightful, so it is one book I would recommend to those who want to read something different and unique. I can’t wait for the second book because I was kept hanging in the ending---I thought the ending was what I expected, but it was not. I want to see what happens to Cheyenne, the gang and to the other characters. Plus, I want to know the mystery and secret behind their family.


All in all, “Exsanguinate - World of Blood Series - Book One” by Killion Slade is one unique book that I would truly recommend to readers who are open-minded and wouldn’t mind reading “not-so-normal” scenes. Killion did a great job with this book and I can’t wait for the second book that will tell more adventures of Cheyenne and the gang. I have to wait for November 2014 though---that’s a long wait. I’m pretty sure he will do a good job in that book and I can’t wait to see what is in store for them and their destinies.
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Author 24 books52 followers
April 28, 2016
This book was not at all what I was expecting, and I mean that in the very best way. Although I picked up this book some time ago, I hadn't had a chance to read it until recently. I'm sorry I delayed doing so! The characters in this book were extremely well developed, and the plot twists were like nothing I expected. The opening scene with the haunted house? I never saw it coming- I thought it was a dream sequence, or perhaps a really amazingly unique haunted house experience that would turn out to be smoke and mirrors. I never saw it coming, and it was all twists and turns and surprises around every corner from then on.

I loved the Super Market, and cannot wait to learn more from future installments. Special blood wines, spa treatments, all forms of mythological creatures around every bend. It was a pleasure to read, and I reread several passages just to soak it all in thoroughly and picture it in my mind.

The only criticisms I have aren't even actual criticisms, but personal preference. I like that there are clickable links to learn more throughout the story, but my personal preference would be to have them indexed at the end of the story instead of in the middle of the chapters, as it pulled me out of the story as I was reading. And I found the endearments a bit... off-putting, I guess you could say. Definitely not words that would ever come out of my husband's mouth! However, even though they weren't words I personally would choose, they fit the characters that were saying them beautifully.

All in all, an absolutely fabulous story, and I am eagerly awaiting book 2. I can't wait to learn what happens next.
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66 reviews31 followers
November 23, 2014
The majority of us like to flirt with fear. As a society, we engorge ourselves in graphic horror movies and horrifyingly intense haunted houses. We seek comfort in running to the nearest exit when we are overwhelmed in fear. Think for a second, what if you could not do that? What if you were trapped inside this insane alter universe and had to claw your way to safety?

This is not your average vampire story. This is something much more intense that bridges the gaps between two fantasy worlds and creates a universe anyone would fear.

I was taken aback by the intensity the pages revealed and the unbelievable story Killion crafts with his words. While reading Exsanguinate I was eager to figure out what the term meant. I quickly learned and absorbed the intense reality of a fantasy realm. A realm where supernatural beings do more than exist, they thrive.

This is one of those stories that draws you in and keeps you there. I felt like I was living and breathing these pages, and still find myself wondering what's going on with Cheyenne and her sisters.

I am very excited for part 2!
345 reviews18 followers
December 24, 2014
I have to say I honestly impressed with this debut book which I hope becomes a fantastic series. This is book 1 in a series so of course there's a cliffhanger ;) Killion Slade did a very impressive job of creating a fun paranormal world. A bonus for this book is if you were ever a hardcore gamer. So it was quite easy for my to connect to this story. I have myself a AlienWare so yeah gamer here.

I would have enjoy more gore and horror but hey that's just me personally. It kept me reading straight through. Great character development and just around a very unique storyline overall.

Wasn't a huge fan of silly words instead of cursing but I that's just my preference. I don't mind swearing in books if it calls for it especially since this is not a YA book at all.

Huge fan of strong female characters so another huge bonus for me. I cannot wait to see what's next for this series that Killion Slade started <3
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144 reviews7 followers
February 3, 2015

Riveting from the first sentence to the last. THIS book and author definitely did not disappoint the book grabs your attention and keeps it. IT will have you rethinking reality and ledgens. I know virtual worlds and fantasy games played throughout computer worlds will definitely be looked and thought of differently by gamers and their avatars. I am hooked can't wait to find Dakota in book 2. Great story line, great romance novel with paranormal thriller love the combination.
I can't wait to see if the Ocuinn sister's continue with their online virtual scare world after what all has happened or if they do a career change. Sheridan will be a mother if nothing goes wrong will she and Torch get together,she wants someone who want her for herself not because of her company. what will happen to Dakota will she break free or die or be killed.
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3 reviews
February 27, 2016
Let Killion Slade pull you into The World of Blood – a world of vampires, dragons, and a host of unforgettable mythological creatures. ‘Exsanguinate’ has something to offer all horror fans, from virtual reality gamers to lovers of all things supernatural. Slade’s heroine, Cheyenne O’Cuinn guides us through the horrors of her online game, ExsanguiNation, into a supernatural reality where blood lust turns a Halloween Scream Park deadly – and Chey’s sisters go mysteriously missing. On a quest to rescue her sisters, Chey and her group of preternatural friends experience the wonders of ‘The Super Market’, come face to face with a kraken, navigate the horrors of the ‘breeding facility’, and still manage to find love along the way. What a ride! Thankfully, there’s more to come. This is book one in The World of Blood series. I’m counting the minutes until book two arrives.
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April 26, 2016
I had read this book back in 2013 when it first came out and learned that book two will be coming out soon so I reread it so I would be ready for it. I absolutely love this story! It once again grabbed me from the first chapter and had me in its spell until I turned the last page! This book is filled with everything good and what I look for in a book. Great characters, a lot of action, a story line that keeps me reading without stopping, those “OH NO” and hold your breath moments and an ending that makes you want more! This is definitely one to be added to your library if you are looking for an excellent story that is well written and will keep you well entertained!
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March 20, 2014
When it comes to genres this type of book is my favorite! I love a great vampire story. The story itself captured my attention and kept it till the very end. It's a prefect story for someone who loves twists and turns.Another great feature about Exsanguinate is how well the author balances the horror with the humor. You don't find that in most vampire stories. I can even relate to the main character, Cheyenne, because I too would risk life and limb to protect and save my own family. Overall, its a terrific story that keeps you wanting more. I can't wait for the rest of the series.
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November 7, 2015
Decent start.

Not normally the books I read, but it was free. So the beginning started out slow, but soon moved to a fast pace action packed story. I liked that we got to know the sisters, but before the end I already knew the truth about their mother. Not to give anything away, but most people would figure it out middle of the book. Either way I would be looking for the next installment if there is one.
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April 29, 2016
An excellent vampire novel, with some great twists

From the start, Exsanguinate grabs you with a great story line and characters you can easily care about. I thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of "supers" and adored the idea of a family, of sorts, of them working together to save one of their own. I can't wait to read the next installment. Also? The author has a brilliant idea of a Super Market in this book. I hope it's expanded on in another work.
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May 29, 2016
Wonderfully unique take on the old vampire story

Honestly, I had the hardest time getting through the beginning of this book because the first few chapters were too much in the attempt to create the scene & the offshoot links to more of it?!? No thanks. After the action started, it rarely stopped. There the freshest themes which made the book so unique & I couldn't put it down. On to book 2 in the series.
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September 19, 2014
I enjoyed this book. It's a cool twist on a vampire horror, with humour.
There's blood, creatures and love. Three sisters work compiling video games.
Who knew their new game would actually come to life... For real.
Enjoyable read.
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April 5, 2017
Exsanguinate is a very unique read and a truly fun Urban Fantasy. You'll meet vampires, werewolves, dragons, humans, blood demons, dogs and game designers. The book is funny as well as horrifying. Really enjoyed it.
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May 20, 2016
OMGS FANTASTIC! If you don't like horror or cant stomach gore then this is not for you!.. This book.. I read the entire thing in 2 nights! Can't wait for part 2 to come! I think only in e format only though..
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May 4, 2014
great book!

it was a seat clenched!!!! can't wait for the other books in this series!!!!! very exciting!!!!!!!! don't know what else to say!!! lol
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November 20, 2015
Good read

Captivating and completely unrealistic storyline, but couldn't stop reading. I have to admit to enjoying this one and it's quirky characters.
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January 21, 2016
So much going on in this book. It was very thrilling. The characters are awesome. Loved the gaming influence and SIM talk. These are people I wish I knew. Vampires, Werewolves and Dragons Oh My!
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May 19, 2016
Loved it!

If you love vampires, werewolves, dragons, etc, you will really enjoy this story. Don't hesitate... Buy this book and enjoy!
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