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Like an ATM who just wants to be loved.

Like an episode of the Rockford Files but with a guy in a moo-moo.

Like a baaaaad trip to Taco Bell.

Like a farting house of skin and testicles.

Like legions of space ninjas encountering a truck stop full of friggin’ mean gay dudes.

Like wearing mittens but calling them gloves but secretly calling them hitman gloves.

Like your dog saving your life or eating your corpse.

Like waiting for that dreamy prom date who probably stood you up on account of the apocalypse.

Like JUNK.

104 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 2, 2013

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Danger Slater

33 books631 followers
Wonderland Award winning author Danger Slater is the world’s most flammable writer! He likes to use a lot of exclamation points!

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Profile Image for Michael.
Author 56 books60 followers
January 9, 2014
Junk is a bizarro anthology but one that is almost too inappropriate to laugh at. Take Prom Night for instance, here you have this poor gullible girl who's being stood up yet you laugh at her anyway because she's an idiot. Flesh House wasn't even funny it was just rather disturbing but then you have a story like Woof and you once again find yourself chuckling.

These are truly stories with a dark sense of humor so if you find yourself to be one of those people that are easily offended or lack a sense of humor JUNK won't be a book you'll enjoy due to it being a bit dark in spots.

It's a cool little Bizarro antholgy that has a lot going for it. The best stories here are Prom Night, Ass To Mouth, and Taco Hell which takes the idea of a simple quest for tacos and makes it into something much bigger.

I haven't heard of most of these writers so it's a cool introduction to up and coming talent in the bizarro genre. JUNK is a great showcase and must read for those looking for new authors.
Profile Image for Jenny.
112 reviews
June 8, 2014
“Junk” meditates on the past and the passage of time, and also on the relationship between erotic love and learning. These stories are clearly among the very best of fiction and have made me realize how many ways there are of being alive. Enigmatic, tantalizing and haunting tales of rare beauty which glint like finely cut diamonds and makes oneself ask the age-old question, “What exactly is the difference between ass-juice and ass-milk?”
Profile Image for Rodney.
Author 5 books63 followers
December 28, 2013
I am happy to see a new anthology with Danger Slater. There are definitely some good ones here, and a few others I didn't care as much for. There was a good variety and it was an entertaining read. My favorites are Prom Night - Danger Slater; Ass To Mouth - Jason Armstrong; Things I Need to Be a Hitman - Chris Rhatigan; Woof - Eric Beetner.
Profile Image for Vanessa Wolf.
Author 14 books2 followers
December 20, 2013
The book description sums up each story exactly. So you should more or less know what to expect. The collection of bizzaro fiction here is of the humorous rather than the grotesque or gritty nature. That isn't to say gritty as fuck shit is absent from this work, but rather the gut-wrenching horror is intended to amuse. For about 13 cents a story you get a rather good bargain if you like one of the stories, and there's a one in eight chance for at least one to transport you to a world where the rules are suspended. The collection is very good in terms of order and construction, strong start, strong finish, hedged bets in the middle.

Slater is an experienced hand (among other experienced parts) with bizzaro fiction, and does a pretty good mental-drag of a teenage female waiting for her date in "Prom Night," Mixing the mundane horror with the terrifying truth awaiting the end, Slater lifts his unworthy subjects to a touching and enduring love story. Its a running theme in his work and I'm beginning to suspect the man is a sentimentalist. (*****)

Rhatigan's "Things I Need to be a Hitman" is well paced, and well written, but it just wasn't the kind of protagonist that maintained my interest in that kind of cirmstance. (***)

Fans of Jason Armstrong might be disappointed "Ass to Mouth," is a reprint from the work "Bad As Fuck," but its a good first impression for new readers. Armstrong's bromance between man and machine give the reader insight to the sort of story Steinback and James Cameron would've written together. (***)

"Flesh House," is the worst kind of sentient/possessed/corrupted domicile in the history of the genre. Not in a poorly written sense, Hilbert does a fine job, but the situation of the house... You just have to read it. I felt kind of meh about the story, maybe it was the shaving. (**)

"Invasion of the Demon Ninjas," by Ryan Sayles veers more toward the insane end of bizzaro fiction. Its one of those well-done-but-wasn't-my-taste kind of tales. (**)

In an absurd chain of events, that are in every way plausible in certain small towns "Taco Hell" illuminates the chaos that one growling stomach can inspire. Keaton's tale has a suspicious ring of mischievous confession worth contemplating (***)

Sometimes all you need in life is for things to go horribly and irrevocably wrong for everything to be alright. Leek's "The Brow Beating Heavy Leather Repossession Shuffle," tale of a working man's best worst day. (****)

In a modern "Lassie," tale, Beetner's "Woof," gives the collection a strong finish. You know how sometimes dogs and owners tend to look alike? Well, sometimes they think alike too, and sometimes that's not exactly for the best.

I recommend it to anyone with a buck to spare and a burning curiosity about this "bizzaro" genre.
Profile Image for Kathy.
3,348 reviews177 followers
July 4, 2017
some good thoughts perhaps, but I would not have published these stories unless I wanted to teach a class of young'uns using some examples of stories gone wrong
wow, hair growing from the walls of a house....time to fire up my vacuum cleaner methinks
Profile Image for Vincent Campbell.
Author 1 book9 followers
October 28, 2019
Fantabulous tale by the ever flammable Danger Slater!! Danger isn’t his middle name, it’s his FIRST name!
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