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The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy

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Do you sometimes wonder why a sure sale falls through the cracks? Don't you feel powerless every time that happens? You know that your product or service is really good for your customer. You've done everything to get the customer interested. They obviously like what you're selling, but they shift, they fidget and then inexplicably walk away to the competition.

Being pushy is unnecessary...

That's because pushiness creates an unnatural situation. The Brain Audit doesn't teach you how to use mind tricks. It's not a system of coercion. It doesn’t psyche the customer into buying against his or her will.

Instead it shows you how to attract the attention of a customer.

It shows you how to keep that attention. It shows you where the attention wavers. And it takes you through a series of steps that we all take on a day-to-day basis when buying products or services.

And not only does it show you a step-by-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the 'iffiness' factor out of your own marketing and communication.

So what's the 'iffiness' factor?

On any given day, if you were to ask someone to critique your website, your presentation or your business cards, they’ll simply give you an opinion. And the opinion will vary from person to person. This variation leaves you confused.

You're not really sure if your marketing message is working at 20%, 55% or not working at all. And you suspect that you could vastly improve your results, if you had a clear set of guidelines and benchmarks.

With The Brain Audit, you’re going to have consistent results
The reason why you’ll get consistent results is because of three simple reasons:

Reason 1: The Brain Audit is built on a system. It's not random.
Reason 2: It isn't some magic trick. It follows the decision-making pattern that we use everyday.
Reason 3: You can spot the mistakes and fix them thereby improving attraction and conversion.

So what's in The Brain Audit? And how can it help you?

Here is just a tiny preview of what's in The Brain Audit

How the Brain Goes Through Decision-Making: Do you often wonder what your customer is thinking? Don't leave the thought process to chance and let that customer walk away. Your customers don't want to walk away. They want to buy from you. So how does the brain make decisions? And what causes it to get confused?

Is the Brain a Conveyor Belt?: Does the brain actually process thoughts in a step-by-step manner? Would you believe it's not random at all? The Brain Audit is a tool that allows you to understand the predictability of a buying sequence. The moment you understand how the 'conveyor belt' concept works, you'll see that your brain follows this sequence no matter what product or service you're buying.

The Hidden Trigger: This one factor will turn everything you've learned on its head. Readers have changed their business cards, their websites and their whole way of thinking once they learned the extreme power of this simple trigger. When you use this trigger, you activate the curiosity of the brain and get customers engaged. Customers start asking questions, and instead of shooing you away, invite you to tell them more.

The Futility of Solutions: Most of us believe that we should talk about benefits and solutions. And benefits and solutions work, but they fail miserably if they're placed out of the sequence. So where do you place your benefits? And why?

Getting the Customer’s Attention: The core of getting attention is to flag a customer down. But how are you going to do that if you don't even know what gets their attention in the first place? The Brain Audit not only shows you how to get their attention, but actually get a response. This response helps you go ahead with the sale.

180 pages, ebook

First published April 1, 2009

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Sean D'Souza

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Profile Image for Cupcakes & Machetes.
366 reviews60 followers
July 7, 2018
Well yes, this isn’t my usual fair. It was a forced read by my boss. When your boss says, “Here read this and we’ll discuss it when you’re done,” you don’t really argue because there are far worse projects to take home from work and do on your own time.

This might seem on the outside like a simple, boring read about sales, but it’s more than that. It’s an in depth look at how people decide when and why to purchase your product or service. It shined a spotlight on thinking that I know I do myself when considering a purchase, but never really thought about other people coming to that decision in almost the exact same way.

One read through will have your brain popping with new ideas on how to make your customers happier, more confident and consistently returning to you. In turn, growing your business at a faster rate than you would have otherwise.

If you run a business, are ranked higher in a company or want to get in good with the boss, take the hour or so it takes to read this and flip your business model in a new and exciting direction.

Or don’t and keep putzing along with low sales.
Profile Image for Trevor.
70 reviews7 followers
October 1, 2015
Sean D'Souza knows his stuff. I started out reading his blog posts. Then I moved to bing-listening to his podcast. I couldn't get enough of his simple, thoughtful, thorough insights.

This book is my first paid product from the Psychotactics library, and I'm so glad I decided to buy it!

There's so many actionable items in here that I have to go back for a second read-through starting tomorrow!

Sean has helped me gain an understanding of business, marketing, and persuasion that I never thought I could attain. All of that for less than the cost of a dinner at Golden Corral.

Highly recommended!
Profile Image for Giedrius Švetkauskas.
Author 4 books2 followers
March 21, 2015
Very good algorithm for those, who work with product services communications. Recommend it to every marketing person. It helped myself to define the message and target audience for the services I sell much more clearly. Thanks a lot for Sean D'Souza!
Profile Image for Blahoot.
23 reviews2 followers
September 6, 2017
dare greatly comic

I love the way D’Souza teaches. He uses simple examples, structures his material in a logical and easy-to-follow manner, and keeps things short and to the point. His writing style reminds me a bit of Chip and Dan Heath, who are among my favorite authors.

The only thing that keeps me from giving this book a 5/5 is that nothing in this book is groundbreaking. It’s tried and true marketing wisdom. But that’s not a bad thing. That’s because, unlike most marketing books that needlessly razzle and dazzle, this one does an amazing job of getting to the point and giving a clear, concise structure—an audit—that I can refer back to again and again
Profile Image for Jake McCrary.
405 reviews27 followers
March 13, 2016
This is a very focused book that isn't filled with much fluff. It is focused on helping you audit your message to potential clients or customers in order to better sell your service or product.

The author describes seven steps towards focusing your message to better help a potential customer decide to buy your product. Each chapter focuses on a single step. They include examples of two different types of businesses to help solidify the concepts.

Reading this book and thinking about the companies that have tried to sell (and some that have succeeded) products to me online and I can see how the more compelling pitches tick most of the steps suggested in this book.

The message in the book isn't diluted with fluff. It is short and focused. I'm noticing how better sales pitches follow much of the advice found inside. Its a worthwhile read.
Profile Image for J.R. Sedivy.
Author 2 books2 followers
August 30, 2016
Practical Marketing Advice

The Brain Audit is a worthwhile read for those interested in business, marketing, and consumer psychology. This book feels like a light read, but there is plenty of depth here. Beyond theoretical marketing advice, the author provides detailed examples on how to practically implement the advice within your own business. One of the truly unique aspects of this book is the level of support provided by the author - should you have any questions and sign up for his e-mail list he will personally respond to your questions, and continue to do so until the concept is fully solidified within your mind. I have personally communicated with him and he is quick to respond and quite knowledgeable. I have read many marketing books and yet have learned quite a bit from The Brain Audit.
Profile Image for Pēteris.
45 reviews
November 24, 2015
Life changing book (about sales).

Have you ever seen one of those long sales pages that seem to go on and on forever and wondered who reads them? Well, people do and I've read some of them when it's something I'm interested in.

Or perhaps you've seen these long sales pages and tried to mimic them but unsuccessfully?

This book goes into detail what goes inside customer heads when they are making a purchase. Incredible insights. May seem obvious now but that was not the case before I read book. This book will make you rethink how you write your presentation and sell stuff (and yourself). And how to write your own long sales page.

Must read. The paperback is expensive but an ebook is quite affordable.
Profile Image for Sanjay Bodani.
8 reviews
March 27, 2016
Wow! I had a great time to read this book. I enjoyed the way Sean has written this book - so simple, but so profound. As a marketing professional this book helped me to design effective newsletters that are very structured and result oriented. I used the 5 questions mentioned in the book on 'how to get great testimonials'. Instead of asking my client to write an testimonial for my product I requested him for a telephonic testimonial, because of which I got great insights about my product and how I can create new version of product. I strongly suggest every marketing professional to read this book. It's awesome!
Profile Image for Ashwin Chandrasekaran.
20 reviews4 followers
May 4, 2016
I must give this book 5 stars. Here are the reasons.

1. I don't remember the last time, when I finished reading a book in one stretch
2. It is written in such simple and friendly tone, that I found it very hard to stop reading
3. I don't read a lot of marketing books but this one - just stands out
4. It is a perfect mixture of gyaan and practical advice, to sell anything online

If you have to read one book on Internet Marketing, then this is it.

Also visit the website of Sean D'Souza - www.psychotactics.com for loads of knowledge and goodies!

Highly recommended.

(I am neither an affiliate of Sean's products (yet) nor his partner :) )
Profile Image for Francis Wade.
Author 10 books6 followers
March 31, 2019
Great ideas clearly presented

I was afraid this would be like other books on the topic... Filled with Meetoo advice.

Instead, it's a wWonderful book of fresh ideas written from an outsiders point of view. I enjoyed it immensely and started using it before getting to the last page.
Profile Image for Mickey.
Author 16 books12 followers
May 9, 2016
Mind. Blown.

I was freaked out about the cost of their workshops and training packages. It seemed audacious. Also the claims of three month long vacations per year seemed like one of those sleaze ball teases to make a sale. And yet, by the end of the first chapter, I was convinced this book taps into fundamental truths and explains them in obvious ways.

Now I'm going to read it again.
8 reviews
June 4, 2017
Anyone Who Does Marketing Should Read This Book

One of the best books about understanding what it takes to get somebody to make that decision to buy from you. Everything you need to truly understand what your clients or customers are thinking is clearly laid out in this book. I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to truly understand their customer so they can take their business to the next level. You will learn a lot from this book.
Profile Image for Vaibhav Vds.
24 reviews
October 3, 2016
This is an excellent book for small entrepreneurs in particular. There are lot of useful templates that you can directly apply to your business. I used the testimonial template provide in the book to my own business use and I was amazed at the response that I have been getting so far. Highly recommended for small entrepreneurs.
Profile Image for Lisette Ruiz.
14 reviews
August 19, 2017
Love me a system! And that's exactly what you get.

Regardless of whatever I'm doing in life, I always try to organize it in a structure that will be easy for me to understand and execute. That's exactly what I got from this book. A system that was very easy to understand and something I can apply right away to market my business. I loved it.
Profile Image for Jim Wilbourne.
146 reviews11 followers
December 24, 2016
This is a great guide on how to present your product to a potential customer. I've read a lot of articles on this subject, and this one gave me more actionable advice in a small space that 100s of hours of articles have.

A must read if you build and sell products as an entrepreneur.
Profile Image for Ulio.
49 reviews26 followers
July 27, 2017
If you are interested in customers psychology and decision making this book is a must. It lets you understand the core concepts of targeting an audience for your product, how to structure your product and how to face the obstacles beginning retailers/e-commerce businesses face.
Profile Image for Rob Tennyson.
14 reviews
April 19, 2018
Time will tell of course, but having just finished reading this book, I feel it will forever be noted as one of the serious game changers in my career. I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice.
Profile Image for Taren Gesell.
Author 4 books10 followers
March 27, 2019
Short, sweet, very tactical

I recommend reading this book once you’re into business a small ways. Having a muse to apply the lessons from this book to as you’re reading will make the book very valuable.
Profile Image for Matt.
Author 5 books6 followers
October 31, 2015
Great, easy to read guide with tips that can instantly be applied to business. Really easy to understand and use.
Profile Image for yoann  Lopez.
5 reviews2 followers
December 25, 2016
A must read for anyone interested in business/marketing. Super easy to ready, crystal clear, no BS
Profile Image for Eric.
63 reviews4 followers
January 6, 2017
Marketing isn't my favorite subject, but this book is fun and "minimum viable knowledge" to developing & marketing a product. Very concise and practical guide.
Profile Image for Lan Vuga.
15 reviews
August 1, 2018
Short but some great nuggets of wisdom in the book. Definately worth reading. Especially liked the part about effective testimonials.
Profile Image for Gina Lento.
125 reviews1 follower
June 19, 2020
I am really impressed with Sean D’Souza. I started listening to his Podcast and segued into this book. My husband sells AFLAC and I have been able to help him and have intelligent discussions about sales. I would read him some material while we were relaxing with our coffee and he’s gotten a few tips from what I read to him.

If you are in sales, this is definitely a must read book. If you are in your own business, this is a must read book. There is a lot of information here on how to market your business. As someone who has been on the other side of saying no, it is interesting to see how to sell goods and services to help a customer say yes....notice I say ‘help’ and not ‘hard sell. ‘

I have walked out on car dealerships because they didn’t listen to what I was looking for as a potential customer and ended up having a car shipped in from another state because it was cheaper over all to buy it there and have it shipped, than to buy it locally, and that salesman listened to what I wanted so he got the sale. That same salesman also got another sale because we sent people to him and gave him the shippers info for another customer. What is described in the book is a situation I experienced so I can see the practical application in reverse. You can see how some people don’t get it and some people do.

I really like Sean’s podcasts, too. You learn marketing just hearing him apply the technique to his own products! Very well done and very smart.

Profile Image for Tim Milazzo.
30 reviews1 follower
May 24, 2021
3.5 Stars

This book contains several 4-star ideas and examples. Some of the best ideas include:
1. Customers wait to buy until you've solved every step of the customer journey, like travelers wait to retrieve every single bag from the airport's baggage claim.
2. Don't skip straight to your Solution. You need to identify and verbalize the customer's Problem first.
3. Once the correct Problem has been stated, then the Solution offered needs to be Simple - our product... .
4. Objections are best answered through Testimonials. Great testimonials aren't simply "this company is great!", but actually state what the customer's initial concerns were and how they were overcome. If those are the same concerns for a new customer, bingo, you've solved their concerns.
5. Finally, be unique or else everything else is just helping soften the customer up to use a cheaper competitor.

The reason for 3 stars here are three:
1. The first third of the book talking about Problem and Solution really drag. It took effort not to turn it off.
2. The audiobook quality is really hampered by annoying jingle sounds WAY too often.
3. Most of the examples are based on the author's experience and opinions, rather than survey data or expert testimony (which is slightly ironic based on how hard the author pushes testimonials).
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