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A Connection Series Novella featuring Aerie Daniels and Jagger Kennedy (River Wilde's cousin)

Jagger Kennedy never went looking for fame, he just fell into it. After scoring a major modeling contract, his clean-cut good looks and charm catapulted his career. But when his actress girlfriend breaks his heart, he moves to L.A. to try his hand at acting. He needs to make a change, and the last thing he’s looking for is love…

Aerie Daniels is a woman in control … until she meets Jagger. Her surprising connection with him leaves her stunned, and it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt. But just when she lets her walls fall, she makes a startling discovery about him that breaks her fragile heart into a million pieces.

To keep from losing the one woman he can’t bear to be without, Jagger is willing to give up anything—including his career. But even that might not be enough to regain Aerie’s shattered trust…

141 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 1, 2014

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About the author

Kim Karr

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Reader * Chocolate Lover * Writer * Coffee Lover * Romantic * Beach Lover * Yoga Beginner

Kim Karr is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of eighteen novels. Best known for writing sexy contemporary love stories, she enjoys bringing flawed characters to life.

Her romances are raw, real, and explosive.
Her characters will make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel.
And her happily-ever-afters are always swoon worthy.

From the brooding rock star to the arrogant millionaire. From the witty damsel-in-distress to the sassy high-powered business woman. No two storylines are ever alike.

Get ready to fall in love.

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August 14, 2016
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5 Magnificent Stars
Arc received from author in exchange for an honest review
~~ This is a story which proves you can never escape the power of Love. For it’s intensity is strong enough to heal a broken heart.~~



Dazed was just the perfect tidbit I needed to soothe my craving for more of Kim Karr’s Connections Series. I was over the moon with excitement when I received the ARC for Aerie and Jagger’s love story. This novella was a pleasant surprise.

There is something magical in Kim Karr’s storytelling. I become immersed within the tale and an instant connection is sparked between the characters and myself. I feel their emotions, and when the story is over, I have a difficult time letting them go. Dazed was no different. So, I gazed into the looking glass, fell in, and started on the crazy journey into the lives of Aerie and Jagger. And at the end, as always, I am longing for more…

The character of Aerie Daniels differs from what we were introduced to in Connected. To me, she portrayed strong-willed, confident woman who supported her best friend Dahlia through a most difficult time. That may be so, but we see a different side to Aerie – her vulnerability. As a child, her parents neglected her. Her only meaningful relationship was with her Uncle Ian. Spending time with Ian during her teen years, she met her first love (who lived near by) and experienced a great heartache. Feeling the bite of betrayal, Aerie distanced her self from her uncle and the unpleasant memories of her ex. This riddled her with guilt.

Aerie’s love life is severely lacking because of the scars she bares. She vowed never again to surrender herself to another man. Believing it will only lead her to pain, she built walls around her heart to protect herself. Walls which stood firm…. until Jagger.

Meet Jagger Kennedy, River’s adorable cousin. He is tall, dark, handsome, has a great sense of humor and sexy as hell. He is a perfect fit for Aerie, if she would only stop trying to fight the allure. He too had experienced heartache in the past, but his attraction and deep feelings for Aerie are so powerful, he would stop at nothing to assure she remains in his life, in his heart and in his bed forever.

Jagger is a force to be reckoned with and his charms are nearly impossible for Aerie to resist. So, like Alice in “Through the looking Glass”, Aerie’s adventures with Jagger bring her life and heart to places she never would have imagined. They are truly a sweet couple.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dazed, my only wish is that it was longer for I can never get enough of this series. I’m looking forward to Mended and jumping into Xander Wilde’s life.

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April 2, 2014
*** ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review****

**4 Alice in Wonderland Stars**


Dazed is a sweet novella centering on Dahlia's best friend, Aerie Daniels and River Wilde's cousin, Jagger Kennedy. I adored this book on its simplicity of connecting two people. The characters were likable and lovable and you couldn't help but connect with them. Jagger is really a sweet guy who helped Aerie to open up and try new things. I love how Jagger called her "Alice," since he took her on adventure of rediscovering herself. The only thing I have to complain about it was that it was too short. I honestly wanted to read more about Jagger and Aerie. Thank you Ms. Karr for another great story... Dazed was a sweet addition to the Connection series.

Kim Karr

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April 3, 2014
4.5 Sweet Cupcake Thief Stars!!!

So, I pretty much became a loyal fan of Kim Karr and her addictive Connections series back when I read book 1, Connected; one of my very fave reads of 2013!

Kim Karr’s storytelling just has a magical quality to it that I have come to love. I become completely immersed in her books and form an instant connection with the characters and the tale. Dazed was no different. So, just like Aerie, I gazed into the looking glass, fell in, and embarked on the crazy journey into the lives of Aerie and Jagger.

 photo tumblr_mti7ngFFHj1svgkfmo1_500_zps297b7126.gif

I found myself smiling continuously for Aerie. I adored her character in the first two Connections books and was thrilled that Kim wrote her, her own story. Aerie is Dahlia's loyal bust friend, who stood by her during her most difficult times. She's just as smart, sassy and feisty as we have always known her to be, but in Dazed we get to see a little further into her deep and lonely side. We also get to see all of the defense mechanisms that she has strategically put in place around her heart, to keep herself from getting hurt again. She is all about her career, her routine, and her very, very structured life, where nothing can really touch her.

Enter Jagger Kennedy!! OMG, SWOON!!! Jagger is River's hot and sexy cousin, who has recently come to L.A. after having spent some time in Paris working as a model. He's charming, charismatic, laid back, funny and Aerie finds him irresistible...much to her own surprise!! These two share a chance meeting (cough cough...fight) over some precious cup cakes which almost turns hostile!! Little do they know that they are both wanting these cupcakes for the same dinner party!

Jagger is exactly what Aerie never knew she always needed. They are perfect opposites. I fell head over heels in love with Aerie and Jagger’s story. Slowly but surely, he begins to lure her out of her shell and gets her to ease the reigns on her control issues.

 photo DazedTeaser2_zps4b56add8.jpg

"Can you let your need for control go, for just this one night?"
I swallow and stare back into his eyes for the longest time before answering.
He grins. "And leave your shoes on."

But just as the walls begin coming down, other issues arise. Jealous exes, family secrets, and insecurities resurface threatening the little slice of heaven these two have found within each other.

It was a pure delight! A short story but one that packs a big punch! Oh, and you know with Kim Karr you're gettin a ton of passion and SCORCHING hot sex scenes that do not disappoint! Perfect, really! ;) It had a tiny bit of a slow start for me, but really, that was my only complaint. Once it got going, it was amazing! Oh, and let me just add how awesome it was to be able to spend a little time with River and Dahlia again, who are so disgustingly cute. But that’s all I’ll mention about them because this was really about Aerie and Jagger.

My very fave part of the whole book is the whole apology thing and what Jagger does. I won't say more except for...talk about a fairy tale ending!! LOVED!!

 photo Dazedcollage_zpsff316630.jpg

And just like in Connected and Torn, Kim ties everything back to music as each chapter is titled after a song that becomes the theme of the chapter. Love it!! All in all, I thought Kim Karr did it again with her beautiful writing and unique story-telling ability. Love this whole group of characters and cannot wait for more!!!

"I watch him in the same dazed state I've been in since the first time I laid eyes on him and think...if Alice hadn't been curious she'd have never fallen, so I'll lean forward every time because I know he's the one who will be there to catch me."

The Rebel Book Chicks received this book in exchange for an honest review and were a part of the blog tour.

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166 reviews
April 8, 2014

Short and entertaining read. I enjoyed Aerie and Jagger’s story. We meet Aerie is the previous books. She is Dahlia’s best friend. Aerie is sweet, smart, responsible...and always in control. She lives by her set of rules and doesn’t want this to change. Until Jagger. When she meets him she starts to feel things she had never fell before. He forces her to step out of her comfort zone and show her how to let go.

Jagger wants a change. Due to a woman that hurt him, he decides to change his city and pursue a dream of his- to become an actor. He crashes at his cousins place (River) and there he meets a woman that will change everything.

I absolutely love Kim Karr’s writing style. The stories she writes are captivating, interesting and seriously hot. I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.
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1,335 reviews385 followers
March 28, 2014
**Dazed generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

As a total fan girl of Connected, Torn, and the super talented author, Kim Karr, I just knew Dazed wouldn’t disappoint. And it didn’t. Hooked from the very beginning over cupcakes, Dazed didn’t take long to read. It’s a novella centering around River Wilde’s cousin, Jagger Kennedy and Dahlia Wilde’s best friend Aerie Daniels. The titles of these books suggest a state of feeling. I love that aspect about them because we feel that immensely as we're reading.

Told from Aerie’s POV, the story traps us in the rabbit hole of their relationship from page one. The intelligent and beautiful Aerie Daniels lives and breathes work; she’s neurotically routine in life with very few human connections. Reading of her very controlled life becoming a whirlwind of new experiences excited the reader making you feel for this woman in a big way. And one of her favorite Rom-Com’s is Because I Said So with Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore which also happens to be one of my favorites. Since I’ve never met anyone else who thinks it’s great she gets extra brownie points with me. When she first lays eyes on the equally beautiful Jagger Kennedy all previous neurotic emotions fly right out the window. Jagger Kennedy, whom we had the pleasure of meeting in the just released and phenomenal epilogue to Torn, proves to be witty, charismatic, loyal, and abundantly charming. I love the fact he recited random facts, making what could be the most mundane seem so much more interesting. The camaraderie between he and River will make you swoon. He doesn’t make light of the fact that he finds Aerie intriguing and completely attractive. In some scenes, Jagger and Aerie are staring silently at each other but the moments prove to be so raw and real with the descriptive thoughts of Aerie. I loved those moments right before something big is on the horizon. She’s analyzing and he quiets her to total bliss. Even with so little words in the story I felt a compelling connection to these characters and their story, a testament to the author’s evocative writing. They just complement each other so well. Aerie sheds her hard exterior and lets Jagger show her true love after so many years of finding reasons why she’d never find any love at all.

River and Dahlia also make funny cameos in the story which I adored. However, we’re mostly enraptured with Aerie and Jagger. Even more intriguing, Aerie catalyzed the meeting between Dahlia and River. So fans of this series have always had a soft spot for this girl. Seeing her walls crumble and fall into Jagger’s orbit satisfies in a way that you feel peace for her. Ultimately, Dazed provides a bit of drama, a lot of fun, and intense passion brought forth by the alluring Jagger. Strikingly similar to the profound elements found in the first two books just on a smaller scale. It’s a great novella to a brilliant series. I can’t wait for more from this group.

Favorite Quote:
“For the rest of the night, we didn’t we loved each other again…we didn’t have to. We took the time to learn each other’s body. What we liked, where we liked it. I let go and let him in – and he showed me how.”

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2,307 reviews703 followers
March 31, 2014
2.5 - Feeling a bit mis-lead stars.

I firstly want to be honest and say that apart from reading appx 16% of Connected I don't have a huge frame of reference for this author or series. Whether that is a bad or good thing I will leave you too decide, I will admit I was happily looking to spend my weekend reading through the books in order, but I couldn't get on with the writing in book one, so I jumped straight to Dazed, as it has been advertised as ok to read stand-alone.

That-said I started it with an open mind, but several issues immediately jumped out. Firstly I would point out the synopsis -

Jagger Kennedy never went looking for fame, he just fell into it. After scoring a major modeling contract, his clean-cut good looks and charm catapulted his career. But when his actress girlfriend breaks his heart, he moves to L.A. to try his hand at acting. He needs to make a change, and the last thing he’s looking for is love…

Aerie Daniels is a woman in control … until she meets Jagger. Her surprising connection with him leaves her stunned, and it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt. But just when she lets her walls fall, she makes a startling discovery about him that breaks her fragile heart into a million pieces.

To keep from losing the one woman he can’t bear to be without, Jagger is willing to give up anything—including his career. But even that might not be enough to regain Aerie’s shattered trust…

So from reading that I was expecting a book from Jagger's POV, or Dual POV at least, it is actually told solely from Aerie's POV.

I have to say I didn't really like Aerie, again we have a character who has had the world handed to her on a plate, rich, living well but has suffered a couple of losses in her life. She had her heart broken as a teenager and has managed to let it infest her life to such a proportion that it now rules over her and all of the relationships that she has had since...

I feel this book would have benefited from Dual POV, for the fact that it would have given more insight into how Jagger managed to anticipate all of Aerie's OCD tendencies from the off, as well as help her move past them so easily. I would have also liked to see what was going on in his head in the times they were apart as well as how he dealt with his past coming back into his life.

I have to admit that I found the authors decision to have him smelling of Lavender a little unusual, not a smell I would ever really associate with a man, and the repetition of the Orange Shoelaces and Blue Quilted Vest combo didn't really scream Model/Actor to me, more lumberjack!

All in all not a winner for me, the story held potential and I did enjoy it, but it didn't blow me away. I liked the Alice In Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass references, but all in all Dazed left me just that Dazed.

ARC provided via Netgalley, in exchange for the above honest review.
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June 24, 2014
****arc provided to my blog for an honest review*****

~~~ A story that was written for everyone who doesn't believe they can love~~~

Dazed was beautifully written. The emotions the characters go through are so real. The way the author makes you feel the happiness that the character is going through or the sadness in her heart is amazing!

I loved Aerie and Jagger story! It was a perfect mix of emotions! Everything about their story was amazing. These characters make you fall for them from the first page till the last one and leave you wanting more.

We all met Aerie in Connected. She is Daliahs best friend, I loved her ways since then. But always questioned her ways. And Dazed explains everything we want to know about her. If I loved her in connected I think I love her more in this book.

But of course we also have Jagger who is just amazing! He is related to River. I personally love him more than River ( don't kill me). He is this sexy Model who is down to earth and wins your heart in this story! I loved everything about him. His way of life and the way he loves is so amazing. He makes Aerie a more love able character if that is even possible!

All in all there isn't anything I didn't love about this story! Everything about it was just perfect every emotion. All the I love you moments and all the heart felt moments were perfect! Also let's not forget to mention the sex was HOT!!!! I guess if I have to find a flaw here it's that I wish the story would have been longer :)
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1,044 reviews350 followers
June 5, 2014
4.5 Jagger Kennedy Stars

This was short and oh so sweet! What started as a little flirtation at a bakery and some cupcake swindling turned into a full on romance of perfection!

While I will admit that Aerie has not always been my fave character...Jagger Kennedy has caused me to overlook her crazy type-A self! This sweet, sexy, confident man with his easy laid back swagger and trivia filled mind is fabulous. Aerie did not stand a chance against him...I do not think any female would!

I loved how there was insta-lust for both characters and yet at the same time a reserved respect. It is nice to sometimes see some restraint when the chemistry is bubbling over! When the walls finally come down for Jagger and Aerie it felt much more realistic and true! Kudos to Kim Karr for a fun, fast read full of good characters, sexy attractions, and no angsty lies or cheating! My only complaint is that i could have read 200 more pages of thier tale!
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March 28, 2014

Jagger, um yeah, Jagger. When I think about Jagger, pictures of a certain other Jagger come to mind. Anyone remember Jagger Cates from GH?

And even though he’s much older now, (recently turned 42 years young), he still looks sexy as hell!

Any GH fan will tell you; this man had all sorts of swagger. His presence graced GH for a little over two years when he was in his early 20’s but he sure made one beautiful impression. Not only an actor but also a former Calvin Klein underwear model, I can’t help but picture Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Kim Karr’s Jagger. Can you blame me? A sizzling HOT model bod, slice of bad boy, dashed with a dose of charm and you have the perfect recipe for Jagger Kennedy, cousin of the infamous River Wilde, and star of Dazed, a Connections Series novella.
“He stands in front of me looking like sin on a stick. God, he’s beautiful.”

Kim sure knows how to write ‘em. The boys in her books are all sorts of ideal! Funny, beautiful, sexy, adventurous and downright chock full of the sugary sweetness any female would crave to lick.

I fell head over heels in love with Aerie and Jagger’s story. It was a pure delight; sinfully sexy and deliciously satisfying with just a smidgeon of angst, resulting in that pleasantly high sensation by the end. Perfect, really. (And let me just add that River and Dahlia are disgustingly cute. But that’s all I’ll mention about that adorable couple because this was really about Aerie and Jagger.)

I found myself smiling continuously for Aerie. My heart was full of happiness for her. I adored her character in the first two Connections books and was thrilled that Kim wrote her own story. Aerie was a loyal friend who stood by Dahlia during her most difficult times. She seemed fierce, confident, ambitious and secure. Little did I realize Aerie had some deeply rooted issues that left her feeling much more vulnerable than she portrayed to the outside world. I understood those issues, I empathized with those issues. I felt her pain. Kim’s words have a way of seeping into your heart affecting one to develop a deep connection with her characters. Aerie’s vulnerability produced strong thick walls guarding her heart and soul. No one was able to break through, that is, until Jagger the cupcake thief smoothly entered her life.

Yes. Cupcake. Thief.

He stole her cupcakes…and her heart.

Jagger was a quiet force to be reckoned with. Smoldering, sexy, confident, charming…yet introspective. He was the Yin to Aerie’s Yang, if she would only let him penetrate those barriers guarding her heart. He brought to life a side of her buried deep within and begging to be set free. And Jagger was just the person to do it. Lucky girl, that Aerie.

Jagger had his own issues with heartbreak, but wasn’t the least bit afraid to pursue Aerie. He was determined to break through those walls and set Aerie free. But first he needed her to give up some of that perfectly ordered control she was so used to keeping. Predictability and routine were ingrained in Aerie’s lifestyle and she found it difficult to deviate. She didn’t realize the quiet inner strength she possessed until a conversation with a former acquaintance allowed her to unlock the key to her heart.

You’ll need to read this breathtaking story to uncover all the particulars as I don’t want to provide any spoilers. But rest assured, you will not be disappointed. If you’ve read Connections and Torn and love Kim Karr’s boys as much as I do, you will undoubtedly want to dive into Dazed! And if you haven’t yet read the Connections Series, may I respectfully ask, what are you waiting for? Next up…Mended!

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April 1, 2014
They had two things in common… broken hearts and cupcakes. And with those two things, what could possibly stop them from jumping right into each other’s arms? The cupcakes alone would have had me falling in love. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one!
Aerie has a very controlled life. She knows what she likes, she knows what she wants out of life and she doesn’t deviate from her routine. But what she does not expect is for some guy to distract her from her mission… those cupcakes. But he does. I would have been fuming. There are some things you just don’t get in the way of, the most amazing cupcake is one of them. But he did it. So Aerie settled for her second choice. What she wasn’t expecting was for him to show up in her life again after the unexpected cupcake incident.
But there he was, fate seems to have intervened in Aerie’s life and whether or not she wants it, the chemistry is there and it is not going away. A chance meeting at a cupcake shop is the beginning…
Jagger was a model by chance, never his dream, but it happened. But when he decided to move to LA to follow his dream in film, he never expected that a meeting with the one person who could help him with the role of a lifetime, could also be the one person to make his heart full again.
But they have both been hurt terribly in the past and when everything seems so right, Aerie starts thinking about the end of her last relationship, could Jagger be doing the exact same thing to her? And what happens when his potential co-star is his ex? Oh my…
This is a fabulous little read and Jagger just melted my heart. He had a dream to follow and he was willing to take the chance, but when he meets Aerie, he knows there is something there beyond what she can help him with in his job. He won’t give up because she has marked his heart. I love that.
This is a beautiful story between two people who are on separate paths but simple connections bond them like no other and I just want more of this couple. They made my heart happy. Their story was touching. Though not without issue or drama it was a break from the conventional. Aerie learned to broaden her self controlled life and she learned to live a little more outside of the box, but when the walls come crashing down around her, she has the choice to climb back into the box and give up or to move on and deal with it. She is a strong person despite the fears on the inside.
Kim Karr just makes all of her couples so much more real than fiction. I want to hang out with them, laugh with them and share in the joys they share. She has a way of taking a simple romance and making it extraordinary and that makes me smile. I love this book and I love these characters. I want more of these characters and their amazing connections. It truly makes a small world a little bit smaller, but with the right potion, the world can be larger than life and that’s where she fills the space with love…and cupcakes!
There is so much to be said about Kim Karr’s work and I cannot wait for the next book!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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1,232 reviews2,038 followers
March 24, 2014
3.5 I-like-it stars!

The Cupcake Thief

Jagger Kennedy is a successful model who moved to LA after his relationship with his actress girlfriend ended. There he meets Aerie Daniels. An explicable connection grew between them strengthened by the fact that Jagger was River's cousin and Aerie is Dahlia's best friend.

The spark that started the day they had met only grew fiercer as Jagger and Aerie spent more time together, giving in to their attraction to one another. But when Jagger's past threatens to destroy his fragile relationship with Aerie, Jagger must learn to step up to plate to decide whether to let go or hold on to Aerie.

I liked this novella. It was sweet with just a hint of angst, but not too much. Just enough to spice things up a little bit. I loved that first moment where they met and felt that connection. River and Dahlia featured prominently in this novella, which will surely delight fans of the series.

I enjoyed reading Jagger's back story a bit, as well as Aerie but I can't help feeling a little bit rushed. I would have loved to see more of Jagger and Aerie growing in their relationship especially with Jagger's ex in the background. Not for the angst for more for the development.

Aside from that, this is a wonderful addition to the series overall.

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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293 reviews36 followers
April 7, 2014
**ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest review**

I seriously did not expect to love this book as much as I did. It’s only a novella, for crying out loud. But I was hooked on Jagger and Aerie from 10%. Don’t tell River, but I might even love his cousin more than him. Which is ridiculous because we only get Jagger for a novella, in contrast to River’s two books with Dahlia. But, I guess this novella showcases the power of Kim Karr’s writing and the fact that her books get better each time. Dazed is a unique and sexy spin on a love at first sight story that captures you from the moment you meet Aerie and Jagger.

“Jagger Kennedy, it was a pleasure meeting you.”
He takes my hand, brings it to his lips and kisses it. “Alice, I assure you the pleasure was all mine.”

And to think…it all started with a cupcake. Aerie meets Jagger when he accidentally steals her cupcakes that she is buying on her way to have dinner with her best friend, Dahlia, and her best friend’s husband, River. Turns out the cupcake stealer is River’s cousin and they immediately hit it off. To be honest, you could already feel the sparks when he first called her Alice in reference to Alice In Wonderland. And I was already in love with him from that moment.

“It’s beautiful up there, isn’t it,” he says in a husky whisper.
I reach my arm up to the sky and clasp my hand as if trying to catch one of the stars. “It is. It’s like you can connect with the universe.”
He reaches his arm up to do the same and our hands meet. Sparks shoot through me like an electrical shock and my stomach somersaults.

Since it is a novella, the pacing is a bit faster than your average romance story. Which was fine with me, because I was getting swept away by all that is Jagger Kennedy just as fast as Aerie was. Their relationship is the definition that opposites do attract. Aerie has a “type A personality”. She is a bit of a control freak and she is not one for relationships and love. I really felt for her at times because she had been burned by men and she had never really felt sparks for anyone she dated. Until Jagger.

“I feel connected to him in a way I’ve never experienced. And my desire for him soars unlike anything I have ever felt.”

Jagger is just too sexy for words, honestly. And it’s more than just physical appearances. It’s in the way he holds himself, it’s in his actions, it’s in his words, he seriously just oozes sexiness. And it’s not in that over-exaggerated, cheesy way we sometimes see in books these days, which is a testament to Kim Karr’s writing once again. He’s just perfect. Jagger is pretty much the complete opposite of Aerie. And it’s not so much that he changes her to be more free—rather, he makes her more comfortable with herself and her life to the point where she is able to let go and become an even better version of herself. Did I mention Jagger is a model? And he speaks French? *fans myself*

“Our conversations have been full of laughter, interesting topics, and in depth discussions, but right now there is nothing I want to talk about. All I want to do is feel. The nerves within my body are alive wherever he touches me.”

Just like in Connected and Torn, there is no shortage of sexy scenes in this Kim Karr book. They are as hot and sensual as we have come to expect from this author. I loved the build-up to their first time together, and I loved how their intimate scenes become more open and adventurous the more they fall in love with each other. The intensity and hotness of their love scenes increase as Aerie opens up more to Jagger, which I found to be very profound.

“For the rest fo the night, we didn’t have to say we loved each other again…we didn’t have to. We took the time to learn each other’s body. What we liked, where we liked it. I let go and let him in—and he showed me how.”

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I am seriously in love with Dazed. I think it’s insane how this one might be my favorite of Kim Karr’s books so far when it is actually the shortest out of the three! I find myself more and more impressed each book that comes out. I seriously can’t wait for Mended. I need to see if I will love Xander more than Jagger. It’s doubtful, but when it comes to this series, I never know what to expect. Dazed was a novella that I will never forget, with it’s lovely whirlwind romance that was exactly what I needed.

“I watch him in the same dazed state I’ve been in since the first time I laid eyes on him and think…if Alice hadn’t been curious she’d have never fallen, so I’ll lean forward every time because I know he’s the one who will be there to catch me.”

See full review here http://www.romanceaddictbookblog.com/...
April 1, 2014
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ARC provided by the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Dazed by Kim Karr is the latest release in the Connections series. This is the perfect title for this story, and the couple featured in the novella. Kim Karr has maintained her excellence and delivered another compelling and realistic romance in this series. Her work is witty, smart, fun, sexy, emotional and very realistic. Dazed captures the reader’s interest on the very first page, and keeps them hooked until the very last word on the very last page. The readers will love Aerie and Jagger, they are the perfect couple to add to the mix of characters in this series. We not only get another beautiful romance, we get a couple that adds the perfect balance of friendship in the series. They make the Connections world more realistic and add more depth to this series. Musicians, rock stars and people in the music industry, have lives outside of their professions. They have lives that include friendships outside of their professional world. These friendships are what add depth, character and inspiration to their lives. It is refreshing that Kim Karr has included this in the Connections series. It not only makes the series more credible, it also adds an interesting blend that makes this more than your typical rock star series.

In the previous books, Connected and Torn, the readers met Aerie Daniels. She is Delilah’s best friend. She grabbed the readers heart with her unconditional love and support while Delilah went through some of the most horrific emotional experiences. Aerie was a rock that Delilah could lean on. Her positive attitude left the readers admiring her and wanting her to have her own story. In Dazed, we get to see the real Aerie Daniels.

Aerie Daniels follows a routine. She never strays from this routine. She is organized, excessively neat, perfectly put together, always punctual and avoids messy relationships. In fact, she avoids relationships completely. She does not like being out of control of her emotions, whether it be happy or sad. Sex is a physical act and not an emotional one. Everything in her life is under control and in perfect balance until she decides to buy cupcakes…. An encounter with an extremely hot guy in her favorite bakery will leave her stunned, speechless and without her cupcakes.

The cupcake thief, is none other than River Wylde’s cousin from New York, Jagger Kennedy. He has moved to California after meeting River and Delilah, in Paris, while they were on their honeymoon. He is a model pursuing a career in professional acting. He has moved to California with hopes of getting a break in the film industry. He is staying with River and Delilah until he can get settled into his new life. He has left behind a bad relationship in New York and is anxious to start a new life.

As fate would have it, Aerie and Jagger are destined for one another. Jagger will send Aerie’s perfect world spinning out of control. Aerie will make Jagger’s heart beat to a new rhythm.

Their relationship is fun and romantic. Jagger will have you swooning. No wonder Aerie can’t help falling in love. Can Aerie give up control of her perfect life and have the love of a lifetime? Can Jagger give Aerie the right balance she desperately needs in life? When the past starts throwing emotional daggers at the two of them, will they be able to survive? Will Aerie get her cupcakes? Read Dazed to find out!

Dazed is exactly like the title….it will leave you Dazed (and wanting cupcakes)! And yes, we will see more of River and Delilah. Those two have some wonderful surprises for the reader!
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April 12, 2014
ARC received in exchange for an honest review
Review on behalf of Give Me Books

***4 Sweet Cupcakes and Dazed Stars!***

Dazed is a Connections novella and tells us the story of Aerie, Dahlia’s best friend, and Jagger, River’s cousin.

The scene at the first few pages got me all warm and smiling, it’s so cute and sweet that I imagined it happening like in the movies, or at least in one of those romantic TV show episodes.

Aerie Daniels

The independent heroine, supportive friend, sweet, emotional girlfriend who finally found her missing O. She’s the niece of a former rockstar whose life is going to be in the movies and the daughter to parents who also worked in the entertainment industry.

Aerie is an easy-to-like to heroine, I even enjoyed reading all about her quirks and finding it adorable and funny. She sticks to the familiar, she likes order and organization to the point that she has her closet divided in half for “work” and “play” and she orders the same food in her most frequented restaurants. Aerie doesn’t trust easily and has reservations when it comes to her emotions, especially romantic ones. But when she’s committed to you, she’s fiercely loyal and supportive.

Jagger Kennedy

*sigh* Jagger is the handsome, easygoing, and totally lovable cousin of River Wilde. He is a model-slash-actor from NYC and he was in town to maybe relocate and to audition for the part of Ian Daniels, for the movie, No Led Zeppelin. Jagger is spontaneous, likes to try different things, so imagine how that goes with Aerie’s Type A personality? Amusing!

He’s a also a very funny character but oh so, steamy, like fan-yourself-nonstop smokin’ guy.

The Alice Love Story

I love how Jagger calls Aerie, Alice and I love the scene how that nickname came about. There was no beating around the bushes, drama, frustrating denial of attraction between those two. Their chemistry is just there, open, welcome, all sugary sweet and spicy hot.

Their attraction grew into friendship, an easy one, and eventually moved on to something more. I liked how their characters and personalities were introduced to us and that they slowly moved up the relationship ladder instead of diving in straight to being one hot couple without preamble.

I enjoyed reading Jagger and Aerie, their story somehow felt like a full novel to me if only it delved a bit more into what happens in the No Led Zeppelin movie and how Aerie deals with Jagger working with his ex instead of how it ended,. But it was still good and didn’t take anything from Dazed and instead left me hoping for another peek on how their love would grow and face bumps along the way.

Stars: 4 stars!
Recommended to: Everyone looking for a good, quick, romantic read. Dazed won’t disappoint!
POV: First person. Female POV.
Series: Yes. But novella and standalone.
Cliffhanger: No.
EXTRA COMMENT: I hope to see them more on the next book!

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March 31, 2014
I will never, ever get tired of reading Ms. Karr's books. There is something inexplicably amazing about them. Dazed is just as captivating, and lovely as the other books in the Connections series. Kim Karr still managed to pack the same amount of punch in this novella, as in her full length books. Of course, I wanted more, but I always want more with any of her books. Jagger and Aerie did no disappoint. I felt like they kidnapped my heart and soul and wouldn't give them back. I endured every emotion, from bliss to heartbreak, with them. I don't know how she does it, but even when her characters cover just a broad spectrum the author was still able to make me feel connected to every one of them.

Dazed is quite simply the story of trust, and a love so deep it becomes part of who you are. Aerie Daniels is a woman in control. Of everything. She controls her future, her present, and has internally controlled her past by compartmentalizing is away. Yet, by doing so, she has also never dealt with the doubts and fears it carved into her soul when she had her heart broken. In walks Jagger Kennedy. He will undo all of Aerie's neat composure and make her live again. Even if he won't be there in the end. Within days of meeting Jagger he has already made an impact on Aerie. She is trying new things, and generally mussing up her life a little. That's what got me about these two. They may have off the charts chemistry but, not every second is ladened with lust. I saw that despite their romantic involvement they could be the best of friends. They bring out the best in each other. I may have only known them a short time, but their connection was so incredibly profound, it made my heart hurt in the best way. When Aerie begins to draw parallels between now and when she experienced the worst hurt of her younger years, she balks. She finds every conceivable way to run. Jagger isn't going to let that happen. He may have found Aerie when he was running but, she stopped him dead in his tracks, and now it's his turn to return the favor.

I wish we could bottle an inkling of the magic that comes from Kim Karr's fingertips and mind. It's pure gold. This book hit me hard and fast. Leaving me satisfied and bereft all at the same time. The mind-boggling aspect of this book is that, it seems like a cookie-cutter book from the outside. However when I read it, it enthralled me and left me with no doubt that it was a diamond among rocks. Jagger, with is unfailing dedication and love. Aerie, with her strong will and big heart. Together, they were a recipe for love and forever. You'll just have to read to see if the chef was successful :) All kidding aside, this book is the whole package. Could not have asked for more... well I could have, but the story given is complete and wonderful. All I can do is hope to get glimpses in future books!

Happy Reading!
*ARC received by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*
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April 5, 2014
Another 5 star read from Kim Karr! This is only a novella but its fun, flirty, and moving. The author never ceases to amaze me how she can bring out so many emotions in me in such few words. It doesn't take half of a book for me to connect with her characters and I love that.

In Dazed, we get to see a whole new side to Aerie. We already knew she is best friends with Dahlia and very loyal and kind of a prude. But in Dazed, we get to see what made Aerie that way. What happened that she felt the need to have total control of everything in her life. There is a whole side to her that we knew nothing about it and I, for one, am glad to learn more about her. I knew when reading Connected and Torn, that she had a story to tell. We also get to see Aerie break out of the shell that she built around herself, thanks to one deliciously sexy, funny, smart, Jagger Kennedy. Ladies, if you loved River, then you are going to also love his cousin, Jagger. They are alike in so many ways but still are their own separate person. I didn't feel like they were the same character but with different names like you see in some book series. There is a playfulness to River that cannot be duplicated. Speaking of River, fans of Dahlia and his will not be disappointed. They pop up plenty in the story, so if you've missed them, prepare to get a little fix. Now, back to Jagger. He is described as having a long, lean body with stormy gray eyes, smooth, pale skin flecked with stubble, and chocolate colored hair. I'll give you a minute to swoon.

. . . . . . . . .

Ok, done? Well, get used to it. Jagger will make you swoon through this entire book. He's funny, sweet, caring, and full of random facts, which you will understand when you read it. He is the Yin to Aerie's Yang, just like her favorite cupcake which you will learn in the first couple of pages. To me, those cupcakes have a very significant meaning in the book. While Aerie is in a sense a control freak, Jagger is referred to as a free spirit. They balance each other and its written to perfection.

There are also things in the book that are set up to lead into the next book so if something is left unexplained, my best guess is it will be revealed in the next. So don't worry. :)

This a story filled with a whirlwind romance, self discovery, steamy sex scenes, and love. You will be hooked from the very first page and be prepared to do nothing but read until its finished. I applaud the author. I'm anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series.
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April 6, 2014
 photo dazedcasting_zps14901add.jpg

Dazed is another sexy and charming new adult romance from Kim Karr - another fantastic addition to the Connections series.

This time it’s the turn of Aerie to find a little love in a difficult world. Aerie, if you recall, is Dahlia’s best friend and has stuck by her through thick and thin. She’s a type A personality, likes to be in control of every part of her life to the point of OCD, she’s a little untrusting and she’s never really enjoyed sex.

Enter stage left – Jagger Kennedy. Jagger is not just good looking – he’s Abercrombie good looking. He’s been working as a model and he’s recently moved to the west coast to try his hand at acting. He’s very easy-going, charming, fun to be around, very sexy and very unlike Aerie but a evening at Dahlia and River’s house throws them together in the midst of a cupcake drama.

I so enjoyed this – it’s a little bit angsty and a whole lot charming and I fell hard for Jagger. He’s hard not to adore with his easy-going charm and Aerie will find it hard to resist although she will find it hard to trust him. She’s got a whole lot of issues casting a shadow over her from her past and trust doesn’t come easily to her but Jagger works his magic spell over his ‘Alice’ and it’s a fantastic and hot sexy read.

Even though it’s just a novella, it really did feel like a novel although I could happily have read a longer story involving these two. We also get to catch up with Dahlia and River who are still blissfully happy and it’s a fantastic new instalment in the Connections series.

Looking forward to Mended due in June starring Xander Wilde

4 stars

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March 1, 2014
ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

 photo Dazed.jpg

Aerie Daniels follows a routine, including what side of the closet she dresses with. She also keeps her heart guarded from loving again. Once she was naive and her innocence left her heartbroken. If someone had told her that buying cupcakes will change her life she would've laughed. However, this is exactly what happens. An encounter with a man that leaves her speechless and without her favorite cupcakes.

Jagger Kennedy is River's cousin. He has moved from Paris and is living with them until he settles down. His girlfriend cheated on him and he needed a break from it all. He had his big break as an actor and meeting Aerie may be the best thing that happened to him in a while.

Aerie and Jagger can't deny their attraction but his past may break them apart.

"I feel connected to him in a way I’ve never experienced. "

I'm dazed after reading this novella. I'm dazed about Kim Karr's ability to make me fall for every guy she writes about.
I love Jagger. He was romantic. He was sweet. He was full of charm and he was sexy. But, I think what I liked the best was how he made Aerie open up to life. Let her hair down, take the top off her car, change the way she dresses. She was more relaxed and happy because of him.

"It’s not about the length of time, it’s about the way we feel when we’re together.”

My only complaint would be that this book wasn't a full novel. I didn't want this story to end.

4.5/5 Fangs
MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It
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March 21, 2014
4.5 wonderful stars

ARC Received for an honest review

I have been slow getting to this series, but in the past few weeks I have read both Connected and Torn, and have been eagerly awaiting Dazed.

And I was not disappointed!

I have loved Aerie Daniels since we first met her in Connected and Torn. She is Dahlia's best friend and has been River and Dahlia's biggest cheerleader since... forever!

Jagger Kennedy is River's long lost cousin, and is just sex on legs. Really, just throw me in a room with River and Jagger and this girl here would die very happy :P

Aerie is very guarded with her heart, can Jagger be the one to tear down those walls and let them have their happy ever after? Nope, not telling, you are just gonna have to read for yourself.

I love love love these two together. They are sweet and funny and smart mouthed and witty. There is also a tinge of sadness along the way. Add in an ex with a plan, an ex that caused a lot of heartache.... Jagger and Aerie might just be perfect for each other.

And of course I could never forget that we also get a bit of a snippet of River and Dahlia's married life ~sigh, I just adore them, I really do.

Ms Karr has drawn me right into the lives of these people, and I enjoy every scrap, every morsel that she gives us. Her stories just flow off the pages, taking us readers along for the ride with her characters.

Now, thank goodness I have an advanced copy of the next book, Mended, because I am very impatient and don't like waiting!!
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March 8, 2014
Thank God the Connection series continues on as we have attached ourselves and have fallen in love with All of Kim Karr's characters. Finally a story about our beloved Aerie Daniels, Dahlia's sassy, beautiful, ambitious, career oriented best friend. Life for Aerie was going along perfectly with no distractions just as she likes it and has come attuned to, that is until actor/model JAGGER walks into her life. And boy, his presence is known!!! Aerie's life as she knows it will be shaken up a bit as she finds herself smitten over ADORABLE, HARD TO RESIST, SMOOTH TALKER, VERY CONFIDENT Jagger Kennedy. She is wanting more but is uncertain he does, "his lips are so close to mine as he fastens the lock in place and I really want to kiss him, and for the moment I think he wants the same, but he doesn't. He sits back in his seat and smiles over at me." The road to their potentially happy ever after is fun, sweet, very SEXY, questionable as their past collide, and heartbreaking at times but in the end, does true love win? Is Jagger the one who sweeps Aerie off her feet making her believe in love again? Can she finally have her "cupcake" and eat it too? Dazed is a 5 STAR MUST READ!!! Kim Karr is masterful in how she captivates her readers as we emotionally attach ourselves to all her characters, making all of us readers invested in each of their individual stories. Thank you Kim Karr for sharing your incredible talent with your readers!!!!!
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March 2, 2014

Dazed (Connections #2.5)

by Kim Karr

Expected release date 1st April 2014

This is a novella Jagger & Aerie

When Aerie was younger she was really hurt by an ex boyfriend and that has left her with big issues trusting men, Jagger has gotten his heart broken too and moves to LA to stay with his cousin River and his wife Dahlia who happens to be Aerie's best friend.

There is an instant attraction between them but Aerie tries to push Jagger away because of her trust issues. He is a really nice guy and I love the chemistry between them. He tries to break down the walls she has built around herself.

I really like that River and Dahlia are in this one too after meeting and reading their story its really nice to see what has happened with them.
This is one of my favourite series of all the books I have read and I think it is a great addition to the connections series, its short and sweet but saying that there was so much crammed into this novella it felt a lot longer than it actually was. The story is told perfectly and I can't wait to hear about them in future books.
It is great that Aerie has got her own story.

I received an ARC copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

4 stars for Amazon & 4 stars for Goodreads

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April 1, 2014
Amazing novella! Kim Karr does it again. Huge bonus preview for Mended (Book #4) is excellent.

ARC kindly provided by in exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoiler-free review. 5.00 Stars. HEA. No cliffhanger. This book is part of a series…but can be read as a standalone.

Dazed (Connections#2.5) is the latest installment in Kim Karr’s Connected series. Dazed is the story of Aerie (Dahlia’s best friend) and Jagger (River’s sexy model/actor cousin). Have no fear River and Dahlia fans…they are nicely woven into this story. This sexy and sweet novella is NOT to be missed. I am a HUGE fan of this series and was deliriously happy to have this novella to satisfy my Connection series/Kim Karr fix. While this is a novella – it’s not short of character/plot development and packed with enough drama, angst and romance. One click this one!

Series reading order:
Connected (Connections Book #1)
Torn (Connections Book #2)
Dazed (Connections Book #2.5) – April 1st.
Mended (Connections Book #3) Release date: June 3rd
Frayed (Connections Book #4) Release date: September 2nd
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Amazing novella! Kim Karr does it again. Huge bonus -preview for Mended is excellent.
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March 25, 2014

Jagger Kennedy is all I'm saying ;)



Here's my thinking this series can't possibly get any effin better, in walks the cousin Jagger Kennedy

So if you've read the first two books in this series you of already met Aerie, Dahlia's best friend.

Another heart-wrenching, beautifully written story from Karr

She certainly has a keen eye for details and for bringing out the ugly emotions in the best of us. This will pull at your heartstrings like it did mine.

In DAZED, we learn the story of Aerie Daniels.

How she become the independent woman she is today.

How she became sworn off men and only focused on her work

Jagger Kennedy walks in like a tornado and blows up Aeries plans in her face.

He makes her question her priorities

Makes her question her logic

Makes her take chances she's scared to take.

Of course Jagger is no different to anyone and has baggage himself that he's running from.
Is this "thing" he has with Aerie just a rebound?

Can he get over his own heart-ache and pain?

I enjoyed seeing the other characters in this too, Dahlia & River are a constant!

I can't wait to read Xander & Ivy's story in MENDED!
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March 24, 2014
I must say Jagger has some swag when it comes to the ladies, and one in particular, "so about lunch tomorrow. I thought you should know - I really want to see you gain. It's not just about your uncle." I mean River that boy can only get you so far in life but I know that Jagger is grateful to be related especially when it comes to getting a chance with Aerie, "he bites his lip and the sight takes my breath away. "That makes me one lucky bast**d to be his cousin." He's teasing me back. I'm already catching his stride." And the boy just can't get enough of his girl, "his hand moves up to my face and his thumb moves back and forth across my cheek. "You have nothing to be sorry about. It just gives me another reason to ask you out again." He pulls back to look at me. "Aerie, will you go out with me again tomorrow night?" Also when these two get to going they're like damn firecrackers, "a single hand slides to my hip, then he wedges his knee between my legs, and his other hand lifts my chip and his lips attack mine. "Good." My hands flit under his coat to untuck his shirt." A quick read that I enjoyed reading!
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April 2, 2014
4 & 1/2 Stars from Kota for Kota's Book Kollection

Dazed is book #2.5 in the Connections Series by Kim Karr. For those of you who have read my previous reviews of Ms Karr’s books Connected and Torn, you will know I am a fan of her writing style and story telling ability. Dazed is no exception. This is a great novella to get you back into the swing of the Connections Series, and add a little more spice to the collection.
Jagger - well hello there – what a hottie! And Aerie, what spunk she shows with her OCD personality traits. These two together are a great combination.

While this story is brief, there are the highs and lows of drama that Ms Karr has perfected, and this is nothing short of a fun quick but with just the right amount of angst perfect addition to the series. This story is complete all on its own and does not require you to have read Connected or Torn to appreciate all that is Dazed.
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April 5, 2014
This book was a little better than the first book, and honestly I didn't bother reading the second book int the series. The novella told me enough to be able to understand. While I didn't feel my review would be more on the positive side, I decided to leave my only review here and not on my blog or Amazon.

I didn't connect with these characters. I don't know if it's the writing style or what. The formatting was whacked again. The amount of mundane detail really bogged down the story, so much in fact that I really didn't enjoy the book. Explaining in depth what Dhal and River's kitchen looked like to the shiney countertops? Who the frick cares? No one.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley. I don't think I'll be continuing with this series.
October 19, 2014
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I may be biased but I fell in love with River and Dahlia and it's gonna be very hard to top that amazing couple. I really loved Jagger and wanted to give his love story a fair shot. I thought Aerie was a little uptight. Well she even said she was the typical Type A personality. It's like her being in control is what kept everything right in her world. Jagger storms into her life stealing cupcakes and she never stood a chance. Her perfectly ordered life was no longer all that orderly anymore.



I laughed so hard thinking of how mad she was at her "cupcake thief" 



Jagger was just plain sexy ..like walking sex.

There is something about a sweet but 

sexy endearing hottie that always gets my blood flowing. 



It's also the secret level of 

 "dirty and kinky" underneath the charm that makes him the ultimate package.  He had this layer of sensuality that oozed off the pages. 

These two fell hard and they fell fast and aside from Aerie's mini meltdown this love story was pretty perfect. I love that Jagger didn't let her push him away. This guy put the R in Romance for sure!

I'd follow Jagger down the rabbit hole or through the looking glass  any day 

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