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Stealing another galactic secret will get her arrested, but playing by the rules might just get her killed.

At twenty-three, Renna Carrizal is the most notorious thief in the galaxy. There's just one problem - all she wants is to get out of the business.

But after Renna rescues an injured boy on her final job, she finds herself on the run from the mob instead of enjoying retirement. She unwittingly becomes ensnared by MYTH, a top-secret galactic protection agency who offer her a choice - either help them on their latest mission, or spend the rest of her life on a prison ship.

Forced to work under the watchful eye of handsome but arrogant Captain Finn, Renna learns the former mercenary-turned-hero has a few dirty secrets himself. As Renna works to discover the truth about Finn's past and keep the tantalizing man at arm's length, she unearths a plot to create an unstoppable army. The target? The human star fleet.

Now Renna must pull off the biggest job of her career - saving the galaxy. And maybe even herself.

400 pages, Paperback

First published January 31, 2014

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About the author

Jamie Grey

17 books135 followers
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As a tech-obsessed gamer geek, Jamie Grey writes sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary romances about smart women and the men who fall in love with them. Her stories weave together strong heroines, exciting plots, and heart-pounding romance. There may also be a few explosions thrown in for good measure.

She was born and raised in Michigan and has always been the bookish sort. Now she and her husband, Ryan, live in a picturesque college town where she can fully embrace her nerdy side (and order carry-out every night). Aside from writing, Jamie loves reading, playing video games, traveling with her husband, and adding to her already-massive tea collection. Public speaking, children, and cooking terrify her.

You can learn more about her at www.jamiegreybooks.com, or follow her on twitter via @jamie_grey.

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January 5, 2015

"If nothing else, humanity excelled at war."

I've been considering abandoning this whole silly "NA experiment" thing a bunch of times and getting back to books I'm more likely to have a good chance of enjoying. But I decided to have one last browse through some of the recently released New Adult; I moved my search to further down the pile, past all the popular "this is the next 50 Shades" titles and to the ones with fewer ratings. That's where I discovered this book. A book that promised to be all kinds of wild and crazy scifi-ness combined with a steamy romance. I wasn't really expecting much. But damn, not only did this book deliver the promised goods, it hooked me from the start and gave me an exciting combination of everything I love: spunky heroine, great writing, an imaginative world, humour and, yes, sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.

In this novel, the world we all know is the "old world" and this futuristic tale plants us right in the middle of space. And conflict. Don't be fooled by what you would usually expect from the New Adult "genre", this is very much a hardcore, detailed and sophisticated piece of science fiction. It is as much a story about war, slavery and military operations as it is a sexy romance. But both aspects of the book complement each other and make for an exciting pageturner. The author doesn't neglect her world-building, space politics or action scenes. She has written one of those creatures that I love above all others: a genre-defying beast that takes all the best elements of my favourite genres and mixes them together to create something even better.

Then there's the chemistry between Renna and Finn. She knew him as Hunter a long time ago and she always thought he'd died until fate throws them together again for the most important mission of their lives. Their history hangs in the air between them making the verbal sparring even more entertaining and hot. God, I love Renna. Finn's a bit of a jerk at first (we learn the reason later) but she gives as good as she gets:

Renna lowered her voice to match his tone. “I don’t mind you on top, darling. It’s when you start pushing me around that we’ll have a problem.” She smiled at him coldly. “So I’ll do my job, don’t you worry. Just don’t expect me to play by your rules. You know I was never very good at following orders.”

I love how bitingly sarcastic, funny and totally unapologetic she is. She is exactly the kind of heroine I love. This isn't supposed to be a humour book but there are a number of great lines scattered throughout - which I won't quote because you should discover them yourself - and I found myself laughing out loud a number of times. It was also very refreshing to get a female MC in New Adult who wasn't obsessed with being virginal and shaming other women for being "slutty". Renna is very comfortable with her sexuality and with other women. I liked this quote:

The woman stood up straighter and puffed out her chest. She did have a nice rack. Renna would have puffed them out, too.

The book does end on a bit of a cliffhanger but I still recommend you go pick this up now. I honestly liked how everything was handled - it was well-written with lots of plot but provided me with the kind of romance I could happily stick around for. There was a realistic progression with all the relationships in the story and I particularly liked how the dislike and suspicion between Renna and her other crew mates blossomed into mutual trust and respect over time. Very, very impressive and entertaining. And I'm sure all your inner nerds will perk up at the science-y language, the artificial intelligence and the cybernetic implants. You know I'm right:)

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February 7, 2017
3.7 Stars rounded down to 3 stars

*this book is for 17+*

Before I start reviewing this book I want to say a huge thank you to my helpful friends, Christine and Rahmi. Thank you guys for answering my questions about this book. :D

Seven years ago, the compound was raided by police. The leader of the gang were Blur and Hunter. they were both died in the attack. With the two leaders dead, the rest of the gang gave up without a fight. but not all of the members of this gang were arrested, There was one girl who could escape, her name was Renna Carrizal, she was sixteen years old when it happened.
Seven years later, She becomes the best thief. She decides to retire from this job, but before she retires she wants to finish her last job, but this last job changes her life entirely. This last job makes her meet Hunter, her crush when she was a kid and used to be the leader of the gang. But he's different from the Hunter she knew. Now, his name is Finn and he is a military captain and he hates her so much.

My Opinion

this is my first NA book that I could finish, I was so excited to read this book because I have planned on read it since a few months ago and I love reading Science Fiction book too.
The first day I read this book, I liked it very much. The actions scenes in this book were very good.
but I got a little bit bored of reading it when I reached 80%.
I just couldn't wait to finish this book and read another book.

The Romance
Ugh.. the romance was boring and flat. I don't know whether it's inta-love or slow burn romance because Renna has been in love with Finn/Hunter since she was a kid but then she argues with him a lot but still has a feeling for him. The romance in this book is annoying and unrealistic. maybe this is going to be a light spoiler.
Finn and Renna get trapped in the enemy building and they are being locked up in a room together by Aliens and Finn is injured because he gets beaten by one of the aliens. guess what they do in the room??
you must be thinking that they're trying to get out of that room right?? But NO, THEY DON'T DO THAT. THEY KISS EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF TRYING TO GET OUT FROM THE ROOM!!
and this was my expression
and I was like " really?!?! you both are kissing in this kind of situation?!?!" and that was not the only one that that made me angry.
when I reached 70% or 80% of this book, Renna still thought to leave this mission and run away because she didn't want to get involved in this mission anymore, I swear I really wanted to punch her when I knew she wanted to run away.

Will I read the second book ?
I would be crazy if I read the second book. I just don't want to read this series anymore.

Why did I give 3.7 stars if I didn't like this book ?
I gave this book 3.7 stars just because the action scenes. The action scenes are very great and I liked the secondary characters too especially Kojima *winks*

Thank you so much for reading my review about The Star Thief! Have a great day, guys! xoxoxoxo
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August 8, 2014

Have I ever told you guys how much I love space operas? No? Well I do. In fact, I love them but there seems to be a gross shortage of the kind I like. I like ones that feature a woman who is kickass, a man who is kickass, supporting characters who are largely kickass, and a setting that is- what's that? Yes, kickass. Thank you Jamie Grey for giving me all I ever wanted!
The story is about Renna who is an unapologetic thief and mercenary. She’s on one last job before she retires but things go wrong when she discovers a little boy held hostage in a crate. Renna can’t leave him there but she has no idea that freeing him will change the course of, not only her career, but her life as well. Soon she finds herself embroiled with none other than a secret military faction, as well as a ghost from her past, and the weight of the galaxy on her shoulders.

One of the best things about Renna is how many fucks she doesn’t give. She’s not ashamed to have a libido, she knows that a flip of her hair is one way to get the men in her line of work to dismiss her, and she uses all of these skills to her advantage. She also happens to be the best thief in the traverse- another skill she’s not ashamed of. That ghost from her past? Finn happens to be a captain in the Marines now, and he’s got a serious grudge against her. He and the rest of his team are total dicks to Renna for a while and it pissed me off, but Renna was giving them no fucks.
Of course, things become complicated for our girl when Finn gets the dickhead chip off his shoulder and sparks fly, but once again Renna shows her awesomeness by not becoming obsessed with him. There’s some great sexy times throughout this book too, great tension, and though it’s not a triangle there’s another man in the picture. His name is Viktis and if you’ve ever read the Jax series you will be excited to hear that he reminds me of Vel. Viktis isn’t exactly like Vel of course but I got the same vibe from him. He’s a mercenary too and a gorgeous one at that, plus his presence is so strong that (in my opinion) he overshadowed Finn. And Finn’s no slouch, but if I was picking between the two I’m grabbing up Viktis and chaining him to my bed. Inside our spaceship. I need more of Viktis. Like a series. Yesterday.
I highly recommend this series if you love space operas, scifi, perfectly written stories, or amazing characters. Basically, I recommend this if you like reading.

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September 8, 2016
*** Abandoned around 48%. ***
He held himself like someone who'd spent his life in the military. And she knew what military men liked. “I didn't know you were expecting me.” Renna used her best seductive voice. [...] Men were always so easy to read. [...] Gods, she hated working with other women. They were always so catty and competitive. Always so ready to stab you in the back if it meant getting ahead.

Sometimes I enjoy switching on my Kindle to buy a random, but recommended title on a complete whim. That's why I try to keep my paper TBR pile rather low. Having to sweep my eyes guiltily across a mountain of brand-new paperbacks when snuggling up with a spontaneous purchase kills half of the carefree fun. Futuristically flavored spaceship stuff has always held an inexplicably strong appeal for me, and a bit of boy-girl-electricity - if not overbearing - added to the mix is almost always appreciated. Therefore the enthusiastic review of Emily May, whose opinions I value highly, reeled me unto Amazon's shores with a juicy snap.

I eagerly started reading and found out quickly, that the world-building is unspectacular, but alright. Beam me up Scotty, if the weapons, vehicles and alien anatomies do not sound boringly startrekky: 'Heliolights', 'gamma particle stabilizers', 'nanotech spanners', 'radiowings', 'sonic screwdrivers' and 'magnacrafts'. Uhuh. That's cool sounding stuff, but it merely adds a thin sci-fi sheen to a more or less familiar high-class-thief setting. The setting is not the only thing that feels painted-on: “The smell of raw silk from his dark uniform making her take a step back. [...] The smell of starfuel, machinery, and space filled her lungs.”

I admit, I understand where Emily May's relieved gushing concerning the heroine's unrestrained use of her own body, her feeling at home in her physical shell, and her making the most of her feminine effect on guys comes from. All that usual focus on naive, timid and pure virgins in the need to be conquered, taught and saved grates on one's nerves pretty quickly. But I do not enjoy this 'liberated' shot at gender stereotyping more: All men are simple and quickly relieved of their innermost secrets, when a waterfall of thick and shiny hair (I cannot stand one single flick of the heroine's glorious ponytail more), a carefully window-dressed pair of boobs or a sultry voice is used to prod their explosive libido into action. In addition, men are always quickly hurt in their pride, being male equals being unconcerned about hygiene or the lack thereof in one's abode, and it means being able to differentiate work from private relationships. The crew of the 'November' consists only of men in order to do a kidnapping job properly without staff members being swayed by guilt or compassion for a victim young enough to be their kid. Naturally, their women-free vessel stinks and is in disarray, Renna notes with haughty disdain. On the other hand she does not like to work with other women, because they are all "catty and competitive" (compare quote on top).

"Sleeping with the chief engineer of the V’Mani Electrical Company had been one of her better decisions." / "With a sigh Renna followed Viktis from the ship. Good thing she’d washed her sexy underwear." I do not judge Renna for exchanging sexual favors for crucial information or access to her targets' inner sancti and I congratulate her for being able to feel pleasure even when encountering a stranger's naked body is mainly part of her business strategy, but I resent her conviction that because of male simplicity physical seduction is a foolproof method (Luckily at least MYTH leader Dallas seems to be unimpressed, which makes her saloon girl antics look rather silly and pitiful) and that she needs to employ it to keep that final edge, which others in her line of work do not have enough spunk or guts or sexiness to allow themselves to gain. Also I do not get why she is so angry about being called a whore. Her sexuality is a commodity she is quick to barter with. Women in the Star Thief universe do not maintain their shape to feel good but to get their way. To use a second example, Mary, the 'Athena's' on-board cook had been a mercenary in her youth, too, but after her husband's death and her switch from thief to kitchen staff she has allowed her body to go overweight and matronly - apparently she has no use for feminine weaponry anymore.

Even as the genre is concerned I differ with Emily and the majority of readers shelving the book. Renna is only 23 years old, but if plot wasn't relying so heavily on her body as a currency and a means to trick men to part with their brains and their secrets, she could as well be 50. She is very, very experienced and sought after in her profession, she knows the other players in her field and she speaks of immediate retirement plans more than just once. Therefore I would never label her story as New Adult fiction. I consider 'The Star Thief' as a standard example of romance-tinged scifi told from a female point of view. Most female romance heroines are in their twenties - whether they populate chicklit, historical bodice-busters or paranormal romance. New Adult to me means first job (uni time counts as well), first live-in partner or flat-mate, first attempts at being an independent adult. (Still, notwithstanding Renna's abundant experience and professionality she is trusting enough to let a very shady scientist with a murky agenda tamper with her broken brain implant. What if he installed a bomb, a tracker, something that makes her sense impulses which aren't real? Apparently even the best can be mightily stupid.)

I have not mentioned the love interest yet, which is probably unforgivable in a scifi romance review. Well, I have to say that after reading almost half of the book I have not learned much about the icy-eyed, well-muscled Hunter/Finn. It is obvious from the first encounter that apart from sexual tension there is a huge misunderstanding wedged between the former gang mates concerning who betrayed whom. And when that is cleared away, which is just a matter of time, everything will be peachy and the lacy underwear and the flexible, bulletproof spiderman-nano-schmano-suits will be ripped off under an ultra-violet dry-shower or in a starfuel tank.

'The Star Thief' has ‘self-published material’ written all over it. It shows a desperate need to be cleansed of annoying repetitions and ballast and turning-arounds-in-circles: Twice Renna is ultra-angry and shocked about the revelation that the rescue mission at the beginning had been just a test to assess her abilities. (”You mean you used this kid as a frakking test for me?” she snarled. / ”Was Myka's rescue a test?” Dallas nodded.) and I haven’t really counted how often she blathers about “a girl” and her need of "morals": A girl had to have her morals, but that line was getting further and further away the more he touched her. / But a girl had to have her principles, and slavery didn't fit into her moral code. / A girl had to have her morals, but where should she draw the line? *Sigh*. A girl has to have some stamina, but, I, personally, drew the line at 48% percent.

A less important side remark: I always thought that self-publishing meant being in charge of many things a traditional publisher otherwise decides without consulting you. Therefore I am very irritated that the cover girl looks so porcelain-dollish in spite of the heroine being in the possession of coffee-colored complexion.

Obviously, Renna and her adventures were not for me. But I am sure there are still some spaceship romps out that that do match my taste. Titles I loved were 'Startide Rising' by David Brin and 'Song of Scarabaeus' by Sara Creasy (both in the adult section). Can you recommend similar titles to me? I am curious about 'On Basilisk Station' by David Weber, ‘Perdition’ by Ann Aguirre and 'The Apollo Academy' by Kimberly P. Chase – although the latter is probably pretty chicklitty.
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March 1, 2014
This is so not a New Adult novel. If you go solely by the age of the protagonist (23) then maybe yes as New Adult focuses on characters in the 18-25 age group. But all other characteristics of New Adult meaning sort of an 'older YA' centering around topics such as leaving home, developing sexuality, and negotiating education and career choices you will have problems finding in here.

Riddick meets Firefly
This book is the beginning of a science fiction romance series with the galaxy’s most wanted thief/mercenary as its main female character. I found this to be a very interesting premise and the book delivers quite nicely for a self-published new author. If you like me watched a lot of Science Fiction movies and series you will equally find them represented here: Star Trek TOS, Star Wars, Serenity & Firefly, Riddick and so on. I wouldn’t call it hardcore science fiction, but if you enjoyed the sci-fi western movie Serenity this book will not disappoint you! There are advanced space ninjas, tech gadgets, space ship fights, sexy aliens, tech empaths, an intergalactic secret service and mercenaries on desert planets to keep you entertained for a long while.

A refreshing female lead character
Adding to the distinguished science fiction setting is the refreshing character of Renna, a strong and quite unusual protagonist. Renna doesn’t whine about her fate, or has moral issues with what she does for a living. Instead she takes pride in being the best thief in the galaxy or even the whole universe not because she likes to steal but because she loves to solve a puzzle. It just happens that the most advanced puzzles means hacking into secure systems. Renna also has no problems with her own sexuality. She also doesn’t dislike other women on sight.
The woman stood up straighter and puffed out her chest. She did have a nice rack. Renna would have puffed them out, too.

All in all her character is pretty cool: she is a sexy mercenary slowly developing a conscience. She cares about the boy Myka, she saves the captain and the crew, she saves herself and in the end I believe she will save the universe.  I found her at times maybe too perfect as the story often conjures up the feeling that she could have done it all single handed. There was seldom need for other characters to intervene or show up at all, which brings me to the next point.

The secondary characters in this book were just a byproduct
They had no real purpose other than to complement Renn’s character and to act as her space taxi. I was a little bit disappointed as there was much potential for all of them. Captain Finn as romantic counterpart to Renn seemed very weak in comparison to her. Maybe I am just tired right now, but their romance left me rather cold. Finn has no attributes other than being incredibly handsome with rippling and clenching muscles underneath his clinging uniform. Those muscles sure have a life of their own! After their misunderstanding is unraveled, which happens somewhere in the middle of story in a rather quick way, all the romance between them centers on Renn’s commitment issues.

I believe the book could have profited from some editing.
There are some expressions that were so often repeated, it was hard not to notice. Based on all the growling done in this book I expected every moment a werewolf to come around the corner. (This might also have something to do with me reading Iron Kissed, though) Also Renna’s constant talk about morals and her mannerism to try to justify her actions annoyed me. If she is the galaxy’s most renowned thief why bother?

As much as I did like the Firefly/Serenity make-up, character development, interaction and romance were rather disappointing. My disappointment grew the more the story progressed. During the first half of the book I would have given it a solid 4 stars. As it is I don’t think more than 3 would be justified.
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December 19, 2014
Восторг. Один восторг. Дайте мне вторую книгу, пожалуйстаааа.... =(((

10/10 or 5 stars

Эмоции, эмоции, эмоции!!! Эк меня проняло-то от этой книги. Но обо всем по порядку (насколько это возможно).
Не знаю, как остальные, но я просто обожаю жанр космических опер. Особенно хороших космических опер. Эта книжечка ждала своего часа на моей полке в iBooks еще с весны, но все как-то руки до нее не доходили. И я очень рада, что так произошло, ведь именно сейчас я могу оценить ее по достоинству.
Герои. Все, как я люблю. Ренна – способная за себя постоять девушка, которой палец в рот не клади – откусит, выплюнет и скажет, что было невкусно. Вор с моральными принципами и человек, не бросающий слов на ветер. Уверенная в себе женщина, которая отлично знает, чего хочет. Мастер своего дела, но главное, она иногда ошибается также, как и все. Финн – от таких мужчин слюни текут. Уверенный, уравновешенный, сильный, принципиальный. Пусть его характер раскрыт и не полностью, но этого хватает, чтобы он отправился в список книжных любимчиков. А отношения Ренны и Финна…просто ах. То, что я так страстно всегда ищу: переход от неприязни до симпатии. Отсутствие моментальной любви, да и вообще любви до гроба. Второй шанс. Их перепалки настолько реальны, что временами забываешь, что это лишь книжные герои.
Но отметить стоит не только их. Важны и отлично изображены и второстепенные персонажи. Лично мне очень импонирует робкая Гевала, такие герои мне нечасто встречаются, а от второй книги я жду необычного развития отношений Виктиса и Кевы (хотя это касается, скорее, промежуточного рассказа).
Сюжет. Динамика, динамика и еще раз динамика – это первое, что приходит на ум. Конечно, тут много всего понамешано: и пиратство, и наркотики, и наука, и власть, и много чего еще. Но это настолько интересно, что зачитываешься буквально каждой строчкой (а тут еще и огромную роль играет отменный язык автора), постоянно узнаешь нечто новое и необычное. Только подумаешь, что вроде как все немного устаканилось, как тут же что-то эдакое происходит. Отдельный плюс автору за то, что сюжет не перебивается отношениями героев. Они развиваются вскользь, где-то на периферии, хоть и играют важную роль.
Единственное, мне очень бы хотелось, чтобы автор более подробно раскрыла мифологию мира: как все расы (а их в этой серии великое множество) сосуществуют, как вообще проходит жизнь (в этом плане мне больше нравится The Fortune's Pawn).
Подводя итог скажу, что мне как раз и не хочется много писать. Думаю, то, что я понеслась читать продолжение, только закончив первую часть, говорит о многом, ведь такого на моей памяти не было уже очень давно. В книге The Star Thief сошлось все, что я люблю: интересные, местами из категории «погорячее», отношения, шикарная д��намика, отличный сюжет, разнообразные герои. И все это на фоне космоса. О чем еще можно мечтать? =)
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August 20, 2014
3.5 Star Review: The Star Thief by Jamie Grey

The entire world had shifted, like she was fucking Alice in Wonderland and had just fallen down a rabbit hole.

Surprise me, why don’t you. This is a New Adult novel? I’m honestly astonished because there’s no slut shaming. The MC even walks with confidence about her sexuality and doesn’t go around pointing out what she looks like all the time. Let me be clear:

1. No slut shaming
2. No over analyzing her own looks
3. No comparing her own looks to other female characters
4. No over-angst
5. No whining
6. No over the top soap opera drama
7. No male love interest stalking.
8. No male love interest pressuring the MC into an emotionally abusive relationship

I’m not even sure this is New Adult, to be honest. But if it is, it’s my favorite New Adult novel I’ve ever read, which is saying a lot.

I’d also like to mention: It’s fucking rare for me to like science fiction. So you have Science Fiction + New Adult= and you have one surprised reader in Brigid.

I thought this was a wonderfully written novel. I really enjoyed it. I loved how the author portrayed a sexually confident character who took pride in her abilities (no pun intended). Renna likes being a girl. One of my favorite scenes, where Renna’s annoyed by all the plain underwear she‘ll have to wear:

“What the hell are these? Do they actually expect me to wear this?” They were soft white briefs, military-issue-a far cry from her lacy thongs back home, the bras with the special enhancements and frilly cups.

Heroines who wear sexy underwear should be more common.

She’s proud of her abilities in hacking as a thief mercenary. Most heroines are so demure and meek. She’s also got a lot of witty dialogue in this novel that had me chuckling many times. The romance wasn’t gag-worthy, which again for New Adult….is surprising.


Renna, the Star Thief, is renowned throughout the galaxy as a thief. Always with a smirk on her face, she’s talented at hacking and bidding top items on the black market; things no one else would be able to steal, she naps. Renna‘s exhausted. She’s wants to be free. She’s almost ready to retire. On her last job she’s caught and a man working for MYTH blackmails her. He wants her help to keep a little boy safe and to steal something no one else would be able to.

She joins the team, reluctantly, and forced to work with someone from her past. Growls and glares ensue.

The team works together to save the Universe from impending doom!

The World:

Okay…so as much as I liked this novel. It has flaws when it comes to the world building. Meaning that, the author doesn’t really delve into much. We’re told these things exist, but we’re not really told why or the details of said gadgets and creatures abound. It’s not like I expect things to be spoon fed to me. But seriously, give me a little something to work with here. I’m told names of things, and little bits and pieces about them…but those pieces are so vague. It’s hard to really grasp why there’s even an Old Earth. How did things change and why? How does the world work? I don’t need a huge detailed info dump at the beginning of the novel, but I expect some more explanation.

The creatures descriptions, while nothing I haven’t seen on television before, put a smile on my face. It reminded me of some of the creatures from Star Trek:

A squat gray alien with a thick, fleshy neck and four large eyes spread horizontally across his face appeared at the door.

I remember being a kid and sitting on my father’s lap, entranced by Leonard Nemoy’s voice. As a kid many of those creatures with different colors, names, languages, and floppy skin entertained the shit out of me. The races in this novel did no different.

The Writing:

The humor in the novel made me laugh. I really loved the MC’s sarcasm and wit. I really appreciated the slow build of the story and how things gradually took place. But it didn’t slow down so much that I started to snore. However, I had some problems.

The incessant use of the word “growl“. What is with all the freakin’ growling in this book? She growls, he growls, they growl, it growled. I have examples people:

Example 1: With a growl, Finn spun around...
Example 2: He growled...
Example 3: Finn growled and turned away...
Example 4: Viktis growled...
Example 5: Finn let out a growl...
Example 6: She felt a burn of tears again and growled.

The last one is particularly hilarious. But, I don’t get it. Humans don’t growl that often…unless you’re the Hulk. But even then he turns into a big green monster.


Some of the best parts of this novel was watching Renna and Finn have glaring contests. Their relationship grows gradually. They don’t jump right into the sack. We don’t experience the ever hated insta-lust that dominates most fields of fiction these days.

When I got deeper into the novel, Finn comes to a point where he forgives Renna, but I had a problem with the speed he came to forgive her. It didn’t seem like something a real human being would do. It happened within two pages. People tend to take time to let things sink in for a while. Real forgiveness takes time. When we thing one thing happened for so long, and then suddenly figure out that’s no what happened, that’s going to take some time to adjust to emotionally and mentally.

Other reviewers have been likening this book to the Sirantha Jax series, but I highly disagree. I love that series, but I don’t see the similarity at all. I can see elements between Jax and Renna when it regards their independence. I’d also say they’re both likely to run off when things get to serious. Jax is so different from Renna, though. As in fucked up, different. A hundred times more than Renna. Actually, I had difficulty connecting to Renna emotionally. She’s always mentioning her triumphs and greatnesses that I feel like the author left out integral emotional feelings for Renna. It made it hard to understand her character and her M.O. We understand she sticks to herself, but what about her character’s emotional development?

Renna’s excuses for her freaking out when her relationship with Finn gets serious, became lame:

The kid had been nothing but trouble since she’d found him. And Finn…he’d already left her once. Why stay and watch a repeat performance?

This tells me that 1. She’s irrational and 2. She’s not very good at making up excuses for herself or the reader.

Then there’s the whole weird thing with Keva, a lieutenant of the ship Athena. I didn’t understand where the author was going with this and why. It didn’t really end up to any real culmination. Basically:

- Cat fight
- snark
- blah blah blah you’ll never wear one of those ninja outfits.
- glare, glare, glare.
- scowls
- Renna messes up
- poetic justice
- Renna saves day
- No more antagonism. Smiles abound.

WHAT. I don’t even understand where the fucking antagonism came from in this first place:

Gods, she hated working with other women. They were always so catty and competitive. Always so ready to stab you in the back if it meant getting ahead.

It can’t be because Renna dislikes working with other women because Keva initiated the hatred. Is it because Keva was attracted to Finn? Was it because Keva dislikes thief’s? Or was it because she just doesn’t get along with other chicks? I don’t understand why this had to be in the novel, anyway. Even if it is because of Renna’s thievery, why include it?


I didn’t totally love this novel, but I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to other readers, depending if none of the things I mentioned wouldn’t bother them. If you like independent heroines and science fiction, I would suggest trying this novel.
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124 reviews167 followers
March 14, 2014
Dropped at 62%

I thought this book was going to be amazing!! :( but it was mediocre in every way, even the writing.

At first I felt like the book was empty, like it was missing something. I then realized that it was because of the weird way the book was written, a third person/sometimes first person POV. Because of this weird POV I felt like I was distant from the main character and it was hard to get to know her, however I did notice how much of a slut she was.

She's flirting with these bad guys because she says she has to, to trick them, but seriously the way she does it is just embarrassing. Like a girl who doesn't know she's trying too hard, which just makes her look like an idiot. If I was in the same room as her and witnessed her attempts at seduction I would facepalm.
Profile Image for Poison Ivy.
163 reviews20 followers
August 13, 2016
Well this was fun. Romance was little "eh" and I didn't really care for it but I liked the main character and Viktis was fun. I don't know how am I suppoused to like Finn when I don't know anything about him and he's been a dick for 50% of a book.
I kept wondering about Renna's past and would like to see more. There were some things that were not explained very well and some that were not explained at all, like the world, goverment, system, the planets... but it was still enjoyful. (Is that even a word, what am I doing? This is why I don't write reviews. I need to go to sleep now.)
511 reviews210 followers
February 28, 2014
so this was pretty cool, although i agree with oliviasbooks that it really doesn't seem like New Adult, and I don't mean it *solely* in the derogatory sense.

let's see...

renna was pretty cool, just what would one expect from mercenary who isn't that very hard and shit. i liked her reaction to shit that goes down on her more than her narration in its entirety.

i found viktis to be a superb character(most of the time), and i liked keva. guess i just have a thing for colorful people(and aliens).

nothing struck me as so very mindblowingly original or mindfucking. trite in some places, and you know it's been done/written down before.

renna once again: here's the thing, she's best at what she does. i expect her to excel; i hate it when MC's who are supposed to be so fucking badass stumble at the very first step. not renna. but dear 6-times-great maternal aunt of buffy! she escapes every time so smoothly and easily, it creates an atmosphere devoid of intensity. you know she's going to get out of it with nary a scratch. even when shit goes down for real, with a flick of her finger(and knife), she is out.


even the winchesters mess up. but then, messing up is, like, their fucking religion or shit. need a better example.......
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Author 43 books61.3k followers
February 9, 2014

First, because I know this matters to many readers: This ends in a cliffhanger, it's not a complete story but is clearly meant to continue in the next book.

I'm not sure what to rate this because there was a lot I liked about the book, including the heroine, the story setup and the world, but as I was reading, I couldn't help but feel there were a lot of missed opportunities for shoring up world building, character development and story. I did feel like I was reading something original, and it moved very smoothly, but because I felt like there was so much there that was possible (and because I'm biased, possible probably more with the help of a strong editor in this genre) I'd probably give it three stars, but add that I'll definitely try book two.
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1,079 reviews1 follower
February 7, 2014
Woot! Strong female character? Check. Hot alpha male? CHECK. Fantastic plot with tons of action? Check. Awesome smut? Semi-check. Lol. It could use more, but whateves. And lastly.... SCI-FI? CHECKMATE. Eeeeeee love it.

I enjoyed this book tremendously. Just oooh the heroine is so bad ass. I don't know why, but it's so hard for me to find sci-fi books that I really like. It's not the genre that I find off-putting.. I love sci-fi. It's just mixing what I specifically prefer into a sci-fi book, which rarely happens. Except with this book. Thank goodness this book has it all :0)

In case you didn't catch my preferences, it's all the checkpoints mentioned in the first paragraph ;)

Ugh but man ... It's a cliffy >_<
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1,730 reviews67 followers
September 8, 2014
Overall I was looking forward to The Star Thief. Good sci-fi is hard to come by and apparently even harder to write. I was not impressed by this attempt at sci-fi or the inconsistent writing seen throughout the novel. The characters themselves also suffer from inconsistency, especially our main character Renna. She states that she never promises but proceeds to promise throughout the novel like she can't help herself. She also manages to utterly forget significant symbols within a day or two even when she specifically noted it when she saw it. Is this the character being senile or the author?

Renna overall is one of the biggest problems with this novel. She uses idiotic words like frakking (are we drilling for gas?) to, I suppose, "replace" curse words. I absolutely hate when authors do this. Our lovely main character also states the following:

"Gods, she hated working with other women. They were always so catty and competitive. Always so ready to stab you in the back if it meant getting ahead." p56

Sounds like she thinks every woman is like HER.

"Men usually only stayed angry for one reason: injured pride." p103

I see the arrogant and sexist comments go across both genders.

"With a sigh, Renna followed Viktis from the ship. Good thing she'd washed her sexy underwear." p115

This aspect of Renna's personality and the moments she chooses to use it are all over the place. Not to mention that this aspect of Renna's character is in no way necessary and feels extremely forced by the author.

"He tasted exactly how she thought Finn would, like warmth and sweetness and strength." p226

Um, this tells me nothing. Do I need better taste buds?

In addition to Renna, a significant issue with this book was the worldbuilding. Well, worldbuilding was actually a big far ZERO. "Aliens" are mentioned along with very limited descriptions, but don't expect to understand this world. What is never explained even with limited depth: the planets, the governments, the alien species, the communication capabilities, the interactions between planets or between species, or the travel capabilities. ZERO. But don't worry, there are a ton of sci-fi words, probably ripped straight from Star Trek and Star Wars! BUT, still they are almost never explained and are rendered useless.

The extent of our alien descriptions:

"A tall alien with bright green hair and three eyes set in a triangle on her forehead studied her with interest. A Xestu." p159

All you need to know eh?

And we get cryptic comments about Earth:

"Blur had bought her a bottle of Scottish whiskey to celebrate." p180

We still have a Scotland and a Scotland with a whiskey business? But still no info as to how this is or what is going on on Earth--if it still is this Earth?

"The bad thing about space travel was how dirty it always made her feel--the recycled air, the metal coatings, the space particles." p100

Um, space particles? Space particles that make you feel dirty? WTF she is talking about?

I'm sure you've guessed by now that this is certainly a flawed book, which includes the plot. For instance, the big job at the beginning of the book makes no sense. There is no way that it works as a "test" for Renna if 1) they didn't know she had an implant capable of locating the child, 2) the location of the child in comparison to the equipment she was stealing is unknown and 3) no one knew whether she would even hear or see the child.

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1,673 reviews
December 15, 2014
Great story concept but poor execution

I really have mixed feelings about this read. It was unique which was nice, but it was lacking in quite a few areas as well. I'd rate it a 2.5 star rating. Here's my breakdown:

The pros:
* A bad_ss heroine that could hold her own
* Constant action
* Loved the book cover

The cons:
* Finn and Renna spent way too much time upset at one another over small miscommunications - it became tiring
* I was left wanting more of a backstory - I felt lost, as if I were missing something at times - there were a lot of unanswered questions about this world created
* While I do appreciate a strong heroine, this was done almost to an overkill. It was as if she were invincible and the best at everything. It was just a little too much.
* I got sick of hearing just how much they didn't trust one another. We get it at a certain point.
* The ending sucked - I get that it's a series and all but cliffhangers just piss me off. And this book was not even close to good enough for me to invest in a 2nd book

Upon completion I was just left feeling "blah". It didn't leave a lasting impression on me and I have no desire to continue this series.
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Author 2 books44 followers
February 6, 2014
I received a copy of the eARC in return for an honest review.

I was pulled in by the cover of The Star Thief, one of the most impressive covers I've seen on an "indie published" book. The description seemed pretty cool, though I was a little surprised to see "frak" used in the description, and not about gas extraction (then again, there's also a sonic screwdriver in the first chapter or so, so it became clear that there was no fear of borrowing from other sci-fis.)

The book starts out with high action, and it doesn't fail to keep this pace pretty well throughout. And Renna is that snarky female character I tend to love.

But while I promised I'd read with a reader's eye not a writer's, I couldn't help getting distracted by technical issues as I read. Now, I'm not talking bout a misplaced comma or calling the major "captain" once or using "sent" when it should be "scent," or "discrete" instead of "distinct." Those things happen, but they happen all the time in books (especially ebooks). But there were too many instances where the wrong word was used, changing the meaning. Or where Renna, our POV character, would mention something, then act like she didn't notice or remember it a second later. We'd be told that a character was a certain way, but we'd be shown something completely different..but Renna would keep acting as if what she was told was the truth. We'd get multiple accounts of characters and situations. In one scene, Renna always needs to sit by the door in case she needs a quick escape. In the very next scene, she has to be separate from everyone else, even though it puts her far from the door, and she doesn't give that a second thought. At some point the MYTH characters claim that they can't contact anyone else because different branches are kept separate (security reasons), but later they do contact some other branch of MYTH, and towards the end Finn feels it's impossible that he wouldn't recognize a name from a member of MYTH. Keva does nothing but fight against Renna for the first half of the book (well, and show off her rack, apparently), but in the 2nd half, Renna comments that she's "finally" showing some backbone as if she spent the first half cowering or something. And the word "promise," which seems to flow of Renna's tongue, despite the fact that she claims she never makes any. These are just some examples of where what we're told changes or isn't what we're shown. And while there are unreliable narrators out there, these are not presented as if Renna's unreliable about them (or whoever is telling us them).

While the second half was better, the first half of the novel was difficult for me to get through for 3 major reasons:

1) The set-up. The entire novel is set up based on the job Renna was first hired to do. She is hired to steal some tech. In the process, she stumbles over a boy in a box who she may (or may not--because she's unclear on it) have heard whimper and that her implant, which her employers don't know about, tells her is there. It turns out that she was actually hired to rescue this boy by a military organization called MYTH. Wait a second. MYTH doesn't know about the implant, so they don't know she can find a heat signature. They may or may not have known the boy was near the tech (they are contradictory on whether they thought they could rescue him themselves or not). They don't trust Renna. So they hire her through a third part to steal some tech and hope she'll happen upon the boy and hope she'll put her neck on the line to rescue him? It seems farfetched, but it's never refuted, and in fact is rehashed over and over again in the first half of the book, making me roll my eyes and wait for the "psych!" that never comes.

2) Bodies. There's sex in this book, and that's just fine. I'm not well-read in books with sex this explicit, so I'm not great at judging it. (Although, it must be said that there was a certain description of a male body part that I know is a joke among romance writers). But Renna spends an awful lot of the first half thinking about her body (and Keva's too, tbh), and how she could seduce her way out of her situation, though she only employs it once. She grows out of this reaction in the second half of the book, and thoughts of sex remain personal, not strategic. So which one is the real Renna?

3) Renna vs. Finn. I love me a good love/hate relationship. But Renna and Finn's interactions for the first half of the book go like this:
Finn: I don't trust you after what you did before.
Renna: [insert snarky retort] And, by the way, you were a mercenary too.
Finn: Shut up. I left that life. *storms away*
And a while later Renna would wonder what he meant about what she did before. Also Finn's constantly angry at her, but nobody seems to see it except Keva once remaking that he's usually so unflappable, and Renna taking that as gospel truth, even though a) he'd been flapping the whole book so far, and b) she knew him well from before.

The second half goes more smoothly. There are some inconsistencies still, word-choice issues, and things that make me raise an eyebrow (you're seizing and nauseous, and smiling makes your head hurt, but you want to have sex right then?), but it's easier to go along for the ride. I also liked the characters more (once we got to know Finn, he was a decently appealing character, but we weren't given the chance behind all that snarking back and forth)

I'm the first to admit that most readers aren't writers, and they may not care about the technical things. And if you can suspend your disbelief about the opening mission, then the first half, despite all the rehashing and inconsistencies, may appeal more to you than it did me.

Recommended for fans of: NA sci-fi; snarky females, love/hate relationships, contradictions (some on purpose, some not); thieves; cybernetics and robots; protect-the-young-character plots; and frakking ;)
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Author 48 books124 followers
November 14, 2016
**I received an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.**

This book is a fun adventure, with a snarky, clever, awesome main character. Renna, also known as The Star Thief for her biggest heist to date, has one goal: to finish this last job she’s on and retire ASAP. Naturally, her plan is foiled, thus starting her adventure through drugs, space fights, sexy aliens, and a number of jobs calling upon Renna’s notorious and widely-ranged skills.

I loved how Renna’s assimilation into Finn’s team wasn’t a cake-walk, and the way the complex story was unraveled was seriously amazing. I especially liked that Renna’s want to retire and instinct/habit to only save her own ass was a constant struggle against her feelings and thoughts for Myka and Finn. It really says something about her character when she finally makes the choices she does.

My one and only complaint is that while the ending is a beautifully-handled cliffhanger, it really feels as though the story has *just* gotten going. I know it’s only book one of three, but still. The world and set up is complex, so the length it takes to set up is fine. I just… keeping thinking maybe there was more, and I just missed it

That said, I cannot wait for Book 2!

4.5/5 stars to The Star Thief by Jamie Grey.
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201 reviews49 followers
November 25, 2014
DNF 62%

I read so many good reviews that I thought this book was going to be great, and well it was for the first half ... but then it just got boring and immature. I don't know I just couldn't finish it, and I don't really care how it finishes because it doesn't have a great or intriguing plot. For all I care they can all I die and I wouldn't blink. Ps. I really don't have a problem with strong female characters, and I really dont give a damn if they want to use their sexuality to get trough problems or just to solve them... sex appeal and all that stuff... don't care as long as the character is a STRONG character, that gets me, that has something worth reading... not this case. Just disliked her, him and the world building that just sucked at my advice...

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277 reviews104 followers
May 15, 2016
Stealing another galactic secret will get her arrested, but playing by the rules might just get her killed.

Renna, the mythic Star Thief, was forced to work under the vengeful eye of her handsome past. With both internal conflict she has to face with Captain Finn and the external conflict she has to prove to the people that she is the only one who can save the fleet are the sure things that this action sci-fi novel has loads of wonderful and kickass adventures for the main characters.

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350 reviews49 followers
June 17, 2014
4,5 звезды

Героиня в виктимности не замечена. Герой бронелоб, конечно, но как только осознает свою неправоту - быстренько исправляется.
Никаких трепещущих девственниц и недоделанных мачо.
Кругом одни наемники, воры и агенты - все в большинстве своем не самые добропорядочные и приятные личности.
Экшена и космоса за глаза.
Что еще для счастья нужно?)))
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45 reviews48 followers
February 3, 2014
The Star Thief was absolutely amazing. Renna is quite an accomplished thief - not only did she steal several things in the book, she also stole my heart. I was so wrapped up in her story that I barely even watched the Super Bowl commercials (which are, as everyone knows, the best part of the Super Bowl).

Renna and Finn's relationship, though a bit rocky in the beginning, is wonderful. Renna and Myka's relationship is adorable. And Renna and Viktis's relationship, if you can call it that, is strange, and I don't think I like Viktis very much. LOL

Seriously though, Renna and Finn are awesome together. And I'm not going to spoil the (totally cliffhanger) ending, but I will say this: if Renna and Finn don't *cuts out spoilery bit* in the next book, I might cry.

Relationships aside, the characters were all amazing. All of the main characters had fully fleshed out backgrounds, and so did several of the side characters. I wish we'd gotten to know Finn's team a bit better - I can't even remember the names of two of them - but the ones we did know brought a lot to the table.

Have you ever finished a book and realized that you totally missed the fact that there's a sequel? And worse, there's a really bad cliffhanger?


So basically, this book rocked my socks off, until I got to the end. Then it made me want to curl up in a ball and sob "why???" to anyone who would listen.

The Star Thief was an amazing book by an amazing author. I highly recommend both this book and her debut, Ultraviolet Catastrophe, and I can't wait for the sequel to come out!
36 reviews1 follower
January 16, 2014

I received this book from the author in return for a fair review.

First off I should say I liked the book. The story seemed to be a good mix of contemporary and Science Fiction. The writer's style seem to pull me into the story from the start. It was an interesting story that I found I couldn't put down. Renna is a strong character who has a lot of skills as a thief/hacker. She is a little prideful about all she can do but overall I think she earned it. I enjoyed how the author added places where Renna had to slow down and breath to get through a particular problem (it made her so much more of a real character).

Although I enjoyed the book I thought it just started in on the story. It is clearly a series and I guess I will have to wait for the following books. The ending was a cliff hanger. Please keep in mind this book was classified as an Adult book and has some sex. Overall I am glad I got to read this book and will watch for the second book. I will also look into reading Ultraviolet Catastrophe, a Jamie Grey YA book. I am curious to see how Renna does without the close backup of the characters from the first book (like Captain Finn and Viktis).

Profile Image for Amanda.
15 reviews2 followers
January 22, 2014
First I’d like to thank Jamie Gray for the opportunity to read The Star Thief as an early copy in exchange for a honest review.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I really enjoy kick-ass lead female roles and Renna Carrizal did not disappoint. Her confidence was contagious. There were several instances in the book that reminded you, she was just a young lady trying to figure out the rest of her life. She constantly battled with her conscience and reminded herself to keep her cool.

I pictured MYTH as a futuristic group of GI-Joes and each character was an asset to the team and contributed in their own way. The story of saving the galaxy was enhanced by a love story. Both components made a relishable, fun novel that was hard to put down. (Be forewarned, there are a few descriptive love scenes).

Finally, the ending resulted in an enormous cliff hanger. I need to know what happens!! Can’t wait for #2.
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543 reviews189 followers
July 10, 2015
This took me a while to read, but not because I didn't like it. At one point Renna did something that pissed me off, so I stopped reading. Then I was also reading several other books; and life got in the way. But eventually I picked it back up and continued and I'm glad I did.

This was a pretty engrossing space adventure, with a little romance thrown in. The plot moved quickly and the characters were pretty convincing and sympathetic, in most cases.

I liked it enough to go out immediately and buy the next two books in the series and put them near the top of my TBR stack.
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500 reviews2,037 followers
Want to read
September 22, 2014
What's this? A New Adult book that dares to go beyond the usual, tired, cookie-cutter contemporary format? Do my eyes deceive me? O:
Profile Image for Beca Aberdeen.
Author 9 books143 followers
January 18, 2018
Si esto es New Adult, entonces... ¿Qué es After?

Sinceramente me parece injusto clasificar ambas novelas dentro de un mismo género; y de hecho no sabía que existían New Adults de este tipo. Con acción, alienígenas, ladrones, militares, naves espaciales, y un argumento más allá del típico ex-adolescente con problemas con uno de sus progenitores (pieza inalterable en este género)
Con esto no quiero decir que la protagonista no tuviera malos padres, que los tenía; pero por una vez el personaje no se pone excesivamente melodramático al respecto, ni excusa su mala conducta en ello.
En fin...si esto es New Adult: entonces es el mejor New Adult que he leído.

No es la novela de ciencia ficción más original que leerás, ni mucho menos, y tampoco se preocupa por crear un mundo detallado y bien montado. Es más bien para pasar el rato si buscas acción, tensión romántica entre personajes y entretenimiento.

Lo que más me ha gustado de esta novela, sin duda, ha sido la protagonista. Rena es lo opuesto al prototipo que suele encontrarse en New Adult. Es independiente, feminista, liberada sexualmente, apasionada y muy habilidosa. Rena va a parar a mi estantería de personajes femeninos que hacen una gran contribución al feminismo, justo junto a:

** Samantha Jones (Sexo en Nueva York),
** Lagherta (Vikins)
** Hypatia (Agora)

Rena es la propia heroína de su historia, toma sus decisiones, y no permite que el principie azul la rescate; y lo hace tan fácil, que resulta natural ver al protagonista masculino llevarse al niño para ponerlo a salvo mientras que es ella la que se queda a pegar tiros.

Es de las novelas más feministas que he leído en mucho tiempo y ME ENCANTA.

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643 reviews5 followers
May 12, 2018
The Star Thief was a meh read for me, like most of my reads of late, unfortunately. Rather than abandoning this to the ever increasing DNF pile that I’ve been accruing lately, I persevered.

The main character, Renna, is bad ass. She’s literally the best thief in the galaxy; she’s tough, and she’s at home in her own sexuality. I do wish she had some other tools in her arsenal, but if she always wants to play the flirt or sleep with people for information, you go for it, Renna. As with it as Renna is supposed to be, she is perfectly trusting to allow a shady doctor tamper with her technological implant. I kept waiting and hoping that would go wrong. Damn.

The writing is quite lackluster and has inexperienced writer written all over it. Every single caricature — I mean, character lacked depth. Furthermore, the language is repetitive, but I was willing to accept all of this as mind numbing if rather uninteresting reading until Renna and her two dimensional love interest decided to fall into each other’s arms while imprisoned and immediately after Finn has sustained potentially life threatening injuries. I’m not a man, but I don’t think most men could maintain their... stamina while bleeding out internally and suffering from what we later find out are broken ribs and collapsed lungs. But such are Renna’s many charms. My eye rolling just cannot be contained.

1.5 stars — the extra half a star due to my simply completing the novel.
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Author 71 books299 followers
May 31, 2017
I really like the space opera romp of this book. Mysterious villains. Mercenaries. Shadowy military groups. Common enemies. Robots. It's hard not to have fun with that. The romance didn't work for me - but that's probably more me than the book. SFR has been a long time struggle for me, and sadly it continues to be one. Why why why can't I like it? I like SF. I like romance. Why do they not work for me when mushed together in one book? Ugh, the struggle continues.

The space opera parts is a full 4 stars for me. They were loads of fun. The action scenes were full of adventure, gadgets, tech...they were great. The romance dragged it down because I really just wanted more pew pew and less kissy kissy, but as there was more pew pew than anything else, I still enjoyed myself.

There are 2 more (well, one is 1.5, so I assume a novella?). I plan to finish the series off, since I think the space opera aspects are really going to shine through more now that the kissy face has been resolved.

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