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Kara Magari isn't normal, even by Ourea's standards--and in a world of shape-shifters and soul stealers, that's saying something. To the royalty, she's a loose cannon. To the masses, she's a failure. But Kara doesn't have a home to go back to anymore. This war-torn world is all she has left, and she'll save it even if she dies trying.

An ancient isen named Stone takes an interest in Kara's training, and it turns out he has more answers than he originally led her to believe. In an effort to unearth a secret that might end the bloodshed, Kara instead discovers an ugly truth about her family--and how much she has in common with one of the most evil men in Ourean history.

Braeden Drakonin has slowly rebuilt his life after the betrayal that tore it apart. His father wants him dead, and frankly, his so-called allies wouldn't mind that either. Private alliances are formed. Secrets are sold. Tension is driving the armies apart. A single battle will end this war, and it's coming. Braeden may be a prince, but it will take more than royal blood to survive. He must take the fight to his father's door--and win.

Novels in the Grimoire Saga:
Lichgates (#1)
Treason (#2)
Heritage (#3)
Illusion (#4)

278 pages, Paperback

First published October 27, 2013

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About the author

S.M. Boyce

26 books753 followers
Boyce is known for action-packed epic fantasy, powerful heroes, and riveting magical stories filled with twists and intrigue. And, of course, a bit of humor sprinkled through it all. Pick up your kindle and get lost in the journey.

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Author 67 books979 followers
August 18, 2013
This is one of those times I wish Goodreads had a 6th star.

It’s no secret that I think S.M. Boyce is a brilliant writer. I can’t even begin to imagine how she created the world of Ourea with all the different kingdoms and creatures who live there. The Grimoire Saga contains some of the most gorgeous imagery I’ve come across and now Boyce has really gone and done it – Heritage, book three, sucked me in to the point where I lost all track of time and was consumed completely.

Kara and Braeden are back with a vengeance. They have the same great humor, but it’s taken a darker edge and they aren’t backing down from the Bloods. They’re stronger, wiser, and (can you blame them?) more jaded. In Ourea it’s a dog eat dog world and I’m thrilled to see our young heroes stepping up to the plate.

The Grimoire Saga is much more than a fantastical read. It resembles our world in so many ways – our wars, our beliefs, our prejudices against other cultures, and the bad decisions often made by the world’s rulers since the beginning of human civilization.

Yet despite all this, love conquers all.

Kara and Braeden’s love story is both endearing and epic. They are badass and fiercely loyal; tender, yet burning with heat for one another. They are the Romeo and Juliet of Ourea. Star crossed lovers from different races, feared and despised, yet no one is fighting harder for peace.

I have to admit, Lichgates, the first book in the saga, was a lot for me to process. We’re talking an entire new world and creatures never before seen in fiction. By the time I got to book two, Treason, I had enough of a background to really sit back and enjoy the journey. Book two was brimming with betrayals that had me seething in my seat, which made Heritage all the sweeter for the way Kara and Braeden bounced back and took the council by storm.

Evelyn and Deidre are absolute she-bitches, but what a blast hating on them is!

There are so many lines I love in this book for the emotions they stirred in me, not to mention the truth behind them. Then there’s the humor. Boyce killed it in every way.

With Heritage I’ve gone from an admirer of the series to a diehard fan. This is one of my favorite reads of 2013. I eagerly await Illusion, the conclusion to this epic saga!

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Author 2 books307 followers
November 8, 2013
S.M. Boyce's third instalment in her epic fantasy series is irresistible. Heritage is my favorite book of the three. You won't be able to stop reading. Boyce stands among Tolkien and Martin as a creator of great worlds with warring factions. The political intrigue is simply riveting.
The story twists along until the inevitable, awe-inspiring moment when everyone in Ourea learns just how powerful Kara is. The ending is so deeply satisfying — Illusion could not come soon enough!
Anyone who loves a beautifully told tale filled with suspense and adventure needs to get into the Grimoire Saga. They won't be sorry.
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Author 9 books89 followers
September 11, 2013
Anyone who’s already read my reviews of S.M. Boyce’s "The Grimoire Saga" knows how much I loved her books. “Lichgates” blew me away and “Treason” knocked me for a loop.

Not to be outdone by her previous efforts, Boyce comes out of the gate swingin’ with "Heritage" … and the result is a massive home run! It picks up after the cataclysmic events in "Treason," with Kara facing nearly insurmountable odds and Braeden, dealing with demons of his own, unable to assist.

Boyce’s trademark twists and turns, surprises, and deft storytelling are highlighted nicely. There are familiar faces aplenty, but all is not quite as it seems, and friend and foe become harder to distinguish as the stakes climb ever higher for the heroes. And, in a climactic finish that is all too … human … a hero makes a devastating, fatal mistake that may ruin everything.

"Heritage" continues along at the slower pace established in “Treason,” with Boyce walking a delicate line between delivering action & intrigue and offering deeper insights into characters and relationships. At times, it reads more PNR than fantasy, but I’ll wager that’s exactly what fans of the series (and the star crossed lovers) are looking for.

All in all, it’s another great novel and a great addition to "The Grimoire Saga." I highly recommend "Heritage" to fantasy fans and anyone who loves great fiction.
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588 reviews252 followers
September 26, 2013
Review also posted at Ja čitam, a ti?

It's not a secret that I'm a huge (if you don't mind the biggest) fan of this series. Ever since I got a chance to read Lichgates I was fascinated with Ourea and the whole fantasy world that this series has to offer.

While in Lichgates I got to meet the world and Kara mostly, Treason brought some new twists to the whole story. I got to see the bad side of power and all the different plots in the kingdoms so I couldn't wait for more. So when Boyce send me the ARC of Heritage I stopped everything just to read it. I was not disappointed.

Being back to Ourea felt like coming back home from a long trip. With all betrayals and reveals that happened things calmed a bit in this world but still power is something that many dream off and finding someone to trust can be pretty hard. With all that Kara has got a bigger role to play and a bigger responsibility to carry. Plus Braeden is not by her side all the time any more and she must fight and learn. She must find her strength and learn how to control everything she has.

Besides the whole fantasy concept that still fascinates me maybe even more with every book, the relationship between Kara and Braeden is something that made me love this story even more. He, for sure, is high on my list of fictional boyfriends and Kara who is fierce but at the same time real made them a perfect match - I couldn't but support them and cheer for them throughout the whole book.

Even though I have got my dose of Ourea my cravings are still enormous and I cannot wait to read the final installment of this story - Illusion. Only Boyce no more heart-attacks. I'm watching you!

***NOTE: Copy of this book is kindly provided by the author S.M. Boyce for review. Thank you.
I'm not paid for writing this review - I do it as a lover of written word. All opinions are personal.
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Author 18 books341 followers
September 10, 2013
I had the pleasure of reading a beta copy of Heritage.

The Grimoire Saga has found a way into my heart. I love the characters and the world.

In Heritage, Kara struggles to learn the limits and advantages of her new power. She is a force to be reckoned with and comes across strong throughout the book. I enjoyed getting to know her even more and related with her inner struggles.

Braeden, as always, was a favorite of mine. He's complex, with inner struggles that made my heart clench for him. He has all the makings of a great hero. Conflicted, but still strong, he's determined to overcome his dark nature and lead his people to a time of peace. He just needs to conquer Carden to do it. Several twists in his arc took me by surprise.

I was happy to see old favorites, like Twin, back in the story and come to know new characters, like Stone. Each character serves a purpose within the tale and adds a layer to the world.

I'm eagerly awaiting the final book to this series and I'm quite sure it will remain a favorite of mine for a very long time.
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1,683 reviews597 followers
August 5, 2015
I absolutely loved this series!!

The first book is a bit difficult to get into since there is a bunch of build up and learning who all the characters are but by the time the second book comes along....damn, I couldn't put this series down!
Profile Image for Judi Easley.
1,399 reviews47 followers
June 14, 2017
My Disclaimer: I purchased this ebook for full price at Kindle Books because I loved book #1 so much! I am providing an honest review for which I am receiving no compensation of any kind. All opinions are fully my own.
~ Judi E. Easley for Blue Cat Review

My Review:
I hope you're keeping up with me on this reading streak I have going here with the Grimoire Saga. This is the perfect series for the COYER Can You Read a Series in a Month Challenge! The books flow together so well. The story line and all its actions keep you going along quickly. The characters are so interesting and you continually find out interesting things about each of them. Secrets galore! No one can keep one forever. A very long time, yes. Forever? No. And now seems to be the time for a lot of old secrets to be exposed in Ourea.

It's certainly time for Kara's secrets to get outed. First, she has a house tour to do so that she understands her family heritage and just what it means. At least she thinks she understands, but she really won't until later when she has to face the reality of her grandfather's legacy and its consequences to her and to those around her.

Braedon works to forgive Princess Aurora while helping her overcome her handicap. But their secret is discovered and the cost is high. Hopefully, the Vagabond can smooth over this mistake. While she's being diplomatic, Braedon tangles with a Sartori sword. Gavin has to make a choice before Braedon can start his recovery. But Braedon's recovery isn't normal. Something else seems to hamper his normally quick healing process. What could be big enough to hamper a royal prince's recovery?

It's time for all of Deidre's secret scheming to come to fruition. She's been moving people around like pieces on a chess board for a while with her isen ability to change form. She's ready to make some of her big reveals, but will they all go her way? Will she reach her goal? Who else will die in her desire for revenge? And is she aimed at the right target? Niccoli says no.

There's a lot going on in Ourea these days. The whole place is on the brink of war. And it seems like there might be a traitor in their midsts. There are still more secrets to uncover. Keep reading this really richly-written series for maximum enjoyment. I'm already well into Book 4, Illusion, the last book of the series.
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Author 6 books165 followers
August 8, 2016
Holy sh….yea, this book was amazing, just like the two previous books from S.M. Boyce in this saga. After devouring Lichgates early in 2012, I soon fell in love with the fantasy world of Ourea. Then came book two of this saga, Treason. That book surpassed my expectations greatly. Now that I was able to get an ARC of Heritage, I can confidently say that fans of Boyce’s writing will probably fall in love with this series of books even more.

I don’t take to series well. It’s mainly because I like when a story can wrap up at the end of one novel, at most two. Sometimes there just isn’t enough in a storyline to need more than one or two books or my attention goes to something more interesting and I don’t come back to a series. Heritage is proof, to me, that these books are worth sticking around for.

Like the previous installments, this one follows a young woman named Kara, who has been thrown into the world of Ourea. It’s even more perilous and complex than when she first entered through a lichgate (magical portal) months before. Boyce does a great job of getting her readers immersed in the world she’s created, early on and it only continues to expand. Her characters become more and more complex as well. There’s nothing simple about the agendas of the Bloods (royalty). With each turn of the page, a new motivation reveals itself; a new plan is made; twists and turns are abundant.

I can’t say too much about the actual events in this book. It’d be too difficult to avoid spoiling it for those who haven’t read the previous books. As a fan of this series, I feel that it’s moving in a great direction. Book four can’t come soon enough. So much happened in Heritage to make it near impossible to tell how this war to unite (or destroy) Ourea will end. With Boyce’s writing getting better and better with each book, I only know it’s going to be epic.
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Author 36 books1,178 followers
September 4, 2013
WOW! I just finished Heritage (not even 5 minutes ago) and thought to myself... THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! It is not often that I am surprised at the end of a book, but I was left quite...speechless...well, at least for a minute.
I think part of reading a lot will make certain plotlines familiar, and hence, predictable. Not that the journey is any less enjoyable if the book is well written, but when something unique comes along, it is truly relished and appreciated. Heritage is one of these rare treats!
Ms. Boyce drops us back into the world of Ourea amidst the conflict, danger, and uncertainty she left us in with Treason. As we journey with Kara and Braeden through trials and almost impossible odds, you can't help but cheer, grind your teeth, and occasionally throw something across the room (I recommend stuffed animals and not toy metal cars...just my thought).
BRAVO, Ms. Boyce. You have taken me from 'loyal fan' to 'eager follower'!
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23 reviews3 followers
September 20, 2013
So happy I had a chance to read the ARC for this one and am already eagerly awaiting the final book. I'll be posting a longer review soon, but for now let me just say, this book (as well as the previous two) rocks!
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162 reviews23 followers
September 13, 2013
I was lucky enough, that I was given the opportunity to read this book as an ARC. This will in no way influence my review.
This is a spoiler free review.
This book will be Available November 5, 2013
Kara Magari isn’t normal, even by Ourea’s standards—and in a world of shape-shifters and soul stealers, that’s saying something. To the royalty, she’s a loose cannon. To the masses, she’s a failure. But Kara’s arrival in Ourea started a war, and she’s going to end it.

An ancient isen named Stone takes an interest in Kara’s training, and it turns out he has more answers than he originally led her to believe. In an effort to unearth a secret that might end the bloodshed, Kara instead discovers an ugly truth about her family—and how much she has in common with an infamous mass-murderer.

Braeden Drakonin has slowly rebuilt his life after the betrayal that tore it apart. His father wants him dead, and frankly, his so-called allies wouldn’t mind that either. Private alliances are formed. Secrets are sold. Tension is driving the armies apart. A single battle will end this war, and it’s coming. Braeden may be a prince, but it will take more than that to survive. He must take the fight to his father’s door—and win.

Starting with the dedication- I’m already in tears. I could only hope for a love like this. Boycey your way with words is perfect.
On the technical side, I will say I love the writing style and it makes me hunger for more. It flows seamlessly and is without flaw.
Onto my thoughts.
I have waited…. What seems like eons but is really not even a year, the wait was excruciating! In the beginning, back in the days when I first read “Lichgates” I was searching for a reason to be attached to the characters. Well, at this point, I’m so attached to all of them they can’t make a move without an emotional response.

That’s the thing about this book, it is evocative. It makes you smile when they smile, cry when they cry, make random expressions that are relative to the character that you are reading at that time… it sucks you in and you can’t leave until you are done.
If there is one thing I hate, it is reflection. I have read authors who take CHAPTERS to reflect on how we got where we are for new readers or as a refresher for those of us who haven’t read the books in awhile. Thankfully, that was not the case in “Heritage”. The reflection was non-existent and she jumped right into the story. However, writing in a style that if a reader had not read Lichgates Lichgates (The Grimoire Saga, #1) by S.M. Boyce or Treason Treason (The Grimoire Saga, #2) by S.M. Boyce after reading a few short pages they’d be on track with what was happening. I love how she jumped right into the action! Not wasting a sentence or a line on anything but rather diving head first into the story! As expected I was drowning in my love for the storyline before the end of the first chapter.
When I was on page 101 of 200 in PDF format I had loved it. I was dreading the end. It's like some piece of rare knowledge you fall in love with, and are so eager to learn more of that you can't ever get enough. Or, if you've read the hunger games, Katniss' "hollow days" where no matter how much you eat you're still starving.... that's what reading this book was like to me. Page after page I just absorbed as much as I could, but it was never enough – right down to the very startling end. I am an avid reader. It takes much, to say the least, to take my breath away and yet that is what S.M. Boyce has done with “Heritage”.
The vibrance of Ourea has never burned brighter, and the characters never more colorful. There is a raw intensity that jumps out of the pages at you and makes you forget this is a story – in a book – It’s ok. She makes you forget all of that.
What is interesting to me is that the characters never stop developing; they grow as the story grows and that is a wonderful thing to watch. To see Kara come into her powers, and Braeden wield his political savvy, the cunning of the bloods, the ignorance of some that cost others their lives, the beauty of alliances forged under the most trying of circumstances… It is an amazing thing to read as it unfolds before me.
The ending. I never saw that coming, I didn’t suspect it in the slightest, and when I realized during the epilogue what had really happened during the Stelian attack on Braeden and his recovery, I nearly fell out of my bed in shock and awe. The question is, where now will S.M. Boyce take us, on the road to “Illusion.” Because illusion it is, and illusion it shall be.
To quote BFF, Evie, “If I die, please bury me in Ourea.” That is how much we love these books.
So I have it in PDF format, now, November 5, I must obtain the physical book for my collection.
Thank you, S.M. Boyce for the mental stimulation, and the entertainment, and the roller coaster ride. And thank you, for Ourea.
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85 reviews3 followers
April 19, 2017
I am loving this whole saga!!! It's amazing so far, I love how the characters have developed and each one of them has their own stories that all tie together to make this world that is within our own. I honestly had to take a break from reading anything after I finished this book.
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1,196 reviews33 followers
September 21, 2013
Heritage by S. M. Boyce is the heartbreaking yet hopeful continuation of the intensely mesmerizing story of Kara Magari. I have been waiting in hopeful anticipation for answers to illusive questions that have plagued my mind, and thankfully it delivered that and so much more. Much to my surprise and satisfaction, I learned even more about Kara then I had hoped and discovered just how deep the treachery ran in the stunning but deadly world of Ourea. It is a passionately riveting and heart-poundingly satisfying continuation of this enchanting epic adventure that has taken hold of my heart and refuses to let go.

This part of the journey reveals Kara’s true heritage. She finally learns who she really is, and as a result is even more a part of Ourea then she could have ever guessed. This in turn fuels her already burning desire to bring true and lasting peace to her world. Her motivation is now steeled and her mind is singular in this life encompassing goal. She will not waver from her mission, and she will do all she can to stay on course and remain true to her goal.

In embracing her past, Kara is then free to embrace the truth of what her heart has always told her. She is free to fully embrace the ravishing love that Braeden offers her. She is free to open her heart to all of Ourea and allow herself to love unconditionally. She is free to acknowledge her doubts and her weaknesses and as a result she can learn and grow from them. She is finally free to become who she always meant to become. She is free to be Kara.

Our actions, whether intentional or not, are something that only we control and choose. We might argue that our choice was taken from us by the actions or evil of another, and that we were left with no alternative but to make the poor decision that we did. This is nothing but a small-minded and empty justification. Everything thing we do is through a conscience choice that we make. While we can’t control the circumstances that lead us to make our choice, we have the power to choose which course of action we will take. Will we choose to walk the good and noble path of mercy and love, or will we choose the selfish and self-serving path of revenge and hate? Only you can answer that question, but I hope that you will see the rightness and honor that comes from living a life of responsibility and love.

S. M. Boyce delivers once again a stirring and exquisite follow-up to this heart-wrenching and soul searching masterpiece that has reeled me in for keeps. I am in awe of her immense and spectacular talent that continues to inspire and surprise me at every turn. I am in love with how real the characters feel, how honest the emotions are, and how the very fabric of this story has seeped into the empty recesses of my heart filling it with hope, honesty, truth, and love. This story feels so raw and pure that at times I stop and wonder if I am reading someone’s secret journal. I highly recommend this story to anyone who wants to challenge themselves with a story that will penetrate their heart and sear their soul with such honesty and truth that you will not be able to stop it from changing you once it starts.
2 reviews
September 15, 2013
Blissfully falling back into this complex and beautifully written saga

Ah! To be able to get my (virtual) hands on this, the third installment in the Grimoire Saga (honoured to be part of S.M. Boyce's ARC lists), I polished it off within the weekend.

Yes, please read the caveat that this has not been completely checked for complete spelling/grammatical errors. However, I was SO "champing at the bit" to get back into the fantasy-world of Ourea, I happily over-looked them. (The finished, polished product will be completed by early November.)

To describe this series (by me) can be done in 2 ways. One is running round the house, squealing at my hubby "I got it! I got it!!!", followed by a lengthy lecture on the highlights book 1 and 2, with much wild gesticulation.

Um, I think for this purpose, I will go with the second option.

I continue to be in love with this particular fantasy world - running outside of our own (where those lucky few are able to come and go), and to love the three dimensionality of the "Kingdoms", the characters and the description of the interactions of said characters. In "Heritage", the characters continue to evolve, their emotions and stories flow seamlessly from book Two ("Treason"). It takes a great imagination, dedication and a gifted writer to keep dipping into this rich pool and keep coming back with more wondrous tomes. For that many kudos must be given to S.M. Boyce.

This continues to be a fabulous blend of elements of LOTR, the magic and darker elements of JK Rowlings "Potter Series", Alan Garner's magical and esoterical worlds - and as I am in the middle of reading "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George RR Martin - I have LOVED the fast pace and strategy of "Heritage".

This third book I see as a part of the whole story, so I won't say it is my favourite, rather it makes me love the saga MORE. The beautifully woven elements of self-discovery, learning new powers (and the main character's heritage), is the strong "warp" against the "weft" - that is the fast-paced, wonderfully written fight scenes, war counsels and "magic duels".

If you want strong characters, to sink into a wonderfully crafted magical fantasy land, and (apart from our two heros) never know who is barracking for who - you have to keep your wits about you, that's for sure! - then THIS Grimoire Saga is for you.

Now I'm champing at the bit for the next installment! 5 Shining Stars!!!
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532 reviews168 followers
October 12, 2013
*I was provided with an eArc by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

This book, THIS BOOK is oh-my-god AMAZING. Let me first start off saying that The Grimoire Saga is one of my top favorite fantasy series of all-times. It’s an epic adventure and I still can’t wrap my head around why isn’t everybody living and breathing this series? I mean, it has everything! There’s romance, adventure, magic and a kick-ass heroine involved with powerful allies, plus an adorable guy rooting for her.

I have stated before in my reviews for the first two books, Lichgates and Treason, that the world in here is so unique and interesting. It’s called Ourea, home of several kinds of races and species, each one ruled over by a Blood who can control all of their people with a single thought. In a quick run-down, this world has become corrupted and far from the beautiful peaceful place it was before. Blood Carden from the Stelian race wants to rule over the other Bloods, no matter the cost and it’s Kara, the vagabond and now powerful Isen, the one who can fight him to restore Ourea’s peace once and for all.

And everything is so complex. Not only she has to fight against Carden, but she also has to fight with the other Bloods, because everybody else wants to have the upper hand in the war and maybe even more than that. They are all fighting inner demons, and some giving in to them without a trace of sense.

Drifting a bit from the main plot of the storyline, I can’t forget to mention how glad I was to read about Kara and Braeden’s relationship. I can see a bright forever in their future if they can survive the war ahead. They will, won’t they? I desperately hope so!

I don’t want to spoil much more of this book’s awesomeness because this book deserves to be read without knowing what will happen. I would only like to add that Heritage is full of surprises that shift endlessly the possible outcomes of the war. I definitely didn’t see many things coming, like the ending. It left me intrigued, but content enough. I can’t wait to read the 4th and final book, I’m certain it will be the next thing to epic.

P.S. You can also find this book review at Book Travels book blog!
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259 reviews21 followers
February 24, 2015
4.5 stars

This is an ARC copy of Heritage provided from the author for an honest review. I have reviewed the previous two books in the series as well.

I always have mixed feelings about starting this series. It has nothing to do with how I feel about the story line, the writing style or the characters. It is really weird. Whenever I have it sitting on my kindle, it just stares at me with judgment for not reading it already. I think it is because I have a deadline to read the book prior to the release date. Whenever I have to do something, I immediately don’t want to do it. Whenever I start reading it, I get engrossed. Whenever I finished reading the series, I am obsessed for the next one! I’m a weirdo!

Brief Summary:
This book takes off right where the last one left us. Kara has gone to the Vagabond’s village to train with Stone. Braedon is staying with the rest of the Bloods in Ayavel to plan the war on his father, Carden. Kara finally gets some answers into her heritage (hence the name of the book?) and comes to grips with some of her powers. Braedon makes many expeditions into the Stele to map out Carden’s army’s movements. They are apart for most of the first part of the book, but it is obvious that they are missing each other. There is so much more that happens after this, but I feel it would be too spoiler-ish so I will refrain. But there are so many betrayals on so many sides it is mind boggling sometimes. The reader does get to be in the minds of some of the other characters besides Braedon and Kara. We hear the thoughts of the new Blood of Ayavel, Carden, and Dierdre. The epilogue was amazing too! I can’t wait for the next one!

Kara grew up a lot in this installment in the series. I could relate to her actions and reactions and this made her more likeable. The storyline was amazing and I couldn’t predict what would happen next. I look forward to reading the next book. The imagination required to write this series is astounding. It’s a whole new world with all new species! It’s amazing.
September 22, 2013
I just want to note that I was lucky enough to receive a free ARC copy to review (mostly because I couldn't wait until November to read it), however my review is not influenced by that in the slightest.
I've been really looking forward to reading Heritage ever since I raced through Lichgates and Treason back in July. I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint in the slightest. We left Treason with some big changes in store for the characters, and this narrative was largely focused on them processing those changes, learning about themselves, and growing as characters. While it felt like a bit of a shift in tone from the first two novels in this way (since the first was focused on introducing you to a world, and the second continued that but with a lot of plot development) I appreciated Boyce taking the time to let her characters adapt naturally rather than overwhelming that process by having them cram this in between nonstop action. That is not to say that the book felt slow, just that I felt both the characters and the audience had time to breathe between plot leaps, a decision which helped prevent the lead-up to the finale from falling flat as so many penultimate books do. I believe I feel that way because the focus on character development gave this book a separate reason for existing from the novel that will wrap everything up, so it really feels like it stands on its own. One aspect of the novel that I really enjoyed was Boyce's ability to also allow Braeden and Kara's relationship to develop without any drama forced upon them. I understand her decision to have more of that in the first two books, but as they both mature I appreciate that she lets them have a relationship minus the angst. My only complaint is that I have to wait for Illusion! I'm very much looking forward to what is in store for Ourea next.
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September 17, 2013
I was so happy to find my ARC copy of Heritage last week! I cannot even begin to say how much I enjoy S.M. Boyce. I discovered Lichgates last year and adored it. Made my mom read it, and she loved it too. Then I got a hold of Treason, and loved it even more. And Heritage...... Wow. I love when fantasy does not follow conventional storytelling. All of the Grimoire saga has kept me on the edge of my seat, not knowing what kind of twists were coming. The imagination and the world building blow me away every time I pick up one of these books.

Heritage picks up right after Treason. And Kara is dealing with the big mind blowing changes from the last book. She is learning more about being a Vagabond, and trying to deal with her newfound powers. For Kara, Heritage is a "coming to terms" with the way things are book, and owning it. She has to make some big decisions, and figure out what is worth fighting for, and then dealing with the consequences of those decisions.

Braeden is also fighting some personal battles. Trying to figure out what his father is plotting and coming up with a strategy to take on the Steleians. He is alone, and no one trusts him. It is really hard to write this review without giving away spoilers. And the books are so good, you don't want to have spoilers.

Honestly The Grimoire Saga is one of my favourite fantasy series that I have read in a really long time. I highly recommend them.
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May 24, 2014
Heritage carries the Grimoire Saga on toward greatness. Lichgates and Treason are amazing, but the ending to this one just pushes it over the top. (Sorry, I don't want to give away any spoilers, but trust me, you will want to read it for yourself!)

The characters have grown since the first two books, they were wonderful to begin with, but their changes really start to come to the surface in this one. We also learn more about some of the other characters like Aurora, Frine, Evelyn and Deidre. And meet some cool new characters too. The group of vagabonds is growing and the people making the transition are fun to learn about.

Kara's journey in this one is more difficult as she learns how to conduct herself as a new Isen. To see her struggles and the way people react when they find out she's an isen is really cool.

This story is taking the right turn and I can't wait for Illusion. The ending of Heritage will make you want to contact Boyce and tell her to hurry up with the final book!
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November 16, 2014
Maybe I'll write a proper review later, but I just wanted to get my thoughts down while still fresh... It took me MONTHS to get through this book. For me, that in and of itself is a testament to how dry this book was; as long as a book interests me in even the smallest of ways, I will not stop reading until I've finished. That was far from the case with Heriatge. The relationship between Kara and Braeden was sickening; it's all "Never leave me again!!!!!!!!" between making gooey-eyes at each other. Plus, Braeden getting worried about asking Kara to bond with him? POINTLESS, honestly all just seemed like filler to me. The plot, however, was the only reason I finished the book. It did actually move, even if it did so in a predictable manner.
All in all, despite having read the first 3 books, I doubt that I will be finishing the series.
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October 13, 2013
I've been eating this series up. It is so enjoyable!

Boyce shows superior control in how she balances the negative aspects of the story with the positives. Heritage keep you on the edge of your seat. Anytime it felt like the characters could relax, the tide turned and you were plunged back into the conflict. On top of that, all of the characters' inner struggles are well explored in Heritage. Each of them has their own reason for being the way they are and you can identify so well with any of them. By the end of the Prologue you will be begging for more!

Heritage is full of surprises. It answers a lot of questions from Treason but gives you plenty more to look forward to. I cannot wait for the final book!
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September 30, 2013
Another winner for the Grimoire Saga by Mrs. Boyce!

We're back in Ourea where Kara has been awakened as an Isen and is having to learn how to control her powers. The Bloods don't trust one another, and Braeden is doing all he can do to prove that he isn't like his father.

Eventually, as most things do, tensions escalate, and there is war, betrayal, and a love that should never happen but has.

I loved this book as much as I've loved the previous two. I love being in Ourea. I love the twists and turns that I never see coming, and above all, I love the relationship between Kara and Braeden.

I would strongly suggest reading this book. It's amazing!
September 13, 2013
S.M. Boyce has definitely captured myself into the world of Ourea. I was excited to get the book and could not put it down. The Grimoire Saga Series is by far my most favorite to read and will definitely reread every one of them again.

I absolutely love Kara and Braeden. The tribulations they must go through to be together and everything Kara must overcome within her new self. The two together are unstoppable and I look forward to seeing how things turn out for the two of them in the next book.

This is by far my favorite of the series and can not wait for book #4. The series is an absolute must read.
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October 21, 2013
I was so excited when I discover the Grimoire saga this summer; it had everything I love in a book fantasy, romance, and a strong heroine. So when I was able to get a ARC of Heritage I was thrilled. Heritage starts off soon after Treason ends. In Heritage we see a lot of character growth in both Kara and Braeden. We see them both start to accept who they really are. Although I think Kara is still learning exactly who she is and what she is meant to do. Overall the story was good, the war had finally started and we where getting more action/fighting scenes. I would recommend the Grimoire saga to anyone. I cannot wait until the next one!
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October 5, 2013
This is a book about anger, about power used carefully and used carelessly. Both Kara and Braeden struggle with rage and the power that their rage can unleash. We can all relate to this, as even in this world, angry people can be scary.

I found Kara's visit to her grandfather's house surprisingly touching. Maybe that's just a reflection of my connection to the character.

The book ends on an excellent cliff hanger. Not unsatisfying, but enticing.

Overall, I enjoyed this book the most of all three in the series, and I look forward to the last book.
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September 22, 2013
S.M. Boyce is definitely on my top 10 list of favorite authors and Heritage is just another reason why. She tells the story in such a way that your eyes are riveted to the page, drinking in the action and emotion. Boyce really ties all three together well with this one.
Heritage really advanced The Grimoire Saga along the path and I can't wait for the fourth book even though I don't want the story to end. I highly recommend buying this when it is available in November!
September 12, 2013
I have loved every book in this saga and this one isn't any different. I read it, like I did with the others, in only two days because I couldn't put it down. This book is full of intrigue, action, betrayal and love. Kara has grown up a lot but is still coming to grips with her new incredible power. Braeden is busy gathering intel from the Stele while the Bloods are waiting to wage war against Carden. I can't wait to read the next book and see what happens in the wonderful world of Ourea.
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November 4, 2013
An other very nice story i have the honor to get a free copy from the writer so i could read it at advance i like this kind of books for me it is a other day of plesur the only problem is i have to wait longer voor the next book so dear readers run to the store on 5 november and get a copy
groeten Robbert
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July 30, 2022
4.5 stars
I've really enjoyed the ride this series has taken me on and this book is no different. It continues to propel the plot forward full of fantasy, allies, betrayal, secrets, and power plays. I absolutely cannot wait to read what the next and final book have in store for me. I'm definitely a fan of this series and if you haven't read it yet then you totally need to!
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October 19, 2013
Amazing series! Can't wait for book 4 to come out!
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