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Carpe College! Seize Your Whole College Experience

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College just got easier! You have spent the last year or two of your life trying to get in, and now you need to know what to do once you get there. To make the most of it, you'll need to Carpe College! By seizing all the wonderful opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, you can make your college years the rich and life-changing experience you've always dreamed of. But you need a plan, an approach, and some perspective. From your dorm room to your classroom, Carpe College! has you covered. Whether it's planning your week, poppin' in to see your professor, or partying like you know what you're doing, with this book you'll know you have what it takes to truly seize your college experience!

So, what the heck is Carpe College!?

Well, it's certainly not a perfect Latin translation because that would mean 'Seize the College!' and inciting riots won't get any of us anywhere. So let's simply settle on a fast and loose translation: 'Seize the college experience (in its entirety).'

Carpe College! is an idea. An approach. An M.O. A habit. A way of embracing everything college life throws your way - academics and the rest - and doing so with vigor. Or, as President Kennedy would have said, "with VIGAH!" It's also an exploration, a continual experiment, a series of tests and trials and the dipping of many toes into many different waters in an attempt to uncover who you are and how you fit... with others... with the world at large... with your own notion of who you'd like to become.

This is Carpe College!

Let us begin.

248 pages, Paperback

First published December 1, 2013

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About the author

Michael Metzler

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After a roller-coaster undergraduate experience, a couple of masters degrees and an uninspiring advertising career, Mike Metzler ventured into teaching where he has found his bliss and earned praise from every corner. Now, having taught nearly two decades of high school and college combined, Mike has learned a few things about the challenging transition from high school to college life, and he’s eager to share his insights in Carpe College!

A native Chicagoan, Mike picked up stakes and spent seven years on a Minnesota farm while his kids were younger. Now his family resides in upstate New York, where Mike teaches, plays pick-up hoops, guitar, and baseball for old(er) guys. Oh yeah… and he invented a drink called the “Grape & Granny.”

What Mike’s students have said….

• You have been the most intriguing teacher – my all-time favorite – no lie! • You made learning fun, different, enlightening, and treated us like adults • Mike was really impressive and an amazing teacher. His style really allowed us to get comfortable with our new college environment • I have always looked forward to coming to your class • There are few people who really get through to stubborn, obstinate, annoying, frightened teenagers; you got through to me • Mr. Metzler is the reason I’m alive. This hero truly saved my life • Metzler loves his job, and it really shows • Thank you for encouraging us to reach outside ourselves and explore • In my list of inspiring educators, his name is at the top • He really makes us think for ourselves • I feel better knowing there’s a teacher like him • I am a life that was changed • Until I stepped into your class, I was taught ‘the one right point of view’ and just accepted what I was told • Thank you for being the best teacher I’ve ever had! • I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to know you and learn from you • Your class was a tough one, but only because you would never let us sell ourselves short of what you knew we had • You accepted nothing but our hardest efforts • You encouraged me to reach beyond my limits • You are a teacher we will all remember forever • I am a better person having known you • A teacher who dares to change “the way it is” and always believes in us students • You have truly been an inspiration to me. I will never forget you • You taught me to be excited when my thoughts differ from others, and you simply taught me to think better • Your passion makes us want to learn • Whatever you’ve done with us, it worked! • The most enjoyable class of my high school career! • I would like to become his friend, not just his student • Mike is an amazing guy • He was a great teacher and his class was one of the only classes that I looked forward to go to • I would really like to continue being in his class for the next 5 years • He was very interested in helping us adjust to college life • Thank you for being your wonderful self!

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January 23, 2014
Where was this book three years ago when my son started college? Where was it ten years ago when my first child went off to school? For that matter, where was it when I went off to college some years ago? We all could have used it and all the advice contained in it. While this book seems tailored for the new freshman to help ease the transition from high school to college, all students could take a tip or two from it.
The biggest thing this talks about is time management, a very critical and under-appreciated tool to success in higher academics. When first away from the parents it is easy for the young student to slip into “party animal” mode, bail on studies and attendance, and eventually get into academic trouble. “Carpe College” offers great insight, in a friendly, non-threatening way, that can help the new young adult ease through the transition from home and parents to dorms, professors and party animals, Topics range from how to deal with roommates, coping with depression, eating properly and exercising (to fight off the freshman 15), but most of all, this book speaks about having the best time you can while still maintaining focus on your goals, i.e. getting a degree without being a shut in.
Perhaps the greatest thing about all this talk of jugging your needs, wants and desires against the need to actually work at your degree is the overall feel of the book. “Carpe College” says, above all else, if you figure this thing out early you can have a great time a college. This book helps the young, and not so young (I’m talking to you parents) get though all this with your sanity intact, a smile on your face and some great memories along the way.
You might even get a degree in four years if you’re not careful.
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Author 1 book3 followers
January 19, 2014
Oh, Captain, My Captain!

While written for students, I will probably gift this book to parents of high school graduates as my first order of business. Carpe College is written from the heart by an author who is passionate about what a FULL higher education means -- classroom, social life, leadership, experimentation, exploration... That's an easier sell for students than for the well-meaning grown-ups who give misguided advice out of both fear and love (and probably just not knowing). I hope that if author Mike Metzler gets parents on board with a broader understanding of learning, educators will no longer have to convince students to step outside their comfort zones or pursue the passion that is their absolute comfort zone.

Full disclosure - I know the author and I know what a big impact his teaching has on students. Carpe College is geared toward the traditional student who will live on campus, take a full-time class load, hold a campus job as an option, etc. For that student, this book is a must. Just like Metz's in-person students, readers can appreciate his humor (sometimes hilariously self-effacing and corny), humility and intellectualism. He respects students as thinkers and pushes them to act on the world.

If every student read this book, that world would probably be a much better place.
3 reviews11 followers
January 24, 2014
Even though I am in my freshman year of college, I found this book to be very helpful. I really wish I could have read it last summer before I came to college. I realized how many things I could have done differently and what I could have done to to make the transition from high school to college easier. Even though I think that, for me,some of these helpful tips kind of missed their mark, I think for other people, they will be more than useful. Overall, I found it to be a very good, very interesting read. By the way, loved the pictures; they always help!
1 review
February 3, 2014
This is a great book! Metzler writes an entertaining and informative book with everything a future college student needs to know. There isn't anything this book lacks. Thanks for the good read!
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2,041 reviews74 followers
May 28, 2014
As the parent of a high school Junior starting what looks to be a long list of college visits, our family is quite interested in the state of affairs for typical college students. What has changed since the times we went to college those decades (!) ago? One thing that has changed is that you can now get experienced and knowledgeable guidance in how to be a college student in books, and "Carpe College" is an excellent way to find out how things work. The book is written with a touch of humor, with short chapters and a few cartoons added to keep things light. It's a short book, but it really packs in the advice. The book covers a lot of the things a student needs to think about before and during college, as well as some guidance on longer-range goal setting. The topics covered are many, including life planning, how to become interesting, how and when to talk to your professors, college jobs, dorm life and room mates, laundry basics, partying, and many, many more. There are examples of using weekly planners, checklists for setting and reviewing goals for a school year, and specific guidance for commuter students and student athletes. Some of the advice you probably have heard before -- in fact it was that advice that I had been preparing to give to my daughter about college. This book makes a lot of my advice a bit redundant. But there are also plenty of suggestions that I believe would have helped me back in the dark ages when I was in college, suggestions that I had not thought about. Does this cover everything? In thinking back on the angst-provoking moments from college, most are covered, although I think there could have been more on grade "optimization" beyond the suggestion of talking to the professor. I recall a lot of room mate angst about what I would call "strategic class dropping" as well that isn't really covered here. Another topic I would have liked to see more on is big school compared to small school. But these really are small nits that might be more specific to my limited experiences. "Carpe College" is a wonderful resource. I will be sharing this with my daughters in the next few years as they start off their college life.

I won a copy of this book in Goodreads First Reads program.
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686 reviews30 followers
April 8, 2015
Since I am now a graduate student, I wish I had this book a few years earlier. I have quite a few regrets from my undergraduate years and wish I had taken advantage of more of the opportunities offered, such as the student trips and conventions.
I think most college students have some regrets, but Metzler's book gives some excellent ideas for getting the most of the college experience. Like many students, my time management techniques were a bit lacking and my goals and priorities were not as defined as they should have been. This book could have helped with some of the problems I was having....
Overall, I would recommend this book to student's in their first couple years of college, or those about to enter college. It is well-written and offers some solid advice.
I won my copy of "Carpe College! Seize Your Whole College Experience (Paperback)" from the Goodreads.com website.
111 reviews3 followers
February 16, 2014
I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway.

I was hoping to win this book so I could pass it on to my 17 year old grandson. Of course, I read it first and what a good read it was! Too bad it wasn't available when I went to college over 50 years ago. I already had good study skills, but I wish I had had the benefit of all the good advice regarding the rest of the college experience. Metzler emphasizes how important it is to make time to expand one's horizons through the wide variety of activities available on campus without neglecting academics. The information in the book was presented in a breezy, fun to read style that should appeal to students about to embark on their college days.
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426 reviews8 followers
August 22, 2015
I received this book as an advanced readers copy from GoodReads. I think it is very useful for college students. I passed it on to my daughter and she has also been reading as time allows with a full schedule of classes.
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321 reviews29 followers
August 12, 2016
Definitely a good read for someone who is about to start college. The book covers a large array of topics like academics, how to meet others, how to live with others and just how to survive college. It's a good College 101 guide for rising college freshmen!
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