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They’ll pay him a fortune to find a killer tornado for their movie.
He knows the risks all too well, but he never imagined just how dangerous the perfect storm could get.

Chuck Rittenburg was one of the most intrepid storm chasers in the country until a bad decision resulted in the death of a young couple who’d paid to ride along. A decade later— broke, divorced, and estranged from his college-age children—he’s got nothing left to lose. When a film producer offers Chuck one-million dollars to help find and photograph a deadly tornado in Oklahoma, Chuck sees a chance to earn his kids’ respect again—and maybe his own.
The situation quickly becomes about more than tracking a monster tornado for Hollywood. FBI Agent Gabi Medeiros insists on riding along. A burglary ring is targeting tornado-ravaged neighborhoods, and their tactics now include murder.
With the stage set for a major heist, a deadly supercell, and a confrontation between Man and Nature on an epic scale, Chuck and his crew will be lucky to escape in one piece.

H.W. "Buzz" Bernard is a retired meteorologist who worked for thirteen years at the Atlanta-based Weather Channel. Now he writes bestselling thriller novels, including PLAGUE and the Number One bestseller in ebook, EYEWALL. Visit him at www.buzzbernard.com

256 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 1, 2013

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About the author

H.W. "Buzz" Bernard

9 books60 followers
H. W. “Buzz” Bernard is a best-selling, award-winning novelist.

His debut novel, EYEWALL, which one reviewer called a “perfect summer beach read,” was published in May 2011 and went on to become a number-one bestseller in Amazon’s Kindle Store.

Three of his next four novels won EPIC eBook awards in the suspense/thriller category.

In 2020, with the publication of WHEN HEROES FLEW, Buzz switched from writing suspense/thriller novels to WWII historical fiction. WHEN HEROES FLEW was awarded a Gold Medal by the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA).

His next two books, WHEN HEROES FLEW: THE SHANGRI-LA RAIDERS (2021) and WHEN HEROES FLEW: THE ROOF OF THE WORLD (2022) completed the WHEN HEROES FLEW trilogy. THE SHANGRI-LA RAIDERS also garnered a Gold Medal from the MWSA.

Buzz is currently at work on his fourth WWII historical fiction novel, DOWN A DARK ROAD. It’s scheduled to be released in May 2023.

Before becoming a novelist, Buzz worked at The Weather Channel as a senior meteorologist for thirteen years. Prior to that, he served as a weather officer in the U.S. Air Force for over three decades. He attained the rank of colonel and received, among other awards, the Legion of Merit.

Buzz is a past president of the Southeastern Writers Association as well as a member of the Atlanta Writers Club, Willamette Writers, the Military Writers Society of America, and International Thriller Writers.

Although a native Oregonian, Buzz lived for 35 years in Atlanta, and now resides in Kennewick, Washington, with his wife Barbara and their fuzzy Shih Tzu, Stormy . . . who doesn’t live up to his name.

Buzz's Website can be found at www.buzzbernard.com.

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1,801 reviews9 followers
November 18, 2021
One of my favourite movies is Twister and this had the same feel as that. Extreme weather terrifies me but it also fascinates me so I couldn't wait to jump into this audio!!

The plot is summed up in this part of the blurb "Chuck Rittenburg is a washed-up, former tornado chaser/tour guide. A film director offers him $1 million to find the biggest, baddest F5 tornado within a 2-week window" of course, he accepts but how do you find the mother of all tornadoes when the F5 is so rare?

Chuck was, for the most part, a good character. He ran a successful Tornado Tour Guide business till an accident caused him to lose everything. So when a movie company offers him a million dollars, he takes the offer. Chuck knows how hard it is to find an F5 but he will do all he can to try to find one. Now, I'm torn on how I feel about Chuck though. The one thing I really didn't like was the way he was with his son, he stopped seeing him years ago because his son was gay. I'm torn because while Chuck did make contact and bring his son on this mission, he still struggled with his prejudice with the fact his son is gay! I will say that Chuck did grow throughout the story and we do see his inner monologue and thoughts about his strict upbringing and how it affected his thoughts on gays, but I still didn't like the religious crap that was thrown our way.

The plot of this, while slowish at the start, really picks up towards the end. I loved how vividly the author described the weather. It shows that his back ground is in meteorology!! I also loved the subplot of why the FBI was involved. It really makes you think, would people really stoop that low!!!

In all, an enjoyable, rip roaring, tense and entertaining read. Once I started this, I found it very hard to put it aside! There was even a few laugh out loud moments, especially when it came to the TV executive ;) This is definitely one to check out for fans of weather or for anyone who wants a great read.

Drew Commins did a really good job. He had enough voice variations that it was easy to follow who was talking and had the right tone for the right time.

*I received a copy of this for review, this in no way affected my thoughts.*
Profile Image for Anne.
110 reviews2 followers
November 2, 2013
I just love this guy. His writing has gotten so much better since his first book. This is more polished than his other two. His ability to write man-woman relationships has greatly improved. Much more believable now.

I am a big fan of tornadoes, although I am definitely not a chaser. And I do hate the destruction they cause. But it's the building and tension in the air that draws me. Buzz does a great job of describing the tornado. He is positively lyrical. Here are just a few of the phrases that stood out to me:

"aerosols of despair"

"something ominous and exhilarating" - definitely my feeling in a tornado atmosphere

In describing a migraine: "her world spun in a vicious kaledoscope of painful lightning bolts arching across the scalp." Using storm imagery to describe the pain. Good one

His vocabulary is big and he probably had fun inserting the words "tenebrous" and "revetments" into the book.

His background in meterology really shows for the best.

Do I recommend this to a meterologist? Yes
Do I recommend this to a reader of romantic suspense? No
Would I recommend this to a man in a bear suit? Yes

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Author 4 books61 followers
May 26, 2018
Buzz Bernard delivers a fast pace, thrill ride with his novel, Supercell. I was hooked from the first chapter and I couldn’t put the book down. I especially liked the fact that most of his characters were flawed and rough around the edges. The book had a realistic feel and I learned so much about tornadoes. Thanks to this author, I will never live in Oklahoma!
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468 reviews2 followers
March 28, 2016
Interesting approach to Hollywood movie makers in the tornado world. This book is not only about tornadoes, but also a suspense thriller to boot. It is a little slow at take off, but then the book gets really interesting. I have always been a fan of disaster movies and was thrilled to see a disaster book.

This is my first read by this author. H W Buzz Bernard did a good job at entertaining me. I loved the reason the FBI was involved with it too. The narrator, delivered a good story with multiple voices and was believable.

I was provided this audio book at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast.
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Author 2 books7 followers
October 16, 2018
Where to start? I love disaster stories, especially those centered on weather. This story had plenty of potential. The details, however, left me debating whether or not I'd actually finish it. First off, I truly disliked the narrator. If I hadn't bought the book a couple of years ago, I'd have returned it to Audible. His voice acting was profoundly annoying. Others might not feel the same, but for whatever reason, I hated how he portrayed all the characters. Perhaps, if I had only read the book instead of listening to the majority of it, I might have been more inclined to overlook some of the other things that bothered me. With the awful narration, though, I was even more annoyed by the other small stuff.

None of the characters, other than Stormy the dog, were likeable. The main protagonist was whiny and shallow. The author clearly tried to suggest a redemptive story arc with his relationship with his gay son, but none of it rang very true to me. By the end of the book, regardless of all he'd been through, he's still sitting on his rear, feeling sorry for himself and drinking too much. It was literally where he started and all because he was cheated out of money by a guy he knew was a Hollywood shark, yet was idiotic enough to expect to uphold a deal made via a handshake and no contract amendment.

Then we have the FBI agent who's hiding her migraine headaches from her bosses because the meds she takes for them make her so groggy and mentally foggy that she has no business trying to do the job. As someone who's lived with migraines for decades and taken more than one med for them that knocked me flat out, I can't exactly get behind the notion of a federal agent being so selfish that she'd hide the health ramifications just so she can stay in the field.

The Hollywood guy was just annoying in every conceivable way. I understand that was deliberate, but he didn't have a single redeeming quality, which had me hoping one of the tornadoes would do him in. The crew that accompanied him was barely mentioned at all, making it impossible to care one way or another whether any of them were in any danger or not.

The "bad guys" were supposed to be complex characters that inspired ambiguous feelings due to the abuse they suffered at the hands of their adoptive father, which we're told about when they're fist introduced, but then they go about murdering everyone who gets in their way, so that nixes any hint of sympathy or understanding their past might have engendered. And, of course, there's the fact that they say they're going to "lay low" after they're seen by a state trooper right before they murder an injured store owner, yet they immediately rob and murder another person, then decide to go after a possibly mythical pile of money at a location that they don't even know is going to be hit by a tornado (and thus fit their MO) until after they're already heading toward it.

So, basically, none of the characters has any redeeming qualities. None of them are likeable. None of them "grow" or "evolve" at all through the entire book. The main protagonist thinks his father's ultra conservative Christian views are wrong and bad, yet clings to them so fiercely that he turns his back on his own son because he's gay. Even more absurd, his decision on how to reconcile his apparent beliefs is to just say, "I love my son, I'll let God decided if he's wrong." Really? He couldn't make that decision a decade and a half earlier instead of driving his son away? (We don't really know what happened because none of their interactions from that time are relayed at all.) Oh, and lets not forget that the man was stunned to learn his son had not only joined the Army, but was a Green Beret. Yet, he supposedly still had contact with his daughter, who never once mentioned it, even in passing over the ten intervening years? Seems odd, to say the least.

And finally, at the end, we have the protagonist feeling sorry for himself, drinking, avoiding the woman he supposedly fell in love with, all because he didn't get the million dollars he wanted. He got $14,000 though, in the beginning. I know his vehicle was wrecked, but one would assume he'd carry insurance on it, especially knowing what he was going to be doing with it. Same goes for whatever equipment he'd purchased with that money. Yet, he's whining about how broke he is, and avoiding the woman because "he has nothing to offer her."

I'm not even going to go into the assorted dives into Christian theology the author attempts to make, or the greed that seems to the only real motivation for the protagonist. He repeatedly puts himself and everyone else at risk by being reckless as he chases that cash. Oh, and I'll just go ahead and laugh at the notion of predicting with any reliability the likelihood of tornado outbreaks a week in advance.

The story had a few entertaining aspects. Very few. Mostly, I just liked the dog. Anyway, as much as I hate giving a bad review, I just cannot pretend I enjoyed this book. Others certainly seem to have liked it just fine, so perhaps it was just me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
July 1, 2018
Sound and exciting

A fun read for anyone who is fascinated by these monsters,particularly if you have ever experienced been in or too close to one.
Profile Image for Brian's Book Blog.
723 reviews55 followers
March 28, 2016
Hollywood resurrects a twister chasing legend

4.5 out of 5 stars

Chuck might be one of the best storm chasers of his time. But his chasing is cut short when people on one of his tornado watching tours were cut down by lightning. Bankrupt, divorced, and down on his luck – Chuck is given a second chance. One that he is reluctant to take because he doesn’t want to re-live the things that happened in his past. He signs a 2 week contract with a Hollywood director to find him the biggest and baddest twister, either an EF-4 or EF-5. Along the way, Chuck’s values, life, and friendships will be put to the test.

The narration for Supercell was done by Drew Commins, who does a really nice job. Drew gave Chuck and everyone else involved in the story different voices allowing for the listener to follow along almost effortlessly. The quality of the recording and of this audiobook were perfect. I will definitely be looking for other work by Collins in the future (and it looks like he narrates at least one other Bernard book!)

I love extreme weather, I’ve always wanted to go out storm chasing. But, at the same time I utterly terrified of it. This book has been on my “to read’ list for quite some time. I actually owned the ebook version of it for almost 2 years. I don’t know why I never took the chance to read it. Well, now the audiobook comes along and I’m extremely excited that I got to finally finish this book.

Chuck was a really different main character for me. He was a down on his luck “loser” who really had nothing going for him. He used to be top dog, but now he just seemed to have nothing go his way. Supercell really allowed Chuck to shine as a main character, and allowed a lot of growth in his character along the way.

The only problems I had with this book was the biblical stuff pepper throughout. Not that I’m against the bible — no I was raised Catholic. Just Chuck’s character is the exact type of religious person that I disliked. He basically disowned his son for “choosing” to be gay. Now, with that being said and my personal views on this — the character arc for him (and even for his son) really added a unique dynamic to this story. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if there wasn’t the animosity — but I would have been okay with less “angry religious Chuck” in the book.

The story definitely reminded me of Twister and of the amazing storms I’ve watched on the news and in different documentaries. Everything in this book felt real. Even the way that the Hollywood film producer acted throughout felt believable.

Overall, Supercell was one of those books that I was pleased to have read when I finished it. It also made me really want to dive into the other books the Buzz has written. I see that a few of them are available in audiobook format, and I hope to get the chance to review those soon!

If you were a fan of the movie Twister, like extreme weather, or really enjoy a well-written story with well thought out characters and a twisting, turning (tornado-like) plot — this book is for you. I was… blown away by the story. (Sorry, I had to).

Did you enjoy this review? Check out more like it at Brian's Book Blog
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519 reviews33 followers
January 20, 2014
I won this book as an ARC here at goodreads. I loved everything about this book even right down to the most annoying character of them all, Metcalf.

Many years ago I fell in love with weather. I know that sounds strange and weird, but I was fascinated by all aspects of it. Why does it get cold, how do hurricanes form, how does lake effect snow occur, and my favourite weather occurrences...Storms and Tornado's. I would watch everything I could on the Weather Channel about Tornado's. They were absolutely one of the most beautiful and dangerous event that could ever occur. Now before anyone starts to yell at me I would like to clarify that I don't want to see people die from them, nor do I wish to see anyone's home or business get ripped apart by one. I like watching them in open land where no one can get hurt.

Supercell starts us off in Oklahoma with down and out ex storm chaser, Chuck Rittenburg. Chuck no longer chases storms due to an event that occurred when he used to run his own storm chasing company. He was sued and lost everything including his wife and his two estranged kids. Even though Chuck no longer chases his reputation did not go down with him. Metcalf, a Hollywood producer offers him one million dollars to take him and his team out to get footage of an EF5 tornado. The catch is that he has only two weeks to do it. chuck scoffs at the offer at first, but eventually decides to take the offer. Right after that offer comes another offer from the FBI. The FBI are investigating a ring of murders and thefts that seem to be occurring in towns that have been hit by tornadoes. The deal is that the FBI agent, Gabi Medeiros, must ride along going undercover as a magazine writer.

Before going out, Chuck has been trying to reconnect with his son Ty who he has not seen in several years. He invites Ty to ride along so that he can possibly patch things up with him. Ty agrees to go along, but he is quite angry with his father and it shows.

Chuck and the crew go through many states and obstacles before he finally finds what he is looking for. During the 2 week period, Chuck will discover many things about himself and his actions that have caused him to wind up where he is in his life now. The story is told through humour, anger, love, and many other emotions that will have you not wanting to put the book down.

Profile Image for Holly Booms Walsh.
1,186 reviews
January 9, 2015
I am a bit of a tornado junkie myself, so I was very excited for this book. The science and explanation was good. The author knows his stuff. The book is action-packed. I thought it was funny that the author has his character badmouth the movie "Twister", despite the many similarities between Supercell and Twister. There are two plotlines in the book: Chuck gets an offer he cannot refuse to find a big tornado for a Hollywood film company to get footage of; and we also meet two brothers that have been using tornado damage as a cover to burgularize victim's homes and businesses. Both plotlines are well-written and interwoven - up until the explosive finale that was straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster and way over the top. The author manages to give a lot of information about tornados in a remarkably fluid way without static information dumps.

The author did a good job with his main protagonist, Chuck, the down-on-his-luck tornado chaser. The secondary characters successful to varying degrees. I actually liked the treatment of the two brothers who are thieves. The dog, Smokey, was great. The son was a good device, but Chuck's religious objection to this son's homosexuality seemed forced as Chuck did not seem religious in any other aspect of his daily life. The FBI agent that pals along with Chuck was likeable, though her mission and her debilitating migraines seemed too implausible. The romance was handled well, and didn't get too intense too fast for the short time period the story covers. The hero's sidekick Sam was a good character but went overboard on the Vietnam part of his persona. The Hollywood film company bad guy was deliciously slimy.

Overall, this book was very much a Hollywood movie like Twister. Enjoyable, incredible, exciting, and fun. There was some awkwardness in the writing: wooden dialogue, too much Vietnam flashback, sentences or phrases repeated in the same page or paragraph, awkward treatment of the FBI agent and her self-description as a "tramp" and how she related to men that felt out of character. I enjoyed the listen but the book could use some editing to polish it up.

NOTE: I got a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 11 books32 followers
July 1, 2016
Supercell is a triple doozie of plot twists. Pun entirely intended. It is a fabulous story. I was concerned it would be all too “Twister”ish (the 1999 tornado movie) and it turned out to be WAY more. I love that Buzz gave a nod to the movie, like he had to acknowledge what everyone was thinking. He pointed it out and then I didn’t think about it for the rest of the story.

The three layers of plot worked really well together, setting a stage for an awesome mess of an ending. A movie company wanted him to lead them to an EF-4 or -5 tornado, an FBI agent needed to ride along and Chuck invited his estranged son to join the hunt. Each layer lent itself to making this a great read. I appreciated the calm beginning because I had a feeling things would get seriously intense and the climax did not disappoint. At times I felt like I was in the car with Chuck, Gabi, Ty and Stormy, the storm chasing wonder dog. What a ride!

The characters are quite believable. The main character, Chuck, is a mild mannered pessimist who was handed a raw deal ten years prior and his character is consistent throughout. He sees a bit of light at the end, giving us a glimpse as to how a mild-mannered man comes to a revelation about a few things without changing is personality.

What struck me the most was that he could describe these tornadoes and storms with such vivid vocabulary, I could see it. Even when describing the pain of a migraine Buzz used the theme of storm terminology. A descriptive adventure, for sure.

I give this a 4: GREAT. A really good read. It was intense and interesting. I loved (without spoiling) what they were able to film. There were a couple of laughs that helped my stomach untie a little. There was even hint of romance mixed in keeping this girl hoping and cheering along the way. Loved it.
Profile Image for John Boettcher.
585 reviews41 followers
July 29, 2016
Supercell was an immensely fun read! The story was fast paced and laced with excitement.

Supercell tells the story of a storm chaser seeking redemption on the high plains of the midwest. Given one last chance to salvage his life from a hellish storm of unfortunate events he endured, a production company makes him an offer he can't refuse: $1,000,000 for footage of an EF-4 or EF-5 tornado within a two week time period.

Now throw in thieves, murderers, an FBI agent, an estranged son, a crazy movie producer, storms that possess the full power of nature, and a 22 foot python and you have a great story!

The prose in the book is the only reason that I didn't give the book 5 stars. I felt that even for a thriller, fast-paced moving story such as Supercell, that a bit more time could have been spent on the writing. However, some authors get TOO wordy which takes away from the story. The prose in Supercell did nothing to diminish from the overall storytelling. The characters were fairly well established and there was a bit of development with the main characters.

Technical details of storms were not lacking either. Coincidentally, as a amateur storm chaser myself, all of the technical details were accurate and did alot to add to the plausibility of the story. Nothing in the physical realm of the story needed to be made up or things "just happen" because Bernard knew his stuff and did enough background research to make sure that the meteorological details were complete and comprehensive.

It was the first book from Bernard that I have read, but I will be checking out the other two he has written because of Supercell. I sincerely enjoyed reading it.
Profile Image for Lee Clevenger.
2 reviews1 follower
April 24, 2014
Buzz Bernard knows weather, but better still Buzz Bernard knows how to wrap a twister of a story inside a real-live twister of a tornado. Protagonist Chuck's life is broken, and he's accepted his beer-for-breakfast as the highlight of his day when out of nowhere comes a million-dollar offer that just might repair a lot of that brokenness. There are conditions, of course, and the odds are against Chuck finding what this Hollywood hotshot wants him to find in an impossible time frame. But throwing caution and his steady job as a janitor to the, ahem, wind, Chuck decides to chase the pot of gold at the end of the tornado-to-end-all-tornadoes. There's a chance this might help him fix the sadness of a seemingly impossible-to-resolve conflict with his son. And, of course, along the way, a potential love interest jumps into the fray, a female agent chasing bad guys who chase storms. Add in the point man from Hollywood who holds the key to the golden money just happens to be in line for Jerk of the Year, and you have a cast of characters that Bernard, ahem, spins into conflicts, messes, disappointments and, ultimately not what the reader expects at the end. Bernard is a master of suspense (read "Plague" if you haven't already), and he uses knowledge gained in the weather industry to take us a lot more up-close-and-personal with Mother Nature than most authors can do. The result is that "Supercell" is a page turner, Grade EF-5. What's EF-5, you say? It's covered in "Supercell."
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197 reviews4 followers
February 2, 2017
Chuck Rittenberg, is a broken man; an out of work storm chaser who’s lost his livelihood, wife, and children. Chuck has gone down without a fight, resigned to his fate... Until offers for his services come in from two unlikely sources: First, Metcalf, a Hollywood producer, wants Chuck to lead him to an F4 tornado. He’s willing to pay handsomely, but only if Chuck succeeds, and success has a timestamp. Second, Gabi, an FBI agent on the hunt for a thieving duo, who have no problem dispatching anyone in their way. The MO of these two reprobates? Relieve people of their valuables when they’re at their most vulnerable, like say… after a tornado.

Chuck grabs for the chance he’s been given with both hands and asks his estranged, adult son, Ty, to accompany him; seeing it as the perfect opportunity to repair the rift in their complicated relationship. But mending relationships are going to have to take a backseat because tracking a killer storm and serial killers simultaneously can be murder!

Supercell was a surprise for me, I was expecting an action-packed adventure, which it has, but it’s also about relationships, the acceptance of lifestyles different from yours, and the redemption of a man who still has time to live a fulfilling life.

The dichotomy of SUPERCELL is just that: action, murder, and adventure, combined with Chuck’s reclaiming of his life. I found it a truly heartwarming story.

This book was gifted to me exchange for an unbiased review!
Profile Image for Mary Shafer.
35 reviews
April 29, 2015
This was the first title I read in Buzz Bernard's series of thriller novels set during extreme weather events, and was everything I hoped it would be. He gives readers an unlikely hero, a washed-up storm chaser offered a great deal of money to return to the game after a chase that ended in disaster. It's all there -- excellent meteorological setup and nearly non-stop thriller action, and the plot even grapples with some very modern cultural aspects. The only thing that kept this from being a five-star review was that I had some difficulty with the female romantic interest. Her character was well-rounded and well-drawn, and so I had trouble believing her attraction to the hero. At the time they got together he was really not attractive in any sense, and I didn't feel the repartée meant to induce sexual tension between them did the trick enough to have them tumble into bed together. But that's a pretty minor aspect. I didn't buy this book for a romance, I got it for an exciting ride-along on the tornado chase of a lifetime, and Buzz succeeds in delivering that with accessible descriptions of weather conditions you could only really expect from a meteorologist used to making the terms and descriptions understandable to lay people (he's a former Weather Channel meteo). I blasted through this book in two days and was sorry when it was over. Can't wait to read his next one!
Profile Image for Regina.
253 reviews1 follower
May 4, 2016
I'm giving this book three stars because I enjoyed most of the story and the narration was good. The author definitely knows tornadoes and there is a lot of meteorological education interspersed throughout the story.

Down on his luck, Chuck Rittenberg reluctantly agrees to find a tornado for a slimy film producer. And then he immediately agrees to allow an FBI agent to go undercover as part of his team. And then he asks his estranged son to come along. Is this guy a masochist or what? I liked Chuck. I liked Gabi. I liked the film crew. The slimy film producer provided some good comic relief. Buzz had me right up to the end of the story.

What I didn't care for was the anti-religion and LGBT agenda and tone of the story. Because-your-son-is-gay-and-you-are-religious-you-can't-love-him-anymore? It wasn't authentic to me. But I could get past it...and did to hear the end of the story. The last bit of negativity to my review is that Chuck is a smart guy, there is no way he would be so stupid when it comes to contracts and there was way too much packed into the ending for this to be a plausible thriller for me.

I received this audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Megan.
199 reviews25 followers
April 22, 2016
Actual rating 4.5 stars!
When I first read the summary of this book, the movie Twister was what came to mind. Tornados are terrifying to me, so I knew I wanted to check this one out. It was a little slow to start, but by the halfway mark it had picked up so much steam! There was action, and so much going on other than just the expected tornado. Drew Commins was the narrator, and he was absolutely amazing! He really brought the characters to life, and each one had a different voice including several accents. I liked the cast of characters, and their personalities worked perfectly. The main character was Chuck, and he had a lot of conflicting feelings regarding his sons homosexuality. At first I really didn't like him because of this. However, now I like that the author gave him those feelings, it made him more real somehow. I really enjoyed this audiobook, and would love to check out another book from this author. I could easily see this being a movie! I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is even a little interested!
**I was provided with this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Eric Reeves.
46 reviews
April 5, 2016
I really enjoyed listening to this book. Just like the plot line suggests, I think this would make a great movie!

The narration was great. I didn't ever feel bored or bogged down. Occasionally narrators will make me feel like a story is dragging on and on. Not in this case. Very good all the way through!

The story was very good. I really enjoyed all of the different situations presented as challenges to the main character. He really had his share of hard knocks and it was good to watch him conquer everything. At the end, I was feeling really upset that the story was going to end the way it did, then the epilogue tied up that loose end and all was right again with the world.

Didn't really think I would enjoy a book about tornados, but the book was much more than just storm chasing.

Overall, I was pleased and enjoyed this book.

I received a free copy of this audio book for an honest review.
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1,243 reviews59 followers
September 14, 2014
Per FTC guidelines this review for Supercell by H.W. “Buzz” Bernard is for a book received for free in a Goodreads.com First Read Giveaway.

Supercell is an adrenaline fueled action packed adventure of a novel. It is obvious that Mr. Bernard holds a strong respect for storm systems and the power of the storm. This novel comes alive during the storm chasing scenes. I am taking one star away from the review because of the murder mystery aspect of the novel. It was painfully obvious that the introduction of the 2 “tornado thieves” was a plot tool to introduce a love interest Gabi Medeiros for the main character Chuck Rittenburg. I don’t know that it really moved the plot along all that much. Still and all, I would recommend this novel because the storm action is the star and it is the predominance of the novel.
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954 reviews39 followers
September 6, 2016
There's something both exhilarating and terrifying about storms that produce tornadoes. Some people love them and even chase them while others run and hide. This book was clearly written by one of those who love them and has an understanding of how they come into being and move. The writing was good with only a few minor issues. The characters were fairly well developed with a minor plot involving a romantic thread. Overall it's an interesting read and a bit different than most of the books out there. I'd recommend this for those who have a fancy for storm chasing or who are looking for something a little different. A free copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest unbiased review. Read more reviews, author interviews and enter giveaways on my blog.
213 reviews
June 21, 2014
If you want to ride on a tornado chase in the comfort of your home. Then this is the book for you. It has got the thrills of putting the reader in the drivers seat of a torndo chase vehicle to the site of a supercell and in addition the downhill effects of the chances of every supercell of having the potential of tornadic action not occurring The skills of a tornado chaser is one of "hunt and seek" in with a knowledge of weather patterns and being in the right place at the right time. I went along for the ride and was impressed with the knowledge of the author H.W. "Buzz" Bernard. I receiveed this copy of "Supercell" in a Goodreads/Firstreads giveaway for my review.
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May 22, 2014
Fast, entertaining read. Obviously the author knows his stuff, and the description of the storms are so well-written you honestly feel as if you are right there experiencing it. Where it lacked, in my opinion, was in the relationships between characters. The main protagonist invites his estranged son along on the tornado chase ostensibly to try and reconnect, but then they spend hardly any time together at all. I also didn't feel the relationship between the male and female protagonists was true, or even necessary. The ending, while thrilling, had a little bit of an "everything but the kitchen sink" feel.

While this book had some minor flaws it is definitely worth reading.
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January 10, 2016
Chuck was a storm chaser, he had his own business where he took tourists chasing after Supercells, which are storms that create tornados. His career prematurely due to an unfortunate accident , some tourists died.
Years later, a movie producer asks him to put it all on the line one more time and find them a class 5 tornado to film. If he can do it within a 2 week period, they will pay him a million dollars.

This book has lots action, interesting characters, a nice little love story on the side, and it kept my attention to the end. The narator was a great fit for the voice of Chuck, and the cute little dog Stormy was the perfect touch! I gave it 4 stars
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March 26, 2016
"This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast."

As a person that lives in "Tornado Alley" I am intrigued by weather. The story of a down and out former storm tour host getting a chance for a

comeback was a must listen.

This novel is like an onion, each layer a story within a story. These layers provided an interesting story.As you listen and pull away the layers

you get a view of the characters. I want to see where this story goes.....................another book?????

The narration was well done, The characters were excellently portrayed.
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July 7, 2016
I was disappointed by Supercell. Perhaps, I was spoiled by Eyewall. The first half of the book, I give a rating of 2. The last part a 3. So overall, a 2.5. Given my dislike of the characters, I am going with an overall rating of 2 instead of rounding up to a 3. The action was slower and the characters rather obnoxious. The main character, Chuck, grated on my nerves with his ongoing passiveness and self pity. His antipathy over his son's sexuality made him very unlikeable. The Hollywood mogul was over the top and disgusting. It would have been a much better story and experience if the actual Supercell had been the main character. Sadly, I would not recommend.
May 24, 2014
I'm an avid fan of severe weather, so when I saw this book pop up on my Kindle, I had to have it. Even though it's a novel, the insight & analysis Buzz adds to the story is well thought out. His meteorological knowledge is helpful to average users and to those of us who are at least moderately familiar with meteorology, he doesn't talk down to you. The characters all fit well into the story & all of the backstory of the characters works well. I loved the book & asked him on Facebook whether he'd do a sequel & alas, he has no plans right now but said he'd think about it :) I hope he does.
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June 24, 2014
This book is pretty good. If you want to know a lot about how tornadoes form this will tell you. It's about a storm-chaser searching for a monster tornado for a movie company. There's a side story about a father unable to accept his son's homosexuality. Throw in a FBI agent, murderers and a jerk movie producer and it makes for an interesting story. At the end, of course, it has to go too far and becomes unbelievable but all stories like this do that. Overall I liked his book about hurricanes more but that may be because I've been through a few of those and only two tornadoes.
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November 5, 2013
What a ride! Bernard weaves one good novel after another. When you start reading SUPERCELL, you feel like you know these people; like you have met them before. You really feel for Chuck and want him to succeed so very much - in every aspect. I will not give an inch of it away. You simply have to read it, then watch the skies each time you hear of bad weather coming. HAHAHA! I sure do. I live in Texas! I want more!
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August 23, 2014
I really enjoyed this book and the story was fast paced with lots of plot twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages. I have always been interested in tornados and storm chasing, so I was excited to see it as the primary focus of the book. I thought the information provided regarding this activity was very well presented and credible. This is the second "Buzz" Bernard book I've read and it didn't dissapoint. I highly recommend this book and plan to read others by this author.
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June 9, 2018
My 2nd time reading this book and still one of my favorite reads. I love all things weather related and his descriptions throughout the book make you feel like you're right there. He even manages to bring the movie "Twister" into the story. Between the search for an F5 tornado, the hunt for murders/thieves following the tornadoes and Chuck trying to repair his relationship with his son, there is plenty going on to keep you interested in the book.
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