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Miss Julia #14

Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble

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The perfect next course in the New York Times –bestselling series—plus dozens of recipes from Abbotsville’s best cooks. Don't miss  Miss Julia Raises the Roof , coming April 2018 from Viking.  
Autumn’s crisp bite is in the air, but Miss Julia soon discovers that, alas, leaves aren’t the only things falling. James, Hazel Marie’s housekeeper, has taken a nasty tumble down some stairs. How can Hazel Marie feed and take care of him—not to mention a husband, son, and twin baby girls—when she barely knows how to boil water? Miss Julia promptly organizes the ladies of Abbotsville to give Hazel Marie cooking lessons. But before she can relax, Hazel Marie’s shady preacher-uncle turns up—just as Miss Julia learns that James has roped young Lloyd into an Internet scam! Filled with mayhem, delicious recipes, and plenty of steel-magnolia-style action, Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble is a feast from cover to cover.

369 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 5, 2013

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About the author

Ann B. Ross

47 books866 followers
Ann B. Ross, who taught literature at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, is the author of Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind, one of the most popular Southern debut novels in years, Miss Julia Takes Over, Miss Julia Throws a Wedding, and Miss Julia Hits the Road. She lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

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538 reviews
April 13, 2013
Only Miss Julia could get into so much trouble by "minding her own business," lol!
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2,002 reviews202 followers
April 16, 2013
I have always loved Miss Julia and I was not disappointed in this 14th outing. I'm a little peeved at those who have reviewed and complained about the recipes taking up space. The book was thicker than the others so the recipes were just gravy, so to speak. No pun intended. I really enjoyed getting the recipes and think they definitely added to the story. After all, THAT was what the book is about!! It is the very premise of the book!

James, Hazel Marie and Mr. Pickens's house guy, fell and broke his wrist and sprained his ankle. He takes up residence in Hazel Marie's guest room and if things weren't bad enough, Hazel Marie's no account Uncle Vern shows up, demanding a bed and to be taken care of. Miss Julia is fit to be tied. Hazel Marie barely has time to put her clothes on in the morning whith 2 babies and James to take care of, much less take care of Uncle Vern!

Miss Julia begins to think that things would be better if Hazel Marie learns to cook, so she invites different folks in town to get out their best recipes, come over and give Hazel Marie a cooking lesson. Sounds like a perfect plan and it works to a degree.

Then Miss Julia begins to suspect something is going on when Lloyd and James start being a bit secretive so she sets out in the dead of night in a wind storm to find out what the problem is with these two. Oh goodness, what happens next is so hilarious!

Then Miss Julia convinces Mildred Allen to finance Uncle Vern's soup kitchen idea to minister to the downtrodden of Abbottsville. AFter all, it'll get him out of Hazel Marie's hair, won't it? Will it?

Then...Miss Julia begins to suspect Mr JD Pickens is not the outstanding husband she thinks he is. She sets out fo prove she's right and confront Mr. Pickens and that's when all **** breaks loose!

I was laughing so hard, I almost had an accident and then I had to read the same pages out loud to my husband, who started laughing himself! Ann Ross never, ever disappoints. She swears she is not a funny person, but I just don't know how she does it!

I've met Mrs. Ross many times and she is a wonderful lady and I certainly hope she lives a long long time so she can keep giving us more Miss Julia books. Life just wouldn't be the same without these books.


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974 reviews129 followers
October 22, 2014
"Miss Julia Stirs up Trouble" by Ann B. Ross.

Miss Julia is on the ball trying her best to help Hazel Marie with the twins and assisting with James who is barely able to walk after a nasty fall. Unfortunately, that's just the beginning of trouble. Trouble walks through the door in the person of Brother Vern Puckett, Hazel Marie's Uncle. He's just one more burden on Hazel Marie that she doesn't need.

This was one of the best in the Miss Julia series. The action never slowed down and just when I thought there would be a respite along comes another situation that needs to be handled.

This was down home fun at it's best. I listened to it on CD narrated by Cynthia Darlow who did an excellent job of bring each character to life.
And...recipes galore throughout the book and at the end.
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Author 5 books43 followers
May 24, 2013
Have you ever come upon a book series that you've heard of forever but have never had a chance to read, and then think to yourself - "why didn't I read these books sooner??"

Well ... that's me and the "Miss Julia" series by Ann B. Ross. It's one of those series I always meant to check out, and ... well ... now I have! Fourteen books into the series and I have finally jumped on the "Miss Julia" bandwagon with the latest book, "Miss Julia Stirs Up Trouble."

I really enjoyed this charming, fun story that continues the story of Julia and the folks of Abbottsville. The characters are just that - characters! All of them unique and interesting, and the storyline moves along quickly. And there are those recipes - so yummy sounding!

It does help to have some background knowledge of what has occurred in the previous books, but I easily caught up with the action and really enjoyed the story.

I plan to go back and begin at the beginning with Miss Julia!
Profile Image for Linda.
741 reviews3 followers
April 26, 2018
This series never disappoints me. I always find myself laughing (or at least smiling) throughout the book. I love Miss Julia - my senior citizen, Presbyterian church lady, Southern charmer and role model! Another great book by Ann B. Ross - please continue to write them.
I especially liked all the recipes in the book. Some have now joined my collection.
Profile Image for Lori.
834 reviews54 followers
November 3, 2022
Too many recipes. Feels like fillers to make it through a book.
December 23, 2021
(First Read) Miss Julia novels are just a good read. While not exactly predictable, the reader doesn't have to worry about some way out wacky plot twist. She is just an honest, down to earth character whose main mission in life is to help others. Even if she is a tad nosy. Love the recipes idea. Love Miss Julia. I love the additional characters in her books as well. They become as old and dear friends. Recommend for a light, slightly humorous book.

The perfect next course in the New York Times-best selling series-plus dozens of recipes from Abbotsville's best cooks. Autumn's crisp bite is in the air, but Miss Julia discovers that alas, leaves aren't the only things falling. James, Hazel Marie's housekeeper has taken a nasty tumble down some stairs. How can Hazel Marie feed and take care of him--not to mention a husband, son, and twin baby girls--when she barely knows how to boil water? Miss Julia promptly organizes he ladies of Abbotsville to give Hazel Marie cooking lessons. But before she can relax, Hazel Marie's shady preacher-uncle turns up-just as Miss Julia learns that James has roped young Lloyd into an Internet Scam! Filled with mayhem, delicious recipes, and plenty of steel-magnolia-style action, Miss Julia is a hoot from cover to cover.

With a house full of people that need to be taken care of - not to mention twin babies! - Hazel Marie is about at the end of her rope. Miss Julia decides that compiling a cookbook featuring easy to prepare recipes from those closest to Hazel Marie would make a useful gift. But even as the project gets underway, Miss Julia fears that there's something very wrong going on at the Pickens house. Naturally, she wouldn't dream of interfering, but sometimes you just have to do a little judicious snooping in order to lend a hand. Miss Julia would be quick to inform you that, under certain circumstances, this is quite necessary and is not at all the same thing as prying into someone else's personal affairs. Well, not really.

As much as this is one of my all-time favorite series, I wasn't too enthusiastic about this installment. The first half of the book is taken up with various series regulars demonstrating recipes, followed by the actual recipe itself. It's not until about the 50% mark that the storyline actually kicks in, and the book started to feel like a "real" Miss Julia installment instead of a between-the-books novella.

(Second Read) Now I know that these books have never been particularly plot-driven; they are character studies (and excellent ones, I might add), but usually we're introduced to a bit of a mystery or "purpose" that gives these wonderful characters something to do. It had its entertaining moments, with the usual fine characterization and Miss Julia's witty and insightful narrative. There were some very humorous moments and some trademark "Julia-isms" (as I've come to call Miss Julia's various words of wisdom). It was definitely a worthwhile read and a "must" for fans of the series.

This is the 14th Miss Julia book, and if you are new to the series you don't want to start here! The first book is - Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind . There is no strong language and no sexual content (as IF Miss Julia would allow such goings on in her book!).

"It just goes to show that when you have a few minutes to glory in everything being right with the world, you'd better enjoy them while you can. It's never long before something comes along to turn your world inside out and upside down again" .

One last thing...At the end of the audio version of this story there is a listing of all the recipes featured in the book with a link to each of the recipes - very convenient!

Highly recommend. It was a most enjoyable book. Clean which I really enjoy!!!
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301 reviews3 followers
May 18, 2013
This Miss Julia book was cute but not as good as the last one. The plot didn't seem quite as cohesive as some of the better ones. But there were, of course, funny little things that Miss Julia said and did, and even though I don't always agree with the way she handles things (open communication goes a long way!) I have to know what happens to her blended family!
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336 reviews4 followers
March 30, 2023
I love Miss Julia’s cozy mysteries. It doesn’t always have to have a murder to be cozy. ……..just some strange things that need explaining. This was cute. Nothing exciting in this one. We might have marital issues, caring for a injured person and a relative who comes to town that you think is up to no good. I can’t make this sound exciting because it was just okay.

I liked it. I love the family and all the side characters they each are a big part of this series. I always choose to absorb this via audio because the voice is top notch. It’s fun. It’s cute.
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547 reviews7 followers
August 10, 2019
This is my first Miss Julia book. There are so many in this series that I had a hard time telling which book was first. Julia’s nosiness is out of this world! She has a good heart but is in everyone’s business. She just does wayyyyy too much. Btw lots of recipes in this book.
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576 reviews1 follower
April 30, 2019
Miss Julia helps Hazel Marie and gets a little too involved. Fun characters!
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2,143 reviews33 followers
March 17, 2018
Hilarious! I really enjoyed this Miss Julia adventure and actually found myself laughing out loud several times!
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Author 2 books23 followers
May 2, 2013
Miss Julia…a prime, proper southern lady with a strong well, a stern exterior and a force to be reckoned with. But underneath, a heart of gold who would do anything (and has) for the people she loves.

What starts out as a seemingly calm autumn day in Abbottsville, NC, with Miss Julia enjoying her yard and newly remodeled house (well, three rooms at least), quickly turns to chaos. Her friend Hazel Marie’s housekeeper falls down the stairs and winds up bedridden. This leaves Hazel Marie to tend to him, care for her newborn twin daughters, manage the household, and cook (when she can barely boil water) all while her husband, Mr. Pickens, is away on private investigation business.

Miss Julia steps in with a plan. She recruits the ladies of Abbottsville to not only share their recipes and a covered dish (as any southern lady would do during illness), but also teach Hazel Marie how to prepare the recipe. All is going according to plan until Hazel Marie’s greedy uncle, Brother Vern, an itinerant preacher shows up claiming sickness and needing his family (Hazel Marie) near. To make matters worse, Mr. Pickens has been seen driving different women around town while he was suppose to be working.

Miss Julia has her hands full as she tries to bring calm and order back to the lives of her friends and her family.

This time around Miss Julia’s adventure is more of a home-bound type without some of the crazy antics she has pulled in the past. However, author Ann B. Ross gives a fun look at how quickly everyday life can turn upside down and become a snowball-effect of trouble. Miss Julia continues to give advice with a sharp-tongue, but more of her tender spirit comes through this time.

Ross has created a fun protagonist in Miss Julia readers can’t help but love. She may be prime and proper, but she’s had difficult times and overcame them with dignity giving readers laugh-out-loud moments along the way. All of the characters are well-developed and realistic with their flaws and emotions. Ross continues to evolve her characters with each installment keeping fans of the series anticipating the next development.

MISS JULIA STIRS UP TROUBLE moves at a swift pace with the story flowing smoothly. Readers are also treated to the delicious recipes the ladies of Abbottsville provide Hazel Marie as Miss Julia receives them. The notations included with each are a cute reminder that Miss Julia is in charge.

This is the 14th installment in the Miss Julia series and can be read on its own. However, I would recommend reading the series in order to fully appreciate Miss Julia and how the various characters have grown throughout the series. If you can’t read the series in order, at least try to read the first installment first to completely understand where Miss Julia began and what makes her who she is.

The residents of Abbottsville are entertaining characters you will want to visit time and time again. Miss Julia is someone you’d like to live next door to as long as you had a book of proper etiquette handy at all times.

MISS JULIA STIRS UP TROUBLE is a delightful read that will have you smiling from the opening page to the last paragraph.

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
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602 reviews
June 11, 2013
Although "everybody knows that it's not [her] custom to meddle in other people's business," Miss Julia just can't stand idly by and watch as Hazel Marie tries unsuccessfully to balance two new babies, an invalid cook and an unsavory uncle who has dropped in for what seems destined to be a permanent visit. Unfortunately, Hazel Marie has never been a successful cook or housewife and her bursting household gradually slides into a state of utter chaos as she does her best to cope. Miss Julia becomes concerned as she watches Hazel Marie turn into a sloppy mess who is in - as Miss Julia believes - grave danger of losing her husband, Mr. Pickens. Determined not to let him fall back into his pre-marital ways, Miss Julia sets out to help Hazel Marie by enlisting the other ladies (and a few men) of the community to help her compile a cookbook and give cooking demonstrations to her frazzled friend. With the help of her ever-faithful Lillian and an old country granny (as well as a little bit of snooping and prying), Miss Julia does her best to save the Pickens marriage and Hazel Marie's sanity, but will her plan succeed? Or will all her efforts only stir up more trouble?

Though I usually don't like recipe-based series books like this one which are often used as filler between the regular books, the strength of this series has always been its characters and that remains true even for this book. The spotlight of this installment falls primarily on James, Granny Wiggins, Mr. Pickens and Hazel Marie but all of the series regulars have their own moments in the limelight. Light humor, an entertaining storyline and a few very sweet excerpts (including Mr. Pickens' defense of Lloyd: "In fact, it's a good thing we didn't have a boy. He'd never be able to measure up to the one we have") give the book an endearing quality that negates its relative superficiality. In summary, though it is not the best book in the series, it is a nice addition that whets this fan's appetite for the next full novel!
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309 reviews16 followers
April 27, 2013
"That was what I call starting off on the wrong foot - the one he always started with and the one he pretty much stayed on."

Miss Julia, southern lady with a soft spot for a little sleuthing, dashes to help her friend Hazel Marie when the household help sprains his ankle. Hazel Marie's cooking skills being totally non-existent, Miss Julia rings around her friends to compile a simple cookbook, complete with tutorials, for Miss Hazel. But when Mr Pickins' eye seems to be wandering, James is sending cheques to charities of dubious origin and Brother Vern seems intent on living at Hazel Marie's for ever, life gets a bit chaotic!

I have to confess, I found this one confusing.

On the one hand, it was very enjoyable and easy to read - I raced through it in a morning. There's a bit of sleuthing, with a highly amusing ending, and plenty of laughs along the way. Most of the characters are sweet people for whom one really does wish the best and/or funny caricatures - I particularly liked Lloyd and Granny Wiggins.

The book is littered with recipes, many of which look very appetising; all of them look like I would die an early death of heart disease. Surely this cannot be the staple diet of 20 US states?

On the other, do people really still have live-in hired help in the South today? I would have thought the book was set in the 1960s (like The Help) except that they have mobile phones and internet. A bizarre mix of the times - or else not written for anyone outside the South.

This is a very mild, cosy mystery which is really more of a gentle story of malaise and misadventure in the southern States - if only it didn't seem such a caricature.
512 reviews3 followers
June 6, 2013
Miss Julia is a small town busybody with her own cook and way too much time on her hands. She knows just enough about everything to make a creative mess of a whole lot. Though her heart is in the right place, her actions often go awry. If you like your summer reads to be as light as a sky high meringue, this book is for you!

The story focuses on a family that are neighbors/nearly family to Miss Julia. The woman of the house, Hazel Marie (only in the South could that name be plausible!), has twin girls, an older son from before, a detective husband, a clumsy butler, not to mention absolutely no skills to speak of in the kitchen or for housekeeping. Due to circumstances learned early on in the book, Miss Julia sets her sights on finding some new help for Hazel Marie's house - in the kitchen and with the babies specifically.

Miss Julia gets the idea to collect recipes for a book and to also line up cooking instructors for Hazel Marie from the neighborhood. This theme is continued throughout the book and does wrap up at the end, but the cooking lessons rather quickly become a backup story to all of the other loose ends in Hazel Marie's home.

I did enjoy this book and it was a nice break from my usual suspense/crime/thriller reads. Though I learned that Miss Julia is actually a series of sorts, I think I am 'one and done'.
Profile Image for Effie.
6 reviews
April 26, 2013
I have enjoyed the series of Miss Julia; however, this book was not what I considered up to par. I liked it, but felt that the more trouble Miss Julia gets into and the ways she has to get herself back out of it makes the book more entertaining. This one was basically one major problem and a couple of small dilemma's in my estimation. I read the recipe's and believe I will try a few of them. Usually when Miss Julia has something going on with Mr. Picken's it is more 'dramatic' (for lack of a better word) than this one as well as any dealings she has with Hazel Marie's Uncle Vern. I will await the next novel tho because I'm sure Miss Julia will be in the midst of something bigger and better! Maybe next time one of her "well-to-do" lady friends will be involved and have a little bit spicier tale to tell! Also look forward to seeing how the twins grow into this series - will they be crime fighters?!!!! I recommend this book, but if you are a first time reader of Ms. Ross, please read some of the earlier ones in this series so that you will understand the characters. I think it is more interesting when you know what has taken place in the past with some of the people involved and you will also have a better understanding of Miss Julia and what she can or can't/won't do!!!
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425 reviews8 followers
January 11, 2015
Four stars for this one - it was like the Christmas present that it was to read it! What appealed to me is that all the action took place right there in Abbotsville - Miss Julia didn't have to go traipsing off to Florida or some sketchy little mountain town. Nor did Miss Julia need to climb to a roof on a rickety ladder or encounter big time criminals.

This book offers a cozy romp with old characters bestirred by their own foibles plus the complications created by Miss Julia's desire to "help." She does help in significant, nice ways, but counterbalances all that with -woops, can't tell you! There's wonderful silliness as well as warmth and love for one another in this group of loosely related characters.

It's not dull, and in fact has an interesting climax with suspense and action.

Not 5 stars because it does stretch the characters a bit to have allowed Brother Vern to interfere as he does, and also, that last scene stretched credulity (would Miss Julia really keep driving on empty?) and she should have factored Mr. Pickens's vocation into her musings. Also, I missed Lillian who wasn't featured in this volume as much as I'd have liked.

Profile Image for Ricki.
816 reviews6 followers
April 21, 2014
I just love these books! This is the 14th Miss Julia book, and if you are new to the series you don't want to start here! The first book is -Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind . There is no strong language and no sexual content (as IF Miss Julia would allow such goings on in her book!). This is a delightful book for light reading. It's a breath of fresh air and a perfect book for a day at the beach - or a rainy day. I found myself smiling or laughing through much of the narrative. There was a little bit of a mystery though it wasn't hard to figure out. The payoff, though, was Miss Julia's involvement in the end of that mystery - had me laughing out loud.

True to the premise of this book - - Miss Julia gathering recipes for a book to give to Hazel Marie - - there are dozens of recipes included. Some of them sound so good I was tempted to run out and buy the ingredients. This is a book that I'll keep on my bookshelf - - just in case I DO want to try any of the recipes.
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434 reviews6 followers
July 29, 2013
The latest in the Miss Julia series, in this one she is helping Hazel Marie learn to cook after James, Hazel Marie's cook, broke his wrist and sprained his ankle. Of course Uncle Vern Puckett, Hazel Marie's not-much-good freeloading uncle decides he is also feeling poorly and moves in. Of course, Hazel Marie also has Lloyd and the twins to take care of. Things are craze at both houses, so Miss Julia thinks that instead of asking women in town to bring over a dish for dinner, they should bring the ingredients and show Hazel Marie how to cook it. There are some good sounding recipes in this book. I listened to this book, first one I have done the audio book and the reader is very good. I recommend this book, but you have to start with the first Miss Julia book or you will lose much of the story.
Profile Image for Sue.
2,023 reviews22 followers
September 10, 2013
This was my least favorite of the Miss Julia books so far. I really enjoy chilling out with her and envisioning her telling everyone off, but she was low-key in this novel and rather dense, so I was disappointed in the story. It doesn't really have a mystery like the others, except for her concerns about Mr. Pickens and James and what they are up to, although both instances were completely obvious to the reader and should have been to Miss Julia, who is supposed to have more than just a lick of sense. All the characters were there but the story was just flat as she endeavors to teach Hazel Marie to cook and gather recipes for a cookbook. BTW, the recipes were not good Southern cooking but supposed to be easy for Hazel Marie to cook and seemed ugh! So all over a "meh" on this one and hope that the next will return to standard.
1,064 reviews4 followers
September 2, 2013
I love the Miss Julia books. They take me back to my childhood when I knew several women like Miss Julia. I volunteer in a library bookstore and recommend this series for women who don't like overt sex and violence in their books. This is the 14th in the series. I recommend starting at the beginning, although you can jump in anywhere, you will simply not know the back story to the people.

Here, Miss Julia, the spunky 50ish lady is again trying to help her friends. This time she tries to teach Hazel Marie, new mother of twin girls, how to cook, while Hazel Marie is also dealing with her visiting “preacher Vern” an uncle who looks like he has moved in for the long haul. As usual, Miss Julia’s good heart and active imagination create a lively time for all. This book has the recipes Miss Julia gathers from Hazel Marie’s friends included in the book.
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1,335 reviews9 followers
May 13, 2013
With over a dozen books in the series, I am glad I can still enjoy Miss Julia so much. Hazel Marie and her family have moved into Sam's old house, with James residing housekeeper. After James falls down the stairs and breaks his hand, Miss Julia comes up with the idea of having her friends fill a cookbook of easy recipes for Hazel Marie, complete with some cooking lessons. It's a great way to get to see the best (and many) of characters, without having to create long story lines for everyone. Hazel Marie's miscreant uncle is back in town and Mr. Pickens is being as secretive as always, leading Miss Julia to do a little sleuthing on her own time. It's a great visit to Abbotsville and one I am always willing to take.
Profile Image for Val.
1,799 reviews5 followers
August 9, 2013
Miss Julia is at it again, jumping to conclusions faster than Olympic athletes can finish a race. These are books that must be read in order, otherwise they won't make a lick of sense, to use a phrase that Miss Julia would. In this latest installment, Hazel Marie, Mr Pickens, their twin baby girls and Lloyd are settling nicely into Sam's old house with James as chief cook, when James takes a tumble and breaks an arm and sprains an ankle, incapacitating himself and throwing Miss Julia's pleasant life into a turmoil. What follows is a riot of interesting recipes and outrageous misunderstandings that will leave the faithful Miss Julia reader highly entertained.
Profile Image for Jo .
2,631 reviews52 followers
August 26, 2016
Miss Julia continues to grow on me. I did not like the first Miss Julia book I listened to but with each additional book my opinion has changed. Miss Julia just cannot let well enough alone. It is such fun listening to her talk about what the people around her do never realizing she is just as bad if not worse about interfering. This time she is going to save Hazel Marie's marriage. Of course she is the only one who thinks it is in danger. Along the way she does indeed stir up a lot of trouble. I listened to the book on CD. The narrator of the book does a great job on the voices adding to the enjoyment I get from the series.
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Author 1 book9 followers
June 13, 2014
Another funny and exciting book about the adventures and misadventures of Miss Julia, Hazel Marie and her twins, and the colorful cast of characters. James breaks a bone and can't cook so Hazel Marie must learn how to cook and all the recipes are included in the book. Miss Julia gets mistaken for a ghost, Hazel Marie's uncle opens a soup kitchen, and Miss Julia steps into a stake out. What more could happen?
Profile Image for Mary.
643 reviews
January 27, 2016
I didn't enjoy this book at all. I like a good cozy, love anything to do with food, cooking, recipes. This just didn't do it for me. I had a hard time keeping track of the many characters, didn't enjoy the story line, and while it may make me sound like a food snob...dumping cans of stuff into a pot and calling it dinner doesn't really make it a recipe. No second helping of Miss Julia for me, thanks.
75 reviews1 follower
November 12, 2014
i am so surprised with all the good rating for this book. i saw the book at the library and borrowed it based on the rating in goodreads.

at first i thought this book takes place in the '50s or even Gone with the wind era. then when cell phone was mentioned, I realized it was modern day. who cannot handle running a household with a husband and 2 babies and she is not working these days? I was so annoyed with the book by chapter 4, I stopped.
2,811 reviews32 followers
January 4, 2015
This is the 14rh in the series. It is a pleasant story and enjoyable reading. In this book Julia trys to help a lady learn to cook by having different people come up with simple recipes and showing the lady how to cook them. Added to the story are the ladies twins infants, 10 year old son, a lazy uncle who moves in and the regular cook who is hurt and has to be waited on.
Profile Image for Alice.
1,663 reviews
August 13, 2016
pg 4 It just goes to show that when you have a few minutes to glory in everything going right in the world, you'd better enjoy them while you can. It's never long before something comes along to turn your world inside out and upside down again.
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