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X-Men: Days of Future Past
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X-Men: Days of Future Past

(Uncanny X-Men (1963-2011) #138-143, Annual #4)

4.14  ·  Rating details ·  12,257 ratings  ·  536 reviews
Collects Uncanny X-Men #138-143 and Annual #4. Re-live the legendary first journey into the dystopian future where Sentinels stalk the Earth, and the X-Men are humanity's only hope...until they die! Also featuring the first appearance of Alpha Flight and the return of the Wendigo. ...more
Kindle Edition, 184 pages
Published December 21st 2011 by Marvel (first published 1981)
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Jeff Because that's what super-heroes (even the mutant ones) do.…moreBecause that's what super-heroes (even the mutant ones) do.(less)
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Average rating 4.14  · 
Rating details
 ·  12,257 ratings  ·  536 reviews

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Days of Future Past is a good story.
I mean, they even made a movie out of the general idea of the plot.


Things have taken a terrible turn in the future and only a few surviving X-men remain to attempt to make it right. Decades in the past, a group of evil mutants (aptly named The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants) assassinated a political candidate that was spewing anti-mutant sentiment and raising questions about how dangerous they could potentially become. After his death, humans freak out and the
One of the strongest X-Men stories ever

This edition not only include the main story "Days of Future Past" but also several issues before and after of the story. This particular collected TPB contains "Uncanny X-Men" #138 - 143 and also the "X-Men" Annual #4. So, my rating is an overall average based on the sum of all individual ratings per story.

Creative Team:

Chris Claremont (Writer) & John Byrne (Illustrator), both co-plotters

Also: John Romita, Jr. (Illustrator) (in the Annual)


This collection is labeled as “Days of Future Past” but seeing as the feature presentation is only a two issue story, there’s a great deal of padding on either side of it and while DOFP is tremendous, everything else in here kind of sucks.

Before the stories even begin, we’re given a massive amount of history bringing us up to date on what has been going down in the X-Men universe. We’re treated to lots of epic storytelling involving the birth of Phoenix, the death of many mutant brethren, and Cy
Welcome to "Days of future past" arc from 1981 (which inspired 2013 epic movie version which surpassed all expectations) aaaaand four other totally unrelated stories!

We pick up the story right after "Dark phoenix saga" and find ourselves reading over 25 years of X-men history in 20 pages.

And we call him Giant Potato!

Right after that painful chapter, Cyclopes takes an extended leave of absence and X-men adds a new member to their team: Kitty Pryde!

In second story, X-men along with Benedic...uh..
Man oh Man! My memories of Days of Future Past were about as inaccurate as I've ever seen my memories be. To be fair to myself, I was eleven when it came out 32 years ago, and I only read it one time, and I've never owned a copy of the original. I read it at a friends house, so I suppose I shouldn't have an expectation of clear memories, but still ... it was a surprise to read it again and see just how far removed my brain was from the reality.

First, I remembered the story being big. HUGE, in f
This was a rather misleading collection.

First of all, what you need to understand is that this volume only officially contains the two issues concerning the time-traveling storyline that has been known now as a classic Claremont must-have. The rest were supplemental ones. Comprised of issues #138-143 of The Uncanny X-Men line plus the Annual #4 with Dr. Strange, this volume of Days of Future Past is actually less about the famed story arc mentioned. It mostly offers us great character material
Brief Introduction:

As I read through these older X-Men stories originally written by Chris Claremont, I wondered to myself about how the X-Men stories were like back then versus how they are now. The stories back then seemed to flow together nicely and the character interactions were fantastic and reading some of the newer X-Men stories currently being made, they seem to lose that magic that made them great in the first place. But enough about my little rant on the state of the “X-Men” comi
The rating applies to the two relevant comics in the five-section series. The other three introduce Kitty Pryde but have no relevance to the story. In all honesty, although I found the comics interesting, it irritated me to try to understand how it fit. It didn't fit. They include it because the main character in the main event comes to Marvel for the first time.

The two comics follow the basic story-line of the movie and the cartoon series from the 1990's (on Disney Plus, which I enjoy and reco
Nov 05, 2019 rated it really liked it
This collected edition started right after the events of the Dark Phoenix Saga with Cyclops reminiscing on his time with the X-Men and with Jean.
The story then moves on to (re-)introduce the audience to the Alpha Flight members. I enjoyed seeing the different side of Logan those characters brought out but felt that the story itself was too obvious in trying to sell these characters to X-Men readers.

I LOVED the Days of Future Past story line! X-Men #141 and Uncanny X-Men #142 were the best comi
Jan 28, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: 2016, marvel-comics
I was almost convinced that I would never finish this! It was thicker than the average volume and they just cram so much onto each page.

But anyway, this was a good comic. However, I have to admit that it's a little misleading. Only two of the issues presented here are actually about the Days of Future Past storyline. There are like three or four issues that take place at the beginning of this volume that summarize the history of the X-Men and explain what happened in the Dark Phoenix Saga, which

This was funny! I just can't take these X-Men or their dialog seriously. I almost threw up from laughing so hard. There was like thirty pages of recap in the beginning involving all sorts of random shit, like a T-Rex and caveman villain, the whole Wendigo story (Sasquatch + Solomon Grundy + eating your frozen meat popsicle friends turns you into a tundra werewolf monster), and an evil pterodactyl man villain thing. Good laughs.

Nightcrawler has a birthday where he gets a little crystal figurine o
This is one of the most famous X-Men stories and for my money, the first GREAT X-Men story. I actually enjoyed this tiny tale more than the much-lauded Dark Phoenix Saga. The writing is more polished, the concept is great, the stakes are fully formed and it’s told with impressive efficiency. It’s the famous tale of desperate X-Men from a future ruled by the Sentinels sending the mind of an adult Kitty Pryde back in time into her younger body to convince the present X-Men to stop an assassination ...more
Sam Quixote
May 06, 2013 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
Actually a short story collection with Days of Future Past being a two-issue story, Chris Claremont ensures you will hate the X-Men with his ultra-crappy writing and storytelling. Full review here! ...more
In my memory, this was so much better. I remembered it as an epic tale of X-men lore. Instead, 34 years later, it's an undeveloped and rather dull disappointment. It turns out the original story is only two issues long and nowhere as good as I recalled it. The cover art is great. The rest of it is just plain meh...and the other issues packaged with "Days of Future Past" in the graphic novel? They're awful: Cyclops gives a dull rehash of his career with the X-men before he takes some time off aft ...more
Nessa Luna [October Tune]
Half of this had nothing to do with the actual Days of Future Past storyline and was (I believe) only an introduction to the character Kitty Pryde. And yeah honestly I wouldn't mind, but I went into this expecting a full book about the Days of Future Past storyline... I actually skipped one or two stories to get to the actual DOFP comics because I was starting to feel bored... And this old comic style isn't my favourite either so I was basically just reading the text... ...more
Melissa Jehnings
May 24, 2013 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I would have given this collection five stars, but didn't understand why the first two stories were included. "Elegy" was just a backstory about Jean Gray and "Inferno", while a very intriguing story (this is the first time I've read it), isn't part of the storyline. I actually got confused, thinking I had gotten the wrong collection, expecting it to be just the two issues for Days of Future Past. As a Kitty fan, I also enjoyed "Demon!"

This was one of the first X-Men stories I had ever read aft
I’ve seen all of the X-Men movies made up to this point except for one and enjoyed them for the most part. I haven’t read many of the books. I prefer the way the stories have been changed for the films, although some of the characters’ personalities are better developed on the page. I’m not a big fan of the storytelling style of this collection.
Things I did like: Quite a bit of diversity among the characters in terms of gender, country of origin and religion. Lots of girl power. A Canadian super
Jan 26, 2014 rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: digital, x-men
Why did nobody tell Claremont he was writing comics and not prose? This is too wordy, which makes it a real chore to read. There's also the fact that only two issues of this collection are the Days of Future Past story, the rest is just put in because Marvel cant release collections with only two comics in them. ...more
Hannah Givens
Jun 19, 2016 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Days of Future Past is an excellent two-issue storyline, and I enjoyed the surrounding material as well. Just be aware that's what you're getting -- Back in the day stories came in long character arcs chopped up into one- or two-issue plots, and slightly-less-back in the day it was the fashion to collect chunks of issues but name the book after whichever arc was most well-known. ...more
Torn on what to rate this; the first chunk is dull as ditchwater, but the last three issues (which comprise the title arc and a Kitty-centric stand-alone) are great. So... three stars will have to do.
This book picks up right after the Dark Phoenix Saga, and the first ish is a summary of the X-story thus far, ending with Cyclops, deep in grief, walking away from the group. After that, three issues that introduce us to Kitty Pryde, eventually known as Shadowcat but here called Sprite. As a longtim
Jenna Scherer
Sep 26, 2017 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Obvs the movie version needed WAY more Kitty Pryde.
May 11, 2013 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics
If you are reading this book post 1995, It will be hard to appreciate the impact it has had on Science Fiction, and Story telling in general. One wouldnt stray very far from a similar analogy of reading Edgar Rice Burroughs "A Princess of Mars" story today and exclaiming out loud, "so whats the big deal about this story? Its just a rehash of stories which we have allready read". So many other stories have used the plot point which was first used here, that now this story would seem old, stale, a ...more
I vaguely remember reading this story years ago, and upon rereading it I thought Days of Future Past was an entire story arc. Instead, it’s just two issues (Uncanny X-Men #141-142) and the rest of the trade consists of surrounding Uncanny issues. In a dystopian 2013 (ha), the world is overrun by the massive robotic Sentinels; they’ve carried out mutant genocide as well as those humans carrying mutant genes. One of the few survivors of the X-Men, Kitty (now Kate) Pryde sends her mind back in time ...more
Greta is Erikasbuddy
I just heard this is what the next FIRST CLASS movie is gonna be based on.

Will we have Wolverine?!!


I wrote that a while ago. Not sure when but a while ago ;)

SOooooo..... THe movie has been made and YES!! Hugh Jackman was back to play Wolverine. But, it's not out yet so... IS BACK to play Wolverine.


I asked for this book for Christmas, and made an Amazon Wishlist and everything just like my hubz asked me to do, and on Christmas Eve he says "You have an Amazon Wishlist?!!"

LOL!! So,
Apr 21, 2014 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Reading this graphic novel a couple decades after I originally read the comics (probably in Classic X-Men...) a few things stand out to me.

1) I'm shocked the total "Days of Future Past" story arc only comprised two monthly issues of Uncanny X-Men. The tale always loomed so much vaster in my memory. It's a testament to Claremont's skill as a writer that he condensed this big of an idea, in which so much really does happen, into however many pages with nary a loose thread.

2) For goodness sake! Chr
This book is a little hard to review. The title says Days of Future Past, but that's only 2 out of like 6 or so comics in this collection. Really just under 50 pages of the 184.

The title story was enjoyable and I'm glad I read it. I wish they wouldn't have bothered with all the filler issues before and after though.

Obviously I picked this up with the movie that was just released. I wanted to see how it compared to the original story. I forgot it was adapted for the 90's cartoon as well.
Aug 08, 2013 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Okay so this here is a classic for a reason. It has a ground breaking story and Chris Claremont told it in a way where I, as a reader, finds it thrilling. Nevertheless, the artwork, well given that this was made in the past it would've been okay. But at these times, well the artwork is well stuck in the 80's. It could've been better if Marvel redrawn all the art while staying true to the story Claremont originally wanted to tell. I mean, just to gather a lot more audience and a lot more interest ...more
Sep 21, 2011 rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics-manga, x-men
There are a few major storylines from the ‘80s X-Men that I missed out on. With the movie now in theatres, it was time to catch up on one of the more iconic ones. I was disappointed to discover that this collection is not entirely focused on the Days of Future Past storyline. Instead, it opens with Jean Grey’s funeral (the very first one!), with Scott basically going through flashbacks of the X-Men and his love for Jean. The Days of Future Past story does not take place until the second or third ...more
Just a Girl Fighting Censorship

The ‘Days of Future Past’ storyline is really only 2 issues long, the issues leading up to that storyline are dull to say the least. All of these issues take place after the death of Jean Grey while Cyclopes is taking a leave of absence to be super emo and what not. Much of issue 138 is just recapping and I have to say that fighting Magneto sounds a lot less exciting in recap mode. It was pretty much a cycle of ‘we fought Magneto then he got away, then later he faced off again but he managed
Mung Tombing
The Uncanny X Men: Days Of Future(Panini books edition)

.Something Wicked This Way Comes
.Days Of Future Past
.Mind Out Of Time
.Nightcrawler's Inferno

Above mention are the contents of the book. Well, Panani edition is a pocketbook size which is same as novel books size and to be honest i don't like graphic novels to be this small.

Days of future past, i remember dying to read this book so bad and now that i finally read it i felt like i have been robbed. Not exactly what i
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