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Hope Town #1

Unexpected Fate

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Have you ever felt like you were living your life for a future that was predetermined? Like there was some bigger picture you just prayed you would someday see clearly? That picture has been crystal clear to me since I was old enough to recognize it for just what it was.

Or I should say recognize him for who he was.

I’ve loved Cohen Cage since I was a small child. He’s been my everything for the last twenty-two years. I’ve loved him through every girlfriend he’s ever brought home. Through his college years and then mine. I’ve loved him through two deployments. And ever since the day I told him how I felt, he’s acted like I’m a stranger.

My name is Danielle Reid, and it’s time for me to get my man.

Our future is an unexpected fate, and no matter what our parents, siblings, and friends say…it’s going to be worth every second of the fight to make it happen.

300 pages, Nook

First published February 17, 2015

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Harper Sloan

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Harper Sloan is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best selling author. She resides in north Georgia with her three daughters, four cats and one dog. While being independently published is a dream, she also has three traditionally published titles with Pocket Books. When she isn't working hard on her next novel, you can most definitely find her with a book in hand.

**To contact Harper, please email authorharpersloan@gmail.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/harpersloanbooks
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3,915 reviews33k followers
July 1, 2015
 photo d324105f-c041-4784-aee8-9ff787069ec0_zps383c2845.jpg

I love the Corps Security series. The characters are a family and I didn’t want their series to end. When I found out we were getting a Cohen and Dani book, I was thrilled. Not only was it get getting to see some of my favorite characters again, as parents, but I loved Cohen so much as a kid, it was neat seeing him all grown up.

Dani Reid has had it bad for Cohen Cage for as long as she can remember. She’s never acted on it, but she’s never kept it a secret from him how she felt.

 photo 03e26f9b-52cf-40e3-937e-18d53a536ffc_zps0eb26366.jpg

Cohen is in the service. His life is unpredictable. And that’s just one of the reasons he’s stayed away from Danielle Reid. The other would be that he’s 4 years older than her, best friends with her brother, and her family is like his. It would be, well… complicated. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t wanted her just like she’s wanted him.

 photo ceff24a2-3c27-40f5-9155-043f563155ac_zpsba35d371.jpg
“Even though I don’t think I’m good enough for her, I’ll spend my life making she that she knows she’s the best thing I will ever have.”

Cohen and Dani’s story is very much a friends to lovers story. I love when characters have all this history with each other. When they are connected from the start, but finally take it to the next level. When Dani and Cohen do finally get there, the build up is just so big. I loved watching their relationship change. I loved the emotional aspect of the story, but I also loved the sexiness.

This book brought the heat. I mean, damn. It was sizzling hot. Cohen as a grown up… he gave all the Corps men a run for their money. That dirty mouth of his. I loved it! Like I said before, he and Dani had such a strong connection, and that connection carried over to the bedroom. Their chemistry was off the charts!

Cohen and Dani were both great characters. I love Cohen and his alpha protective side. I also loved Dani and how strong and fierce she was. And that line they use a few times… about never saying goodbye… made me melt.

 photo 6a13c273-5796-46a7-81c8-fccbe03eea8f_zps5ecf84f9.jpg

One thing that was so fun to see was Axel as a dad. Was he over the top? Of course! But I wouldn’t expect him to be any other way with his baby girl. I love the way Cohen was able to handle him to an extent. I’m really looking forward to some of the other Corp’s kids getting stories and seeing some of these other Alpha’s as Dad’s.

This is a story of friendship, family, and love. It’s sweet, sexy and emotional. There is some drama towards the end, it’s a little over the top, but it didn’t take away from the story for me. Unexpected Fate can be read as a standalone, but I feel like those who love the Corp’s series will enjoy it even more. I highly recommend this to all readers who loved the Corps security series <3

“It was unexpected, baby, but it was fate. It’s our unexpected fate.”

 photo 6969a7f8-acbb-4928-80be-a62cdb34a441_zpsadae3b71.jpg
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896 reviews1,974 followers
February 21, 2015
3 Unexpected Stars.

Dani and Cohen are best-friends since they were kids. Their parents are very close so they pretty much grew up together. Dani is in love with Cohen since she learned what love is and Cohen, despite reciprocating her feelings never did anything with them because of their 5 years age gap, his military deployments and their whole family dynamics.
Until the day both of them can’t resist anymore and everything changes, both of them knowing that there’s no turning back now. But now, not only is Cohen on the verge of leaving again, but suddenly Dani is in danger and something unexpected is bound to change everything, yet again. But how can they be happy together when all the odds are against them?


As a reader of the “Corps Security” series, saying that I was anxious for Cohen’s story was an understatement. I loved this kid since he was a 4 year old brat talking about penises and wearing super hero capes. I love stories about best-friends falling in love so this was supposedly a win-win for me. It was sweet, steamy and entertaining. But it was also a little disappointed, due to some “itches” that I will explain next:

- The heroes and one particular sex scene. (See below)
- The writing style and the story development was just ordinary (at best) in my eyes. If I haven’t read other books by Harper before I would ask myself how in the hell did this author ever make the NYT list.
- I don’t know much about military life (especially not US military life, considering I live in Europe) but I found hard to believe that guys in deployment missions (whatever they might do there) can just say “I’m out. See you one day!” I know this is fiction, but when one of the main aspects is the guy being a military, you should try being realistic. That aspect fell a little short for me.
- All the guys in this book basically run a TOP Security Agency… YET, they can’t find a simple stalker. Yeah, right!
- And last (but not least), the dedication. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT S****? Woman, I don’t care if you spend half of your days watching PornHub videos in the “Acrobatic Sex” category (I don’t know if that’s a real category, nor I don’t care.). What you do with your time and how you inspire yourself to write sex scenes is your choice only, although that probably explains *that* sex scene. (See below). But please, PLEASE, don’t write that on our dedication. For me it just conveyed a message of huge lack of professionalism. It wasn’t nice, it wasn’t funny… was just vulgar and slightly gross at my eyes. But hey, if you want to personally thank bendy Porn Stars, I guess that’s your call to make. I just have to remember to not read your dedications again.


Rating: 3 Stars.
Characters Development: Both main characters were too immature during the first part of the book. Sometimes it felt like I was dealing with melodramatic teenagers instead of adults. I believe the hero was supposed to be an alpha-male, but sometimes he just behaved a little over the top and loose the “alpha charm” and Dani was so whinny that I just wanted to beat some adulthood into her. I’m happy to say that they eventually got better and I ended up liking them both. The fact that I love “Best-friends-since-ever-to-lovers” plotline was a big help to make me like them more. The supporting characters were good, it was nice to see more of the old gang and to see the kids all grown-up.
Steam: Hot. Although there was one particular moment that made me itch. How the hell a girl who was virgin not long ago and is having sex for the second time, happily agrees with anal? Like, seriously? I know this is fiction, but let’s make believable fiction!
Sensible Subjects:
Love Triangle:
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2,434 reviews4,593 followers
February 15, 2015
4 STARS <3


I loved this book!! I was excited to read it even though I have read only the first book of the Corps Security Series. When I saw this one and read the synopsis I was sure this book was for me. The story is about Axel's daughter, Dani and Cohen, Cage's son. The story was hot, sexy and funny. The characters were likeable and captivating.Dani has been in love with Cohen since they were children. Cohen was friends with her older brother and their parents were best friends so they were always together as children. Dani doesn't know that Cohen feels the same for her.


The story is about friendship, love, family and fate. There is also some mystery and suspense that will keep your interest until the very end. Axel is the perfect daddy. He’s so overprotective and has a fantastic sense of humor which had me laughing out loud.Dani and Cohen were simply amazing together!!! I just loved their steamy sex scenes! Dani is sweet, sassy and funny. I really enjoyed seeing this couple grow into adults. Cohen was the perfect amounts of sweet, protective, sexy while being a hot dirty talker.

I think the tittle for the book is perfect!! These two didn't think that they would be together but fate is so unexpected! If you are a fan of Corps Security Series then I'm positive you will love it this story. For those friends who haven't read them yet, after reading this book I’m pretty certain you’ll be picking them up next!

May 25, 2017
4.5 "Protect Dani from everything with a penis" mode Stars

 photo Elissa_i_am_obsessed_zpsiwklktsa.gif


OMG Fan girl Freak out !!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!! I am a huge fan of the Corps Security series, so to say that I was excited about Unexpected Fate would be a flippin understatement. I was over the moon to find out that Mrs. Harper Sloan was making a spin off series with the children of the couples I have grown to love. I had very high hopes for this book and I have to say it was everything I wanted and more. God did I love this book!!!

"Can't stop, Dani-girl. Now that I finally know what you taste like.... I can't stop,"

Cohen Cage:

 photo 10994051_399843573510835_4689154429517025963_n_zpskyvkyyk5.jpg

Cohen grew up with Dani and even though she is a few years younger than he is, he has always wanted her, but because of their families being so close and with him being in the military, being sent overseas he doesn't act on it . Cohen for me was One sexy mofo. For real. He was protective, and brave, loving and playful, and all dominant yummy dirty talking alpha goodness!

"For years- years, Dani-you've been parading around this flawless body and teasing me with something I couldn't have. For weeks, we've been dancing around this attraction. I've had a taste, and now, I need my meal. So what we're going to do is get off this damn floor, walk out the back door, and I'm going to get your sweet little ass to my bed quickly. I mean it, Dani. Years I've thought about what your pussy would feel like with my cock deep inside you, and I'm not giving that up now."

"You silly girl," I laugh. "What are you so scared of? I'm not the big, bad wolf. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to eating you up." "Oh, God, that was corny," she chuckles. "You would like that though, wouldn't you ? Do you want me to eat you first, or do you want to be my Little Red Riding Hood and go for a long hard ride?" "Oh. God. Stop, Cohen. Those lines.... They're terrible."

"God, I hate that I can't be there to protect you. This is killing me, Dani. It goes against everything I feel to not rush to you."

Danielle Reid:

 photo 10945572_399843656844160_6570301504520870746_n_zpswbxbgxce.jpg

Dani grew up loving Cohen her whole life, she knows he is the man for her. She is just waiting for him to wake up and realize they are meant to be together. Dani for me was awesome , but I would expect no less from Izzy and Axel's little princess! She was strong , outgoing, sassy, playful and she is quite the little dirty talker herself!

"I don't think we have enough time to get into everything that I want from you, Cohen. Let's just put it this way. I want you. I want you and everything that comes with it."

"Do you want my cock?" I ask. "No," she pants. "I need your cock," she says breathlessly. "Fuck yeah, you do."

"I want your cock, husband. First, I want to lick you from your neck to your balls, and then I'm going to suck them deep until you're begging me to take your cock in my mouth." She pauses in her speech to lick one of her fingers before tracing her puckered nipple with it. "Then I'm going to fuck myself with your fingers. If you're a good boy, I'll let you lick them clean. And when your balls feel like they're about to bust from the power that your orgasm promises, I'm going to ride you until you come deep inside me." "Fuck yeah, you are," I growl and pounce. She jumps back, laughing, and I swallow her happiness when I take her mouth in a bruising kiss. "Fuck me, wife,"

 photo 10991136_401068706721655_9153244458332423357_n_zpscavbojuf.jpg

This book was so hott. Dani and Cohen were panty meltin together. Their connection felt very strong and real. My heart broke with them when Cohen got shipped out. I felt Dani's heartbreak and sadness as she waited for Cohen. I felt Cohen's frustration at being overseas and not being able to be there for Dani to love and protect her. They were very cute together, in that life long friends to lovers way.

"This isn't goodbye," he vows. "Never goodb-b-bye," I stutter. "It's 'see you soon'," he whispers. "Every time I close my eyes," I promise.

"But, Dani-girl, I'm also a selfish man, because even knowing all of that, it doesn't make a difference. It's you and me, baby. You and me against the world."

"Why the tears?" "I love you," she says, not answering me. "Dani. The tears." "I love you. That's why the tears. But if you plan on marrying me, you better ask me when you haven't just fucked me raw." I laugh, kissing her again, "Noted."

This book was funny as hell too. I was laughing from chapter one. I loved seeing all my old favorite couples especially Izzy and Axel. Lord Axel had me laughing so hard . He was over the top, too funny, over protective of Dani. It was also very cute to see Izzy and Axel as parents, still madly in love after all these years. And I was freakin dying over Axel and Cohen going head to head about Dani.

"I didn't say that, Axel. I plan on marrying your daughter the first chance I get, but that is something that is between the two of us. I respect you enough that I had planned on coming to you privately to ask for your blessing, but I have to be honest with you- I will be marrying my girl whether you give that to me or not. With all due respect, I love your daughter and I couldn't really give two shits if you want to bless that or not."

"You didn't think I would be able to do it, did you?" he asks me. "Not for a second," I laugh. "If you make her cry one tear that isn't out of happiness, I'll cut your balls off," he warns. "Noted." "I'm proud of you, Cohen. Of the man you've grown to be and for the love you have for my girl. I mean it when I say that I couldn't have picked a better man for her myself."

 photo BeFunky_0403818f45a710fcb0b72dd7d4d1f16d.jpg_zps7rwskhqv.jpg

Great read. Beautiful love story . I just adored the ending The only negative thing I have to say is that there is really starting to be a pattern. In Corps Security I saw a pattern to the story lines. That goes like this >>>>> Manwhore meets woman ,falls hard, someone has a crazy stalker, some how the woman ends up in the hospital fighting for her life, man is gutted , she pulls through, and they live HEA! I saw a little bit of it here too. I am worried that it will become too predictable getting old or boring. I will just have to see what the next book holds.

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1,059 reviews74.9k followers
Want to read
September 13, 2014
SQUEEE!!!! New Harper Sloan book!!!! I can't wait :D

This is Cohen Cage's book!!!!

Have you ever felt like you were living your life for a future that was predetermined? Like there was some bigger picture you just prayed you would someday see clearly? That picture has been crystal clear to me since I was old enough to recognize it for just what it was.

Or I should say recognize him for who he was.

I’ve loved Cohen Cage since I was a small child. He’s been my everything for the last twenty-two years. I’ve loved him through every girlfriend he’s ever brought home. Through his college years and then mine. I’ve loved him through two deployments. And ever since the day I told him how I felt, he’s acted like I’m a stranger.

My name is Danielle Reid, and it’s time for me to get my man.

Our future is an unexpected fate, and no matter what our parents, siblings, and friends say…it’s going to be worth every second of the fight to make it happen.
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1,862 reviews30.1k followers
Shelved as 'not-interested'
November 17, 2016
I said I wouldn't read any more from this author after loathing her last couple books, and yet I was intrigued by this one...thankfully, I saw some reviews on it, was reminding of my loathing, and came to my senses.

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434 reviews724 followers
September 6, 2015
5 Stars*****

 photo D0276198-C31F-4B89-BC1B-111B21B4CD05_zpsffcl0i6o.jpg

I fell in love with this series when it all began Axel was my favourite but Greg became a second and the when little Cohen Cage came into the picture and especially as a child he was the adorable little boy that wore superman capes and joked about cough' Greg's manly jewellery, therefore I was really looking forward to this one I would explain this as one big Epilogue on Axel and Izzy and Greg and his beauty's stories altogether for me this was the icing on the cake, it had fun moments, emotional moments and if you loved Cohen as a child your sure as HELL going to LOVE him as an ADULT.

 photo 23771B49-5960-48EB-BED2-16979856E253_zpspec4rvd6.jpg

Cohen has followed his footsteps as his father and is now in the Military he gets sent away to take care of his assignments yet his home will always be with Dani-girl. Danielle Reid has set her eyes on Cohen from a little girl, she's only EVER had eyes for Cohen and therefore was watched him grow into a MAN from that age yet she couldn't touch him be with him nor have him cause he is 4 years older than her and there was always that stumbling block to cross before she could make her move or was it him to take a chance on her?.

Danielle Reid is Axel and Izzy's daughter and to Axel she is HIS little princess he is what we can an ALPHA daddy a tad overprotective no actually a lot overprotective but that DOES NOT stop her from getting to the one person she has loved since a little girl. Dani is a stylist as a job, she's very much part of Sways gang and you will see all the friendships around that net group, but what I loved about the whole story was the theme of friendships and family in a mix it wasn't too much of one thing or the other. Saying that Dani is the girl in the Reid family that is protected by both her dad and brother so she has to find ways to 'see boys' lets say Axel uses his Alpha ways to keep them away he still sees her as a child now and therefore no 'COCK' is going near her except he trusts Cohen so he always comes to the rescue so I'd say a bond is formed through prom nights and such that enable her to be herself with her best friend, Cohen has and is always been that to her a permanent friend fixture to her but she wants more ALOT more.

And yet Cohen holds back on his feelings because he doesn't know where the future holds concerning his career and whether he will be there in the next year he just can't do that to her.

 photo BCD8F513-A202-44CC-93EB-83A2FAF75CB0_zpsyxfrdfdg.jpg

The first half of the story was very emotional for me, you will see them as friends to lovers and also how they cope with being apart and how they learn to live with the knowledge that they love each other. What I really enjoyed about it was the development of the characters of life, love and friendship and a big support network that was the Corp security family.
I found myself sobbing through the moments of separation and how they coped and knelt on the people around them.

A Unity
The family was very much the core to the story and you will see how Axel is a father to Dani and how their bond is stronger than ever, how hard it was for him to let go and at the same time how Dani how ever controlling he was needed Axel in return~ Moments of support and moments of frustration too. But there was lots of fun times to balance the emotional out, her mum was amazing as ever and with her every step of the way and just the same old Izzy that we remember in Axel, Cohens sisters were a key role to both there lives and I can't wait for their stories at some point please Harper.

Once he realised and more like vocalised and went for his heart let say the HOTNESS commenced oh my' Harper outdid herself here if you thought Greg had a dirty mouth then you've read nothing yet, Cohen as an ADULT is all ADULT there is nothing childlike here there was lots of grab hold of your hubby moments he has one DIRTTYYY mouth that just runs from him, he knows how to use it and he knows how to play with his COCK. Sizzling, wet your panties and off the charts chemistry between these pair, I suppose because I felt emotionally connected to them both when the sex arrived it was hotter than ever.

 photo A5AA5BC8-87C6-4E35-867E-9B59108BDB3C_zpspi1hebjh.jpg

I would say all in all this was a well developed story, lots of blurry eyed moments, happy and fun times, family times and friendships bonded where this first book was a great start to this new spin off series I'm especially looking forward to the twins stories and seeing how Greg deals with that...

Cohen is sexy as hell he is dominant, protective and loving he protects his loved ones fiercely especially concerning his girl Dani. There is no reason for them to not be together and Harper did an Amazing job in this one hands down favourite to date.

 photo AB322B47-6C1F-435E-AB23-44A92E239363_zpshvybuumw.jpg

 photo 4677D987-709D-4884-A2A8-B1772D7E3735_zpsabgeluxi.jpg

For more reviews check us out here:

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163 reviews308 followers
February 22, 2015
5 UNEXPECTED .. but it was FATE .. STARS

Danielle Reid and Cohen Cage .. it's inevitable

Mark my words, Cohen Cage.
One of these days, you're going to be mine.

Cause I don't wanna fall in love
If you don't wanna try .. ►♫

Danielle Reid,
you've burrowed your beautiful soul
right into my heart.

"But we were going to fuggle" I complain.
He turns sharply to ask, "The hell is a fuggle?"
"Duh. It's a cuddle fuck," I giggle.

When I first saw this .. I was about to BURST into tears of joy. Harper Sloan is without a doubt one of my favourite authors thus I couldn't WAIT to get my hand on this. It's a spinoff from the Corp's Security series which already puts the stakes HIGH because those books were phenomenal. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. I know the first step is admittance therefore .. I admit I am irrevocably in LOVE with this group. I cannot wait to continue the journey on with this next generation. If you haven't read any of the books .. STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO READ because you are seriously missing out.

Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars .. ►♫

This story. The characters. That dialogue. After reading a short preview of this wonderful couple in the other series .. be still my heart. I've adored Cohen since he was adopted into the story as well as into the family (Cage). This little Superman has brought a smile to my face since the beginning. He's grown into an amazing man and I'm proud to award him with BOOK HUSBAND. Danielle is absolutely adorable. Together .. together, they are PERFECTION as is their story. I cried (NO SURPRISE) and of course laughed .. it's easy to get lost and connect with Harper Sloan through her talented writing.

My girl, my Dani-girl, is happy.
"You're mine?" she asks.
"Yeah, baby. And you're mine."

Well, me - I fall in love
with you every single day .. ►♫

At last
My love has come along
My lonely days are over .. ►♫

It was unexpected, baby but it was fate.
It's our unexpected fate.


Unexpected Fate Harper Sloan
- Sleepless, Readmore. Twitter

Unexpected Fate (Hope Town, #1) by Harper Sloan

a spinoff from ..
Axel (Corps Security, #1) by Harper Sloan Cage (Corps Security, #2) by Harper Sloan Beck (Corps Security, #3) by Harper Sloan Uncaged (Corps Security, #3.5) by Harper Sloan Cooper (Corps Security, #4) by Harper Sloan Locke (Corps Security, #5) by Harper Sloan
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989 reviews195 followers
February 18, 2015
(probably the first and only person who didn't like this...)

The immaturity of Dani (the main girl) is ridiculous. The hero is no better and they're in their mid-twenties.
(I'm not even sorry, this one was a HUGE MISS for me.)

If you love Sloan's work, by all means, give this a go. Since this is the first (and probably last) book I will read from her, I'm going to say I'm not a fan.

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1,453 reviews418 followers
February 17, 2015
☆ I received an ARC via TRSOR PR in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! ! ☆

unexpected fate live

3.5 fated stars!!

* In respect of the author’s wishes: I will abstain from going into my usual in depth take on this read as it could result in spoilers, but will keep my review subjective in nature.*

quotescover JPG 29

Unexpected Fate follows the story of Danielle “Dani” Reid and Cohen Cage. Those of you who don’t know, Dani is daughter of Axel Reid and Cohen is the son of Greg Cage--- both men from Harper Sloan’s patented Corps Security series.

All grown up and ripe for the taking--- Dani has been in love with Cohen, one of her father’s best friends’ son, all her life and has been waiting for the day in which he will notice her and take knowledge of her feelings for him.

She tries to keep herself busy with work, hanging with friends and family, and going on occasional dates… but, much to her heart’s chagrin and the overly protective nature of the men in her life, none can fill the void of what she feels is really missing—Cohen.

quotescover JPG final

Will Dani win the lover of her life’s heart? Will he reciprocate her unrequited love? What will happen when Cohen gets deployed oversees for his military obligations? Will their love withstand the testament of months apart, unexpected surprises and admirers, and the ever wondering prelude if Cohen will make it home alive or not?

Read and you will find out!

So, my thoughts: Harper Sloan’s long awaited spin off novel from her CS series, was a borderline read for me suffused in sweet and sexy moments to discerning alarms and upheavals that kept readers wanting to read more.

I was really honored to have been given a chance to see a Corps baby romance take off and bloom as it reminded me of how far their parents came, all the way to leading to the birth of these two amazing characters. Makes me nostalgic just thinking about it.

Another plus was the inclusion of a lot of old and new faces within the Corps Security family!! It felt like a homecoming of sorts as we got to get updates on characters’ progress and whereabouts; as well as, some implanting of seeds of what may come next!

Now, as for any points of discontentment... well, for me, the dialogues were a little cheesy at times, and the story did include some reoccurring and predictable themes that I could easily call out and compare to its predecessor series.

However! As a whole though, it was a likable read that I was excited to take part of. Thank you, Ms. Sloan, for allowing bloggers like me to take part of reviewing and promoting a new chapter of your authorship!

Much love and appreciation,

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286 reviews591 followers
October 15, 2015
3 every time I close my eyes STARS

“Even as a baby, if you knew he was around, your sweet chubby face would light up. You and Cohen have been a long time coming, and I know that everything that has ever happened in the past was to make sure this moment, every moment since then until now, was going to happen.
It's fate, baby.”

What a surprise. A spin-off series from Corps Security. Now that is something I can go with. I had no idea it was happening, but then my timeline blew up with pretty favourable reviews...so here I am. And I had a good time. Unexpected Fate was a fun and sexy friends to lovers story about Axel Reid's -not so little anymore- daughter and Greg Cage's -superman- son.

“Mark my words, Cohen Cage. One of these days, you're going to be mine. And until you're ready...I'll be here. I'll be waiting.”

Danielle Reid has been in love with Cohen Cage since forever. Even as a little girl she always gravitated towards him and he shares those feelings (but she doesn't know...pssst). Unfortunately the five year age gap made any kind of romantic involvement impossible for a long time. She never acted on her feelings but she didn't exactly hide them either.

Cohen is twenty-six years old now and has a very dangerous life since he is about to leave town on his second tour with his special ops team. He's been in the service since he left college and is proud to follow in his dad's footsteps. But it's a life he doesn't want for Dani. The constant fear and uncertainty.

Their families have always been close and Cohen is best friends with Dani's brother, which also happens to be a reason why they are not together.

Family makes everything more complicated. Take for example Ax, Dani's father. He is the most overprotective SOB on this side of the universe and still sees his little princess and not someone who could possibly be in a real relationship with a man. But that's actually not such a bad thing. In fact, it's highly entertaining and hilarious to see.

Anyway...things change. For some reason they start flirting more open with each other and then they get to a point where they can't stay away anymore.

“When it comes to love, it’s always worth the sacrifice. Always.”

I have to confess, I took down one star from my original rating. After I finished in the middle of the night I was on a book high and almost gave it 5 star, but I thought about it and while I was writing the review...well, all the things that bothered me piled up and it just didn't warrant a 4 star rating anymore.

Here they are:

1. The plot is predictable. And painfully so. Even before Cohen leaves for his tour overseas I just knew what the twist was going to be. A little surprise would have been welcome.

2. The obligatory bad guy threatening paradise sub plot was just too forced. I knew who it was the minute it started and the whole plot line just really felt unnecessary.

3. I have a big problem when every damn romance book finishes with a marriage and a baby on the way. It's not exactly like that here, but the Corps Security series and I suspect this series as well ends up in a baby boom and it's just too much fantasy world for me.

4. Dani was a tiny bit problematic for me. I enjoyed her well enough, but she lacks a little ambition. Her goal in life was to finally get together with Cohen, but that's just not all there is to life. No wonder she is unable to function when he isn't around. And don't get me started on her level of immaturity at twenty-one. Ugh.

“Do not tease me, Dani. It’s not a game you want to play if you don’t intend to follow through.”
“I-I wasn’t . . . I wouldn’t,” I stammer.
“You did, and I have no doubt you’ll have the brilliant idea to do it again. The next time you allude to those dirty thoughts I know you have about me, don’t think for a second that I won’t drag you to the closest bed to show you just how fucking dirty they’ll get.”

Well, oops...for some reason this turned into a whole different review than I had imagined. Please don't get me wrong...this book was highly addictive and I read it in almost one sitting. I laughed so much in the beginning that I got worried looks around the house. I swooned a lot and the chemistry between the MCs was out of this world...I BLUSHED! Honestly, I don't blush when I read books, but I sure did. They know how to flirt...holy shit.

Most favourite thing about this book is Cohen. He is one hell of a great character and a dirty talker on top. He knows what he is doing. HAWT!

Unexpected Fate really was a nice read, but there are just some problematic things I tend to overlook while I'm in the middle of it. I would put this book in the mindless read category.

If you shut off your brain it works really well, in a sweet and cheesy kind of way. ;D

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April 7, 2016
ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review


I absolutely LOVED Unexpected Fate by Harper Sloan!! Ok, I will be completely honest and say that this was my first book that I have read from Harper Sloan. I know I must be crazy for not reading her previous books from the Corps Security series but don’t worry after reading Unexpected Fate, I am bonafide Harper Sloan fan and will be reading all her books now.


Unexpected Fate was simply breathtakingly beautiful, captivating and sexy!!! This book had it all from romance, steam, love, friendship, family, and heart. And to top it off, this book dealt with a theme of friends to lovers in which I love and adore. As a big fan of this theme, prepare for your hearts to flutter and get that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach because Harper delivers a story that will make you believe in true love. A love that knows no bounds. A love built on trust and loyalty. A love that is fierce that it can withstand distance and separation. A love that is pure. A love that transcends. And most importantly a love that was destined and fated. This was no ordinary unexpected love because it was a love worth taking a risk.


Dani is this sweet, beautiful woman who has a heart of gold. She always had a crush on her friend’s older brother, Cohen Cage but being Axel’s daughter is never easy, since her dad was this big alpha protective man who always kept a close eye on her. No boy was good enough for his baby girl.


Cohen and Dani grew up as childhood friends. For so many years, he was the guy who was always watching out for her. She was always in the friends zone but little did she know, Cohen actually felt the same about her. For so many years, he tried to stay away from her since she was like this forbidden fruit. But like all temptation, once you had a taste, you had to have more. Dani wanted Cohen to see that she’s no longer that innocent naive baby girl but a woman who has truly blossomed. Well she didn’t have to do much because Cohen noticed her alright and he had to make her his. When the lines of friendship were crossed, there was no turning back because Cohen and Dani sealed their love the moment they kissed. Call it fate, destiny, or whatever, Cohen and Dani belonged together. They were each other’s missing piece. One night was all it took for these two lovers to realize that their love was pure and real. Distance, time, and separation was the only thing that was keeping these two apart as Cohen had to depart for a military mission. But a love like theirs stood united and so Dani pledged her love for Cohen and told him that she will wait for him upon his return home back to her. Can Cohen and Dani’s love be able to survive the long distance? Are these two really fated to be together or are they better off as friends?


Harper Sloan instantly became an author I will be one-clicking from now on. I love that Ms. Sloan gives you a book to fall in love with. She gives her readers a book to experience. A book where it will have you swooning and have your hearts fluttering. Though this book was built on the theme of friends to lovers, Harper was able to incorporate a little romantic suspense in the storyline. Unexpected Fate is a book that I will cherish because it was a story built on a love so pure and simple. I love that it leaves you breathless and wanting more of Cohen and Dani. Unexpected Fate is a beautiful, touching and heartwarming story that was so well written that you are totally enchanted with the relationship of Cohen and Dani. Their relationship is a reminder and testament that love is worth experiencing. Love is about sacrifices. Friendship. Trust. Fate. And most importantly the best kind of love is a LOVE that is UNEXPECTED. So if you are looking for a book that will make you fall in love, then go read UNEXPECTED FATE by Harper Sloan. Be ready to fall in love with Cohen and Dani.


 photo 1f8af88b96dea1881ba5ca8fc937a9_zpsvcb6xlt7.gif

Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages:
http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly... Harper Sloan
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August 29, 2015

So unlike most people I have never read the Corps Security books, but after reading Unexpected Fate I can’t wait to. This is the story of Cohen Cage and Dani Reid and I absolutely loved the connection between these two.

When we first meet Dani it is the night of her Senior prom and her dad, Axel, is running off her date because he can’t be trusted with his princess. Left in her room alone, dressed up and nowhere to go Cohen comes in to save the day. Cohen is five years older than Dani and has her dad’s trust, as much as he will give any young man. That night when he came in as her white knight solidified her love for Cohen.

Honestly, it was also the moment I fell in love with this story. I love a story about forbidden love and a love story that starts during childhood and picks back up as adults. Once we get this peak at their relationship things pick back up five years later.

Cohen has graduated from college and is in the Marines, following in his father’s footsteps. Dani is working as a hair stylists and is about to move out on her own with some friends. A lot of things are changing for Cohen, too. He is about to be deployed overseas for unforeseeable amount of time. The night before he leaves everything changes between them.

When I started this story I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I loved how this is more than a just a love story. I really enjoyed how there was an element of mystery and suspense. It completely pulled me into the story and while I wasn’t completely shocked by the outcome, I still enjoyed the twists.

Another aspect I love is this story is told in dual POV. This is my favorite type of story, I love when we get a sexy, dirty talker and Cohen definitely fits the bill. I didn’t even expect his sexy ways and I was so impressed with him. He also sweet, protective, intense and I immediately loved his relationship with Dani. I could feel his devotion to loving his Dani-girl.

I don’t always love the heroines in stories, but I did love Dani. I didn’t think she had any flaws. She was such a caring, compassionate and strong character. Her feelings never waned and her faith in their connection was so endearing. My only complaint is that the story felt a little slow in the middle. Now, that may have just been me since I loved the connection between Cohen and Dani, and obviously wanted more.

Regardless, I highly recommend this read. First, for all my smutty friends this book is insanely hot. Second, it is also such a completely sweet read. Lastly, it is an addictive, quick read that I read in a matter of hours. So yes, I think others will love this book, too!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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March 24, 2018

Maybe it was the voice of the female narrator

Maybe I should have completed all of Corps Security before reading book 1 of the spin off series which consists of their children

Maybe I should also have a lobotomy

I didn’t like this. This book was superficial and unrealistic. Harper Sloan kept adding weird stuff to the plot to make it more interesting and to create angst, but I wanted it to stop!

Why is there a weird horse running in the middle of my review? Well, if Sloan can add weirdness to her books, I can have them in my review.

By the way Ms. Sloan, not every male character can be an OTT possessive and protective alpha. Especially when your book contains 50 OF THEM and they are all trying to protect one heroine. It’s too much.

Then there is Dani, Dani, Dani (the heroine). She was so defenseless and so fragile. I’m amazed that she made it to her early twenties without succumbing to some improbable, overly emotional, anxiety created death.

And what the heck is up with this weird TV show?

This is the end of the road for me with the Hope Town Series. I MAY go back and finish Corps Security...that’s a big MAYBE.
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February 17, 2015
DNF 15%. Ok, I'm sorry to say that, but the first 15% of this book (the only part I read cause I couldn't take much more) is just plain STUPID.

We get that she's been in love with Cohen since she was a little kid. No need to repeat it every two pages.

We get that Axel - who was the only thing I liked in this book - is a very protective father. No need to repeat it every two pages.

We get that she has no idea how gorgeous and slim she is. No need to repeat it every two pages.

We get that Cohen likes her too ! No need to repeat it every two pages.

For god's sake.

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February 23, 2015
3.5 STARS....

For starters I'd like to say that I was a major fan of the Corps Security Series. In this new series, we are getting a glimpse into the lives of the children of all our faves from the last series. "Unexpected Fate" is the story of Axel's daughter; Danielle Reid, and the beloved Cohen Cage who is Greg's son. I have to admit though that a big portion of this story felt like a story between Dani and her parents rather than Dani and Cohen. On the whole, the hero and heroine did not have a ton of page time together. For the first 60% of the book, they had barely been physically together. (I'm not just talking about sex! He was away in the military..)There was a lot of time dedicated to Dani and her parents, and how her father was dealing with her "growing up". I did expect that Axel would be the type of father that was extremely over protective; after all he gives new meaning to the definition; Alpha male! In fact, for the first bit, I was highly amused at how poor Axel was dealing with his adult daughter and her with guys, or wanting to move out. I will be honest though, and say that it did get old real fast. I got tired of his posturing, and to top it off....when he finally found out about Dani's new relationship with Cohen; it seemed that Axel gave in just way too easy.

Another situation that rubbed me the wrong way was the sex between Dani and Cohen. Now, I LOVE a dirty talker...and Cohen knows how to talk very dirty, and he does it well! Also, there sex did have major sizzle...My complaint is probably being nit picky; but here we have a couple who have been "fated" for one another since they were children...call me a sap but I figure when they finally "make love" it should be very romantic, and beautiful. Instead, it was straight up pornographic. In my humble opinion, this would be wonderful once there sexual relationship is more established, not for their first time.

Anyhoo, I promised myself I wouldn't make this a bitchfest because I really don't like to do that. I did enjoy this book. I loved seeing the old gang, although we didn't get to see alot of them...mainly Axel..I always enjoy seeing how many kids the original couples have had etc...So, it is definitely a book that I think fans of the first series will love. Me, I just was disappointed in some things, and if I am being honest again...I may not be quick to jump and read the next book that comes out. It doesn't mean that I won't, just that I won't be putting these stories on my auto-buy anytime soon.
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July 26, 2016
Bloody hell I find myself wishing it was possible to rate books 0 stars because this book is unworthy of even 1 star.

When I was 10 and had finished reading Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, I decided to write my own version of the next book, in which Harry brought Sirius back to life with Polyjuice Potion. Is that the dumbest thing you have ever heard? Probably. But hello I was 10, give me a break, I have a good excuse, this author? Not so much.

Unexpected Fate reads like a rough draft. I'm not claiming to be a syntax and grammar queen, I understand that errors occur. Yet this entire book is loaded with grammatical errors, run-on sentences, and SO MANY METAPHORS THAT MAKE NO SENSE.

Basically, it's poorly written, here's an example of a sentence:
“Mentally, while shoving as much of the sandwich Stella grabbed me when she did a lunch run down my throat, I try to figure out who could be coming in”

This book was torture.

You really do not want me to get started on how I feel about the characters. There's far too many misogynistic, arrogant, alpha-males who regard women as property, and then there's women far too incompetent and immature to lead independent lifestyles. The relationships depicted in this book are unhealthy. I'm all for stories that show diverse family dynamics. However, Sloan uses Unexpected Fate to romanticize and normalize abusive, controlling relationships. The poor writing is accompanied with a poor message.

I'm trying to save you the pain of reading this book, I'm going to leave it at this: This is the most dramatic, unrealistic, corny, problematic nonsense I have ever read.

If you're in the market for an over-reaching, poorly-constructed plot with one-dimensional characters and soft-core porn, then this is the book for you. However, I am still struggling to comprehend how on earth this book has such high ratings.
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February 18, 2015
I think this is where I get off the Harper Sloan train. I have gone into every book with an open mind. I really loved Axel and wish the author would go back to the mindset of when she wrote that book. In fact, after reading this ARC, I went back and read Axel in the hope that it would give me back the magic of that first book. Alas, it did not. While I know this book is the younger generation and as such would be more juvenile, it did not work for me. While I would see glimmers of the author that I once loved it never gained momentum and fell short. She made the Alpha Axel into a grunting and growling neanderthal. He would grunt and growl and show his guns. The Axel who was a man of few words was gone and replaced with this man who didn't know how to use his words.
I loved the premise of Cohen and Dani. I loved the connection from childhood. It just never kept up the pace to be a great love story. When one part worked the other didn't. The mystery at the end was not a mystery at all and was obvious the whole time. The villian who managed to foil the Alpha Security team for 7 months was both a joke and insulting. The man who sensed his daughter was sad and ran home couldn't figure out the stalker who was quite literally under his nose? I just wish it was more developed and not so juvenile. I will say this each and every time - the potential is there, but it just doesn't measure up to the raw emotions of books 1 and 2 or even 3. I don't want it to feel rushed or force. I want it to be organic and for me to fall in love with their story without it being plain as day about what is happening. Again, I just feel this is as far as I can go with this author. Hopefully one day I can revisit this author and see some improvement.
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February 19, 2015
4 Ready,Filthy and Pierced Stars


Danielle Reid is probably one of the most loveable character I've read. She's strong yet very vulnerable. Having Axel as dad would probably drive me crazy! Seriously.

“I love you, Cohen. That will never change. But don’t ever hurt me like that again. I’m strong, baby, and I’ll make as many building blocks as we need until the day my last breath leaves my body, but don’t make me build them out of pain.”

Cohen my Dirty Talking Superman

Oh my Cohen, I was not expecting that from him. Seriously, I can still picture Cohen as the boy singing in the hospital bed. His mouth, is very filthy and sexy. I fell in love with him the moment he said "Ready?" .

"You’re going to give me another, Dani. You’re going to come again and soak my chin. I want to feel your body cry out to mine.” He bends, sucks, and looks back at me. “When I fuck you with that fucking wetness coating your virgin ass, you’re going to beg me to take that too. Aren’t you, baby?”



I very much enjoyed this one, not only because of the love story but the thrill.

After pinning over Cohen for years, Cohen stop avoiding his feelings for Dani. But it happens the night before he goes on to another tour.

Dani misses him much and starts receiving flowers every Sunday. Problem is, Cohen isn't the one sending them. Turns out she has a stalker. I'm not one for spoilers but I swear this book had me on edge.

Harper Sloan's Unexpected Fate exceeded my expectations. I was really looking forward this book and I was afraid that it wouldn't be satisfying for my bar was set high. Her characters were not perfect but you wouldn't want them any other way.

And let us again talk about Cohen's dirty mouth.

“Fuck me. My girl is begging for it. Begging for my cock in her virgin ass. I want your pussy, baby, but I need this too. I need to take you here.”I nod my head, panting with need that is so great it has stolen my speech.

“As wet as you are, I would almost think you didn’t need lube, but there is no fucking way I’m taking this ass without getting you ready. I want to hear you fucking scream, Dani. Beg. Me. For. It.”

He doesn’t wait for me to respond. He rolls to his side, I hear him rummage through his drawer, and then he’s back. His wicked grin makes his handsome face flash with a dirty promise.

“Scream, Dani. Scream until my ears ring,” he says, and without warning, he flips me so that my knees are on the mattress. He’s mindful to keep my stomach off the bed, placing a pillow between my body and the soft sheets.”

And yes, he has piercings down there too.
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September 7, 2016
Okay, I finished Unexpected Fate today, and I have to say, that Next Generation love stories are MY THING!! In my own series, "Past Tense Future Perfect" I give bonus chapters that give readers a "peek" at what's going down with the 'youngins' ten years later. But Harper? Yeah, SHE gives us a full book on it and kudos, girl, that's a brave endeavor!

So, in Book 1 of Hope Town Series, we're seeing Danielle Reid and Cohen Cage damn near 20 years later!! But Sloan did the transition from toddler/adolescent to adults now (21 and older) to perfection! We see what they have become.

And yes, I enjoyed how the characters played out. Dani, almost a picture of her mother sans the insecurity and tentativeness in dealing with men that Izzy had gone through as a result of her marriage to Brandon, striving to break free of her overly protective father, Axel Reid. Axel, after all, would be perfectly content to have Dani join a convent except that would mean she'd have to move out from under his roof, so un.. NO!

And the undercurrent of how Dani feels about Cohen...and how Cohen has felt about Dani finally reaches a point of no denial after he sits and watches over a very sick Danielle. Her mumblings during her fever are epic, and I especially love the newly coined term "fuggling". Love it.

From there the story moves forward as it should having the both of them finally coming to terms with their mutual adoration of one another - but what the hell are they going to do about it?

Cohen is leaving in a few days; Dani wants to make her mark, say her peace, scratch her ITCH before that happens.

And beautifully - it does happen though it takes them both by surprise. I actually teared up the day after when Cohen must leave for duty.

I don't want to say more, because that would be giving too much away. Suffice it to say that this is a gripping story that doesn't mince words--or emotions once two people destined to be together - finally get together. But there are OBSTACLES along the way, not the least of which is a dark stalker that is creepy and had me getting goose bumps. That is ALL I'm gonna say!!

The only downside, from my perspective, was that I would've really liked to have seen Dani stand up a bit more to her father, sans calling him "Daddy" so much, because in all honesty? I think Dani was likely a much stronger person than Izzy, given that she hadn't gone through the crap that Izzy had, plus she had obviously inherited some of Axel's DNA So I would've liked to have seen her stand up to him a bit more forcefully versus being afraid to move out at age 21. I mean, c'mon, Axel would've gotten over it!

Other than that, this book was very good. Can hardly wait for the next installment!!
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Shelved as 'not-appealing'
April 9, 2019
I’ve loved Cohen Cage since I was a small child. He’s been my everything for the last twenty-two years. I’ve loved him through every girlfriend he’s ever brought home. Through his college years and then mine. I’ve loved him through two deployments. And ever since the day I told him how I felt, he’s acted like I’m a stranger.

My name is Danielle Reid, and it’s time for me to get my man.

Are you for real, Danielle????
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March 11, 2015
Do you all remember sweet little Cohen who ran around in his cape and said the greatest things, ya know the things that made you laugh right out loud? Yeah, well let me tell you something, Cohen Cage grew up to be the most deliciously amazing guy!! A guy who I am thrilled to tell you also has some of the same 'jewelry' that his gorgeous dad has! :) - You all know what I'm talking about...yeah, you do!!

Cohen Cage owned my heart and I never wanted it back.~Dani

Anyway, sorry, I get a little sidetracked thinking about that. In all seriousness though, there is nothing I love more that getting to know and love characters through a series of books and then to come back and see them as older versions of themselves. I know that this s technically Dani & Cohen's story but some of my favorite parts were scenes between Dani & Axel, her incredibly over protective daddy! The opening scene had me cracking up at Axel.

Dani has loved Cohen for as long as she can remember, the have been besties of a sort, but it took Cohen a little longer to look at and see Dani that way, but HOLY CRAP! When he does, watch out because their chemistry, and by chemistry I mean the sex, is OFF THE CHARTS HOT!

Of course there is so much more in the great book than just the love story of Cohen & Dani - I think that's why I loved it so much. Not only do we get to visit old friends, but we also get to watch both Dani and Cohen grow, as individuals as well as together. We also get a bit of good old fashioned suspense when someone decides to make Dani a target of unwanted attention. No worries though, all the Corp Security Hotties circle the wagons to protect one of their own.

If you are a fan of the series than you will LOVE this recent installment. If you are not, well then I can't help you because clearly there is something wrong with you! Just kidding y'all! Honestly, if you have never met any of the amazing Corp Security you simply have to, right now!

I have to leave you with my favorite part of this book, with everything that went on I think for me this sums of the depth of the love Dani has always had for Cohen! Enjoy!

"I'm going to miss you, Cohen. I know you don't look at me like I look at you, but one day, you're going to come back and I'll still be waiting for you. Waiting for you to see me like I see you. Mark my words, Cohen Cage. One of these days, you're going to be mine. And until you're ready....I'll be here. I'll be waiting."

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March 28, 2023
First time read: 2/17/15
Re-read: 1/16/16


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“It was unexpected, baby, but it was fate. It’s our unexpected fate.”

This story left me breathless and filled my heart with so much happiness. I've been a huge fan of Harper Sloan since Axel and meeting all the men of Corps Security had me swooning, but I'm sorry (not sorry) Cohen Cage takes the cake for best alpha in the next generation in my book.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

God I can't even, Cohen is fucking perfection! I'm feel like such a perv for thinking this way simply because I remember meeting him when he was 3 going on 4 and he was this adorable little boy who loved wearing a red cape and would pretend to be a superhero.

Now he's this gorgeous hunk of a man with a pierced cock and all I want to do is ride his dace (dick and face).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I have no regrets what so ever about it either *evil laugh*.

Dani is basically Izzy's twin. I had such a good laugh seeing Axel being an overprotective, alpha papa bear when it came to his little princess. I fell in love with their love story, so to witness how much they've grown and take the journey with them as their kids fall in love, truly brings tears of happiness to my eyes *sniff*.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I loved this little piece of heaven so much. I just want to buy two copies just so I can frame one lol. Even better, I wish I could shrink it, so I can fit it in my pocket and take it with me everywhere. Cohen and Dani's story was one of a kind. A story of soul mates destined to be together since forever. I loved their beautiful unexpected fate and I will cherish it as I did all the other stories written by Harper <3.
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March 22, 2015
Overall, it was a nice read. But I felt there was too much spend between Axel and Dani rather than Dani and Cohen. I really wanted that chemistry of them that was going on to be expanded. I like seeing Axel again but I wanted more of Cohen.

Plus, somewhere along, the plot was quick similar to her mother's.

D x
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February 20, 2015
3.5 stars

I thought the Corps Security series had a REALLY strong start. Axel, Cage and Beck were fantastic books, after that not so much for me, but regardless, I fell in love with this bunch of badass alphas, as they each fell for their girls. So I was beyond thrilled when I discovered that Harper Sloan was going to be writing about the next generation – especially with book 1 featuring everybody’s favourite little superhero, Cohen Cage.

Cohen was introduced into the series when he was three years old, running round in a cape and constantly talking about his adopted father, Greg’s, piercings. He’s now all grown up with a piercing of his own, and is a part of the special forces, currently home on leave. He is also the object of all of Danielle (daughter of Axel and Izzy) Reid’s fantasies.

Dani has been in love with Cohen for as long as she can remember. As you would expect (given her parentage), Dani is strong, brave, and never one to hide from her feelings, and I really enjoyed the few scenes that took us back to them growing up so we could see the connection developing between them over the years.

“I’m going to miss you, Cohen. I know you don’t look at me like I look at you, but one day, you’re going to come back and I’ll still be waiting for you. Waiting for you to see me like I see you. Mark my words, Cohen Cage. One of these days, you’re going to be mine. And until you’re ready . . . I’ll be here. I’ll be waiting.”

Unbeknownst to her, Cohen returns her feelings, but has never acted on it due to their 5 year age gap, his unpredictable life, and fear of upsetting the dynamic in their group of friends and family. But Dani is 21 now, and is still as persistent as ever and there is only so much a man can take!

“Do not tease me, Dani. It’s not a game you want to play if you don’t intend to follow through.”
“I-I wasn’t . . . I wouldn’t,” I stammer.
“You did, and I have no doubt you’ll have the brilliant idea to do it again. The next time you allude to those dirty thoughts I know you have about me, don’t think for a second that I won’t drag you to the closest bed to show you just how fucking dirty they’ll get.”

With time running out before his deployment, the fact that Cohen returns Dani’s feelings is finally revealed, and the sexual tension is at an all time high.

“I’ve never wanted someone as fiercely as I want you, Dani-girl.”
The tone of his voice is so heartbreaking that my chest clenches.
“I wish it were a different world. One where I wasn’t leaving and our future wasn’t unknown. If it were, you would have been mine already.”

They share one magical night together before Cohen ships out for who knows how long. But how will they cope with Cohen off fighting a war, Dani dealing with all sorts of dramas – including a crazy stalker, and both of them heartbroken without the other?

“See you soon, my heart.”

I really liked the set up for this story. I love the childhood crush-turned lovers storyline, I loved the way it all happened for them, and everything that followed. Dani and Cohen’s love story is truly epic. Their love and passion for each other just leaps off the page, and the two of them together are totally freaking hot. Cohen is pretty filthy, with caveman tendencies and a dirty, dirty mouth, but there is a deep connection between them that very clearly extends into the bedroom.

With her eyes locked to mine, I realize that I was a fool to think I could have ever lived without this.

The sex is graphic, dirty, and a little too descriptive for my tastes. I’m not a prude, and I always enjoy some steamy time along with my romance, but when I actually gag while reading s love scene, it’s never a good thing. Maybe I’m overly squeamish, but too much talk of fluids, and people messing about with said fluids just grosses me out *shudders*.

I loved that the family and friends group were all so close. The original characters still hang out, and now their kids are all great friends, and it really is like one big, extended family. I really enjoyed seeing them all jump in to support Dani when she needed them. And I particularly loved seeing Axel and Greg in their role as fathers to grown kids. Axel is a total “Rambo-Dad” - WAY over-protective, and precious about his “Little Princess”. It’s so over the top that it’s hilarious!

“Liam Beckett, did you break my daughter?!”
“Oh come on. She hit me! I didn’t break her. Well, my perfectly chiseled body might have hurt her slightly. But it wouldn’t be an issue if she would learn how to keep her hands off of me.”
“You little shit,” I laugh over my father’s shoulders.
Liam laughs loudly, “I’ll go get some ice for the big baby.”
“Don’t call my little princess a baby!” Daddy yells after Liam.
“I’m fine, just hit him weird,” I say to soothe his worry.
“How many times do I have to tell you not to hit like that? I could see your form was off all the way across the room. Should have gone for the crotch. Always go for the crotch, Dani.”
Oh lord, here we go. He’s been teaching me how to kick a man’s ass since I was five and Zac stole my doll. Of course, his first lesson was for me to always go for the crotch.
“Daddy, I wasn’t trying to hurt him. We were just joking around.”
“Joking around? You aren’t supposed to joke around with boys. I need to look into that island . Ship your ass off,” he grumbles under his breath.

But having said all that, I didn’t love this book as much as I wanted to. I can see other people adoring it, and I totally understand why, I think it’s just one of those cases where lots of little things combined was enough to bring a potentially great read down for me…

– Some of the characterisation was a bit OTT and clichéd. From the alpha-ness of the guys, Axel’s over-protectiveness (even if I did get a laugh out of it), Dani as the sexed up heroine, and Sway and his overt 'gayness'.
- The ‘mystery’ part of the storyline was really predictable.
- The sex scenes were a bit much. Overly descriptive like I said, but also really intense that left me asking ‘really?’ . Now, I could deal because Dani was ok with it, but it just seemed really weird to me.
- And then parts of it were overly cheesy.

So yeah. A few issues, but overall I enjoyed the story, and I’m definitely glad I read this book.

3.5 stars.
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February 24, 2015
3,5 stars - 4 stars

*sighs deeply* What can I say about this book? This is one of the most difficult reviews I'm going to make. Because this book was different from other romances I've read, it left me confused at first and I could't see if I was enjoying it or not. (Does that make sense?). It left me in something as a torpor because I had such high expectations due to my friend's ratings here on GR that it was kind of confusing to see that this one wasn't going to be one of my favorites. It is a very good book, though.

The romance... so swoon-worthy!

Our sweet couple, Dani and Cohen, have know each other since they were children and that is the best things about this story. I love couples who meet each other when they are little! They have family in common and they have loved each other since forever, but Cohen is 5 years older and he has enlisted in the army. He doesn't want to give Dani hope when he can be a lot of time abroad and she would only worry. BUT when you love someone so much, resisting this kind of feelings only brings more pain than being together and they soon get to the same conclusion. thanks God!


While I loved Cohen, Dani was only okay to me. I didn't fall in love with her but still she didn't irritate me. As this book is madly addicting and you have their two POV's, it was great to see how each mind worked and to see their love for each other.

"It's you and me against the world, Cohen. Never goodbye, remember?"


Still, they had to face some serious things because a guy is stalking and terrorizing Dani (I thought it was easy to see who it was, though.) Dani has an overprotective family. And when everyone sees that she has a stalker, they completely freak out and protect her 24/7. (cough cough her dad). Dani's father was something I couldn't understand at first. He was completely over the top, and didn't even let her go on dates. And while she didn't like it, she didn't throw fights about it and if I had been her, I would have completely freaked out. I have a lot of guy friends, and I wouldn't like my dad to be this overbearing in a million years. It was very funny, but still. And while you understand some of his protectiveness in the end, I still would have killed my dad out of frustration at some point. Sorry, dad.

While I liked the main couple (they were so cute, it was impossible not to), my love for this book is due to the second characters. Cohen, Liam, the twins, even Dani's mom had huge personalities and everything that I love in a character. They were perfectly imperfect, you know? They had everything that lacked (in my opinion) on Dani. They were amazing friends, funny, caring, and everyone with its own distinct qualities.

Anyways, being as different as a book as this was, it was a light read and everything that I needed after Darkfever while reading Prince of Thorns at the same time. I recommend this :)
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February 20, 2015
I really liked this book.


Cohen's book ??
Awesome !!!

I'm really,really excited for this one.
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February 21, 2015
I LOVE this series and know what is better than the CS group? Well, the CS group's offspring! Let me say that I fell in love with superman capes and piercings early on and well, lets just say the originator or those special moments, little Cohen Cage has grown into a full fledged sexy superhero on his own!

If you have followed along in this series then you are no stranger to "Dani-girl" and her life-long crush on one Cohen Cage! There was nothing sweeter than the vowing of love by a 15 yr old girl who declared her intent to "wait forever" for Cohen to take real look at her and love her back.

"Cohen Cage owned my heart and I never wanted it back."

Well, now that Dani is all grown up and legal...it may be hard for one Cohen to not take notice! What many didn't know was that he had already taken notice...

"And every time you look at me I just want to hold you. All my life I've been waiting for you. Little by little falling for you."

So sweet and so sexy is this tale of second generation love finding. A connection among friends and family that started early and just built over time. What if just one night was all it took to realize the impact of that connection? What if just one night was all you had to take what was always yours? For Cohen and Dani...that may be all they ever need or get to have...

"It was unexpected baby, but it was fate. It's our unexpected fate, and I have no doubt in my mind that this happened at the perfect time for us..."

This book is sweet, sexy, intense, and amazingly romantic. This book is Harper Sloan Fabulous and I loved it all. I strongly hope she continues with this series...Liam kinda stole my heart and I NEED him to have his own book!
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October 5, 2019
Oh my god...I loved this book !! I enjoyed all the CS books (especially Cooper), but this one was so funny. I almost peed myself laughing. Axel was hillarious. Dani and Cohen were great. This book was funny, hot, sweet and a little suspense-full. I can't wait for the others. I hope all the kids get their own book and I will be reading all of them. Harper Sloan is definitely one of my favorite authors.
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