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Touching Scars

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Timber Nelson has recently returned home after serving two tours in Iraq. Suffering from PTSD, he’s a shadow of the man he was before his time in the military. Instead of learning to live with the nightmares he faced in the war, he drowns them in a bottle of Crown.

Katherine Pierce is an alluring woman with dark brown hair, tattoos, and a fiery attitude. Yet her history is one full of disturbing images that she’s been trying to run away from for the better part of six years.

Undeniable attraction between Timber and Kat reaches its peak and they both give in to the unquestionable pull.

Will Timber be able to save Kat from her past repeating itself?

And will they be able to soothe each other’s scars? Or will their old scars become new wounds?

This book is a stand alone.

295 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 16, 2013

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About the author

Stacy Borel

13 books1,922 followers
Stacy is a mother of three, lover of food, and self-proclaimed coffee addict. She is a world traveler and started her crazy adventures at the ripe young age of five. Her father was an officer in the Air Force, and it allowed for her to see places from the Azores, Portugal to Honolulu, Hawaii. Stacy went to eight different schools before she graduated high school. After having her first two children, Stacy decided to expand on her love of reading and tried her hand at writing in 2012. She released her first novel mid-2013 and thus began her writing career. At the moment you can find Stacy in northern Alabama typing away on her next book, and enjoying life. Contact Stacy at stacy.borel@yahoo.com

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483 reviews376 followers
January 24, 2014
This definitely hit the spot for me ! Damaged alpha military male ❤️❤️❤️ wowza

Steam extreme. Oh yes. Me like !!!!

This was a quick read and I was so engrossed when I updated I was nearly done the book !!!

If you're in the mood for a book with possessive protecting military males sweeps into town to help a girl work through her demons ... I recommend this one ! Walls dropping , panties dropping , lust , love , HEA and standalone.

Read it !!!
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1,453 reviews409 followers
December 29, 2013
4.5 stars! :)


I actually really enjoyed myself while reading this. Albeit, the pacing was slow and basically sticks to one steady speed, I still actually liked and appreciated it.

Touching Scars tells the story of two individuals who have been broken by life.

Timber Nelson returns home after spending two tours in Iraq a changed man. He struggles with PTSD and molding back into civilian life while coming to terms with the demons he left behind back East.

He meets up with Katherine "Kat" Pierce, who just so happens to be a girl from high school that his buddies used to pick on, and the sparks begin to fly. Only now, Kat isn't the awkward, shy teen she once was. Beautiful, confident, and feisty, Timber has definitely met his match with this sexy vixen.

But....Kat harbors a secret that could shatter a long time friendship. What could it be? And will it prevent Kat and Timber's budding relationship?

My thoughts: A lovely, lovely read!! These are just two individuals given a bad set of cards and trying to stay afloat of things. I found myself sympathizing with the both of them because each is going through a tough ordeal that could scar them for a lifetime if not handled delicately and right away!

Timber's situation, is pretty self-explanatory. I mean two words: military service. I'm sure all of you can guess the traumas he must face so I won't even elaborate on his situation in fear of lessening the impact of his story.

As for Kat, well, I can't really say much without totally spilling the beans on her. But I will say that she is a victim running away from her past. That is, until her past catches up with her.

So bam! There ya go!

A brilliant and touching story about healing, forgiving, and making the best out of life. :)

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Author 3 books301 followers
December 21, 2013
This is my first book of this author and she certainly managed to amaze me! WOW what an amazing book! The couple was perfect for each other .. I loved how their relationship was built slowly, and I felt the love that existed between them. Both of them were dealing with their own demons and together they made each other whole :)
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288 reviews7 followers
January 25, 2014
Loved Kat and Timber. I really loved that there was history to them that the blurb didn't mention. They were in high school together but he was part if the popular jocks and she was a nerdy girl to herself. That added an extra dimension, but it wasn't the typical read that involves that sort of beginning.

Timber was scarred and awesome. Totally awesome. And so was Kat. So rewarding to see that ending for them!
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2,137 reviews54 followers
April 8, 2018

Deseaba leer Touching Scars desde hace mas de un año, cuando vi su portada en Goodreads, tengo debilidad por las cubiertas en las que aparecen parejas * no me juzguen xDD *

Tenia muchisimas expectativas con la historia de Kat y Timber, expectativas que se cumplieron cuando empece la lectura, luego a mi modo de ver la trama decae un poco y te " desenganchas " pero antes de darte cuenta vuelves a estar totalmente enganchada a la historia.

Es una historia sencilla, facil de leer y que quizas no se diferencia de muchas que estan actualmente en librerias, pero era eso justamente lo que estaba buscando, por lo tanto estoy muy contenta de haberle dado una oportunidad.

Kat y Timber fueron una pareja tan hermosa y bien creada, me encanto como su historia de amor se desarrollo muy lento y no sucedio todo en el segundo capitulo del libro como en otras historias.

Recomiendo el libro, a pesar de tener uno que otro cliche, fue una lectura entretenida y rapida, perfecta para cuando no quieres una historia cargada de drama.

3.75 Estrellas!!
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733 reviews302 followers
December 31, 2013
3.5 stars
This book was good. Katherine and Timber knew each other from school. She was picked on mercilessly by Timbers "in"crowd. One day he felt bad for her and apologized but she told him his apology didn't mean anything because he sat back and watched his friends bully others.

Years later and Timber is out of the army, after four years and tours in Afghanistan. He's experienced great loss from the war and it has left deep rooted scars. He takes a job in a small town working in the oil fields. Trying to find a way to cope with his demons and nightmares that plague him. He never expects to run into a tattooed, hazel eyed brunette that looks a bit familiar.

High school was tough for Katherine. She dealt with being picked on. But it was the sexual assault that sent her over the edge. She moved away from her hometown to a small town where her uncle worked. She was too damaged to go off to college and instead got a job at 18 tending bar. Being in a small town was good for her. She re-created herself into Kat. Kat was a hottie with tats, but still wounded. She has a couple friends and everyone who knew her cared for her.

The night of her 21st birthday she never expected the boy from her past to walk in the door. She knew exactly who Timber was. But since Kat looked so different, he didn't recognize her at first.
Initially Kat gives him the cold shoulder. But Timber likes Kat and has had a soft spot since high school.
Both of them are carrying secrets that hold them back. But eventually they open up to each other and begin to unknowingly help each other heal.
But Kats demon isn't only in her past. Her attacker has haunted her for years and has finally come back in the flesh. It's a shock to everyone to learn who it is. The reader is aware from the beginning.

Timber and Kat were great together. He was alpha male hot. Demanding, bossy yet gentle. Kat was a fighter. But she could fight timber from sneaking in her heart. I liked their gentleness in helping heal from their pasts. I also liked their sexiness. He was HOT!.
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1,997 reviews85 followers
January 13, 2014
WOW….What can I say…this was an AMAZING book. I loved it from the very first page to the very last. This book had everything I look for in a 5 star book. There was a tender love story, some suspense, some sizzling steamy scenes, and not a whole lot of outside drama. This is a story about two people who have very deep scars from things in their past. We get to see them grow together and work to overcome all their grief, fear, and guilt.

I loved all the characters in this book aside from Adam ( the a$$hat ). They are all likable and relatable characters. My heart broke for both Timber and Kat. What these two had to go through in their past was just horrible. And then my heart broke again for things they had to go through together as a couple ( when Kat's past doesn't what to leave her alone. ) I thought the pacing of the story and their relationship was really good. Nothing was rushed but it also didn't drag out to long either. Timber and Kat were perfectly matched for each other in my opinion. I loved Timber so much….he was the perfect mix of sweet and alpha.

I know this review is short but i truly just think you need to experience this book for yourselves. This is a Stand Alone with a definite ending!!!! Another reason I loved this book….NO CLIFFHANGER!!!!
March 9, 2018

“Touching Scars” was my first book by Stacy Borel and I really liked her writing style. Usually I am always hesitating a little when a story sounds like a second chance/friends to lovers novel in its Blurb.

However, I was happy to find out that this was neither – it was more a enemy to lover story (and not even that fully). I liked the way the background story was told to the reader, which is often a moot point for me because I am not a fan of long “Then/and /now” switching chapters. I only like them if they tell me something new and not the fact that the “titanic is sinking” (If you get what I mean)

I loved the building relationship between Kat and Timber and the author really made me want to do more than a little beat up on Adam. The secondary charters of the story were also pretty great.
In total a really recommendable book


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January 25, 2014

Characters and story line fell flat. It had a lot of potential but the author didn't do a good job keeping me engaged.
I feel a lot of books I am reading lately are missing something, when I find out what it is I'll let y'all know
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290 reviews76 followers
July 21, 2016
Good story yet with too much abuse as for my liking. Personally I wanted to choke Adam myself. Katherine and her keeping it low profile didn't make it any easier for me.
Poor beginning, happy end.

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940 reviews
January 17, 2014
****4.5 stars****

So, this was one of those books that had me pretty much glued to my iPad from the moment I started it. The type of story that gets under your skin and just keeps you entirely engrossed in it until you hit that last page. That’s what Timber and Kat’s story did to me, with their shattered souls that called out to each other and the beautiful thing they became together. Kat, once the meek and teased mouse of a girl, had made it through her trials in life and came out the other side an ink-covered fighter worthy of her happy ending. And Timber had seen hell and barely scraped himself off the floor to carry on, but he was making it…barely.

When we first meet Kat, she was literally like a scared kitten who was in desperate need of being protected. I felt so awful for her, but when her little claws came out at Timber, I just loved the glimpse of the tiger that was waiting to take over. And did it ever, because fast-forward a few years down the road and damn! Covered in tattoos with the attitude to match, she wasn’t taking crap from anyone. But she wasn’t just this hardened, unfeeling victim. With time and her growing up had come an inner strength that kind of just boosted her already admirable personality, and it showed through the friends she had that would literally do anything to protect her. Timber stumbled upon that, and the tense moments they shared trying to figure each other out all those years later were great. But regardless of the bitterness Kat felt toward Timber, these two were like an oil-slicked match just waiting to light up and burn like an inferno, because the chemistry was crazy intense! We are graced with Timber’s point of view as well as Kat’s, which was truly a gift what with his filthy mind that I LOVED!

Let me just say that Timber broke my heart with this story. I don’t usually connect on a personal level with war-zone stories all that well, but as Timber had flashbacks of his time with his ‘brothers’ in Iraq, I loved these scenes for how vivid and real they seemed. I think getting to see his memories of the simple moments they had together, just being guys, made it easier to feel drawn to their story. Timber had lost a huge part of himself on that fateful day that haunts him, and it was so crushing as he relived it and every moment he had with those men. It was hard to not tear up, because Stacy Borel just tears open your heart as Timber falls farther and father over everything he’s lost. It was beautifully torturous, and Kat became a heroine to remember for me as she gave her everything to pull him through. She had been through her own hell, and was still facing it, but she pushed that aside for Timber. Love this girl!! They were just the perfect broken couple pulling each other up from the ashes, it was awesome!

Touching Scars is a story that will be on many readers’ favorites list for sure, and I can’t recommend it strongly enough. With characters that will easily worm their way into your heart, a romance that will break you and lift you back up time and time again, and smexy moments that will leave you panting, it’s one that is not to be missed!


He saw tears glistening in her eyes. “Change.”
“What?” Timber wanted to reach out to her and tell her not to cry, but it seemed like a completely illogical thing to do.
“If you’re so different from them, then change. Stop being the guy on the side that accepts the mean things those guys say to people like me. Do something about it. Then maybe your apology will start to mean something.” ~Loc 116

She’s the kind of sweet that you ache for with every taste. She’s the type that you want forever. ~Loc 737

When had I crossed the line of liking him to something deeper? I didn’t know if I loved him, but if there’s an in-between, that’s where I was at. ~Loc 2022

Kat was someone I was falling in love with. It wasn’t a fleeting feeling that came and went. She gave me a new sense of purpose. It went above and beyond any hero mentality I’d taken on. She made life worth living. I wanted to heal her like she was healing me. ~Loc 2546

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1,822 reviews325 followers
January 12, 2014

*4.5 Stars*

“If you’re so different from them, then change.”

Katherine and Timber went to the same high school and while Timber was a part of the “in crowd,” Katherine was not. Timber was a couple years older and his friends were complete a$$holes especially Adam. They thought they were better than everyone else and always picked on Katherine. Timber wasn’t like them but he also never did anything to make them stop.

“I made a promise to myself right then and there. I would do whatever I had to protect her.”

It’s now a few years later and Timber has served three years in the Army and suffers from PTSD. His whole team was killed two weeks before they were due to come home. This really messed him up inside and he is turning into a drunk. One night he goes out to a bar with some of his co-workers and runs into Kat. She no longer goes by Katherine and doesn’t even want to be called that name anymore. Only at first he doesn’t remember who she is and Kat is hoping he won’t remember her.

“When your guard is down, you aren’t prepared. Always be ready for the unexpected.”

Kat has been hiding something horrible that happened to her years ago and it still haunts her every day. When she initially sees Timber she doubts his reasons for being there. It also doesn’t help that she had a crush on him in high school. One thing is for sure, she definitely does not want Timber or anyone else finding out why she left their town all those years ago.

“You got everything you need?”

“That depends. If we’re talking about my drink, then yes. If you’re referring to my needs then I’m far from being good.”

Timber knew from the minute he remembered who Kat was that he wanted her. He could just tell there was something different about her.

“She was the type that once she had you, you would never look at anybody else the same. Her beauty was the end. It was all you’d ever want again.” ~ Did I mention he was really swoon worthy as well? ;)

Their attraction to one another is undeniable and you know it’s just a matter of time until Kat gives into temptation.

“Before Timber, I’d simply existed in my life. I hadn’t been living it.”

But the story doesn’t just stop there! One day while Kat is taking a shower someone breaks into her apt. and now Timber plans to make good on the promise he made himself 6 years ago about keeping her safe. Will he be able to protect her or will old demons prevail?

“…you don’t really know people or what they are capable of.”

Without saying too much, for what Kat went through I really do think she was pretty strong. I can’t imagine how I would have been in her situation. I loved that even though she had her own demons she was determined to help Timber beat his. And Timber…that man is sweet, sexy, dominant and just plain YUMMY! Even with his PTSD all I wanted to do was hold him and make him feel better.

“Don’t be embarrassed. If she was in my position watching you about to come, she wouldn’t have noticed anything else either.”

Oh hell!! See don’t you want him now too? Sorry ladies he’s mine!! Even if Kat was the only one who has ever been able to reach him when he’s so far gone in his own thoughts…PFFT…she was just getting him ready for me!

I really loved these two and this story!! They were both going through some heavy sh*t and to see them fight through it together was awesome. At one point my pulse was racing and I was like oh hell no!!! I flew through this book and wanted more when I was done. You all should definitely go 1-click now. Just remember, Timber is mine! ;)

“I never knew I’d find someone that could touch my scars.”

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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1,459 reviews72 followers
December 31, 2013

Review Originally Posted at: Book Freak

Rating: 4.5 Stars


I fell in love with the cover, the blurb and the promise of STAND ALONE.

I always have a soft spot for war vets, armies, militaries or any man in uniforms. They are heroes who have risked their lives every second in the battlefield for our future.

Timber (love the name, by the way) had just returned home from Iraq. He was not the same man as before. Like some vets, he had seen and even experienced so much violence in the war which had caused him to suffer PTSD. Nightmares have haunted him since he woke up from the hospital in Germany, learning of what happened to the rest of his squad. The only thing that helped him cope was a bottle of Crown.

Katherine is sexy, feisty and has covered herself with tattoos. But her past has been dark and grueling. It was something she didn’t want to remember or reminisce. She has been hiding and running away from it for six whole years. Suddenly, someone from her past bust through the doors of the bar she has been working on…

Timber liked Katherine the first the first time she had shown fire. His high school friends were bullies. He didn’t join them, instead he would just stand there and allowed them. But after the TALK Katherine had given them, he tried his best to protect those people who had caught his friends’ attention.

One look, and sparks flew. Katherine may deny or fight it all she want, but there is no mistake that Timber can still make her heart beat a little bit faster. But can she take the risk and give her heart knowing her sordid past can put a big gap between them once he knew about it…

Would their love be enough to heal them both? Would it be enough to surpass the past? Would it be enough to take the risk?


TIMBER NELSON is officially my new book boyfriend. I love how he would go into an alpha-male mode and protect Kat. His mouth can be a little disastrous at times, but nevertheless, I forgive him for it. He knows how to pacific her, he makes her feel good and gives her what he wants. He’s a great guy but with his own troubled past as well. What happened to him is heartbreaking. I was glad he found solace and peace with Kat. They are what each other needed.

I love Katherine, her fire and her fighting spirit. She is stronger than she thinks. Other people might give up after what she had been through. But Kat? She chose to move on, and get a life somewhere. It wasn’t easy moving on, some days, nightmares would still plague her and she may have issues with other things. But I do admire her effort. She is Timber’s strength during the time that he needed her most, and he was hers. When her nightmare came into reality and walked into the bar with the love of her life – she just knew she was back in hell. BUT of course, Timber wouldn’t allow that. It may have taken him a few seconds to put two and two together, but he would do JUST ABOUT ANYTHING to protect her.

Touching Scars is a story of love, a journey to healing of two broken people, whose has numerous scars to last them a lifetime. I enjoyed reading this book. I love the characters, the plot and most especially the ending. Stacy Borel had me glued, hooked, and is giving me one heck of a book hang-over.

★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★
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390 reviews44 followers
January 11, 2015
4 Beautifully Scarred Stars!

This was a sweet and emotional story about redemption and second chances.

Sometimes in the midst of our greatest pain we find our greatest joy. This seemed to be the case for both Timber and Kat who were both trying to out run the shadows of their pasts when they somehow ended up in the same small town.

After a roadside bomb killed all his unit, discharging from the military and suffering with PTSD Timber Nelson takes up a hard labour job at an oil rig in a small town. After agreeing to go for a beer with his bosses at the local bar, Timber is surprised by the gorgeous bar tender who also happens to be one of his bosses niece. He is immediately entranced by the beauty with her short shorts and tattoos but he notices she doesn't seem to want to give him the time of day. What was with that?.

What Timber fails to realise is that he and this beautiful girl actually share a past, they attended the same high school years ago. Although they came from the same town their experiences were completely different. Timber was a handsome, popular jock who hung around with all the other popular kids who seemed to make it their mission in life to torment people like Kat - quiet, smart and average. Whilst Timber never partook in the actual bullying he also never stopped it which made him just as bad in Kat's book.

One day when the bullying escalates Timber does intervene and tries to apologise to Kat, however she doesn't want or need his apologies. Instead, she challenges him to change and be a better person before walking away from him.

Timber is drawn to Kat and when he discovers who she is his protective, possessive instincts kick into overdrive. Whilst Kat knows she has an attraction to Timber she tries her best to keep him at arms length fearing his motives for showing up in town. Over time Timber earns her trust and a beautiful friendship and a sizzling hot romance start to develop, but what Timber doesn't realise is that Kat is keeping a devastating secret that torments her and when it is revealed old wounds will be opened, guilt will be felt and everything will change.

I really loved Kat, she was struggling with some huge emotional scars but she was able to see past her pain to help Timber when he was struggling with his PTSD. It was actually a nice change to see that the man was capable of being just as, if not more vulnerable at times than the female. Neither character was weak, they both had huge inner strength but found solace in each other.

This was a beautiful, well written book that holds your heart and takes you on a lovely journey of forgiveness, redemption and love.
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287 reviews
December 23, 2013
This review can be found at http://sexybookreviewsbyshelly.blogsp...

I rate this book 5 ++++++++ stars!!!!!

I cannot express how much this book has meant to me! It has overtaken the spot of #1 on my favorite stand alone novel EVER!!! Stacy Borel is AMAZING!!! How she took these characters and made them so incredibly deep and structured is out of this world!!! It amazes me that there aren't many other reviews up about this book!! WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR!!! GRAB THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!!! YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY DEBT!!!

Ok…now that, that was said, let me tell you about Timber Nelson! HOLY S*#T!!!! He has to be the hottest book boyfriend ever!! Stacy's muse for Timber is the up and coming model/comedian, Joshua McCann. Timber is sex personified. He just finished a tour in the military, where he has seen his entire crew, his brothers for better lack of a word, die right in front of his eyes and he was the only survivor. This has left him hurt and broken inside, because he internalizes it, and blames himself for their deaths.

Katherine Pierce, aka Kat, recognized the tall, dark, handsome, sexy man that walked into the bar she works at , as the only boy in high school that she thought was decent. She even had a crush on him back then. Only reason she always kept her distance from him was because he was Adam's best friend. And any friend of Adam's was NOBODY she wanted anything to do with.

They played it off, as they didn't recognize each other, but that didn't last very long. They became fast friends, but the chemistry between them was not to be denied!!! They avoided talk of the past as much as they could until the past finally caught up with them.

This book has everything that as a romance reader you want in a book!! It has lust and love, friends and enemies, good times and hard times, drama and angst….IT HAS IT ALL!!! I have ugly cried before when reading books, but this one, sigh…this one really got to my heart!! I don't think I have ever been so emotionally attached to a book before.

I cannot express how much everyone IN THE WORLD needs to read this book!! Touching Scars by Stacy Borel is literary gold!!!!!
121 reviews9 followers
December 30, 2013
I have been a big fan of Stacy Borel since reading her debut Indie treasures, Ever Enough and Always Enough. I dove into Touching Scars with high hopes and was not disappointed! In my opinion, this is her very best work and another five star masterpiece.

Touching Scars was a gritty, raw look into the life of Timber as he returns from his second tour overseas as a respected Army veteran. His story and resulting PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) has become the reality for far too many men serving in our Armed Forces. Author Stacy Borel gave a harrowing account of one man’s struggle to survive in a world that is haunted by the memory of the loss of his brothers. While his accounts are intense, I was spellbound by one specific scene that changed the entire course of the story. Timber was reduced to a shell of his former self as he self-destructed inside his own memories. Living in filth, it took an angel from the past to help him see the light of day as a beautiful blessing.

Kat has been holding on to powerful secrets of her own being equally damaged deep within her mind. You can never get back your most precious gift, especially when it is taken without consent. Determined to live her life in peace away from “the enemy”, she moves on to begin a new life with her uncle. This move would prove to be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes you can’t escape darkness.

Kat and Timber both had superficial scars that bleed deep into the soul. The writing was so vivid I could feel the pain passing between the pair as they struggled to make two halves become a whole. This 5 star read doesn’t disappoint and will pull you into its depths of despair. The intensity kept going and had me nervous as I sat on the edge of my seat. Once I finished, I felt thankful to have read a story that felt so personal and alive. This story proves no matter how damaged you might think you are, you deserve to find your happiness. Do more than just exist, really live!
203 reviews8 followers
January 11, 2014
I liked the writing because the words flowed so easily. And each character having their own demons to face was interesting. I like military themes so Timber's PTSD was expected. And Kath dealing with her own demons but I was glad she tried to not let it tear her own. I enjoyed the relationship between Kath & Timber. And I really liked seeing the growth of development of them individually throughout the book. I didn't completely love it because I'm not swooned by guys like Timber, although he's very sweet, he liked to be in demand and controlling at times. I'm not a fan of alpha males at all, he wasn't completely like one but there are some of those qualities which turned me off. I liked Kath but idk I couldn't connect with her really. I loved her in the beginning but throughout the book I was like eh. so I have mixed feelings towards her. And some parts were very predictable. Sex scenes always tends to be cliche, where the male tells the girl to tell her what she wants and he won't do it unless she says it blah blah. I really wanted to like this book. It had a promising start but it fell flat for me.
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73 reviews98 followers
September 12, 2014
I'm kinda disapointed with this book, I just expected so much more. I didn't connect with the characters at all and didn't even care what was going to happen to them. To tell you the truth I kinda forced myself to finish it. And it wasn't because it was a bad book, not at all, but throughout this whole book I felt like I've read this again, like I knew what was going to happen and to me that's not a good feeling to have while reading. Like I said it wasn't a bad book, it just wasn't for me. I'm sure lots of you will love it.
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1,072 reviews7 followers
April 9, 2018
Two broken souls, two persons who heeled each other. Very good book.
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429 reviews109 followers
January 14, 2014
If I had to describe Touching Scars with one word alone, that would be unfinished.

Perhaps I should've read the blurb more closely before picking it up, because then I'd been more prepared for what to read. Now, I barely even skimmed it; I only noticed the PTSD the guy, Timber has. Instead of a wounded soldier I get two people, where none of them acting properly considering their troubled pasts. The girl, Kat, of course needed to have her own demons, and considering the NA genre, I could've figured out what her demons would be brought on by.

The main problem with this novel is the execution of both MC's pasts which they handle in the presence with the help of each other. I find books with soldiers suffering from PTSD highly interesting because I find the condition in itself interesting, but I also believe it takes more than one person to cure someone with it, as is done in Touching Scars. It takes more than one girl with her own issues for this troubled Timber and his possessiveness to cure his condition. Unfortunately, as with many other books in the NA genre, the main character's haunted past is more of a device for her/him to hook up with a person which is "special" and will be the cure. This haunted past is also often forgotten until it can be used to make the other person even that more special, despite in a more realistic setting it would require more than this person can provide him/her with unless said person is a trained psychologist, which they rarely are in the NA genre.

But, as said, Timber isn't the only one with a traumatic past. Kat has had her fair share of memories pressing her down. Honestly, it's not so much the fact that both main characters have these pasts. In this case it's the fact that Timber's condition is put in the shadows whereas Kat's past is the prominent issue they have to tackle. To be frank, I felt while reading that Timber had much more to process and handle than Kat's character did. I had the impression, while she hadn't fully processed her past, Kat had moved past it, living a relatively good life. Timber on the other hand, went straight from being on the alcoholic side to loving and feeling possessive of Kat, most of his trauma forgotten until it made for a good story.

That aside, the second biggest issue with Touching Scars was the reactions in several scenes. Already forgotten most of the concrete examples, I only have one very prominent, which is Timber walking into the bar Kat works after meeting her once since coming back to the States. His thoughts when seeing her is that she's someone to love, someone to keep, no other kind of girl. Most of all, it bothered me how he almost immediately thought of her as my girl. It bothered me how quickly he just decided she was it. A lovely fantasy, but I hardly believe it to be found often in reality. Then there were a few things that just didn't match up, such as Kat sunbathing every Sunday, yet her skin is "milky white".

It's not that the book is terrible, the plot is rather well, if a bit predictable. The writing was nothing special, but definitely not bad either (finally a NA not written in present tense!). Unfortunately the execution, as I said, ruined it by not giving both characters proper time to tackle their demons. Now it mostly focuses on Kat, and not nearly enough on Timber to make me believe his recovery from his PTSD. The best thing would've been to give the book more length to deal with this, or simply just focus on either the PTSD or Kat to make one of their recoveries the main problem instead of adding two. Therefore, I left the book feeling unfinished with these characters since both of them, in my opinion, needed much more to them for the book in itself to be done!

For more reviews, visit AmandaSays on BookLikes and Leafmarks.
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January 22, 2014
I just could not get into this one. I thought the blurb sounded interesting about a guy dealing with PTSD after coming home from war and finding love with a girl who was bullied during high school, but it just never quite drew me in. I just couldn't connect with the characters very well and the whole story seemed so unbelievable that I just could not enjoy it at all.
Timber was a good looking, war hero with a likeable personality, but I thought that his struggle with PTSD was unrealistic. The first part of the story he spends drowning in alcohol, but as soon as he finds love, that part of him just disappears and he doesn't even struggle with it anymore. He goes from drinking himself into a stupor every night to not hardly drinking at all and it is o.k. He had nightmares and I found it a little unbelievable that when Kat wakes him up and he is having a flashback, he tackles her to the floor, and holds a knife to her throat, yet she just knows he would never hurt her. She is not the least bit worried about staying with him and sleeping there over and over again? That makes no sense to me, he could have killed her and she just blows it off as no big deal. Throughout the entire book they deal with his PTSD by having sex, and he feels as though she heals him by loving him and sleeping with him. This is so unrealistic, I have a friend whose husband deals with PTSD from fighting in Afghanistan and almost dying and I am pretty sure that just having sex and being together isn't the cure for those kinds of demons. Timber never deals with his issues, he never visits a therapist or anything and yet he heals. I just didn't buy the struggle or the outcome.
Kat was o.k. and likeable, but she just never made me feel her fear or her pain. She played the victim a lot yet she was feisty and mouthy to those around her.
The sex scenes seemed over done and for me and too overly described. I got tired of reading about pooling wetness and bodily fluids. I just couldn't get past the visuals to see the sexiness of it. There was nothing left tot he imaginations and again I found Kat to be unrealistic in how she handled the sex with Timber after what she had been through. She seemed completely unaffected by her past except to talk about it a little and kind of phase out in the middle. I didn't feel for her and I never felt connected to her struggle or her pain.
.. and then there is the whole storyline dealing with the bully from high school. I can't give away all the parts that deal with him and the unrealistic issues I had with this past of the story without spoiling it for others, but that whole storyline had me scratching my head and rolling my eyes. Seriously? Would any of that ever have really happened? and no one know?
Anyhow, I just never could buy into this story, just not for me I guess. Moving on to something else.
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April 6, 2014
Review: This was such an amazing story of strength and redemption. It begins with Timber and Katherine in high school, where Timber is part of the in-crowd that constantly picks on Katherine. It was a great example of bullying at it's worst because Timber did not necessarily feel that Katherine deserved to be picked on, but he would not really do anything about - he was a bystander. One day, after a particularly bad occurrence, Timber tries to apologize to Katherine. She didn't tearfully take his apology, as I feel many heroines sometimes do. No, she went off on him and challenged him to do something different; to change. Timber makes a vow to himself that day that he will change.

From there, we come to the present, where Timber has just left the Army, after being enlisted for six years and two tours in Afghanistan. At that point, we don't really know all of the details, but we know that his most recent tour was bad. Really bad. He has many scars, both inside and out, from this tour. He comes home to stay with his dad, briefly, before hearing about some jobs on an oilfield in Nowhere, Texas. (It's not really Nowhere, but it basically sounds like it.) Timber has developed a little bit of a drinking pattern at this point. He goes to work, goes back to his basically empty apartment, and drinks to try to escape his nightmares.

A few weeks in, his boss makes him come to his niece's birthday party at the local bar that she works in in town. Timber sees a girl that catches his attention, and he is introduced to Kat. It is not until later that night, when he wakes up from a nightmare, that he remembers that Kat is actually Katherine. He confronts her, and they begin to slowly get to know one another again, though it is not without reservations from Kat. You see, back in high school, the bullying that Katherine had experienced had gone much further than Timber realized - and by one of his best friends. Katherine has lived in fear since that time, and she had not trusted men around her in a long time. Katherine begins to slowly trust Timber, though, and they begin to get steamy. Very steamy.

Not everything from their past will stay in the past, however. Someone else has been watching Katherine, and he is much closer than she realizes. Katherine and Timber must battle his PTSD from his time in Afghanistan, as well as her overcoming what happened to her in her past. When that past tries to destroy her present, however, will she and Timber be able to make it through? Again, such an amazing story of strength on Kat's part, as she did not wilt away and let her past define her as a victim. She was very strong, and she was a survivor. Timber was almost more fragile, at times, than she was, which was a nice role reversal to see, in many ways. I thoroughly enjoyed this and can't wait to read other Stacy Borel books.
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February 3, 2014
Okay, so I have heard a lot about Stacy Borel, so when I was asked to review her book for her, I was excited. It took me a while to finally get to it, but once I did, I neglected all my other responsibilities until I finished this one.
Katherine Pierce was bullied in high school. Not just bullied, but raped. No one knew though, because the thought of her attacker coming for her scared her.
Katherine moved to Port O’Connor, Texas to try and leave those memories behind. She shortened her name to Kat, changed her hair, got rid of her glasses, and got some tattoos. She was never able to hold a relationship, though. The fear of anyone touching her sexually freaked her out.
Timber Nelson went to the same high school as Katherine, only he was two years ahead of her. He entered the Army as soon as he graduated, and spent three years in combat. When he and his team were tricked into an IED explosion, Timber was the only one that survived. He has to live with those memories and some things can trigger them, sending him into a whole different world.
When Timber moves to Port O’Connor for work, it takes a few months before he finds Kat. Not knowing who she was at first, he was interested in her. He wanted to know her. But once he figured out who she was, that interest piqued, and he would do anything to have her.
Kat didn’t want Timber to get close to her. She was afraid of a relationship. Nothing could stop it though, and she fell for him.
This book has heart-stopping moments, literally. There were points where I stopped breathing, clutching my kindle, crying for everything to be okay. And it was, eventually. But we had to get through all the bad parts first.
I love Stacy Borel now. I am definitely going to be checking out her other works soon. She has an amazing writing style. The story line flowed really well; I was never bored. Her characters are all amazing, even Mel and Beaver, Kat’s best friends. Timber and Kat have an amazing relationship, one that is so beautiful. I wish I could know them in real life.
I also love how these characters have real problems. The challenges they face are things that could definitely happen in real life. Well, it might be rare, but it could happen. I love the description that she uses with Timber’s flashback to the Army scenes. I felt like I was there with him.
While there were some grammar errors, it didn’t detract from the story. There is definitely some humor thrown into the mix, as well. Wait until you read about Mel and her ex-husband’s experience with duct tape. *giggles*
Five stars for Stacy Borel and Touching Scars! I loved it! I hope there’s more Timber and Kat soon! If not, I definitely wanna read about Mel and Beaver!
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February 12, 2014
5 stars for Timber and Kat
*Offered ARC for honest review*

This book had me before I even read it. Make sense? I know. I was part of the Teaser Thursday and found myself anxious to see what would come up teach week. It was a fantastic way to get readers/bloggers a small snippet and get us on board. When I was given the opportunity to read and review, I jumped.

So glad that I did.

This was my first Stacy Borel story and I'm hooked. Her writing was well thought out, flowed wonderfully. You can tell that she put a lot of time and care into each character, treated them with respect and treated the subject matter with respect.

Kat and Timber's story is one that was touching and so raw. Both are flawed and broken in very different ways. I loved both their history together and their individual stories.

"With you, there's no such thing as imperfection. If I closed my eyes right now, my memories wouldn't do you justice?" ~Timber

Kat's story is one that every woman fears. Losing the ability to trust, to feel safe and to be happy is such a sad life for someone like Kat. As much as she tried to cut herself off, people care about her.

Timber was drawn to her back in high school and his life has taken him on such a difficult road. Now home from war, damaged and still fighting an internal battle, he can't stay away from Kat.

These two were electrifying. Timber and his alpha male ways and then he would be so sweet and gentle. Kat with the attitude one minute and then her compassion the next. Both characters had so much depth that it made them as a couple intense and fantastic!!

"Sleep Timber. I'm watching you now." ~Kat

Ms. Borel gave a voice to two very real subject matters and does it with class. She created two characters that while they may be broken while apart, together they were the perfect combination needed to heal one another.

~Red - Red's Book Blog (redsbookblog.com)
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February 25, 2014
I am familiar with Stacy Borel's books so I was expecting nothing less than amazing when I started this book. Well Stacy, *HIGH FIVE* and a huge congrats to you.

This book takes you on a tragically emotional journey. You will feel a multitude of emotions ranging from anger and rage, to loss and healing, and love and redemption. Put all of those things together and you have a brilliant love story complete with absolute craziness and beautiful ending.

I will start by saying my heart went out to the two main characters in this book. Timber and Kat are both so broken but yet so strong. They are both running from past demons that have the potential to throw them into a downward spiral from which they would never recover. Kat is haunted by her past and her failure to believe she was a survivor sends her on a journey to recreate herself. What happened to her made me physically ill. Her strength is amazing.

Timber worked hard all his life just to fall a little short on a secured future. This takes him the path of a hero which turns into his worst nightmare.

They are both destined to leave the past behind them and end up in the same place. That is called destiny, such a beautiful word. Destiny in this book was their saving grace; they were meant to heal each other. They had amazing chemistry and were perfect for each other. Hot, loving, and passionate sex. "Chocolate Chips"... you'll want some. You'll know what I mean when you get there.

When the past shows up, oh man my heart sunk. I knew what was coming and it scared the hell out of me. I was so scared for Kat I was shaking. I was looking forward to a little redemption for her. The rest of the book was absolutely amazing watching them fix each other was so beautiful. Everyone deserves to be loved that way.

The emotions this book takes your heart through will have you in tears. I was completely captivated by their struggle and perseverance to find their happiness.
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July 12, 2016
This book was recommended to me by a friend. I have to say, that it was a really good one! I didnt ask about the book i just bought it and jumped right in!! I was not disappointed. At all!!

Ok so first off, the cover is completely bad ass. I love Joshua and he is just yummy all around. Loren is beyond the words beautiful. The cover only added the awesome of the book!

Timber to me was arrogant, pushy, demanding yet sweet and loving. He had a bad boy persona. Also, very steamy and makes me wanna let him demand anything he wants from me! :). It broke my heart the things he had to go thru. It also had a real feel because i know a few people who have actually gone thru what he did. I LOVE that is name is so different than what you would normally see or hear.

Kat, poor Kat. Within the first few minutes of the book, I wanted to jump in a kick some butt! I was completely shocked to even be reading something like that in the beginning. Not that im saying it is a bad thing. The author seriously went in for the kill. Kat seriously has a shield up to be tough but really she was broken. That is until Timber.

I SERIOUSLY LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK!! The way the story was written, down to the characters, to the playful banter between all and right into the sex scenes. Which were hot... Like “OhMyGodPleaseLetMeJumpInThisCharactersSpotRightNow” HOT!! They were epic and oh so steamy! This book will go on as one of my top favorites! I look forward to reading anything this woman write from here on out!! Fist Pump to the Author because this book knocked my socks off!!
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April 7, 2014
his book was recommended to me by a friend. I have to say, that it was a really good one! I didnt ask about the book i just bought it and jumped right in!! I was not disappointed. At all!!

Ok so first off, the cover is completely bad ass. I love Joshua and he is just yummy all around. Loren is beyond the words beautiful. The cover only added the awesome of the book!

Timber to me was arrogant, pushy, demanding yet sweet and loving. He had a bad boy persona. Also, very steamy and makes me wanna let him demand anything he wants from me! :). It broke my heart the things he had to go thru. It also had a real feel because i know a few people who have actually gone thru what he did. I LOVE that is name is so different than what you would normally see or hear.

Kat, poor Kat. Within the first few minutes of the book, I wanted to jump in a kick some butt! I was completely shocked to even be reading something like that in the beginning. Not that im saying it is a bad thing. The author seriously went in for the kill. Kat seriously has a shield up to be tough but really she was broken. That is until Timber.

I SERIOUSLY LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK!! The way the story was written, down to the characters, to the playful banter between all and right into the sex scenes. Which were hot... Like “OhMyGodPleaseLetMeJumpInThisCharactersSpotRightNow” HOT!! They were epic and oh so steamy! This book will go on as one of my top favorites! I look forward to reading anything this woman write from here on out!! Fist Pump to the Author because this book knocked my socks off!!
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