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Courtlight #4

Sworn to Secrecy

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In the heart of the Imperial Courts, Ciardis Weathervane knows that death is coming for the empire. With her friends by her side and the new triad of Weathervanes, she's in a race against time to convince the courts of the same.

She must do her best to unite kith, mages, nobles and merchants under one cause - the fight to prevent a war. Soon she is forced to keep a secret that could exonerate her mother of the Empress's death, and is always one move away from stepping into diplomatic chaos.

Throw in a daemoni prince who is showing interest in the youngest Weathervane, a jealous prince heir, and a irritated dragon with her own designs on Ciardis, and you have an imperial court in turmoil.

This fourth novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Conflict.

254 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 23, 2014

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Terah Edun

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683 reviews24 followers
February 26, 2014
[Full disclosure: I was given a free ebook through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.]

You could argue that Sworn to Secrecy is just a big set up for the final book Sworn to Defiance but then you’d be wrong. There’s important stuff going on in this one and this fourth book is my favourite in the Courtlight series so far.

Let’s talk about the characters first. Ciardis has really grown up from the overwhelmed country girl in a city, although she does occasionally get overwhelmed. Her mother Lillian is absolutely fascinating and I love how she slowly reveals her backstory and the true events of the night the empress was killed.

I also like that Terah Edun didn’t make Ciardis and Lillian immediately fall into a happy-go-lucky mother-daughter relationship. There’s still some lingering resentments on Ciardis’ side because of her mother’s abandonment and Lillian is still kind of awkward around her children, as if she’s unsure how to be a mother after so many years. My favourite character other than Ciardis in this one was Thanar, the daemoni prince. He’s the snarky type of actual bad boy that I like rather than your stereotypical bad boys with pretty much nothing to angst about.

The plot was incredibly fast-paced but not at the price of world-building and character development. We learn so much about Ciardis’ world in this one and old plots are being slowly revealed. There’s conspiracies going on here and they reach all the way up to the highest authority in the land: the emperor. I was genuinely surprised at the plot twist about him but in hindsight it does make a lot of sense.

Another plot development I liked was, again surprisingly, the love triangle between Sebastien, Ciardis and Thanar. It felt organic and I love how Ciardis is genuinely confused about whether she really has feelings for Sebastien, who constantly seems to be pushing her away. I won’t give much more away but let’s just say it’s an interesting dynamic and it’s not your typical love triangle.

Basically, Sworn to Secrecy was a pretty awesome penultimate book to a series that keeps improving with each book. It’s going to be hard for Terah Edun to wrap things up in the final book but with the way her writing keeps improving I have faith in her.

I give this book 5/5 stars.
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Author 2 books70 followers
March 12, 2014
I was super excited to get to continue with this amazing, fantasy adventure. As I've come to expect, whenever Ciardis is involved in anything, mayhem ensues. Her family's reappearance at Court causes quite a stir and Ciardis is forced into solving a great mystery that may very well save the empire, as well as her mother's life.

It was great catching up with the many wonderful characters I got to know in the first three books, and there were a few new additions, with some strange creatures as well. Once again there were many twists and turns in this story, and the action only skyrocketed as Ciardis and her friends went in search of answers. I have to admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for Thanar. He's painted as this ruthless killer, and even though that's quite an accurate assessment, there was just something that drew me to him. Obviously, something also drew Ciardis to him and they shared a bond, no matter how much she refused to acknowledge it. This, however, brought into question her love for Sebastian. There's a bit of a love triangle brewing and I cannot wait to see where it will lead. With Ciardis anything is possible.

This book was filled with all the mysticism that I've enjoyed in each book before it, and it just keeps getting better and better. I wonder if there will ever been an end to the chaos and excitement. I surely hope not as this is one series I could continue reading forever.
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2,365 reviews44 followers
February 27, 2014
Breathtaking surprises and glittering action!

Wow! From the first to last page, a suberbly crafted action packed read!
Hardly an auspicious family reunion. Ciardis Weathervane no sooner finds her mother and brother than all are threatened. Inga the frost giantess and Kane are attacked at the Imperial ball, Ciardis is simultaneously threatened by both the Emperor and the shadow council. The Emperor places Lillian Weathervane under house arrest and blackmails Ciardis with her mother's life into seeking the truth about the Ameles Forest and the Princess Heir. Dragons fight in the skies, and this is just the beginning. Twists and turns deepen, old enemies and old friends resurface, new enemies and new friends emerge as secrets are revealed in the desperate race to stop the Blutgott.
Prince Sebastian and Daemoni Thanar join forces, well for a time, at Ciardis behest and all move forward.
Tension is high, action is key, Edun's writing doesn't faulter, it's tight and piercing, like the magic of the Cold Ones that Ciardis wields. Bravo!
I do like the sparkling dry humour that weaves it's way in and out of the storyline, whether it's Ciardis commenting upon her own actions or a moment in response to others. This humour is an island of light, a respite from the determined focus of action that spirals ever onwards, faster than you can draw breath.

A NetGalley ARC
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34 reviews15 followers
March 2, 2014
cliffhangers...why must you keep doing this to me???

So here we go back into he Courtlight Series with Ciardis and Sebastian and let's not forget Thanar.
So much happens in this one, I swear I flipped faster through this one the the first ones because I simply just couldn't get enough!!!

Mother Weathervane is on trial to be executed for the death of a Lady many years ago. It is up to the group to make sure this doesn't happen.

There's a lot of bad guys out there to make sure they are all silenced. For good.

*And if you read the first three...someone got married!!!! :) I am happy to see that!*

I didn't burn dinner this time....which is good considering that I couldn't really put this one down....stir, fling finger, stir, repeat.

Well done...I canNOT WAIT for the next one. However, I have to wait until this one actually releases before I start bugging for the next :)

happy reading!!!

Merged review:

cliffhangers...why must you keep doing this to me???

So here we go back into he Courtlight Series with Ciardis and Sebastian and let's not forget Thanar.
So much happens in this one, I swear I flipped faster through this one the the first ones because I simply just couldn't get enough!!!

Mother Weathervane is on trial to be executed for the death of a Lady many years ago. It is up to the group to make sure this doesn't happen.

There's a lot of bad guys out there to make sure they are all silenced. For good.

*And if you read the first three...someone got married!!!! :) I am happy to see that!*

I didn't burn dinner this time....which is good considering that I couldn't really put this one down....stir, fling finger, stir, repeat.

Well done...I canNOT WAIT for the next one. However, I have to wait until this one actually releases before I start bugging for the next :)

happy reading!!!
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1,935 reviews
December 12, 2019
I would like to start this review with my favorite quote from this book: 'Dropping her voice to a whisper, Terris said, “Ciardis, is that who I think it is? Is that the prince heir standing next to you? And who’s the hot hunk of burning love next to him?”' Terris is life! Also, I'm happy for her and Meres. They seem cute together. I can't believe

This book has loads of stuff happen, with multiple assassination attempts, from satyrs to dragons to regular assassins, which provides a good amount of action and intrigue. Ciardis is also trying to uncover Princess Heir Marissa's secrets, which include We also discover very interesting information about Lillian: and the emperor: . Thanar is fabulous, on a separate note. I love his snark and entertaining actions. Sebastian is also wonderful, and I love how he continues to stand by Ciardis, even when they fight. I will say one thing that annoyed me in this book was

Overall, this was quite a fun reread, and I can't wait for the next book, which has all sorts of magical hijinks! 4.5 stars.
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1,664 reviews37 followers
February 25, 2014
Ciardis Weathervane and allies are trying to stop the god of destruction, the blutgott, from emerging and need to unite the empire. Certainly, things can’t be just that simple they also have to worry about Lillian Weathervane’s murder trial. Oh and then of course the Emperor is blackmailing Ciardis. Wait, the daemoni prince, Thanar, is showing interest in Ciardis causing the prince heir, Sebastian, to become jealous triggering misunderstanding among their group. Needless to say there is just a bit going on in Sworn to Secrecy.

Terah Edun created another suspenseful book in the Courtlight Series. Clardis just does not get the opportunity to rest, poor girl. Sebastian even commented on how they never get a chance to be alone. So true. They just have too much action going on in their lives. That will, by the way, keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ciardis has a good heart and trust people to a fault. Although she definitely has no problem protecting her friends. I’m not sure what I think of the daemoni prince. It’s kind of a love hate. Thanar’s got the bad-boy thing down. He seemed to always be planning mischief. There is something about him that makes you want to like him even if you can’t trust him. Then there is the prince heir Sebastian. I’ve always liked Sebastian. Ciardis and Sebastian are good together, making them stronger.

Sworn to Secrecy ends in a cliff hanger that makes me want to read the following book – now; no pressure to get that done ASAP, Terah (hint-hint). I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next in book five, Sworn To Defiance.

ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Jonel.
1,717 reviews315 followers
July 6, 2014
I love how Edun’s writing style never changes but the storyline never stays the same. This brilliant fantasy world and the players within continue to evolve from story to story, never leaving the reader bored. At the same time, Edun’s descriptions remain vivid and visual. I feel like I’ve walked through the world of Sworn to Secrecy. Edun is also a master at writing intrigue. The undercurrents throughout this novel are so pronounced that you cannot fail to feel them permeating the storyline as a whole. It drew me in like no other, trying to unravel the strands and determine who was working with whom. This extra element on top of the already brilliantly crafted storyline puts this story in the realm of unforgettable.

Edun doesn’t simply develop her characters as individuals, but she created entire races and new species throughout her novel. We really get to know the ins and outs of the various races with this novel. I really enjoy how she develops this. It is not through long narratives, but rather through their actions and reactions during certain events. Individual characters are developed in a similar manner, but on a much larger and more personal scale. Also, the dialogue in this novel is always natural. Even the royals, who are all haughty, still speak like real people rather than a textbook.

Overall, this was a fantastic read. Edun continues on with Ciardis’ story while leaving her open to future instalments of the series.

Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Paliden.
77 reviews
July 16, 2014
Wow.....it has taken me forever to get through this book. The first three were great but now the story is starting to drag.....and I mean seriously drag. So, I want to finish the series just so I can see how it ends but it was really, really hard to stay with this book.

In Sworn to Secrecy, we continue Ciardis’s story. Now she is with her mother, Lady Lillian and also her brother and several other friends. I just want to start this off with how much I really, REALLY do not like Lady Lillian. She is the world’s worst mother!!!!! And seriously, Ciardis and Caemon can’t seem to see it at all! Agh! Okay, there is also the little problem of Thanar (the daemoni prince) who has a thing for Ciardis. I’m really wondering which way this is going to go. I really like Sebastian, but at the same time Thanar has that whole bad-boy thing going for him.....hhmmmm....I still prefer Sebastien. And by the time this story wrapped up, we finally find out the story behind what happened to Lady Lillian and Sebastian's mother all those years ago. Of course, it's never that simple, so it ends on a cliffhanger (of course) and I can't say anymore or it will spoil the story.

The story is good, but this book really dragged along in my opinion. I am hoping that the next book is the final one. We will see.
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401 reviews22 followers
February 27, 2014
I have become addicted to this series. Ciardis and all the characters are so very well written. Every adventure jumps off the page and just grabs your attention. There was no way I could put it down. By the time comes around Sworn to Secrecy we have seen Ciardis grow in so many ways she as become a more powerful and confident character. I love her need to learn and how cunning and secretive she has become. As the plot thickens in this the fourth book of The Court Light Series the adventures and secrets also reveal answers to some secrets yet still are fast paced, nail biting, adventure. I believe I can honestly that The Court Light Series has become one of my all time fantasy book favorites. I personally think that Terah Edun has written a very popular series and I am desperately hoping for at least a one more book to this series as the end of this one will leave you gaping for air totally jaw dropping!
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103 reviews7 followers
August 10, 2016
Ciardis, Ciardis what are we to do with you? Always wanting to believe the best of people and being fooled more often than not. Such a bad habit of jumping in where others fear to tread. Now she is at court, with all the intrigue. Never a dull moment is there? Soon she must try to find out what is going on and discover what the Princess Heir was up to before her death. Kith, dragons, royalty, family, what a cast! Yes, throw into the mix Sebastian, the Prince Heir and the Daemoni Prince both wanting Ciardis for themselves. Crazy world, a death threat hanging over their heads, can Ciardis & crew pull it all together?
Oh Terah, you make my heart stutter. I truly love this series, but MORE!!!! Really people, this entire series is one big fantasy yayyyyy!! You should definitely get the books they are well worth it and Terah Edun is a fantastic author. Intrigue, fantasy, mystery, romance, it truly has it all. Now, pretty please get me more?
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1,525 reviews83 followers
March 2, 2014
**ARC Provided by Netgalley and All Night Reads for an honest review**

First of all I'm screaming because of the bloody cliff hangar. So much has happened in such a short anoumt of time in the book that I just need the next one NOW!

All of the characters really grow and we learn that much more about them. Ciardis especially seems to grow up faster.

I loved the fact that there was still tension between Ciardis and her mother and that they did not fall into a mother daughter relationship. The love triangle between Sebastian, Ciardis and Thanar also proved interesting.

There were so many plots that came out from past and present and so many twists that I never knew what was going to happen next. Nothing was predictable at all.

Terah Eduns writting keeps on getting better and better and I can't wait to read the last book in the series and how it all plays out in the end.
Profile Image for Jessica.
606 reviews14 followers
October 16, 2014
Damn! You and your cliffhangers!!!!!!!

I just finished the book a few hours ago and you did it again. And why can’t we get your books in Chapters [Canada]? This series are a bomb of greatness. You must make a deal with Chapters. Indigo to have your books. Seriously I’m not lying about that, you must get them in stores soon too.

I’m amazed that with each book in this series is different and thrilling to read at all times. I love Ciardis and Sebastian characters, I find them prefect together. Now Thanar, he’s handsome but a pain in the ass at times. He is good at what he does. However he shouldn’t kiss Ciardis at all.

My overall rating is Ten stars, if that was possible on Goodreads.com. Now I must get the fifth one and soon. I love it.
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758 reviews11 followers
April 11, 2014
4.5 Stars
In a word, awesome. This latest installment in the Courtlight Series not only goes into more depth about the MCs and newer characters, but also reintroduces some supporting characters from the much earlier books. I'm happy Thanar has more meat in this one and I hope he isn't hurt in the next work. The pace of the story gets quicker with each page and I love that any YA author can still shock me when "revealing" plot and character secrets. It's going to be difficult to wait to see what develops next.

Net Galley Feedback
1 review
February 22, 2015
Sworn to Secrecy

I chose this rating because this book has mystery romance, betrayal and adventure. I would recommend this book to all readers that like intriguing plots mixed with magic and suspense. Readers from teens to adults.
Thank you so very much to the author for an enjoyable read
2 reviews
February 27, 2014
The moment I think that I know what is going to happen in this series, the author hits me with an event (present or past) that just has me going "...what just happened?!" The ending of the book is definitely going to leave you wanting more. Damn you cliff hangers!!!
Profile Image for Meghan.
760 reviews14 followers
March 7, 2014
that Prince of dark and tasty was too much fun in this book. and where do his feathers come from? yum. pace was excellent. a little short, but when you really like a book, it's always a little short.
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130 reviews6 followers
March 5, 2014
Ciardis just can't stay out of trouble, everytime she tries to help anyone she sticks her foot in it. Love this series and can't wait for the next book.
Profile Image for Amber Ballard.
452 reviews15 followers
April 26, 2015
Oh I knew there was going to be problems bringing the dark prince with them!!!! I love the fact that Ciardis is in a love triangle and everyone sees it but her!!!!
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102 reviews17 followers
May 3, 2015
* See more at: http://petrichorabookblog.tumblr.com
** I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion.
*** Recensione in Italiano più sotto


At the end of "Sworn to Conflict" Ciardis was finally reunited with her family, now consisting of three persons: herself, Caemon, her twin brother, and her mother Lillian, who until then had known in the guise of her sponsor. Ciardis had also discovered the existence of a dark entity, the blutgott, "the god of death and destruction", which weighs down on the fate of all the Empire's inhabitants. In order to fight and to find out more about this looming threat, the Weathervanes and their entourage go to the Imperial Court.
This novel, then, opens with this new change of setting, no longer the cold and dangerous North, but the even more dangerous Imperial Court, where threats are hidden with beautiful dances and glitzy clothes. Soon Ciardis, in fact, finds herself defending her family and all those she cares about, making an agreement with the Emperor in person. Besides him, many enemies want Weathervanes dead for many different reasons and certainly do not wait for their attacks. This time, however, Ciardis is not alone against the world, but with an entire family and many friends who support and help her during this journey.
Besides the already mentioned Weathervanes, in fact, the young woman will be assisted by fellow adventurers, who we have already known, and by those who will be revealed as new and unexpected allies, like Thanar. The beautiful, and even more fearsome, Prince of Daemoni, with who Ciardis will tighten an agreement, will be by her side for most of the novel. With the arrival of the Prince Heir Sebastian from the North, Ciardis finds herself having to deal with the attentions of the two boys, forming a kind of love triangle.
On one hand, I was pleasantly surprised by this new love rival of Sebastian: I've always loved the bad guys, so I really like Thanar. But on the other hand, I am still undecided about this, because the love triangle is a double edged sword: it introduces motion in a stable couple, but must be managed in a great way in order to not tire the reader, who in certain series have to read books and books about the protagonist undecided until the last minute about who is the right person for her. However, I have confidence in Terah and her ability to manage everything very well, knowing that I will not be disappointed.
Returning to the novel, the reasons why Lillian has been hidden during these years will be clarified and finally we get to know her story of the day when the Empress died (an event that is consistently at the heart of it all). The time frame that covers the book is quite short, less than a week, and there are very many other revelations that are made in this period, between internal attacks and dragons's ones.
In conclusion, "Sworn to Secrecy" is a very well written novel, which finally provides the answers to many questions and leads the reader to a worthy conclusion to the saga.


Recensione in italiano

Alla fine di "Sworn to Conflict" Ciardis si era finalmente riunita con la sua famiglia, composta ora da una vera e propria triade: il fratello gemello Caemon e la madre Lillian, che fino ad allora aveva conosciuto sotto le mentite spoglie della sua sponsor. Ciardis aveva scoperto anche dell'esistenza di una oscura entità, il blutgott, il dio della morte e della distruzione, che grava sul destino di tutti gli abitanti dell'Impero. Per combatterlo e per scoprire di più riguardo questa minaccia incombente, i Weathervanes e il loro seguito si recano alla Corte Imperiale.
Questo romanzo, quindi, si apre con questo nuovo cambio di ambientazione, non più il freddo e pericoloso Nord, ma la ancora più pericolosa Corte Imperiale, dove le minacce sono celate con belle danze e vestiti sfarzosi. Presto Ciardis, infatti, si ritroverà a difendere la sua famiglia e tutti coloro a cui tiene, facendo un accordo con l'Imperatore in persona. Oltre a lui, molti nemici vogliono i Weathervanes morti per le ragioni più disparate e di certo non attenderanno per i loro attacchi. Stavolta, però, Ciardis non è sola contro il mondo, ma ha un'intera famiglia e un gran numero di amici che la sostengono e l'aiutano.
Oltre ai già citati Weathervanes, infatti, la giovane donna verrà aiutata da compagni d'avventura, che abbiamo già conosciuto, e da quelli che si riveleranno nuovi ed insospettabili alleati, come Thanar. Il bel, e ancora più temibile, Principe dei Daemoni, con cui Ciardis stringerà un vero e proprio accordo, sarà al suo fianco per gran parte del romanzo. Con l'arrivo, poi, del Principe ereditario Sebastian dal Nord, Ciardis si ritroverà a dover gestire le attenzioni dei due, formando una sorta di triangolo amoroso.
Da una parte sono rimasta piacevolmente colpita da questo nuovo rivale in amore di Sebastian: ho sempre adorato i personaggi cattivi, quindi mi piace molto Thanar. Ma dall'altra sono ancora indecisa su questa "novità", perché il triangolo amoroso è un'arma a doppio taglio: introduce movimento in una coppia stabile, ma deve essere gestito in ottimo modo per non far stancare il lettore, che in certe serie si trova a leggere libri e libri sulla protagonista indecisa fino all'ultimo minuto su quale sia la persona giusta per lei. Tuttavia ho fiducia in Terah e nella sua capacità di gestire il tutto ottimamente, sapendo che non verrò delusa.
Tornando al romanzo, verranno chiarite le ragioni per cui Lillian si è nascosta durante questi anni e finalmente conosceremo il suo racconto del giorno in cui l'Imperatrice è morta (evento che è decisamente al centro di tutto questo). L'arco di tempo che copre il libro è decisamente breve, meno di una settimana, e moltissime sono le altre rivelazioni che vengono fatte in questo periodo, tra attentati interni e attacchi di draghi.
Concludendo, "Sworn to Secrecy" è un romanzo scritto ottimamente, che fornisce finalmente le risposte a molti quesiti e traghetta il lettore verso la degna conclusione della saga.

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221 reviews12 followers
May 22, 2017
Another fast-paced installment. Like all previous books in the series, this one picks up where the last one left off. Also, like all the previous book in the series, this one needs more editing. Each novel in the series including this one feels like a novella; it takes 3 books in this series to feel like reading a novel. The story jumps around a lot and has so many plot twists, they lose their punch. In fact with all the constant plot twists, it doesn't feel like a thought or plot is often completed before some action or plot twist takes the story in a new direction seeming to have forgotten the prior task. The story is still entertaining and I want to find out what happens in the next installment, but the author needs to get an editor or get a better editor...

Amber S.
Mahon Library

Lubbock Public Library Call #: YA FIC EDUN V. 4
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91 reviews9 followers
June 21, 2017
Absolutely loving this series!! Just when you think things are starting to go good for them another character shows up and fouls everything!! Will these poor main characters ever catch a break? I hope not..I love how they are always on the run trying to figure things out. Can't wait to see what happens in the next book.
210 reviews2 followers
March 24, 2018
Least favorite of the series so far. Ciardis seems to have taken a step backwards in her bad assery, and it seemed more of a half-book than the first three. To the extent there was a big bad, it wasn't really resolved by the end. I suppose I could easily solve the half-book problem by immediately reading the next one which I already have. Still a fun and enjoyable read.
Profile Image for Jason.
1,961 reviews7 followers
March 24, 2017
Somehow the author managed to write a fantasy novel in the style of an English Drawing room mystery-and it works. The continuing adventures of Ciardis and her posse of interesting companions still holds up in the 4th installation of this series.
968 reviews1 follower
May 30, 2019

I am loving this series. There are bits of humor thrown in, lots of danger and adventure, along with falling in love. Ciardis and Sebastian have a lot going on, beyond their feelings and no time to work on any of it.
Profile Image for Philip Jones.
87 reviews
February 12, 2019
enjoyed reading! Ciardis Weathervane gets into more difficult situation I just keep reading to see what happens next in this strange magical world.
846 reviews
March 4, 2019
More tribulations and trials for Ciardis. The Weathervane family now together returns to court and attempt to clear the mother's name. Attempts are made on Ciardis life amid action and intrigue.
Profile Image for Emma Que.
79 reviews2 followers
June 18, 2019
Even more weird

I love these so much. They keep getting more complicated and interconnected. Amazing. Well written and extremely engrossing. LOVE these.
Profile Image for Louise.
658 reviews2 followers
April 2, 2020
Long and twisted

This is a long and twisting tale. So many different paths for our adventurers to travel. So many different schemes and plots. It's a fun read.
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