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Lharmell #0.5

Blood Phantom

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Life in tatters and far from home, Rodden Lothskorn struggles to cope with the harming menace and his own harming nature. When an offer of marriage reaches his friend, Prince Amis, Rodden discovers that the bride’s inhospitable homeland might contain one part of the harming poison he would dearly like to get his hands on. But if summoned northwards, will Princess Lilith bring something – or someone – he dreads most with her? Locked in a years-long struggle with the Lharmellins, Rodden senses the battle is only now about to begin.

15 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 9, 2013

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About the author

Rhiannon Hart

6 books245 followers
Rhiannon is a freelance writer and author living in London. Originally from Australia, she loves exploring new cities and open spaces. When she's not writing, she plays video games, hikes and pats any cat she meets.

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350 reviews286 followers
August 13, 2016

My mini-review can also be found on my blog Collections.

It's been over a year since I read book two in Rhiannon Hart's Lharmell trilogy. With it's devastating cliffhanger, it's been a long wait for the final book Blood Queen. Thankfully it looks like it will be published next year, and I'm already counting down the days to the release.

In the meantime, the author has recently given readers Blood Phantom, a prequel novella to the series from Rodden Lothskorn's perspective. I've loved Rodden since the first book, and after what happened in book two, it was nice getting a quick look inside his head and finding out what he was up to right before he met Zeraphina. It may be a short read (hey, it's a novella for a reason), but since I'm a big fan of the series and Rodden, I didn't mind at all. It just left me craving more.

If you've been eagerly anticipating the release of Blood Queen, Blood Phantom might ease the pain of waiting just a bit. Although it's a prequel, I think those who have read the series will be able to appreciate it more, so I highly recommend reading at least book one, Blood Song, before reading Blood Phantom.
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417 reviews177 followers
March 28, 2014

What wonderful prequel for the series Blood Phantom is! Taking place just before and a little into the beginning of Blood Song, Rhiannon has given us a rare glimpse into the enigma that is Rodden Lothskorn — his loneliness, his driven nature, his struggles, his frustrations, who he is and want he wants — as he tirelessly works to find an edge over the ever-increasing Lharmellin threat that’s descending upon his world. It’s fantastic and enlightening character development for Rodden, and it’s the first time the reader is given a look at the world and his relationships from his perspective — more specifically, Rodden’s place within the royal court of Pergamia, his friendship with Prince Amis, and his first impressions of a certain Amentian someone.

Overall, clocking in at a mere 15 pages, Blood Phantom is a short read, but an effective one, that gives the reader a tantalizing first look at Rodden and Zeraphina’s world, sets the tone for the series perfectly, and provides a great build-up to Blood Song that left me wanting to dive right into the first book again.*

*I will say, though, that while I think this is a great introduction for newcomers to the series, I’m a little flummoxed over where to recommend this in the series’ reading order. And this stems from the simple fact that it gives more insight into Rodden. Which please understand, I love. I would drop everything to read anything involving this character, especially if it’s from his POV. But, I also loved the mysteriousness surrounding Rodden in Blood Song. I loved that he was a bit of a tough nut to crack. But that is my own preference, and obviously I’m influenced by the order in which I read the books, which is the order in which they were released. So, if you prefer a bit of mysteriousness, maybe save this short story for after Blood Song. If you just want to dive in head first and see what this world and these characters are all about, then by all means, please jump, because it’s outstanding.

In a nutshell...
- Necessary? No. But great character development!
- POV? Rodden
-Where does it fit? Before Blood Song, it’s a prequel. BUT please see my asterisked comment above for my full thoughts on series order.
-Prior Knowledge needed? No.
Profile Image for Sally906.
1,363 reviews3 followers
January 22, 2014
BLOOD PHANTOM is a short story, 15 pages, and a prequel to Blood Song – the first book in the Lharmell series. Told from the King’s chief advisor Rodden Lothskorn's perspective – it helps us get to know Rodden a bit better and even Prince Amis, although I still think he’s a bit soppy. I have book two, Blood Storm, in my TBR pile which I plan on pulling out and reading just before the release of the final book in April – Blood Queen. Because it is a short story – a teaser if you will – it is a quick read and not in depth. Despite the shortness though, a lot of information is given. We learn how Princess Lilith came to be invited from the frozen south to visit the castle as a potential bride and what Armis’s feelings were before she even arrived. We also see the moment when Zeraphina and Rodden first laid eyes on each other.
Profile Image for Megan.
31 reviews
December 22, 2013
An excellent short story to get the reader back in the Lharmell headspace and ready for book three.
Profile Image for Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten).
1,601 reviews203 followers
January 2, 2014
Read in 2013

Thank you to author Rhinannon Hart for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review!

Find this review and more on my blog The Rest is Still Unwritten

Blood Phantom is a delightful, abet short prequel novella to Rhiannon Hart’s Lharmell series, and tells a Lharmell tale in Rodden’s POV for the first time--something fans have been eager for!

Considering how much I adore this series, I was personally crushed to discover that Random House Australia wouldn’t be publishing the rest of the series. It seemed such a shame when it was evident after the end of the last book, Rhiannon had a lot more stories too tell, and so I must say I’m quite please that she decided to publish the rest of the series, and this prequel novella, independently.

Set prior to the events of Blood Song, the first book in the series, Blood Phantom details a small period of time prior to Princess Zerephina and her family travelling to Pergamia. As with the previously released installments of the series, Blood Phantom is beautifully well written and expertly told. I can’t fault Hart’s writing.

Rodden has always been an exceptional male lead, and a really appealing character. While I’ll be honest, this small glimpse into Rodden’s thoughts and feelings wasn’t enough (let’s face it—it never was going to be), I do feel so much more satisfied having read this short story.

Admittedly, Hart doesn’t go into too much detail about what is to come, so I think already having read the other books allows you as the reader to understand the significance of some of the things Rodden makes reference to in this novella. And that being said, as I have read the other books I appreciated the moments with Rodden all that more, because I knew what awaited him in the future, what Zerephina would come to mean to him and he to her and the battles they would have both together and apart.

Perfectly told and enticingly so, Blood Phantom is an excellent treat for fans of this series to glimpse more of what they love—Rodden!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
Profile Image for Caspette.
236 reviews
December 28, 2013
Blood Phantom is the prequel to the first book in the Lharmell series Blood Song. The story is told from Rodden's perspective and is set in the period just before, and at the start of, the events in Blood Song.

As you would expect from a short story, this is a quick read and not too in depth. There is no major plot development or story reveals here. It is short, sweet, and gives us a glimpse into the world of Rodden and Amis.

There are a couple of story nuggets revealed that help us understand Rodden better, and explains a couple of events that happened in Blood Song.

I liked that we got to learn more about Amis. I got a better understanding of the Prince which I had not gotten from the main series. In the main books he doesn't get a lot of "page time" as he is not a major character (yet, maybe in book 3 this may change? who knows).

Then it finished and I am afraid to say I did a bit of a minion impersonation "whaaaattt???". I even scrolled back through the book to make doubly sure it had finished and that my down loading of the ebook hadn't got stuffed up.

So my only complaint is that it ended way too soon. I know, I know "short story" should have alerted me to the fact that it was going to end far sooner than normal. It did, I knew it was coming, I still didn't like it. I was having too much of a good time to want it to stop.

Good news is I only have to wait till April 2014 for book 3 Blood Queen to come out.

If you are a fan of the series then this is a good complimentary read and I recommend giving it a go.
Profile Image for Sheree.
572 reviews107 followers
January 29, 2014
3.5 stars

Blood Phantom is the short story prequel to the first book in the Lharmell series, Blood Song. I kid you not this is one highly addictive series and after Blood Storm and that ending I had serious withdrawals so Blood Phantom was a short, sweet 'fix' of Lharmell ... just enough to have me salivating for the final installment, Blood Queen.

It was great to get inside the enigmatic Rodden's head, get a glimpse of things from his perspective and I just love his dry sense of humour. I enjoyed the interaction between Prince Amis and Rodden too, Amis doesn't get a lot of page time in the series, he's not really a major character but it was nice to see the bond between these two.

At only 15 pages it's something of a teaser, I might have even stamped my feet coming to the end ... wahhh where's the rest?

*Squeee!* Blood Queen April 15th 2014 ... bring it on Rhiannon Hart (she's the author with the Lharmellin size evil streak)

Recommend: hell yeah, this series is a favourite.

Cover: haunting ... love it!
Profile Image for Tara.
598 reviews3 followers
December 15, 2013
This short story took me back to the beginning and listening to it from Rodden's POV was a tasty little reminder of everything that has happened and everything that is still to happen! Zeraphina was always one of my favourite characters and this story shows us how Rodden first 'met' her. It was good to hear his uncertainty but yet still feel his pull to Zeraphina. And it made me smile listening to Prince Amis who was practically giddy with the prospect of falling in love with Lilith. Ahhh, the memories of the first two books in this series all came rushing back and this is the one warning I give anyone who reads this short story....make sure you have copies of the first two books, Blood Song and Blood Storm on hand because you will feel the urge to pick them up and read them again so you can go back into this world of Lharmell. This was a great little read and now I am ready for book three!!!
Profile Image for Kate.
782 reviews32 followers
August 3, 2016
This short novella gives us a brief glance into Rodden’s life before Zeraphina. I’ve always liked Rodden and I’m so pleased that Rhiannon Hart gave us this short story from his point of view. From the castle as Amis’ best friend and advisor right up till finding Zeraphina and learning what she is – this is a great addition to the Lharmell series. Roddin is the same amazing character that I liked from Blood Song and Blood Storm but seeing the world from his eyes – just made him more well rounded and enjoyable for me.

At only 15 pages, Blood Phantom is just enough to whet my appetite and I am now eagerly anticipating the release of Blood Queen that much more! This remains one of my favourite series and I recommend this novella to all fans of Zeraphina, Rodden and Lharmell!

(4.5 stars)
Profile Image for Hannah.
557 reviews44 followers
October 6, 2015
This is a series review! Blood Phantom is Rodden's POV of right before Blood song and a good insight to the mysterious beginning. The mystery of the plot and chemistry between all the characters just draws you in. All of the characters have flaws and redeeming qualities. It was fascinating to see them grow yet still retain some of the original flaws - ones they are well aware they have. The world is a fantastical setting that feels real. Countries are poor or rich each with their own climate and economic issues all giving credit to Rhiannon Hart's world building skills. I would definitely recommend giving this series a read!
Profile Image for Nicki Markus.
Author 63 books258 followers
December 7, 2013
Blood Phantom is a fun, short prequel to Rhiannon Hart's Lharmell series. It transfers POV to Rodden and we get an intriguing glimpse of his back story, ending with the moment he discovers Zeraphina (when book one in the series starts).

At 15 pages it is a very short read and that was my only gripe - I wished it had been longer! Still, it was a nice little peek into Rodden's character and motivations and it certainly whets the appetite for the third book which will be released in 2014.

I received this book as a free e-book copy from the author.
Profile Image for Caz (littlebookowl).
301 reviews40.3k followers
July 4, 2014
Blood Phantom is a great addition to the Llarmell series. This novella is from Rodden's point of view, and it was great being able to get inside his head and understand such a mysterious character a little more. In addition to this, the overlapping events with the beginning of Blood Song provided a lot of insight.

Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x23K...
Profile Image for Ebony Olson.
Author 31 books82 followers
January 4, 2014
A great little morsel to get us back in the Lharmell mind frame ready for Blood Queen release.
Profile Image for Nicole.
45 reviews
February 14, 2015
Wish it was longer
Could have told the whole story from his view
Still love it <3
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