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The Fine Line

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Librarian's Note: This is an alternate-cover edition for ASIN B00H5WD314

Slam on the brakes?
Or put the pedal to the metal?

I've got one rule. No attachments.

I'm sick and tired of losing the men I've grown to love. If my mother's serial relationship disasters have taught me anything, it's that getting involved with a man only results in heartbreak.

But the second my eyes lock with street racer Logan Tanner's, my heart beats wildly against the walls I've built around it.

Stupid heart.

It doesn't help that he's got the body of a god and the eyes of an angel. I'm drawn to him in a way I've never felt before. And don't even get me started about rush of adrenaline that courses through my veins every time I flag one of his races.

I thought I knew what I wanted. I thought we could just be friends. I thought I could keep us from crossing the line.

But with every encounter, every touch, and every kiss, Logan cruises through all my red lights.

Our relationship becomes emotional, messy, complicated...even dangerous. If I give in to the inevitable, our world will come crashing down around us.

I guess I've got a decision to make.

Is my heart strong enough? Is love worth the struggle? Is it worth fighting for?

Will you like this book?

The Fine Line is a friends-to-lovers standalone, with an HEA and no cliffhanger. If you love new adult romance and enjoy a delicious combination of drama, heartbreak, humor, action, a heavy dose of angst, and a sexy bad-boy who comes to reveal a swoon-worthy sweet side...you'll love this book!

Appropriate for readers over the age of seventeen (due to mature content, strong language, and sexual situations).


First published December 6, 2013

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Alicia Kobishop

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2,417 reviews14.2k followers
August 15, 2017
 photo KobishopThefinelineTitebySueBee_zpsd1db6aca.jpg
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★★★ 8/10! The Fine Line (stand-alone). A debut by Alicia Kobishop. Set against the back-drop of street racing two teens navigate the ups & downs of friendship with the fear & hopes of more!

My sincerest thanks to the lovely ladies on our BR; Wendy, Melissa, Patty, Elizabeth, Anesha, Rebecca and Lisa Jayne!

“Nobody had ever looked at me the way he was looking at me right now. It was as if he saw me…really saw who I was. The thought of that, although intriguing, was unsettling.”

The Fine Line (stand-alone) is the story of high school senior Liv Evans and auto repair shop owner and speed racer Logan Tanner. They met through friends and felt an instant connection. But Liv doesn’t believe in relationships so instead a friendship blossoms.

Logan who was used to women falling at his feet finds himself smitten and having to work for Liv’s attention. But Liv is determined to just remain friends. Follow these kindred souls on a bit of a roller-coaster of two teenagers dealing with life, childhood disappointments and the possibility of a future.

Their road is a winding one, mostly due to Liv’s stubbornness, but also drama from jealousy and envy setting them on a life changing course.

“I smiled. “Life is for living, right? No regrets.”
“No regrets,” he repeated.”

 photo hero8bysb_zpsa53c1a0a.gif
 photo mustang3bysb_zps1990f8eb.gif

LOGAN TANNER: (19) 20 years/auto repair shop owner/street racer/dark brown hair/hazel eyes.

Logan Tanner deserves and extra star just for the drama Liv put him through. Six words to describe Logan: Charming, noble, sweet, patient thoughtful and swoon-worthy.

 photo blbysb_zps8403033b.gif
 photo flagggirlbysb_zps1ea65075.gif

OLIVIA EVANS, LIV: (17) 18 years/student/flag girl/part-time drugstore employee/strawberry blond hair/blue eyes.

I failed to connect with Olivia Evans, Liv for most of the story. I felt her stubbornness, drama and long-windedness put Logan and herself through so much. Her fear of commitment didn’t make much sense as her mom appeared to be in happy and committed relationship. Five words to describe Liv: Stubborn, determined, naïve, scared and caring.

All the ups and downs and backs and forths eventually saw Logan and Liv to a sweet ending, but it had me worried for a bit when we were thrown HUGE curb ball!

Engaging story-telling! Sweet and endearing hero! Excellent debut by Alicia Kobishop. Almost 4 stars!

“You are my first choice. You’re my only choice.”

Hero rating: 4.5 stars
Heroine rating: 2.5 stars
Sex scenes rating: 3.5 stars
Sex scenes frequency: 3.5 stars
Storyline concept rating: 4 stars
Storytelling skills rating: 4 stars
Story ending rating: 4 stars
Book editing rating (5 = no edits spotted): 4.5 stars
Overall rating: 3.8 stars

Would I recommend this book: Yes as YA.
Would I re-read this book: Maybe later.
Would I read future books by this author: Yes.

 photo mustang5bysb_zpsf24f81ca.gif

ARC provided to me by author in exchange for an honest review.
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555 reviews1,531 followers
February 6, 2017


What a roller coaster ride, if you're looking for a story with plenty of up's and down's then look no further, this story has more drama than your average day time soap opera. I think I may have a bad case of romantic whip lash. Call me silly but this book was actually beyond addictive it certainly had it's fair share of eye roll worthy moments but I'm actually looking out for more from this debut author ... Here are the rest of my 'The fine line' book thoughts ...

What's it all about?
Olivia Evans has seen it all; heart ache, pain, death and relationship misfortune. From an early age she knew she didn't have any choice but to protect her heart from the one thing that could break her. Olivia does all that she can to stay away from relationships and the possibility of love. This lifestyle choice suits her well until she meets Logan Tanner, a dangerously attractive car racer who instantly grabs her attention and threatens to break down those walls around her heart. Logan and Olivia quickly become firm friends but when friendship starts to feel like it could be more, Olivia has to learn how to follow her heart and allow herself to break her own rules.



What did I like?
This author certainly knows how to deliver on the edge of your seat drama and enticing high school first love, I have to say I didn't find this story the least bit predictable. The twists and turns were enjoyable, albeit a little over the top but the story from beginning to end had me glued to my kindle anxiously awaiting what would happen next to Olivia and Logan. The characters certainly had their own shining moments Logan and Olivia were interesting to say the least and I was drawn in by their attraction and chemistry, I enjoyed the car racing theme to Logan's character development and the additional tidbits of history of the characters slotted in well running alongside the main love story theme. One thing I can say is hand on heart I fell in with with Logan he is unforgettable. The storyline had a well thought out and interesting beginning, an upside down, back to front, round and round middle and a heartwarming, perfect conclusion ending. I read this book in one sitting and not once did I want to put it down.


Why not five?
As with some similar books in this genre the plot tended to verge on the slightly ridiculous, the drama teetered towards over the top and yes, sadly I had some issues with the heroine, Olivia. I can already predict that for some readers this plot will drive them crazy with it's back and forth drama and relationship indecision but for me overall the author played it well. It was well written and strangely addictive but didn't have that unforgettable feel of a five star read.


Final thoughts ...
I've said it before and I'll say it again I will always reach out for a stateside high school drama, I just have a thing for reading about this story type. Alicia Kobishop has delivered a well written NA genre book that I'm convinced will keep most lovers of this genre entertained. If you like drama mixed with a push and pull love story then this might just be your next fix ... Go grab it readers. Enjoy, kisses.

*Guest reviewer for Dirty girl romance book blog, ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*


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4,739 reviews1,307 followers
April 28, 2017
Downloaded for free from Amazon.co.uk

“I’m just not looking for more than friendship.”

This was an NA contemporary romance story, featuring a street racer.

Olivia was an okay character, and it was clear that she was wary of being hurt after her experiences with her mother’s past boyfriends. She did irritate me a little at times though when she kept pushing Logan away, even when it was obvious how much she cared for him.

The storyline in this was about Olivia and Logan meeting and having feelings for each other, but Olivia insisting that they couldn’t be more than friends because she didn’t do relationships. The pace was quite slow, and Olivia kept pushing Logan away again and again, but once they eventually got together they were quite sweet, even if things didn’t go exactly smoothly. We also got a storyline about Logan being a street racer, which also didn’t go smoothly!

The ending to this was good, although maybe a little cheesy.

6.25 out of 10
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2,223 reviews8,028 followers
February 7, 2017
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THE FINE LINE: I am so glad I said YES when the author approached me to review this, I admit the whiplash in this book was real!! It's like sitting at a tennis match watching the players as the ball goes from one competitor to the other, Liv has this exact same reaction on my neck, but it's what makes me an angst whore, I love books like this!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Logan gave me all those teenager butterflies that set him up to be the perfect book boyfriend, he is just perfect.

Liv oh god where to start with her, other than my whiplash she kind of drove me crazy, if I could jump in a book and throttle a character she would be my first choice..Her insecurities reared it's ugly head every time something good would happen and I really felt for Logan. But like a whore on crack I just had to keep going because even though it's a trainwreck of emotions I loved the pull on all my senses, the heartache, the angst, the love, like a boy racer and that adrenaline coursing through their blood streams with the race this is what I'm feeling reading this angst fueled book..

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As a reviewer it's so easy to sit back and say how much we disliked Liv, I know because I did too, god did I, but then flip that around and this book would flat line, there would be no angst, and all those crazy flippy floppy moments would be zilch, but by the end she kind of grew on me, her decisiveness and insecurities with her crazy ups and downs Liv brought to the story there would be zilch and my rating would be less, being a angst whore this book ticked all those boxes, and this is why this deserves my five stars, it made me feel all those twisty uppy angst feels.

You need to put all feelings aside when it comes to Liv and then you'll kind of understand where she was coming from, at such a young age every time she loved unconditionally everyone up and left her, from her father to her mother's various partners, so in retrospect to stop herself feeling she put up huge barriers to stop from caring so deeply. She never wanted to jeopardize the friendship her and Logan had, she always friend zoned him, because the alternative would be him walking away like all others she'd let in. Logan never gave up though he slowly but surely chipped away at her walls.

For me 'The Fine Line was over the top addictive! Sexy! Wicked! Swoon-Worthy! And extremely Painful to read at times! But most of all it was Heart-breaking when she didn't see what was right in front of her face! This book was everything you could ever hope for in a book.

And yes my review turned into a lot of rambling because of how much I enjoyed it!! Sorry not sorry!!

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1,683 reviews599 followers
January 17, 2014
Book – The Fine Line
Author – Alicia Kobishop
Publication Date – December 6, 2013
Type – Stand Alone
Genre – Romance
Rating – 4 out of 5 Stars

Book provided by Author in exchange for an honest review.

What is there not to love about Fast Cars, So Co, Nitrous tanks, Virgins, Drugs and Guns in a story?  I’ll tell you what I didn’t love in this story and that was Liv – annoying, thick headed little “B” word.  She didn’t deserve Logan – he poured his soul out to her.  He put Liv on a pedestal and worshipped the ground she walked on – RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE, LIV??? Do you need contacts?  Love was staring you in the face and if I had to hear you say “Just Friends” one more time….I was going to scream! 

Ok…I’m done with my ranting.  I enjoyed the book immensely and I fell in love with Logan – he was the perfect boyfriend material who wore his heart on his sleeve when it came to Liv.  I understand her hesitancy in getting into a relationship but it was already there…the actions spoke louder than the words.  She felt the pull, she felt the loyalty, jealously, and love toward Logan – she just couldn’t speak the words.  She was only trying to fool herself and hurting Logan in the process.

It wasn’t until Liv finally tore down the walls built around her heart that I was huffing or puffing every time I heard “F-R-I-E-N-D-S”

Liv stays single for one reason and one reason only…..abandonment.  She’s had a tough past between death, divorce and cheating.  When faced with that as a child growing up, it leaves scars on your heart and in your mind.

That is until she meets Logan – it may have only been a few minutes but both of them knew this was something special.  Logan works and lives at his uncle’s auto body shop and loves to restore cars along with “pimping” his ride out.  He races for money – that is illegally and learns that he can’t lose a race when Liv is the flag girl.

Logan has no problems telling Liv how he feels about her, but quickly learns that if he does…Liv goes running.  This is a “just friends” relationship or no relationship at all.  The two of them go through so much sexual tension and a roller-coaster ride full of tears and happiness.

What will happen when Logan finally lets it all out and tells Liv that he loves her?  What happens when Logan has to decide between street racing and Liv?

Hmmm? Wouldn’t you like to know!!

Join me in smacking Liv upside her head every time she backs away from Logan….cause I’m telling you girlie….if you don’t want him….I’ll take him off your hands! <3

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160 reviews375 followers
February 6, 2017

*Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review.*

The Fine Line is a NA (YA?) romance debut novel, and it was an OK read. Definitely nothing special that I loved, and will not recommend to my friends. It literally had all the things I read a hundred times before – someone the protagonist holds dear dying in a car accident, and as a result she “puts up the wall” to not feel the pain again. Then of course a hot dude with a 6 pack who is protective, raises cars, and is just so swoonworthy, but who also has problems with himself and his family, comes along. We get the whole “we're just friends. Nothing more” crap until the middle of the book, and then of course they get it on with such a passionate kiss that it leaves the girl breathless and shaking...wanting more. Oh but wait a second! They start waving the “WE.ARE.JUST.FRIENDS” flag again.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Can we just go back here for a minute, and duscuss the whole 'car accident' bullshit that's happening in EVERY.SINGLE.F*CKING.BOOK. If someone previously dies in our protagonists lives (which admit it, happens nearly 100% of the time), THEY ALWAYS BLOODY HELL DIE IN A CAR ACCIDENT. Authors these days don't even have the imagination it takes to come up with a more creative death (e.g getting shot, protecting someone from getting shot, freaking building collapsing), anything but not a car accident or cancer. If I were to count all the books which had these 2 deaths in it, I would run out of breath pretty quickly.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Olivia (the protagonist); The book is written in just her POV, which was actually quite disappointing as I wanted to know some of Logan's thoughts too.
She isn't exactly a 'good girl'. Olivia doesn't mind skipping classes, and doesn't really give a shit about what's happening in lessons...it's not like she's planning on going to collage anyways.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
But at least she doesn't smoke and take drugs, just drinks once in a while. At times I understood her way of things, especially at the beginning, but throughout the book she was just overreacting, and acting so immature she reminded me of kindergarten and how little girls would act.

Logan; I believe it's safe to say that the guy was a decent one. I liked him. But at times he was a real control freak and I really felt like slapping him. I wondered how he could act like that. He overreacted a lot of times too.

There is NO originality in this book whatsoever, I'm really sorry to say this but...if you don't have any good ideas of your own then don't write a book in the first place. It's not worth my time, it's not worth other reader's time, and it's not worth the publishers/editors time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The word 'entertained' constantly kept on popping up during conversations between Logan and Olivia.

'He let out an entertained huff. 10%
'An entertained expression came over him'. 12%
'He chuckled, entertained'. 13%
'Clearly entertained, he chuckled'. 23%
'He shrugged, entertained at my defeat.' 44%
'Concern joined his entertained expression'. 64%

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If I don't hear the word 'entertained' again in my life, it won't be soon enough. I swear, someone should buy a dictionary and give it to Alicia, it would probably be the most useful thing anyone could ever give her.

I can't even begin to describe how damn predictable The Fine Line was. It felt like one of those stupid, old films on TV that are always playing, and you're so sick of it, and seen it so many times you can describe what everyone is saying and what will happen next. I think this was the most predictable book I have ever read, and that's saying something because I read quite a few.

Overall, The Fine Line was an over-dramatic, romance book about friends-to-lovers who keep on fighting and breaking up, to making up and getting back together. I am not impressed, but to be honest I read a million times worse books, and this one actually managed to keep my attention...for the most part.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Note to author; I respect you Alicia for writing this baby, as I know firsthand how freaking hard it is. So well done for that, but there is a long and tiring road ahead of you Mrs Kobishop if you are to become a best-selling author who writes gripping, realistic and outstanding romance novels. Best wishes, and good luck on your next book.
P.S – I hope I wasn't too rude and that you will take my advice under serious consideration, and keep on writing!

Sincerely – The Critic.

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1,260 reviews10k followers
February 8, 2017
(ARC Provided by Author via SueBee)
(BR with SueBee, MELISSA, Lisa Jayne, Wendy, Elizabeth, Anesha, Rebecca, and Deborah)

3.5 Stars

 photo image_zpscc8cb916.jpg

The Fine Line is the story of Liv Evans, a 17 year old girl, who has major abandonment issues.
Her father left her and her mom, when she was a young girl.
Liv's mom had several boyfriends and they were all really nice guys that she built attachments to, only to have them either leave her mom for other women or unexpectedly pass away.
Liv is tired of getting emotionally attached to men only to have them ultimately leaving her.

The next morning, I thought a lot about the way things work, and I figured out that nothing's forever. Nothing. I had to be strong. Brave. I hated being sad. I hated crying. I vowed to find a way to make sure I never felt this horrendous feeling ever again.

So Liv never has relationships with guys.

Then one night at a concert, she meets Logan Tanner.
This guy was all kinds of yummy!!
The moment the two meet, there is electricity in the air.
The chemistry and instant attraction is so obvious.
Logan is the local hot shot.
He competes in illegal street races and basically is the man to beat.
Logan doesn't do relationships either.
He's got things in his past as well that contribute to the closing off of his heart to others.

 photo tumblr_louj1ldkJW1qki8ybo1_500_zps263ec5a2.gif

 photo image_zpsbd3e1cc0.jpg

Logan and Liv end up running into each other a lot and they start a friendship.
It seems soon after, the two are really into each other.
Logan wants to pursue this thing building between them, and Liv, well she's doing everything she can to sabotage what could be the best thing to ever happen to her.

For most of the book, I couldn't stand Liv!
She is the most incredibly frustrating and stupid character out there.
I mean, how does a girl not know that she's completely nuts about a guy?!!

She was so hot and cold, Logan and I'm sure us readers as well, were getting whiplash.

There was one part I loved and cheered another character on!!

 photo mobwives-catfight_zpsbde2437a.gif

Liv was so incredibly annoying, it made it hard for me to fall in love with this story.
Logan was beautiful and swoonworthy, and he is the only reason I liked this story, but Liv prevented me from loving it.
Every time it looked like these two would finally get together, Liv would do or say something stupid to ruin it all.

 photo tumblr_lddwziQa3m1qaelzwo1_500_zps9f0ae8b5.gif

I wanted Logan to just dump the bitch and move on!!
Why he kept going back and following her like a love sick puppy dog, was beyond me!!
I kept thinking, "What the hell is so special about this chick?!!"

At one point it looks like Liv is getting an epiphany!!
Yes finally she's going to stop acting like a stupid bitch and grab that yummy man and make him hers!!

BUT THEN............

 photo 827979_zps69def251.gif

Ultimately Liv does get her act together....a little too late for me but I guess, better late than never.

Thank goodness for Logan, because without him, this wouldn't have been as enjoyable as it was for me.

"You are my first choice. You're my only choice." - Logan

"I had no idea that unconditional love actually existed until I met you, Logan. I never believed that any two people could actually be meant for each other...like we are."
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1,360 reviews1,442 followers
February 10, 2017
(ARC provided by author via SueBee)
(BR with SueBee, Wendy, Patty, Elizabeth, Anesha, Lisa Jayne, Rebecca, and Deborah)
(3.5-4 Stars)

 photo dd8b10df-6ca2-4216-b059-94b24c0f55a0.jpg

 photo 493a1689-9a92-4ab0-b3e3-a32e1a295fdc.jpg

Olivia Evans is a senior in high school. When not in school she spends her time working at a local pharmacy, helping out at her family's pub, or hanging out with friends. One night she goes to listen to a band play with some friends, and she meets a new guy that is also friends with some of her guy friends.

 photo ecf69171-7e1a-49f5-bb2d-0b0ba92a62e4.jpg

This guy is Logan Tanner. He races cars and owns an auto shop. He is gorgeous, and Liv can't seem to take her eyes off him. She is automatically, extremely drawn to him. They end up running into each other at a couple get togethers with friends and hit it off. They then hang out a lot, and become best friends.

 photo 06814d91-262d-48fb-8afc-2c14f676cc1d.jpg

Logan and Liv have a very strong attraction for each other. Logan wants to take their relationship beyond friendship, but Liv is insistent that they remain only friends. Throughout Liv's childhood she has felt abandoned by her father, and father figures that have been in and out of her life. She thinks if she cares too much for someone, that in the end they will leave her. She lets fear of being left rule her.

 photo c48c0525-8585-4530-af30-3eba142059b2.jpg

Liv continues to struggle with her growing feelings for Logan, while continually pushing him away. I found her to be infuriating at times, and felt frustrated by how she basically is at fault for most of her problems that could have been avoided. Poor Logan...he works so hard to get the girl! lol I adored Logan! He is an absolute sweetheart, and quite easy on the eyes. Logan doesn't give up on Liv, and she realizes how essential he is to her happiness. He has become so important to her, and she really can't imagine him not in her life. Liv learns to face her fears and take a chance on love. I thought the ending was fantastic! :))

-It wasn't the perfectly tanned, contoured abs that caught my full attention. And it wasn't the strong, muscular chest and solidly shaped shoulders that drew me in. When my gaze wandered up to a warm grin and inviting hazel eyes I became fixed on the man in front of me.

-I felt drawn to him. The other part of me, however, felt apprehensive from the strange effect he had on me.

-Heat emanated from his lips as they gently touched mine, hesitating in place for several moments, and igniting a surge of fire through my blood.

-All I could do was feel, and I'd never felt so wanted. My body wanted his.

-Being this close to him...touching him exhilarated me, while at the same time, I became immersed in a feeling of tranquility.

-The simple fact was that I just needed to be where he was. I needed to feel his touch.

-I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes. You want me just as much as I want you.

-The only thing that mattered, the only thing that existed, was us, right now, in this moment.

-"I don't know what it is, but being with you just feels good. It feels right. It's better than any-fucking-thing I've ever known."

-"Please don't ever leave."
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2,565 reviews1,247 followers
October 1, 2017
3.5 "I’ll be your flag girl, Logan" stars

I haven’t read a YA/NA romance book in such a long time that I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found was a endearing and enchanting character in Logan. Dammit, I wish I was able to get his POV in this one. It’s not to say that I didn’t like Olivia because I liked her well enough. However, I LOVED Logan. He was a many-women man. He didn’t know the first thing about relationships. Yet when he met Olivia, all of his whoring and all of his previous ways became things he wanted to put in the past. For her. He was willing to do and give up anything for the chance to be with her. How many guys that young do you know who are willing to do that? I admit to being frustrated with Liv and the way she kept treating Logan for most of this story. It was hard to stomach, especially as he kept laying his heart on the line. For her. I was beyond ecstatic when she finally gave in to her true feelings. I just wanted Logan to be happy!

This story was written with a charm that lent a certain maturity to its characters. Logan didn’t come off as a new adult. His lifestyle, the drag racing, the drinking, the partying, the women, his choices, the way he thought and the way he acted were befitting someone older. And yet it worked. Would I be interested in reading more from this author? Yup. I’m actually off to read The Fragile Line series. I’m not really all that interested in reading about Chloe, not after the nonsense she pulled in this book, but I would like to learn more about Matt.

Release Date: January 12, 2014
Genre: YA/NA Contemporary Romance
POV: Heroine - 1st person
Heat: 2 out of 5
Type Standalone

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259 reviews8 followers
February 7, 2017
This book had me hooked right from the prologue....
Would Olivia ever love anybody? Would she let somebody see who she really is?

I liked Olivia from the start, even though she was abit judgemental. She knew how to have fun and hide the emotional struggle she had. Sometimes I just wanted to shout at her to take a chance (well I was shouting at my Ipad lol), she couldnt see the obvious and I could, it left me on the edge off my seat. I could understand why she was so insecure, but maybe, just maybe she could trust someone?

Olivia ~ "Life is for living, right? No regrets."

Logan.....need I say more? Perfect!! Almost. He was good looking, actually make that amazing looking hehe, he was a sweetheart underneath his badass exterior. Who would have thought he would be the one to break first, not me thats for sure. Some of the things he said to Liv left me with goosebumps (in a good way), it was heart breaking to read all the knock backs he kept getting from her. Would he get through in the end?

Logan ~ "You're making me crazy, I can't figure out how to get past the cluster-fuck in my mind when I'm around you."

This book had the perfect mix of romance..slow building - kinda ;-), action fueled by adrenaline, and some great characters. I loved how the author added the fact that Logan was a street racer, that danger is enough to give anyone a rush, the reference to 'Fast and Furious' brought a huge smile to my face, I love them films :-) Throughout this book I could of banged Liv's and Logan's heads together, it was so frustrating at some parts because I just wanted them to get what they both wanted.
I lost myself in this book and found it REALLY hard to put down, sometimes I thought the characters was abit young for me to be reading about (maybe its the 10year age difference between me and them lol) but this is what I like, I like to be able to put my mind on something other than reality and thats what this book did for me. Once I was reading everything else got sidelined, I was so into this book.
I really loved Alicia's debut novel and will definately be reading the next book she writes!

I was sent this book in exchange for my honest review (via my blog). Thank you Alicia Kobishop :-)
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1,453 reviews418 followers
January 31, 2017
CURRENTLY 99 cents on Amazon!!


The Fine Line was a brilliant read that was offered to me by the author for an honest review.

I have never come across a book which centers on an illegal car racer and a girl truly set against falling in love so this was new territory for me.

What worked for me: *A refreshing plot line that was different from others.
*Great characters. Especially Logan. Hehe. ;)
*The slow pacing of Olivia and Logan’s relationship developing from friends becoming more. YES!! No fast insta-romance!! *fist pumps in the air!*

What didn’t: *Olivia’s attitude!! It was kind judgmental at times and gave me whiplash. First she's all hot and getting smitten over Logan and then all of a sudden it's like “I don’t want a relationship with you or anyone.” Got me pretty darn frustrated at times! Grr!!

The seeing similar references: *The car racing element reminded me of the Fast and the Furious movies.
*And then Olivia’s not looking for love and lack of trust in men type of precedents brought me to glimpses of Abby Abermathy from Jamie McGuire’s A Beautiful Disaster.

OTHERWISE, everything from the story line and characters had no similar comparisons and was its own.

SO, MY VERDICT?: I definitively recommend!


The Fine Line was adrenaline filled, fun, and a fast-paced romance with a lot of push and pull. I will admit, at times, Olivia made me want to kick her to the curb and keep Logan to myself but in the end I got it, or her and her issues, if you will.

A very impressive debut from Alicia Kobishop!
Author 6 books191 followers
September 24, 2019
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February 9, 2017
Freaking A – I love it when I find a book I absolutely, 100% adore. As a blogger and book addict, I seek out the books that will wow me. The ones that will make me put everything aside and stay up as long as I have to to finish the book. The ones that will have me screaming from the rooftops that everyone should read this book. For this reason, I don’t give many 5 star reviews – there are a lot of books I really love, but there are only a few I find that give me all the warm and fuzzy feelings. This is one of them!

When I think of street racing, I think of the Fast and the Furious and who doesn't love those movies?!? I knew from the blurb that I'd be interested in this book, but I never expected to be drawn in from the very beginning. This book has the same feel as Beautiful Disaster, although it was different. Instead of fighting, there was street racing.

Now I hate comparing books, but fans of Beautiful Disaster will find that this book has a similar feel to it. Liv and Logan have a complicated relationship. One that involves them being strictly friends who are attracted to one another and kiss sometimes. One that involves Liv constantly pushing Logan away despite him making it known that he wants more. One that has Logan settling for friendship because she is his best friend. Why does Liv do this? Liv has a past – one you find out about in the Prologue – that has given her the mistaken belief that relationships never work and someone always leaves. Her excuse did cause me to eye roll at times, but I got it. I understood it because the author was very clear in explaining that.

So the majority of the book is an angst filled will they-won’t they fest. They go through the whole song and dance – he gets jealous when she flirts with other guys, she gets jealous when he tries to make out with someone to prove something to him and her, she pushes him away despite her growing feelings for him. It is all the angst that I love in a New Adult book. Oh yea, and it is all set in the background of street racing, which in my opinion, is freaking hot as hell and provides some great story lines.

Now were the characters perfect? No. Liv got annoying with her “you promised we could just be friends” stance and Logan got frustrating with his “I’ll settle for just friendship but will make poor decisions” attitude. In fact there are some cringe worthy scenes in this book where both Liv and Logan make stupid decisions just for the sake of proving something to themselves and each other.

“He needed every part of me. Mind, body, and soul. I knew because not only was it an expression that could not be fabricated, it was a look that matched my deepest inner emotions. We needed each other.”

There is one specific scene that had me screaming “NOOOOOOO” at my Kindle around 1am in the morning. I’m going to give a small spoiler so if you don’t want to know then STOP READING THIS PARAGRAPH AND SKIP TO NEXT ONE. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> There is an instance of what you think can be construed as cheating – one that is unclear, one that has you question whether you love these characters and story anymore. But before you freak, know that it will be explained if you keep reading. So KEEP READING. Don’t give up. I promise. Now I’ve been asked if this scene was necessary and in my opinion is was. It was necessary for both Liv and Logan to figure out if they could really be together as a couple, despite their issues.

Back to regularly scheduled program here. I loved this book and I strongly recommend you read it if you want book that is a delicious angst fest which will have you turning the page faster than you can read. Here’s hoping that more books like this one will be written, cause if so, then the indie world just got that much better.
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January 17, 2014
2.5 stars

Reviewed @ Enticed by Books

Oh boy. Where do I ever begin? Starting with something positive, I loved the writing, for a debut author, it was very impressive and commendable. Even the storytelling was very very good, I didn't find any problem with the pacing, construction or overall execution. What I did find unsuitable for me was the story itself, more importantly the characters and their bizarre actions. One thing I can't stand (and by now you probably know this) is cheating, and this book was full of it! Be it emotional, physical or whatnot. I hated every second of it and you might be wondering why I continued the story-- because I hoped the characters would grow up and atleast give me a good ending. But nope, that certainly didn't happen. Not only was it cliched but full of unrealistic drama that was hard to buy.

Liv is a high school senior who doesn't believe in relationships; the number of times she has been left behind heartbroken and lonely by her loved ones has only proved her not to love someone fully, so she keeps her distance and dates occasionally. But that becomes difficult when she meets Logan, a mechanic and drag race driver, and is immediately attracted to him. What starts as a casual flirtation between the duo turns into a friendship pretty quickly but their relationship halts after that, not for the sake of Logan trying, but just Liv being so damn insistent on playing safe in order to avoid another heartbreak. Which I think was BULL! Clearly there was some chemistry from both sides, clearly her time with Logan meant a lot to her, clearly she loved randomly making out with him, clearly she got jealous whenever he harmlessly flirted with another girls, clearly she wanted him all for herself (and how many more times do I need to use the word "clearly" to make my point clear? :D ), but then why in the world did she pretend to be his "friend"? And why would she go out with others guys on dates? It makes no sense! On top of that, the guy was such a dumbhead for coming back to her after every time she rejected him. How many clues does a person need? Come on, grow a freaking backbone!!! The only part I did enjoy was the illegal racing, but sadly there were only few scenes featuring it and even more sadly, we were never in Logan's head to experience the thrilling ride. And don't even get me started on the cheating! Granted that they didn't sleep around when they were dating each other, but there was a lot of emotional cheating there which I can't look over.

All in all, The Fine Line wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound, but at the same time, I'm not right audience for it. I think it's perfect for fans of Thoughless by SC Stephens or someone who can handle on and off relationships that are full of angst, drama and a lot of mind fuck. Though I won't be giving up on the author because I'm sure with the right story, I'll have no problem falling in love with her work.

A Copy was provided by the author for an early feedback. (Thank you)
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3,450 reviews109 followers
June 8, 2017
This one is hard to rate since I really liked the concept of the story, but some parts of the story lacked some.
I loved that this story was not inst-love. Logan and Liv become friends, best friends. It was nice how the reader got to see this relationship grow through all the different stages of attraction, friendship, and love.
Some of the verbiage was wordy. There was a lot of unnecessary detail. I found myself skimming some of the inner dialogue.
I did not understand some of Liv’s actions which made it hard for me to empathize with her. Once Logan and Liv got together, I did not understand why Liv felt she still had to go on that “date” with Tyler. I think the author wanted to show that Liv was not giving up her friendships just because she was with Logan, but it came off as her being difficult. I don’t think she would like it if Logan went out with e girl who also happened to be a friend.
The reader will love Logan and all his ways. He is a sweetheart and sometimes Liv’s actions made me question why he wanted to be with her.
Overall it was a nice story. Even though I had some issues with the story, I did want to finish it and see how it would all come together.
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February 5, 2017
Olivia (Liv) is a high school senior, but that does NOT make this book YA. There are some huge fireworks that you need to experience for yourself!

Olivia has known loss in her life, so when she says she will never fall in love or connect with a man, she truly means it. But what happens when you find your other half? A connection so deep, you fall no matter what you do to avoid the hole?

Logan is not the type of guy to settle down; he enjoys casual relationships, the kind with no strings. He is the definition of young guy, party, sleep around, and enjoy life in the moment. He also likes to street race, and when he finds his new lucky charm, he has to fight some pretty intense feelings to stay just friends.

So, everything sounds kind of cliché right? WRONG! This is more than the stubborn girl falls for the stubborn boy and they fall madly in love, the end. So much more. And I never do this, but here are my thoughts as I read…

Beginning to 62%: I was so engrossed in this story, I didn’t write anything down! But the story was so good I don’t think I even took a break to breathe.

62% The first bit of sexy (I am usually a total smut lover), but I was so into the story I didn’t even notice or care.

79% You have ripped my heart out. Here, take it. It’s broken and useless now so just keep it, I don’t need it any more.

80% Okay, I want my heart back now, I might be over what happened. Maybe.

91% What are you doing to me? I am not sure I can handle this!

93% WHAT?? Why are you doing this to me? *Grabs tissues and chocolate*

That ending… OH. MY. GOD. I love Logan. ~ Devlynn, 4.5 stars
February 8, 2017
(ARC provided by author via SueBee)
(BR with SueBee, Wendy, Patty, Elizabeth, Melissa, Lisa Jayne, and Rebecca)

3.5 stars~~ :D

I enjoyed this book alot. I can't say I liked everything about it, because there were some serious huffing, eye rolling and constant grumbling at times.

But from the racing - which put me in the mood for one of ma fav movie series, Fast & Furious <3 <3 - and the amazing Logan? I just found myself basking in it all.

The dedication of Logan was worth the read. I admired him, the way he was true to himself and others. When his feelings started growing, he wasn't running. He was willing to act like a fool (and blv, with that jaded Liv - he was a pro lol), just to prove his worth/love :D

As for Liv. She matured some towards the end, but that didn't do much justice looking back. I understand her hesitation for going into a relationship, but I hated how she kept pushing and pulling. It pissed me off and I kept saying "MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND!", because she was hurting Logan SO much <_<.

Didn't like how she kept throwing blames around and making excuses for herself and justifying her actions. She was like a virgin slut sometimes when it came to Evan and Tyler or w/ his name was.

Anyhoo...The ending is good. I loved the ending :3 Logan is amazing. And like Sue always said - he got he girl HE wanted and love so who am I to bitch?

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February 9, 2017

That strange little word-noise 'meh' pretty much sums up my feeling for this book. There were some parts of this book that I really enjoyed, but there were some parts that drove me completely mad.


I have to just start by saying that Logan needs to get ahold of his emotions. Every time I began to warm up to him, the sap went and cried. I'm sorry but I totally can't get behind a hero that bawls his eyes out every time things get tough. I don't have to have a supreme alpha being in every book I read, but what's with all the water works?!

I immediately noticed his bloodshot, puffy eyes and red cheeks. Had he been crying?

This is a debut novel and it was a pretty easy read, but it didn't rock my world. I wasn't head-over-heels in love with it. But it was nice. It's a stand-alone, YA, high school, first-love, virginal romance, written from Liv's POV. It has a bit of drama, a bit of steam, some troubled backgrounds, the unoriginal loved-one-died-in-a-car-accident, some stereotypical love-story elements, some commitment issues and two troubled 'Just Friends'... and we all know how that always turns out.

"I was planning on coming here to sweep you off your feet and find a way to kiss you passionately in the moonlight. But I think this will be much more interesting."

There was quite a lot of emotional whiplash throughout the book. I never mind being pushed and pulled in every direction, as long as it's worth it and as long as it feels justified. And sometimes it did. Sometimes it didn't.

"When I'm not with you, I miss you. I've never laughed the way I do when I'm with you. When something awesome happens, you're the first person I want to tell, and when something terrible happsn, you make it better. You give me strength to get through the bullshit, Liv, and I want to tell you things I've never told anybody."

The characters needed their heads banging together for their indecisiveness and there were a few over-reactions along the way, which are my pet hates. But they didn't last too long, so it wasn't too bad. Although it's a shame because these niggles do tend to break your concentration and pull you out of the story, making it hard to completely lose yourself in the text.

Olivia Evans was a tad annoying. Nothing more. She was a bit immature, indecisive, dramatic and fickle for my liking, but I liked how the author told her story. Liv has been through an inordinate amount of heartache and has abandonment issues. As a result, she doesn't believe in love and certainly isn't in search of it. But my God, she needs to learn not to be such a wet lettuce. I get that she has commitment issues, but she was just breaking poor Logan's heart and it was pissing me off.

Why does everyone I love have to leave?
Never again. I'm done. This is the last time I will ever have this feeling.

So, other than the issue with his over-active tear ducts, I liked Logan Tanner. He was a decent enough guy and he feel hard and fast for Liv (although I'm not entirely sure why), which he was totally honest and realistic about. But then he went and took protective and controlling to the limit, which I was so not cool! I was disappointed. *sad face*

"...You're with me now."
"So that means I'm not allowed to have friends?"
"Not boyfriends."
"What about friends that are boys?"
"No way," he said, irritated.
"You can't be serious. What about Matt? Or Isaac."
"No, Liv! Nobody!"
Now I was getting mad. "You can't tell me what to do, Logan. You're acting crazy!"
"Liv, you are not hangingin around guys. Guys do not want to be your friend," he aid condescendingly. "Guys want to fuck you."

I did think we might get more of the drag racing element. I thought I was going into a story that was going to be centred around Logan's hobby for racing his car, but that part kind of faded into the background and we only witnessed a couple of races. I thought that was a bit of a shame.

"I need you to understand that you are what makes me feel alive. Not cars. Not betting. Not racing."
"I just don't want you to give up anything for me."
He looked at me like I was a lunatic. "I'd give up everything for you."

I'll be interested to see what this author brings out next as the writing itself was fluid. For me, it just lacked originality and depth.

Have you read it? Tell us what you thought?

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February 7, 2017
When Alicia emailed me and asked if I would be interested in reading The Fine Line I was immediately intrigued by the synopsis. I wasn’t sure if I had the time to take on another review book but I knew I needed to give this one a shot. I’m really glad I said yes. This was such a wonderfully written book and I was thoroughly impressed, especially since it was a debut novel. I had just come off of a couple really bad books when I started this one and I was instantly immersed. I spent an entire Sunday reading this one and it was such an emotional journey.

Liv has spent her whole life being let down, especially by the men in her life and this has forced her to build walls that are practically impenetrable by the time she hits 18. She doesn’t allow many people to get close and she doesn’t do relationships. When she meets Logan, she feels this instant connection and despite her rules for getting close to people, she can’t help but let him in. They build this really beautiful friendship and they can’t help falling for each other. However, Liv is too afraid to lose Logan to really open up to him but in the end, her inability to let him fully in may cause her to lose him in the end.

Liv definitely frustrated me a time or two, I won’t lie about that. However, I totally understood her fears. She has legit abandonment issues and she truly believes that Logan will eventually leave her like everyone else has. Each time she almost lets him in, her fears get the best of her and she pushes Logan away. My biggest frustration with Liv was her back and forth with Logan and the hot and cold. I felt like she led him on and gave him hope for a relationship and then would shut him out and push him away. However, I think this made her more real because a girl her age with her issues would most likely act this way when they’re that confused. She made a lot of poor decisions and really hurt Logan but I liked her growth because she learned to open up and take chances and in the end she took the biggest chance of them all.

I really liked Logan. I liked how understanding and sweet he was with Liv. He wanted to be with her and he wanted her to love him back. However, if friends was all he could get then he would take that too. He was always there for Liv and proved himself time and time again. However, he pulled some dick moves trying to make her jealous and I lost a little respect for him when he did that. He did exactly what Liv was afraid he would do and that didn’t win him any points. However, I loved the way he cared for Liv and the sweet things that he did for her on her birthday and when she was sick.

The push and pull and back and forth with Liv and Logan was an emotional rollercoaster. It was obvious how much they cared and loved each other and I wanted Logan to take a chance and put it out there. To TELL and SHOW Liv how much he loved her and that he would never leave her. I wanted Liv to let go of her insecurities and be honest with herself because it was so clear she loved Logan but she wouldn’t allow herself to admit it. There was a lot of tension here as Logan pushed her a bit to open up to him and Liv desperately fought her feelings. Each one of them made some poor decisions that really hurt the other and I wanted to pull my hair out and scream “What are you doing?!” Despite the emotional damage that they did to each other, Logan never gave up on Liv and I loved that he fought for her. I liked seeing Liv open up to her mom about her fears and I think that conversation was a revelation for her and it was exactly what she needed to open herself to love and Logan. It’s always long, painful, emotional journey to a happy ending.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was well written, flowed nicely and had an interesting and exciting plot. I liked the side characters and I found Logan and Liv to be well developed. I found myself frustrated one minute and giddy with excitement the next. A book that can provoke that kind of range of emotions is the kind of book I love to read.
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762 reviews28 followers
February 4, 2017
4.5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. I love it when you find a great little gem of a book . The book had me hooked right from the beginning.

The story is about Liv who has been let down many times by the men in her life growing up therefore has vowed to never let another guy get close to her. However when she meet Logan she finds it difficult to stick to the promise she made to herself. Liv is determined that they will be just friends but Logan is also determined to show her that that they can be more than friends and how good they would be together.

This is a story of friendship to love. I loved Logan character who also had his own issues but would but these aside to support Liv and fight for what he wanted. The friendship to romance is slow build an there was times when I just wanted to bang their heads together because it was so obvious they should be together.

The plot kept me interested throughout and I loved the street racing aspects of the story especially towards the end of the book which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story is very well written and you could really get a feel for Liv's emotions and the reason behind her choices (even if these were a little frustrating at times.

If you like angst romance reads you will definitely enjoy this book. It was a great fun, fast-paced romance story. This is the debut book from author Alicia Kobishop and I will be looking out for future books by Alicia.

A copy of this book was provided by Author Alicia Kobishop in exchange for an honest review
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3,450 reviews109 followers
February 10, 2017
This one is hard to rate since I really liked the concept of the story, but some parts of the story lacked some.

I loved that this story was not inst-love. Logan and Liv become friends, best friends. It was nice how the reader got to see this relationship grow through all the different stages of attraction, friendship, and love.
Some of the verbiage was wordy. There was a lot of unnecessary detail. I found myself skimming some of the inner dialogue.

I did not understand some of Liv’s actions which made it hard for me to empathize with her. Once Logan and Liv got together, I did not understand why Liv felt she still had to go on that “date” with Tyler. I think the author wanted to show that Liv was not giving up her friendships just because she was with Logan, but it came off as her being difficult. I don’t think she would like it if Logan went out with e girl who also happened to be a friend.
The reader will love Logan and all his ways. He is a sweetheart and sometimes Liv’s actions made me question why he wanted to be with her.

Overall it was a nice story. Even though I had some issues with the story, I did want to finish it and see how it would all come together.

A copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.
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May 6, 2014
Este es un libro donde más que nada se centra en darse la oportunidad de amar. Querer y dejarse querer. Entiendo el miedo que ella tenía. Con solo ese prólogo teníamos para saber porque su temor.
Al principio creí que la protagonista --Liv-- iba a ser una patea traseros y debo confesar que hubo momentos en que SEÑOR JESÚS la quería matar creo que por eso no lo doy las cinco estrellas.
Aunque debo decir que el que robó mi corazón y toda mi atención fue Logan. Dios, fue tan casi perfecto.
Hay uno que otro cliché. Pero me gusto, tuvo giros inesperados y no pude detenerme hasta poder terminarlo.
January 21, 2014
What a great debut new adult standalone novel by Alicia Kobishop! I really enjoyed the racing theme and how these two commitment phobia people made each other complete. There are some twists along the way like every novel and some were easy to guess but others I didn't see coming. Be ready to read in one sitting because you'll find this sexy read about first love hard to put down! I definitely would be Logan's flag girl anytime!!
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347 reviews
January 7, 2014
4.5 Stars

This is the perfect book for anyone who loves a new adult romance story. The Fine Line is fun and exciting story of learning to trust and love.

This book was amazing from start to finish. In the prologue we get a glance at Liv’s life growing up and it is kind of a heartbreaking start to the story.

The Fine Line follows Olivia (Liv) Evans as she is finishing her senior year in high school. She has learned from a very early age to put up walls and close herself (especially her heart) off from others. Olivia is awesome. She is spunky and fun and you can’t help but fall in love with her. She lives with her parents but has a lot of freedom. She spends a lot of time with her best friend Mel and a small group of friends. One night at the summer festival her vision collides with a brilliant set of hazel eyes that has her heart beating out of her chest….and she hates it. Olivia doesn’t do heart pounding feelings when it comes to guys…so why is this mystery man having this effect on her? She doesn’t know and she isn’t sure she wants to find out. Her head is telling her one thing and her heart is telling her another.

Logan is a couple years older, a flirt, confident and smiles that sexy half smirk smile that leaves women everywhere quaking in their panties. He runs a garage with his uncle but his true passion is street racing. And of course, Logan is the best and everyone who is anyone wants to race him.

I freaking loved Logan. **SWOON** God what I wouldn’t do to be 19 again.

Logan also doesn’t do relationships but there is something about Liv’s smile when he first sees her that has him reconsidering things. He’s drawn to her and wants to open himself up to her but he knows she will run. He doesn’t know what her past is but he knows enough that if he is completely honest about his feelings that she will run…because that’s just what she always does.

So they become friends. I loved Logan and Olivia’s relationship. The connection and intensity between Logan and Liv is instant but it was more of a slow building love and leaves you feeling all the emotion between the two. This book is filled with so much sexual tension. They definitely want each other…and not just in a friendly way. Will insecurities and past betrayals stand in the way of them really being together?

It’s your typical teenage book filled with jealous hussies, parties, betrayal and passion. (Well mainly one jealous hussy by the name of Chloe…I swear I just wanted to punch her smug smile off her face every time she was around).

But this book was so much more. This is a book anyone could read. It conveys a strong message that no matter what you have endured in your past it should not dictate your future and keep you from taking chances. You have to trust your gut and your heart and open yourself up. Even if that means you could end up hurt in the end.

The only thing I can think that would have been better is if we would have had a dual POV. I would have LOVED Logan’s POV. I felt like I was missing part of his story. He is so passionate about Olivia that it would have been nice to know what was going on in his head. Especially three quarters of the way through the book…you know that point in a book where you throw your kindle down and tell yourself that you don’t even want to read anymore because you are so pissed off. Yeah…that was an epic moment in this book that had me sick and angry. At first I was pissed at Olivia and then I was even more pissed at Logan. They needed to pull their heads out and wipe the shit from their eyes and see what was in front of them.

I love street racing books so I don’t even think I finished reading the synopsis before I decided it was a book I just had to read. And this did not disappoint. It’s thrilling and exciting and fun. You will not be able to put it down once you start. I absolutely loved it. It was filled with great characters…everyone from their group of friends to Olivia’s mom. I loved her. She was a pretty cool mom and I loved the relationship Olivia had with her.

I absolutely loved how it ended. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic story. If you’re a fan of young adult romance stories filled with excitement and angst then this should be going to the top of your TBR list right now!

This review can also be viewed at A IS FOR ALPHA B IS FOR BOOKS

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**ARC received from author for an honest review**

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345 reviews27 followers
June 10, 2017
I received a complimentary e-copy of The Fine Line in exchange for an honest review.

Liv is a high school senior who is out hanging with her friends when she meets Logan, who is unlike anyone she's ever met before. Logan is 2 years older and quite the looker and has a hobby that is quite exhilirating. He street races!

Liv has learned that love is synonomous with saying goodbye. She watched her parent's marriage break up. Then she got close to 2 of her mom's boyfriends, one of which was killed in a car accident and one that cheated on her mom. She's sworn off love for herself because she just doesn't want to deal with the pain of losing someone again.

Liv and Logan have an interesting relationship. As much as he makes it known that he'd like to date her, she holds him at arm's length and tells him repeatedly that they'll never be more than friends and that it's that or nothing. Will Logan be able to break through Liv's resistance and make her see that they could be great together as more than friends?

I enjoyed the book. Liv was a little wishy-washy about her feelings for Logan at times. I sympathize with her having only seen the pain from her mother's relationships that had ended, but her mom was also in a new relationship that was working out well for her, so that should have been enough to prove to her things can be good and happy and not to always be thinking about how you'll feel when/if things are over. I kept thinking that if she didn't man up and admit her feelings for Logan, she was going to lose him as a friend, not to mention any chance of EVER becoming more.

I loved Logan, but I also wanted to slap him around at times. He's only 2 years older, but the difference in maturity between 18 and 20 can be a large obstacle and the fact that he was so hung up on a girl still in high school was a little hard to believe at times. He was a good friend to her and didn't push too hard most of the time but I knew he'd have his breaking point sooner or later.

There was also a twist near the end of the book which could have gone either the way it did or completely in the opposite direction and I think the book would have worked either way. I'm glad the author chose the path she did though!

This was the debut author by Alicia Kobishop, but I'll definitely keep my eyes out for any future books by her.
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Author 31 books658 followers
November 20, 2013
Whew! I finished the book and immediately went into this review because it left such a huge impact on me. I truly enjoyed the story. Loved the realness, the adrenaline, and the longing throughout the chapters. There's something about gritty romances that aren't cute and perfect that just pulls me in and this one definitely pulled me in good. So much that I stopped what I was reading before and started it.

I'll start by saying The Fine Line was an emotional roller-coaster for me, and that's mainly due to the protagonist. Liv drove me crazy with her inability to let go and let flow. Thankfully the reasons for the unbreakable wall she'd spent years building up around herself was fully elaborated on from start, because her constant denials and unbearable back and forth torture on the knowing souls around her infuriated me to a point where I wished I could give her a good slap. Seriously. I felt so tired for Logan and even wanted him to just give up 'cause Liv was quite a work.

Logan, Logan. He's not your usual bad boy with mean tats and grouchy attitude, Logan is actually really cool from jump. He isn't perfect. He has his own issues as well. But none of that mattered when he encountered Liv. The attraction between the two was instant but the relationship grew deeper over time. I liked that. Not the eagerness and their stubborn personalities pushing them apart, but it was fascinating reading how much everything was building up between them and I anticipated the day when it would all just come boiling over.

Overall, the plot was very interesting. Readers will surely like the addition of street racing, witty dialogues, as well as other entertaining aspects, like Liv wanting to explore her independence. There's also clear and to the point writing style, and most of all, the emotions are real and heartfelt. There are definitely scenes where you'll get immerse in all the intensity and feel as if you're sitting at the edge waiting for the perfect reaction. I know I did.

The Fine Line is edgy, funny, sad, romantic, delightful and quick-paced. If you're looking for all that and more then this is the book for you.
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January 1, 2014
4 1/2 Stars GREAT DEBUT If you are a New Adult fan this is for you. The main character is Liv (Olivia) and she is hardened. She has lost her Dad and it seems every man she loves just leaves. That being said is one of the reasons why I LOVED the book. The author adds characters that have touched Olivia. She has the luck to not only meet but love some of her Mothers boyfriends. I for one have rarely seen this side of a character written in a book. So it goes to show you that not every man is an abuser or a molester. I liked how she was glad to have Kevin. Then he is killed by a drunk driver. The last one was Adam, she loved him. He was younger than her mother and when her mother wouldn't marry him he left. I felt so bad that she let her guard down, felt love, felt compassion and then was alone again.

She slowly forma a friendship with Logan. The story with him is different, he is an illegal street racer. I have not read any story about that, so it was something fresh and new for me. There are a few sub characters, like Mel who is her best girlfriend. Mel is involved with a guy that Liv adores, and they also get "girl" time. Olivia is a hard worker, goes to school and doesn't do drugs. Another something so refreshing.

This is a debut, so when you start out with a great book it only gets better. There is a lot to love about the writing style, characters and angst. There ia a lot of angst. I think the author did the waves of emotions well. There is a low that is just the right amount of anger, then the right amount of love. I wish for a lot of success on this book. I want more from the author!
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February 8, 2017
***I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***
I just read some of the other reviews and am a little shocked. I read tons of YA/NA romance books (like several a week)and this was one of the most addicting stories I have read in a while. I loved the characters and the way they were portrayed, Olivia was a mess but had reason to be. Her childhood had been watching her mom deal with the loss of love over and over again. I especially liked how Alicia told her story quickly right from the start so their was no question why Liv had issues trusting any long-term relationship. Logan, well he is your normal, drool-worthy book love interest. Everything he does and says makes you want to swoon. Their developing friendship first is amazing to read and their chemistry is what makes this story so addicting. My heart raced for most of this book, it was definately an unpredictable roller-coaster ride of a read...I also enjoyed the supporting characters Liv's best friend Mel, Logan's whole group of friends and even both of their families pulled you more into their world. I give it 5 stars and would love to read a POV novella from Logan! (One suggestion to readers...don't start this book at midnight if you have to work in the morning - let's just say it was a rough morning!)
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February 1, 2017
This was my first illegal street car racing book and I must say, I LOVED it!! It kind of gave me a fast and the furious kinda vibe :) The prologue had me hooked from the start. My heart hurt for Olivia. Because her own father and other father figures in her life never stayed she feels she can no longer trust men and has one rule for herself....NO RELATIONSHIPS!! That is, until she meets Logan and they have their instant connection to one another. As much as I loved Olivia, she frustrated me to no end and had me wanting to shake her and say "wake up girl and look at what's in front of you!!!"

Logan....OH MY...SWOON!!! He never wanted a relationship in his life either....that is, until he met Olivia and then he wanted her to be his. All Olivia wants is to be best friends but can Logan make her see how good the two of them can be together before it's to late? Will she finally give in to something that she knows she wants for herself but is just to scared to take the step for?

I didn't see the events coming in the end until they hit and let me just tell you...I was on pins and needles!! I would highly recommend this book to my friends and family. This is a must read!!
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