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Angel in the Attic

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In a world of angels and ogres, banshees and gargoyles, werewolf chef Carolyn Katz is unemployed and down on her luck. Until she rescues a gorgeous angel, Lourdes Segovia, from a man who menaced her in the bathroom of a fancy vegan restaurant.

The grateful Lourdes hires Carolyn as her personal chef. Next thing Carolyn knows, she’s juggling elaborate dinner parties, a hostile housekeeper, a sexy winged reporter intent on getting the dirt on Lourdes, a firefighter ex-girlfriend who wants to get back together with Carolyn, and her own growing attraction to her mysterious employer. But why are there so many vampire attacks in Lourdes’ exclusive neighborhood? Could the lovely Lourdes be hiding a deadly secret?

In this delectable lesbian paranormal romance, the steak isn’t the only thing that sizzles!

92 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 1, 2013

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Rebecca Tregaron

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144 reviews12 followers
January 29, 2015
lovely lesbian urban fantasy about a werewolf chef, her angel employers, a possibly haunted house, plucky paparazzi and shenanigans. the only thing tragic about this book is that it's very very short - it's less of a proper story and more of introduction into one, hopefully with new installments coming soon, but it's lovely, lively, full of attractive and 3d characters, and also hot (did i mention hot?). i also love the worldbuilding - it's off-hand and lighthearted, but full of serious potential. looking forwards to the next part.
18 reviews
March 4, 2018
A fun and lighthearted first part to a story (be prepared for an abrupt ending, this is not a stand alone book), hopefully it'll be continued soon. The prose can be a little flowery sometimes and some of the magical creature details are a little hard to take seriously, but it's a quick and fun read. Not to mention the characters are likeable and the food always sounds delicious.
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74 reviews
November 10, 2019
Great start but incomplete

Engaging, colorful characters in a intriguing story and a menu to make even a werewolf salivate. I would like to read more of this serial because I think it’s very good but it seems to have been dropped in 2013. Thus the 3 star rating for an incomplete story.
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325 reviews4 followers
May 25, 2018
Excessive food talk, way too abrupt end and no sequel.
Otherwise a nice paranormal setting.
Profile Image for Summer.
193 reviews8 followers
April 1, 2018
A light and fluffy lesbian romance with great worldbuilding, a lot of fancy recipes, and an extremely haunted house.
I really enjoyed the variety of supernatural beings running around Los Angeles (way more variety than the standard werewolf/vampire crew) and the way they have been worked into the history and culture. And it delights me how they live in such a magical world and still argue over things like whether rabbits are kosher, and whether ghosts are real. It reminds me of the scene in Deep Secret where an actual wizard is using real magic, and still superstitiously lets the candles burn higher just in case it helps somehow. People are people, no matter what their lives look like.
The werewolf stuff was pretty interesting - I liked the various mental and physical shift stages, and how the protagonist's startle reflex of growing fur comes in handy during cooking accidents. Still, you'd think she would need a lot more than a hair net while cooking. I was pretty suspicious of the inclusion of angels, since in my experience with urban fantasy they're pretty mopey, but these ones were actually not bad.
On the down side, this book is very short (about a hundred pages) and doesn't resolve any plot threads, so it feels more like the first third of a longer novel. The romance is set up, the supporting characters have been introduced, the first challenges have been overcome, and the mystery is dangling temptingly within reach. But if you want more than a lot of food and a little bit of sex, you're going to have to wait for the next book (and maybe encourage your friends to buy this one so the next one gets published).
112 reviews
December 24, 2015
Slight and more of an introduction than a complete story in and of itself, but it's an introduction to a fun world with a lot of potential. The characters are well-drawn, the world around them looks like a lot of fun (angel paparazzi? More urban fantasy needs that kind of thinking), and the foodie aspects were so Los Angeles that it made me desperately homesick. Which is an accomplishment! I can't say I loved this because of how little is actually resolved by the end of this, but I would certainly be thrilled to see more stuff in this series.
123 reviews2 followers
November 14, 2015
Cute light read. But it really reads like the introduction of a longer book. It just ends at some point.
Profile Image for Sara.
133 reviews5 followers
February 21, 2015
Fun story! I hope there's more planned--it sets up a couple mysteries but doesn't resolve them.
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