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Lorien Legacies #3

The Rise of Nine

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The third installment in the thrilling, action-packed Lorien Legacies series that launched with #1 New York Times bestsellers I Am Number Four and The Power of Six. The stakes are higher than ever as John, Number Six, and Number Seven desperately try to find the rest of the Lorien Nine before it's too late. It all began with nine. Nine aliens who left their home planet of Lorien when it fell under attack by the evil Mogadorians, who scattered on Earth and went into hiding, who look like ordinary teenagers, but who have extraordinary skills. The Mogadorians killed Number One, Number Two, and Number Three. They tried to kill Number Four...and failed.

Number Four (aka John Smith) has now teamed up with Number Nine, while Six has gone off to find the others. With the Mogadorians hot on their trail and time running out, they must find a way to come together before it's too late. Their power is in numbers.

388 pages, Paperback

First published August 21, 2012

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About the author

Pittacus Lore

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Pittacus Lore is Lorien’s ruling Elder. He has been on Earth preparing for the war that will decide Earth’s fate. His whereabouts are unknown.

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Want to read
December 4, 2013
What I want to happen:

- I want Four (aka John) to ditch Sarah and hook up with Six.
- I want Sam to be alright.
- I want Seven to fall off the face of the Earth (I really don't like her).
- I want to meet Numbers Five and Eight.
- I want Sam's father found.

But mostly, I want Nine to be narrating this book with Four. :D

Cannot wait!!!
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January 12, 2016
asdfghjkllkjhgf I can't wait for this book.
The ending of The Power of Six left me wanting so much more. D:
I really hope Four can just forget about Sarah though, because he's so much better with Six.

WELL, for some reason I thought this book was a trilogy, and up until the last page I thought I had been reading the final book in the series. I guess not. It actually works better this way, because as I was getting closer to the end, I kept thinking, "Are they really gonna end this series without even meeting up with Five?" I felt kinda gypped. Now that at least have time to meet up with everyone.
I really liked this book though. The further into the series I get, the more attached to the characters. (Except Sarah. CAN FOUR JUST GET RID OF HER ALREADY? Does he not realize he is DESTINED to be with Six?)
I didn't think I'd have to wait for another book, but here I am again, anxiously awaiting the fourth book.
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December 3, 2016
“I don't like bullies. No one has a right to take or to hurt just because they can.”

This is unexpectedly awesome and hilarious ! The Rise of Nine is much more different than The Power of Six, the story itself is a gem, it's full of fights and twists. Number Nine became my favorite character, instead of John, he brings colors to this series. Number Nine is such a badass hero when he tries to do something and even it turns out unsuccessful, he still has a way to entertain the others with his failure.

“Why couldn't you turn into a fireball when we were on the same team!���

The friendship set this book on fire, the way Number Nine deals with problems is cool. I liked Pittacus' ideas in this book, he wrote male characters better than female and did something I couldn't believe that it would happen in this book. He's such a genius !

“No more, no less. I'm an idiot. I really need to let this crush go.”

Anyway, the book was a little bit confusing having 3 POVs without telling who was narrating this chapter, but at the end of his book I totally forgot about this flaw and gave this one 5 stars. This is one of the best of the series. And I also loved how Number Nine's mind works !

Thai review https://goo.gl/9muSxr
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October 3, 2012
Okay, so I wasn't going to make any predictions on this book, but then I started reading some others thoughts and it has got me fired up enough to want to post a few speculations...
As anyone in my Intro to Lit class could tell you, I rarely share other peoples'opinion on a character and so this should prove interesting.

What I think will happen:

1. More romance triangles. While personality wise, it looks like 9 would be drawn to 6, "Pittacus Lore" has proven himself to be terrible at writing romances, and may want to simply hook 9 up wth 7. That disgusts me but it keeps 7 occupied - because otherwise he is going to have to cripple her with some deep, emotional issue. She is to similar to 10. 10 is to young to have a romance, and thus it is more logical that she will be the peacemaker type. 7 would be that person but, like I said, can't have two of 'em, so 7 is either going to get an emotional wall or a romance.

2. Sarah won't actually have betrayed them. It would be awesome if she had, (that was an sweet plot development, much better then her going back to her old flame) but why destroy a perfectly good love triangle? Pittacus won't do it.

3. There will be no actual plot resolution. In fact, I am suprised Pittacus revealed what was on the "second ship" so fast. Surely that could have been dragged out for another book or two. This series isn't going to be a trilogy, by any stretch. I'm suspecting as much as 6 books and maybe even some side series. That seems to be popular.

4. We find out who the creepy-dude is in the 6's storm. Maybe Pittacus himself? Whoever the guy was who had her powers before her? I wouldn't generally think he would reveal the answer so soon, but Pittacus the author has proven himself to be a little to eager to reveal secrets, so I'm guessing it will come soon.

5. Not sure if all the Numbers will be gathered in the next book. My gut instinct is no, mostly because this a story about Nine. But now, this athor, as previously stated, has suprised me before with introducing plot elements what I would consider "early." So maybe all the Numbers will gather. It is hard to say.

What I want to happen:
1. Can John just go jump off a cliff? I mean seriously, he really ticks me off. He is an emotional time-bomb, barely steady, and while I agree that none of the other characters are great, his raging hormones really irk me. I'd even take something redemptional from him. Get rid of his whiny attitude, his raging hormones, give him some real powers and he actually is kind of cool. But he needs work.

2. Sarah drops out of the picture all-together. Please. May her name never pass the pages again. She is so obnoxious, the best thing she ever did was "betray" John. And I doubt she even did that. Seriously, knowing what is at stake in the world, she is jealous of another pretty girl and keeps telling John that she needs him??? What is more important, his LIFE or her popularity? SERIOUSLY?

3. Resolution would be fantastic. The longer the series goes on, the more it will go downhill. Some truly deep problems (besides lame hormones) and less "his gun took out hundreds of them" or "her dagger killed ten in a moment". It doesn't give much relevance to the danger when the bad guys get taken out like ants beneath a giant foot.

October 2nd - read book, what follows will contain spoilers

I've gotten so used to seeing the cover of this book on goodreads that at first it didn't register in my mind as A REALLY BIG DEAL when I saw it at the library. It took me about ten seconds to go from 'ho-hum, nothing good' to 'OH MY GOSH ITS FINALLY HERE ITS FINALLY HERE ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
The poor librarians must have thought I was nuts.
My students showed up and were puzzled to find me deep in a novel, instead of preparing for them.
But what does it matter? I FINALLY got my hands on this book and read it in about two hours.
I have a strange combination of smug satisfaction and faint disapointment at being proven right. Most of the time. I didn't see everything coming, but I was generally right.
First, a few thoughts about the book in general:
Where to begin....don't take this wrong way but is Pittacus Lore a girl? I don't mean the elder but the actual author. Because here is the thing....all the characters in this book are on emotional steroids.
Actually, I'm looking this up and turns out this series is written by two guys. Weird.
But really, EVERY CHARACTER is plauged with emotions. Four is still an obnoxious baby, rocked by his love of his friends and humans and unwilling to forgo them. SIX...ugh. Talk about ruining a character! She is not Kick Butt Awesome. She is "Emotional But Strong". Or something like that. Marina is still my favorite but also incredibly emotionally needy. Those are the only three "voices" we "hear", but the other characters in the book have this "deep" side to them, that thankfully the reader is not overwhelmed with due to the fact that we don't actually hear their monolouge of tear-jerking thoughts.
SO, that's my first problem with the book. You can title it Point One: Emotional Neediness.
Point two: Similar Voices (or, why the writing drove me crazy)

While the story is told from three switching viewpoints (6,7, and 4), all the "voices" (for a lack of a better word) are really similar. Sure the font changes and the situation/environment with it, but overall there isn't much concrete change. Marina freaks out more about her actions and Four whines more and Six sort of worries more but that's about it. It would have been easy to view it all in one long continuation. I was really confused especially at the beginning. It took me a couple pages to re-orient myself to characters and names, but that might just be chalked up to the gap inbetween books. The writing was just distracting.

Those were the two main biggies. So far everyone connected to the American government is still a stupid jerk working with the badguys. And Crayton's death? Pretty lame. But more about that later...
Right now I'm going to go through my predictions and mark 'em as True or Not True along with a little rant, because I figure I can trace more ground that way.
So here goes....

What I thought would happen:
1. More romance triangles
Hmm, sort of. There wasn't much going on there, except for 6 and 8. As I suspected, 10 is the "peacemaker"/sweet one so 6 was going to get either a boyfriend or a crippling emotion. She sort of got all three. She has a love interest, struggles with an inferiority complex, and plays this sort of Sweet-I-Have-No-Aggressive-Powers-So-I-Help-Out kind of role.
As I was reading the book, I scribbled down a few "first impression" thoughts. When it came to this new romance, they went something like this...
8 is a punk.
Is 6 FALLING FOR HIM? And now 7?
What is this, hormone day?
Bunch of emotional idiots.

By the end, I liked him though, and so far their "romance" is the "best".(Can you really call it a romance? Impulsive dude randomly kisses girl and she puts a ton of weight on it and describes it as if it were the romantic kiss of the century. And then she kisses him as if they were declared lovers never to meet again. After no romantic inbetween besides some jealous thoughts. So yeah.)
For "Pittacus Lore", though, nowhere near as bad as it could be. Their romance is the closest thing to sweet I've seen so far in this series, and I'll take it. I really do like 8. I love Marina. Thus, I'm inclined to look more favorably upon them.
Nine sort of flirts with Six in this incredibly unbelievable I-Know-We-Just-Got-Through-A-Massive-Battle-And-We're-Not-Out-Of-Danger-But-Hey-Lets-Flirt sort of attitude. Really, 9 and 8 are pretty identical except 9 is angrier and 8 has a god-complex and uber-cool powers.
2. Sarah won't actually have betrayed them.
*sigh* 'Twas so obvious and yet I could only hope...
Still no real answer there but its pretty clear Sarah is clear. She didn't do it, she was tricked...yada,yada,yada. Chynan Minoc (person who commented on this review) was right about the twist though. Didn't see that coming. I wonder how much a role that had to play in the actual betryal....?
Doesn't matter to much. Saw this one coming.
3. There will be no actual plot resolution
I was soooo hoping to be proven wrong on this one when the numbers started fighting Public Enemy Number 1. Alas, it doesn't seem that will be the case.
A tiny voice in the back of my head kept going "What about number 5? You realize they can't fight and win without him. Talk about what a bummer that would be. 'Yeah, I'm 5, I was supposed to save the world but I missed out on all the action....'
So then I thought hopefully, if morbidly, maybe he'll just die and we'll get plot resolution....
Eh. Not really.
And then I thought....maybe, just maybe there will only be one other book. 'The final stand' or something like that. Four books isn't bad.
And then I reached the end, and I saw all the advertisment for "Lorrien Legacies books" and I thought...*sigh*, a spin-off series. Saw that coming.
4. We find out who the creepy-dude is in the 6's storm.
Actually, this didn't happen. In fact, creepy-dude just sort of...disapeared. -.O I probably would have forgotten about it if I hadn't made a note to wonder earlier. So....that's still up in the air.
5. Not sure if all the Numbers will be gathered in the next book.
Well....sort of right? They aren't all gathered together so in a sense I'm right. But most of them are.

What I Wanted to Happen...
1. Can John just go jump off a cliff?
Well, no cliff-jumping for John. At least, not in the metaphorical sense. His voice is less whiny and less hormonal in this book, but partially that is because of 9 (who is awesome) and partially because there are two other voices of much more interest competing and 3/4ths of the time he's locked in battle. Still not my favorite character, but much more tolerable.
2. Sarah drops out of the picture all-together.
Meh, already covered. To good to be true.
3. Resolution would be fantastic.
Already noted.

A few things did come to mind reading this book that I think we might see manifested in the coming books. For example, which kid got Pittacus Lore's power? What if....all of them did. At least a little bit. Because 4 thinks he is Lore and 8 thinks he is Lore and 6 has this creepy face in a cloud that might even be Lore. So what if....? Could be totally wrong there, but its just a guess.

It is not a good thing to be a Cepan. Without trying to minimize his "sacrifice", Crayton's death was totally lame. He just ran across a room and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. At least the others were usually trying to protect their number. His death just comes across as needless carnage to give the kids some more emotional issues and free them from having a leader to rely on. So then they have to rely on themselves, theoretically. I feel like if he has to get taken out, there are more heroic ways to do so. Except....all the other guys died that way, so it wouldn't be that exceptional after all. I dunno. Why did he have to die?

While I enjoyed The Rise of Nine, I was disapointed but not suprised. The book was rather predictable. The characters very similar. The writing confusing, similar, and not very stimulating. The majority of the story takes place in action packed battles where 30 are cut down with a single sword-stroke and the bad guy doesn't play fair for no predictable reason.
'Cause if he possesses the power to take away others power, why'd he need to shape shift in the first place? Reallly, what benefit was there in that? Why'd they all teleport away like that? What benefit?
Well, there is a financial benefit for the authors. More books = more money. Somehow, though, I really hope that isn't it.
Oh, and wait a minute, WHERE IS SAM???? I WANT SAM. BRING HIM BACK.
Well, I think that is all for now. I might add more in the morning when I'm more awake.
Do I have any predictions for the next book? Not really, and I find myself less enthused. Maybe it's spending two hours reading a book I fairly-well predicted. Maybe it's frustration over writing and similar characters. Maybe I'm tired of ceaseless violence with an occasional 'Six hated killing, but she would protect herself' thrown in for justification. Maybe I'm tired of dumb romances that have a lot of potential but have the best-bits rushed over and the annoying parts focused on.
Maybe, maybe, maybe? I don't know. Yeah, I guess I am disapointed in The Rise of Nine. There isn't enough of Nine. I wanted to like it so badly and I did like it....but not a lot. So I am going to go to bed now and maybe I'll appreciate it more in the morning. Or maybe I'll dislike it more. Someday in the general future I'll pick up book 4 and read it. And maybe 5. And depending how long this gets dragged out, book 6. I'll read for the Numbers 7, 8, and 9 because they hold my interest and loyalty. 6 is on probation. 4 is in the red zone. 10 never really saw my favor.
And 5? We shall have to see about him/her/it.
1 review
December 31, 2011
First of all, John/Four should stay with Sarah. I don't care what you say, they were good together in the first book. I don't see why everyone is hating on Sarah. She made one bad choice which we don't even know if it was her. Every relationship has its ups and downs.It will show people to over come challenges with their significant others. Second, Sam and Six should get together. This would by my ideal ending for the series at lest relationship wise.
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9,566 reviews55.9k followers
February 28, 2020
The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies #3), Pittacus Lore

Nine to be narrating this book with Four. The Rise of Nine is a young adult teen fiction novel by Pittacus Lore and the third novel in The Lorien Legacies.

Marina and Six, along with Ella (previously unknown member of the Garde) and Crayton (her Cepan) are on a plane heading towards India, where they hope to find another member of the Garde: Number Eight.

As soon as they land at the New Delhi airport they are picked up by men who worship Eight as they believe him to be the reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu (it is later revealed that he appeared to them in the form of Vishnu, thanks to his shape-shifting abilities).

They plan to take the four to the summit of a mountain in the Himalayas, which is where Eight has made his home. However, before they reach him, they were ambushed by soldiers of the Lord's Resistance Front, an organization of people who want to kill Eight and all of those associated with him. After defeating their attackers and reaching the mountain, Six, Seven and Ten have to face three of Vishnu's avatars, which are used as a way of testing whether they are really members of the Garde. ...

تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز سی ام ماه جولای سال 2014 میلادی

عنوان: قیام نه: کتاب سوم از سری میراث لورین؛ نویسنده: پیتاکوس لور؛

کتاب سوم از سری «میراث لورین» با عنوان قیام نه، اثری از «پیتاکوس لور» است.خط اصلی داستان سری «میراث لورین» درباره ی یک گروه «نه نفره»، از موجودات بیگانه ی فضایی است، که مجبور به فرار، از سیاره ی بسیار دور خود می‌شوند، و سر از زمین درمی‌آورند.آنها زمانی تصمیم به فرار می‌گیرند، که گروهی از موجودات رقیب، به سیاره آنها یورش، و آنرا اشغال می‌کنند.این «نه موجود فضایی» که در روی زمین پنهان شده‌ اند، خود را به شکل «نه دانش‌آموز دبیرستانی» درمی‌آورند، اما زندگی آنها روی کره ی زمین، با آرامش همراه نیست.«موجودات فضایی رقیب» که متوجه فرار آنها به کره زمین شده‌ اند، راهی زمین می‌شوند،تا آنها را پیدا کرده، و دوباره به سیاره ی خود برگردانند.در این کتاب سوم از سری، «مارینا» و «شش»، به همراه «الا (عضو پیشین ناشناخته ی گارد)» و «کریتون»، در یک هواپیما به مقصد هند حرکت میکنند، جایی که امیدوارند عضو دیگری از گارد «شماره هشت» را پیدا کنند. به محض فرود آمدن در فرودگاه دهلی نو، آنها توسط مردانی که «هشت» را عبادت میکنند، برگزیده میشوند، زیرا آنها باور دارند، که «هشت» تناسخ خدای هندو «ویشنو» است (سپس مشخص میشود که وی به لطف «ویشنو» به شکل ویشنو ظاهر شده است.او تواناییهای تغییر شکل دارد). آنها قصد دارند این «چهار» را، به قله ی کوهی در هیمالیا ببرند، جایی که «هشت» خانه ی خود را آنجا ساخته است.با اینحال، پیش از رسیدن به او، آنها در کمین سربازان جبهه مقاومت خداوند، سازمانی از افرادی که میخواهند «هشت» و همه ی افراد مرتبط با او را بکشند، قرار میگیرند.پس از شکست دادن مهاجمان خود، و رسیدن به کوه، «شش»، «هفت» و «ده»، باید با سه «آواتار ویشنو» روبرو شوند، که از آنها به عنوان روشی برای آزمایش اینکه آیا آنها واقعاً عضو گارد هستند استفاده میشود. ...؛ ا. شربیانی
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October 11, 2012
Well... this was less epic.. than the first 2 books.
3 reviews
January 4, 2013
K so guys really........seven was not that bad...i really liked her. She was a great character. Nine is ok, i didnt notice anything super bad about him but for some reason i just want John to be better than him. Actually i would like it if John was better than all of them. The power of six wasnt that bad. Also, i agree with some of you, John should ditch Sarah go for six, Sam should find his dad and sam should be okay with being single. One of the things i hated in the power of six was john and sam sorta fighting over for six. No, that just felt wrong. There shouldnt have been any romance with six at all in the fist place. Yep. Oh and OMG!!!!!!!THE LITTLE GIRL IS NUMBER 10!!!!!!!!!! That is so cool. I would love to have her powers. If she does not show up alot in the rise of nine i will be mad. I hope she becomes one of the heros cuz she is sooooooo awesome!!!!!
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May 24, 2022
Another great book from Pittacus Lore. This book is action packed, as the war steps up. The book is a page turner and enjoyable to read there are not quite as many rvelations as the second book. This book does feel like a filler or a snack rather then a main course.

Each chapter of this book is written from the perspective of either number 4, 6 or 7. In the previous books we have met number 1,2,3,4,6,7,9 & 10. In this book we meet number 8 for the first time, as well as getting to know numbers 9 & 10 a lot better. Each Lorien develops their legacy's (powers) as they grow older so the higher numbers tend to be more powerful (apart from number 10 who is actually the youngest).

At the end of the last book 4 and 9 had just met and were in America, 6, 7 & 10 were in Spain. Sam had just been captured (spoiler Sam is not rescued in this book). Separately they are vulnerable; together they have a chance of beating the Mogs and their leader Setrakus Ra. To do this they have to get along and find each other. New legacies are developed, and some are evolved. This book does answer the question of why these particular Lorians were chosen and sent to Earth. Bringing in some mysticism and prophecy to the story. We also get a hint for how high the Mogs have infiltrated earth. Couple of things that do bother me about this book. This book is very action packed but the fight scenes are quite confusing, and a lot of the things are just unnecessary. Examples 8's test, 4 & 9 arrest where they could have very easily escaped or captured the enemy agents a lot earlier. One of the things that I do hate is to finish a book in the middle of a fight or leading up to another fight, annoying. It also annoys me how many times Pittacus Lore name keeps coming up as the strongest, greatest and wisest. I have to admit I did feel a little let down by the ending of this book, but it did make me look around for book four probably due out next year.
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212 reviews49 followers
April 12, 2020
The Rise of Nine.
Book three of the Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore.
When the nine Loriens first arrived on earth, a powerful charm preventes them from being killed off out of order, by the evil Mogadorians. They were taken to all corners of the globe to grow up with the protection of their Cepans (Guardians).
Now they are reaching young adulthood they are finding they all have different legacies/powers and after number one, two and three are killed, they are on a mission to find each other and destroy the Mogadorians and their evil leader Setrakus Ra.
The story plays out in India, Mexico, US and even a small section in England, when some of them end up in Stonehenge where an amusing little scene occurs.
The book was exciting and I would say the best in the series so far. A fun YA read!
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470 reviews918 followers
July 28, 2012
****FINAL RATING: 3.80 STARS****

These books aren't perfect. They have a lot plot holes, and it kind of ticks me off how powerful the characters are. However, they're so much fun that I can forgive all of that. I mean, they give a good four, five hours of fun, and with the little amount of self-control I have there's no way I can turn that down. As for this third installment, it was fast-paced and just like its predecessors, had a ton a action packed somehow into just a few hundred pages. It's very much like a thriller in some ways, although not in others. Still, I without a doubt loved this book.

Four is, of course, the first one we met in this series, and so naturally he's the one we know the most about. I'm honestly not sure what there really is to say about him. He's compassionate and caring, that's for sure. Maybe a little crazy, and definitely willing to take some insane risks. Sometimes he can be impulsive. He doesn't always think things through before he acts, which is just irritating. Still, it's hard not to admire his loyalty, even if it's entirely possible it'll get him killed.
We don't meet Five in this book, so moving on.
Six is really brave, and also a bit foolish, and also too impulsive. However, when she is impulsive she, like Four, really doesn't do it for selfish reasons, and so it's hard to get too angry at her for it. And anyway, she's really kind of trying to do what she's been taught to do, so, you know. It's hard to fault someone for that.
Seven is really mild, but she's not afraid to battle it out when she needs to. She kind of stays back on the sidelines, not a central force, but still an important one nonetheless. I like the way she lets others take charge most of the time, but when it counts, she takes a stand and doesn't back down. She tries to do what she thinks is best, and more than any of the others she seems to learn from her mistakes.
Eight is really calm and collected, even though he's seen things that are less than pleasant and could have lasting consequences for himself. Yet somehow he manages to remain lighthearted and doesn't let it define him. I love that. Instead, he grows above it. It is maybe a part of who he is, but it isn't all he is. And I think he's really sweet in his own way, and I also think he keeps a lot inside.
Nine is probably my favorite character in these books. Cause I mean, come on, he's hot. And yeah, he does kind of act like a jerk sometimes. But whatever. I like him because even though he can seem cold and uncaring, that's actually just his way of…caring. He wants to find the others and save the planet. And he doesn't back down from challenges. I love his interaction with Four especially, because you can tell that even though they're always ripping each other apart they actually do care for each other, and have some sort of bond.
Ten is really very sweet. She's significantly younger than the rest of them, but most of the time you wouldn't know it. She knows how to step up and fight when it's get turn, and while she's definitely older than her age, she's not so old that it's ridiculous, and she does act enough like a child that it's believable.

This book was insanely full of action. There were some points where I was like, That is just stupid. That doesn't even make sense, but for the most part, I enjoyed the action. Sometimes I admit that it got excessive but honestly without action, these books really wouldn't be anything special. So even though I do think that the action pops up at the most random and yet convenient places, it's also forgivable.

And who doesn't love action? Personally I adore the anticipation of it. And it doesn't allow for any boredom, which is awesome. This book was quite literally impossible to put down, and I burned through it in one sitting.

The plot really doesn't move too far forward in this book though, honestly. Like I said earlier, too much action and not quite enough ploy development to keep me fully satisfied. I kind of felt like it didn't really go anywhere, was just kind of stagnant. There were some events and such that advanced the plot, but I still really wasn't that pleased. This is one of my main complaints about this book, because who wants to read a book that never goes anywhere?

I mean, don't get me wrong, as you can tell by my rating that I definitely enjoyed this book. Still, it was far from perfect. The plot development could definitely have been executed better.

The romance in this book is…oh, how do I put it…rather erratic. It's just kind of random and thrown in and never developed well. Not only is it totally obvious, but it's poorly done. Pairs are just painfully clear and there's a few weak attempts at love triangles that don't really actually go anywhere. It's stupid, honestly. Sure, the romance has its good moments, but it's really hard to look past the randomness. I don't think I'd call it instalove, exactly, but I wouldn't call it true love, either. There's going to have to be some serious romantic development later on to convince me of its legitimacy.

So, writing. Let's see. Our story is told in first-person by Four, Six, and Seven in this installment. It's not awful. I even like it. But it's not sparkling. It's mediocre writing, but nothing more impressive. One thing that is done well is the characters' distinctive voices. Each character has a really unique void and it's easy to recognize it, which is definitely a good thing. However, aside from that, I wasn't majorly impressed or anything. I liked it, but I wouldn't fall over myself to read it, either.

Since there wasn't much plot development, as aforementioned, I feel like the ending came too soon, before much really had a chance to happen. So really, I was actually pretty disappointed here. It was so predictable. Obvious, even. It kind of attempted to be a cliffhanger, but as far as I'm concerned, it failed miserably. I didn't feel the urge to desperately read the next book or anything. It just didn't really go anywhere, so what kind of ending could there have been?

I will be reading whatever's next in this series, if only because after three books there's really no reason not to, as long as I enjoy them and they don't fail horribly. Yes, this books could have been much better, but it also could have been much worse. Do I recommend this? Maybe. Do you like science-fiction and aliens? Can you overlook mediocre writing? Do you love action? Can you deal with little (very little) actual plot development? If you answered yes, give it a shot. These books are action-packed and fun, but as far as plot development goes they've actually been slowly been getting worse. Still, I do enjoy this series.


Read more of my reviews on Sparkles and Lightning!
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April 12, 2016
The third book in this series unravels the answers to the readers' questions about the main character's true feelings and intentions. Reading this was super exciting as members of the Garde slowly unite and find one another to fight the evil monstrosity that is Setrakus Ra.
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July 6, 2016
Lots of action that made it hard to put down. Good read for a YA book.

The book is written in first person and switches between three different characters. At times, I found this hard to follow as I had to sometimes read several paragraphs before you knew which character I was reading about. I assumed based on the title we'd learn more about Nine. Though that is true there just wasn't enough depth provided to make me care about him. In fact I didn't really learn much more about any of the characters, new or old.

Despite all of that I found the book worth the read and it was exciting right from the start.
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March 6, 2013
cant wait to read this book! :( august 2012 is such a long wait!

Wow. that was a good read :">

I am still rooting for four to be with sarah but he and six would also be good together. I don't know which pairing would be better :-(

I loved it more than I loved the power of six and I can't wait to read the fall of five!

Why couldn't there have been a Garde from the Philippines?! lol!
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December 16, 2012
Oh come on guys! Seven is not so bad! I liked her. She seems fine to me. I dunno about Nine though. He seems like he may turn out to be a bit of an ass conceded person, I really hope I'm wrong. I loved both books =)

I don't like Sarah, I'm really sorry but I don't. Maybe it's because I watched the movie first and hated the way Dianna Agron played Sarah Heart. I tried to like her, really I did, but I could never really get into their relationship. Dang. I wish I had read the books first I might have like Sarah then, cuz in spite of how much I wish Four and Six will get together I'm pretty sure Four's gunna stick with Sarah. And I think we're gunna end up finding out that Sarah didn't really betray Four, it was all an accident or a misunderstanding. Damn. I really don't like Sarah, wish I could.

Number 10 is so cool!! Can't wait to hear more about her and her Guardian!! Sam'll be fine, I know he will. Because if he isn't I know of many fans who would hunt Lore down and make him hurt like he made us them hurt. Man I can't wait to meet Five and Eight!!!

OMG!! What's gunna happen!? How will Four find Six!?? Who will Four end up with?! What will Five and Eight be like?! Will Sam really be okay?! FUCK!! Why does August have to be so far away!?! Just looking at the release date hurts.
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August 6, 2012
There is nothing to like a quest to understand everything, even if there is nothing to know.

I am a sucker for books packed with action (and conflict), addicted to them like girls and their book boyfriends. The Lorien Legacies books continue to be more exciting than the last; The Rise of Nine was one helluva book. There’s still three more books to come, but man, I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT ANYMORE! Okay, since I read The Fallen Legacies novella I may have a smidge of a sense what would be involved in Book Four... but this is a review for The Rise of Nine – looks like I’m already itching for book four... and five... and six... This series is addictive as hell! There is still so much more awesomeness to come and we’re only halfway through. Imagine what I’ll be like for the final book. Dead, I imagine, from an overdose of Loriens... or Legacies... both. THE LORIEN LEGACIES!

Like The Power of Six, The Rise of Nine was told through John’s (Four), Six’s, and Marina’s (Seven) perspectives. It begins with Marina, Six, Ella (Ten), and Clayton flying to India, as they believe that is where another member of the Garde is after reports of a God-like child, which we discover is actually Eight. While those four are occupied with that, John and Nine are also making their own discoveries involving their chests, their Legacies, and about themselves. John doesn’t stop moaning about the loss of Sam and Sarah, and Nine is the one telling him to get his act together. Both groups come across difficulties forcing them to use their Legacies and through a sequence of events find their paths to one another so that they can defeat Setrakus Ra once and for all – at least fight him.

‘We are not going to Ohio to see if another one of your humans is all cozy and safe. This is not our home, Four. These humans are not our brothers and sisters. Everything we do here on Earth is for our real home, for our real brothers and sisters, for the Elders who sacrificed their lives to put us on that ship ...

If you don’t have Lorien in your heart, then you should say so right now. I won’t run around with a traitor. Our only goal is doing everything we can to be at full strength so we can defeat Setrakus Ra and his army. That’s it. Got it?'

I decide to remain silent. My feelings for Sam and Sarah will never subside. I know this. But Nine is right about what comes first. We are of help to no one if we do not increase our strength, and that only happens if we can find the others.

p. 118 from e-ARC

Sam makes no appearance in The Rise of Nine sadly since the Mogadorians have him as a sex slave in their brothel captured him, and Four and Nine could not rescue him at the end of The Power of Six. However, there is Sarah towards the end, and my faith is restored in her. Felt so sorry for her. But the humans aren’t the makers of this story. It is the members of the Garde. The new addition to the journey, Eight, has some amazing abilities/Legacies, providing Marina with a boy to crush on and this also provides an opportunity to come to realisations about certain things and into her own self. Six was just as kick-ass ever. And Ella, well, she’s not bad too. Besides his constant moaning over Sam and Sarah, John comes to understand a lot. The chapters of him with Nine show how cheeky Nine can be – a substitution for Sam’s hilarity in The Rise of Nine. Even with their constant bickering and physical fights, I sensed a real brotherly bond form between the two. Where Sam is a friend, Nine is a brother. I just loved it! And then when all the Garde come together (minus one – Five)... wow!

Fifty pages in there was a full-scale, explosive, film-imagined action sequence full of missiles and helicopters flying balls of fire. Imagine the action a hundred pages in, then go to the climax and the end. The action doesn’t stop. Even if it’s an exchange of words. I didn’t know what to expect in the oncoming chapters. Pair the action with the perilous adventure and the new revelations about the world of the Lorien Legacies, you have here an amazing science fiction series that will have you wanting more, and you’ll see yourself return as soon as possible. I reached the end of The Rise of Nine and swore because I wanted more. I’m addicted; it’s my crack. It wasn’t a cliffhanger, but it was just a too sudden ending; it was a fantastic close for Act 1. Now, it’s Act 2 and I certain it’s going to kill me. Damn you, Pittacus Lore!
60 reviews
September 2, 2012
I’m so mad at myself for not feeling the giddiness I felt after reading the first two books. I mean, I’m trying soooo hard to feel excited for the fourth book but the conclusion wasn’t really what I hoped for.
After reading this book, I finally appreciated Four. He’s become stronger and his Legacies are now way cooler. I’m also hoping we finally meet Five in the next book. Please!
Full review here: http://bookdandruff.blogspot.com/2012...

GUYS, Number 8 is a BOY!? OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! Only two more months and I am more stoked than ever. Please continue to preoder The Rise of Nine for us to read the origin of Number 8 and many more!

-UPDATE- 04/29/12

Guess what? I just read an excerpt of the book like just a while ago. A WHILE AGO! I didn't even know it was on the Internet already! Anyway, it was only one or two chapters, but it frustrated the hell out of me. Remember when Four told Six to meet up in West Virginia or something? Well guess what? They're going to the Himalayas instead to meet a boy who supposedly has powers like Pittaus Lore. I've read enough YA books to convince me that they're not meeting Four for a while. FML.

p.s. I hope Sarah won't make a cameo in this book, much less mention her name.


GAH! Less than a year till this book comes out! So excited to read about Nine! :D
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August 31, 2012
It's puzzling that so many of the reviews predate the book's release. Clearly fans of the series had high hopes for Rise of Nine, as did I. The book disappointed me.

Despite the build-up, the book seems hastily thrown together. Without giving it away, I can say that the ending doesn't resolve the story-line of this installment; much less does it move the big picture of the Lorien Legacies to a foreseeable conclusion. It's like the author just stopped at Chapter 30, with a half page of denouement. You can't even be sure the Loriens will safely make it to the next installment, although obviously they will.

Rise of Nine lacks the tenderness and deft craftsmanship of the original book, I Am Number Four, with the carefully developed relationships between the hero, Four or "John Smith" and his girlfriend Sarah and best friend Sam. You sometimes feel that you're in a world where two superpowered races are thrashing out their bitter feud on earth while the human characters are just gullible pawns. The title character is anything but heroic--he shows contempt for humanity and callous disregard for the people who have sacrificed to assist the Loriens. There is little sign of his "rising," except in an anomolous, disconnected scene where he rescues some crime victims. We don't hear his point of view, except for hints that his captivity with the Mogadorian "bad guys" hardened him. His only "redeeming" characteristic is lust, if you can call it that.

Even John Smith falls short of his previous iterations. He seems weak and indecisive for most of the novel; he progresses not at all in the manner the series leads us to expect. One of the two leading human characters--Sam--just disappears apart from John's periodic moaning about how he left him helpless in the hands of unspeakably cruel aliens. He doesn't even appear in the story's resolution. The girlfriend reappears but is presented very elliptically, so that the central mystery around her is left largely unexplained. The discovered Lorien characters who have yet to have books named for them--Seven, Eight, and Ten--have little depth in this installment. I can't clearly distinguish between Seven and Ten.

My disappointment after such high expectations aside, I still raced through the book and was drawn into the action sequences. But the action seems freestanding--it doesn't appreciably advance the larger plot. Clearly, the author punted this installment and leaves much of the progression from books one and two to the next, fourth installment. I will definitely buy it when it comes out (assuming it isn't so far into the future that I move on with my life) but another read as unsatisfying as Rise of Nine will turn me off completely.
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June 9, 2019
Esta serie está mejorando y mejorando con cada libro que leo, ¡y realmente no podría estar disfrutando más! Al igual que con los dos primeros libros, El Ascenso de Nueve captura tu atención desde el principio y la mantiene hasta el final.

No pensé que fuera posible que este libro estuviera más cargado de acción que el anterior, ¡pero era absolutamente así! ¡Es una acción ininterrumpida en todo el camino y estuve en el borde de mi asiento durante casi todo el libro!

También me encantó conocer más a los Lorics y verlos desarrollar sus Legados, es un concepto muy interesante y solo se vuelve más interesante a medida que aprendes más sobre él. Me complació ver más de los mogadorianos también, ¡aunque he crecido para que no me gusten!

Definitivamente no esperaba amar esta serie tanto como lo soy y ¡hasta ahora ha sido un viaje increíble! Originalmente había planeado tomarme un descanso después de los primeros tres libros, pero viendo que los estoy disfrutando mucho y después de la forma en que terminó éste, ¡definitivamente estoy comenzando el siguiente en la serie inmediatamente!

P.D. Estoy perdidamente enamorada de Nueve. No puede haber personaje más perfecto en esta serie.
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June 21, 2017
This series is getting better and better with each book I read and I really couldn't be enjoying it more! As with the first two books, The Rise of Nine captures your attention right from the beginning and keeps it until the very end!

I didn't think it was possible for this book to be more action packed than the previous one but it absolutely was! It's non stop action the whole way through and I was on the edge of my seat for pretty much the whole book!

I also really loved getting to meet more of the Loric and see them developing their Legacies, it's such an interesting concept and it only gets more interesting as you learn more about it! I was pleased to see more of the Mogadorians as well, even though I have grown to quite dislike them!

I definitely wasn't expecting to love this series as much as I am and it's been such an awesome ride so far! I had originally planned to take a break after the first three books but seeing as I'm enjoying them so much and after the way this one ended, I'm definitely starting the next in the series immediately!
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7 reviews
November 12, 2012
holy freaking freak.

Four (I'm sorry, I can't bring myself to call him John Smith, which happens to be the worst name I have ever heard in my life) needs to ditch Sarah. I'm sorry, but I just don't like her anymore. Six is so much better.

Nine is a beast. I love him.

Seven annoys me.

I love Sam. I hope they find his dad.

And I hope all of them reunite somewhere totally epic, like Australia. I don't know why I came up with that, but whatever. I can imagine the ending to be extremely amazing, and I'm gonaa be totally disappointed if it doesn't meet up with my standards, but then again, I have a hyperactive imagination. That's why I'm a writer myself.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who is going to die every day until it comes out. AHHHHH!!!!
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March 26, 2014
The Rise of Nine
Lorien Legacies #3

By "Pittacus Lore"

A Review by Eric Allen

Though not exceptionally well written, nor very creative, I did find myself able to enjoy the first book in this series, I Am Number Four. It was a generally harmless tale of a boy coming of age, and it's the sort of thing I'd probably give to a teenaged boy of mine to read. The second book took everything that was superficially entertaining about the first book and utterly destroyed it. After a year of waiting the, strangely enough, much awaited threequel to this hit and miss series has come around, and unfortunately, I'm going to have to say that it was even worse than the second book.

We begin with John, a.k.a. Number Four, and Nine on the run after escaping the Mogadorian base. These characters are both such utter douchebags and general, all around, horrible people, that it is hard to care about anything they do, or anywhere they go. All they seem to do is argue, bicker, fight and butt heads. They meander around doing not much in the plot important enough to deserve half of the book's page count devoted to them. Certain events near the ending of book two have made me utterly incapable of liking or even sympathizing with John. He is extraordinarily selfish and incredibly stupid. I cannot see him as anything but the utter douchebag that he proved himself to be at the end of the previous book and my opinion of him is now forever colored by those actions. I do not care what he is doing or why, because I do not care about him as a character, because his behavior was so objectionable that I have actually started to cheer the villains on in hunting him down. And Nine is grating and pompous, with few, if any, redeeming qualities of his own. Putting these two characters together, and devoting so much of the book to them whilst not giving them really anything important to be doing was a huge mistake and completely ruins any excitement factor or pacing that the book might, otherwise, have had.

Marina a.k.a. Number Seven, Ella a.k.a. Number Ten, and Six make their way to India because the plot says so, to track down Number Eight. After several chapters of filler, they finally meet up with him and get split up whilst trying to teleport to New Mexico, where everything of utter import is inexplicably located.

Through the power of Dues Ex Machina, John and Nine find themselves on a road trip to New Mexico just in time to conveniently meet up with everyone else, and head into a secret military base to take on Setricus Rah, the leader of the Mogadorians to little effect. Somewhere during this section the writers felt the need to point out some of their own plot holes to the readers in stating that though defeating Setricus Rah will end the war, it won't end the war. Very contradictory and confusing to anyone still paying attention by this point.

The book then ends rather abruptly with several case files about powers or personalities of the Numbers that should have been incorporated into the story rather than dumped at the end.

The Good? I'm really stretching to think of anything worthwhile in this book, and nothing comes to mind off the top of my head. The cover art was good, I guess, if a little generic. It advertises exactly what you're going to get in the book. A whole lot of nothing interesting.

The Bad? There are FAR too many characters in this book. The authors obviously struggled to keep up with them all, and give them all things to do. Four and Nine are both idiots and utter douche canoes, irrelevant for almost the entirety of the book and basically just take up space. A whole LOT of space. Marina, who was the one and only bright point of the previous book, has basically been relegated to scenery and plot service in the way of healing. Ella barely even exists and usually only maintains a presence by being mentioned by other characters. Six has become something of a stereotypical tomboy written by men who don't have the slightest clue how to write a tomboy character, and her personality and motives are often inconsistent and fluid. Eight exists... I guess. There's not enough going on in this book to justify three separate groupings of characters in three locations. There's not enough going on to justify the existence of even half of the characters at all. The writers really stretched to outdo themselves and take things to the next level, and completely and utterly failed to do so. What's worse is that there is still at least one more character yet to be introduced, which does not bode well for future volumes of this series.

This book comes across as a lengthy, meandering, and nonsensical criticism on the United States government more than anything else. Painting the USA as the money grubbing, power hungry secondary villain. It is true that the US government does have its issues that are currently causing quite a bit of strife in this country, yes. But this is a book for children. Children do not need to be terrorized by it. Children do not need to be raised to fear and hate the government they live under simply because the author does not agree with the things they are currently doing. It seems as though the authors are rather blatantly trying to sow the seeds of anarchy and rebellion in the youth of America. I am not typically an overly patriotic person, but I find this somewhat offensive, especially since this is a book targeted at children. If you hate the government and want to see them fall, fine, but don't go giving the idea to children before they're old enough to have formed their own opinions on the matter themselves.

The Ugly? This book is terribly written. I'm talking like Suzanne Collins or Dan Brown terrible here. The first book, while generic, and not altogether anything to write home about, displayed a whole lot more in the way of writing talent than is showcased here. The tense is often inconsistent, wavering between past and present. The descriptions of things are often either completely lacking or completely inappropriate. Things just happen to no point or purpose simply because the plot says they should. There's no sense of anything driving the story except for the writer's desire to move on to the next scene.

This is something that I wish the entertainment industry as a whole would take to heart. Look Entertainment Industry, I don't know about you, but I don't like douchebags. Why? BECAUSE THEY'RE DOUCHEBAGS!!! You've really got to stop making the main characters of your books, movies, TV shows, etc douchebags on purpose. No one likes a douchebag. No one sympathizes or empathizes with a douchebag. No one identifies with or wants to be more like a douchebag. When your supposed hero is a complete and utter douchebag with few, if any, redeeming qualities, the audience, frankly, begins to root for the villains. And that is what is happening here. Pretty much every male character in this book is a complete and utter douchebag. They act like douchebags. They think like douchebags. And I simply don't care to read about them. I couldn't care less what happens to them because their behavior tells me I SHOULDN'T care less what happens to them. I found myself sympathizing more with the villains because half of the cast of this book is so incredibly douchey that I honestly want to see them fail. Four, Nine, and Eight are terrible characters. They act like terrible people. They display nothing that is admirable or worthy of looking up to in a hero. They are the complete opposite of what the hero of a light-hearted adventure should be. Their behavior is more in line with villains of many YA genre pieces that are peers to this one.

When I don't care about the characters, I don't care what happens to them. When I don't care what happens to them, any peril they find themselves in is meaningless, because honestly, I'm rooting for the other side at this point. I WANT them to fail. I WANT to see them fall. I WANT to see the villains triumph over them. This should not happen in ANY work of fiction. Your hero can be a bad guy, but he at LEAST needs to be likeable to the reader. If he's not, we don't have any reason to care about him. Tension, drama, and suspense all come from having an emotional connection (something other than utter loathing) with the characters. We are supposed to care about them, and when we don't the entire story woven about them becomes pointless, boring, and frankly a chore to read through. And this book is a PERFECT illustration of this concept. Action scenes, of which there are many in this book, are meaningless when you don't care about the characters participating in them. They're more boring than anything else. It took me well over a month to trudge through this book because I was just so disinterested in what ninety percent of the cast was up to. Four and Nine, frankly, didn't even have any need to be in this book until the climax at all, so their presence in the majority of it was doubly objectionable.

There were so many characters being juggled here that those characters who had personalities to begin with, find themselves watered down and mere shadows of who they were in previous books. The authors took the earliest possible opportunity to jettison some of the dead weight in characters, but it didn't help much.

Frankly this book is a complete mess. Even setting aside the flaws in the characters completely, and focusing just on the story itself, the entire thing is beginning to unravel at this point because the foundation upon which it all is built was hardly sturdy to begin with. This is exacerbated by the fact that the authors seem to feel the need to point out many of their own plot holes to the readers. Character motives make no sense because they are not given a context. This book must be taken with a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, however, things just start getting more and more ridiculously improbable, stretching that suspension beyond the breaking point. Nothing drives the narrative at all. There is nothing pushing events forward. There is no forward momentum pressing the characters onward except for the need to move on to the next stage of the story. There is no tension, no drama, no suspense at all. It's very fake and forced, feeling nothing like the flowing narrative it should be. Things simply happen with no explanation because the story needs to move on. There are no clear motives behind anything and nothing feels as though there is any urgency behind it. A lot of the powers that the Loric children display stray too often into the realm of Dues Ex Machina, inexplicably creating a way for them to move on to the next stage of the story when the authors painted themselves into a corner.

Nothing really makes any sense in this book. The motives behind generally every single action that anyone makes in it is unclear, so the whole thing is just a gigantic mess of confusion. There are just too many characters now for the writers to keep up with, and the story itself is taking some heavy hits because of it, relying far too heavily on plot convenience and Dues Ex Machina to pave the way.

In conclusion, this book is a complete mess. It suffers from far too many characters and not enough for them all to be doing. It focuses a great deal of attention on characters doing nothing important in place of showing things that more seamlessly tie events together into a cohesive, character driven storyline. Many of the characters are unbearable, and made me, at least, actually begin to sympathize more with the villains. Characters who were once bright points of the series, bringing life and color to an otherwise generic story, have faded into the background and barely have a presence to make way for the utter douchebaggery of other, seemingly more important characters. It is badly written, poorly paced, and feels as though there is not a single thing driving it except for the needs of the plot to move on to the next scene. The amount of reliance on plot convenience and Dues Ex Machina is horribly objectionable, and completely shatters any credibility that the story may have had to begin with. The foundation upon which this story was built was shaky to begin with, and now that we're three books in, a lot of cracks and flaws in the logic are becoming painfully apparent.

I don't think I can make myself read through three more of these books. This one was painfully and soul-crushingly dull, having nothing of the character or even superficial excitement of the previous novels in the series. If you are a fan of these books, you may find some enjoyment in it, but the book really was terrible in every single aspect of its presentation. I think fans will feel more insulted than anything else by this book. It really was horrifically bad. It did not do one single thing right, and I doubt that the writers can recover and make up for it in the forthcoming half of the series. This is the iceberg that sunk the Titanic. There's probably no recovering from it.

It is not often that I come across a book that has, literally, not one, single redeeming quality about it. This book is a true gem in that regard and in that regard alone. It is a complete failure of EPIC proportions on any and all levels, and in any and all aspects. I would recommend that anyone who enjoys well written material with a strongly character driven plot that comes to a satisfying end steer clear of this one. If you find yourself annoyed by characters that frequently and constantly act like assholes, overuse of the plot convenience fairy, and too many characters sitting around doing nothing, don't even pick it up, because that is the entirety of what this book is, and I guarantee that you will be trying to strangle the life out of it by the time you're three chapters in, if that. This book was HARD to read through, because it's full of characters I didn't give half a damn about, doing things that seemed more like they were trying to take take up time rather than actually do something. It may appeal to fans of the series, but I think a lot of people are going to look at this book as what it truly is. A waste of time.

Check out my other reviews.
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July 17, 2017
Awesome to read about so many of the Garde coming together! I plan to start the fourth book asap! Seriously loving this series!
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August 9, 2012
The Cover
I think the cover looks cool. I like that there is a symbol etched in the sand, it looks very sci-fi-ish and no people which is always a big plus. The cover’s also very gender neutral, so that’s a plus too. I’m not sure about the different fonts for title, tagline and author though. All in all, it’s a nice cover.

The Story
This book starts right where the last one ended. And to be quite honest there is no new story here. It’s literally a continuation of the last book. The Lorien kids are still looking for eachother while the Mogadorians are still after them trying to kill them. They still have to defeat the Mog leader. That’s it. It just ended in a cliffhanger which doesn’t even seem like on because to me it just seemed as if the story was just cut off.

The Protagonist
The book is told from the point of view of Number 4 (John Smith), Number 6 and Number 7 (Marina). All three of them are likable enough. I especially like Six because she’s just really badass and smart, seriously, she can literally take on an army of Mogs - all by herself! John was a bit annoying at times with his moping and longing while doing nothing. Marina was sweet and her legacies are amazing (healing, breathing under water, seeing in the dark), they are much more “passive” but probably the most useful imo. There are also Numbers 8 - 10. Nine annoyed me most of the time, Eight was nice enough but also weird. Ten (Ella) was really sweet and also pretty kickass-and she’s only 12.

The Heart Rate
The romance in this book is really not that interesting. And frankly it’s totally out of place and random. Here we have those kids who are running for their lives and who are supposed to save their planet but in the middle of battles and hiding they think about how hot the other is…eeeh, no thank you.

The Good
- It’s an action packed and fast paced read (sometimes even too fast but more about that in “The Bad”)
- Super powers: The Lorien’s are aliens but because they look and act so much like humans to me, it feels like they’re just humans with super powers. And those super powers are seriously amazing, they range from invisibility to teleportation to telepathy to healing to defying gravity etc.

The Bad
- No plot development: As I said before, nothing new happens in this book. The plot is not moving at all, ironic considering that this is a truly fast paced book. It’s probably just because of that, the plot development had been sacrificed in favour of action scenes. It feels like the author wrote this book with the thought in mind, of how it will be on the big screen rather than writing a book with a story.
- No character development: As the plot isn’t really moving along (I’m not even sure how many days the book spans, but I’m sure it’s less than a week), the characters have no deveopment either. They are all stagnant. I feel like the author(s) try so hard to make each Lorien kid be different from eachother that each of them is like a cardboard cut out, i.e. one dimensional.
- No parental figure: The Lorien kids were all assigned a guardian but with time all the guardians were killed by the Mogs, and only Ella’s was left…until this book, when he just…died. Well, they were in the middle of a battle and a cave exploded but still, I don’t see the point of him dying. He was the only adult left who could not only protect the kids but also guide them…but he was just killed. Oh. So now there are no parental figures in the book at all. All the adults left are misguided FBI agents and a power hungry alien. How swell.

The Rating

I don’t know what happened with this series. I liked the first book which was action packed and fast paced too but actually had a story, i.e. an exposition, climax and a resolution which this one totally lacked. I’ll probably read the rest of the books too because they are fairly short and well fast paced so it won’t take much time of my life, that’s why I gave it a two.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 20, 2013
I feel like this series just keeps getting better and better with each book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. The three POVs keep everything exciting and fresh. There was not any point in this book that I was bored or felt that it dragged. There is just enough action to hold your interest and keep you on edge without it getting redundant. I really liked the new characters that were introduced and also the further development of older characters. I have to say, my favorite character is Six, she is just so sassy and such a strong female character.

Also! I was worried about being confused since it's been a long time since I read the second book, but no worries! Everything is explained, and you are reminded of things that happened before to jog your memory so you can catch on quickly.

I feel like the ending of the book is going to bother a lot of people haha. It left me just kind of like "Really...". It was not bad, but it does leave you hanging and itching for the next book. I kind of enjoy cliff-hangers in a series though because they keep me wanting more.

I do have a lot of questions and concerns though:
- SAM!!!! what happened to Sam???!!!!
-Why does Pittacus Lore insist on being a character in his own book..?
-I need more information on the whole US government situation!

There were more questions raised (but I don't want to give away any spoilers), and hopefully they will get answered at some point in the series!

Great continuation of the series!
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Want to read
September 8, 2016
There are a few things that i want to happen in the third book:

I want nine to go die in a hole somewhere because he seems really mean.
I want sam and six to get together.
I want Sarah and Mark to join them on their journey
I want to know who five and eight are!
I also want seven to go. I dont like her at all.
I want Sam's father found and he can sort of be four/John's Cepan.

I hope it will be good! i thought that the second book was fantastic!

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July 1, 2012
My Wants For The Rise of Nine:

1) Four/John becomes romantically involved with Six, mans up a little, and ditches Sarah once and for ALL!
2) Sarah is never mentioned AGAIN (I extremely dislike her, I didn't even enjoy or remotely like her and Johns' romance in I Am Number Four!) Although, I WOULD enjoy if John kinda rubbed it in her face that he's happily with Six. BOOYAHHH.
3)Sam is rescued somehow and is okay! LOVE THAT BOY!
4)Some new powers are added to the Garde's Legacies! I would scream giddily with Six got the power of force fields!!!! She looked so kick-ass in the I Am Number Four movie with the force fields! PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU PITTACUS! In general matters, I'd like some cool Legacies to happen w/ the rest of the Garde.
5) This isn't really a "want", but rather a statement. I. Do. Not. Like. Ella. I understand that she's like nine, eight, ten years old or whatever, but she just seems such a WUSS. Seriously. Your home planet has just been run over by your cruel enemey, the Mogadorians, and you're not even doing SOMETHING USEFUL during the battle in The Power of Six? I do understand that all she can do is magically switch ages, but you could at least throw a ROCK or something. You are supposed to be apart of the Garde. Also, I found it completely ridiculous how Pittacus Lore just THREW IN THERE about the second ship and how Ella and whatever miraculously happened to get to Earth safely. PSSHAAAWW.

All in all, I am very excited for The Rise of Nine. Hopefully, nothing too frustrating or annoying happens. I literally pulled out strands of my hair during the part where John is like, confused about Sarah when she helps the FBI ARREST HIM. Some love-struck lover. I would call Sarah another word, one that rhymes with witch, but then I would be a potty mouth. Oh well. :)
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August 22, 2012


I'm so pleased with these series, though I still want four and six together...haha. But yay! This book is riveting and I kinda liked how short eight's involvement was. i mean, i wish they could all go badass and fight sarjlkj ra lol i cant spell his name :P his dedication was short but sweet. thank you pittacus lore! you did not disappoint. I hope they fight for real next time. it's gonna be one big family for sure :P sss (save sam soon!)

P.S. anyone else want to know what was in the dart??

I feel like nine thinks he's so hardcore and it bugs me.
four should be with six and sam will just have to deal with being single.
sam's dad should be found and seven can hang out with ella forever.
tell me who eight and five is!! and why was the title of the second book the power of six if only five people were mentioned...four, six, seven, nine, and ten.
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December 23, 2018
I watched the film as few years ago and really enjoyed the story. I was disappointed when the sequel was never made especially since my friends kept telling me how good the book series was. Therefore I thought I would give the book a go and wow, it was a fantastic read! Even though I already knew what was going to happen, since I'd seen the film, I still found myself hooked and excited to read on. I've downloaded the next book so looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds.
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September 19, 2012
9/18/12: I really like this book. This book has restored my faith in the Lorien Legacies series. Tons of action. I have a feeling that Nine will fall in love with Six or Five (if Five is a girl). I hope it's Five.

I really hope this book is better than The Power of Six. John and Sarah FTW!

3/14/2012: The cover is nice!!!!!!
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