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Stories included in this collection:
"Flotsam & Jetsam," originally published in The Living Dead 2, edited by John Joseph Adams and published by Night Shade Books;
"Scenic Route," originally published in Enthralled, edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong and published by HarperCollins;
"Bougainvillea," originally published in Zombies vs. Unicorns, edited by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier and published by Simon and Schuster;
"A Game of Firsts," originally published in The First Time, edited by Jessica Verday and Rhonda Stapleton;
"Hare Moon," originally published in Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love, edited by Trisha Telep and published by Running Press Teens; later published in a slightly different form by Random House.

121 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 1, 2013

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About the author

Carrie Ryan

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Carrie Ryan is the New York Times bestselling author of a lot of books. She use to be a lawyer. Happily, she is not anymore. You can keep it that way by reading her books:

Latest release (out Aug 2, 2022), perfects for fans of thrillers, serial killers, missing girls, mysteries, unputdownable books: Trapper Road

If you like zombies, try the Forest of Hands and Teeth series.

If you like clever, fun adventure fantasy for 8-12 year olds, definitely read the Map To Everywhere series (co-written with her husband, John Parke Davis).

If you like cold calculated revenge involving hidden identities and lots of secrets: Daughter of Deep Silence.

If you or your kids like multi-author, multi-platform series like 39 Clues and Spirit Animals, try Infinity Ring: Divide and Conquer -- it's produced by the same publisher (and has vikings and true history!)

If you like true-crime stuff (both fiction and podcasts), check out her upcoming release, Dead Air, a serialized thriller co-written with Gwenda Bond and Rachel Caine.

If you're pretty sure you won't survive the zombie apocalypse, you're in good company. She won't either.

instagram: @CarrieRyanWrites
twitter: @CarrieRyan
website: www.CarrieRyan.com

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November 15, 2018
Carrie Ryan has a certain way of writing so that even if it is a short story you still feel for the characters.
She works her magic yet again in this collection.
Flotsam & Jetsam, to me, is a story about the need to connect with another person, even if that person is no longer really with you. It hits hard on our fears of being alone and humanity. Left afloat on a life raft, watching the infection take hold. Who do you hold on too? The infected?
Scenic Route had a good pace and tells of hope. Margie is trying to keep her little sister, Sally safe during the infection. She encourages her to dream of a road trip that they will take to escape their mountain retreat. That is until a stranger appears.
Bougainvillea - What would you do to survive? Would you take the lives of other? Would you sit by quietly as you father did? Would you become the thing you didn't understand and feared to keep others alive? This stories questions all that.
A Game of Firsts, two siblings are stuck in an attic as the world falls apart around them. They take turns playing a game, the first time they did things, like sneak out of the house. They confess to each other their lives in hopes that they will live on.
Hare Moon. This by far was my favorite of the stories. It takes place before The forest of hands and teeth and is the story of Tabitha. So much is explained and so much is understood. Her story breaks your heart. You finally understand her.
But the best thing about this collection to me is the Easter Eggs. I love the way the stories were tied together and how each connected to the last.
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April 17, 2017
I enjoyed The Forest of Hands and Teeth and I wanted to read this because it dealt with other people trying to survive the same zombie apocalypse. This, however, was a very disappointing anthology and it has put me right off looking at any other short stories that the author has done. Unless I see them free, I'm not buying!

***This review contains complete spoilers for each story except Hare Moon***

Flotsam and Jetsam
The zombie outbreak hits a cruise ship and two young men are in a life raft. Jeremy has been bitten and wants Guy to prevent him turning. Guy is a moron who obviously isn't eveen TRYING to survive and he has no interest in protecting other people from his selfish behaviour! First, instead of letting Jeremy drown and paddling the raft to the nearby islands they were cruising, they hang about the ship for days until it sinks. Now they are hungry and thirsty with no energy. Smart. When Jeremy rises from the dead, Guy decides to keep him tied up as company then he lets Jeremy bite him just before land is sighted and they both take the infection onto the island. Selfish moron. Guy is an idiot and it wasn't a great story.

Scenic Route
Margie and Sally find an intruder at the cabin they are hiding in. So they invite him to join them as Margie finds Calvin attractive and, big surprise, he betrays them to his armed violent brothers. He just stands there as the men try to kill Margie and it is Sally who kills one of their attackers while dumbass stands there like a big lemon. Finally at the last minute he decides to shoot the other brother. So does Margie kill him for causing all the trouble and nearly getting them killed? No, she invites him on their road trip. Stupid bitch will never survive the apocalypse with a guy who cannot be trusted!

This was rubbish. Zombie story with very little zombie interest, pirates and an obnoxious female MC with the brains of a plank of wood. Thanks to her, the safe island gets invaded by zombies and pirates.

A game of firsts
Julie and Danny live in a gated community. Instead of taking the chance to gather supplies BEFORE the zombies break in, they get drunk and play a stupid game of firsts. They are slow to move to a safe place but don't strip the house of everything they might need. They don't think about gathering supplies from nearby houses or an escape plan until they are surrounded by zombies and it is too late. Dumb idiots.

Hare Moon
The only good story-and I've already reviewed it on Goodreads. I'm not counting it in the anthology which is why the other four stories are getting one star between them.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 14, 2015
Skip all the other stories since i read those. I just wish i knew all the darn it all stories i brought was in this book i could've kept my money bih. skip them all and decided to read the stories "BONUS CONTENT ON ZOMBIES & EASTER EGGS" thats in the book. And started reading those didn't realize she was talking about writing about the zombies ugh! Fml... Ima rate this book a 4 just because I' didn't like bougainvillea short story.....
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826 reviews30 followers
November 24, 2018
The Dead & Empty World is a story collection set in The Forest of Hands & Teeth universe. The stories include several during the initial zombie uprising and others that take place later, after humanity has fled to remote areas or formed strongholds in places like Curaçao. “Hare Moon” is a prequel that tells the story of Sister Tabitha. Trigger warnings: death, blood, violence, body horror.

I think I enjoyed this collection more than the actual trilogy. Having read this and Ryan’s short story, “In the Forest Dark & Deep” (one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland adaptations ever), I’ll tentatively say I enjoy her short fiction more than her novels. Her brand of unrelenting darkness works better in a short story, where terrible things are lightning-fast and breath-taking, while in a novel it drags out into dreariness.

Similar to other zombie short fiction I’ve read, the stories about the actual uprising are the weakest. They’ve been told time and again, and the prospects never get better. “Everyone dies” works in some instances, but as a constant, it’s a real drag. The characters in “Flotsam & Jetsam” and “A Game of Firsts” are also the least developed of all the stories, and they were my least favorite in the collection.

“Hare Moon” provides some insight into Sister Tabitha, a quasi-villain from The Forest of Hands & Teeth, but I can’t say I enjoyed it all that much. Her backstory didn’t make me like her any more and, in a way, I feel like I understand her even less. Her decision at the end of the story feels hasty and extreme in the context of the story, but it sets the stage for the uncompromising rules of Mary’s village.

“Scenic Route” is a story of two sisters struggling to survive in a mountain cabin, and it was my second favorite in the collection. The tension-building is good, since we know things are going to go wrong, just not exactly how it’s going to happen. The characters feel more developed, and they’re forced to make difficult, often brutal decisions–or suffer worse fates if they don’t. I was pulling for them, and I found the ending grim but satisfying.

“Bougainvillea” is easily my favorite. It’s set in Curaçao where a businessman has established himself as, basically, a dictator years after the zombie outbreak, and the sense of place is strong and lush. Iza is a strange mix of daddy’s princess and tentative rebel, and her character development is harsh but spot-on. The story shifts between childhood Iza and present Iza, which is abrupt and occasionally annoying, but I came to understand why the story had to be told that way. I enjoyed the hell out of the ending, and the symbolism of the bougainvillea is gruesome in the best way. I’d read the collection for that story alone.

I review regularly at brightbeautifulthings.tumblr.com.
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November 12, 2020
4 stars

A few years ago after I have finished reading the Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy, I knew of novellas Carrie Ryan wrote that took place in the FoHaT trilogy but I never got around to reading them. It wasn't until last year that I reread The Forest of Hands and Teeth, I decided to finally read the novellas because even though the first book wasn't my favorite, I like the world Carrie Ryan has written and most of these stories take place in the 21st century (I'm assuming the trilogy takes place 100 to maybe 200 years in the future) when the apocalypse began. And with them being short stories, I flew by them quickly and I'm pleasantly surprised by some of them. Of course, there were a few misses but the rest were better.

Side-note: In this review of The Dead and Empty World, I decided to add in the short story, What Once We Feared since it does take place in the same universe but wasn't included with the other novellas. There is another story but that's with a different anthology and one day I'll read it and revise this review

What Once We Feared: 4 stars

What Once We Feared starts with bodies falling from buildings and people running for safety as zombies show up. Jonah and some classmates are caught in the middle of it when they decide to take refuge in an apartment building one of the classmates lives in.

This short story is mainly about choices. We make what we assume is the right choice because when things are dire and you have to quickly think on your feet, you automatically think of making the right choice so it makes things easier. But what seems like the right choice then sometimes turns into a bad choice later on. Though a short story, I liked Jonah because he was a good example of someone trying to do their best to survive even when things start to go downhill, when he second guesses some decisions but still sticks with them even if they have consequences.

Flotsam & Jetsam: 4 stars

Flotsam & Jetsam has two characters, the unnamed main character (Carrie Ryan referred to him as Guy in the author notes so that is what I'll call him) and his friend, Jeremy, just escaped on a lifeboat after the cruise ship they were on becomes infested with zombies. They're miles and miles away from any kind of land and it dawns on them that once their supplies run out, they will die. To make matters worse, one of them was bitten and will turn.

Flotsam & Jet gives us a look at impending death and in this case if someone can mercy kill another. Guy is faced with not only his survival but also having to kill his friend. It's not an easy thing to do. You might say, "Oh, it's just a zombie I can kill them easily." But can you say that when the person is someone close to you? A parent, sibling, best friend. Can you really mercy kill them if they're infected or after they've risen? This story was not only thought-provoking but also written beautifully and gave a much deeper insight into Guy's way of thinking. How a difficult choice is sometimes impossible to make.

Scenic Route: 2 stars.

Scenic Route was the biggest disappointment for me of the novellas. This originally appeared in the anthology Enthralled and the stories there are paranormal romance. Yeaaahhh... you can probably guess which direction Scenic Route takes. Scenic Route is about two sisters, Margie and Sally, living in a cabin deciding where to travel to next. The world is overrun with zombies, most places are next to impossible to get to, and they also have to worry about the living too, not just the dead.

Where Scenic Route goes wrong is the romance. It being part of a paranormal romance anthology, I did have some trepidation about it being not so good and I was right. I will say that even though the story takes place in a zombie infest world, the zombies were not the main threat but living people. When it's everyone for themselves, a random person you decide to help could either be beneficial or bite you in the ass later on. Margie is caught in a situation when someone sneaks into the cabin. This then turns to Margie having feelings for a complete stranger who may or may not secretly kill her and her sister. How Margie isn't dead I'll never know. I can see what the story was trying to say in that you have to worry about other people in a zombie apocalypse because they can be unpredictable but the message gets lost in a romance that was way too rushed. Did there need to be a romance? No. This novella could've been better had it focused more on surviving bandits.

Bougainvillea: 2.5 stars

Bougainvillea... I wouldn't say that I disliked it but it leaves me feeling apathetic about it. Didn't care too much for it but I didn't dislike it like I did Scenic Route. Bougainville takes place on the island of Curaçao in the Southern Caribbean Sea. The main character Iza is the daughter of a self-proclaimed Governor of Curaçao. It's told in Before and After timelines where we see Iza in her younger years after arriving at the island in the Before time and her older in the After time where pirate start becoming a threat to the island.

Bougainville didn't really leave an impression on me. I was expecting something more but was let down by the shifting timelines and Iza not having developed as a character. The main driving force of Bougainville was power and control. If someone is in charge of a settlement, the power can get to them and they can change from someone who was kind to essentially become a dictator. There will be those who agree with them or are against them. It's a great theme to cover but it didn't do much for me. I guess it more or less has to do with the fact that it was in 3rd person and not 1st person. Had it been in 1st person I would've gotten more development from Iza and a much better look at the Before and After timeline.

A Game of Firsts: 4 stars

A Game of Firsts starts with siblings Julie and her brother Danny driving past a man late at night. The man is shambling along the road and they joke about the man acting like a zombie. Turns out he was a zombie and soon their neighborhood is infested with them and they seek refuge in the attic of their garage. There they being to play a game of Firsts, telling each other their first time doing something.

Reading the novella and Julie and Sam talking about their life through a game was kind of depressing because they talk about their past with their game and it shows how simple their life was. They were just regular kids with a regular life, not having to worry about food supplies and survival. When they enter a new life, it's rough and hard to get through. Their past is essentially left forgotten and they now have to live in a new world where everything is their first. The first time seeing a dead body, their first time seeing a zombie, their first time having to kill a living person or a zombie. A game of firsts in an apocalyptic world.

Hare Moon: 4.5 stars

Hare Moon is the origin story of Tabitha, a character from The Forest of Hands and Teeth. I won't be talking about her in FoHaT because that will go slightly into spoiler territory. Hare Moon is her story set decades before the start of the series where she is a young girl who is curious about the world beyond the fences. Her curiosity got the best of her and ventures out onto a path and there she meets a boy from a different village.

Hare Moon is my favorite of the novellas. For those like me who have read FoHaT, we finally get to know more about Tabitha and why she's the way she is in the first book. I found myself liking the younger her because she was true to her feelings and later finding her convictions of protecting the village. Her story makes sense as to why she's the way she is and it's kind of sad to see where how she got there. "There is always a choice," is what Tabitha tells Mary in the first book. Few words yet so true in many ways.

The Dead and Empty World reminded me of why I like The Forest of Hands and Teeth trilogy. Though some stories were misses, the rest was enjoyable.
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Author 15 books824 followers
February 5, 2014
I received this compilation of short stories as a free download for winning Nanowrimo.

While I've read "Hare Moon" (the last story in the collection), the other stories were new to me. "Flotsam & Jetsam" was about two survivors of a zombie outbreak on a raft. "Scenic Route" was about two sisters trying to survive. "Bougainvillea" was about a girl whose father became the essential dictator of a small island in order to keep pirates and zombies away. "Game of Firsts" was about a brother and sister who play a game where they talk about their various "firsts" as they try to survive in their garage.

While only "Hare Moon" fits into the world of characters from The Forest of Hands and Teeth, these stories all fit into the larger world, the world before, during the zombie outbreaks. This is what I love about zombie stories, that they can force people into do or die situations and finding out what the characters are made of.
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August 10, 2017
I love Ryan's zombie world, and I did enjoy diving into it again. However, after reading three novels and five short stories things started to get repetitive. Bleak story after bleak story with morals that kind of tend to boil down to 'YOLO.' If you're a mega fan of Ryan's work this is worth a few bucks, but otherwise you're not missing out on much. I thought about seeking out and purchasing some of her stories that aren't featured here and decided against it after growing bored with these story arcs. I'm just not sure this world has much more to offer.
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695 reviews6 followers
December 28, 2019
This is a collection of stories set in 'The forest of hands and teeth' universe. They are compelling and even though some of the characters are interconnected, each story is a fresh take. Worth a read.
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December 19, 2013
Ahhhhhh!! Did you guys know I’m a huge Carrie Ryan fan? She is what started it all, my obsession with zombie books. I never liked those dumb decaying things, but then I read the Forest of Hands and Teeth and I literally fell in love with that whole world.

That trilogy has been done for a while now, and I’ve been a sad panda. So when I saw this little anthology was on sale, I could not pass it up. Heck, I didn’t even know it existed. Plus, I heard about it the day before Halloween and I needed something scary to read.
The Dead and Empty World is a collection of short stories Ryan has written that take place in the world from The Forest of Hands and Teeth. One of them I had already read previously, but it was in a hardcover book I own so I am not a proud owner of the kindle version too!

Before I break them down, I want to say one of the favorite things about this collection is the commentary before each story. I loved hearing how she came up with some of these stories and how she began writing about zombies in the first place. It made my heart all warm and fuzzy. Seriously, I’m not a writer, never will be but how authors come up with the inspiration for their stories still fascinates me.

FLOTSAM & JETSAM – Originally published in Living Dead 2 by Night Shade Books

Whoa!! Can you imagine the Zombie Apocalypse hitting while you were on a cruise! Maybe that’s what’s been happening all this time on the Carnival ships and the government is just covering it up. Hmmm. Lol
This short story follows two young guys who escape on a life raft. When I say escape, I use that term loosely. More like get away, but this kind of thing follows you if you know what I mean. Not a happy story but gripping to the core.

I think that’s one of the things I enjoy the most about her short stories, because they are dark and not always happily ending.
Loved this one. The ending was painful in a lack of hope kind of way. Also, the way she came up with this title cracked me up.

SCENIC ROUTE – Originally published in Enthralled by HarperCollins
Writing this review, I realized most of these short stories I own in paperback or hardcover. Just haven’t gotten to them yet.
Number one lesson in Scenic Route is you shouldn’t trust anyone ever, especially the living. It’s a hard knock life during these times.
I did love the creative angle this story brought though. For a book originally posted in an anthology about road trips, it was cleverly done.

BOUGAINVILLEA –Originally published in Zombies vs. Unicorns by Simon and Schuster

I read this one a long time ago when I bought Zombies vs. Unicorns. (Great Anthology btw)

Oh my gosh, this one takes place on an island in the Caribbean. Perfect, right! That’s where I would want to be. When you sit down and give actual thought to the Zombie Apocalypse, the ideas are limitless. Of course there would be pirates. On the main land there are looters, so it makes complete sense.

Bougainvillea follows Iza. Her father pretty much owns the island. This island is quite the set up but nothing is ever completely safe.
This was the first short story I read from the FOHAT world and I was shocked at the ending. I truly was, but I loved it.

A GAME OF FIRSTS – Originally published in The First Time by Jessica Verday

Wow, this one was sad. I think this one touched me the most personally, because think of all the things young people wouldn’t be able to experience if all this went down.

I loved how this one tied into Flotsam and Jetsam. I didn’t pick up on it right away. A brother and Sisters parents are away when everything goes down. So they have to take refuge in their garage and try to survive.

While listening to the dead try and beat down their doors, they play the game of firsts. It’s heart breaking because they don’t know if they will survive. So playing this game of telling each other about all their firsts in everything, essentially they are killing time by slowly watching their lives pass before eachothers eyes, or ears. But at least they are doing it together.

HARE MOON – Originally published in a slightly different form in Kiss Me Deadly : 13 Tales of Paranormal Love by Running Press Teens
This is for sure my favorite one of them all. Being a fan of The Forest of Hands and Teeth, this story sheds some much light on what goes down in that village in book one.
In The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Tabitha is one crazy old broad, let me tell you. I hated her with a vengeance. Now though, I understand her.

This is the story of how she became who she is. She was young, reckless and full of adventure just liked Mary was. She would venture out onto the path and had the same questions. Why were they lied to? What else is there out there?

She meets a boy from another village and falls in love. What happens next sets everything into motion. She makes a choice and I can’t begrudge her because if it were me, I might have done the same thing.

If you are a fan of TFOHAT, this compilation is a must. Even if you aren’t and you just love Zombies, this is for you! I cannot recommend this enough. Zombies FTW!
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1,320 reviews48 followers
March 23, 2016
Carrie Ryan is one of my favourite writers - before her, I really wasn't that interested in Zombies. Now? I can't get enough of them. Her writing is fluid, exciting and often a little eerie and dark; this combination makes from one heck of a read.

Within this collection we take a pleasant stroll through Carrie Ryan's pre and post apocalyptic world. It is loosely set in the Forest of Hands and Teeth universe but you don't have to have read the main series to enjoy these standalone novellas - but if you have read them you might enjoy some of the Easter Eggs a little more.

Each of these short stories can be found individually if you only like the sound of one or two of them, and equally all of them can be found in other Anthologies throughout YA fiction. I'll point these out to you for each book so you don't end up double buying!

Novella 1:- Flotsam and Jetsam: Also features in "The Living Dead 2" Anthology. I found this story really powerful. This is set just as the zombie outbreak first hits. A bunch of friends are on a cruise ship, zombie hell hits and they separate (or get eaten) and escape on life boats. Unfortunately our narrator (who is quite a mysterious character) is stuck on a life boat with Jeremy. Some guy he's friends with. Some guy that got bit! So this story essentially asks you as a reader to consider what you would do for your friend if you were stuck in the middle of the ocean with someone who was about to die of this infection and try and rip your throat out. I loved how this made me think; the moral dilemma was genuinely gripping. The ending for this one is so interesting, it could have gone either way, and the desperation really hit home for me. I loved the writing so much - she makes even the least gruesome tales seem terrifying. 5/5.

Novella 2:- Scenic Route: Also featured in the "Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions" Anthology. This story features two young sisters as they find a bolt hole in the woods. They effectively set up camp there, in the midst of the zombie apocalypse rather than the beginning. I liked the relationship between these two and Ryan definitely shows how far even kids will go in desperate times. The brutality of this book is incredible. The major message is that people aren't always any better than monsters. 5/5.

Novella 3:- Bougainvillea: Also featured in "Zombies Vs Unicorns". This book was the weakest for me although it had a pretty cool theme. Essentially a young girl must make a choice, stranded on an island with her father and his minions, as to whether she has got what it takes to survive. I liked that Ryan offered a dilemma again with how far people are willing to go to live and whether it's morally right to kill people for the greater good. I felt like the story took a long while to take off though and it didn't really feel typical of the excitement of reading the Forest of Hands and Teeth. 3/5.

Novella 4:- A Game of Firsts: Also features in "The First Time" Anthology. This book again features siblings at the very start of the apocalypse as this take root in their homes. Brother and Sister bond beautifully over their first experiences in life. It's interesting to see that siblings bond better in desperate times than they did their whole lives - this really makes you think. Overall though, this story is a bit flat in that it doesn't really ever take off. But it's a good insight into human nature in times of peril. 3/5.

Novella 5:- Hare Moon: Also in the "Kiss Me Deadly" collection. Fans of this series - this one is for you. This is the story of Sister Tabitha as a young girl as she first becomes who she is today. You see the difficult times she faced and the choices she had to make. I loved the similarities she showed between herself and Mary (the main protagonist from Book One), this tied in so well to the main series. I understand her from the main books so much better now. I also loved her initial vulnerability because she is such a cold character usually, and the clever ties to the main stories which Carrie Ryan dropped into this tale for those of us looking for some extra clues. 5/5.

Overall this collection is really very good; I'm a massive fan of the series and it was so great to dip back into that world. There are lots of little Easter Eggs from Carrie Ryan throughout which fans will love; these give a better insight into the inspiration for each story. Incidentally, there is also an extract at the back of this collection which shows you how Carrie Ryan connected all of these characters together - it's so clever, I didn't even notice whilst reading them!

Definitely give this a read if you need a little Carrie fix, if you want to see if she's any good, or if you just fancy a little bit of zombie goodness! Just be aware that a lot of Carrie Ryan's work is recycled into collections/anthologies so make sure you haven't already got one of these stories waiting on your shelf!
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December 23, 2013
"The Dead and Empty World" was a gift for my NaNoWrimo victory and, to be honest, it quite surprised me how good it was. Don't take me wrong, NaNo is an amazing place but I'm a very suspicious person and since it was a free book, my hopes were not really that high.
Oh boy, I was wrong!
I checked the reviews on "Forest of Hand and Teeth" and some of them were kind of negative. I don't know if the style of writing changes that much or if it's because this is a collection of short stories but I liked it.
I was unsure about giving it four stars and I would give it three and a half if I could, but I ended up rating it with three stars instead.
I don't like to evaluate the writing skills because I'm reading this in English and I'm not a native speaker, so I don't think I have the right to do it. I could, if the writing was astonishingly good or surprisingly bad but neither of those were the case with this book.
As I said before, it's a collection of short stories, which makes the reading pretty easy and not tiring at all. I loved the different points of view on the subject of zombies and some of the stories were better than the others but I enjoyed them in general - apart from the last one. I don't know exactly why, but Tabitha's story was too long and I became bored at the middle.
Nevertheless, it was a good book and I recommend it for people who like zombies or just want to read something short and entertaining.
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10 reviews2 followers
January 2, 2018
I first read "The Forest Of Hands And Teeth" and fell in love with Carrie Ryan's perspective on the zombie apocalypse theme and her style of writing. The first book was impossible to put down, and these short stories set in the same universe were just as intriguing - some more than others, but that's only because she's set the bar SO HIGH. My favourite of the short stories is "Hare Moon", and I was also thrilled with the ending of "Bougainvillea".
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1,931 reviews73 followers
September 15, 2015
Flotsam & Jetsam
Hatte ich schon mal woanders gelesen, hab ich deshalb übersprungen, fand ich aber gut.

Scenic Route
War okay, hat mich aber nicht so fasziniert. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich mich nicht genug konzentriert habe, aber ich hatte am Ende Schwierigkeiten mir vorzustellen, wer gerade wo steht und was passiert, was in der Schlussszene ziemlich wichtig war. Das Ende hat mich überrascht.

Fand ich richtig, richtig cool. Die wechselnden Zeiten (Before und After) haben mich zwar immer wieder verwirrt, aber das Ende war so richtig schön "bad ass".

A Game of Firsts
War mir wie Scenic Route etwas zu unspektakulär.

Hare Moon
Hat wohl die dichteste Verbindung zu The Forest of Hands and Teeth, da man Schwester Tabetha in ihrer Jugend kennen lernt, was ich super interessant fand. Die Story funktioniert aber auch ganz für sich allein.

Am Ende gibt es noch Bonus Content, in dem Carrie Ryan kleine "Easter Eggs" verrät, Verbindungen zwischen den einzelnen Geschichten oder die tiefere Bedeutung bestimmter Sätze. Ich liebe solche Infos, meistens bin ich nämlich viel zu unaufmerksam, um sie selbst zu bemerken. Jedes Buch sollte sowas haben!
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February 17, 2016
A great addition to the Forest of Hands and Teeth world. If you want more tension filled stories give this a read. I promise they are as good as Carrie Ryan's trilogy!
We finally are able to see how bits of the world reacted to the Return. Each short story encounters a different era of the Return, and various characters living through it. How they encounter the undead for the first time, how they handle people they know turning into them, etc.
We are also able to catch a glimpse of how Sister Tabitha was as a young woman and the actions that befell her to create the stern lying woman we know her for from the trilogy.
I enjoyed the Easter Eggs at the back of the book and Ryan's story of how she became interested in zombies, as well as her origins for each short story. I wouldn't hesitate to read more of her work.
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December 15, 2014
Was this book written by the same author that wrote The Forest of Hands and Teeth? I know it says they are one in the same... I bought this book with the sole purpose of reading the short story about the Hare Moon, another glimpse into a character from The Forest of Hands and Teeth- hoping to tie up some plot threads that were left hanging in that story.
I was pleasantly surprised by this collection of short stories. In each of these stories, Ryan managed to pack in enough plot, character development, and emotion for me to wish the stories were longer. I was baffled that her novel length book was not as solid as these shorter stories were. Interestingly enough, the story I liked least in this collection was the Hare Moon short.
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September 9, 2018
I'm not really into zombie tales, but I got this book as a sort of gift for completing NaNoWriMo.
I was pleasantly surprised by the stories in this collection--particularly "Bougainvillea" and "Hare Moon." "Hare Moon" is the one that sticks with me the most, in fact; it was beautifully told.

Overall, a good read.
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February 4, 2014
This is a great collection of stories set in the "Forest of Hands and Teeth" universe; the tales were well-crafted and pulled me into this intriguing world, making me want to seek out the original novel that started it all.

One of the coolest things I liked about this were the author notes that Ryan included with each story, offering insight about the origin of each story. At the end, she also included notes about the "easter eggs" she left for fans.

Ryan is a solid writer capable of moving the reader and I'm definitely going to check out her other books.
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January 15, 2014
I've really missed this world, and I'm very glad that I ended up buying this e-book as I'd only read one of the short stories in it before. Now I think I should go back and reread the series...you know, once I have some extra time and my reading list isn't so huge. Oh, who am I kidding, if I want to reread the series I'm just going to have to press pause on some other books for a week or so (thank goodness they're fast reads).
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February 16, 2014
I got this as a freebie, and didn't really know what is was going about. I've also never really read zombie stories before. But I really liked this collection of zombie short stories. They were all very different, all interesting in their own way, yet there was the theme of loss and regret that ran through them all. A fairly short read in the end, but quire enjoyable, and I might pick up the actual series later on.
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November 27, 2015
I don't often enjoy zombies tales, but when I do they're usually by Carrie Ryan. This is a strong and compelling collection of post-apocalyptic stories exploring what it takes to live in many senses of the term. My favorite selection is probably "Bougainvillea", but it's a close call. I also appreciated the extra background material.
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January 1, 2014
This lacked so much of the depth that the forest of hands and teeth had. I really enjoyed that series and the way the depth that she brought to the book by writing a continuation of each story from a different perspective. It was bad, but also wasn't great. I think my issue was that it wasn't what I was expecting and in the end it felt like a let down.
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May 5, 2017
I liked Flotsam & Jetsam. I really liked Scenic Route. I didn't like Bougainvillea that much, though the ending was good. A Game of Firsts was okay. I liked Hare Moon. I liked how Carrie Ryan tied the stories together by overlapping characters and adding small nuances to make connections. I think I liked this novella compilation better than the series!
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April 23, 2016
Fun Zombie Reading for Carrie Ryan Fans

I ADORE Carrie Ryan's Forest of Hands and Teeth and had already read "Hare Moon." While I'm not a big fan of the short story format this anthology of zombie stories is really good. Other than "Hare Moon" which is part of the FOHAT world, there are a wide variety of themes and settings and I was engrossed in them all. Highly recommend!
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September 22, 2014
A collection of short zombie stories. I would of liked these stories to be longer, even though they were shorts, they were well worth he read. Carrie Ryan is the only writer that keeps me wanting more books and stories from her zombie world. She has a style that keeps you connected to the characters and the storyline.
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May 26, 2015
I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. I loved the entire series, so it was great to be back in that world again. My favourite short story was Hare Moon, because it was about one of the characters of the books (sister Tabitha). I wish there would be more stories about characters we already know ;)
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March 23, 2015
It had been a while since I read one of Carrie Ryan's zombie books, and I forgot how bad of an idea it is to read them before bedtime. This collection of short stories are definitely chilling, my favorite being Scenic Route. I agree with the assessment that we would become just as large of a threat to one another, and the lines between who the real monsters are would be blurred.
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February 4, 2017
Four stars simply for the amount of content... it seemed like I got a full-length novel for $2.99. I think there are four short stories (all but one of Ryan's in The Forest of Hands and Teeth anthology). Which also makes me mad because, like. Come on. You couldn't include all of them?? You had to exclude one (1!!!)??? Messes with my OCD.
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November 3, 2013
Loved this collection of shorts from Carrie Ryan's zombie apocalypse world. I had only previously read Hare Moon, so the rest were new to me. Intense quick read. Wish some of the stories would continue, Bougainvillea and Scenic Route!
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