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Dorothy Must Die #3

Yellow Brick War

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Once upon a time, there was a girl from Kansas named Dorothy.

You might know her as the Girl Who Rode the Cyclone. She ended up in Oz, where she became friends with the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. But the temptation of magic was too much for her. She let it change her. Her friends became twisted versions of their former selves.

The magical land of Oz is now a dark and menacing place.

My name is Amy Gumm. Tornadoes must have a thing about girls from Kansas, because I got swept away on one too. I also landed in Oz, where Good is Wicked, Wicked is Good, and the Wicked Witches clued me in to my true calling:


The only way to stop Dorothy from destroying Oz—and Kansas—is to kill her. And I’m the only one who can do it.

But I failed. Others died for my mistakes. Because of me, the portal between the worlds has been opened and Kansas and Oz are both in danger. And if I don’t find a way to close it?

Dorothy will make sure I never get to go home again.

270 pages, Hardcover

First published March 15, 2016

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About the author

Danielle Paige

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Danielle lives in NY. Before turning to YA, she worked in television & was nominated for several Daytime Emmy's. Dorothy Must Die is her first novel.

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March 16, 2016
I loved the first book in this series, Dorothy Must Die, so much but the second book, The Wicked Will Rise, didn't really do it for me. I was hoping Yellow Brick War would save the series for me but it didn't.
The plot for this series was very drawn out and what little plot there was in Yellow Brick War was rushed. I really think this series should have been only two books. I wasn't a fan of the the plot for the second book and Yellow Brick War was no different.
There was such a lack of character development and I'm really disappointed by that.
The writing style of this series is really good and the core concept is amazing. The first book really shows the concept at its best.
Overall, I loved the first book but the last two in the series kind of sucked. I didn't like the plot of Yellow Brick War and it was so rushed. There wasn't any character development and there was a ton of opportunities to really give the characters depth and development.
March 18, 2016

I couldn’t help but wonder: What if, that afternoon in the trailer, my mom had decided just that once to take care of me? To drive me to safety-somewhere both of us could ride out the storm together? What if she had finally done the right thing? Was what I’d gained in Oz-strength, power, respect, self-reliance-worth what I’d lost?

I think by far my largest disappointment stems from my epic love of book one, the epic heartbreak of book two, and my obsession of the series as a whole. But slowly, surely, my heart was torn to shreds as I saw this story unraveling before my eyes. It’s not so much that it was a bad story-It wasn’t. It’s more that this series should have been a duology-at most.

Part of me felt way too old for that now. No, not even too old. Too tired. Too experienced. I’d fought in a war. I’d seen too much of the world to believe in any of that crap, even for an hour.
But at the same time, being back home, and seeing my mom like this, was doing something funny to me. It was like everything that had happened in Oz was drifting away. It was like I was waking up and looking around and realizing, slowly, that it all had just been a weird, terrible dream.

And I don’t blame the author for her decision to make this what I thought was a trilogy. I really don’t. I absolutely ADORED the cliffhanger in book one, was a mess after the cliffhanger of book two, and I thought perhaps book three would follow suit…but when I picked up this story it was only 288 pages long. And I’m sorry but come on….that’s like a long novella. And I HATE novellas, if you didn’t know that about me.

"Of course, once you weren’t around for a while-you know, I almost missed you. Almost. This is Dustin Jr., by the way.” She patted the baby, who made a burbling noise. Madison’s baby was downright ugly. Then again, I guess most new babies are. He looked like a little old man who couldn’t find his dentures. His cheeks were too fat and his face was squashed-looking, as if someone had stepped on his head. Plus, he was bald as an egg. But I felt bad for him. It wasn’t his fault that his mom was the biggest bitch in Kansas-well, second biggest, now that I was back.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with novellas, per se, but it was not one of this story’s attributes. Every scene, every chapter, every moment felt a bit rushed, and as the pages progressed (each page flipped causing the percentage read to rise by, like, 3% each page) my heart slowly began to fracture-I began to see that the book I’d waited a YEAR for was not even close to what I wanted it to be, and it wasn’t going to end like I’d have wanted it to…and then I found out there is a FOURTH book. WHAT??! This is a horrid thing…or maybe it’s good. If this author, who’s writing enraptured me from the moment I opened her first story and became a forever fan, can make things right, make the story longer, more fleshed out, etc, I will be the happiest person in the world. I just don’t see how that could happen.

"You,” she said, her voice more exhausted than angry. “It always comes back to you, doesn’t it.”

I’m serious-I’d have rather read a 1000 page Dorothy Must Die book and called it a standalone than to be disappointed in this manner….but it is what it is. And, not to be totally negative. There were a lot of things I loved, too! And I must say…..90% of the things I was in love with centered around one name: NOX.

I closed my eyes again and lost myself in the sensation of the kiss. He shifted his weight and grunted with pain, and I started to laugh again. After a second, he laughed, too. His mouth moved to my neck, and then my ear. “Amy,” he said softly, his voice rough with emotion. “I am so not supposed to be doing this, but-"

I just…ugh. From the moment I met him in book one with his asshole-ish warlock (NOT A WITCH! Bahaha) attitude, he had my heart. The way he looked, treated, and secretly liked Amy warmed my soul and made me an obsessive fangirl (I mean, duh, it’s me). And I missed him dearly over the last few months…VERY VERY VERY much. He was everything I could want in this story with his raspy voice during the more heartfelt and gut wrenching moments, his loyalty, his protectiveness of Amy, and the aspect of forbidden love that was thrown in (not that it wasn’t before, but even more so now). But, and it pains me to say this…he can’t be the only thing that I love about a story. He just can’t. He may be close to perfection, but it doesn’t hold a candle to my level of disappointment scattered throughout the story.

"Yeah, I know,” he replied. “But you know what I liked about it?”
“It reminded me of you. Everywhere I looked, I couldn’t stop thinking, This is where Amy’s from. This is the dirt that she walked on. This is the sky that she grew up under. It’s the place that made you who you are. And that’s what made me like it.”

For instance: Amy. What. The. Fuck??? She acted like a total bitch. A whiney asshole. A lovelorn teenager. She became somebody I didn’t recognize. Gone was the girl who was a total badass, the girl with pink hair and an attitude that stretched as long and wide as Kansas. She was a wisp of the girl I had obsessed about from the beginning (And I never get obsessed with girls in a story so this was by far the largest disappointment of all). And, ya know, she got better near the end and realized how naïve and young she was acting…but by that point it was by far too little, too late. And that made me so tragically sad.

Suddenly, I thought of my mom. Magic for me was as destructive as pills had been for her. The same addiction-and the same results. I’d fallen in love with power the way she’d fallen in love with oblivion. I’d hated her for what her addiction had done to her-to us-but was I really any different?

So, ya know, all in all I loved visiting her home and meeting her mom. I loved the addition of old characters that we were taught to hate becoming allies we could grow to love and admire, making the cast of people to obsess over a little larger (her mom and a couple unexpected surprises ;) ). I really enjoyed seeing Amy and her mother becoming a little closer before things began to crumble, disintegrate, turn to ash. These are the things (AND NOX BOY!) that almost made me love and rate higher out of loyalty. But, then we have the broader side of the spectrum where I feel I was cheated as a reader and a rather unwavering fan. The writing was rushed-there’s no way to hide such things-and that was one of the things that I had loved most about this series-the beautiful writing and unflinching and unabashed way of strangling the breath out of you, causing you to choke and sputter and start crying out of nowhere as one of your characters becomes perilously close to death (aahhhh that peril-she does it well :P). The writing seemed like it was a chore, like this was a book that had long since been put on the backburner. So, yeah. This sucks. I hate rating lower than four, and I hate feeling like I’m betraying one of my favorite series ever. I could go on and on about what I wish was different, but that’s not what I’m about. So, as much as I love and adore this series, this book was a major letdown…and I’d be lying if I said otherwise. Ugh.

For more of my reviews, please visit:

So this was.....disappointing. *sad face* I will have a full review when I get a chance. Also.....Am I the only one who didn't know this series had four fucking books?? Yes??? Just me then.... *Frowns*


For more of my reviews, please visit:

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March 22, 2016
Actual rating 3.25 stars

So this was better than book 2, but not as gripping as book 1. Here's the thing- this series feels like such a money grabbing scheme, I just can't get behind it. I'm not saying that to diss the author, who is talented and has really interesting ideas in this series. But there are already 2 novella bindups, and now the original trilogy is being pushed out to a series of at least 4 books. I just don't get it. Books 2 and 3 should have been one book. They are so short! It's just a shame that the marketing is so sketchy. Yellow Brick War doesn't have any documentation that it is still linked to Full Fathom Five, BUT the copyright is with HarperCollins, not the author! I don't understand. Something just doesn't sit right with me about this whole deal and I hope the author is getting her fair share and there isn't anything sketchy going on behind the scenes.

As for the story itself, it started out with a lot of promise. I enjoyed the first 1/3 of the book and was actually expecting to give the book a higher rating. But unfortunately the excitement just didn't last for me. It fell back into old tropes and patterns. Not a bad book by any means, but I'm just not sold.
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721 reviews255 followers
November 3, 2020
Upon re-read, this series went from one I loved to one that nearly put me asleep.

Once upon a time, Dorothy Must Die was the first book I picked up after years of reading nothing. It was my gateway into the world of literary magic I’d nearly forgotten. For that, this series holds something of a special place in my heart. Three years later -and a lot of better books later- my opinions on this series have gone drastically downhill.

In fairy tale retellings, I love seeing authors twist and manipulate the magic of stories I’d previously known, making it something else entirely. Book one did that well. Oz became a dark place in need of rescuing, and Amy was an interesting heroin to take on that task. In this book, however, we’re back in Kansas for half the story, and the lack of magic was tangible.

Dorothy Must Die was almost 500 pages, and this one dwindles down to only 260. It’s difficult to keep the story interesting in such short time. If you ask me, these last two books could’ve been fused together so that there’d’ve been more action to look forward to.

It’s becoming harder and harder to root for Amy. Her narrative isn’t as likeable as it once was. It’s a shame that each instalment gets worse; I honestly think this series could have done much better as a standalone.
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61 reviews383 followers
September 13, 2016

“Sometimes I wonder if it's even Dorothy's fault., or if this place was just rotten from the start, underneath everything. If maybe that's the price you pay for magic.”

Unfortunately the Dorothy Must Die series continues to go downhill with this third installment, Yellow Brick War. The series follows Amy Gumm, another Kansas girl who finds herself in the land of Oz. But things aren't peachy in Oz anymore, and so Amy must kill the power hungry villain, Dorothy Gale, and her cronies.

At first, the concept of the series was quite fascinating because who doesn't love The Wizard of Oz! The first book, Dorothy Must Die was mostly great. The only downfall was that it was quite lengthy and could have been a little more refined.

Then came the sequel, The Wicked Will Rise. This book was significantly shorter than the previous. However, this wasn't an issue at all as the storyline was all over the place and began to become quite silly and dull.

Now with Yellow Brick War, the series should have wrapped up already since it was such a struggle to push through to the end of the book. The series was initially meant to be a trilogy, and so, when starting this book, I believed just that. But alas, faithful Goodreads says there is another book plus it doesn't specify if it's even the final one!

The plot for this book is poor and stretched very thinly. For the first 130 pages of the book, Amy and the Order are in Kansas. Amy reunites with her mother and then heads back to school on a mission where she teams up with Madison, Dustin and their baby. Random? Very. Perhaps this is why this entire section was awful because it lacked Oz and magic, but unfortunately, it's just a poor plot.

As usual, Amy continues to have her inner conflicting dialogue of whether she is good or bad, and it becomes even more whiny than before. There seems to be very minimal character development for anybody, which is why the characters feel so flat.

While the book does feature a 'war' as the title suggests, it's fast and Dorothy supposedly dies. But it's okay! Paige has brought in a new villain, the Nome King, which felt randomly thrown in so the 'plot' has some form of direction.

Final thoughts? It was very disappointing with an ambiguous ending and I most likely won't continue the series. However, younger readers may find more enjoyment in the series.
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1,808 reviews797 followers
June 14, 2020
I think this has to be my favourite out of the series so far! This book was nonstop action from start to finish and had so many twists and turns that I honestly had no idea what could or would possibly happen next. The characters had so much growth from the previous book to this one and it was really interesting to see them evolve and the changes from the first book in the series to this one. This series has definitely been cemented as one of my faves, I just love how wicked it is and the twist it throws on one of my fave fairytales!
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2,791 reviews961 followers
March 29, 2017
Please note that I gave this book half a star, but rounded it up to 1 star on Goodreads.

I can say right here plain and simple I am done with this lackluster series. I reviewed books #1 and #2 and I gave them both 3 stars. I thought book #1 showed potential, but book #2 had our main character Amy Gumm just spinning in place and now book #3 includes more of her spinning in place with side helpings of let's be an asshole too.

Please don't read if you haven't read books #1 and #2 in the Dorothy Must Die series since this review will have spoilers from those two books.

At the end of book #2, Amy after getting into a fight with Dorothy is somehow transported back to Kansas, specifically her trailer park home, Dusty Acres. Within seconds of arriving in Kansas, Amy, the rest of the Wicked (Gert, Glamora, and Mombi) along with Nox tell Nox that it is time for him to join the newly made up Wicked are trying to deal with Dorothy once and for all, of course she manages to squeak off back to Oz. Amy is left flabbergasted that Nox was invited to make up the fourth missing part of the Wicked which means he can't ever marry or be in love (I rolled my eyes a million times) and now Amy is angry because she feels used and fumes that Nox lied to her.

This whole book is pretty much Amy stomping around acting like a brat towards everyone. I love how she rewrote her whole history back in Oz as saving it (um did you kill Dorothy? Didn't you directly because you listened to Pete cause Polychrome and others to die? Yeah, you did, shut it) and feeling angry that her magic has left her since she is back in Kansas.

I really can't say much about any characters because we only have Amy's POV to guide us. There is not much of the Wicked or Nox in this one so if you were looking for that, I suggest you skip this one. We do get some Nox, but it's just him after a time apologizing to Amy (sigh whatever dude) and him deciding to just go along with her increasingly stupid and let's say it, selfish plans.

We have Amy back in Kansas dealing with the fallout of her being gone. She has a reunion with her mother but is nasty towards her at times because she has decided it's easier this way because eventually she is going to return to live in Oz. Though it's been said repeatedly she can't use magic there because when humans from Kansas do, they tend to go the way of Dorothy (power hungry and ready to kill anyone that crosses them) but she feels more at home there. Or something. I don't really know. Because not for one minute did I ever feel like Amy felt like Oz was home. And Amy flips flops so fast about staying in Oz that the whole first half with her repeating this to herself was just not necessary.

I can honestly say that I have never been over a character so fast in my life. I was sick of reading how Amy justified every little thing she kept doing without thinking of the repercussions of such things. Amy keeps thinking she knew best. So unless Ms. Paige wraps up this series one day showing that Amy was 100 percent wrong (doubtful) I am really tired of reading about how a 16 year old with very limited magical experience should just ignore what everyone else around her has been through, due to plot reasons, i.e. need to continue this series on for whatever reason. Amy's decisions about what to do with Pete and Dorothy I just had no words. Don't read this book if you are expecting any story-lines to be wrapped up.

Besides the former characters we have come to know (who we don't spend much time with) we get some new characters and a re-look at characters we haven't seen since book #1 like Amy's mom and her former enemy Madison.

I really didn't get much of a sense of Amy's mother. We know that she was a alcoholic mess in book #1, we saw that she missed Amy in book #2 and now in book #3 she has turned over a new leaf so she can be a better mother to Amy. I really wish that we had gotten more time with this character, but we just barely scrapped the surface of her.

We also have Amy dealing with her former nemesis Madison who has now become her sort of friend and it really didn't really work for the story. Maybe if Ms. Paige spent more time on the story, I could have believed that Madison and her boyfriend would be so eager to help, but sorry just couldn't get there based on how they treated her in book #1.

I honestly don't know why Ms. Paige threw another villain our way in this book. Sorry, but Dorothy and company was enough. Now we have another enemy to defeat? At this point I think she's going to try to incorporate every character from the L. Frank Baum's books.

The plot in this one was Amy trying to find the first pair of Dorothy's shoes and that gets resolved pretty quickly, the repercussions of that are ignored by Amy again because of plot reasons. Seriously, this whole book nothing really happens. We just get Amy turning into an even more Dark Mary Sue and I was bored.

The writing was tedious and just repetitive after a while. We get it, Amy has lingering issues with her mom. Amy still has feelings for Nox, etc. I really think unless Ms. Paige throws in another POV here, this series is going to get old quick. If she is going to try to re-tell the Oz stories, well have something told from Ozma's point of view or any other character but Amy.

The setting of Kansas and even Oz once again are not brought to life in this series. They really are never the main focus in my humble opinion because they are simply used as set pieces for the awesomeness that is Amy.

The ending made me really ticked. If I had paid money for this book, I would have returned it for a refund. I suggest if you really want to know what happens you borrow this from the library. As far as I am concerned, this was 270 pages of filler. That was all this book was. Heck, book #2 is filler too. There is nothing there that advances the story at all, we don't get any development of characters, and we just keep throwing more obstacles Amy's way so the story never ends.
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495 reviews137 followers
November 22, 2019
Full Review on my blog!
Ahhhh! I absolutely love this series! This series has gradually gotten better with each book, and I love how much every character has developed thus far. I’m really enjoying Danielle Paige’s style of writing and the overall premise and mythology of her take on OZ is soooo enthralling.

Yellow Brick War was fast paced and full of action! So much happens in this book and there are so many problems they have to face and a ton of new twists! There are some interesting changes and while I enjoyed the addition of the “new” characters.

Amy is back and she’s still one hell of a kick ass heroine. The character development of Amy has been is such an entertaining ride. She is sassy, smart, and strong. I love that she doesn’t take crap from anyone and that she can totally defend herself. I really felt like I knew her a lot better after reading this one. Of course, Amy has her flaws and questionable moments, but they only make her more realistic.

In this book, Amy finds herself back in Kansas with the witches. She has to return to high school to find Dorothy’s original Silver Shoes in hopes they’ll be able to take them back to Oz. A lot has happened in Kansas, while we were in Oz and we learn more about what’s going on with Amy’s poor mother, as well as, how things are going with Amy’s former enemy Madison. , while Nox remains out of sight. We don’t get to see too much of Nox, but the romance between Nox and Amy has developed.

BUTTT, damnnnn, Danielle Paige really did an amazing job with the newly found friendship between Amy and Madison is so amazing; it was such a natural progression of the story. Both the characters showed such maturity in putting their past behind them. I also found the changes in Amy’s mother to be impressive.

I’m excited to read the fourth book, I actually have it beside me, and I’m starting it tonight!

All three of the books I have read so far have been amazing reads and I can’t recommend them enough.

Check out my reviews of the rest of this series!
Dorothy Must Die
The Wicked Will Rise
Yellow Brick War
The End of Oz
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March 21, 2016
I haven't put this book down since I started it. The fact that I had such a busy weekend made it impossible for me to finish in one sitting, but every chance I got, I was listening to it. The cliffhanger has given me a heart attack. Since I've been listening to the audiobook, I didn't know that it was ending so soon. There was still so much that needed to happen! I just don't know how to feel. I need to catch my breath and go cry a little bit.

Full review to come later. After I've bawled my eyes out.
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1,016 reviews538 followers
April 6, 2017
3.5/// No puede ser, ¿cómo puede terminar así? Ya estoy deseando leer el siguiente :)
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506 reviews273 followers
May 31, 2017
This series is so damn weird and insane and unique. Admittedly, this book is my least favorite so far, but there are definitely some good plot twists in it still.

I like the part where Amy is back in her world. I actually got a little emotional seeing how much her mother truly has changed and how hard she is working to gain back the trust and affection of her daughter. The emotions – the relief, the resentment, the yearning, the hope – all of these things were done well and rather realistically, in my opinion.

In addition, I like the whole new dynamic between Amy and her ex-enemy and Amy and her ex-crush. That was so on-point character development there. A bit random, but it was pretty sweet. I approve of this friendship.

This book is also the least exciting and badass, I have to say. I’m hoping the next book will bring it all back. I’m giving Yellow Brick War 3 stars for the originality and the touching moments, but it did lack the intrigue and heart-pounding scenes, like the previous books.

Things that you might want to know (WARNING: Spoilers below)
Is there a happy/satisfying ending?
Love triangle? Cheating? Angst level?
What age level would be appropriate?
Honestly one of the most creative twists on a classic that I've ever read. Please let this 3rd book not disappoint. <3
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435 reviews434 followers
February 17, 2017
“There is a part of me that envies you, to be returning to the living, breathing world. Think of me when you go into the mountains," she said softly, her gaze far away. "When you look out over the blue valleys to the far horizon, say my name that I might see them, too, through your eyes. And remember as in all of us, it is only your capacity for wickedness that makes selflessness possible.”

I'm torn on my feelings for this book. I read it in one sitting, it's not like it wasn't good, but it wasn't great.

To me, the book felt lackluster at times and I had to push through. There wasn't a strong enough plot, as the other books had, and the story changed.

The author decided to make the series four books instead of three to bring in more revenue. Which makes me slightly angry. The story wasn't given justice because the author only cared about the money of another book. Plus this was quite short, 300 pages, and I felt the author lost the intensity the previous two books had because she had to fill in spots so there could be a fourth novel, which was never needed.

Then she proceeded to change the plot from Dorothy to The Nome King. And if there's one thing I hate in fantasy, it's the original villain dying and another one taking its place. The story then became drawn out. After all these books are titled 'Dorothy Must Die'. So why on earth is Dorothy being killed off for another villain?

My final point, I always enjoy urban fantasy because it has elements of a far away land and also tones of the modern world. But, I've seen this more than a few times, why do authors create characters who both come from different worlds they like and make them fall in love. It'll never work out in the end!! And in the beginning it worked for Nox and Amy. Amy had a horrible mother and a life she didn't enjoy. Now if you're like me, you're thinking she'll stay in Oz. Nope. In Yellow Brick War she returns home to Kansas and her mother has changed for the better and she's made friends. Now, parallel to Nox, who was born to be a witch/wizard/whatever who does not want to and should not leave Oz. It's his home and he can not possibly live without magic. So what's the solution?! How are these two going to be together? I still can't figure it out. And I don't know why authors do the star crossed lovers trope.

Overall, this wasn't anything special and did not live up to the hype the first two books created.

3 stars.
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310 reviews229 followers
June 13, 2018
Reseña en: http://www.navegandoentrelibros.cl/20...

Me gustó porque fue una lectura bien amena, no espectacular ni memorable pero estuvo buena. Lo malo de estas historias es que me cuesta recordar los finales y como se demoran en salir las continuaciones debo releer algunos capítulos. Aún así creo que la historia toma forma en este tercer libro, los personajes toman un rumbo y la protagonista claramente ha madurado.

El final quizás lo encontré un poco rebuscado porque aparece otra "criatura" que espero tome un buen papel en el último libro.
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412 reviews15 followers
Want to read
January 16, 2016
2017? are you kidding me? oh you're not? well then. damn. that's like three years from now and I'll be university what is this oh man. I'm mad.

edit: so it's out april 2016. this will most likely be the reason i fail ap exams in may. also maybe bc i am dumb and suck at biology lel *cries*
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833 reviews4,713 followers
May 12, 2018
3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I found this installment better than book 2 but so far none have been as good as the first book.

There were a few things that bothered me about this one and most had to do with the parts in Kansas. Spoilers ahead so beware.....

So much was made of Amy’s unhappy home-life and then suddenly her mom is better (devoted, loving, & penitent) & she’s friends with her bully (the girl who basically tormented her every day at school) - it was just too much to blindly accept in my opinion. I had a hard time with that.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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365 reviews237 followers
March 25, 2016
Edit. Literally a couple of hours later :Turns out Danielle Paige is writing a 4th book! It comes out next Spring!!!!

Original Review

4 stars

I remember starting Dorothy Must Die when it first came out and I wondered how on earth, or in this case Oz, is Amy going to kill Dorothy? The question has been gnawing in my head for a while. For sure, it wouldn't be a walk in the park for Amy and her companions.

Yellow Brick War was a book that was good yet a little underwhelming towards the end. First off, the book is over 270 pages long, not the 400+ pages goodreads had said it would be. So you could imagine how many would be slightly disappointed on how short this book would be. Actually, a few weeks ago, I looked at amazon to see how many pages it would be and it said 288 pages. A part of me was hoping goodreads had the correct number of pages. Sadly it didn't. But I wasn't that disappointed. A little but not much.

Since it is a short book, the plot went through quick. It was kind of rushed, but at the same time I still enjoyed it. I wanted to know how everything would turn out. I wanted to know what Amy would do about everything going on in Oz.

I can honestly say that I wished the book was a bit longer. It ended so abruptly that it reminded me a lot of Requiem by Lauren Oliver. I wanted more. I wanted a satisfying ending to the series. But I was left with more questions and not a satisfying ending. Now I don't know if Danielle Paige is writing more to the series or not. If she is continuing it, then hopefully the fourth book will be the final one. If she isn't continuing it, then lots of people on fanfiction.net would start coming up with endings of their own.

Another thing that I had a problem with was Amy's attitude at the beginning of the book. She comes off as counter-dependent, more so than in the previous books. She didn't come off as friendly, not to her mom who is now sober and getting her life back together, and even to Maddison, who actually wants to be nice to Amy. At least she does understand that she's being a bitch but it still got on my nerves a bit.

I enjoyed Yellow Brick War , but I can't help but want more. Originally, I would've given it 3 stars, but personally, I did enjoy reading the book. I'm sure others will feel differently about it for sure and I can understand why they might have different reactions to it. I just wished the book was longer. I wouldn't have minded 100 pages or even 200 pages. But since I was entertained and I enjoyed the book, I decided to give it 4 stars.

Let's hope Danielle Paige writes more to the series!

Thanks for reading my review!

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March 2, 2020
Full Review on The Candid Cover

4.5 Stars

After reading the two previous books in the Dorothy Must Die series, I wasn't sure if Yellow Brick War was going to be as incredible, but it was! The story is so unique and the main character is just so spunky. This book is a little more modern than the others, but I was really intrigued by the way everything connects.

This series is honestly unlike any other. The Dorothy Must Die books are my favourite Wizard of Oz retellings and definitely among my favourite retellings ever. I love how the plot is pretty much the complete opposite of the classic tale and how much sass is in the stories. I feel like this is exactly the kind of retelling that I like the best.

Amy Gumm is such an entertaining main character. She is sassy, smart, and strong. I admired the fact that she doesn't take crap from anyone and can totally defend herself. In this particular book, I noticed that Amy becomes more developed as a character. I really felt like I knew her a lot better compared to the other two books after reading this one. Of course, Amy has her flaws and questionable moments, but they only make her more realistic.

I found it really interesting how Yellow Brick War is a little more modern than the rest of the series. Amy has to go back to her high school and is reconnected with everyone there, even the people she hates. I enjoyed the change in setting, even though I love Oz. The way everything is incorporated was just so satisfying, especially Amy's new and unexpected friends.

Yellow Brick War is a unique Wizard of Oz retelling with a clever and sassy main character, This instalment is more modern than the others, which I really enjoyed. If you haven't started this series yet, I 100% recommend it.
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March 31, 2016


Why this book?
I love this series

What I thought

It ended on a cliffhanger. Which means more books!!!

"Forget the order I've fallen inlove with you too"

Gosh I love this series!! The characters remain amazing, and The book was fast paced and full of action! Amy is back and she's still one hell of a kick ass heroine. I was afraid I wasn't gonna like this one. Mainly because The book starts off in Kansas and Danielle Paige was messing with my ship. I hated how she was treated in Kansas in the first book, but was happy that things changed for her this time around. I loved the movie Return to OZ growing up so I was happy to see the Nome King. I had a feeling we were going to see him after Ruler of Beasts, but what surprised me was the lack of Dorothy and Glinda. With that said I noticed this wasn't as dark as the other books, and was less ominous. Overall a great installment and I can't wait for the next!
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April 10, 2017

Sigh, I can't believe I have to wait till next year for the fourth book...But anyways.

Like always, this book was full of adventure, full of action.

Amy's internal battles between good and evil continue, but we really do see a lot of character development on her part.

Things are definitely shaken up in this book - we see a lot of old characters and old places that we realize are more than what they seem.

All in all, I'd say it was such a roller coaster ride and I look forward to seeing how the adventure continues.
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36 reviews
April 5, 2016
2017...? My eye is twitching. Over 2 years. Send help asap. I am not going to survive this one.

UPDATE: It's no longer coming out in 2017. HALLELUJAH!!! The beginning of 2016 is so much better.
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March 21, 2016
Overall rating: 4.75/5 stars

To say that I wish this book was longer would be an understatement. It was so good I wasn't ready for it to end. It would have been much smarter for two and three to be mashed into one, honesty. That would have made it a little less painful in my opinion.

Although I've expressed my dissatisfaction with The Wicked Will rise in the past, it was still a good novel as a whole. And despite a few hiccups in language and paragraph structure, Yellow Brick War felt more like the Dorothy Must Die I fell in love with, which was fantastic. I loved to see Nox and Amy's relationship develop and I particularly enjoyed seeing her interact with some of her old family and friends back home in the beginning. I'm eager to see what part Madison will play in book four and where we're going plot wise, as a lot of things were wrapped up with Dorothy now out of the way. The wait for book four is going to be hell.
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170 reviews
Want to read
April 21, 2016
UPDATE: Yellow Brick War!!!! Loving the title and cover so much (though they haven't updated it on Goodreads yet....GET ON THAT PEOPLE!) Can't wait to get my hands on it!

UPDATE: Damn...that cover is vibrant and beautiful...now, where's my title??? :P

UPDATE: Thank god it's now scheduled for March, 2016!!!

Why is this scheduled to be release in 2017? I'll be 17 that year....Jesus! What's gonna come out in 2016? A different book or something that relates? IDK!
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March 19, 2016
there is a fourth book and all is right in the world and i can breathe deeply again.
let it be known that i'm still bitter over this cover.
what?? WHAT????
PLEASE LET THAT BE A PLACEHOLDER AND JUST THAT???? it looks like weird thing your screen does when you press too hard on it omg
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July 1, 2017
Al principio me ha costado algo meterme en la historia por el cambio que ha dado la autora. Pero después llegué a cierta parte del libro y es completamente adictivo, encontramos nuevos retos para Amy y nuevos enemigos que nos dejarán los vellos de punta. Que ganas de leer el final.
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March 31, 2016
At first I wasn't sure about this book since it started back in Kansas and Amy had to spend some time there, and there were some things happening that didn't make me happy. I also struggled with the fact that I wasn't sure where she would end up in the end of the book. Since I thought this was the last book. I thought it starting in Kansas meant that was the answer, but now that I found out it isn't just a trilogy I can appreciate it better. Now looking back I realize Amy needed the beginning of this book. Not that I want her Kansas bound by the end of the series It's just that when she left she felt so unloved and didn't have anything she thought she had to go back to, but now she sees she does. I know I'm not the only one who felt bad for her in the first book, but now we got to see that she is loved and that her Mother is truly trying to be better.

I felt it odd that the main enemy shifted in this book to the Nome King, and now it seems like all of this was his doing. In all the books and the prequels until the last it seemed that Glinda was the true enemy to take down, but now they have a whole new one. I don't know how I feel about that right now. It kinda felt like it came out of nowhere. Maybe it's because this was supposed to just be a trilogy, but isn't anymore. So the author had to give them someone else to save Oz from. Loving the Return to Oz movie as a kid I'm not disappointed he's part of the series now, and I'm kinda hoping we get to see some of his own bad guys like the Wheelers, and wonder if we're going to see anything else from Eve.

I don't want to go on much further, and spoil anything, but things get even more complicated for Amy and The Wicked and we get some development, but are left questioning how much development there really is. By that I mean how much do we think is over and resolved will stay that way? We got a surprise in the end of this book and I know there's more to come in the next. Also we know Amy is no longer able to use Oz's magic or might turn corrupted like Dorothy. So I want to see how that turns out, because she's going to need to use more magic to defeat what's coming, but I have a feeling our girl at the end will turn out okay. Again the author has me anxiously waiting for the next book to see what will happen next!

Something I must say though is that I'm excited we get more books, but I wish I knew that fact before I read this, because I was getting really confused towards the end, since I knew there was still so much to be accomplished, and not enough time to do it. Also I feel the last book should be more action packed and have more impact than this book. Which made me disappointed in this book at first, but now that I know that it's just another part of the series I feel so much better about it, and enjoy it more.

Overall another great part of the series and I can't wait for more!
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June 9, 2016
I received a copy of Yellow Brick War from HarperCollins New Zealand to review. I read the first two books in the series last year and liked them. Although I’ve never read the original stories. This is the third book in the Dorothy Must Die series.

I think this picked up where the Wicked Will Rise ended. Amy is back in Kansas and needs
to find a way back to Oz so she can finally stop Dorothy for good. But obviously it’s not going to be as simple as it sounds for Amy. The Witches have been keeping things from her and never tell her the whole story. Amy has found some new allies in Kansas, people she never thought she’d ever be willing to trust.

I probably should have re-read the first two books in the series before starting Yellow Brick War but I thought I’d be able to pick it all up again as I read. Some things came back but there are some things that, even now, I can’t remember. That didn’t stop me from enjoying this though. I will probably read them all before the next book is released.

Yellow Brick War seemed shorter than the other two books to me. But maybe I just read it faster.. I’m not sure. These books are a little cheesy in places but I can get past that. It’s not an annoying kind of cheesy. They’re also kind of predictable too but I like to know if I’ve figured things out before it’s revealed in the story. It never ruins the story if I figure some things out early in the book. But I do like when books can surprise me.

I like these books, even though I can predict a lot of the things that happens. I’m looking forward to seeing how Amy’s story ends and what happens to Oz next.
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December 21, 2022
this took me months to slog through because it is Very Bad. the romance is hollow. the majority of the interesting characters from book two are gone. villainous dorothy, who is herself a super interesting character, has been replaced with the nome king, whose lore is vague and whose villainy is snooze-worthy.

a chunk of the book takes place in kansas, where amy's mom is in recovery from addiction and amy's high school nemesis is suddenly friendly... but i'm not here for high school drama! and i'm tired of amy's i'm-a-badass-assassin attitude, coupled with her utter passivity. it just doesn't add up, and the writing is extremely boring.

i thought the first two books were enjoyable because of their fantastical oz imagery and grisly versions of the familiar dorothy, scarecrow, tin man, and lion. but these characters are largely absent from the third book, and most of the worldbuilding is gone too. i'm trying to think of any redeeming factors here, but i'm at a loss 😩
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