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Splintered #1.5

The Moth in the Mirror

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Morpheus wants to know more about his rival for Alyssa's affections, so he digs into Jeb's memories of his time in Wonderland. But he may be surprised by what he finds. This brand-new story and perspective from A.G. Howard's dark, magical world stands alone, but also provides a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come in Unhinged, the sequel to Splintered.

40 pages, Kindle Edition

First published October 22, 2013

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About the author

A.G. Howard

18 books8,670 followers
#1 New York Times and International bestselling Author of gothic / fantasy & paranormal tales, mystical & romantic with a side of horror. A.G.'s dark Alice in Wonderland inspired Splintered series has been published in over a dozen languages.

Young adult, Adult, and literary romance. Repped by Jenny Bent.

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I don't rate books solely on style. Every writer's voice is individual and unique; I've come to respect this truth during my own personal journey. As long as a story takes me to another place and is well edited, I'm going to give it a good rating. And if, for some reason, a book doesn't entertain me or I don't finish it, I won't leave a rating or review at all.

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Author 18 books8,670 followers
October 1, 2013
No rating from me but it was SO fun hanging out in Morpheus's and Jeb's minds.

Me after finishing writing:

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451 reviews31 followers
July 18, 2015

The Moth in the Mirror is a novella which takes place between Splintered and Unhinged . Morpheus does not understand what Alyssa sees in the mortal, Jebediah, but he wants to better understand his rival for Alyssa's affections. He examines Jeb's lost memories of his time spent in Wonderland, but he may find out more than he's bargained for.

This novella is the perfect hold over while waiting for Unhinged ! Brace yourself for this peek into Morpheus and Jeb's minds. My only wish is that that it was longer, with a little bit more of Morpheus. Jeb is cool and all, but Morpheus is definitely where its at.

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498 reviews825 followers
July 21, 2016
4 out of 10

Ревью в моем блоге/This review on my blog
Living A Thousand Lives
(please use Chrome/Yandex browser or Android/IOS to see the page; otherwise, spoiler-tags I use to make my post compact may not work)

Emika – Fight for Your Love
Dikta – My favourite friend
Blossom Dearie – Try Your Wings

Genre: retelling, YA
Stuff: fairy, Wonderland, guys fight for Alyssa
Fail: too much J
WOW: Morpheus
Love-Geometry: hard

“Romance wasn't fair. Nor was it a game. It was war. And, as on any other battlefield, compassion and mercy had no place there.”

Too much of Jeb for a novel named THE MOTH in the Mirror.

What I got :

- Morpheus isn’t just a winged humanoid something, he’s a fairy (I called him that in my review for the first book, but I found this fact in the bonus).
- And not just mere fairy — a solitary one: selfish and fickle. He can’t feel true love for anyone but now he fell for Alyssa.
- Morpheus can rave and storm. Literally. With lightning!
- Jeb is possessive and draggy (this is not a new fact but nota bene!)
- Jeb tortured a little sprite with an iron bracelet for information about Morpheus. Little sprite, dammit!
- Morpheus is awesome in both roles: flirty winker and cunning threat-maker.
- Jeb prefers Alyssa over his own family (mental health of Alyssa’s mother is more important thing than mother and sister of Jeb, it doesn’t matter that they wouldn’t be able to keep their heads above the water if he would die, ‘cause Jeb was their main source of money).
- Jeb’s moves and acts (especially sacrificial-ones) are hilariously stupid, because vide supra.
- Morpheus tested human emotions and enjoyed it, because vide infra.
- Morpheus wants Alyssa to be happy, but not going to give her to Jeb without fight.
- Morpheus is up for something.

I just can’t get over the fact that 20% of this bonus were for Morpheus and the rest 80% for Jeb. Where’s justice in this world?

Splintered (Разделенная надвое):
Splintered (Разделенная надвое) #1/3
The Moth in the Mirror (Мотылек в зеркале) #1.5/3
Unhinged (Слетевшая с катушек) #2/3
Ensnared (Угодившая в сети) #3/3
Untamed (Неукрощенная) #3.5/3
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648 reviews402 followers
January 17, 2018
3.5 stars
"Ah, but this particular human has much to teach me."


The premise for this short story is Morpheus' desire to experience Jeb's memories while he was in Wonderland, to see what Al loves about him so much. Which he does, and we get to walk in the boy's shoes and see his every thought and insecurity.
He couldn't make sense of Jebediah's luck, how a human could wield such power over a netherling queen.


At the end of the day, I'm not sure how much good it did Morph to experience Jeb's memories. Maybe Al's love for the human is no different than that of the moth for the netherling queen.
He fell to the bed on his back, hands held above his face, staring in disbelief at the raw and bloody stumps where his fingers once were.

What I continue loving in this series is the horror element to it. Priceless!

P.S. I still cannot believe I'm enjoying a YA series so much!
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181 reviews10 followers
April 24, 2020
“He could offer her an eternity of challenges and passion, of quiet, tender moments stolen in the depths of riotous flames and ravaging storms--tranquility amidst the chaos.”

I enjoyed reading about what was going on in Morpheus and Jeb’s minds. Morpheus was finally able to understand what Alyssa sees in Jeb and it was nice revisiting the Splintered series. I do wish this short story was a little longer!
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92 reviews151 followers
July 17, 2014
This book has both Morpheus's and Jeb's POVs, but most of the novella is told from Jeb's perspective, giving us his take of certain events that happened in Splintered. Mercifully, the narration was done in 3rd person. I don't think I would be able to tolerate being in Jeb's head otherwise. He is not a bad guy at all, but I just don't get him. At first he wants to leave for London to study there and has a girlfriend, and the next moment he is all overprotective and obsessed with Alyssa. His fascination with Alyssa seems forced to me. And the mind-boggling decision Jeb made in the end of Splintered made me exasperated all over again. Seeing things from his perspective didn't make me understand him any more than I did the first time.

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102 reviews
November 7, 2014
I feel like this novella only exists as fan service. The pages are pretty much filled with both guys gushing and swooning over Alyssa. News flash: ALYSSA ISN'T THAT GREAT. AT ALL.

"How do I beat him?" - Jeb


Then, when he'd destroyed Alyssa's faith in her mortal knight, Morpheus would be there to comfort and win her. - Morpheus

It's becoming clear to me that Howard is treating this love triangle literally like a game in which Alyssa is the shiny prize.

I don't like when authors do that. I don't like this love triangle. I don't like words like "win" and "beat" when it concerns a love triangle.

Profile Image for Sofia.
332 reviews65 followers
June 14, 2016
I feel so sorry about Morpheus... but he was a manipulative bastard - I can't forgive him for having been so.

And Jeb *swoons*
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852 reviews288 followers
October 27, 2013
3.5 stars

It isn't a secret that I loved Splintered. That does not mean, however, that the story didn't have its faults, namely, a slightly forced love triangle and a very possessive and bossy main love interest that was, strangely enough, not the insane one of the two. Considering this novella promised to be exactly about the two things I liked the least about the novel, I was understandably apprehensive about reading it. I didn't doubt the novella would be a good read, - I trust in Howard's skills and her vision of this world way too much to doubt that I would enjoy it -, but, to say I bluntly, I was not that excited about being in the head of a character I don't exactly like. In the end, I did enjoy it. The world is still creepy and mesmerizing, and Morpheus is still the compelling and complex character I loved from the first one.

I was surprised at how much I didn't detest Jeb. He's not a terrible guy in Splintered, but his behavior irritated me. With this novella, I can't say that I like him much or that I complete excuse how possessive and controlling he was with Alyssa, but I think I understand him better and now I can see where his love for Alyssa comes from. He's suddenly a lot more layered to me than he was in Splintered, where he just fulfilled the super-hot, tortured-artist love interest requirement for me.

This novella doesn't add all that much to the first novel. It does provide some background info and a new perspective to some of the events in the novel, but the main point behind the story is to build a bridge between both novels based on the resolution Morpheus makes at the end of the novella. This is a very light but still enjoyable read that I recommend for the fans of Splintered that can't wait to get their hands on Unhinged.
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150 reviews33 followers
April 21, 2015
So this is just a little insight on Jebs point of view of things when he is going through them, which is quite nice seeing how he felt in those important moments that happens in the book.

Also we see Morpheus, POV on how strong his feelings are for Alyssa that he will just not stop until she is with him !!
Total love anything that has to do with Alyssa and Morpheus so I give 5 stars ;)
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218 reviews110 followers
March 8, 2017
This is one of the novellas that don't complete the story.

It shows Morpheus viewing Jeb's memorys and thus giving us a more detailed version of what Jeb has endured during the 1st book, when he wasn't with Alyssa.

So you don't have to read it in order to understand some of the characters or for the story to make more sence.

Profile Image for Brooke's Epic Emporium.
850 reviews188 followers
October 24, 2013
So, I'll be honest and say I went into this blind. Didn't really matter what it was about, it mattered that it was a short story that revolved around Splintered and that was really all I needed to get me to buy it! And I am in no way disappointed that I did!

Blurb from Goodreads:An original ebook-only novella in the Splintered series, told from the points of view of both Jeb and Morpheus. Morpheus wants to know more about his rival for Alyssa's affections, so he digs into Jeb's memories of his time in Wonderland. But he may be surprised by what he finds.
This brand-new story and perspective from A.G. Howard's dark, magical world stands alone, but also provides a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come in Unhinged, the sequel to Splintered.

First off, I just love this cover. Although, I after reading, I did think to myself that perhaps it could have had more elements of the story to it. But simple is fine and it certainly matches the theme of book #1, and #2. I'm not sure if perhaps including a character or even a mirror on the front would have given too much away. Alas, it not my favorite cover of this series, but that really didn't matter once I opened it and read what was inside.

I can't really talk about much without giving away what the story is about. I love that you get to know just a bit more about Morpheus's mind in this story. He's an illusive one to figure out for sure, even after reading this (although I have a better grasp on his motives as I read through the second book). Jeb, well, I just love Jeb, I'm a huge fan. So to see some things from his eyes was incredible. He remains loyal to a fault and just all around swoony.

And I love how Howard goes about showing Morpheus the memories through Jeb's eyes, and yet we're also seeing it from Morpheus' perspective. You not only find out what motivated Jeb to do the things he did while they were in Wonderland, but also find out how this tilts Morpheus's perspective towards the couple (and also gives him leverage to get what he wants...I won't go further there).

All in all this was an absolutely fabulous novella. It was a very quick read and I'm glad I jumped in while in the middle of reading book #2 (although there's no reason to wait, go get your Morpheus and Jeb fix NOW, you won't regret it!). I can't wait to see if Howard decides to do another novella after Unhinged. This is definitely a wet your lips and leave you hungry for more story! Great job!
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420 reviews48 followers
November 17, 2018
No aporta nada a la historia. Eso sí, sigo teniendo muchas ganas de leer la segunda parte.
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256 reviews506 followers
November 17, 2014

4.5 Stars

I Loved, LOVED, LOVEDDDDD this short story!!! Being inside Jeb's mind, seeing his side of what happened, what he went through while separated from Alyssa, and what was going through his head as he traveled through Wonderland was just amazing!! And Morpheus, ooh, he's so deliciously sexy as he's strategizing, and conniving, and manipulative, and so dam enticing!! And if you put'em all together, HOT dam you've got one dangerously seductive, bombshell of a "Son of a bug" as Jeb would say it! ;)

First, I have to give due where due deserves, Jeb is AWESOME!! I absolutely love him!! Now, do I love him more then Morpheus, probably not, but I do love him nevertheless!! Jeb was all kinds of sexy in his insane, loving, over protective, take charge and not ready to settle for anything short of saving the light in his life, Alyssa Gardner...

And Morpheus, holy smokes, let me tell you, he is overfilling!! He filled me with all kinds of emotions, and had me drowning—trying to climb out and claim control. A.G. Howard really outdid herself with his character. I LOVED everything about him!! Granted, some may say he doesn't have some of the best qualities, but I beg to differ! He had all the ones that really mattered, plus, throw in a few others that builds his amazing character, and WOW, you have an EPIC, unforgettable, totally addicting, love interest that is sure to get you hot and bothered! ;)


Morpheus is distraught over losing the only thing he's ever loved and really cared for, Alyssa Gardner, and vows to win her back, one way or another! So he goes to the Carpet beetle, keeper of memories, in search of hope, in search of the only thing to give him the upper hand in all this, Jebediah's memories, and in there, Jebediah's weakness...

But as Morpheus replays Jebediah's every thought—his every feeling while in Wonderland, his every fear, his every pain that has intangled and embedded itself into Jebediah's heart, Morpheus starts to understand this Mortal more then he ever wanted too. He starts to relate in ways that shouldn't be, and then guilt starts to leak in, bleed itself within. But is Morpheus really ready to sacrifice his heart for Jebediah's? And is he really ready hand over what is rightfully his? All that he's been fighting for? He thinks not, guilt aside, Alyssa Gardner is his, and he is ready to go to the end of the earth for her, to win back what was once his as a child, to claim what's in his heart and embrace it. The fight is on, and if they think Morpheus played dirty last time, oh well, they ain't seen nothing yet, because he will not be easily defeated, he will not go down without a fight, and he is ready for the, madness....

Get ready, because it's all about to become....


Yep, this was pretty epic!! I am now a die hard Morpheus fan, but I also have my fair share of love for Jeb too! Actually, I could say that by the end of this series it could really sway either way. Will have to see what happens next in the series for me to be for sure!!

Overall, THE MOTH IN THE MIRROR was a wonderful addition to this EPICALLY fascinating series!! After reading SPLINTERED, and now this in between short story, my love runs deep for this series and these characters. Even the mindlessly insane ones, they're all so much fun and full of tons of insanity and madness that's filled my heart and made this series what it is!!!
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199 reviews97 followers
December 26, 2013
"Romance wasn't fair. Nor was it a game. It was war. And, as on any other battlefield, compassion and mercy had no place there.'
The Moth in the Mirror | A. G. Howard

If you are etching to figure out what happened when Jeb was away from Alyssa during Splintered, or if you desperately need to be inside the mind of Morpheus with his sultry attitude and desire for a certain blonde then this novella will quench that thirst.

Unmasking the events during Alyssa and Jeb's separation has all the class of A.G Howard's first novel whilst throwing you back into the tangled web that is full of curious characters and unyielding passion. Is it a necessary read..well no. But if you are like me and was etching for any new snippet of this world as you await the release of Unhinged then you might want to purchase this one.

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237 reviews1,088 followers
May 3, 2018
A.G. Howard has a great gift for prose, crafting worlds, and honoring literary traditions. The only blemish in her Splintered series is that, for reasons I don't understand, the books want us to love Jeb, the main character's obnoxious human boyfriend, and mistrust/dislike Morpheus, the lovably deranged fae creature who not only wants our heroine's heart, but wants her to reach her full and impressive potential.

This novella takes place right after the first book of the trilogy. It finds Morpheus mystified (as are most readers) by the hold Jeb has on Alyssa. To better understand, the Netherling kingmaker journeys into the mind of the mortal boy and literally sees through his eyes.

On the one hand, this is just the sort of thing Morpheus would do, and he is such a fantastic character that it's a pleasure to spend more time with him. On the other hand, the POV character for most of this story is JEB.

And it reveals nothing about Jeb that the reader didn't already know. He likes art. He has a girlfriend who is ostensibly much cooler than Alyssa, but he prefers Alyssa in his heart for some reason. His father was a physically abusive alcoholic, which is legitimately sad, but Alyssa should not be treated like a prize for Jeb because of all he went through. They are not romantically suited at all. I never even bought their friendship.

Jeb also has no particular insights on anything that happened in the book.

The one reason I'm glad I read this is because Morpheus has an Insurrection Hat. I remembered liking his Hospitality Hat, but an Insurrection Hat is just next-level millinery.

Content Advisory: Jeb's daydreams involve scantily-clad girls, among them Alyssa and his actual girlfriend, Taelor. A character has to use their own blood for paint in order to unlock a magical object.
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968 reviews127 followers
November 29, 2014
I read this novella while longing to get my hands on Unhinged, the second book in the developing Splintered trilogy. It helped satiate my Wonderland hunger for a while and was well worth the ebook price. Don't let the title fool you, my fellow Jebutantes, it is full to brimming with Jeb feels. It also offers some Morpheus insight for all of our Mothling rivals!! I loved it.
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315 reviews14 followers
July 3, 2018
It was nice to read from another character's pov.
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238 reviews51 followers
December 9, 2020
No. Nope. Nada.

There is absolutely no difference in my opinion of Jeb. I already know that he loves Alyssa, a lot. I respect his sacrifice - that whole painting white roses red thing was very bittersweet but it comes off as a plot device for us to like him (more). Incidentally, when he sacrificed himself to save Ivory Queen, and consequentially, Alyssa, he said that she's his best friend. Well that, and that he loves her but really, don't we love our best friends? And that's just how they seem to me:: friends who are as close as family but are being pushed together solely because we need a love triangle. That or Alyssa just has very bad taste in men. Even now that I've read this insightful novella Jeb is a less developed character than Morpheus, even less than Alyssa's mum (I admit that's because I'm halfway through Unhinged but still).

As was nicely said about Jeb: "You're not a very fun date."
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148 reviews
February 10, 2016
Nonostante questa storia breve (circa 40 pagine) sia stata scritta per farci amare Jeb (o almeno credo), l'unico risultato che ha ottenuto è che sono ancora più innamorata di Morpheus. Forse sono strana io, ma vedere tutto con gli occhi di Jeb non mi ha fatto apprezzare di più il suo personaggio, anzi... Però la storia è molto bella. Più che altro perché ci mostra delle scene inedite del primo libro, del viaggio di Alyssa e Jeb nel paese delle meraviglie! Non è indispensabile leggerlo per poter capire i libri però io lo consiglio perché è un qualcosa in più che ci fa conoscere meglio i due protagonisti maschili.
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373 reviews439 followers
December 22, 2014
I love this little interlude between book 1 and 2 in the Splintered series.

That being said, I wish there was more Morpheus in it. I was expecting to get into his mind and that just didn't happen. The characters that are twisted and tap dance that line between good and evil are so much more fascinating to me than the Prince Charmings. They have more depth and have reasons to be who they are and I want to get into the psychology of Morpheus in all of this.

Onto Unhinged!
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184 reviews87 followers
June 12, 2014
I love Morpheus but with that being said this book is about Morpheus watching Jeb's memories. It was interesting to get Jeb's point of view of his time in wonderland. There was his time with the Sprites, After Alissa flew with him and had to leave him cause she couldn't take him any farther and before he makes his decision to rescue Alyssa and then it ends with Morpheus take. A must Read!
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1,331 reviews94 followers
July 25, 2016
I liked the idea of getting to see some of Jeb's POV from the first book, while getting new scenes with Morpheus. Unfortunately, most of Jeb's scenes were him finding things out we already knew, with little insight into anything else. I did like the scenes with Morpheus, though. I have high hopes that he'll live up to his potential in the next book.
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229 reviews
May 6, 2015
4 estrellas
En esta novella exploramos un poco más las motivaciones de Jeb, pero claramente Morfeo se roba el protagonismo con sólo un par de páginas.
Y está demás decir que Morfeo tiene los mejores diálogos de la trilogía, y eso incluye esta historia :P
Profile Image for Sarah.
144 reviews6 followers
January 31, 2016
I only gave this 2 stars because of the parts about morpheus. But the rest mostly is about Jeb. I just can't stand the guy, not after I finished the series. I really wish he wasn't in the book in first place.
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