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Beg Me to Slay

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He will slay her demons, but his love could cost her life...

Four years ago, a strange creature attacked Tegan Ashton and no one believed her. Determined never to be a victim again, she’s devoted her life to martial arts and self-defense. When her assailant returns to finish what he started, she has to find the one man who might be able to help.

Gabriel Smith is a private investigator by day and demon slayer by night. After those closest to him were murdered, he vowed to defend people from a threat they don't realize exists. But his biggest threat might be the feelings Tegan brings out in him. He cares–too much. And since everyone he loves dies, he has to struggle to keep things professional.

Fighting the hordes of demons on their tail is a breeze compared to dealing with the secrets they refuse to share.

270 pages, Kindle Edition

First published December 30, 2013

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About the author

Lisa Kessler

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Lisa's Blog

Wow! Goodreads just asked me for my city of birth and date of death... What if I could answer that? Would I live life differently if I knew for sure how much longer I had left?

Interesting thought.

That's generally how my writer brain works. I've been dreaming up stories since I was in elementary school. My first book was titled "The Wonders of Unicorn Creek" and my publisher was Dehesa elementary school.

Since then, I've published numerous short stories in anthologies and magazines. My story, "Immortal Beloved" was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award and was recently re-released in the "Dead Souls" anthology, along with a follow-up never-before-published story, "Subito Piano".

My debut novel, Night Walker, was released in 2012 and won a San Diego Book Award for Best Published Fantasy-SciFi-Horror. Night Walker also won the Romance Through the Ages in the Best Paranormal and Best First Book categories.

Since then, Night Thief and Night Demon have been released. The final book, Night Child will be released in March of 2014.

In the meantime,I have a new series beginning in July 2013 with Moonlight, Book 1 in the Moon Series.

I also post news and short stories on my Blog, so feel free to stop by for a read. http://Lisa-Kessler.com

Paranormal tales are my favorite and I tend toward the dark side. Join me? :)

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3,491 reviews110 followers
May 17, 2016
Oh boy, what a superb paranormal adventure this proved to be! I really shouldn’t have been surprised, though, as I’ve loved every book I’ve read by this highly talented author - and this is certainly no exception!

After being attacked and bitten four years ago, Tegan Ashton just wasn’t believed when she said what happened. It has taken time, but she’s determined and resilient, taking steps to ensure she will never again be a victim by becoming an expert in martial arts and self defence. When she believes she’s seen the man who attacked her burying a young woman on a beach, again she is not believed. This time, however, she decides to pay a private detective, Gabriel Smith, to investigate. He’s not your usual PI, having a secret role of being a demon slayer. When Tegan describes what happened to her and what she’s witnessed, he knows exactly what attacked her - and how to slay it!

Get ready for a superbly crafted roller coaster ride with secret family history, welsh mythology, demons, dragons and so much more packed into this enthralling adventure! The characters are well developed, easy to relate to and intriguing. Tegan is feisty, independent and has great self belief. Gabe has never met anyone like her, expecting her to hide rather than fight alongside him! Their attraction is powerful - but so is the danger. Can they survive their demonic encounters and look beyond their pasts to have any chance of a future and a HEA together?

This is a fast paced thrilling read with humorous moments interspersed throughout to alleviate the tension. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this to anyone who enjoys well written demonic paranormal thrillers incorporating plenty of romance and humour.
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1,061 reviews27 followers
December 23, 2013

Originally Reviewed For: Tea and Book

Beg Me to Slay is proof that from the darkness triumph rises.. Lisa Kessler has once again managed to win my heart with this wonderful story. From her notes, she comments that this was written when she herself was struggling with the darkness and yet, what a triumph!! It stands to reason that her characters would have that same power.

Tegan Ashton had been attacked by a demon.. yeah hard to accept in our modern day world. She was attacked and tried to explain but no one believed her. Instead she spent a year in a mental institute, before fighting and clawing her way back. Now four years after the bite, she is a successful business owner, a black belt and no one's victim. But now she is seeing the man/creature who attacked her and no one believes her. Knowing the damage he can do and already aware of one woman he has killed Teagan is willing to do what it takes to bring him down. Including hiring a PI/Para Normal Detective.

Gabriel V.H. Smith.. Licensed PI and paranormal investigator.. is a Demon Slayer, one born per generation in his family bloodlines. Gabe is it. He has spent his adult life doing just that, slaying Demons. When pretty Teagan Ashton walks into his office asking for help, Gabriel is determined to do his job.. and ignore the sparks that are flying because Gabriel flies solo. He refuses to form attachments with anyone, they always wind up dead.

WOW.. let me say it again. WOW.. this was supposed to be a filler book, just a little something to read while I was waiting for a few more books to show up. Instead it totally captured my attention. I read it in one steady gulp! Fabulous!!

Teagan and Gabe fit together perfectly, both survivors of darkness and both have risen to basically give the world a big "in your face". While Teagan isn't aware of demons initially, once she accepts their existence she understands the need to fight back. The need to protect and the need to make sure those demons stay in their place.

Gabe on the other hand, has to accept that good things can come from the darkest places. That he doesn't have to go it alone. That maybe, just maybe someone can stand at his side.

Excellent character portrayals, including the secondary ones. I would like to see more of these characters but honestly, this was a perfect stand alone book! I am so thrilled I found Ms Kessler!!


This review is based on the ARC of Beg Me to Slay, provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on December 30, 2013
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2,629 reviews194 followers
December 19, 2013
I have only recently discovered this authors work and I am so pleased that I have! The books I have read by this talented author just keep getting better and better and this one is amazingly good. Fast paced and pulsing with romance with a storyline that will get the readers heart racing . Welcome to a world full of demons and slayers!
Tegan is a woman with grit. Attacked several years ago by a man who still haunts her dreams, she has built a life for herself that whilst lonely at least keeps her safe. Unfortunately everything changes when she is the witness to a man burying a body and that man is the same one who attacked her! With her history of mental illness and no body found the police don't really believe Tegan so she sets out to hire a private investigator but the man she hires is so much more than she expected.
Gabe is a demon slayer. Yes an honest to god slayer! A direct descendent of the celebrated Van Helsing he works officially as an investigator but utilises every trick in the book. Realising that the lovely Tegan has been previously attacked by a demon who won't stop until she's dead he sets out to help her track and kill the demon. Tegan is understandably wary at first but she knows that what she saw couldn't be an ordinary man and pretty soon other demons start to show up.
Gabe may be stronger than most men but he's not sure that he's strong enough to resist the draw of Tegan. Knowing he's a target of evil the last thing he wants is to lose anyone else that he loves but Tegan's brave soul just calls to him.
The demon hunting Tegan is not going to stop but Tegan's not a woman to just give up. She is a woman who is more than capable of standing by Gabes side and refuses to hide anymore. Her inner strength is going to be tested and family secrets will be revealed but will she survive to convince Gabe that what they have is worth fighting for?
Loved this! Fast paced, sexy and written with humour. I thought Gabes relationship to Van Helsing was a bit cheesy but hey ho it is fiction after all! Great bad guy and refreshingly different this is a book that deserves to be read . Recommended for lovers of paranormal fantasy and anyone who just wants a fun read!
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338 reviews3 followers
December 16, 2013
Ever read one of those books where when you reach the end all you can say was “HOLY CRAP! That was a good book!” Well this was one of those for me. Gabe was flawed beautifully. He was strong, loyal, and was so supportive. However he did have his issues he needed to work out to have the HEA he deserves. Tegan was broken while being strong at the same time. It shows the talent this author has to write characters such as these. The book showed us that while everything is not always rainbows and unicorns, there can be happiness in a dark twisted reality. While being chalked full of action, adventure and romance there was enough of a breather so you could absorb everything. Gabe was scrumptious. He is a Van Helsing demon hunter with an athletic lean muscled form. I was so glad Tegan was not a weak shrinking violet. She was a young woman who is a headstrong kick butt sensei. I love that there was no cliffhanger. I was worried there for a while about the ending. I kept thinking, would they ever find their happily ever after? I won’t give any hints… read the book and see if they overcame all that challenged them. You won’t regret it.
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403 reviews199 followers
January 26, 2021
i honestly don't think paranormal MF are for me. or perhaps i haven't read the ones i'd enjoy. this one was okay, but we basically went back and forth with the relationship which, really, ruined my experience with the book.
but also, i've skipped many pages and rolled my eyes quite a fair amount of times.
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1,392 reviews62 followers
May 5, 2015
I will read all kinds of paranormal books, but I just really don’t like books featuring demons all that much. Sometimes, but not often. I picked this book up because I enjoyed the author’s work in the past, and actually I did think the premise sounded good.

Tegan endured a horrific attack four years ago, and ended up in a mental institution because she couldn’t handle her memories of that attack. She’s finally getting a sort of life back, owns and runs her own dojo, and is a black belt. Her whole life revolves around self defense. What she doesn’t realize is that she was attacked by a demon. Through a series of events(no spoilers!), she hires a private detective with paranormal experience. Gabe, as a secret demon slayer, realizes as soon as he sees her scar from the attack, that they are dealing with a really terrible demon. He also realizes that he really wants Tegan for himself. As for Tegan, she’s just afraid of any man’s touch since the attack.

The characters of Tegan and Gabe were so well drawn by the author, that I felt like I knew them. Their sexual chemistry together was off the charts. Tegan is beautiful, determined,strong, and a true survivor. Gabe is everything a demon slayer should be, strong, hard headed, and also determined. It doesn’t hurt that he is also a super hot guy! He’s had his own share of heartbreak in his life, losing his fiancee, and parents to demons. Weirdly enough, my other favorite character, ended up being a roly-poly, demon snitch, named Lago.

Not only was this book a really good, sensual romance, it was a pretty kick butt read as well. Action packed, with lots of green demon blood, and goo for days. Well imagined world building rounded out this book beautifully. In this world, all different kinds of demons exist, as well as witches. Tegan’s Welsh ancestry comes into play, with a family line that she never knew she belonged to, a line that puts her in the demons path. I enjoyed the authors vision of all the different types of demons, their names, descriptions and abilities. Very imaginative.

If you enjoy a fast paced paranormal romance, with easy flowing dialogue, good characters, steamy sexual situations, and lots of action, I highly recommend this read. I am not sure if there will be more books in this series, but it sure seemed like there could be, and by the same token, it can also stand alone.(RabidReads.com)
December 30, 2013
Reviewed by Kim
for Read Your Writes Book Reviews

The book description really does sum Beg Me to Slay up nicely. This was my first Lisa Kessler book and I was NOT disappointed. It's taken me a long time to embrace paranormal books because I have to suspend my reality. Everything about this book was believable. Lisa has managed to give you characters that you can visualize and a storyline that could be real.

Beg Me to Slay gives you romance, suspense, and a kick-ass hero and heroine, who refuses to be a victim any longer. Gabe and Tegan meet each other through a mixture of fate and destiny. What transpires between these two is simply magical.

Four years ago while living in Los Angeles, Tegan Ashton was attacked by a Hingo Demon and managed to survive. Now living in San Diego, she catches a glimpse of her attacker on a webcam burying a body. When the police refuse to believe her or help, she turns to the one person who she hopes will do both, Gabriel V.H. Smith a private investigator and demon slayer.

With the Hingo demon sending several other demons to get Gabe out of the picture, the question becomes why did Tegan survive the attack, when others don’t and what does her father’s family legacy have to do with it? Just when you think you have everything figured out and that these two are going to defeat the demons and finally find happiness, think again. One decision can lead to a tragic result but that one decision could be the one that saves the world.

Beg Me to Slay will suck you in from the very beginning and will have you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Source: Publisher
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1,395 reviews247 followers
March 30, 2014
Beg Me To Slay was recommended to me by a friend who knows I have been going through a paranormal romance phase. She never fails me because this was fabulous. With suspense, action, fun and a sexy, passionate, yet surprisingly heartfelt romance, everything else ceased to exist around me whilst I was reading; it has a gripping storyline, is fast-paced yet flows perfectly, is realistic and descriptive to the point that it transports you into the supernatural world. I was captivated from the first page and I couldn't put it down.

Tegan Ashton was attacked four years previous, but rather than be a victim, she throws all her focus into her work as a martial arts instructor in order to defend herself. His leaves zero time for relationships. When she sees the man who attacked her, she turns to Gabriel Smith who happens to be the most delectable Private Investigator/Demon Slayer on earth.

They have an amazing chemistry and both surprised me as they become each other's strength yet weakness. Tegan is no wallflower, she may be scared, but she's a survivor; strong, determined and feisty. Gabe oozes appeal and is a man of many layers; he has that air of alpha and he is the strong protector but underneath is a gentle, fun, thoughtful man with his own vulnerabilities. I fell completely in love with him.

Needless to say, I recommend. I'll certainly be reading more of Lisa Kessler's books; if they are as fabulous as this then my reading world will be an even happier place.
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2,367 reviews338 followers
November 7, 2015
Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler

It wasn't until I was 40 pages into this book that I realized I had always read the title wrong. It's not "stay" as in "stay here" but SLAY as in "slay the demons". Oh. Clever and catchy. And cute. Not a light-hearted read but not horror either. A nice paranormal romance where the heroine doesn't stand on the sidelines, but picks up the axe or sword and starts swinging. My favorite type.
The story moved fast and kept my interest.

Tegan Ashton was attacked by a demon a few years back and lived to tell the tale. Although she kept the details out of the paranormal because having people look at her in pity wasn't for her. She moved, opened her own business and learned to protect herself.
When Tegan spots the man who attacked her years later, she hired PI Gabe Smith to help investigate. Tegan learns quickly that demons really do exist and Gabe can help slay them.
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2,042 reviews62 followers
January 5, 2014
Tegan survived an attack on her life four years ago, an attack that has made her draw back from life in a way, she rather stays home or in her dojo, training martial arts, in a sense hiding.
When she one night sees her attacker again, she needs to take action. Hiring a PI turns out to be the smartest thing, since he seems to know the creatures of the night. Does he have to be so yummy though?
Gabe can´t believe he´s face to face with someone who´s survived an attack from a demon, but how to break the news to her? And how to keep his distance, for both of their sakes..
PNR, smutty fluff, action and suspense in a great combo.
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609 reviews15 followers
July 12, 2014
4.5 Stars – A fast-paced, suspenseful, emotion-packed ride!

Tegan Ashton suffered an attack four years ago and her assailant has never been found. She has tried to rebuild her life, learning martial arts and self-defense skills to be able to protect herself, even opening her own dojo, but her emotional scars have never healed. After spotting her attacker while watching the beach on a local motel’s webcam, she decides to hire a PI to help her find him and help bring closure to her attack.

Gabriel V.H. Smith, Licensed PI and paranormal investigator, is not your average private investigator – because of his Van Helsing (V.H.) bloodline, he is also a Demon Slayer. Gabe is also haunted by tragic events of his past, having witnessed everyone that he has cared about fall victims to the demons that he hunts.

When Tegan hires Gabe to help her find her attacker, he immediately recognizes that the scar she has is actually from a demon bite, and he knows he has to help her. He also can’t help the attraction that he feels for her, which only grows as he gets to know her and sees her inner strength.
“He’d never met a woman like Tegan Ashton. She had moxie. She also had lips that drove him to distraction, not to mention those dark-brown eyes shadowed with wounds no one should have to carry, and so much fight and courage that it twisted his gut.”

But he knows he cannot risk caring for Tegan since history has proven that if he does, it will only result in her getting hurt.

Although she too feels the attraction toward Gabe, she is still too emotionally scarred to act on it. The more time she spends with Gabe though, the more he helps her begin to heal.
“You told me you weren’t a victim… Don’t let that attack hold you back from living.”

When the history of Tegan’s own bloodline is brought to light, Gabe and Tegan must work together to unravel the mysteries and stop the demon who has targeted Tegan, all while trying to manage the attraction that is growing between them.

I really enjoyed this story and the lore that surrounded the demons. With so many books being written about vampires and shifters (which I do love!), it was refreshing to read a story with a different paranormal creature in the starring role – especially one that was the bad guy and really had no redeeming qualities! Tegan was totally kick-ass, using all her martial arts skills to be able to fight side by side with Gabe. I loved watching her begin the emotional healing process throughout the story, drawing on the strength and support from Gabe, but also finding her inner strength. Gabe was such an alpha-male, but when it comes to Tegan he is so supportive and caring. He has his own emotional demons to slay, and I found it refreshing that he put his emotions out there for Tegan and didn’t keep them bottled up or try to protect her. I also loved Tegan’s father – although he didn’t have a huge role in the story, his character was integral to the plot and he was quite colorful.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast-paced, suspenseful story with some heat and romance. Kudos to Lisa Kessler for creating such a great story that takes you along for a fast-paced, suspenseful, emotion-packed ride!

I received an eARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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941 reviews
December 29, 2013

If ever there was a book to make you re-think the bar dating scene, this is it!! When a night out drinking led Tegan into the waiting arms of what she thought was a hunky fellow patron, she found herself a victim of something no one could explain even though she was adamant that her version of the events were true. But her past came back to haunt her, and the attacker that plagued her nightmares was back and determined to find her. She needed help, and when she visited private investigator Gabe, things got all kinds of strange and scary…and steamy.

In true Lisa Kessler fashion, Beg Me to Slay brings us your everyday characters and spins an exciting paranormal storyline around them with a heaping helping of sexy! When Tegan went to see Gabe at his office, she had no idea what she was getting herself into. He was a force to be reckoned with anyway, but the fact that he was a demon slayer…well hot damn, he earned extra hottie points for that title! I loved how Gabe slowly lifts the veil over Teagan’s view of the world, exposing her to all of the things that go bump in the night. He agreed to take her case, but on his terms, which left the Teagan who reinvented herself after her attack feeling all kinds of miffed. She may have been untrained to deal with the likes of the demons, but she was strong and no pushover, even when it came to facing gruesome creatures that were out to bring a plague of evil to the world. Awesome heroine? Yep!

These two butted heads a lot as they came across more and more of the demon minions, and it was so much fun watching them bickering all the while knowing they were crazy hot for each other. Teagan was a distraction for Gabe, but she proved she could hold her own both in combat and when her man gave in to his inner alpha! I loved them as a power couple, they had great chemistry and they both had finally found someone to fit in their strange and twisted life. I really enjoyed this story, as I always do Lisa’s work, and I definitely recommend it to any paranormal romance fans!


His fingers brushed her wrist, sliding across her palm as he released her. Almost tender. She’d forgotten how a simple touch could calm instead of threaten. ~p. 12

There had to be some way to make her believe. The sooner she realized demons were real, that he was really who he claimed, the safer she’d be. ~p. 26

“I’ve faced hungry Slater demons in the sewers. I can handle a little mom gushing.”
“Don’t you hear how crazy that sounds?”
“Mom gushing?” ~p. 32

Tegan’s fingers stayed laced with his, leaving him to wonder what the hell had just happened. Trying to second-guess Tegan was like trying to track a tornado.
A tornado he had no business chasing. ~p. 74

Find this and more of my reviews at:
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2,947 reviews205 followers
January 11, 2014
Originally published at Reading Reality

I always wanted Buffy to end up with Ripper, which would have required a time machine and somewhat of an attitude change on Ripper’s part before he settled down and became Giles. That almost makes sense if you look at it sideways.

But this story made some of these dreams come true, and in a really hot way. Only this slayer is the guy, and he hunts demons instead of vampires.

Work with me here, people!

Two people with the same secrets, except they both need some time to figure that out.

Four years ago, Gabe was lured away from his fiance by a demon attack on a woman who managed to escape. While he was saving the mysterious stranger, his fiance was brutally murdered.

Four years ago, Tegan escaped from a demon attack. Of course, no one believes her. She’s spent the past four years becoming a martial arts expert and trainer, opening her own dojo. She decided that she will not be a victim again.

Gabe has spent the past four years continuing his search for the demons that break through to our world from the hells. It’s his duty. He’s this generation’s demon slayer for the Van Helsing family. He’s also kept himself from becoming emotionally attached to anyone else.

Then Tegan sees her demon nightmare bury a woman in the sand on a webcam, and she starts looking for someone who can help her hunt him down. Someone like Gabe, who advertises his services as “Private and paranormal investigations”.

As soon as they meet, he knows that the demon is still hunting her. Her scar is a beacon. He tells himself that his need to bodyguard her is all about catching the demon; and not about sticking close to Tegan.

What Gabe doesn’t bargain on is Tegan’s refusal to let someone else, even a man as utterly delicious as Gabe, take away her right to deal with whatever happens to her. She will defend herself this time. She can take on whoever, or whatever comes.

Even if she has to cut out a demon’s heart with a bloody knife.

Even if Gabe takes her heart with him.

Escape Rating B+: I just found out this is a stand-alone story, and I am seriously bummed. I want more demon slayers. Why does there have to be only one?

Moving right along...Beg Me to Slay just begs for a sequel. Really. There absolutely have to be more demons that need slaying, and more yummy slayers in need of partners who can both kick down the armor around their hearts and kick demon ass.

Because that’s what this story is all about. Both Tegan and Gabe have chosen to wall themselves off from any emotional involvement after some serious emotional trauma. It makes sense.

But they are perfect for each other. Watching them fight their intense attraction at the same time they learn to fight demons together is just plain fun. And hot. And did I mention fun?
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754 reviews10 followers
December 10, 2014
I was given this book by Author Groupies in exchange for an honest review.

Well to start off with I was left in a puddle of drool ..... LOVE the cover !

My palm was itching to rub over that chiselled chest *blush*

First page and I fell in love ~ the reference to the Welsh Gaelic got my dragon blood pumping ! Being Welsh from descent I can proudly call myself a South African Welshman ♥

Tegan is viciously attacked her perpetrator was "kind" enough to leave her with a "souvenir" ,he never was caught and now she's got an eerie feeling that she's being watched *goose bumps*.

One night she sees a couple on the beach but its no romantic stroll , the man's burying  the woman ! She calls 911 , the police come to investigate and as fate would have it find nothing so  evidence there's no case but she's not about to give up and turns to Gabriel , a paranormal investigator to help her it also helps that he believes her ! 

I was all "hubba hubba" at " A tall man with broad shoulders" and "His voice was deep and a little hoarse"  im thinking I've got to find me a spook of my own so I can hire this delicious paranormal investigator ! Lol! Just got to love the escapism ♥

Gabe believes Tegan because hes a slayer and her "souvenir" is a mark from an attack she never should've survived ! An attack by a Hingo is almost always fatal . He's impressed to say the least but I think it's respect for her as a woman and as a survivor ! I think this Hingo demon has a plan with Tegan which is rather frightening prosoect ! ( at this point I'm squealing like a 2 year old)

Tegan and Gabe have their first "team" encounter with a drog and Tegan can keep her wits she's no damsel , damn  girl you kick butt !

One's just got to appreciate that during all this demon slaying there's time for tonsil hockey and more *naughty giggle*

Being plagued by nightmares ,spells and hexes ,being stalked by minion and one obsessed demon makes for scary reading! Glad Tegan has dragon blood pumping in her veins☆

There's also a gentle dark twist ,for lack of a better word .This is the story of  2 wounded souls ,dark times &healing . Beautifully and Frightfully Possessed in a nutshell ♥


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350 reviews44 followers
January 6, 2014
Tegan Ashton is tired of being a victim. After being attacked four years ago she has retreated from the world, focusing on her dojo and honing her self defense techniques. Until the night she sees her attacker burying a woman’s body on a beach and she knows she has to act. When the police don’t believe her she takes matters into her own hands and hires a private investigator to find the man that attacked her. What she gets is a demon hunter that not only believes she was bitten in her attack but that her attacker is still out there.

Tegan and Gabe are both survivors in different ways. Tegan from her attack and Gabe from the deaths of his fiancé and parents. We get alternating pov’s from Tegan and Gabe so we are able to see how their tragedies affect them in different ways. Gabe has closed himself off from relationships and his emotions so that the demons he hunts can’t use anyone against him. Tegan has distanced herself from life out of fear of her attacker. Throughout the book, we watch as they learn to trust one another and the emotions that are being brought to the surface.

I enjoyed watching Tegan and Gabe circle each other before finally taking the steps into a relationship. This book progresses really fast but it doesn’t seem unrealistic when you are reading it. Everything that happens seems perfectly plausible. The pacing was pretty fast and there where quite a few twists and turns that surprised me. There were demons, witches, slayers, curses, legends, romance ect. Each page was interesting and made it hard to stop reading when real life would interject.

I really enjoyed this book. This is my first book by Kessler but it will not be my last. The writing was great and had a very natural flow. Moments of humor broke up what could be a pretty serious story and made the characters more enjoyable to read. I also really enjoyed the epilogue (I am a sucker for a good epilogue) and how it gave some insight into the characters a few months later. I would love to read more about these characters and see what else the future holds for them.
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256 reviews49 followers
August 14, 2014
Lisa Kessler has given us vampires, werewolves and jaguar shifters. Now, in her latest book Beg Me To Slay, she brings us demons, slayers and witches.

Tegan was attacked by a demon four years ago, but she didn't know what be was at the time, and when she sees he followed her to San Diego, she knows that she needs to do something to stop him from finishing her off, so she hires a private investigator/paranormal investigator.

Gabe is sexy as Hell, but the truth he reveals to her sends her world into a tailspin: demons are real, they're looking for her and his real occupation is as a demon slayer, keeping humans safe from the evil thatt inhabited the Earth.

But WHY is Tegan so impirtant to the demons? And does her father's Welsh bloodline hold the key to saving them all or destroying the human plane?

I've read every single book Mrs. Kessler has released, and I can say with utter confidence that this is her best work yet! Perhaps it's because I've always enjoyed stories about demons and demon hunters, or perhaps it's her colorful demonic cast, but I think it is because in Tegan and Gabe she created two of the most intense, realistic and emotional characters yet.

Aside from a good amount of violence and steamy sex, this is a story about survival, and never letting your past dictate your future. It's about fighting for your life, your love and your world.

For fans of her previous works, horror television/film and stories with great meaning.


For more with Lisa Kessler and many other mainstream and indie authors, visit my blog www.kellysmithreviews.wordpress.com
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1,118 reviews48 followers
December 30, 2013
Tegan was attacked and bitten years ago. When she tried to explain to the authorities what had happened, they thought she was crazy. Tegan has relocated and tried to move on with her life pretending that everything is ok, but when she recognizes the killer of another woman on a beach near her home as her own attacker, she knew her assailant had followed her and that she had to seek help and closure. She started interviewing private investigators and just when she was fixing to give up finding anyone to believe her, she discovers Gabe, who is a PI specializing in the paranormal. But... being attracted to him wasn't part of her plan.

OMG... I LOVED Gabe! He has made the best out of the rough life he has been dealt. He's SEXY, loyal, supportive-to-a-fault, mentally and physically strong and just look at his delicious abs on this book's can't-ignore cover! Gabe is an awesome tortured hero!

The chemistry between Gabe and Tegan is electric. Tegan is a black belt kick-ass heroine who understandably has trouble dealing with emotional issues since her attack. I loved the world Lisa Kessler has created with demons, demon slayers, witches, and paranormal folklore. I even became quite fond of Gabe's quirky demon friend.

If you enjoy a good paranormal read, pick this up! You won't be sorry! Lisa Kessler writes the BEST stories and this one is excellent!

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December 30, 2013
Review to come; totally enjoyed this PNR!
I love a female protagonist who can take care of herself and yet is still ultra-feminine, a little needy because of a past issue, but is willing to stand and fight, side by side with the man she grows to trust and love. This is what you have in Tegan Ashton. Four years after being attacked, she is shocked to find someone on the beach while she's watching her favorite webcam. It's her attacker and it looks like he's burying the body of a woman. Tegan goes to the police and they basically ignore her. So she decides to hire a private investigator. Enter Gabe. After hearing her story and seeing her scar, Gabe, a P.I. who happens to be a paranormal P.I. as well as a demon slayer, absolutely believes her and eventually tells her that he's a demon slayer. Together, these two build up some serious chemistry in the quest to hunt down the demon who attacked and marked Tegan.

What I loved about this romance is that it wasn't cut and dry either. It wasn't a "ME DEMON SLAYER. I SLAY DEMON. WE HAVE SEX. DONE!" kind of paranormal romance. We have a little family history in Tegan's father who knows his Welsh family history, is totally accepting of "dragons", and helps with translations of an old family bible/journal of sorts that ends up becoming very important for Gabe and Tegan to vanquish the demon.

Fast paced, great sexual tension, protagonists that ring true, this was a lovely way to spend an evening!
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1,417 reviews75 followers
October 11, 2015
Another hit for Lisa Kessler as I loved "Beg Me to Slay." It's a well-written novel full of intrigue and romance, along with some demons and witches, and one gorgeous, sexy demon slayer thrown into the mix. As for the two protagonists, Gabe and Tegan, you can't help but love them as they're both strong individuals, physically and mentally, with a lot of hot passion sizzling between them. Tegan is a heroine that's so likeable and endearing as she's a strong, independent woman who can really kick ass; who isn't a complete know-it-all or great at everything she does; who doesn't whine constantly about not wanting any help at the same time adamantly refusing it; or comes across as an arrogant bitch. When she decides she wants to get her life back, instead of ignoring the truth about demons she realizes that she needs to face her own demons head on, even if it means fighting alongside Gabe. Even Gabe doesn't lie to himself and think that he can conquer all. He knows he needs help and doesn't fight it. Fast-paced, full of sexual tension, and full of action with characters that feel so real is why this novel is deserving of the five stars I gave it. Hoping this is a start to great new series.
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2,720 reviews88 followers
January 1, 2014
loved it!!!

Tegan was attacked four years ago, but most people thought she was cray when she tried to explain what happened. After the attack she starts to pretend everything is ok so that people leave her alone.

she starts learning to defend herself, opens a Dojo to prevent her from being a victim again.

than she sees the same man, who attacked her, murdering a women. for fear that people think her cracy again, she looks for a private detective. not only because of the murder she witnessed but also to geht closure for her attack.

the only detective who is willing to work for her on this case is a paranormal private detective - Gabe.

first of all, I loved this book. the story is never easy and the characters both are very troubled. but they can't deny their attraction, which makes everything for them more difficult. there are some twists and turns, which make this story an interesting ride and a real good story.

I loved the development from Tegan, first she is still the victim, even when she is able to protect herself. but she grows with the story and the developments. Gabe is sexy and a great hero.

all in all: I loved the book!

Disclaimer: a copy was provided for an honest review

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1,490 reviews31 followers
December 31, 2013
I received a copy of this book in place of an honest review.

Tegan Ashton was attacked four years ago and it took her life away from her. Now she does martial arts and self-defense. She owns her own dojo and teachers kids. She was put into a mental hospital for a year because everyone thought she was crazy when she told them what had attacked her. She goes and hires Gabe who is a paranormal private investigator.

Gabe is a demon-slayer and when he see's the bite mark on Tegan's body, he knows who is responsible for it and can't believe that she is still alive. He tells her that he will do the job. She didn't know that he would follow her around and stay in her apartment. When these two come together they both have scars that they are trying to get over.

When I read this book I didn't know how connected these two really where. I was really surprised by what I found out. These two really needed each other to help them heal. The author did a great job with this story and you could see the darkness they were both trying to get through. I have read several books by this author and each book is unique.

All I will say is that you really need to read this book to see what I am talking about.
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August 11, 2016
I was given an ARC ebook by Entangled Publishing for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book and I hope there is a follow up to continue the story of Tegan and Gabe.

Tegan is still dealing with an attack that happened 4 years ago. To make sure that she was never helpless again she threw herself into self defense and martial arts, and then opened her own dojo. Then one night she saw her attacker, leading her to seek out of P.I. to help do what the cops never could, find the man who attacked and bite her, leaving a reminder in the shape of a scar. Enter Gabe, at P.I. by day and a demon hunter by night.

Of course as they work together they fight with each other, then apologize, then fight again. Both are damaged from events in their past and they both fight their growing feelings for each other. And the stress of finding the demon that is building an army to open a portal for another powerful demon to come to earth, that doesn't help.

I would recommend this book. And like I mentioned before I would like to hear more of their story, even a novella would do. I will be reading more from Lisa Kessler in the future.

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December 22, 2013
That was definitely page turner, so many twists!

Gabe is a PI that looks into paranormal too, maybe that's because his a slayer, Tegan, yes Tegan that is like Megan with a T!! Lol, well she's troubled she was attacked and now her attacker is back, but he was no human, he was a demon......and he wants her!!

Gabe is on her side but his very bossy and insists he stays with her, she's having none of that, well for a while at least. There relationship developed so nicely and it wasn't all sweetness lots of ups and downs that gave it a realistic side.

There is lots of action in this book along with the romance but I can't say too much as I don't want to ruin story but this book will keep you intrigued and it's very well written, I will definitely read this author again.

4.5 vampy and racey stars

I received an arc of this book for an honest review
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December 29, 2013
I am a BIG fan of Lisa Kessler and she has not disappointed me yet. I loved this book. Tegan is a tough as nails woman who was attacked by what she thought was a man and whom was never caught. When she sees a body being buried on the beach and no one will believe her she hires no nonsense demon hunter/PI Gabe. There is an attraction neither wants to recognize but can't help. They fight the demons, their attraction and everything else thrown at them. This is a fast paced story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. There's humor and sadness. So much I want to say but don't want to give it anything away...you'll get love, demons, shock factors and about anything else you can want in a book. I highly recommend this book. Great book, Lisa!!!
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August 11, 2016
Another home run by Lisa Kessler! I love Tegan and Gabe individually, but when you put the two of them together, WOW. They are an awesome team! I love how, when faced with her first demon, Tegan just picks up a weapon and starts kicking butt, and she wasn't afraid to remind Gabe of it every chance she got! I do have to mention there was one part in here that did have a shock factor for me, and I am usually pretty good and guessing the shock factors before they happen. I don't want to give anything away though so I guess you will just have to read it for yourself and see if you get as shocked as I did. Definitely recommend this and all Lisa's books for that matter. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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January 1, 2015
Beg Me to Slay by Lisa Kessler, is the story of two emotionally and physically wounded survivors whose paths cross not once but twice.. I enjoyed Gabe and Tegan as characters, they were like-able, well written, equally strong, and had a good chemistry and connection. The story was filled with various types of demons, a small cast of characters, an easy to follow plot, some great action scenes, and tidbits of humor. The sex is tasteful and not graphic, supportive of the building relationship of the H/h. As Urban Fantasy books go this one held my attention from beginning to end.

I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway, and am glad I read it.
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December 12, 2013
The author has offered us two extremely strong characters. Tegan who was attacked by a demon and survived and Gabe a. PI/demon hunter who she hires to find her attacker. Together they discover not everything is what it appears to be and in order to live they need each other. As I read this story I found lessons of hope.love..and acceptance. Yes it's a paranormal romance but I believe some books offer up so much more. This was very enjoyable!
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July 22, 2015
4.5 stars!! A fun and engaging paranormal romance. Loved Gabe and Tegan. They both had bad (as in really bad experiences) to overcome. They were stubborn and loyal, always putting others ahead of themselves.

The demon-fighting scenes were well-written and action packed. These two worked so well together.

Definitely some streaminess and an HEA. I hope there is more to come in this series!
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Author 5 books79 followers
July 16, 2016
There's a demon on the loose, and he's coming for the victim he failed to kill. But don't worry imperfect Gabriel demon killer is there to protect her. This book will delight paranormal fans who like their demons tempered with a bit of humor.
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Author 18 books32 followers
December 13, 2013
Thank you for allowing me to be part of your ark team.I loved this book I couldn't put it down highly addictive it was perfectly written from start to finish !!
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