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Sanguis City #2

Carpe Noctem

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It’s no fun being an unlicensed bleeder in the city of blood, especially one who happens to be the better half of a vampire god.

Trouble follows Noir as she escapes the vampire culture into The Fringe, where the most rebellious humans dwell. Well, at least she thought – other creatures of the night and day call the fringe home too. Among them, she might just find the witch to make her one wish come true, if he does not find her first.

Being juiced used to be her biggest fear until she finds out the alternative. Mandatory service sounds a lot like slavery to Noir. Good thing her sexy captor has a bigger problem, they all do… With the city on lockdown, trying to flush out the designers of the latest zombie virus, talk of a rebellion puts everyone on edge. The bleeders get caught in the middle, enforcing curfews and sanctions to punish all humans. Noir may be busy fighting her own battles with the men in her life but she can’t ignore her place in the upcoming conflict for long.

Even if she is more like a vampire than she ever thought, Noir tries to resist giving into the most basic of her desires as she struggles to free the man she truly loves. With demons reappearing, friends changing and her world crumbling down around her – how does someone who can not die cope? Is she a pawn in a more sinister plot or the key to saving the city? What will happen when Noir decides to seize the night?

400 pages

First published November 4, 2014

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About the author

Morgan Jane Mitchell

68 books662 followers
USA Today Bestselling Author Morgan Jane Mitchell spent years blogging politics and health trends before she rediscovered her love of writing fiction.

Trading politicians for bloodsuckers of another kind, she's now the author of bestselling post-apocalyptic fantasy novel, Sanguis City. Her action packed series of vampires, witches, demons and zombies is paranormal romance, dystopia, urban fantasy and erotica in one bite.

When Morgan Jane is not creating the city of blood or conjuring up other supernatural tales, she's dreaming up erotic and dark romances like her bestselling motorcycle club series, Asphalt Gods MC.

Despite her ever changing hair and her love of adventure, fine food and art, she spends most of her time enjoying the simple life with her free range chickens and ducks, 3 sons and the love of her life who happens to be the best assistant ever.

Come sink your teeth in www.morganjanemitchell.com

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Profile Image for Tbird London.
558 reviews4 followers
November 19, 2014
Where do I start when it comes to writing this review? I have been, well let’s say less than patient, waiting to find out Noir is going to do with the wish she had been granted. When I finally find out it made sense at the time, but as with every other book in this series, when you think you have things figured out, Morgan changes the plot on you.

Noir is still stuck in the fringes of the city. With new threats put in place for humans and bleeders, she is going to have to find a creative way to save Crow and survive. Her love and loyalty for him prevents her from even considering if he is worth saving any more after finding out what he is located. Now as difficult as that sounds her life just keeps getting messier by the day while my heart keeps breaking for her.

Sander one of the most powerful vampires, wants her and earlier we had learned he tricked her into marriage. She is now wearing his ring but her heart is anywhere but willing to be his other half. She is struggling to break free from his reign, but he won’t let go and she knows that she has to use him in some ways to get what she needs. For the record, I really love Sander. I have internal arguments with Noir as I read this book asking, really is he that bad? He is sexy, powerful and he really loves you woman. Oh well, we all know Noir will do what she wants, isn’t that why we adore her?

She also has a thorn in her side named Zeus who will go to any length to get her to do what he wants. Did I mention his enemy is Sander? Ok so you can imagine what demands he is putting on her because she has the special ability that no one else has. This leaves us with Quixon putting demands on Noir as well. I think Noir does have some feelings for him, but geez she didn’t have a moment to breathe in this book to even figure it out.

We are reunited with some characters from the beginning of the series and introduced to new ones that play major roles for Noir and her life. The ending was once again one of those moments that leaves you wanting more but this time I shed a few more tears than ever before. I am not a huge fan of vampire books, but Morgan is one of the few authors that can make this genre engaging and attractive to someone like me. She has me so emotional when I am reading this series and explains the situations so clearly, it is easy for me to just jump in and understand the concept. Make sure you get your copy of this series. You really need to read each one in order to fully invest in this series.
Profile Image for Angela.
324 reviews26 followers
November 4, 2014
*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

Before I read this book, I read the first one and the novella that gives some background to Noir and her circumstances. This vampire book is completely different from other vampire books because the vampires rule the major cities. They have people that work for them called breeders who are a little more than human but not quite vampires. There are also humans that live in the cities, but they are there for food for the vampires. There are zombies but they aren't the usual ones. They are basically infected humans whose bodies are falling apart. They can bite you and infect you. Noir is an undocumented living in the city trying to make sense of her life and her heart.

This book and series is just ok to me. I got really tired of Noir basically professing her love to one person and then turning around and having sex with someone else and having "feelings" for another one. This isn't a love triangle situation. This is an insecure, horny, indecisive girl that is using everyone to get her something. She professes her love to Crow for eternity. Then, she kind of likes Tombs right after she meets him. Then, she starts having a relationship with Aubrey and tells him she loves him. Next, she's sleeping in Sander's bed and having sex with him while she's thinking about Aubrey and Crow. And then, there is Quixon who she starts out hating and next starts having feelings for him and might want more with him. None of the others know about the other men or that she is lying to them. The rest of the story is good and interesting so I will probably get the next book just to see how it turns out. I give this book 3.5 books.
Profile Image for Jennifer Treviño.
549 reviews5 followers
November 5, 2014
Another Action-packed, HOT, Suspenseful, Read by Morgan Jane Mitchell!, November 4, 2014
This series has intrigued me from the beginning, & I was very eager to get my hands on this sequel! I am happy to see many of my favorite bleeders & a certain vamp back in full force! Thankfully we are thrown right back into the story exactly where we left off in book one. The characters have gone through so much, & the changes continue to come. Everything happens so quickly we are chasing after the clues just as quickly as the vamps & others tracking them down. Honestly I wanted to smack Noir a few times as she continued on extremely determined to redirect events to win back her past stolen from her, or at least as she believed. BUT...when things begin to unfold, will it all unravel as she'd hoped? So many choices! How can she know for certain who is being truthful, & who is playing her?
Wise advise ~ wishes should be chosen wisely.
As I find myself screaming at Noir to accept destiny & jump into Sander's arms I can not wait to see where Morgan takes us next!!
Aaaargh...now to wait for the next release!

Profile Image for Samaris Creech.
377 reviews8 followers
November 4, 2014
Noir is trying to survive in a city where she is no longer welcome all the while trying to rescue her once upon a time fiancé from the fate that has fallen on him. Savy, Noirs best friend is determined to help her find the cure for Crow now all they need is a witch. One would think in a city full of things that go bump in the night one would be easy to find. Yet that is not the case since being a witch is illegal in Sanguis City. Noir is being blackmailed by Zeus to do his dirty work yet none o the tasks he assigns her make any sense. Sander just wants what is his in this case Noir by his side. I mean that is where a wife belongs by her husband’s side. Being manipulated on several different fronts Noir is left confused and stuck between a rock and a hard place. The politics involved in Vampire society are things she wants nothing to do with. Can she save Crow before it is too late? Will she be able to save Sanguis City from it’s inevitable doom? How many must die before Noir accomplishes what she wants? Will she always be nothing more than a pawn to be used in other people’s games?
Profile Image for Runningrabbit.
1,385 reviews94 followers
November 4, 2014
I ended up disappointed with this novel. There didn't seem to be a lot of resolution from any factor, and the ending seemed abrupt after a lot of build up.

The main character became less and less likable, upping the anti self-absorption factor. Everything about her became a jumbled mess of relationships that were anti-climactic.

The purpose of her 'mission' fell flat with a big bump and with little ongoing emotion from that fallout. The love-triangle style relationships went on much as before with little in the way of development, and this all became a big hodgepodge that left a very muddy end to the novel.

Let's face it: she's a bit of a bitch. Full-stop. End of the novel: she's still a bit of a bitch, but less and less likable. This leaves a lack of reader empathy with the lead character.

Let's not start on the editing. Aside from some basic errors, the lack of commas had the reader unnecessarily repeating sentences to make full sense of the appropriate context.

After all this, I'll probably still give the next novel a go.
Profile Image for Glenna Maynard.
Author 146 books1,423 followers
October 26, 2014
I read an early version of this book before and now after reading the full book I am just blown away my full review is to come but I can say I wasn't ready for it to end it was that good I just wanted it to continue. I wish this series was a TV show because it would be a favorite. floved this books so hard. there are so many great characters and the dynamic between them all was mind blowing!
Profile Image for Britt .
375 reviews10 followers
November 6, 2014
I couldn't put it down! I'm going to rant for a moment because I saw it coming but it still pissed me the f** off. Crow, really?!?! And Savy and Aubrey! I need the next book right now to see what the deal is with Sander and how he's going to handle Jameson.
Displaying 1 - 9 of 9 reviews

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