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Archer of the Lake

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War Looms Over the Woodlands….

Master archer Caelfel is a student of magic and the youngest she-elf of her city, Sal’Sumarathar. Her passionate naïveté and fierce devotion to those she loves often lands her in unique, precarious situations.

Rogue elf Feraan is a reclusive member of a secret order tasked with protecting the land from threats. Carrying out a task on their behalf inevitably earns him a reputation as the most hated elf in the empire of Honey Water.

A chance encounter during a goblin hunting party where Caelfel boldly saves Feraan’s life sparks a powerful, unlikely companionship. The strength of their bond—and the burgeoning romance that ensues—goes under trial when Feraan’s secret order uncovers a cunning, vengeful adversary known as the Desert Princeling leading an army to Honey Water’s doorstep.

All the while, even greater dangers await to test their resolve…


First published May 23, 2014

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About the author

Kelly R. Michaels

7 books21 followers
Kelly R. Michaels writes fiction and independently publishes books and novels under the imprint of Little Owl Publishing. Her first book Archer of the Lake was released May 2014. The next book of the same series titled Prince of the Vale was released December 2015. She dabbles in children's literature occasionally under her married name, Kelly Bahney.

She lives in a small town in southern Tennessee where she graduated in 2013 with her Associates in Foreign Language. She then graduated Athens State University in 2016 with her Bachelors in English. She currently teaches English to high school students in Tennessee and is pursuing an MS in Education at Walden University. She continues to write her books at every available opportunity and has two books (Queen of the Pyre and The Midwinter Fairytale) planned for 2020 releases.

For more information on Kelly R. Michaels or her books, you may visit her website at:

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731 reviews15 followers
August 11, 2015
~Disclaimer: I received this book for free in a giveaway~

Pros: Great world building (created an engaging and unique universe), likable lead, intrigue, action scattered throughout story and interesting character dynamics.

Cons: Fell into some tropes, back and forth hot and cold romance gets annoying, built up to a rather short climax.

With all that said...I do want to read the sequel. I do want to know more about the lead character and what is going on in this world. I would like to see more of the romance now that we've gotten that back and forth nonsense out of the way. Prophecies are a tired trotted out theme in fantasy, but all the same I'd like to see where this leads.

The main character is a little helpless at time, but she is very young compared to the people surrounding her. She is just starting her education when all hell breaks lose in her life. So, her sometimes ill planned and impulsive behavior and her inability to get herself out of scrapes is believable (unlike a lot of stories that build up their lead to be this great badass that then falls into the damsel in distress stereotype) and throughout the story she learns and gets better at handling herself.

The other character (aka romantic interest) is a bit cliche in the fact that he the dark brooding type that keeps to himself. He has the whole tragic backstory and the whole can't get involved with people because people who get involved with me get hurt BS. But honestly he isn't why I kept reading. Yes, he helps the lead out and he does cause her a lot of trouble. And he keeps secrets. And all sorts of other stuff. However, he doesn't remain static throughout the story either. But he isn't who interests me. It is the story and the lead that interest me. This villain which we don't know much about yet that intrigues me. I think this is worth a look see and I am waiting eagerly to read more.

Thank you for the book and I apologize for the delay in reading it.
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Author 2 books24 followers
November 9, 2015
I wasn’t sure at first, but The Archer of the Lake soon pulled me in. It was thoroughly enjoyable and easy to read, perfect for a rainy Sunday. It has a wonderful set of characters and I certainly hope we haven’t seen the last of Feraan.

The story took me along with it, fast paced, with enough detail of the immediate situations to draw a picture of this Elven world and beyond, but not so much to slow the pace.

The book in itself is well resolved, but I can’t but feel there are many more stories waiting to come from this world - the characters and scene are set for so much more; my mind is certainly wondering where things will go from here for all the various characters - even some not-so-central figures that have been introduced deserve more stories... and the central characters have so far yet to grow; I was getting annoyed at some of them until I realized I can’t expect them to become everything I think they will be in the space of a few pages, it’s just the beginning...


Elves? Check.
Werefolk? Check.
Bows and arrows? Check.
Magical stuff? Check.
Headstrong heroine? Check.
Dark hero? Check.

Was it a fun read? Yes, yes it was.
1 review
March 3, 2020
Exciting story telling

Ms Michael's story telling is inventive and exciting. It is fantasy SCI but it is different than any I've ever read. It is definitely worth reading. I highly recommend it to anyone.
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Author 0 books115 followers
June 8, 2014
Archer of the Lake is a fantasy story. The scene is set when we meet Feraan Auvrearaheal known as the wandering elf. A meeting is being held of the Chthonic Order. A prediction is received from Sibylla the Blind Seer warning of evil in the forest.

Eighty years later, we are introduced the elves who live in the Honey Water Empire. Caelfel Gyssedlues is a young elf at just seventy-six years of age. She is part of a group who are under attack from Goblins, killing sixty-three of them, she is sent to check that they are all dead. Alone,she meets a stranger and both are attacked once more. The stranger is unconscious but not dead, her fellow elves insists she leaves him for dead, but Caelfel refuses and sets out to seek a healer.

Caelfel wants to study magic and her chance comes as the college selects new students. It is predicted she will be a powerful magician. But she only gets one day of lessons from Sir Kennyrateur before she is arrested for necromancy and treason. She escapes execution only after Lady Gwyndolyn Ernmas, the master of auras, proves her innocence.

Auras are very important to elves and Caelfel finds that her's attracts some unwanted attention. Others are after her and her friendship with Feraan is putting her at risk. With the seer for-telling the importance of a she-elf in future events, Caelfel's life path leads to a kidnapping and a dangerous rescue.

There's a lot going on in this story and many characters with names which I struggled with. The ending opens the way for a second book.
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Author 9 books14 followers
March 11, 2015
Really enjoyed it. There were a few things I might have done differently but the book really held my attention and I'm really glad I got to read it. The characters were interesting, the story had me interested the moment I started reading, and the build up to the end was satisfying. Looking forward to the next one.
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