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Timedance #2

Starlight's Edge

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Zee has given up her entire world to be with David on far-future Earth, confident that their love will overcome all obstacles. But beneath its lustrous surface and dazzling technology, New Earth is full of challenges, including the animosity of David's wealthy and powerful family.

As Zee struggles to find her place, David travels back to past Earth. Then, on a mission to Pompeii on the eve of the Vesuvius eruption, he vanishes. Zee knows he is in mortal danger, but will she be able to rescue him in time?

240 pages, Hardcover

First published August 29, 2013

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Susan Waggoner

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October 18, 2015
Liza folgt ihrer großen Liebe David ins Jahr 3738 nach Neu-Erde.  Die Welt, wie Liza sie kannte wurde durch eine Serie von Meteoriteneinschlägen zerstört und nur Menschen, die dies nicht überlebt haben dürfen in die Zukunft reisen, denn die anderen sind für den Aufbau der neuen Welt unverzichtbar und müssen bleiben. Doch auch diese neue Welt birgt ihre Gefahren und Herausforderungen.

Das Buch war sehr leicht zu lesen obwohl es sich um einen Fortsetzungsband handelt und mir der erste Teil unbekannt ist. Ich fand es besonders witzig zu lesen, wie sich die Autorin den Alltag in über 1700 Jahren vorstellt, was Shoppen, Zähneputzen, Reisen, Ernährung, Freizeitgestaltung, etc betrifft.
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August 8, 2016
Read this review and others at The Silver Petticoat Review: Starlight’s Edge – Love at the Edge of the Universe

Review by Clarissa Hadge

Overall Rating = 4.5; Romance Rating = 4


In Susan Waggoner’s Starlight’s Edge, the novel picks up from where Zee and David were left at the end of Neptune’s Tears. Zee has made the decision to follow her heart and to time jump with David to his future on New Earth, 1,500 years forward in time. They leave the old Earth through a new technological transmission process that Zee has never encountered. David, having made the time jumps before, tries to calm her down, but the idea of having her cells disintegrate and reestablish “in a millennium and a half,” as David jokingly puts it, still makes Zee nervous. But she goes through with it, and takes the leap, into the starlight’s edge.

On New Earth, Zee’s senses are overwhelmed with new sights and sounds. Transportation has evolved with the technology, and Zee and David are able to travel from Iceland, where they’re deposited from the time jump to London, where David’s family lives, in about twenty minutes. Zee meets David’s parents and his sister, Fiona. Though she receives a moderately warm welcome from his father and Fiona, Zee feels right off the bat as if she doesn’t fulfill David’s mother’s expectations, which bothers her.

As Zee maneuvers in this new time period, she adjusts slowly to the technology that permeates everything — from figuring out how to use a teeth cleaning tablet instead of a toothbrush, and figuring out a “cube,” which houses everything that a smartphone, computer, holograph projections and more could do. David explains the cube is a necessary object for everyone on New Earth and shows Zee how to coordinate banking and purchases using it. The nanotechnology that is used on New Earth makes most of what Zee would have used in her old life obsolete, and Zee finds herself missing some of her now-outdated technologies.

David warns Zee not to trust the AI of the computers, since the computers have formed their own capabilities, making their motivations unsafe.
At a party thrown in honor of her and David’s return, Zee meets David’s older brother, Paul. The brothers have an “anything you can do, I can do better attitude” toward each other. What surprises Zee the most about meeting Paul is that she senses that he is not well; her training as an empath kicks in immediately when they meet though she can’t pinpoint his illness. David reassures her that most diseases have been eradicated on New Earth, but Zee is convinced that there is something wrong with Paul.

Paul announces that he’s undertaking a dangerous time jump to Pompeii. If he succeeds, he’ll return home a hero. Zee knows that David wants to take an equally daring time jump, but has agreed not to do so, as to not endanger himself now that she is with him on New Earth. Zee’s suspicions about Paul are further raised, when an accident at the party almost takes out Zee and David.

Still, Zee doesn’t regret taking the time jump with David, but she does long for some of the clarity of her old life. Her training as an empath doesn’t open many doors for her in the job market, and listless, she joins a support group for people who have time jumped from many different decades. These people discover that though the nanotechnology is efficient and can literally make anything anyone could ever want in a matter of moments, what people crave are the handmade things of the past. Food on New Earth is tasteless, but a man who was a chef in his time is able to create simple meals from scratch that put even the most decadent nano meals to shame.

As each person offers their individual skills — things like lacemaking, performing music, and playing tennis — they’re able to create a community, and spread these skills to the rest of New Earth.
However, Zee finds herself unable to offer anything more than her empath training, and distraught feels as if she hasn’t made any progress in her new life.

After overhearing a mysterious conversation with Paul, and another accident in a cab that targets Paul as the culprit, Zee weighs her options of telling David her concerns, or trying to figure out more information about Paul before leaping to conclusions. Two others are potential culprits. Mia, David’s time jump partner, whom Zee had interacted with before on the old Earth, has never given Zee much indication that she liked her. Previously, Zee had guessed that Mia had feelings for David, and when they all time jumped to New Earth, those suspicions were confirmed. David’s father also has reasons to knock Zee out of the picture — with Zee gone, David could fill his potential as a time jumper, without any reasons to take shorter, and therefore, less commendable jumps.

But Zee eventually turns a corner, after trusting her computer enough to ask for assistance in finding a role on New Earth, and decides that she is going to join the Time Fleet, and become a time jumper like David.

Zee’s life has order again, and she is more happy than she has been since her arrival.
She is able to do more of her empath training, moving toward divining, as she had been in her previous life.

Zee’s happiness is short-lived, after a third accident during an eagling expedition for Paul’s going away party almost kills both Zee and David. Eagling, a cross between skydiving and hang gliding is an adrenaline rush for the citizens of New Earth. Zee puts on a brave face after it is clear the ropes to her chute were cut, so as to not raise suspicions. But as Zee reviews who had the chute last, she realizes that it passed through the hands of Paul, his father, and Mia and that any one of them could have cut the ropes.

When Paul leaves for his Pompeii mission, Zee receives a message shortly after from David relaying that something has gone horribly wrong and that he had to go after Paul. Zee time jumps to Pompeii to rescue the both of them. Fortunately for them, she does, because she manages to track David down, but not before realizing that Paul’s time jump was a trap for David.

SPOILER! Paul has been infected by a manipulative computer virus. In a twist of fate, Zee, by allowing herself to be empathic toward her computer and trusting its AI, discovers this, and relays this information to David. Zee was able to pinpoint Paul’s location and saw that he wasn’t in the same year as the two of them; the same time that Pompeii is set to explode.

David finds Paul and brings him back to the year that he and Zee were initially in, and as Pompeii is exploding around them, they time jump to New Earth. A cover story is made up as an excuse for the Time Fleet, but Zee’s true actions are lauded by David and his family.

Zee finally feels that she has found her place in this new world, and knows that no matter what, no matter on what version of Earth she is on, goodness will prevail.
I enjoyed Starlight’s Edge more than I did Neptune’s Tears, and a large part of that had to do with the world building. Zee’s Earth in Neptune’s Tears was accessible, but the world of New Earth here has an interesting juxtaposition of the future so far removed, but still with an immense longing for the past. Starlight’s Edge, even though it’s a sequel, could be read as a standalone. There were some sci-fi tropes — the world of New Earth is almost antiseptic in its overall feel — but Zee’s empathy helps the reader maneuver around this. The romance is toned down a bit less in this sequel since the stakes are different than in Neptune’s Tears. There are many tender moments between Zee and David that shine through this novel, and with the cliffhanger from the previous novel, it enticed me enough to read on about what would happen between them.

Zee’s stubbornness to find some manner in which to use her empath skills was a good way to allow her to keep that aspect from her previous life, while also giving her character more agency, which I appreciated.

My one concern is that the novel tied up a bit too neatly at the end: everyone lives! Little to no consequences! Yay! But all in all, that does sum up Zee’s outlook on her life; facing challenges with a full sense of positivity.


As I wrote in my previous review for Neptune’s Tears, I think Starlight’s Edge would translate well to the silver screen. Zee’s experience on New Earth with the stark reality of all the new technology she didn’t have in her previous life would be entertaining and relatable to watch. Since I cast Georgie Henley as Zee and Kodi Smit-McPhee as David before, now I would cast Grant Gustin (TV’s Barry Allen on The Flash and Arrow) as Paul. David and Paul are close in age, and Grant balances a seriousness, charisma, and humor as Barry that I think he could transpose into Paul’s character as well!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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25 reviews
May 2, 2020
This book was a cute sequel to Neptune’s Tears. The story had me flying through the pages, and the author’s descriptions are clear and vivid. The story was very much about Zee as the superhero and all about lessons learned. My only complaint is that the set up for the actual story on the back flap took up more than 2/3 of the book. Although the set up is very interesting, it still felt like most of the action was the last 70 pages and, therefore, the ending didn’t feel nearly as built-up as the rest of the story. The ending is cheesy but wholesome; happy endings and neatly wrapped-up conclusions abound. All that said, the story is cute, and I would read this book again for the beautiful descriptions alone.
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3,326 reviews1,016 followers
July 30, 2014
3.5 stars

Starlight's Edge is the second book in Susan Waggoner's Timedance series and I can't review it without including spoilers for the first book so please don't continue reading this review if you haven't already read Neptune's Tears.

At the end of the first book we saw Zee agree to leave everything - her home, her family and her friends - behind to travel 1,500 years into the future to be with David. She knows that her journey to New Earth can only ever be one way and that she will never be able to return so now that she has finally been cleared to make the trip she is both excited and apprehensive. Everything is different on New Earth and she struggles to fit in and make it her home. It is clear that David's family don't want her around and she can't even find a job because disease and illness are a thing of the past and Empaths are no longer needed. She loves David but she is feeling lost and lonely. Zee isn't the kind of girl to sit around complaining though so she sets out to make friends with other Time emigrants and to find a way to make use of her Empathic and Divining abilities. It is when David is on another mission, this time to Pompeii just before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, that Zee has a vision and knows he is in danger but can she find a way to get back there in time to save him?

As with the previous book I found Starlight's Edge to be a very fast paced and easy to read story. Susan Waggoner has created a brilliant futuristic world and I enjoyed seeing the details of how people lived their day to day lives. The trials and tribulations of the Time emigrants was really well thought out and I enjoyed seeing Zee getting to meet different people from throughout history and watching them all start to find a place for themselves on New Earth. I also really enjoyed the trip further back in time to Pompeii and the mystery over who was trying to harm David and whether Zee would be able to help him in time. I've enjoyed both of these books and would definitely be happy to revisit these characters again if the author decides to continue the series. There is so much scope when it comes to time travel and you really could take these characters anywhere. What I love is that these books are both complete books and there are no horrible cliffhanger endings but there is definitely room to revisit them in the future.

One thing I do wish is that these books were a bit longer and more detailed though. I was having so much fun exploring New Earth and learning about the different technology and customs that I was almost disappointed to leave it to travel back in time again. Although I enjoyed the trip to Pompeii I would have liked to have spent more time there, that section of the story felt a little rushed and could easily have been expanded upon to give readers more background information about that time period. There were actually quite a few places where I felt the story could easily have been expanded and I would have enjoyed it even more if that was the case. Having said that these books do make very good quick reads and are perhaps a great way to get more reluctant or slightly younger readers to give the stories a chance. If you enjoy time travel and like getting to explore futuristic worlds with fascinating technology then this is definitely a series you'll enjoy and I'm sure fans of Neptune's Tears will enjoy Starlight's Edge even more.
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207 reviews7 followers
June 16, 2015
Starlight's Edge is one of the books I've been wanting to read and so excited to read about! I never thought today is THE day I would finally get to read this book! Perfect timing! I've been waiting for the right moment for like an eternity to read this book and now it's here. It has been worth the wait to be honest!

Starlight's Edge narrates the story of Zee McAdams as she fully dedicate herself to come home with David Sutton's world called New Earth. Little did she know that New Earth is utterly indescribable and the life she will be living onwards has been real out of science fiction. The shock came to her as she enters a new different world that had her questioning her choices.

I have to say I enjoyed the book. SO in love with it that I couldn't be bothered by anything that was going on around me. I truly had a great time reading the story of Zee and David. Their passion seeps through the pages and I just couldn't stop reading until there are no longer pages to read. It was a quick and very well-written book. Intelligible, full of creativity into the setting of the story. The plot has its own unique and originality to it.

I really appreciate the characters. The author has perfectly introduced new characters in and I wasn't disappointed how it turns out. It was truly intriguing to know David's brother, Paul. I'm not going to say he was mysterious that I want to know more about him but the author created him as a cause to something that will be revealed in the later part of the story. It turned out really well. The characters are likable and well-rounded. Very responsible for the acts that they do. I like that. They have their own ability to think for themselves and are not selfish either.

I also have to give my good opinion to the fiction world placed in to the story. It's so dynamic, I find it really interesting. How the author come up with such an idea of the future is pretty well researched and knowledgeable that we can compare the difference between our Earth and the New Earth she has formed in the book. I can visualize how the New Earth can possibly be part of our world. That has got me pondering. Last but definitely not the least, the trip to Pompeii is the part where the book takes me to another era I will never be able to visit and I'm so in love with it. The author describes it in a way I feel that I was actually in Pompeii without getting off the couch or bed. Just me and the book. The connection that the story brings to the readers is immensely developed and deepened. You'll just love the entirety of the book.

In a nutshell, I highly recommend Starlight's Edge to everyone who loves a quick read at the moment and would also enjoy science fiction and romance thrown to it, here's a new book to add to your TBR list! You're welcome in advance!

(Actual) Rating: 4 of 5 stars
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13 reviews
November 1, 2014
Erster Satz:
''Du musst das nicht tun, das weißt du.'' David stand hinter ihr und legte die Arme um Lizas Taille, als sie am Spülbecken die Müslischale abwusch.

Auch hier wieder interessant geschrieben, man könnte denken die Autorin wäre selbst in der Zukunft gewesen.

Hier wurde nicht viel verändert, ich persönlich finde es besser wenn es nicht zuviel Veränderungen gibt zu den vorherigen Bänder.

Meine Meinung:
Liza bekommt nun die Erlaubnis mit David in das Jahr 3738 zu reisen, dort wo Davids Zuhause ist wird das Neu- Erde genannt. Sie entscheidet Hals über Kopf das sie zu David in die Zukunft reisen möchte und verabschiedet sich von ihrer Familie für immer was ihr aber nicht sehr leicht fällt. Liza hat einige Eingewöhnungsprobleme in der Zukunft da alles neu für sie ist, es gibt Nano essen was nicht wirklich schmackhaft ist und in einem anderen Land bist du in kürzester Zeit mit dem Ghost.

Durch ihre Fähigkeit bemerkt sie, dass mit Paul, dem Bruder von David, etwas nicht stimmte. Da die Nano Computer jedoch anzeigten, dass er vollkommen gesund sei, forschte sie nicht weiter nach. Das war jedoch ein Fehler.

Die Liebesgeschichte wird hier aber auch nicht weiter beschrieben, man weis das es bei Liza und David Liebe auf den ersten Blick war und das sie weiterhin glücklich sind und ihre Entscheidung nicht bereuen.

Die neuen Charaktere die hier geschaffen wurden, auch wenn man sie nicht richtig kennenlernt sind sie mir trotzdem ans Herz gewachsen.

Aufjedenfall viel besser als Band 1, was die Autorin hier geschaffen hat war sehr faszinierend.
Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht und bin froh das ich Band 2 gelesen hab.
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216 reviews28 followers
February 16, 2017
It wasn’t exceptional, but it was fantastic! A solid 4 star rating for me. Quick paced, details of what you would expect from a scifi oriented tale that make you love the science fiction realm of it all, and more world building. This half of the duology was a drastic improvement in character depth and story development with a writing style that claimed more of a reader's emotional investment. However, don't get your hopes up for a complete 180* into a deep, psychological brain twist because this was still light and airy, just a better written light and airy. The cover is beautiful and I believe it accurately portrays the story's main theme this time: their love will transcend time and space. Which brings me to the shallow, and yet, deep dimension of Zee and David's relationship; it's ever present and concrete in this "chapter" of their story but it's still a nice PG romance that lures you in, but does not egocentrically demand all of your attention to know it's there. Another aspect that I like about this duology and it's characters and their dynamics is that they are not whinny, but mature young adults trying to rationalize their way while staying true to themselves. It was a very sweet love story all and all and once again, I love traveling to new and different universes that are so different from my own.

I would say this is a simpler read than the ones I would compare it to, but if interested in something like this, this duology most closely resembles Claudia Gray's Firebird series or Melissa West's The Taking series.
459 reviews4 followers
November 22, 2014
(apologies for incoherency...this is a 1:30am post after the longest work week ever...someone remind me to edit this in a couple days?)

This would have been a 3.5 or even a 3.75 until the invasion of Pompeii. I was able to look past the instalove incident from Neptune's Tears because this future world, and Zee's immigrant story, were interesting...especially as Zee struggled to find her purpose in life (aside from being in love).

And then Pompeii.
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105 reviews
January 23, 2015
Starlight's Edge is the second book in the Timedance series. At the end of the first book Zoe has decided to give up everything to be with David including moving to far-future Earth. She is confident that love will overcome all. In book two we get to explore the far future Earth which is very fascinating with the technology and customs. The book even time travels to Pompeii.

A quick read even for us that don't usually like science fiction.
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1,039 reviews7 followers
June 1, 2014
I read this in a few short hours, which was the main problem. The plot seemed rushed and nothing was explained very well. I didn't think this added anything to Zee and David's story. Not a patch on Neptune's Tears.
2 reviews1 follower
February 1, 2017
Great Sequel

I finished Neptune's Tears and couldn't wait to read this. Was so good and the history woven into time travel, plus some mystery. Made this book unputdownable
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