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Never Too Late

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Clare Wilson is starting over. She's had it with her marriage to a charming serial cheater. Even her own son thinks she's given his father too many chances. With the support of her sisters, Maggie and Sarah, she's ready to move on. Facing her fortieth birthday, Clare is finally feeling the rush of unadulterated freedom.

But when a near-fatal car accident lands Clare in the hospital, her life takes another detour. While recovering, Clare realizes she has the power to choose her life's path. The wonderful younger police officer who witnessed her crash is over the moon for her. A man from her past stirs up long-buried feelings. Even her ex is pining for her. With enthusiasm and a little envy, her sisters watch her bloom.

Together, the sisters encourage each other to seek what they need to be happy. Along the way they all learn that it's never too late to begin again.

352 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published April 25, 2006

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About the author

Robyn Carr

187 books10.7k followers
Robyn Carr is a RITA® Award-winning, eleven-time #1 New York Times bestselling author of sixty novels, including the critically acclaimed Virgin River series. Robyn's new women's fiction novel, A FAMILY AFFAIR, was released in April 2022. The fifth novel, THE FAMILY GATHERING, in her fan-favorite Sullivan's Crossing Series was released in Jan. 2020 and a Sullivan's Crossing TV series is in production with season 1 to be released in 2023! Season 4 of the worldwide fan-favorite Virgin River TV Series is now streaming on Netflix (July 2022) with season 5 coming in 2023.
Robyn is a recipient of the Romance Writers of America Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award 2016, and in 2017, VIRGIN RIVER was named one of the HarperCollins 200 Iconic Books of the past 200 years. Robyn currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can visit Robyn Carr's website at https://www.robyncarr.com/.

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1,016 reviews538 followers
July 13, 2020
3.5/Es mi primer Carr y, aunque parezca extraño, no era a esta autora quien pretendía leer. Es decir, tenía en mente leer a otro autor, pero a la hora de escoger el libro que iba a llevarme, me equivoqué. Y me ha encantado descubrir a esta autora! Sus historias tienen un halo de tranquilidad, sin drama, que enganchan. Un buen libro para esos días que no quieres grandes sobresaltos.
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June 3, 2016
Never Too Late focused on the lives and loves of three sisters, Clare, Sarah and Maggie, but mainly centered on Clare, a wife and mother recently separated for the FOURTH time from her cheating husband of sixteen years!! Even her fifteen year old son doesn’t want his mom to get back together with the idiot! When an accident shakes up her life, Clare knows it’s time to move on and embrace change.

At first I could sympathize with Clare’s family and their frustration over not kicking Roger (the cheating douche bag) to the curb sooner, but as Clare’s history is revealed I could understand why she didn’t. I appreciated that I didn’t have to “see” the back and forth, because the story tuned in after she firmed her resolve. Clare was a wonderful person and mother, and instead of dwelling on the negative, she tried to focus on the positive things she shared with Roger, the good times. Clare didn’t bash her husband to her son; she let him form his own opinions about his dad, and tried to support their continued relationship. Something I thought was highly commendable and mature. I thought Clare’s romance would take one path when the story started, but it diverted, and I was happy with the direction it went!

Maggie, the oldest of the three seems so put together, with a charmed life. But after years together her marriage isn’t as passionate as it once was, and for some reason her husband, Bob, doesn’t seem to mind all that much. Maggie’s teenage daughters are going through some growing pains, as well.

Sarah has never found “the one”, not that she’s been really looking. Clare’s changes inspire her to make some of her own. Well that, and a new, gorgeous man! I don’t want to get into her story too much so as not to spoil things.

Never Too Late
was my first Robyn Carr book and I was impressed! I loved this story! She wrote realistic, but oh-so-hot romances with no ridiculous drama or angst, but the story was so much more. Witnessing these sisters navigate the ups and downs of their lives, and come out on top was a pleasure. I felt that Robyn Carr perfectly captured the struggles of a long term marriage, family life, and romances. I was caught up and enchanted by each story, fully invested in the HEA of each sister!

As for the audiobook version, Therese Plummer did a fabulous job narrating Never Too Late, both female and male voices.
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682 reviews34 followers
February 3, 2017
The writing style consists of brief bits of dialogue between info-dumps. Do not like.

DNF at 13%, after an 1 1/2 hours of listening. Audiobook, borrowed from my public library via Overdrive. Outstanding performance by Therese Plummer. I'm already looking for others of hers that I might enjoy better.

Attempted to read for the 2017 Romance Bingo, for the Second Chances square. I guess I'll have to find another book for that one.
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1,170 reviews
December 9, 2007
This is one of my favorite books. This is a stand alone read and there are two main stories going on here. One with Clare and her "friend" and the other develops with Sarah, Clare's younger sister, and her "friend."

Clare is a 40ish mom of a teenage son. The story begins with her having left her husband because of his numerous affairs. They still talk and he tries to talk her into returning (again), but she moves on with her life, meets someone else, etc.

I thought I saw how this was going and was pleasantly surprised by how wrong I was.

This author doesn't just focus on the two main characters in her books and this was no different. There is a second love story in this book with Sarah that held my attention, too. Oh, and another with the "married" sister really captured my heart. How they rekindled their marriage, etc.

Wonderful book.

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2,102 reviews
February 15, 2021
I loved these three sisters. They were so different from each other, but still very close. I think Maggie (the real rock of the family) was my favorite. Thoroughly enjoyable read.
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1,820 reviews266 followers
March 6, 2016
NEVER TOO LATE is one of Robyn Carr's few books not related to any of her series. As she has done in other romances, the author weaves a few different story lines into the mix. If I could sum up this book in one word it would be 'relationships'.

First and foremost, it is about Clare Wilson. Found out again for the umpteenth time, her husband is cheating on her. They are currently separated, their son can't stand his own father and yet the miserable bas**rd wants his family back. Too little, too late he knows he has screwed up again. The difference? Clare has finally had it.

She has just left her old house after finding Roger in bed with another woman when she is stopped for speeding. The police officer, Sam, cites her a warning and then lets her go. Soon after, and not her fault, she is in an accident. That same policeman witnesses everything and stays with her until the ambulance comes. In the months after, he keeps tabs on her.

So there is a relationship that develops between Clare and Sam. The romance also contains secondary stories about Clare's older sister Maggie and her husband. Another with Clare and an old flame from years ago. And yet another between Sarah, Clare's younger sister, and someone else. And then there is still Roger, thinking he might have a chance at repairing his marriage even though he is told over and over, it is done.

Whew! The angst. By then end I was worn out but in a good way. The book is more of a character study of the interaction between the sisters, their strengths and weaknesses and how it affects their relationships with men. The story also contained a number of realistic touches that made it seem especially authentic; not everyone is perfect including Clare. All I can say is by the time you finish NEVER TOO LATE, be sure and have something light and humorous ready to read.
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1,064 reviews2 followers
August 1, 2011
It was okay. I don't know if I just wasn't in the right frame of mind or what because I normally love everything Ms. Carr writes. I thought some of the characters were not developed enough and others, too much. Parts felt like they took forever to get through and others were rushed.
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2,475 reviews18 followers
June 25, 2016
Two-haiku review:

Her husband cheated
She leaves him, finds two new guys
Can she love again?

Story of sisters
Three of them, each with issues
Love can overcome
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13 reviews
December 22, 2018
Tenia mis dudas si me iba a gustar...pero realmente me encantó!...y como el destino y la vida arregla las cosas como deben estar...mientras él estaba enamorado y ella no lo queria...su hermana estaba colada por él y al final vencio el amor..e igual la prota...despues de muchos años sintiendose culpable por haber pasado una noche con el hermano de su prometido..luego de muchos años comprenden que no fue un error...realmente era un amor enorme y grandioso...
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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422 reviews61 followers
March 31, 2015
5+ STARS!!!
This book is about three sisters, Clare, Maggie, and Sarah. We meet Clare first, and learn about her broken marriage, done by her multi-philandering now definitely soon to-be ex-husband. Clare’s mind is made up. She’s done giving him chances as he always wants her back, and for how long this time? This made it #4. She’s DONE! She’s leaving him!
One night when her to-be-ex was supposed to be out of town, she stops at her house where she used to live with her then husband so she could pick a few things up she wanted, yet when she walks into the supposedly empty house, she hears, then SEES her to-be Ex has picked right back up again, now with #5 (or could it be even more?) with a blonde liaison in what used to be her marital bed!
As she is driving home after she sees that, she is unknowingly T-boned by an SUV into her little Toyota which required the jaws of life to get her out. She’s barely hanging onto life and they don’t know if she’ll make it. This brings everyone back home to Dad’s house where the sisters end up bonding with one another again.
Maggie is an extremely high powered attorney who has so much money they are swimming in it. Everything she owns is top quality, right down to her barely there hot hair!
Sarah, alone, suffering from depression, with no friends, and she’s single, too, doesn’t even want to leave her apartment every day, but does so to see Maggie.
How this accident brings these amazing sisters bonded back together again, is even better than at any other time in their lives, is amazing!
I read an Advanced eReader’s Copy for this review, so this line may or may not be in the finished copy as I don’t have it to compare it to, but there was one sentence in the very beginning that instantly connected me with this book, and it was something I could relate to in a huge way, is, “Once a woman is secure in her heart and mind there’s almost no more powerful force in nature.” So true! I loved it! That set the tone in this book for me instantly! This author’s writing had me in the beginning, instantly, invested in this story to begin with, but when I came upon that, and having experienced that exact thought/event in my own life, this author hit it head-on! I knew her book was going to be great from that one sentence! Sure enough!
Have you read a Robyn Carr novel yet? I HIGHLY recommend it! This was my first novel by her, and I am an now an ‘over-the-moon fan’! I see what everyone loves about her books and why they hit the the NY Times Bestseller lists!
I loved this book, LOVE her writing, and LOVED the story and how she portrayed life as regular, everyday occurrences we can ALL relate to! Let’s say I really enjoyed this story, and it sounds like I would love ALL her books! I have a ‘new to me’ author to follow and read, with a LOT of books to catch up on that she has written! I’m SO excited! I received this book for FREE from the publisher, Harlequin/Mira, the ebook from NetGalley in exchange to read and write a review about it. It is NOT required for this review to be either positive or negative, but of my own honest opinion. "Free" means I was provided with ZERO MONIES to read this book nor to write this review, but to enjoy the pure pleasure of reading it. I am disclosing this information in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255, http://www.access.gpo.gov/nara/cfr/wa... Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.
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61 reviews21 followers
April 12, 2019
*This review does not contain any spoilers*

I enjoyed this book and liked how it followed the lives of several characters who were finding themselves.

There were a few surprising twists and turns in the storyline, but some parts were too cliché and unconvincing, which spoiled it.
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655 reviews34 followers
October 4, 2018
Sometimes you just enjoy a novel for the pleasure of reading.

I had no expectations when I asked for this book. And the cover was no reason to want it. A bit too kitschy for my taste though I love flowers.

Clare is done with her marriage when she finds her still husband in a very compromising situation. Only he thinks otherwise. And when destiny hits her hard and very cruel, Clare knows that she´s given the one in a lifetime chance to change something. She files for divorce gets back on her feet and starts all over. Only that life isn´t that easy to handle when you´ve come out of a life where you´ve only been a caring mother who put her own wishes and desires behind everything.

The soft writing style with this incredible wonderful touch of humor made me sometimes laugh and very often smile while reading. There are so many hilarious dialogues, great scenes and the characters are so diverse that in the end, it all plays together very smoothly.

The novel is a great combination of wonderfully created characters and things out of real life that could happen to any of us. Combined with the life of a small American town and a typical American family, you get the picture of romance, problems and trouble teenagers can cause. In the end, you are left with a smart woman who does her first steps as a single mother after a divorce and who learns that life has still some good things to offer.

Three sisters who could not be more different. They all come from the same man but are as different as day and night. One is a typical mother who puts the well-being and woe of her family above her own needs and desires. The other is a conservative and highly controlled lawyer who suffers from the fact that her sisters or her father have never asked her for legal advice. The third in the league is a creative soul, which now presents itself as a gray wallflower after a very revealing defiance phase and can not do anything with the life of her sisters.

I enjoyed reading this novel very much. A very soulful novel that knows how to kidnap the reader into a world in which not everything is just sunshine. Provided with beautiful scenes, priceless dialogues and an incredibly great sense of humor, this novel is very well suited for relaxed reading. At least I had my reading pleasure with it.
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317 reviews3,127 followers
September 5, 2016
This was my first time reading a book by Robyn Carr and was completely drawn in from page one. I love her style of writing and down to earth characters. The story centers around Clare, an almost 40 year old wife, mother, sister and daughter, who is sucker punched twice, both emotionally and physically. Her husband has cheated on her once again and then she finds herself lucky to be alive after a horrific car collision, which takes months to recover from.

Finally Clare decides the time has come for her to get her life back on track and truly find happiness. While this journey certainly has bumps along the way, she finds her life has become quite fascinating with rarely a dull moment, as three extremely attractive men are vying for her attention, one of them being her soon to be ex-husband who has decided he cannot live without her. Sam, the drop-dead gorgeous police officer who witnessed the car accident, it hot on her heels, and has reignited flames in her she thought were in eternal hibernation.

Enjoyable read! I know I will be reading additional books by Robyn Carr.
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12.7k reviews447 followers
March 3, 2012
This was a fun book about Clare whose life has been crumbling for years, but finally there are a couple of events that push her over the edge to take control of her life.

I really liked that Clare used the accident to do things that she should have years ago. She didn't just make those changes over night, but slowly acknowledged what needed to be done and did it.

I really liked her first romance, I wanted it to work out and when Clare decided to end it I was mad at her, until I saw how things worked for him. I wasn't sure about the second romance, there was something that him and the past that made me leery. I wasn't sure that they would get past the past. In the end the right romance happened.

I really liked the sisters and their relationship. They were there for each other even amid all the chaos that happened. Clare was great with her son too. I really liked how when Jason screwed up she punished him and that she fought with him to keep some sort of relationship with his father.

All in all this was a sweet book to read.
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2,206 reviews53 followers
December 17, 2018
Ich habe lange gezögert, ob ich dieses Buch lesen möchte. Ich befürchtete eine etwas schnulzige und überdramatisierte Geschichte zwischen 3 Schwestern. Aber da wurde ich wirklich positiv überrascht. Es ist niemals kitschig, und alle Entscheidungen und Wendungen sind absolut nachvollziehbar und glaubhaft. Nichts passiert plötzlich sondern wurde realistisch 'aufgebaut' in der Geschichte.

An einer Stelle trifft Clare eine vielleicht etwas ungewöhnliche Entscheidung. (Ich an ihrer Stelle hätte wohl auch das getan, was ihre Schwester Maggie vorschlägt.) Aber man muss sie auch bewundern für ihre Stärke und ihren Anstand.

Gut gefallen hat mir auch, dass es hier - entgegen vieler anderer Frauenromane dieser Art - keinen Bösewicht gibt. Selbst der Ex-Mann entwickelt sich dann doch noch zu einem guten Vater. Bzw. war er das ja wohl schon immer, nur konnte er das aufgrund der Einstellung seines Sohnes ihm gegenüber nicht zeigen.
Die Autorin spricht in diesem Roman, der sich ja eigentlich um die drei Schwestern dreht, verhältnismäßig viele Teenager-Probleme an (Alkohol, Ladendiebstahl, Erkrankungen, erster Sex....). Vielleicht weil die Zielgruppe sicherlich mit dem einen oder anderen dieser Probleme vom eigenen Nachwuchs mal konfrontiert wird?
Was mir allerdings etwas zu kurz kam war die Interaktion zwischen den drei Schwestern. Ja, sie hatten ihre regelmäßigen Familientreffen. Und speziell Maggie hat als Anwältin Clare bei ihrer Scheidung unterstützt. Aber ansonsten waren da eher weniger "gemeinsame Szenen". Das hatte ich mir aufgrund der Kurzbeschreibung anders vorgestellt.

Dennoch hatte ich viel Freude beim Lesen, und ganz am Ende auch feuchte Augen. Das war ein schöner Abschluss!
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1,043 reviews98 followers
March 30, 2015
3.5 out of 5 stars.

Clare Wilson has given her husband numerous second chances over the years. She's forgiven his many affairs in the hope that keeping her marriage intact is the best thing for their teenage son. But when she's in a near-fatal car accident following a run-in with her husband and another woman, she decides that she's had enough. Her brush with death convinces her to make a clean break from her philandering husband. Clare has a long road to recovery ahead of her—both in her personal life and her physical therapy—and she's prepared for this. What she isn't expecting is the cute police officer who witnessed her accident to keep checking up on her. Is he simply doing his duty, or do his calls mean something more? More importantly, is Clare ready for another relationship? Between finding a job to support herself, negotiating her divorce and trying to reconcile her son with his absentee father, Clare isn't sure that she should be getting involved with another man right now...even if it is awfully difficult to avoid Officer Sam's advances. When she is ready to date, will it be Sam she chooses, or someone from her past...perhaps the one who has haunted her all these years?

I didn't used to read a lot of contemporary romances, but I decided to pick up one of Robyn Carr's Virgin River novels a couple of years ago and she got me hooked—both on her writing, and contemporary love stories. Never Too Late is a little different from the novels Robyn's fans may be used to, and the writing style makes it clear that this is one of her earlier books (the 2015 reissue being almost ten years old). Nevertheless, it contains some of the elements that Robyn's fans are fond of—small towns, strong bonds between family members, sizzling romance, and plenty of second chances.

Clare's story is one that a lot of readers will be able to relate to, or at leasy sympathise with. It's not easy to restart your life on your own, after being married for over fifteen years. Clare has been a housewife and stay-at-home mother for the majority of her adult life, and now she has to navigate the world of work all over again, as an almost forty-year-old rookie. And after so many years out of the working world, Clare discovers that although she trained to be a teacher, it's no longer a job she enjoys. It was encouraging to watch Clare try to figure out her new niche in life, where her talents and interests could best be put to use. Although her situation isn't ideal, Clare offers hope to other men and women who may find their worlds' similarly turned upside-down. Divorce isn't the end of the world, especially when you have the support of your friends and family to hold you up.

Clare's sisters play a large part in this novel, and they even have their own sort-of sub-plots. I say “sort-of” because the way that Maggie and Sarah's stories wove into the main plot didn't always flow terribly well. We hear a little about Maggie's marital problems at the start of the book, and then it takes ages for her story to be picked up again. Maggie is growing frustrated with her husband's inattention and the lack of romance in her life, and the antics of her teenage daughters are causing her additional stress, but her story takes up so little page-time that it almost felt like it didn't need to be there at all. It either needed to be more detailed, or taken out altogether, as the little we did hear about Maggie's troubles almost trivialised them.

Sarah doesn't get a lot of attention at the start of the book, other than the constant reminders that she dresses in plain, frumpy clothes and spends all of her time on her art. After a while, I got a bit tired of these comments. Finally, Sarah gets more page-time when she spots a guy who catches her attention. She gets a complete makeover and devotes all her free time to getting this guy to pay attention to her, almost to the point of stalking him. While I don't have any problems with women making the first move in a relationship (in fact, more women should do it!), Sarah turning her world upside down for this guy seemed a bit ridiculous given that she'd met him twice and barely spoken to him. It was a little too “love at first sight” for me. I understood that Sarah being interested in this guy was a big deal because she'd been reclusive and blocked out the world for so long, but she did seem a little stalkerish. I'm glad that she found her happy ending, but the story didn't entirely work for me.

I'm hesitant to class this as a romance novel. While each of the sisters has their own romance, it isn't always the focal point of the story. A lot of Clare's sections focused on her getting her new life in order, and while she is persued by Officer Sam for a while, he isn't the love of her life. While other reviewers have complained that half the book focused on Sam when Clare wasn't actually in love with him, I actually appreciated the way Clare's story worked out. How many of us have dated people (sometimes for a significant amount of time) only to realise that they're the not the one we want to spend the rest of our lives with? Clare spends a lot of time talking to and hanging out with Sam, but she knows after a couple of dates that he's far more serious about the relationship than she is. It takes courage to admit that a relationship isn't working, and given that Clare had been stuck in a failing marriage for so long, it made sense that she was cautious about dating. I kind of figured, based on Clare's backstory, that she might end up with someone from her past. While I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone, I will admit that I wished more of the book had focused on Clare reconnecting with her lost love. We got some nice scenes, but not nearly enough for my liking.

This definitely isn't my favourite of Robyn Carr's novels, but it is an easy read and an encouraging tale of second chances. Whether you're married, single or starting over, Never Too Late reminds readers that hope is still out there, sometimes lurking in the most unexpected places.

Disclaimer: This is a general market romance and contains scenes of sexual nature, and occasional strong language.

Review title provided by Little Bird Publicity.
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1,097 reviews40 followers
August 3, 2019
3.5 stars rounded up to 4

This is a stand-alone novel by Robyn Carr about a woman who has chosen to leave her husband after he has cheated once more after a long series of such episodes. When she catches him once again in bed with someone else, Claire heads out, gets pulled over by the police, then drives off only to have her car hit in a terrible accident that leaves her in hospital with a lengthy rehab awaiting her. The accident was witnessed by the policeman who had pulled her over and he stays in touch as she recovers, clearly interested in pursuing a relationship at some point. Meantime her cheating husband wants her back and a connection with a friend from her high school days reveals new truths to her. Her two sisters are there to support her throughout and one in particular features quite significantly in the story.

I enjoyed this book but when I compare it to others that Carr has written it wasn't the top one on my list.
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578 reviews86 followers
October 2, 2018
Eine Geschichte über drei völlig unterschiedliche Schwestern, über drei Mal Beziehungschaos und über die Tatsache, dass Liebe immer dort zuschlägt, wo man sie am wenigsten erwartet. Robyn Carr hat einen unglaublich emotionalen aber trotzdem lockeren, leichten Stil. Eine traumhafte Kulisse und eine gehörige Portion Wohlfühl-Atmosphäre runden diese Lektüre dann ab. Perfekt für heiße Sommertage auf dem Balkon, aber auch für gemütliche Abende vor dem Kamin. Rundum ein tolles Buch für zwischendurch. Was mir aber dennoch leicht negativ auffiel, könnt ihr *hier* nachlesen. Viel Spaß ♥
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3,304 reviews102 followers
December 30, 2018
I enjoyed this story, if you know me then you know when we get more than one HEA I am over the moon so when I was listening and realize we were going to get 3 HEA’s in 1 I was ecstatic!

One of the reasons I love Robyn Carr so much is her ability to tell us heartwarming stories that leave you with your heart happy and a smile on your face.

Each sister has to find their journey and we are along for the ride. I just enjoyed the comradery between all the characters. I think the Lawyer sister is my favorite. But I did enjoy them all.

I am a HUGE fan of Therese Plummer and the way she makes me feel while listening no better way to spend the day when Therese is in your ears.
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102 reviews25 followers
January 16, 2019
I truly had an amazing time listening to the audiobook of NEVER TOO LATE by Robyn Carr. I listened to the story in two days and loved every minute. This one was definitely a page turner from beginning to end. It’s a story about three sisters, Claire, Maggie, and Sarah. There’s divorce, a troubled marriage and teen issues. I laughed out loud, held my breath and swooned many times. I loved the characters and felt for the women and the issues they were going through. The McCarthy sisters have a beautiful relationship. I don’t remember laughing as much in other Carr stories, but this one definitely was more humorous in many scenes. And I loved the epilogue!
Highly recommend it! Therese Plummer is phenomenal!
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458 reviews23 followers
June 11, 2021
This was a perfectly pleasant, entirely predictable story with plenty of happily ever afters. It was exactly what I was expecting. 🤣
Profile Image for Dee Ownbey.
105 reviews2 followers
February 14, 2019
I really enjoyed this book. Very well written and I love that it didn’t just focus on a main character but went off into the other characters.
Profile Image for Denise.
758 reviews73 followers
September 18, 2021
Predictable summer beach read. There were some interesting plot twists.
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2,947 reviews205 followers
April 4, 2015
Originally published at Reading Reality

There’s something about Never Too Late that makes it seem like a precursor for the utterly marvelous Four Friends.

I say precursor because Never Too Late was originally published in 2006, and is being reissued in the wake of Four Friends’ success.

Instead of four friends, Never Too Late features three sisters. Clare, Maggie and Sarah have each come to a crossroads in their lives, and are in different places but possibly the same set of ruts. Then Clare has a life-altering automobile accident and in the stress of re-working her own life, all three sisters find themselves taking a sharp look at their own.

At the time of the accident, Clare and her husband Roger were separated. Again. Roger has a problem keeping his pants zipped, and Clare has left him. Again. She usually takes him back. Eventually. There have been a lot of good times in their marriage, and they have a teen-aged son they both love. Roger isn’t a bad husband, he just isn’t a faithful one, and never has been.

Clare stops by their house, which Roger is still living in, to drop off a birthday card and pick up some of her kitchen stuff. Roger said he was going to be out of town on his birthday. Instead, Clare finds him in their old bedroom boinking some blond. Or being boinked, since the blond is on top.

It’s finally enough to break Clare’s cycle of discovery, separation, reconciliation. In a strange way, Roger isn’t totally wrong this time. They are separated and have been for months at this point. But he lied about being out of town, and he’s doing it with someone else in their bed. It does blow away Clare’s willingness to reconcile – it finally makes her witness that he is never going to change.

She speeds away from the “scene of the crime” only to get stopped by a handsome young cop who clocks her 15 or 20 miles over the speed limit. He’s too smitten to write Clare a ticket, and Clare feels a boost from having a younger man hit on her.

It all goes to crap when she gets T-boned in the next intersection by a distracted driver who totally blows through a red light. Clare wakes up in the hospital in agony, shattered in more places than she ever imagined.

Physical therapy is going to take months, and her entire life is thrown out the window. Her sisters Maggie and Sarah rally round, along with their Dad, as they all pitch in to take care of Clare while she needs it.

But as Clare gets back on her feet, she makes changes in her life that will have far reaching consequences. And that handsome young police officer provides a much needed boost to her ego as well as a friend she can confide in, while Clare recovers and waits to see if there’s anything there beyond friendship and some really hot chemistry that her fractured pelvis won’t let her act on – yet.

At this point, it seems like the story is going to be about Clare moving into a new future with her hot cop, but instead, the story shifts.

In the middle of her divorce from philandering Roger, Clare discovers that she’s not ready to get into a serious relationship with someone new. She’s still getting her life on track. Unfortunately for Sam the cop, he’s fallen in love and wants to start a serious relationship right now.

But Clare’s sister Sarah is totally smitten with Sam, and when Clare moves out of her way, Sarah swoops in.

Meanwhile Maggie finally realizes that her perfect marriage isn’t really perfect. She can’t even remember the last time she had sex with her husband. Is the spark just gone, or is there a medical cause that can be fixed?

As Clare plans on a future without her ex, she looks for a job. She’s been a substitute teacher for years, but now she needs to go back full-time. Where she knows she’ll have to work with a former flame. She’s felt guilty for 19 years about her drunken one-night stand with Pete – because at the time she was engaged to his brother. A brother who later died in an Air Force training exercise. She’s never gotten over her guilt and regret, and Pete’s never gotten over her.

Escape Rating B: I enjoyed Never Too Late quite a bit. It was a good antidote for several excellent but scary, sad or just plain disturbing books that I read recently. You will finish Never Too Late with a smile on your face, and that’s always a good thing.

I’ll admit that I didn’t identify with the characters in the same way that I did Four Friends, so it didn’t quite “sing” for me.

The sisters make for interesting contrasts. Maggie is always organized and on top of things, Clare is always forgiving, and Sarah is always retreating into her own little world. After Clare’s accident, everything changes.

Clare has always been too accommodating. It’s not just that she sees the best in people, but she always tries to take care of everyone. And she’s too self-effacing about it, because she never takes care of herself. That she took Roger back over and over (and over) drove her family crazy. It also made them think less of her.

Her willingness to forgive Roger stems from her own need for forgiveness over her long-ago indiscretion. She feels like if she can’t give it, she can’t be worthy of it herself. What she needs to do is forgive herself, and for that she needs some closure with Pete.

Sarah’s pursuit of Sam comes a bit out of nowhere. As a teen, she was a wild child, and their mother was always after her about it. When their mother died, those issues were unresolved. (There are lots of unresolved issues in this story). In grief, or as penance, Sarah flip-flopped from being a wild child to a complete frump.

When she meets Sam, she falls into insta-lust, if not insta-love. But frumpy Sarah goes unnoticed. She finally steps out into the world, and celebrates herself again, in order to have a chance at sweeping Sam off his unsuspecting feet. The poor guy is on the rebound from Clare and doesn’t stand a chance.

The entire story wraps up a bit suddenly and a bit too easily at the end, but I really enjoyed my visit with Clare, Sarah and Maggie.
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February 15, 2019
What a cheesy predictable book. I would have stopped listening if I do that, but instead just listened on higher speed. I’ve listened to Carr’s books before and they are normally and easy read but nothing amazing. This one was full of soft porn scenes as it described in detail each of the sister’s love affairs. I felt like I was reading a food with a naked guy with long hair on the front.
About a women who’s about to be divorced, (from a guy who can’t stop cheating on her, who she has a 15 year old son with) gets into an accident that a young hot police guy sees. He purses her with passion.
Decides that she’s not into it but not before some hot scenes. Then she rekindles with an old guy from
High school, her finances brother. But her finance died when she was just about to go to university and her and his brother lost touch because of another sex scenes
Long story short they all end up happy with lots of sex.
Boring ! And predictable
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April 12, 2020
Three sisters are at a crossroad in life. Clare has been married to a serial cheater and has to decide if this is how she wants to live the rest of her life. Maggie is married but feels a rift between her and her husband growing wide. She wants to find a way to bring them back together. Sarah hasn't been the same since her mother passed away. Before her passing Sarah was the wild child. Now she is hiding behind baggy clothes, no makeup and unkempt hair.

How are these three sisters going to go through the rest of their lives? Only they can change the course of what is to be. This is an emotional, heartwarming story that will stir many emotions in you. The ending will leave your heart full and satisfied. I loved every minute of this book.
43 reviews
March 16, 2023
Maybe I'm spoiled by the wonderful books I have been lucky to choose and read. This one...yuck! I was needing a book to read and picked this one up as it stated on the cover that the author is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. While it is the first of this authors books that I have read I will be staying away from any others that she has written. The characters were fluff with no substance and the writing meandered into nowhere. Wanted to finish the book and so many times I put it down stating this book is horrible and I can't wait for it to be done. If it wasn't for adding it to my Goodreads self challenge I would have stopped reading by chapter 3! Maybe 2! So many wonderful authors out there and unfortunately for me, this author did not measure up.
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