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(Megg, Mogg & Owl)

3.94  ·  Rating details ·  2,682 ratings  ·  310 reviews
Megg is a depressed, drug-addicted witch. Mogg is her black cat. Their friend, Owl, is an anthropomorphized owl. They hang out a lot with Werewolf Jones. This may sound like a pure stoner comedy, but it transcends the genre: these characters struggle unsuccessfully to come to grips with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of work, lack of ambition, and the ...more
Hardcover, 207 pages
Published June 30th 2014 by Fantagraphics
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Average rating 3.94  · 
Rating details
 ·  2,682 ratings  ·  310 reviews

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Megan Kirby
Feb 13, 2015 rated it liked it
I'm hesitant about recommending Megahex to people, because it's so weird that people will either really dig it or think I'm insane for suggesting it. Megahex is a collection of Simon Hanselman's Life Zone comics, which follow Megg, a witch, Mogg, her cat-lover, and Owl, their deadbeat roommate. They are all terrible people who terrorize each other endlessly. Sometimes this is very funny. Sometimes it just made me feel bad.

The vulgarity made me uncomfortable--some drawn-out and graphic jokes abo
Mar 11, 2015 rated it it was ok
This book has a rape scene in it that is just brushed off. I don't consider myself especially sensitive to things like that, but I am surprised at how this aspect of the book is not really being discussed by publishers or in various reviews in the press. I also wonder why it's not addressed that there is a charming little UK kids' cartoon called Meg and Mog (see YouTube) that this seems to be spun off from.

Generally I enjoy dark indie comics and humor and this is heavy on the darkness. But those
Jack Tripper
Feb 02, 2021 rated it it was ok
Pretty good if you dig constant cruelty and bullying among friends, and find owl rape amusing, which is made even funnier by the fact that the owl's best friends, Megg the witch and Mogg the cat, are watching, and his other friend, Werewolf Jones, is the one doing the deed. It was all just a birthday prank for Owl, so it's okay. Hilarious. Owl forgives them though since they acted kind of sorry. Then they all drink and get high all day, are depressed sometimes, the end.

Maybe I just wasn't in th
Sam Quixote
Apr 05, 2016 rated it really liked it
Megahex is hysterical - I loved this comic. It’s a stoner comedy that you don’t need to be a stoner or high to enjoy and there are some big belly laughs in this book.

Ostensibly parodying Jan Pienkowski’s Meg & Mog kid’s books, Megahex stars Megg and Mogg, a witch and a cat who’re boyfriend and girlfriend, and their housemate Owl, a six foot humanoid owl, whom they torture mercilessly. The book is made up of strips of varying lengths from one pagers to longer stories, most of them purely comedic
Dec 21, 2019 rated it it was ok
Shelves: ircb-2019, 2019
A book about a bunch of stoner assholes sitting around getting high all day. There was a lot about the book I could identify with from my younger days. Hanselmann is spot on with the whole stoner culture aspect. What I couldn't get past is how shitty these people are to their friends. I spent the whole book feeling bad for Owl and wondering why he put up with Megg and Mogg's shit. It wasn't ever funny, just mean. If I would have lived with these two, someone would have ended up in jail. either m ...more
Dave Schaafsma
This is only superficially a "fantasy" comic in that a witch, Meg, and her talking cat, Mog, torment their roommate, Owl. Basically it's a stoner comic with sad but likeable-in-spite-of-themselves characters who are sometimes Beavis and Butthead funny or "funny" (so funny I forgot to laugh sort of funny)… sophomoric, dumb, silly and sad as the main characters are basically mean to Owl just for the hell of it, because they are just aimless and bored. These characters are in fact bored throughout ...more
Nov 02, 2016 rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
You know what's not funny? This book. I did laugh a few times and the art is pretty funny. But, I can't help feeling that being mean to others as entertainment is pathetic and shitty and often masks a lack of intelligence (at the very least, a lack of legitimate wit). This book is full of bully humor. There is a tremendous difference between pulling awesome pranks on your friends and being assholes.

I'm giving this book 2 stars b/c it disappointed me. If Hanselmann's purpose was to point out how
Nov 10, 2015 rated it it was ok
I didn't get it. The book itself is really well made and the art work is very impressive but the content is kind of awful. I like indie, I like weird, I like dark, but this just missed the mark for me in every way. Unfunny stoner ennui nonsense and poorly judged rape jokes just aren't my bag. ...more
dedSteph (ded)
May 08, 2015 rated it it was ok
Shelves: strips-comics
she fucks the cat. that;s fucked up
Chapters And Sparkles
Well, I had to think about my words here.. I kind of have some mixed feelings about this one. In the beginning of the book, I found some things funny and interesting. However, as I was reading on, I found some things weird and to be honest, I felt uncomfortable reading about it.

The book is all about alcoholism, drugs, and rape and I don't think that it's something that we should make fun of. We shouldn't joke about it. Those are serious things that require serious talks and solutio
Feb 04, 2017 rated it really liked it
Starts out as a crude and nihilistic gag comic, but develops into something much sadder. The characters are all pathetic and reprehensible, but Hanselmann makes you care about them and root for them to escape the destructive cycles they're all trapped in. ...more
Feb 19, 2015 rated it liked it
This is what you'd call a "love it or hate it" kind of book. I had a little bit of both reactions. ...more
Nate D
Nov 17, 2013 rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-in-2014, comics
Normally I would think that comics about terminal stoners would be the last thing I'd want to read, but Simon Hanselman's work is too sad, too ennui-infused, too frighteningly-relateable, too nonetheless funny partly for all of these reasons to be held back in any way. If the beginning seems sophomoric, it only means that you haven;t spent enough time with these characters for them to really get under your skin yet, but they've got a remarkable ability to do so, considering. Interestingly, this ...more
Samuel Edme
Oct 20, 2019 rated it really liked it
Synopsis: Megahex is a stoner comedy graphic novel from Fantagraphics Books revolving around witch and cat couple Megg and Mogg and their roommate Owl who is always an unfortunate victim of the duo's mishaps and pranks.

My Thoughts: There is a gallimaufry of adjectives I can use to describe this book including absurd, ribald, repulsive, surreal, and wholly twisted which is not holy at all (pun fully intended). Judging from my description, one might assume I disliked it and inadvertently rated fou
Stewart Tame
Dec 04, 2014 rated it liked it
Decently fun. Despite the fantasy trappings, this is basically about a group of stoners. Meg, the witch, and her cat Mog live pretty much to get high and torment their apartment-mate, Owl. Hanselmann brings a deadpan wit to the story and art. I can't speak for everyone, but I recognize the characters from my college days, though I was never close friends with any of them. I found myself caring about the characters in spite of the fact that I deplore their lifestyle. Towards the end of the book, ...more
Jul 18, 2020 rated it liked it

3.5 Stars!

Now I’m not someone who has ever found stoner material particularly funny, it has always been one of those subjects riddled with one-dimensional clichés and a source of many cheap, crass gags that you can see coming a mile off.

But I have to say there were a good few times during this book when I enjoyed some real good laughs, so overall it’s hard to grumble. The drawing is decent, the colouring fun and some of the characters were really funny and memorable and overall this was a prett
Sydney S
I can see why some people would be offended/put off by this, but I love it. Dark, weird, hilarious, and definitely fucked up. If you liked Always Sunny, Bojack, Harold and Kumar, etc., you might like this. Immoral type stoner characters in a dark comedy. If you read all the way to the end, everything comes together. ). I found the art to be delightful and the stories to be hilarious or depressingly realistic.

We shouldn't censor books, but I don't ever want to be insensitive to someone else's tra
Jun 01, 2019 rated it really liked it
The human experience in a not so human form; 18+ warning.

Peeking through Megahex you may have noticed a few of the characters. A witch, a cat, an owl and werewolf being the stars. I was expecting it to be this crazy stoner fantasy filled with crazy out of this world adventure but it turned out to be much more real. Almost too real.
Megahex is about a group of friends living together and trying to make life work. It would be much easier if everyone had their shit together, but much like the real
Nov 16, 2015 rated it really liked it
What's intelligent that I can say about this book... It was funny, gross, with an undercurrent of heart (y'know, deep down...). The day-to-day lives of stoner roommates (a witch, cat, and owl-- the usual) that don't really give a shit about anything, and kind of pay the price for it. There isn't much of an overarching plot, it's more about the smaller scenes of young adults pranking each other and struggling to... find themselves? That might be a reach for a comic that has *insert any disgusting ...more
Alexander Peterhans
Even with all the "warnings" from other reviews, this was still a tough read.

There were regular laughs, and the times when the strip acknowledged Megg's depression more directly hit home. That said, I have a real low threshold for bullying and cruelty, so I was ready to ditch the book halfway through.

But I kept going, and I was moved by the ending.

(And I'm disappointed in myself for finding Mogg cute, eventhough he is obviously an asshole.)
Jan 01, 2020 marked it as did-not-finish
Ha! The IRCB reading challenge is over, so I don't need to read this book anymore! Stopped at page 96.

The author was kind enough to provide all the appropriate content warnings. Everything about this book screamed it was not for me. The ONLY reason I picked it up was because of that challenge and I am very happy I decided not to read it.

I didn't rate this book, because I feel it wouldn't've been fair, since I knew I wouldn't like it from the start.
Brittany M.
Sep 07, 2014 rated it it was amazing
Hanselmann's comics have been one of my favorite discoveries of the past few years. I really enjoyed this, despite (or because of?) how dark and disgusting it could get. His work knocks me out. ...more
Travis Duke
Mar 25, 2017 rated it liked it
Funny stoner comic strips about a witch, her cat (boyfriend?) and their roommate an owl person. Its their daily shenanigans of smoking weed, drinking and finding things to amuse them. The characters make this series, they are unique and silly like werewolf jones and boogerman just to name a few. Some stuff I found hilarious, others not so much, it slowly develops into a longer story but its really just single comic strips . I did find the sexual stuff a bit off base and derailing the humor, and ...more
㋛ ㋡
Jul 15, 2019 rated it really liked it
It's a comic about 3 roommates (a witch, a cat, and an owl) who mostly get drunk, get high, and fuck with each other. Another reviewer made an It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia comparison and yeah. Ditto. It's fucking dark. I was uncomfortable at times. There's a rape scene. And a lot of slut shaming. But, like, it depicts depression and/or addiction realllllly accurately? 4 stars, but I wouldn't recommend this book to *most* people. ...more
Fantagraphics never fails to weird me out in a satisfying way. No exception here.
Stay Fetters
Nov 07, 2019 rated it it was ok
What in the hell was this!!?
It was weird and awkward as all hell.
Mateen Mahboubi
Mar 05, 2020 rated it really liked it
Cheer up Meg! More bad behaviour from the gang.
Jul 01, 2020 rated it did not like it
Nihilistic and apathetic stoner "humor". It's a hard no from me, dawg. ...more
Daniel McCloskey
Dec 05, 2014 rated it really liked it
I had picked up and put down work by Simon Hanselmann a couple of times because I was making assumptions about the narrative based on some bits of visual content. I'd see a dick and a bong and I'd imagine an uncensored Harold and Kumar kind of humor, which I've never much been interested in. As it turns out MEGAHEX is nothing like Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. It is something much darker than that.

I ended up giving the book a chance because I met Simon in Seattle and he seemed like a stan
Feb 15, 2019 rated it did not like it
Comics with a green-skinned, drug addicted, zoophile young witch and her talking, drug addicted, rapist, pedophile animal friends. I'm not sure if they were born this way or if the drugs atrophied their brains. Everything is on an unbelivable, almost inhuman, level of stupid. This comic makes Beavis and Butt-Head look good. I have no idea who the target audience is, but it's certainly not me.

The comic is a series of independent stories featuring the characters getting wasted. That's it. I laughe
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