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Olivia Taylor-Jones, daughter of notorious serial killers, and Gabriel Walsh, the self-serving, morally ambiguous lawyer became unlikely allies. Together, they've chased down a devious killer and partially cleared her parents of their horrifying crimes.

Their success, however, is short-lived. While Olivia takes refuge in the old, secluded town of Cainsville, Gabriel’s past mistakes have come to light, creating a rift between the pair just when she needs his help the most.

Olivia finds a dead woman in her car, dressed to look like her, but the body vanishes before anyone else sees it. Olivia’s convinced it’s another omen, a sign of impending danger. But then she learns that a troubled young woman went missing just days ago—the same woman Olivia found dead in her car. Someone has gone to great lengths to kill and leave this young woman as a warning. But why? And what role has her new home played in this disturbing murder?

Olivia’s effort to uncover the truth places her in the crosshairs of old and powerful forces, forces that have their own agenda, and closely guarded secrets they don’t want revealed.

448 pages, Hardcover

First published August 14, 2014

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About the author

Kelley Armstrong

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Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could write. Her earliest written efforts were disastrous. If asked for a story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls and evil dolls, much to her teachers' dismay. All efforts to make her produce "normal" stories failed.

Today, she continues to spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked away in her basement writing dungeon. She's the author of the NYT-bestselling "Women of the Otherworld" paranormal suspense series and "Darkest Powers" young adult urban fantasy trilogy, as well as the Nadia Stafford crime series. Armstrong lives in southwestern Ontario with her husband, kids and far too many pets.

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June 20, 2019
Big improvement on its predecessor in every way. Be it the mystery, romance, gore, secrets, and scary part, everything was better in this book.

I really liked the main characters in this book. Author gave freedom to them. Olivia picked someone for herself who was the exact opposite of her ex. She didn't go back to the role of being an heiress and became a trophy wife, instead she decided to lead this new life to search for her real identity and find the puzzles of Cainsville to solve the mystery of the town.

As for the male leads Gabriel and Ricky complimented Olivia perfectly. Both liking her and giving her the choice to make up her mind about them despite having dominating personalities. Even after knowing that she has made her choice, other didn't hesitate to rush to her side when she needed the help. Their relationship made this book a pleasant surprise for me.

As for the mysterious Cainsville, things has only started to unravel. It will be interesting to see what else this spooky place is hiding.
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August 16, 2014
Who's the lucky duck that got a early copy and binge read for four hours because she doesn't know how to pace herself?

And who's extremely happy about the result?

No, but seriously, this sequel is everything I could have wanted. Gabriel and Olivia are friends. They are actual friends that eat together and hang out after work and spend time in each other's company for personal enjoyment, despite Gabriel being a emotionally deficient teapot.

Kind of like this dude:

He's getting better though. But more on that later.

Good things! Excellent things!:

==> And the plot thickens. In this book, we learn much more about the origins and goals of Cainsville. Why are they involved in so many weird things? If you've read Cainsville 0.5, you can probably make a semi-basic reasonable conclusion, but it's not the whole story and there's a vast amount of information in addition to that. There's also a new aspect, the Hounds or the Wild Hunt, which is related to the Satan's Saints (Ricky Gallagher's bikers). We're not really sure how they fit into Olivia's and Gabriel's lives (He's representing them, remember?), or if there are ulterior motives, but I suspect they will play a large part in the future. They're not enemies exactly, but the Hunt want Olivia's abilities for themselves and are courting her favour. It's just mentioned in passing in a teensy tiny bit, but it reminds me of Richelle Mead's Gameboard of the Gods. We have a new player on the gameboard, who's name is Tristan, but he's kind of a wild card and no one is sure what his endgame is. As far as I'm concerned, he's just there to mess shit up.
The specific answer isn’t as important as the general one, which is that Patrick isn’t human. That something is going on in Cainsville, and we’re caught up in it.

It's getting so interesting. Gabriel and Olivia have a new case they've been dragged into, and Armstrong does a fantastic job of moving things along at an excellent pace. The reader is never bored, and she answers questions that we've had since the first book, specifically, WTF is going on with Cainsville (Seriously, they've had way too many dead bodies connected to them), while adding new aspects to her story. It's good, so entertaining and engaging and I was absolutely ecstatic at the end of this.

==> This is a book about faeries, if it has to be linked to the supernatural; really, at its core, it's a mystery. There are more fantasy components in this sequel, but it's still at low levels. Once again, they do an excellent job of aiding and adding another dimension. That will probably change in the third novel, but right now it is integrated nicely as it is so we'll see where it goes from here. Our protagonists just sort of ... crash into the idea of the supernatural because of Tristan and it creates this other mess for them to deal with. It's like a train wreck that is currently in process.

A train wreck I'm anticipating. Impatiently.

==> CHARACTERS! My favourite, favourite part. Armstrong has here signature banter between our main characters, which is always a delight.
“Please don’t tell me you think vampirism is the explanation here.”
I shuddered. “God, I hope not.”
“We do see Patrick during the day,” Gabriel said.
“Bram Stoker’s Dracula went out in the daytime.”
“You aren’t helping.”

“Later, I’ll set up a Twitter feed for the firm. Don’t worry—I’ll run it, too. Advertising tweets like: Gabriel Walsh, Attorney-at-Law. Finding the Saint in Satan’s Saints. Or helpful tips like: Note to clients, quicklime is a preservative not a corrosive.”
He gave me a look.
“We’ll work on it,” I said

What's developed most in this book is their dynamic and Gabriel's attitude towards Olivia.

Olivia, like in Omens, is stubborn, gets into trouble and doesn't take any bullshit. She's also very humorous and much more confident in her intuition and her relationship with Gabriel. She knows that she can depend on him for help, and I think she shows her appreciation of that in her protectiveness and being on his side. It's a interesting push and pull they have, because while Olivia already had developed her loyalty and her trust, Gabriel has some catching up to do in that department.
Things went awkwardly after that. Detective What’s-his-name—yes, I should really pay more attention—decided Gabriel was launching some scheme. By claiming a long-dead addict was his mother? That wasn’t just ridiculous—it was unbelievably offensive. I gave the detective hell. By the end of it, I think he had decided I wasn’t nearly as nice as I’d seemed. In fact, given the choice, he’d probably rather have dealt with Gabriel, who took the accusation in stride, calming me down when I lit into the detective

“And he is a person!” I roared, unable to hold back any longer. “He is not a sword. Not a tool. I don’t care what the hell you had in mind for him. You screwed him over, and now you tell me you were tempering—”

My favourite part about all of this, of ANY of this is that she's perfectly aware of how easily Gabriel can defend himself. But someone should defend him once in a while, and she doubts that he'll let anyone else. Olivia is almost foolishly loyal, but it wins people to her side. She isn't dull or insipid. James, her ex, has realized this. So has Ricky and Gabriel. She has the curiosity to match her spunk, and a ridiculous magnet for danger. I'm slightly surprised she made it this far without a serious injury. Hell, I don't even think she's broken any bones. Yet. Olivia, in addition, takes to the supernatural like a fish to the water. She like "Patrick may be immortal? oh cool, let's find some evidence. Changelings are real? Great, let's run some DNA tests from the hair we've stolen." The girl's adaptable.

All of this makes her a compelling character to read about, to follow and immerse yourself in. Because what person doesn't want to read about this amazing lead as a protagonist?

Let's move on to Gabriel now. If you have read this book, which you probably haven't at this point, you'll know that Gabriel has changed.
He's still an arrogant ass...

“Killing a business rival?” he said. “It suggests I need to eliminate an opponent to defeat him.

but, he's become better at showing his feelings, admitting his mistakes and confiding to Rose and Olivia. And he cares. He cares alot more than he did before, and it shows in his actions. Other people are starting to notice that his gestures and protective instincts now include Olivia. They've become partners in the best sense of the word. To me, that's even better than lovers.

“They were there,” I said. “I swear—
“Am I questioning that?”
“No, but—”
“Then stop panicking.”
“I’m not—”
“You are. You found a body, and you called me, and now it’s gone, and you’re panicking because you can’t prove it was there. I don’t doubt you saw something. We’ll figure out what it was."

He trusts her instincts and doesn't doubt her, even when she backpedals. And the looking out for each other's well being is reciprocal.
“So it’s a simple client–lawyer relationship?” She waved at the door with its small glass pane, blacked out by the wall of Gabriel’s back. “He’s right there. He’s been there since he left, and he only left because you wanted him to go. He jumped to do your bidding. Now he’s hovering there, waiting for any sign that you need him.

He could rectify that now. Send a text. I’m sorry. I behaved badly. Please come back.
He would not say that last part, of course. He would never say that. But it was what he wanted—for Olivia to read his apology and understand how hard it was to make it, and even if she was lying beside Ricky, for her to leave his bed and come back. To give him another chance

My favourite part about their relationship is that it is slow burn. If they do end up together, it's not going to be anytime soon. Right now, Gabriel resents anyone taking away Olivia's time. He's like "that's my friend, she was my friend first." He doesn't have many - hell, anyone really whom he can be around without putting on a mask. Slowly, periodically, he's thawing, and while he's very mature in some ways, he's significantly less so emotionally wise. But he's getting there.

He nodded and straightened, tugging on his shirt and adjusting it, as if it wasn’t blood-spattered and filthy. Then he looked down at me. “I am a little queasy. And my head hurts. Also, there’s a slight pain in my shoulder, but it didn’t seem worth mentioning. None of that, however, will impede me.”
I smiled. “Nothing ever does. Come on. Let’s talk to the police and get out of here.”

Yeah, nothing ever impedes these two.
I found an excerpt online:



The good thing about reading the first book almost a year after its publication is the short time you have to wait for the sequel. Thank Heavens because

I want so much from this book. I want sass, I want wit, I want Olivia and Gabriel to become FRIENDS. But mostly, I just want them to kick some serious ass.
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July 7, 2017
 photo 10390944_10152538344173694_236667874111384639_n_zps47ma7ai7.jpg
Yes, we’re back to the sleepy, isolated small town named Cainsville, filled with weird and odd characters that are keeping a lot of hidden secrets from the outside world, where gargoyles appear and disappear at random and not a church in site!!!!
 photo images_zpsibv6r1kt.jpg
Where ravens and crows appear at random times without any apparent reason!!! And where things are not what they seem to be!!

This is the town where Olivia Taylor-Jones fled to after discovering the truth about her biological parents, who have a connection to this town. In Omens, the 1st book in this series, she teamed up with Gabriel Walsh, a lawyer who has been defending her parents, who turn out to be serial killers in prison and on that journey discovers that they might not be guilty of the crimes they were found guilty of.

Visions, the 2nd book in the series opens up with Olivia finding a body of a dead woman’s body, with a close resemblance to her, in her car outside her family home.

Olivia is beset by omens and signs that seem to lead to Cainsville. She and Gabriel are determined to find what the body’s connection is to Cainsville.

Between trying to figure out who the good and bad guys, what the signs and omens mean, Olivia and Gabriel’s fall-out, Olivia’s ex fiancée going all stalker wanting to take her back and the delicious Ricky Gallagher, who seduces her in a lot of ways….even getting her on his bike!!!!
Oh, let me add that there’s a really hot bike moment between Ricky & Olivia!!!
 photo 14595735_zpsxwp2kzuj.jpg
A love triangle on the way!!!!! Olivia, Gabriel & another mysterious character connected to Cainsville.

Fae, hounds, ravens, secrets, folklore………..the magic of Cainsville just keeps on growing!!!!

I love the author’s writing style, the different POV’s, the internal narratives and some really great dialogue.

This book draws you in from the first page and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last page.

I can’t wait for book 3!!
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February 15, 2021

book 1 : Omens ★★★★ (4.5 stars)

"We are imprisoned by the truth we dare not see.
We are imprisoned by the questions we dare not ask."

► The story starts when Omens ends, Olivia still trying to make sense of everything that happened to her - and to her serial-killers biological parents. While Omens was meant to be read as a thriller more than anything else, in Visions the mythology introduced there starts to be unraveled and more we learn about the different fights at stake, more I found myself completely enthralled in Kelley Armstrong's story. Indeed whilst the mystery elements are still present, I can't deny that the paranormal aspects increase in importance in this second book.

Every answer leads to more questions, and the different threads we follow seem so intricate that despite the clues given to us the mystery thickens and isn't solved by any means.

Again I felt captivated from the start, the investigation pulling me in and the incredible dialogues holding my interest through and through. As I already said, I really, really love reading about these characters. This series is addictive, trust me on this.

▨ Olivia is resilient, stubborn, flawed, and still completely enjoyable. Despite the fact that I didn't agree with all her choices, I genuinely care about what will happen to her in this strange world she discovered, because frankly? Her actions ring true to me and I can always understand her : she refuses to be used as a pawn yet she's ready to play games to grab the answers she needs. Who wouldn't?

In a word, she's fierce and never, ever annoying. About how many MC can I say that? So few, guys, so few.

▨ Gabriel. GAH. I need to make a statement here : I completely fell for this manipulative little shit who is so much more than he appears. What can I say? He makes me laugh in his bossy way, I care so so much about him! His secret is... He's incredibly multi-layered : from his words to his facial expressions or instant-jerk reactions, we readers have to observe him carefully to try making sense of his character and well, okay, I'm fascinated. Also, he cracks me up. SO MUCH. And I just love the practical and unfeeling way he talks, with maybe, just maybe, feelings lurking behind (I know! Such a crazy theory!)

Once again the quality of the secondary characters strengthens grandly what could have been a weak plot : From the Cainville's inhabitants to the strange creatures people (?) Olivia meets, every character is interesting, none is wasted, and it adds so many layers to the story!

I feel the need to talk about the men gravitating around Olivia and the way relationships between them are handled. In my honest opinion we don't have a love triangle in Visions (and even less in Omens).
✔ James is a controlling asshole whose relationship with Olivia ended.
✔ Gabriel is... Well, I'll come back to their relationship after, count me on this (yes, because that's by far my favorite part of the book, duh)
✔ Ricky is the only one who can be seen as a possible love-interest at the time. Period.

But the best thing about this book is by far the way the development of Gabriel & Olivia partnership is handled : as far as characterization is concerned, we have good character development and then we have excellent dynamics growth. Let me tell you something : I rarely met characters whose relationship gradually evolves in such a splendid way that Gabriel and Olivia's. From their somewhat untrusting and forced collaboration in Omens to the partnership they develop in Visions, nothing feels forced but everything brings real vibes. Really, it's fucking fantastic how Kelley Armstrong can give us so little hope at first and slowly build foundations for a friendship. Until we starve for more. Damn, I feel like cheering because maybe, just maybe, they're friends now. I know, I'm pathetic. Move on. But I'm not gonna lie : the fierceness they show when they protect each other made my day. As Olivia rightly said, "You read actions and ignore words."

► To sum-up, Visions offers us a strong sequel to the story started in Omens and I can't see why you wouldn't love it if you enjoyed book 1. Strongly recommended.

PS. I chose to not add quotes (or barely) even though I saved plenty of them (mostly from Gabriel, of course), because I prefer let you discover them for yourself, especially when it comes to Olivia and Gabriel interactions. Trust me, it's worth it^^.

For more of my reviews, please visit:
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August 16, 2014
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

As a long time Kelley Armstrong fan, I hate to say this but I didn’t like OMENS. I just couldn’t connect with the characters, it was more psychological thriller than urban fantasy, and readers were left with an exorbitant amount of unanswered questions. I honestly expected the worst when I started reading VISIONS, instead… I absolutely freaking LOVED IT! I instantly clicked with Olivia, Gabriel & Ricky, the plot was more closely tied to the main story arc & the town of Cainsville, and we get answers—not many, but enough to make me feel like we’re making some progress. My do-I-really-want-to-read-this dilemma was transformed overnight into an unrelenting craving for book 3. VISIONS is 500 pages of 5-star epicsauce!

I was immediately sucked in by the quality of Armstrong’s storytelling and writing; between the influx of lore surrounding the Wild Hunt, and the murder mystery—this novel was near impossible to put down. It’s apparent that the victims, town, and mythology are somehow linked, but what it all means is still anyone’s guess. There’s a game afoot, and Ricky, Gabriel & Olivia are the pawns however, it still remains to be seen who the actual players are. I liked how I was never quite sure whether the clues were real or just another one of Taylor-Jones’ omens; it made the puzzle even more intriguing because it was near impossible to tell fact from fiction. I won’t go into the lore seeing how none of it is mentioned in the blurb, but I will go so far as to say that I’m no longer doubting this book’s urban fantasy status.

I found myself loving Gabriel more and more with every new page I read. In OMENS, he was stiff and prickly, and although he is still both of those things, he’s also cocky, brave and intelligent. His actions say one thing, but his body language says another, and I really liked how Armstrong was able to capture the minute changes in his posture and facial expression. I don’t believe that I have ever met a character quite like Gabriel which makes him a real joy to read about because he’s just so unpredictable. Olivia grew on me quite a bit in this installment as well; she still makes a couple of stupid mistakes—like following her cat into a creepy, abandoned house—but otherwise seemed to have wised-up.

There was even a bit of romance in this novel which surprised me while also being a welcomed addition. It’s a love triangle, but not. There’s definitely something going on between Liv and Gabriel; I’m just not exactly sure what it is yet. It’s still early in the series, so it’s hard to say for sure what the author has planned. The off-scene sex helped bring some much needed heat to an otherwise dark narrative, and Armstrong’s foreplay is better than most writers’ on page romp sessions anyway. I really liked Olivia and Ricky’s relationship; he’s exactly what she needs at this point in her life, plus he’s damned fine. There’s a Harley scene that’ll have you calling up your friends with bikes just to give it a try. I suspect that this thing with Gallagher is only a fling, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy the ride while it lasts!

Double-entendres, twists, lore, secrets, and hunktastic men—VISIONS was everything I wanted book 1 to be, and more!
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March 29, 2016
"I warned you not to touch her," Gabriel said, his tone conversational.

"She is my fiancée," James spat.

"EX-fiancée, a concept you appear to have difficulty comprehending, which is at the root of this problem. However, if you are suggesting that even as her fiancé you would have the right to touch her, you are mistaken on a very important point of law. You do not. You will not. Is that clear?"

Okay... Well, this series has certainly progressed. This is the sequel to Omens, which I reviewed a few days ago. Long story short, rich-girl Olivia finds out she is really named Eden, that she was adopted, and that her birth parents are (allegedly) serial killers. She is now living in a small town, working as a waitress, and investigating her parents' alleged crimes in order to clear their names.

This book is a lot stronger with the supernatural aspect than the first one. There is a lot of spooky stuff in here. Giant black hounds, the fay, hobgoblins, changelings, visions of the dead, visions of the damned, etc. etc. But it is still subtle enough not to overpower the mystery aspect of the book. Olivia/Eden is piecing things together much more slowly than the reader is. Olivia/Eden has a lot of "revelations" in this novel that had me rolling my eyes and shouting "I figured that out a book and a half ago!!!!" Sometimes I was frustrated with her obtuseness, but not so frequently that I stopped reading.

It seems at least three factions of supernatural forces ("teams," if you will) are fighting for Olivia/Eden's allegiance and loyalty.

"Oh, look, I'm a special snowflake, and dark supernatural forces are fighting over me."

Well, at least the author notices what she's doing and can poke fun at herself! :)

This is actually (like Omens) really a murder mystery book, despite its strong romantic and supernatural angles. DO NOT read this expecting... I don't know, Harry Potter or Twilight levels of fantasy. This is understated, subtle fantasy. It's mainly about investigating, researching, breaking and entering... you know. Detective stuff.

Okay, I'm sure you remember my review of Omens where I was despairing over Olivia/Eden's three (THREE!) love interests. I basically stated that none of them were worth shit. However, my opinion has changed... somewhat. We have....

1.) James. Olivia/Eden's ex-fiancée. He wants to be a senator. Self-serving, self-centered scumsucking jerk who can't take "no" for an answer and thinks he has a right to tell Olivia/Eden what to do, who she can see... This man is a prime example of why to never date politicians. My opinion of him is EVEN WORSE than it was in Book 1.

2.) Gabriel. Raised by a druggie mother until she abandoned him at a young age, Gabriel only looks out for #1. He seems to be an emotionless asshole... but you know that's because he has trust issues. (Imagine that last sentence said with a lot of sarcasm.) I, personally, think you should at least attempt to be a kind human being instead of a manipulative jerk DESPITE whatever crappy childhood you have... but oh, well. Anyway, he's much, much better in this book than Book 1. He and Olivia/Eden have started a kind of tentative friendship/partnership where they "have each other's backs" and count on each other. Trust is still an issue - on both sides, Olivia/Eden learned quickly about Gabriel's penchant for betrayal - but we are making good progress. I liked the way the characters leapt to each other's defense in difficult situations.

3.) And our surprise entry, Ricky Gallagher, motorcycle club member and heir to the MC's "criminal empire." In the last book, even though she flirted with Ricky, she resisted dipping her toes into his filthy world full of drugs, theft, brutal fights with rival MCs, and possible killings. However, in this book he keeps coming at her. And coming at her correct. He is so supportive and understanding and patient and sweet. My heart was melting all over the place.

He says stuff like,

"Texting me anytime, for any reason, is absolutely okay."


"I'm here for anything you want to tell me, but I'll never push. Fair enough?"

He completely understands her misgivings about him, he takes his time and is patient and slow with her, he is supportive of her - even when she tells him about stuff like omens, which might be hard for someone to swallow - he is SO GOOD with consent, he's respectful,... In short, he is a great man. Strong, but with no temper. Confident, but not arrogant. Persistent, but not pushy. Supportive, but not bossy with advice or suggestions. He's never jealous - even though she's obviously close to non-family men in her life. I despise jealous men, I think they're weak. He's never jealous or petty. SUCH A DREAM. I love calm, patient, even-tempered men. Especially when they are so goshdarn good with consent. I was swooning. Don't know what the guy looks like, and I don't care (I think he's blond?), but that attitude is the most sexually attractive thing ever. O.O

What kind of woman can resist this? Certainly not Olivia/Eden! LOL But he's not perfect. We've still got his criminal behavior and his inevitable criminal future, and Olivia/Eden has to deal with his dad and the rest of the motorcycle club, who are not so... understanding about Ricky's choice of females. We'll see what the future brings.

Like the three (or more) supernatural forces fighting for Olivia/Eden's allegiance and loyalty, we also have these three men in what basically amounts to a pissing contest, trying to earn/win Olivia/Eden's love and affection. Sometimes this gets tiresome. There is a lot more romance in this book than in the first one, and sometimes that is annoying. I didn't sign on to read a romance book. At times, no matter how much I was enjoying cute scenes of love between Olivia/Eden and Ricky or Olivia/Eden and Gabriel, I was like, "Okay, wrap it up! Get back to the plot!!!" That being said, I always enjoy kissing scenes:

He leaned over and put his hand to the back of my neck, and I knew what was coming, but when he kissed me, I still started in surprise. It was like spending the day baking at the side of a pool then finally jumping in, that initial burst of exhilarating shock, followed by a slow, exquisite chill sliding through my body, making me wonder why the hell I'd waited so long to take the plunge.


There IS kissing and sex in this novel, whereas there was none in Book 1. This book has a heavy - but not overwhelming - romantic aspect. You're warned.

Everyone (with one or two exceptions) is a pretty decent person in this universe. I enjoy that.

Silent Hill may be the wrong comparison here, but there are some spooky "horror" scenes in here, mostly when Olivia/Eden is lured to a strange place, and has to explore it, usually plagued by (often gruesome) visions. I enjoy horror and enjoyed these scenes. That being said, this is FAR from a horror novel - it simply contains some horror elements.

Tl;dr - It was definitely worth reading this sequel. I feel like this was a stronger, more polished, more cohesive book than Omens. It was very enjoyable, blending mystery, romance, and gothic fantasy together in a fun read. :) I will definitely read the final (?) book when it comes out this year.

P.S. I like the hoarding aspect included with Gabriel in this novel. His stashes of Coca-Cola and beef stew. His constant fear of being hungry again compels him to stash food, even though he's rich now. I can relate - this is very realistic.
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1,126 reviews2,164 followers
August 15, 2014
It is always ever-so-slightly disconcerting to pick up a sequel and read a novel far altered from your expectations. I adored Armstrong's Omens when it released last year, both because of its unique paranormal plot line and its psychologically consuming characters. While neither of these traits have diminished in strength throughout this sequel, they have altered in some capacity. Granted, some are for the better--certainly--but some, sadly, for the worse.

In Omens Olivia, the protagonist of our tale, discovers that she has been adopted and that her biological parents are notorious serial killers, the Larsens. Working with her attorney, the elusive Gabriel Walsh, the two prove that the final two of eight murders committed by the Larsens were falsely accused. Thus, when Visions was announced I immediately assumed that the course of the series would be to continue to prove that Olivia's parents had not, after all, committed a single murder and their daughter would work to contribute evidence to that cause. Instead, Visions presents us with a different sort of mystery on our hands, one far removed from Olivia's true parentage but linked, rather, to the small town she loves: Cainsville.

When Visions begins Olivia witnesses a dead body in her car. One which bears an uncanny resemblance to her. Yet, when Gabriel arrives on the scene the body is missing and no evidence can be found. This body continues to plague Olivia, its head turning up unexpectedly in her bed one night only to vanish just as quickly. Soon enough, Olivia is able to identify the body as belonging to Ciara, a young girl who is distantly related to the town of Cainsville. But as Olivia begins investigating the truth behind Ciara's death and its unexpected link to her, she stumbles upon a secret she just may have been better off knowing. Because both Cainsville, and its residents, are not as they seem...

While I found that aspects of Visions could have easily been omitted--this book is, after all, a hefty volume--the plot is impeccable as always, well-timed, atmospheric, and unique. Perhaps what I love most about Visions is that it reveals a plethora of layers, both the characters we've come to know and the story line we've come to love. Since it touches only briefly upon the subject of the murders Olivia's parents are accused of it can be difficult to find ones bearings amid this novel. While Olivia is diligently tracking down the truth behind Ciara's murder, I couldn't help but seek the connecting draw behind the entire tale. It isn't until the end of Visions that Armstrong hits us with explosive reveals but the hints are present over the course of the narrative and the manner in which Omens bleeds into Visions, creating an even stronger story line than the one before, is remarkable.

Yet, while Armstrong excels in plot she sadly fails in the romance department. Omens seemed to establish a slow-burn romance between Olivia and Gabriel--my absolutely favorite kind--but early in Visions their friendship takes a deep setback. At this point in the tale, Olivia is no longer in shock or grief regarding the truth of her parentage. Thus, as a young woman, she is once again prepared to fill her life with the social standings she needs, boyfriend included. Gabriel, on the other hand, who remained an aloof enigma in Omens, is, by no means, prepared for a relationship as yet in Visions. We grow to learn of his traumatic past and the emotional scarring has left him in a position where he doesn't even view Olivia in a romantic light. While Visions continues to establish the strong connection forged between them and the strength of their friendship shines through and overcomes hurdles, neither Gabriel nor Olivia view each other as anything more than a close, reliable friend.

Consequently, it should come as no surprise to find that Olivia becomes romantically involved with Ricky, the biker we briefly met in Omens. Only, I was surprised. Rationally, I can reason the need for this romance and, certainly, Ricky is a balanced counterpoint to Olivia. Not only does her respect her independence but he never becomes jealous and supports Olivia's friendship with Gabriel. Yet, I honestly felt as if the love scenes in Visions were more than just a little unnecessary and theirs wasn't a romance I enjoyed, frankly. What I do appreciate about Armstrong, however, is that Ricky plays an important role to the plot as a whole beyond simply being Olivia's boyfriend. Moreover, the citizens of Cainsville are against Ricky and Olivia's fling and it is made evident that Ricky and Olivia are not a couple who are here to stay. Thus, while Visions lacks a love triangle the focus on the romance lacked authenticity and I couldn't engage as thoroughly as I'd wanted to as a result of it. Moreover, it completely took me by surprise so, hopefully, future readers can better prepare themselves for an assault of romance in this installment.

Ultimately, Visions excels as the paranormal thriller it is. Armstrong's research is on-point and enriches the atmospheric quality of these novels and, with the manner in which this installment wrapped up, I'm certainly expecting to see both the murder mystery of Omens and the paranormal twists of Visions converge in the next novel. While I remain a twinge nervous about the direction these characters are headed in, I look forward to their arcs; their growth is genuine, their personalities memorable, and their relationships authentic. Not my favorite Armstrong novel by a long-shot but, obviously, a must-read for fans of Omens.
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August 5, 2017
The Cainsville series has become a favorite of mine after I read a short novella and the first book in the series. I finished this book a while back, and I have book 3 and 4 waiting to be read. This is a great series, perfect if you like urban fantasy. Now, this is a series that probably is best read in order. I've read two novellas that contained spoilers, but I'm used to reading books out of order.

Visions story continues after the story in Omens. Olivia may have made some success in her parents' murder cases, but she has still a lot to do to clear them. If, of course, they now are really innocent. However, with the dead woman found in her car that looks just like here does she realize that danger is not over for her. Thankfully she has the mysterious Gabriel by her side. Now, she just has the figure out who killed the woman and why?

In Omen's did we get an introduction to Olivia, Gabriel and the rest of the characters. We also got an introduction to Cainsville, this little picturesque town that seems to hide some secrets. I have come to like both Olivia and Gabriel very much and I intrigued by the little town. In Visions, we get to know more about Cainsville and the people that live there. Let's just say that it's not a normal little town. I'm looking forward to reading the next book to learn more.

As for the killing of the woman, is that just the start. It seems that some women are being targeted, but why? And, is Olivia in danger? And, can the omens she sees save her life? It's a fast read book, with a thrilling story and I'm looking forward to reading the next book!
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944 reviews1,111 followers
August 15, 2014

Loved it, best urban fantasy I've read in a while. It pretty much had everything I wanted — lots of mystery, an engrossing plot, a decent heroine, and some magic, myths and folklore.

-One of the best elements was the various mysteries throughout, there were so many: Gabriel/Olivia's powers/history and connection to Cainsville, Olivia's real parents, what Ida, Walter and co wanted, Cainsville in general, all the different players (the hunt/Tristan and his people/the elders) and the endgame or what the game was in the first place. I liked that some questions were answered whilst others were left alone… It made me more excited to read the next book. The only thing that I wanted more of were answers/some development when it came to Olivia's parents and whether they were really serial killers or not, and if they weren't why they were being set up - I'm guessing that won't be solved until the last book though.

-I didn't really get the whole changelings/switched at birth thing the elders had been doing. If they really wanted the best for Cainsville kids/their descendants, why did they swap them with strangers outside of Cainsville? Why not bring them up in Cainsville? If they were in Cainsville couldn't the elders guarantee protection/their safety by looking after them? They could teach them about their history or any powers they had, there would also be more chance of their descendants staying in Cainsville with them. Surely, if their fae magic was powerful enough to swap children then why couldn't they have instead used to it to raise the kids themselves or help the parents in giving them the best start in life? Hmm, the fae elders must have been too lazy and selfish to do that.

-Olivia was a fairly smart and engaging heroine, there were times when I was frustrated with her though, like when she refused to get help from Gabriel but by the end I was glad she'd been reluctant to do so… She would have seemed like a user otherwise. Now that they're more evenly balanced and solid friends, I'm hoping they'll both rely on each other. What I especially loved about Olivia was her having a sex drive and not being celibate, most other UF/PNR heroines seem to have no desires or needs outside of the designated hero so it was great to have a heroine who was actually allowed to have other relationships. It made her much more interesting and caused a lot of tension and complexity in the story and Olivia's working relationship/budding friendship with Gabriel.

-Gabriel was a great character, even though he betrayed Olivia twice before when he'd promised to be honest with her he was still likeable and rather adorable. I usually despise love interests/heroes who betray the heroine, but he more than managed to redeem himself. It helped that his betrayal wasn't something unforgivable to begin with and that he was genuinely remorseful, also that Olivia wasn't a doormat and didn't forgive him straight away, and that he suffered and didn't make excuses or push Olivia to forgive him. It made a welcome change from the typical snarling, demanding, unapologetic love interest/hero paired with the pathetic, doormat heroine.
His awkwardness and anxiety about emotions/opening up to people made him stand out from the usual overly-confident-in-every-way love interest. Sure, he was confident but not when it came to relationships (romantic or platonic). Also, his issues were organic and made sense instead of just being there to make him seem tortured and broody. His crappy childhood/teen years also wasn't something he used to feel sorry for himself or treat women like rubbish. I loved that he wasn't a self-pitying, tortured manslut, and was able to control his behaviour so he could succeed in bettering himself, getting a good career and not having to rely on anyone else. Gabriel's drive, ambition and success was actually believable and made a nice change from the cliched hugely successful drunken manslut who spends more time screwing around than actually working… Which has always been ridiculous, how can someone be that successful on their own when they have more focus on play than work??
I definitely think Gabriel will end up with Olivia, but it'll probably take a while to get there.

-Ricky was a fun character, he was so laid back and honest… His relationship with Olivia was rather enjoyable to read about — there was no ridiculous mysteriousness or possessiveness, they just got along and liked each others company. Gabriel's reaction to Ricky/Olivia was also quite fun to read about, I liked that there was no macho competition or hatred between Ricky/Gabriel, and instead they respected and liked one another. I really hope Ricky doesn't properly fall for Olivia though, I prefer them as a chilled out couple with no serious feelings between them.

-Jamie/Jason or whatever his name was can just die. Ugh, I hated him.

-I wasn't impressed with Olivia having no strong female friendships with women who were a similar age to her. The only women she really spoke to were much, much older than her.

-I hope Olivia tells Gabriel the truth about his dad, otherwise she's just being a hypocrite keeping it from him.

-I didn't like Patrick, he was a prick to let Gabriel suffer all those years when he had the power to do something about it. If he really wanted Gabriel to be strong, they were plenty of other ways to do that without letting Gabriel live on the streets. I hope when Gabriel finds out he makes Patrick suffer and doesn't let him into his life, Patrick doesn't deserve to be a dad.

-Some of the Ricky/Olivia scenes felt pointless and kind of slowed the story down. I'm guessing Ricky and his gang will have a bigger role later on so I guess his character is just being built up for that.

-I want to know why Patrick still looks young but the other elders all look old. Is it just a glamour or something?

-The welsh words here and there irritated me, I had to go back and forth to see what terminology referred to which person/group of people… It just got me mixed up about who was who and what was what.

All in all, an engrossing read with great characters and lots of mystery. I'll definitely read the next one, I want to know what happens with Olivia's parents and why everyone wants her.
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December 7, 2016
4.5 ~ This book was far better than the first. I liked Olivia a lot more. I really love Ricky but see the pull of Gabriel whom I adore. But I've always been attracted to broken men. Thus when it comes time to choose, I'm not sure who I'll be rooting for.

While this isn't a perfect book, it starts off with Olivia admitted to seeing omens when she hadn't quite admitted that in the first book. Thus it felt like the author thought that in her head and due to the passage of time simply forgot that she hadn't had Olivia completely accept that in the first book. And as I'm listening/reading back to back, I picked it up.

My other problem. The book suggest that Olivia recognizes Todd's handwriting. But Olivia was 2 or 2.5 when she was taken away. Kids don't read that early. This is a mistake on the authors part or she would have acknowledged that this is unlikely but maybe because of who her parents were she was able to. But she did not. At 2 the child is still learning language. Another plot hole.

Anyway, those are the 2 main reasons this isn't a perfect book. I will move on to the next.
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August 7, 2018
Well this is shaping up to be a favourite series. I have more questions now than at the beginning of the book and in a good way. Cainsville is starting to look like a pretty creepy place. I’d love to this as a TV series. I love the three main characters. We get to learn a lot more about Gabriel’s background, James does himself no favours and the old abandoned house scare me! Absolutely fantastic read.
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June 27, 2017
I think I'll stick with four stars for the book, but five stars for Gabriel!

I liked this SO MUCH. I wish there were already a billion books out in this series so I could just keep reading them. I like the characters. I like the town. I even, mostly, like how slowly the answers are being doled out. I feel like I have an okay picture of a lot of what's happening, but there's sooo much that's unclear. And I like that. (Note: So far, each book has had a clear plot that IS resolved at the end of each book. But it's all connected in ways that are still a bit mysterious.)

And I looooove Gabriel. I said this to Jess in an email, "I feel like I could write essays about Gabriel and the bad boy who just needs to be looooooved trope. His actions are so clearly explained. And I like that the people who care about him don't let him off the hook even though they get why he is the way he is."

The people who care about him treat him with such care. And I can relate to him in some ways, that feeling like people don't really want you and anything that can be interpreted as them not wanting you there makes you think, "Well, that's it, this friendship is over." I'm a lot better at that now, but it makes me just really appreciate the way Olivia and Rose treat Gabriel.

(nothing too spoilery, but more talk about relationships)


Re-read 2016, 2017
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December 8, 2015
Not as good as the first one. Full review to come.

Okay, here's the thing: I'll probably read anything that the author writes.

Kelley Armstrong definitely knows how to tell a tale, and the mystery behind this series is addictive as hell.
~FYI, I had forgotten what it felt to want to binge read a series this much. Cainsville brought that feeling back.*

Then I freaking love the characters...
Okay, I may have a soft spot for Gabriel, due to the shorts stories that I read in Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong.
I loved Olivia in the first book: she was resourceful and just a strong character all around. Now, I am not saying that that changes in this book.
It doesn't.
What does change, is that, while Omens is a thriller with bits of paranormal in it, Visions enters the paranormal romance department and I kind of hated that. -_-
While it can be debatable the presence or not of a love triangle we know that the thing is there!
Sure, Olivia should go on with her live. It isn't as if she's cheating on anyone since that person has a lot of intimacy issues and may need a bat to the head to figure out what is happening with his own heart, but it still felt strange especially due to the paranormal aspect of the relationship.
Was I the only one who felt that they were behaving like a pair of werewolf's?

What can I say?
Maybe I am biased because I really couldn't care less about those two as as couple, and as such the whole thing was just boring for me to read.
I would have liked more focus on the mystery and less frolicking by the end of the road. -_-
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January 22, 2022
I regret having paid money to read this book, it was really annoying and when the dreaded love triangle reared its head I just quit. I can't stand it anymore.

P.S. This also means that I won't read any other of Armstrong books.
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April 8, 2019
Visions picks up almost immediately where Omens left off; and though we've resolved one part of the story, it's clear life isn't going to be getting quieter for Olivia Taylor-Jones any time soon.

While there's a touch of "miscommunication which could be solved by ONE FRICKING CONVERSATION YOU GUYS" (pet peeve...), and things in the romance department are start to show a tinge of triangular shaping, this was still a really strong debut. Kelley Armstrong writes absolutely fantastic characters, especially her lead women, and Olivia is no exception. Triangular it may be, but one arm of the romance situation is absolutely spot on - I've had that relationship, and she absolutely nailed it, to the point where I was almost creeped out by how accurate she was being.

Cainsville itself continues to delight and terrify - there's a couple of scenes in an abandoned mental hospital that don't disappoint on the fear factor, and even those details are spot on. Coincidentally, I'd been looking up mental care in the US, and had stumbled upon a couple of the rarer items that she'd listed. There's nothing like having really literally perfect mental imagery of the scariest moments of a book!

Long story short - great follow-up. And once again, though it's definitely a series and should be read in order, this book stands alone, with it's own self-contained mystery beneath the overarching story. The research is impeccable, the writing is just fantastic, and this second book has really solidified my opinion on this series.
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October 11, 2015
Dear Kelley Armstrong,

Fuck off.

How can you do this to me? I love you. I love you so hard.
This book was amazing. Intriguing, weird, so exciting, and full of so much sexual tension, I might just fucking die. Seriously, I might die from it.

You're the worst.

I love you.

And Gabriel. Fuck, he's the best. Like, just

Love always,

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September 24, 2014
I debated even writing a review for Visions because what do you even say when your favourite author writes one of the best books she's written in years? Something along the lines of "AKFJSDKJGLADFHGJTSFHJ!" And for some reason that doesn't seem like a particularly constructive review, nor is it a compelling argument to READ THIS SERIES. But thankfully I was able to form coherent thoughts about the UF perfection that is Visions and here we are!

In Omens Liv moves to Cainsville, a quaint little town just outside of Chicago; in Visions we uncover Cainsville's secrets along with Olivia, and boy are they plentiful. It's got that small-town feel: everyone says hi to their neighbours on the street, there's no Starbucks, and the elderly people hang out at the one diner every day. Typical, right? Sure, if you ignore the gargoyles that disappear and reappear, the secretive elders, and the fact that a dead woman's body parts start showing up everywhere. With all this mystery, you know that Liv's trying to get to the bottom of it. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is her favourite author, after all!

Liv partners up with Gabriel, both at work and in the investigation. Needless to say there’s a certain amount of friction – sadly not the horizontal kind. Gabriel is new to the whole emotional attachments, “I have feelings” situation that’s happening while Liv is still reeling from the “you’re adopted and your parents are serial killers!” thing. So much happens in both Omens and Visions that it’s hard to remember that these events take place over several weeks, not months. Girl’s got a lot on her plate.

For a lot of readers the stumbling block of Omens was the distinct lack of fantastical elements. Something was clearly going on, but since Olivia didn't know what it was we didn't either (although I think most of us had our suspicions). The reveals happen quickly in Visions, as Liv finally gets some answers about what's going on in Cainsville - and with herself. I just love how prosaic she is. Oh, the fae are real? Cool. On to the next issue! It's pretty refreshing to see that she just accepts it and carries on with her life. Personally I'd probably have an existential crisis culminating with me gently rocking myself inside a salt circle, but that's why I'll never be a badass UF heroine.

World building happens in Visions! Rejoice! Little by little Olivia and Gabriel begin to unearth who’s pulling the strings in Cainsville, and what they really are. The introduction of the fae factions Cwn Annwn and Tylwyth Teg was gradual and compelling. Happily we’re given some hints about pronunciation when various people correct Liv’s pronunciation in conversation. Kelley Armstrong you sly dog!

The tenuous alliance between Liv and Gabriel develops into a really solid friendship - excepting those moments when Gabriel effs it up with his emotional baggage – and that’s about all those two can handle right now. There’s a certain young biker keeping Liv company these days and I’m all for it. As Liv herself says, he’s uncomplicated and exactly what she needs right now. They’re cute and all…but I’m still biding my time for Livriel. With their no-nonsense attitudes, stubbornness, and knack for finding trouble, the new partners are too similar for things to be all sunshine and roses just yet. It's fine, I can wait: those two are so meant to be it isn't even funny. Kelley (I CALL HER KELLEY DEAL WITH IT) has never let me down in the romance department – in Kelley I trust.

I do have to say that I was a little disappointed that the Larsen murders plotline was dropped a little bit in this instalment, but I’m appeased knowing that Kelley is planning five books at least. FIVE BOOKS Y’ALL. That’s quite a bit of space to resolve that plotline.

That teeny weeny complaint aside, Visions is everything I love about Kelley Armstrong. The tough but not unrealistic heroines, the subtle world building, the slow burn romance. If you’re not reading this series and you like UF then you’re doing yourself a serious disservice. If you ARE reading it, hit me up on Twitter so I can ramble about my crackpot theories…and the fact that I need to buy a motorcycle ASAP!

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January 29, 2019
This is the second book in the Cainsville series. I have enjoyed it more than the first one. This one is focused on Cainsville and some of the secrets it keeps.

It starts with Olivia finding in her car the body of a woman who has been reported disappeared, a woman from Cainsville. As Olivia tries to untangle the murder, she starts a hot relationship and there are many more erotic moments in this book than the previous one. Sometimes too many for my taste.
I enjoyed this book a lot, but I didn't like that TC, The Cat, came back to be a normal cat, when in the previous book he spoke to her. I missed the supernatural elements of TC and I hope they will come back in the next books in the series.
I love all the Welsh mythology that is spread among the book and I really enjoyed the secrets that were revealed, that I would have never guessed. Well, at least... not of them.
I am starting to like a lot Amstrong's writing and I am intrigued about the next in the series. I want to know more!
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December 5, 2022
Reread Feb 2020.
Ooh it’s all kicking off now. Picking up a few more bits this time round too which is always nice.

First read, April 2018.
Oh my, that ending. If I was the crying type i’d be in tears. This is shaping up to be an excellent, excellent series.
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August 15, 2014
Omen's the first in this series/trilogy was a particularly brilliant work -- a great balance between supernatural and natural intrigue, an absorbing main character and an interesting quirk where readers were suggested to look up the 'fairy-language' to find out more about the magic (but it was still totally fun if you didn't)

I had a bad feeling about the second installment. I don't know if it was it came out so quickly after the first, or that another Armstrong series 'Sea of Legends' started off poorly and I wondered if Armstrong has been erring on the side of prolific rather than profund.

So what went haywire with this piece?

The supernatural stuff I felt wasn't as well balanced. The mystery was more seeped in magic and the story was clumsy and tough to follow as one had to digest the mythology as well as the scheme. The intro of Celtic(?) words in Visions was a bit clunky and had a few typos (potentially just the Kindle version) and unlike Omen's token, but not vital approach to the inclusion of language, I felt like I had to keep up with the words to keep up with the story, tripping the pace up constantly.

The first half the book is predominantly relationship focused and even if that is your cup of tea, I suspect the climatic sex scene which reeks of a certain music video by Kayne and Kim will make all but the most hardened (so to speak) romance buffs cringe with the ridiculousness of it all. The crime mystery had good moments and then equally ridiculous beats - in one part an investigation gets stalled because someone spells a victims name with a K instead of a C (doesn't Google suggest such corrections nowadays?)

Some of the scenes in Vision's were well crafted, and I liked the chapters from other's perspective which were marked with titles (rather than just numbers) and Gabriel's character development really carried the story. In total though this book was much worse than its predecessor. Guess I'll hang out for the next...
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November 19, 2015
It didn't take me long to pick this up after finishing Omens. I was completely hooked, intrigued, and on the edge of my seat not only with the mystery that is Cainsville, but with all the characters as well. This truly is a stand out series that ended up being so much more addictive than I had planned for.

And while so much was finally answered and revealed in this installment, so much more was questioned and brought to light as well and even though I am still on the edge of my seat and can't stop thinking about it all, I freaking love it!

I love books that worm their way into my thoughts and have me still thinking about them, days, weeks, later.

Not only did I love all the omens and the dangerous situations, but the romance was just amazing. And even though I see a very plausible love triangle on the horizon, I don't even care because the writing and the storyline is just that good and the two men, even more so.

I don't even know what else to say about this series without giving anything away other than if you are on the fence about starting it, don't be. Take the plunge and jump right in. It has so much to offer and truly is one that I think will stay with me long after I have finished it.
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December 17, 2015
4.5 stars

I enjoyed this one even more than its prequel.
More paranormal elements, a little more romance, fantastic character development. I love how Kelley Armstrong provides us with a separate mystery case in each book while continuously revealing more and more about the background story line and further getting the main characters tangled up in the mess. A very clever way to keep the reader interested.

I'm seriously loving this series. On to book 3!
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November 8, 2020
I am so hooked - kind of expected to turn the page and continue reading the next chapter. Is that a cliffhanger?

If you enjoy this series, I'm thinking the Graveyard Queen series by Amanda Stevens might be right up your alley.
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August 28, 2014
After reading Sea of Shadows, which, I'll be 100% honest, I didn't enjoy very much, I was looking forward to reading a book I was SO SURE I would love. The fact that I got to meet her at the Forbidden Planet book signing had me literally drowning in excitement.

So why the 3 stars? Hmmm...

The story of Olivia Taylor-Jones picks up exactly where it left off in Omens. Like literally where it left off, with Olivia on her way back to her parents' house to pick up her belongings. Typical of Kelley Armstrong, something exciting happens right at the start of the novel; gripping you almost immediately. In this case, Olivia's minding her own business and the next thing she sees...a corpse in her borrowed car...a corpse that's wearing her clothes, her shoes and a blonde wig with a similar hairdo as hers. Not good.

There ensues the murder-mystery element of the novel. With Gabriel, her ex-lawyer turned new boss, there to provide legal, physical and a teensy weensy bit of emotional support. Don't get me wrong, I liked the whole investigative side of things, I honestly did. I just expected it would have had something to do with her biological parents being convicted serial killers...?

That's how Omens left off, right? They'd discovered that the last murders supposedly happened at the hands of Pamela and Todd Larsen, were actually committed by another bunch of psychos. Now all of the other six killings were being brought under question and her parents would be appealing. Gabriel and Olivia would investigate whether Pamela and Todd had also killed the others. Isn't that how it all ended? At least that's how I thought it had ended. I think Visions may have side tracked because there was little to no focus on Pamela and Todd Larsen, which was actually quite disappointing for me. Instead, the plot revolved around the murder of Ciara Conway, the woman whose body turned up in Olivia's car...and in her bed (I shall say no more on the matter!). The investigation was interesting and did have direct links to Cainsville, but still...

There was also the fact that it turned into a mahoosive sex-fest part way through, which was more snore than entertaining. Maybe because I wanted the romance to be with another character in particular...not the one who it was happening with.

Also, the whole fae element threw me. It's going to take me a bit of time to come to terms with all of that. I should have taken the hints in Omens, but alas I was a bit slow on the uptake. My own fault.

There was ALSO the fact that Olivia is something 'special', with three different groups of supernaturally type people trying to get her attention. And I'm starting to hate that in fiction. When main characters are like the Chosen Ones. Again, snore.

On the plus side, we find out a lot more about Cainsville, the elders and other main characters; Gabriel, Rose and James. The Satan's Saints have a more active role in this novel too, well one Saint in particular. There was also the fact that Olivia starts working for Gabriel and their rocky relationship takes a turn for the worse, what with him being a tad anti-social and cold-as-ice. But I still love Gabriel, his awkwardness, his tough exterior and tad vulnerability that peeks through when he's been startled awake. Then there was the end, we finally hear from Todd Larsen - which got me all excited again...and then the novel ended.

I've read some of the reviews on Goodreads, so maybe it's just me? Maybe I was one of the very few who felt cheated on a good read...? It would be interesting to hear thoughts on this. Nevertheless, I can't wait to find out what happens next.
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September 12, 2014
I loved it!

I actually just finished reading and decided to just do a quick review. I am happy at the same time frustrated cause I just want the story to continue. Just like the first book, there’s so much mystery surrounding this series and while it’s slowly unravelling, a lot of them is still hidden and what’s worst, I could not second guess any of it. It is that frustratingly good! ;)

The story picks up where it left off, with Olivia deciding to move to Cainsville… But of course nothing is always as simple as simple packing her clothes and driving off… instead, she found a dead woman in her car, dressed on her clothes and made to look like her! And when she checked again, the body is gone! So she shrugged it off as an omen… a sign of impending danger. But the only problem is, the same woman was reported missing just days ago. And this is where the story continues….

Like I said, this book is so full of mystery, and while this sequel is giving out answers, it only filled my head with more questions!

But here, I learned more about Cainsville and it’s mysterious elderly townspeople.. the rule they play on Olivia and Gabriel’s life…. but I still don’t know their motive or expectations or what they want!

I learned a lot if not everything about Gabriel, the security blanket he puts out. His feelings towards Olivia is a bit confusing.... His lack of emotion makes up for the fact that he really cares and is always there for Olivia…

I also got that closure I needed re Olivia and James, her ex. Not that James is letting her go.

Then there’s the hot, and sweet, and honest, and innocent, Ricky…. I thought in the first book that they would be really hot together, and I could not be more wrong!!! That motorcycle ride scene between Olivia and Ricky was just “wow"! I can’t help but worry and hope that Ricky will not be just a pawn in this series though cause I would die if his character would be hurt. And I just wish I could get to know him more too.

I love the relationship Ricky got going with Olivia… reading about them together is quite refreshing. If I must steal a line from Olivia…

"Being with Ricky was like going on a vacation..” -

In this sequels, it seals the doubts, if you had any in the first book, regarding the paranormal side in the story. There is talks about fae, fairy traps and enchantments, hounds, and about the wild hunt…. Olivia’s visions, and a lot more!

It really does gets better and better…. A lot of character growth… Love the world building that is of this enchanted town of Cainsville… Full of mystery and suspense… it is mesmerizing! And I thought it was romantically sweet and hot (not hot like detailed sex hot, but leaving it with your imagination hot! ;) )

Again, it is wonderfully written, it captivated me from start to finish. Just loved it!!! A lot to look forward to! I want more and I really want it now! I’ll go with the other Kelley Armstrong books for now… :D

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January 13, 2019
Reread #2
Even the third time this gets better. I love series that start putting hints down from day 1 about what's going to happen and then rereading and figuring them out. There was some parts where I really wanted to hit myself for missing the first time since it revealed some big plot points near the end. I can't wait to finish this reread.

Reread thoughts
I can't believe how much I missed the first time! All these little lines and words that hint as to what's going to happen. I loved reading this the first time around but it only got better the second time!

Quick thoughts:
1. Completely amazing.
2. Easy transition from the first book to this book.
3. The romance isn't typical. There's no love at first site. It's complicated.
4. The plot was excellent but different from the first book.
5. It leaves you wanting more. The next book is going to be intense.
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