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The Replacement Guitarist #2

Home for the Holidays

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Jason Stockton and Blaze Shinozuka are looking forward to escaping their hectic rock and roll lifestyle for a relaxing holiday. Their plan seems promising, and the passion between them burns hotter than ever as they keep each other warm despite the icy temperatures.

When a surprise Stockton family get-together threatens to reveal what Jason would rather keep hidden, their budding relationship is put to the test and an impromptu trip to Hawaii makes the differences between them more obvious than ever.

Thanks to two chaotic family holidays and a lot of painful secrets, Christmas could end up being more than their new found love can endure.

And *NEW* The Journey Onward…

Getting back from paradise and being alone is exactly what Jason and Blaze need to build their relationship and break down the barriers between them but nothing is ever that simple. Being in LA means back to work for Jason and Blaze gets a sample of what life will be like as Jason’s partner.

Can loving each other be enough to keep them together? Blaze is finding out how much work goes into keeping a relationship alive and in their darkest hour, they will have to stand united as partners to weather a storm that could devastate their future.

233 pages, ebook

First published December 20, 2010

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About the author

Lori Toland

20 books105 followers
Writing romance since the tender age of 13, Lori Toland somehow finds time to play video games and watch movies while taking care of her cats and husband. I'm also a secret cat.

Visit Lori's web site at http://www.loritoland.com or e-mail her at lori@loritoland.com.

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Author 5 books334 followers
November 10, 2013
I was eager to dive right in with this sequel to The Replacement Guitarist to see where things went for Blaze and Jason. It picked up right where the other one ended and jumped right into the stress of the holidays. I was so curious about Jason's family and impatient to discover what would happen when Jason was introduced to Blaze's family. I got all that and more with this second installment in the series which should most definitely be read in order.

Jason and Blaze were planning to spend a few days in NYC and then head home to LA for several quiet days just for them before they must part ways when Blaze heads to Europe on tour. Best laid plans and all that... suddenly Jason's family decides they're going to spend Christmas together and they're going to do it at Jason's house. Blaze feels like an observer when Jason shuts him out emotionally without explaining what upsets him so badly about his family's visit. Meanwhile Blaze misses being with his own family even as he gets to know Jason's famous Hollywood family. It isn't long before an unexpected set of circumstances lead to an impromptu trip to visit Blaze's family too. He worries about his parent's reaction and having to tell his Gran about Jason. The distancing thing still hasn't been fixed between him and Jason and now he had to add the worry after meeting Jason's family that they really were from different worlds. Even while they have declared their love at the end of the previous book, they both wonder if love is enough. So much happens in this segment of the story to test them. Things really happen fast at the end and it is left wide open for the next book to pick up that dangling thread.

As I said, I loved the idea of the stressful family holidays which added some scenes that made me chuckle being the backdrop for this one, but it was also fun to see them beginning things together as a couple too. Everything is so tentative and new- that is everything, but their scorching hot love life. Nothing tentative about that. These guys are as into each other as two lovers can be. Even though they weren't on tour, there was still plenty page time of them participating in their shared musical world. I love it that Jason writes music and Blaze can appreciate it because of his background and its cool that Jason can recognize Blazes guitar talent too. There is a bit of angst as they get used to trusting in each other's love, but it doesn't last so long that it gets irritating. Watching them make-up was definitely worth the misunderstanding.

So after enjoying this second segment with Jason and Blaze set during the holiday season, I look forward to what is coming next for this very engaging couple. Those who enjoy a spicy m/m contemporary romance set in the music entertainment world should give this series a try.
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Author 116 books4,613 followers
January 13, 2011
I enjoyed seeing more into the lives of two of my favorite characters. Blaze sticks up for himself and you can see his growth. Jason has to learn to open up and share and trust. All of this in the back-drop of Christmas. It's a winner.
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1,359 reviews41 followers
December 4, 2013
Lori Toland's Home For The Holidays Review and Blog Tour. Check out the Original Blog Post: http://headouttheoven.blogspot.com/20...

My 5 of 5 Stars Review

The first time I read Home for the Holidays (1st ed.) was in 2011. Back then I was just starting to read the MM genre and I was still going over the books my friends told me about. After reading The Replacement Guitarist and fell in love with both Blaze and Jason, I had to get the second book.

I had held on to these two and both are in my older file folder of Favorites. When I got word that I had a chance to review book 2 I could not believe it. I thought this was just going to be a new release but when I opened and compared that first edition against this eARC sent me, I was surprised that not only was this book much, much longer, the ending was totally different, too. It was like I was reading a different story. This made me so happy.

Okay, I confess, I did go read the ending first, I had read it before, right? So I was a bit intrigued when I saw the fantastic changes done to this old favorite of mine.

First off, the story, thanks to the revision and additions, took a turn for the better. Not only did the different ending make the story more complete, it was just plain better. While the first edition frutrated me no end for wanting closure, this one satisfied me no end and just left me panting for more.

Reading Blaze and Jason reaffirm their love for each other during the holidays, reading them go through the struggles of a budding relationship which lacked the chance of getting answers from the usual twenty questions, it was a very romantic read.

For some reason, this second book is also more erotic. And no, nothing cheesy in this one. None at all. Add in the holiday element where they finally open themselves to their families!

I liked how the two families, the Stockton and Shinozuka families, got on well together, despite their having started out on the wrong foot. Tutu was adorable and she really enlivened the story in her grandmotherly way. She was sweet and spicy all at once and there were times that she actually stole the show.

As for Jason and Blaze, well they were going through a relationship in Hollywood and thereabouts, within a society that preys on the players in the entertainment industry. Jason being a big player in this business and Blaze a rising star himself, they were open targets. The turn of the plot is when things get to a head between the two men and the pop diva Jason was representing and Blaze was contracted to play for. They find themselves in a place where they may have to rethink their future plans business wise. Fortunately, their relationship was solid.

And that is where it ends.

I was surprised at this turn of events for this is the part where Lori Toland gives us her surprise addition. But I found out that there is a third book in the making and probably will be released soon. This not only makes me happier, but I will finally get that closure I had long awaited for when I first read the two books. Now, I will sit back, let the romance and hotness of these two men wash over me and dream of that third book.

Is this a better book than that first edition?




Note: I had rated the 1st edition as 4 Stars as the ending left me hanging, hanging and hanging. It was frustrating not knowing what happened. As I said, this edition is so much improved and is just plain better. Review based on an eARC.

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171 reviews28 followers
December 6, 2013
Home For The Holidays (The Replacement Guitarist #2) by Lori Toland

This beautifully written book takes up right after The Replacement Guitarist and dove right into the craziness of the holidays. Last we read about Blaze and Jason, they found each other in a world that was not accepting of them but they actually came together. Home for the Holidays starts off with Blaze and Jason are going home to their families for the holidays and to get away from their busy work schedules. They first visit Jason’s family and then off too Blaze’s and this trip home is not without drama and high anxiety. They are just trying to be a part of each other’s family as what couples do but things don't go the way they wanted.

Blaze has come out to his family but the one person he has been dreading coming out to is his Grandmother as she is old world about sexual orientation. When he tells his grandmother that he is gay and that Jason is the person he loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with, it doesn't go well at all. She does not accept his lifestyle and he is crushed. I felt this part of the story as so emotional and heart wrenching and it was not easy for him because he didn't want too lose her love. Even though it was hard to read, at the same time it was so beautifully written and very realistic as to what many gay people have to deal when trying to get accepted by their families. The struggle to get accepted hopefully brings Blaze and Jason closer together.

Back to their regular lives where they have to work on their relationship but it’s not as easy as you would think as their love gets complicated. Jason is back to work and Blaze is learning what it means to be his partner and all the emotional baggage is what they have to work on. Can their love overcome all the issues that can very possibly pull them apart? Will their obstacles interfere with their relationship?

This was an amazing read as it takes the reader on an emotional journey of family, love, hatred, communication and betrayal. Lori's writing was such a fantastic read that when you’re done your hoping that the third installment is on its way. She has left many open questions that need to be answered in the next book. Will Blaze and Jason actually make it or will they let their own personalities come between them?

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Paul at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
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202 reviews11 followers
January 18, 2014
I loved this story by Lori Toland. I was once again blown away by all the steamy sex. Oh my gosh can she write a hot scene! This is the continuing story of Jason and Blaze. This story had everything I was wanting to know about these two hot males. We get to know so much more about Jason and his family. We also get to feel the fear that Blaze has in coming out to his family. We see the struggles of a traditional Japanese family come to terms with the fact that one of their own is actually gay.
The story picks up right where the Replacement Guitarist left off, with Blaze and Jason looking forward to a much needed break from the pop stars tour. They are finally spending some relaxing time in New York before heading back to LA. Wow, we definitely get to see some of Jason's romantic side as he and Blaze take a carriage ride through the city. Jason and Blaze' s love is blossoming and you can't help but fall right in love with them too. When they reach LA Jason's famous family decides to spring a holiday get together at Jason's place. This causes major stress for Jason as he just doesn't want to deal with his brother that abandoned him. Blaze tries to help but Jason just pushes him out. We get to see some of the vulnerability in Jason as he really comes to terms with his family relationships. Once the Stockton family drama is resolved Blaze lets Jason know he is truly angry that he pushed him away when he offered to help. Blaze starts to question their compatibility and just how fast they both jumped into this relationship. Jason must once again convince Blaze that what they have is the forever type. When the Stockton family surprise Blaze and Jason with a trip to Hawaii Blaze starts to panic about coming out to his grandma Tutu. He already was rejected by his parents and being rejected by her would devastate him. This once again cause turmoil for them. It was a great look into just how important family actually is. I really loved that part of this story it was written perfect and made me want to call my own Gram and let her know how much she has meant to me...which I did.
In this book we get to know each of these characters a little bit more. I thought that the characters gained so much more depth in this book. I can't wait to read their continuing journey in the next book. Go get this one peeps it's steamy hot!!
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1,483 reviews69 followers
July 2, 2013
I was soooooooooooooooooo happy to read this book! I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next between Jason and Blaze. With how their relationship started in The Replacement Guitarist, I was wondering what was going to happen in their future. Well thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long to find out (It was only the matter of clicking on this title in my kindle. BUT IT STILL FELT LIKE FOREVER!!)

One thing that I did say about Jason and Blaze’s relationship in The Replacement Guitarist is how REAL it seemed. They went through their ups and downs; it wasn’t an easy love, but a real love. In this book, we got to see more of their relationship as it grew into something more than just a fling. There were parts of Jason that came out in this book as well. We were able to learn more about him, and his past. Find out what makes him who he is today.

Blaze’s character seemed like the “typical” guy coming out of the closet. He was faced with fear when it came to telling his parents that he was with Jason. Honestly, that is something that I am glad I won’t have to deal with at any point in my life. Blaze was already worried about what his parents thought of his life choices, and to add that to the list as well.

A regular relationship is hard enough, but being in a long distance relationship is even worse. It seems as though they make one step forward and end up two steps back. I really hope that they end up making their relationship work for them.

Once again, I am completely amazed at Lori’s writing, and I can’t wait until we get to learn more about Jason and Blaze’s relationship in the future!! (Hint Hint ;) )

4.5 Stars from me!

Review provided by Crystal's Many Reviews
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141 reviews13 followers
November 25, 2013
To read my full review, please visit http://onsilverwingz.blogspot.com/201...

4.5 Stars rounded to 5

This is the sequel to The Replacement Guitarist and I suggest reading in order because the sequel starts exactly where the first book ends.

This is largely a romance and explores how Jason and Blaze integrate into each other's circles of relations, including family and friends. They spend the holidays first with Jason's family and then with Blaze's family. They each experiences the anxiety and pressure of entering a new family and trying to get along with everyone.

Blaze comes out to his grandmother and she does not take it well. She is very traditional about sexual orientation. She's mainly lonely and angry that none of her grandchildren are living with her. Getting her to accept or even acknowledge Jason and Blaze's relationship is a super big huddle for the two. I can definitely see the emotional and physical struggle of the MCs to try to please Blaze's grandmother and to accept her rejection of their relationship. I love everything about the MCs struggle and strengthening of their relationship.

The ending is tapered off with a few unanswered questions about Cassie and fate of their careers that may be answered in the next book, if there will be one. Even in the face of trouble, Jason and Blaze demonstrates that they will overcome it with love, trust, and open communication.

Overall, this is an enjoyable read that focuses on maintaining a relationship and taking the next step to meet each other's families.

*review received in exchange for an honest review*
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1,483 reviews69 followers
December 29, 2013
4.5 Paws!!

I feel as though I should say that I did read the original version of this book about a year ago. And I did enjoy it quite a bit. But also on that note, I can say with completely honesty that I LOVED this version of the book much more than the original.
In this story, we get to spend the holidays with Jason and Blaze. What should have started out as a fun vacation time ended up becoming something even… worse. I couldn’t imagine being either one of them when they are meeting the parents the first time. I do think that Lori did a really great job explaining what was happening during the visits with their families. I really did like how Lori added the family drama between Jason and his brother. I think with the way that she explained it all in a way that even if you haven’t read the first book, The Replacement Guitarist, you can still follow along with this book quite well.
I couldn’t imagine going through was Blaze did, but I do have to say that I think Lori did an amazing job writing about what he was going through when it came to his family and coming out. I think she wrote it out very well and you could tell the emotions and feelings that she put into it. That made the story so much better.
Now the ending of the book? Completely caught me off guard!! All I have to say is that my crush on Jason from the first book has completely grown because even now I just want to keep him for myself!
Overall, I completely enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series to come out!
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246 reviews11 followers
June 23, 2014
Blaze and Jason continue to develop their relationship. It’s difficult when Jason is consumed with managing his performers and Blaze is on tour. Blaze misses his family, but is afraid of how his beloved grandmother will feel about his love for Jason. Jason has his own family issues. His parents and older brother are veritable legends in the entertainment industry. Jason is much happier behind the scenes. He is close to his parents, but he and his brother have MAJOR issues. Both Blaze and Jason must deal with their family issues, but who in their right mind wants to deal with THAT crap during the Christmas season?! The men have no choice. Jason’s home is ‘volunteered’ for the Christmas family gathering and he’s not happy. I love that the family dynamics were just as insane as mine usually (it’s why I spend the holiday with friends). They know they love one another, but they don’t really KNOW one another! What’s worse, Blaze’s career is taking off, but it might not be in the direction he – or Jason – expected.

Toland has woven a wonderfully moving tale of love, family, and acceptance. The series has enough twists, turns, and bumps in the road to keep it interesting! I am now emotionally invested in Jason and Blaze’s love for one another and cannot wait to see where the next book takes them!
5 reviews
December 30, 2010
This book was fantastic. . .I love this series. . . Jason and Blaze are wonderful, endearing characters who are easy to fall in love with. I laughed with the characters, I hurt with them too and they are always very vivid and real to me.

I loved being able to read this Christmas edition of their new budding relationship and meeting their families. I love Jason’s Hollywood family as much as I adore Blaze’s local Hawaiian one. This author does big family scenes so well and some of the family scenes had me laughing out loud.

I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, just know that Home for the Holidays will having you turning the pages to see how Blaze and Jason will survive their first Christmas. This one is as steamy and sexy, their love for each other as beautiful and incandescent as the first one.

Five Stars! Recommended for any lover of M/M romance!
121 reviews2 followers
December 30, 2011
I really liked the continuation of Blaze and Jason's story. My biggest complaint from the Replacement Guitarist was that I thought there should have been more. There is more here and you can definitely see the growth in the relationship and in the individual characters. Even saying that, my issue again is I still think there needs to be more between these two.
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Author 61 books181 followers
February 1, 2014
Families, the people who make holidays both wonderful and extremely stressful! Blaze and Jason get to meet each other's families and deal with two different types of issues. Tension, lack of acceptance, lack of time for just the two of them, it will all take its toll on the guitarist and manager that have been together for a little over half a year, but are still in the 'get to know you' phase. Apart from the obvious holiday issues, the two will also need to figure out the future of their relationship, as they both have demanding careers and a new found difficulty in spending time without the other.
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Author 23 books2,578 followers
January 7, 2011
This hit all my hot buttons. The excitement and complications of a new, budding relationship, hot M/M lovin', big family home for the holidays humor, behind the scenes celebrity lives--not to mention lots of it takes place in my home state of Hawaii. What's not to love? I devoured this book and I have to say that though it made me totally homesick (she captured the feel of Hawaii so well it had me longing for home!) I absolutely adored this installment of Jason and Blaze's love affair!! Five stars!

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204 reviews18 followers
December 8, 2017
Happy Holidays in Hawaii and LA!

Blaze and Jason really are on a Hollywood whirlwind romance which continues in a much better fashion in Home for the Holidays. I loved the fact things didn't go completely smooth for them with either of their families. Jason comes from Hollywood royalty yet his sibling rivalry with his brother hit home for me on a personal level. His extended family were great about his relationship with Blaze and I loved the glamour of their Christmas celebration. I loved getting to go to the islands with Blaze and Jason more though! Blaze has this very traditional family whose love for one another is shown in reserved, yet really beautiful ways until his grandmother admits to hating losing both of her grandsons to the outside world.

Who doesn't want their family to stay close to them so they can love them all the time rather than only on the holidays?

I really enjoyed the way both Blaze and Jason worked so hard to make themselves 'fit' into each others' lives without trying to change themselves at the same time. Their romance worked a lot better for me in this book since they did address some of the issues of age and financial status which separate their worlds. I enjoyed seeing them working to fit together because they both simply know they belong together.

Overall I can round this one up to a 4 star read thanks to the holiday cheer and while some editing and pacing issues remained, none of them were enough to dampen my enjoyment of the story. I will be continuing on in the journey with Blaze and Jason. I'm hoping for them to pull through for the long haul!
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73 reviews1 follower
March 16, 2017
A marked improvement over the first in the series, and one I enjoyed thoroughly. The character development, and development of a deeper and more meaningful relationship between Blaze and Jason that was lacking for me in the first book starts to show up here, and is done well. We also learn a great deal more about both characters backstory, and gain insight into why it is that they act the way that they do. That said, both characters frustrated me quite a bit. (no major spoilers, but tagged to be safe)

In the end, a solid 3/5. I shouldn’t let my annoyance at characters dock the rating, but I can’t get over how frustrating it could be at times. (See complaints under spoiler tag above.) I would definitely recommend the book though, and appreciate that the series gets better and better.
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1,605 reviews75 followers
August 16, 2014
In the sequel to The Replacement Guitarist we get to accompany Blaze and Jason on their journey as their relationship continues to develop. As indicated by the title, the two are Home for the Holidays and spending their first Christmas & New Year together alone at Jason's home. Or so they thought. It's nice to see that even though Jason comes from a famous Hollywood family, they're just as crazy and confrontational as everyone else's.

What starts out as an unbelievably tense reunion between Jason and his brother (who is apparently trying to grow his own baseball team with his nine children!), turns out to give the brothers an opportunity to reconcile. And while Jason's parents are more accepting of his sexuality than Blaze's, it doesn't mean that Blaze avoided the parental interrogation. Fortunately Blaze has Jason's Gram on his side and their Christmas Eve ends well. Except for the Christmas gift that Jason's parents give him and Blaze, which takes the couple on one heck of a rollercoaster ride as they deal with yet another set of hurdles in their relationship – one which I cannot discuss because of potential spoilers.

Even though this book occurs during the holidays and only covers a timeframe of 3-4 weeks, there is a LOT that goes on and I found myself one again engrossed in Blaze and Jason's relationship - and yes, the sex is still hot! Home for the Holidays is a great read but be warned, the ending is going to leave you a tad bit shell shocked. Fortunately I have the next book all cued up to read and I cannot wait to get started. Well done Ms. Toland.
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755 reviews7 followers
September 7, 2014
I was eager to dive right into The Replacement Guitarist sequel to see where the story went next for Blaze and Jason. This book picked up right where the replacement guitarist ended and jumped right into the stress of the holidays with the family.

This book takes us over the bumps in the road for Blaze and Jason as they navigate there own way through there building relationship, but then throw family and coming out into the mix plus the holidays which always seem to make family crazy!

Jason's family decides they're going to spend Christmas together and they're going to do it at Jason's house. Blaze feels like an outsider when Jason start to shut him out emotionally with no explanation of what upsets him so deeply about his family's visit. Blaze has feeling that he and Jason are from such different worlds, Jason is all Hollywood and Blaze is a humble island boy.
The growing rift between Jason and Blaze continues as the men visit Blaze's family, Blaze worries about his parent's reaction to him being gay and having to tell his beloved Gran about Jason and there relationship.

Blaze and Jason have lots to test there relationship in this book and at times they seem to be hanging by a thread. They love each other but is it enough. Everything is so tentative and new, but they seem to pull it all together in the bedroom.
But a relationship is so much more than sex they need to get used to trusting in each other's love.
Another brilliant glimpse into Jason and Blaze's love story.
685 reviews16 followers
March 13, 2015
This is the sequel to The Replacement Guitarist. And yes you should read the first one first. This one is still about Blaze and Jason.
This starts at the end of the American leg of the tour, and Blaze and Jason have a few weeks off before Blaze heads to Europe. They have decided to spend the winter holiday in L.A. now that Blaze is going to move in with Jason. Once there, Jason’s family surprises him by showing up and spending Christmas at his house. Since Jason and his brother do not get along this frustrates Jason and he alienates Blaze. Blaze can’t go home to Hawaii because his family refuses to believe that he is gay.
This story picks up a few months after the last. So you miss the development of the relationship but honestly the flashbacks make it sound like it was just quick one night stands here and there. But both men now realize they love each other and want this to work. This one is still full of hot sex but we get more in-depth into the characters and why they are the way they are especially Jason. I enjoyed reading about the families on both sides and glad we had a chance for a wrap up.
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review by Crystals Many reviews
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1,796 reviews110 followers
September 15, 2014
In Home for the Holidays we get to meet Jason's family which was nice and entertaining. Meeting them helped me to better understand some of Jason's behavior and reluctance to put himself 'out there'. We also get to see a bit more of Blaze's family which we had met in the previous installment. It was a treat to see how committed Blaze and Jason were to each other when the time came to stand up for their relationship. For me this story cemented the fact that they were more than a passing thing.

Yes, there was as much sexual encounters as in the previous book but it somehow came to mean more. I could actually feel how strong their need for one another was and how much they treasured what they had. Some were of the hard and fast kind while others were slow and tender, but they were all hot!
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1,251 reviews5 followers
June 21, 2014
I was fortunate enough to read Lori's The Replacement Guitarist Series. This is a four book series (although book 4 won't be out until later this summer) that follows the love story of Blaze, the replacement guitarist, and Jason, the manager of the band he is hired to complete a tour. The moment Jason walks the the door, he falls for Blaze. Blaze is gobsmacked by Jason.

From that day on they share their passion for each other and for music. The series is full of misunderstandings, passion, love, and awsomeness.

I cannot pick my favorite of the series, because it is not complete yet, so I will just say that this series is worth reading. I felt for both Blaze and James. I pray that all turns out the way I want it to! Buy these books! 5 Hearts for the series!
Profile Image for The Novel Approach.
3,074 reviews134 followers
November 20, 2013
This book ended way too soon for my taste, but then again, I could read about these two for days with no complaints. The good news is Lori Toland left plenty of room for more books in the series, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens next. This is a story of two men who are both so scarred by their pasts that it is hard for them to let anyone else in. They will have to find the strength to trust one another and when they do, it is going to be beautiful.

See the entire review at The Novel Approach: http://thenovelapproachreviews.com/20...
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1,153 reviews
November 20, 2013
Love Blaze and Jason ... This book continues the love story between them and goes into the dynamic of Jason's family. Also how Blaze's grandma reacts to meeting Jason. The story is clear on the aspects of them struggling with being accepted and both of them having insecurities. One thing about this book is that their love is apparent and they care very much for their own feelings with each other. Dealing with the business is difficult and the end opens the new door of telling more about them. Looking forward to the next one.
Profile Image for Ann Lister.
Author 46 books822 followers
December 10, 2013
This was a wonderful follow-up to Lori Toland's, "The Replacement Guitarist". I loved revisiting these characters and thought the story was more fleshed out, too. Even the secondary characters took on a larger role in this story! I also enjoyed the growth in Blaze and Jason's relationship, too.
Great story!
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1,178 reviews8 followers
January 1, 2016
A nice angst continuation of Jason and Blaze story. The go to Hawaii for the holidays, hoping to be able to relax and really learn more about each other, what they don't expect is to have issues start to push them away from each other. Will a secret come between them or will the be able to overlook everything and continue to grow as a couple.
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1,314 reviews99 followers
September 21, 2016
I didn't feel much connection with either MC. Most of the time I felt like they were spoiled children who refused to communicate with each other which irritated me. There was some plot, but it was thin in between the numerous boring sex scenes. These two had sex at least once for the first 5 chapters in the book after that I stopped counting.
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149 reviews2 followers
May 18, 2013
There is something juvenile about the writing. It's not as bad as those that seem to be written by my 13 y/o self but still the characters act and react in that slightly immature way a teenager would. I was able to finish it so its not horrible. Just not my cup of tea
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