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Batman: Bruce Wayne, Murderer? (New Edition)
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Batman: Bruce Wayne, Murderer?

(Batman: Bruce Wayne, Fugitive #Complete 1)

3.74  ·  Rating details ·  381 ratings  ·  66 reviews
After being found with the dead body of Vesper Fairchild in his arms, Bruce Wayne is arrested for her murder. Looking to prove Bruce's innocence, Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl quickly begin an investigation to discover the true killer. But as the mystery unfolds, evidence of Bruce's guilt mounts and even his closest allies begin to question their mentor's innocence. Tired o ...more
Paperback, 610 pages
Published May 20th 2014 by DC Comics (first published March 18th 2014)
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Average rating 3.74  · 
Rating details
 ·  381 ratings  ·  66 reviews

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Scott (on temporary hiatus)
Jun 11, 2021 rated it really liked it
"Case# 4372 - The People of Gotham City versus Bruce Wayne . . . on charges of murder in the first degree, conspiracy to commit murder, and attempted rape." -- courtroom bailiff, on page 103

Holy wrongful arrest, Batman- say it ain't so! Batman: Bruce Wayne, Murderer? was, despite that awkward-ish sounding title, an ambitious 600+ page miniseries that begins much like any other standard murder mystery story - a bullet-riddled corpse is discovered on the floor of a mansion. However, in this instan
Jun 09, 2014 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I should start by saying that this is the new "new" edition which included two issues that were left out of the original "new" edition which was released several months ago, only to be recalled several weeks later. While the omissions probably shouldn't have happened in the first place, DC really scores points for replacing any copies sold to customers with this edition without any bullshit.

On to the book itself. This is a MASSIVE collection including all of the bat-titles that tied into Bruce W
Shannon Appelcline
Dec 22, 2015 rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics-dc, comics
This volume starts off quite good. One of Wayne's ex-girlfriends is found dead at the mansion, and he looks to be the main suspect. Not only is Batman taken off the playing board, giving everyone else a chance to shine, but we also get a pretty great mystery that's slowly being unraveled book by book.

Then the whole thing falls apart in the last section of this volume (which I suspect marks the end of the original Murderer arc and the beginning of the longer Fugitive arc). Batman breaks out of ja
May 11, 2014 rated it really liked it
Shelves: reviewed, crime, suspense
I re-read this years after my first read-through, and I realised it is probably one of my favourite Batman storylines ever. It was like visiting an old friend: even though I know where this is going (having already read the storyline/event to its conclusion), I enjoyed every minute - or page, whatever - of it.

Reading this, it also reminded me that - back then - one of my favourite artists was Scott McDaniel! I have to admit I haven't thought about him much recently (does he even work in the fie
Feb 24, 2016 rated it really liked it
I've come and gone into and out of the comic book hobby since the late 80s when I was a teenager discovering that yes, I too could become obsessed with a hobby now that I'd outgrown being a lead singer in an air-band. The danger of leaving and returning, though, is that titles one used to like will become huge families of titles suddenly, and it's daunting to catch up. This is why I am very grateful for big omnibus kinds of books like this. During the period when the whole "bat family" (I don't ...more
Feb 03, 2015 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Great lead-in to the Bruce Wayne: Fugitive series. The new edition is a little too faithful in reproducing all of the comics that contain any story piece, which ends up establishing a bunch of plot threads that don't pan out or resolve within this series, and that's a little distracting. ...more
Siike Donnelly
Good, but a bit sloppy.

My only complaint is really just the editing for this collected edition. Its not a coherent story as it has too many tie-ins that just feel off and not essential! Even some of the Batman stories don't seem well constructed in this collected form. I'm sure reading this monthly was fine and fun to see some things bleed into the bat family books, but as a single read its a big sloppy. Still, the premise and execution in the parts I liked are still strong enough to make this a
5 🌟

Bruce Wayne is arrested for the murder of Vesper Fairchild. The bat family works to clear his name.
Lexxi Kitty
It's an overall interesting story. Bruce Wayne is out with his bodyguard, Sasha, as Batman. Patrolling. Batman has a bodyguard because Bruce Wayne has a bodyguard. And Sasha is as stubborn and intelligent as Batman, so when Wayne heads off by himself, Sasha has to figure out what's going on. And finds out Wayne is Batman. Therefore she goes out on patrols with him.

So. Batman and Sasha out on patrol. Two different crimes occur right when they are about to head back, so they separate. Both arrive
Jan 30, 2015 rated it liked it
Shelves: graphicnovels, 2015
This impressively thick collection runs a crossover threaded through the major Batman titles in the early 2000's in which Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne is accused of murdering a former love interest. The crossover spanned the major Batman titled (Batman, Detective) and some of the other books under the publishing umbrella (Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, Birds of Prey, Gotham Knights).

Crossover spanning collections like this are always a bit of a tough sit, as creative teams vary wildly from book t
Brad McKenna
Jun 11, 2018 rated it liked it
Shelves: comics
This was ultimately a disappointing collection. In what has become the norm in comics, the story-arc spans all the titles related to Batman, Detective Comics, Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Birds of Prey. The first third of the book was good because Batman's allies all wondered if he really had done it. Then Bruce escapes from jail and Batman is seen roaming the streets again. I'll leave aside the obvious conclusions that people should have drawn from that, because...comics.

Once free, the story of
Ahmed Mansour
Oct 15, 2015 rated it it was amazing
Wow....Now that`s was one hell of a ride...Can`t wait to see what happends next :) ...more
Jul 24, 2019 rated it really liked it
First of all, this book is huge, I'm talking over 600 pages. That's the size of Harry Potter books, lol. I certainly was not expecting that, but I was delighted to feel like I was getting my money's worth. To compare the size of most normal volumes, I grabbed a random Volume (Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol 2.) and held it side by side.


You could fit years of volume runs in the size of this book! But now, more importantly, is this maybe should have been cut down to 300-400 pages? I love, loved the
Apr 28, 2021 rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics
Bruce Wayne Murderer? is massive. Truly massive. I suppose it has to be that way since this is a "complete" edition sort of thing. Ok. The problem with that is that we are then exposed to every single series this arc travels through. That is a problem because the ones where the arc takes it into the Batgirl, Nightwing, or Tim Drake side comics are a collection of crap writing and crap art. The story is carried by the Batman and Detective Comic issues.
So what's up? Bruce Wayne hasn't been himself
Jun 04, 2021 rated it liked it
As with all major events of this era, this starts out with a bang, stays compelling for about 6 issues, and then totally falls apart under its own weight and baffling narrative choices.

The beginning is solid: Bruce Wayne has been framed for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Vesper Fairchild, and has been arrested and shoved into Blackgate Prison. With him, and therefore Batman, out of the picture, the rest of the Bat Family will have to step up to figure out who the hell framed Bruce. Also, there
Jan 30, 2020 added it
The 90’s and early 00’s saw a proliferation of Batman events, most of which had solid, bold ideas. Knightfall, Contagion, and especially No Man’s Land are very ambitious Batman stories. Sure, they don’t always have the best execution, but they’re at least interesting and present high stakes for Batman and co. Bruce Wayne, Murderer? from 2002 offers another bold concept: Bruce is framed for murder in his own home and thrown in jail. Who is the person behind it? Do they know Bruce is Batman? How w ...more
Jul 24, 2020 rated it really liked it
The entire time I was reading this it was a 9+ but ultimately gotta go 8.6ish as there's no resolution still! The premise is excellent: Bruce Wayne is framed for murder, causing Batman to declare Bruce Wayne a liability and abandon the identity once escaping prison. Meanwhile the entire Batfamily works to exonerate Bruce Wayne while constantly wrestling with the fact that the evidence is so damning. Only Dick's faith never wavers. It's very immersive to see all the different storylines happening ...more
Kathryn Halbert
Sep 23, 2019 rated it did not like it  ·  review of another edition
One Big Mess

The title of this book asks a question: could Bruce Wayne be guilty of murder? Despite a long page count, the book completely fails to answer that question, you have to get the next volume. But if you know anything about Batman, you already know the answer. Aside from the fact that Bruce Wayne murdering his ex would be suicide for the brand, it would be completely out of character. Not killing is so deeply ingrained into the fabric of his being that he can't bring himself to kill eve
Jul 05, 2019 rated it really liked it
Shelves: comics-and-manga
This was a huge crossover event arc that encompasses multiple titles, so it's not only about Batman and ironically that was the best part.

I do like how this story deals mostly with identity. Currently it's popularly established that "Bruce is the mask and Batman is who he really is" but this is one of those stories that prove that in the end he is both and that both identities are necessary. It's dark. It's complex. It's about Bruce being a broody, detached asshole and ultimately pulling himsel
Andrew Lee
Mar 07, 2021 rated it really liked it
My second time reading this crossover event from the early 200s. I still remember Greg Rucka and Ed Brubacker giving the Batman titles a firm grounding in hardboiled crime fiction by their emphasis on the Gotham Police Department and laying the grounds for the later Gotham Central Police Procedural.

As a leadup to this arc, it may be prudent to also catch the issues following the end of the No Man's Line epic crossover to see how Bruce and Family are coping with a New Gotham. These issues are co
Alexander Shay
Jul 12, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: dc
Having seen this in physical copy a few years ago, I forgot how big it actually was. Altogether, it didn't take that long to read, but 600 pages of a comic is a lot of comic to read.
The concept intrigued me. I knew I'd be missing a bit of info since I didn't and probably won't ever read the comics that lead up to this. I wasn't missing as much as I thought, because the comics I have read before were somewhat in line with the timeline of this one. But still a fair bit, like the new Batgirl and Sp
Jordan Anderson
Recently I was perusing the internet and came across an article that listed the top 10 Batman comics that were “essential” reading. Bruce Wayne-Murderer? was on that list.

Is Murderer? all that good?

Well, I don’t see it as “essential” to the Batman mythos, but, unlike some of those throw away stories that populate Batman, Murderer? is still a fun comic and definitely one of the better ones.

There’s a lot of reasons it works so well. A well devised plot. Cohesive storytelling from the 4 different a
Jan 30, 2019 rated it really liked it
This is an arc I've been looking to get to for some time and suddenly it was available via Kindle Unlimited along with a raft of other DC titles, it seemed the optimal time to dive in.

Bruce Wayne is charged with murder of his ex-girlfriend Vesper Fairchild along with his bodyguard Sasha Bordeaux. With his arrest comes questions from his Bat-family as they set out to prove his innocence. It's a great storyline where we see Bruce/Batman question his true identity that comes with some amazing art
Sep 10, 2017 rated it liked it
The storyline of Bruce's framing and what follows is a good idea, and all the various books fit together well. But this volume collects EVERYTHING, so it's just way too much stuff. Most of the issues are only about half related, and half follows characters I don't know in the middle of action I don't understand. So, overall, it's only ok.

Also, note that the plotline is definitely unresolved in this volume, even at 600 pages. There's at least one more necessary volume, if you want the resolution.
Christopher (Donut)
Maybe you like reading over 600 pp. if comics only to see "to be continued" on the last page.

I don't.

The whole set-up is pretty dumb, anyway.

Gosh. Bruce Wayne has been a little flakey lately. Wonder if he shot someone.

Then we can have a GIANT crossover with Dick, Barbara, Tim, Steph, and the Asian chick wondering if Bruce could do such a thing.

And the whole thing could get so drawn out and boring that we could have some.. tangents.. yeah. Drugs in Chinatown, and, um, zombies! WTF not?

The artists
Nov 16, 2020 rated it really liked it
This was a great crossover. Yeah, Batman's motivations are a bit opaque, but they don't shy away from how his decisions are affecting the rest of the batfamily. Good art throughout. There were a few side plots that I should cut out of a bind, but not too bad overall. The story isn't "done" by any means, and this is a slightly arbitrary place to cut it off, but will probably work well enough. It's a bit of a cliffhanger, an "about to round the bend" with the batfamily discovering some evidence. A ...more
Averyl Cobb
Mar 05, 2021 rated it liked it
This was my second solo Batman story. It was a good chance to meet the bat family and the premise did intice me.

But it feels awkward at times since it’s a bind up of issues from various Gotham based series. I just found myself wondering why certain issues were included because they didn’t seem to help propel the main story of murder suspect Wayne The art style isn’t always consistent for that reason and the story started to feel muddy. I’ll read volume two but honestly not blown away by anythin
Aug 19, 2020 rated it liked it
Shelves: borrowed, kindle
A Brubaker and Rucka murder mystery in Timm-ish style? Sets expectations high!

But it never really hits a second gear. There isn't really a central protagonist -- just a lot of parallel investigations that don't make any progress (and don't create any build or false reveals). (Maybe those almost totally unrelated Tim Drake stories don't help, either?)

Jan 02, 2021 rated it did not like it
Shelves: library, dnf, comic
I finally had to just put this one down, I've been trying to read it for so long. I like the art well enough but the story is all over the place and clearly pieced together by different people. It just gets annoying and it feels like batman is just having a temper tantrum. And it's not even one complete story. ...more
Caine Boatwright
It starts off much much better than it ends. While I still found it enjoyable as a whole, there were issues that brought it down towards the end. I know it’s a large collection with many titles, but the art was hit or miss for me. The main plot is rightfully the strongest point of this collection and holds the book together overall.
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