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Another Little Piece of My Heart

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What if your devastating break-up became this summer’s hit single? In this rock-and-roll retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, music can either bring you together or tear you apart.

At her dying mother’s request, Claire dumps Jared, the only boy she’s ever loved. Left with a broken family and a broken heart, Claire is furious when she discovers that her biggest regret became Jared’s big break. While Jared is catapulted into rock-star status, another piece of Claire’s heart crumbles every time his song plays on the radio.

The summer after her senior year, it’s been months since the big break-up, and Claire is just trying to keep her head down and make it through a tense trip to the beach with her family. But when Jared shows up, and old feelings reignite, can Claire and Jared let go of the past? Or will they be stuck singing the same old refrain?

304 pages, ebook

First published January 1, 2013

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Tracey Martin

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August 3, 2016
Another Little Piece of My Heart was a hard book to rate. Quite simply put, I did not like it at all when I started but as I progressed, something happened. I stopped getting annoyed. I started smiling like a creeper. I was cheering the main character on and when I closed the book, my heart felt fluffy. I don’t even know what that means. I just felt so nice and comfy and it was a really good mood to be in. I also went to sleep right away.

I picked this book as a means to celebrate. I had just turned in my last college application. That called for a good fluffy book. I guess I should have taken the reviews a little more seriously and should have been prepared to hate Jared. I hadn’t been and that cost me the beginning quarter.

If you’re looking for a Persuasion re-telling, I don’t know what to tell you. For Darkness Shows the Stars follows the plot line of Persuasion a lot more closely but I really enjoyed Another Little Piece of My Heart. Martin really put an original spin on things, which I enjoyed. We live in the 21st Century but the original story was written in the 19th Century. Things are going to be difficult if you expect it to follow the original story word for word.

The angsty teenager in me fangirls over Claire. She is such a wonderful character. She’s pissed at Jared. When he comes back, she isn’t ready to let go. She isn’t swooning over him. Sure she has her moments of jealousy but he also broke her heart. He got a music deal and a grammy at her expense and she has no money to go to college. You tell me, how would you react to something like that? Are you going to run back into the arms of the ex? Are you going to be polite (like the original Anne.. who also happens to be 27)? Or are you going to take digs at whatever chance you get and try to get as far away as possible? Perhaps even imagine running him over with your Miata (which he wrote a song about). Yeah if you’re 17 and perhaps even older, YOU’D GO FOR THE LAST OPTION. And she did. I wouldn’t call Claire a kick ass female lead, she is very down to Earth and relatable. She has dreams but worries they will never come true. She isn’t always sure of herself. She gets angry. She tries to hold in her anger and that usually ends up with all of it being let out at once. She is human.

Jared started off as a pain. I wanted to kick him. I REALLY DID. Or perhaps punch him. I hated him for what he did to Claire. He was selfish. Her mom had cancer and he didn’t understand. He made it about himself. But in the end I warmed up to him. He was insecure. I’ll admit, that is a very lame excuse but it works here because let’s face it, teenagers (that explains everything). Their are plenty of ways where I would have hated the same situation but somehow the author explains everything in a way that is believable. I still did have a problem with his ‘perfectness’. He is 19 and famous. WHY DOES HE HAVE PROBLEM WITH COMPLIMENTS? Why is he this sweet guy? Shouldn’t fame have gone to his head? Aside from that, I have to give the author credit for trying to show the other side of the coin. That fame isn’t everything. Jared cannot write music for himself anymore. He is under pressure from his label and his agent to come up with something while he is still the 'hot thing' but how does he do that when he’s all vented out? He has an image to maintain and most people see him as an object instead of a human. There are some harsh realities when it comes to being famous but he’s 19.. so.. shouldn’t he revel in it more?

The two as a couple worked really well. I love how Claire is actually honest about Jared’s flaws. There are actually things she doesn’t like about him *gasp*. Like things she wished she could change but she loves him and accepts him for who he is and thats what makes the two incredible. Predictably, there is a LOT of angst but it's cute.

The relationship between Claire and April was my favorite. It’s the kind of relationship between sisters I’ve been looking for. Something I can relate to. My sister and I aren’t overly close despite the fact that that there isn’t much of an age gap between us. We clash too often but nothing brings us together like hating on people and that’s exactly what brought Claire and April together. They aren’t the best of sisters but get along all right. They ‘compete’ against each other occasionally but in the end they’re sisters and hey, you have to hate the enemy.

I also loved the whole parental aspect. We all know that the father in Persuasion was an ass. We hated him. The mother, from what I understand, was more sympathetic towards her daughter which wasn’t the case in this book. That bothered me for most of the book until the ending. The author didn’t try to make the parents the antagonists but justified them. Parent’s aren’t always right but in the end they love you and will do whatever they can to protect you. It's really as simple as that. They aren't actually out to get you or ruin your lives (in most cases... I cannot account for everyone).

The plot wasn’t the strongest but I guess everything worked out because I loved the book.

I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a cute second chance romance (in YA *gasp*) or anyone who needs to unwind and doesn’t mind dealing with teenage angst.
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April 16, 2014
Review originally posted at Mostly YA Lit

I was totally pulled in by the idea that this was a rock retelling of Persuasion. And in retellings, especially ones where I actually know the original story quite well, I spend a lot of time comparing to the original. I'm really happy to say that it delivers on the retelling without feeling like it needed to rely on the original - you can totally read this as a Persuasion novice, but if you've read Austen's story, you'll definitely notice and love the similarities. 

For me, a few things really stood out: firstly, Claire and Jared are completely believable as a couple. Martin manages, in only a few chapters, to make you really believe that Claire and Jared should be together. It's definitely not insta-love, and it makes the rest of the story so much more poignant that they have this foundation that you believe in. 

Secondly, unlike in the original story where pretty much everyone around the MC is a horrible person, Claire's dad and sister end up being a little more three-dimensional. Claire's sister, in particular, becomes a surprising source of strength for Claire, and Claire's dad, while just as snobby and aloof as the character he's based on, has motive for acting the way he does. 

I also appreciated that this updated version kept true to the fact that Claire and Jared equally to blame for the original break-up. Yes, Claire started the break-up because of her mother, but Jared was so down on himself and the fact that he couldn't provide the right things or be the right kind of guy to her parents that he really just blew up and ran away. 

If I have a complaint, it's that Claire is a bit angsty. It can be a bit hard to get into a book when you know that everything could be solved in one honest conversation. It works in Austen, where even having a conversation with a guy is a difficult goal. But in this book, I really felt like it was the characters' own stubbornness and short-sightedness holding them back...which is, I think, what the author was going for, but it felt a bit too simplistic.

That said, I liked the fact that Claire wasn't perfect - she's sarcastic, tough, and unapologetic to a fault. She made mistakes, but she was brave enough to keep trying despite everything changing around her. 

Overall, my reading experience of this was fun, and almost unputdownable. You want Claire and Jared to be together, but at the same time, you want Claire to grow as a person and own up to her dreams. I felt a real tug on the heartstrings at the end of the book, and I think you will, too. 


Photo: phanlop88

Music Speaks: Maybe it's because I'm in a band myself, but I really felt like Martin nailed that feeling of striking out on your own, working out songs, and just that love of music that drives Claire. This isn't just a book where the author describes the characters as musical - you really struggle with the characters to get that perfect chord and perfect lyric. 

New Adult (Sorta): This is the type of NA book I like - where the characters are dealing with the fall-out just out of high school, and it's sexy and sweet, but it's not all just love scenes. There's a lot going on with Claire because she's been forced to defer college, she's still working through her mother's death, and she has to figure out, right now, what exactly she's going to pursue. It really reminded me of the weirdness of the summer before college, watching your friends slowly leave, and realizing how much you need to rely on yourself. 

Words, Words, Words: This one surprised me a lot - not by the emotion or by the way the retelling fit together - though both those things were good. It was the writing that really got me in this one - sometimes the descriptions of the ocean or of Claire's emotional state were so pitch-perfect that I felt like I was falling into them. 

The Final Word: 

Another Little Piece of My Heart was a really quick, but emotional read for me. It's a good choice if you're going through a book slump and need something fun but with some depth - there's angst, but there's also kind of the knowledge that things will turn out right, and sometimes, you need that in your life. 
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November 25, 2013
3.5 stars

Most guys who get dumped by their girlfriends usually retaliate by drinking, spreading rumors or hooking up with other girls. But Claire couldn't be so lucky. No, instead of the usual, I've-been-dumped behavior, her ex-boyfriend, Jared, decides to write a hit song (or three) about the girl who broke his heart, landing him Grammy’s and superstar status. But when your mother who is dying of cancer and request you to break-up with the only guy you've ever loved, you do it to make her happy no matter the position she puts your heart in. You don’t have a choice…right?
On top of the stinging hit single blaring from the radio, Claire just found out that her family is moving and that she suddenly doesn't have the funds for college. Can life get anymore unfair? Well, yes, yes it can. On a family trip to the beach in New Hampshire for a little family down time, Claire finds herself in an, alien-gods-are-cruel situation, when she comes face to face with the guy who broke a little more then a piece of her heart.

Now, this was exactly what I needed. I've been reading a lot of heavy hearted books lately and was craving something that didn't require tissues. Another Little Piece of My Heart delivered beautifully. This was a sweet and somewhat bitter book about love, mistakes and how not ever decision you make is the right one. Life is messy, flawed and it’s bound to get screwed up, but if you’re lucky, then fate or destiny or the alien-gods themselves will take pity and give you a second chance at happiness. Even if you didn't know you were looking for it.

First off, I’m totally siding with Claire on this one. Just saying.
I really enjoyed Claire’s character. She’s surprisingly upbeat and doesn't come off whinny or annoying. She may be a bit bitter, but given what she’s been through I can’t say I blame her. But what I love about her the most is that she handled herself with Jared quite nicely. She may have gotten in a few justified digs every now and then, but she wasn't overly immature or revengeful of the situation, which is pretty big of her since the guy did write a very unflattering hit song at her expense. I even get why she broke up with Jared in the first place. It may not have been fair, but when your mom is dying of cancer and she asks you to break-up with your boyfriend because she thinks it’s for the best, well, it sucks, but what else can you do but honor the request and hope your heart can deal with it.
Too bad it wasn't the same way for Jared.
Jared on the other hand, didn't look very good there for awhile and after a few snide remarks to many I wasn't sure I found this guy even worth Claire’s time, but as the story starts to unfold a little more we see that Jared isn't a bad guy after all. I like the fact that he isn't blinded by fame and that he still remains Claire’s biggest fan and supporter when it comes to her music. Sure, he could have used his venting-tools a little more discretely and given Claire a chance to explain but when you’re young, upset and heartbroken we do things to lash out and hurt the one you care about the most.
There were a lot of secondary character’s mix into the drama surrounding our two protags, and while I liked the fun and entertainment they brought into the story, at times I felt they were a little to center stage and I found myself wishing they'd fade into the background a little more and wanting to get back to the heart of the story.

Funny enough there isn't any real romance in this book nor any really swoon-worthy moments since this was more about dealing with a messy break-up and the aftermath of their lives afterwards. But we did get some memories along the way that connected us to better days between Claire and Jared. We also have a lot of tension and chemistry that sizzles off the pages, even though it’s accompanied by hostility and confusion. I also really loved the ending and thought it was really sweet that music is what connected them together in the first place and after all this time it still has the power to connect them again.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself with this one. I think it could have used a couple more heart-happy scenes, but altogether I still think Tracy Martin really nailed that flavor of awkward moments, emotional stir and thick tension that you could cut with a knife.
A quick, clean, light and sweet read that put a smile on my face, tugged at my heart and makes me trust that once in awhile the alien-gods may know what they’re doing after all.
A really cute read!
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February 11, 2015
4.5 stars.

Now this, which doesn't have such high ratings, and probably any friends who try will hate, this was pretty much That Book for me when I was ill. (Explanation here.) It's a YA Persuasion retelling, which got my interest right there. But Persuasion is one of my absolute, lifelong, superlatives-abounding favourites, and I'm not an automatic fan of modern retellings of Austen anyway, so the potential for great crankiness was also high.

Part of the fun came from the experience of being happily engrossed in the story the author was telling, and also watching for how she adapted and slotted in the elements from the original that suited her, and when she abandoned those that didn't. And I liked virtually all of her choices. Claire was absolutely her own character - very sympathetic but *much* more able to stand up for herself than Anne - and the reason she finally dumped Jared (which we only see fully about halfway through the book) made good sense. But she's independent, and though very privileged, is able to adapt when the father's business losses leave the family in poor shape. And Jared is a musician, who earns a Grammy - pretty much because of his nasty songs about what a bitch his ex-girlfriend was to him, which is certainly a lot more fame (for him) and shame (for her) than Wentworth's success! It's also quite convincing when he finally acknowledges that his temper and pride and long-standing resentment at being made to feel beneath Claire by her parents all got the better of him. And they're both so *young* - which of course Anne and Captain Wentworth both were, too. Most of Persuasion's characters make appearances, though things are switched around some too; Anne only has one sister (younger), and she turns out to be a lot more likeable than she initially appears (which I loved). Mr. Elliot - not related to the family, but just a college guy Claire thinks she *might* like, if only to start moving on after Jared - is more than just a bit-of-a-jerk, in a way that I found surprising and rather disturbing. Behind a spoiler cut, but just to be careful - it's obvious which Austen character he is, so he's going to be a creep.

Finally, it was really fun thinking about the class issues. One of my favourite Austen critics wrote about how very acute her understanding of money and class was, and - while I'm obviously not saying that this comes close to that level of observation - it is a lot more nuanced than just "poor little rich girl" and "poor but great family" guy. I'm sure it would be easy to read this and feel contempt for Claire's distress when she's told of the loss of her expected college funding (for Brown), given the fact that most people couldn't dream of paying that kind of money. I thought it worked well; Claire could never have got any kind of financial aid, given her father's wealth at the time she was applying, and when the money was gone, it was too late. And she quite gamely gets herself a job at a little grocery store for the summer and plans to delay college for a year. Again, I think the author was smart to keep the parallel between Anne and Claire's suffering for their fathers' inability to live within their means, but to diverge about Anne's lack of options and possibility for independence. (Similarly, the Mrs. Clay character is something like Claire's father's PA, rather than a woman who can't do much other than rich-husband-hunt to look out for herself.)

After reading, I was thinking to myself how much fun a second-chance story is (when done "right"), and wondered if Persuasion was the first great one? It certainly was my first, as I read it very young, and I bet it has a lot to do with my love of them, but was it everyone's first? ETA: No, actually, Beatrice and Benedick might count as the first, except we never get any back story, so maybe not? Interesting they're also the first bickering, can't-stand-each-other couple too, and so Elizabeth and Darcy's precursors in a way?
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August 25, 2016
When I learned about Another Little Piece of My Heart, I knew at the moment that it’s a story I wouldn’t want to miss. A book that revolves around music always gets my 100% attention and this book totally deserved it. Reading the book made me realize that my love for music is endless. Ever since I was a kid, music is the heartbeat of my life. A day wouldn’t pass by without me listening to music or singing a song out of the blue. I suppose all music lovers can relate when I say that I bob my head to the beat, feeling the song’s overpowering rhythm flow through my veins.

The fresh, lyrical, and lovely writing style of the author stole my heart. I felt like I was listening to music while reading the story. Words glided smoothly just like a love song’s heartfelt melody. Although Another Little Piece of My Heart deals with heartbreak and relationship issues, it’s not the type of love story that is very serious and dramatic. Nevertheless the story made me cry at one point because of how sincere and emotional the lines were. Emotions surged from different directions and I drowned under the feelings of love, regret, longing, and happiness.

The plot was very engaging. A break-up becomes a hit song? Wow. I added this book to my TBR pile without second thoughts! I totally loved the concept of Another Little Piece of My Heart because it wonderfully captured the soul of music, love, and second chances. Because of it, I saw the ability of music in bringing people together and breaking them apart as well.

Claire and Jared fell in love with each other with music as the heart of their relationship. There were lots of sweet scenes between them in flashbacks and I loved reading those especially the ones that involved music. Squeeeee. <3 I think the flashbacks are great because readers will see Claire and Jared’s history—how they met, how the fell in love, and how they were as a couple. As for me, it feels amazing to witness that history. I was able to understand their characters more and find the answers to the many questions of their break-up.

Claire and Jared are brilliant characters. They both complement each other’s imperfections. Despite this, however, they bring out the best qualities in each other. I’d definitely put Jared in my favorite book boyfriends list because a guy who sings and plays the guitar? L-O-V-E. Swoon! But aside from that, I admire Jared because of his extraordinary love for Claire and his confidence in her. A boyfriend like that is for keeps. The story may have started with Claire and Jared apart but I’m very happy that their hearts sing the same melody again in the end. ☺

Another Little Piece of My Heart is a beautiful love story that will definitely rock your world.

This review also is also posted on my blog, The Lifelong Bookworm.

Link: http://jessellelovesbooks.wordpress.c...
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January 5, 2015
"But that’s okay because some nights are like a perfect song. The energy in the air lifts your spirits, and the chill drives you forward...

...The sound of a thousand buzzing insects fills in the gaps, and the touch of a hand makes you dance with joy."


I am an absolute sucker for stories that involve reunion of ex-lovers, that is why it is no surprise why I enjoyed Another Little Piece of My Heart!
"Jared had his arms wrapped around me, and I leaned into him, feeling so comfortable. His chin rested on my head, and his chest rose and fell as he breathed.

And it occurs to me now that fire was us. We burned too brightly too fast."

I also appreciated the back story on Jared and Claire's relationship, and I think that it was written sufficiently. The usual problem I have with books with reunited lovers is that they don't give much importance on the history of the couple's relationship, but with this book, I was satisfied by what was given by the author. I guess the main issue I have with this one was I felt that the reconnecting and the build-up of Jared and Claire's relationship was a bit slow. Yeah maybe there were a bit of parts here and there wherein they had sweet moments, but I wished that there were more scenes wherein they acted in love with each other, but I believed I only felt it into 95% of the book. But other than that, I really did enjoy this story.

The characterization was done nicely, and I found most of the characters appealing. I also appreciated the incorporation of music, which was actually an important aspect of the story. My favorite part has got to be when Jared was teaching Claire how to play the guitar. I really found that one cute and swoon-worthy! I still think there's a lot of room for improvement, but a big thumbs up for an adorable read!

3.5/4 stars!
"And sometimes, just when you think it’s over for good, the alien gods give you the chance to hit Repeat and the music goes on forever."

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December 4, 2013
This was perfection. Love love loved the take on Persuasion and it's easily now one of my favorite retellings.

Being inside Claire's head was awesome. She struggles with the turn of her life, but doesn't become a mopey teenager. The conversations with her best friend, Kristen were hilarious. I found myself rereading their exchanges before I could continue.

Jared...I don't have the words for him. He's a perfect modern day Wentworth. The musical aspect really works for the story, especially when we get a song instead of The Letter.

All in all, it was probably one of the best retellings of Persuasion I've read [tied with For Darkness Shows the Stars] and I know it'll be one I read over and over again.

**Thanks to Harlequin Teen and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**
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December 1, 2013
As an underestimated middle sister, I've always had an affinity for Anne Elliott out of all Jane Austen heroines. But what if Anne didn't fade away after disappointed love, but dyed her hair bright orange, moved to a beach town, and joined a band? That's Claire. She's funny, outspoken, and smart.

And so is Jared -- her one-time musical match, but now an international rockstar, out of her league -- and her life, unless they can stop being outspoken and just say what they really want.

Martin is a great writer, and Claire is a likeable, realistic character, one whose head I like to be in.
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November 26, 2013
I loved this book. It was really sweet, and I loved how things changed, or things were learned, and people grew up, and I wish we got to see more of the after, the happiness! Really great book!
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December 11, 2013
The original, full review can be found HERE on The Book Hookup.

Ana, Celeste, and Christina's Review:

**SPECIAL NOTE:** An eARC of this title was provided by the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review during this blog tour. However, that did not influence this review in any way. All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition.

Initial Thoughts and Rating

Ana: Good, quick read! I enjoyed this story and it’s characters and I thought it was well written.

Celeste: 4 stars! So sweet! This made my heart flutter, and I might be a little in love with Jared Steele.

Christina: An actual rating of 3.5 stars, but I’d round up to 4! This was a fun, upbeat contemporary and apparently just what I was in the mood for at the time.


Ana: Even though Jared isn’t a beloved character in the very beginning, and he does do a few things that make me shake my head, I still loved him. He had the best of intentions most of the time, was down to earth despite being famous, and he supported Claire unconditionally. Claire was great. She’d been through a lot yet wasn’t a whiny character. She experienced many twists and turns but was stronger than she gave herself credit for every time. The supporting characters, Claire’s best friend and her family, were also well written.

Celeste: I went through a few feels about Claire while reading. I liked her almost the entire time, but I really loved her by the end. She had some moments of immaturity, but hey, that’s what made her real. She really stepped up towards the end, both with her internal dialogue and actions… and if I think about it, I really can’t fault her.
Jared Steele, now even though he was portrayed in a negative way by Claire, I just knew he was divine. He was hurt, and dealt with his pain the best way he could. So really, he was perfect because he was such a good guy on top of being totally hot and talented. {YUM} I loved the way he loved Claire, and I knew the entire time he had never given up.

Christina: I loved Claire’s spirit and how she continued to roll with the punches despite the many blows the universe (or alien gods?) delivered repeatedly to her gut. I thought she adjusted perfectly, and the author gave us good authentic emotion for a character that was going through all the issues Claire had to face. As for Jared, I’ll have to admit that I wasn’t his biggest fan throughout the entire novel– especially during a particularly scene when he said a few choice, hurtful words– but his journey was also really believable. I especially liked that he wasn’t affected by his fame. There were some really great (and not-so-great) secondary characters in this novel as well. Claire’s best friend, Kristen, never failed to make me laugh and steal the scene whenever she was present, even if it was only on the phone.

Plot, Pacing, Setting

Ana: Overall, the pacing was good. There were a few slower spots where I just wanted to tell the characters to get on with it but that didn’t make the story any less enjoyable. The plot is not necessarily unique but it was done in a new way and the book was a quick read.

Celeste: The storyline was what caught my eye in the first place. Boy and girl break up, boy writes hit song, girl suffers. While I knew that Jared was supposed to be famous, he didn’t actually seem that famous in the story. The pacing was pretty good as I read the book in only a few sittings, and always was glad to pick it back up. I’m from Massachusetts, so I could totally imagine the setting for the story, and let’s be real: I love New England so I loved the setting. ;)

Christina: I loved the setting and was easily able to conjure up images thanks to the author’s lovely descriptors. Though the plot wasn’t entirely original, I think the Ms. Martin enlivened the storyline with rich characters, and I really appreciated the arc of the novel and the paths the characters had to take to find each other again. As for the pacing, I did find that it lagged a little in the middle when I felt like we were going a little in circles, but that was probably due to my impatience over wanting Claire and Jared to hash things out quicker than they did. All in all, it was good book and one that I finished over a short period of time.

What We Loved

Ana: I loved the characters. There was a great mix of spoiled rich brats, famous musicians, regular teens, uncaring parents and humorous friends. The interactions between them made the story rich. Also, I loved that the music felt like a character as well. It played so strongly into the story that many scenes revolved around it.

Celeste: The whole story. It was sweet, full circle, and coming of age.

Christina: I love love loved the musical aspect of the story and actually wished it could have been incorporated more. I also liked the diversity among all the personalities of the characters. Ms. Martin gave us a solid cast and a plot that I enjoyed seeing unravel.

What We Could Have Loved More

Ana: I would have liked a bit more romance…more swooning. The emotions were there but they could have been stronger in order to have more impact. This could have happened if we had more interactions between Claire and Jared…all their interactions seemed short to me.

Celeste: I needed more smooches and touches and heated looks. While I knew Jared and Claire belonged together, I desperately wanted to feel their love and attraction jump off the pages.

Christina: I, too, felt like this book lacked the chemistry and romance between Jared and Claire. I could tell through their interactions that it was meant to be and that they cared, but I didn’t feel it from them, personally. I also would’ve loved some more swoony goodness after they finally did get back together.

Book Cover Thoughts

Ana: Gotta be honest…not a huge fan of the cover. Although it makes perfect sense with what the story is about, it didn’t draw me in.

Celeste: It’s fine, but doesn’t make my head spin. I’d like a little kissy scene thrown in with the guitars to make it work better.

Christina: I guess I’ll be the oddball out and say that I really liked it. In a market saturated with “kissy” stock images for covers, this one jumped right out at me. Now that I’ve read the story, I think it suits it perfectly.

Rec It?

Ana: Yes. This was a fun, quick read with lots of great characters. It tugged at my heart and it made me smile all at the same time.

Celeste: Oh yes. This was a good old fashioned romance that will tug on your heart strings. You definitely want to add it to your TBR.

Christina: I’d have to agree with my counterparts and rec this Another Little Piece of My Heart as well. It was cute and funny, so it’d be the perfect book to read for a pick-me-up after you’ve finished a heavier novel.

A very special thanks to Tracey Martin, Harlequin Teen, and Book Nerd Tours for allowing us to take part in this blog tour!
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March 22, 2017
This book was really enjoyable would love to reread this in Jared's POV
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December 24, 2013
I haven't read Persuasion but I've seen the BBC miniseries adaptation (which I enjoyed and really liked, by the way). So I pretty much know what this retelling will be about. Unfortunately, Jared and Claire story here didn't work for me.

It was mainly because I couldn't feel and connected to the characters. Claire, who told the story from her POV, couldn't make me believe of anything she felt, did and thought. Instead, she was annoying me most of the time. I understand she was angry with Jared and can't get over with it even after two years. But the way she blamed him without even realized that she was as guilty as he kind of bother me. She also angry and blamed everybody for making her miserable. She blamed Jared for breaking her heart; blamed her parents for not liking him and force her to break up with him; blamed her sister for being a bad sister; blamed Zach, a guy who was interested in her, for the way he kissed and smell; blamed the universe for making her met Jared again; blamed people in general for liking Jared's song which was about her. Basically, she blamed everything and everyone and chose to become a victim. While doing all of that, she also often felt insecurity and thought the worse of others.

There were also things that I didn't quite like. The story was more telling rather than showing, through Claire. She kept telling me stuff but mostly I didn't get more than that. I think 70% of the story came from her mind while the rest 30% was delivered in conversation. It was about and what was in her mind rather than her conversation with other characters. Most of the time, I was exhausted reading the story through her POV.

But I still have thing I liked. It was the way Claire reminiscence her past. It seemed random things whenever she remembered it. One thing in the present led her to her past, it was liked she didn't prepare to reminiscence it yet it reminded her of certain things. On the other hand, I also have to say I didn't get much Claire and Jared past either. It began and ended up abruptly. She told me how they first met and why she broke him up but only a little bit of what they were doing when they were together. I want to know more to understand why they fell in love. Was there any other reasons aside their love to music? I felt that she didn't tell me all of their stories.

Although Claire was the one who told the story, I was kind of wish I can also get to know Jared better. It might be from Claire or even from their conversation. Alas, the lack of conversation couldn't provide more about Jared. For example I want to know how he can be a rock star in only a couple of months. Did he meet someone "big" while he ran away to New York? Or did he upload his video just like Justin Beiber? Or was it anything else? Hence his fame sounds too far-fetched for me.

I’m always curious of retelling books even with the book I haven’t read yet. Too bad this book didn’t work for me. Now, I really want to read another Persuasion retelling just to compare it. I think I might start it with For Darkness Shows the Stars that most readers seem love or wait for The Last Best Kiss from Claire LaZebnik next year.
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December 8, 2013
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It's probably become quite clear through some of my other reviews, if you have seen them, that I am not the biggest fan of romance books. I don't hate them all, but it takes something special for me to really enjoy one. But I requested this through Netgalley (thank you Harlequin Teen and Tracey Martin!) because of the music themed cover and that the summary actually sounded interesting and I am so glad I did!

I did have my reservations, unsure if I would like it or not, and I confess that it did take me about 40% of the book before I was truly invested. But by then, I could not put it down and kept on reading until I was finished, I was so caught up in Claire's story by then and needed to see how it ended for her.

Claire was a character that I quickly came to love, I felt she was really likeable and really relatable. I was confused by the whole situation with her mother, and why she had to break up with Jared but I soon got past that. I could completely relate to her love of music and how she uses it in her life; how she finds the perfect song that captures how she's feeling at that time. I loved her descriptions of how Jared would get when he was playing guitar, as someone who dates a guitar player it all sounded so familiar.

Jared was someone that I really disliked one minute and then, somehow without my knowing how, Tracey Martin had me completely swooning over him. When he and Claire see each other he makes a very hurtful comment about her that had me thinking he was a complete and utter d**khead! But then I found myself rooting for him, swooning over him and wanting him and Claire to get together. How Tracey Martin did it, I do not know but she is obviously a genius, usually my opinion never changes that drastically.

The secondary characters are a good part of the story too. I especially loved Claire's best friend Kristen and her wonderful, at times sarcastic, sense of humour. The way she answers the phone to Claire had me laughing every time.

I did have my issues with the scenes where Claire reminisced about her times with Jared. They felt a bit like 'this happened, then this and then that' and I didn't get much feeling for their relationship. I didn't really feel anything for them as a couple at that point. But once they were thrust back together, I really began to feel it.

This did have some problems but overall I really enjoyed it. This is what I prefer in a romance novel, a romance that sweeps me up along with the characters, that's more cutesy and romatic than it is full of angsty drama.

4/5 Stars

Great romance. Definitely recommend.

*I received a copy of this novel from the author/publisher/publicist via Netgalley in exchange for a free and honest review and received no monetary compensation for this review.
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December 6, 2013
I loved this book SO much!

Look for my review on the official blog tour on December 6 at Such a Novel Idea!



Good lord I loved this book! I still can't really explain it. Logically, the book followed an outline I could have easily predicted by reading the synopsis. It wasn't anything particularly different or unique in that respect. So, why did I just want to hug my Kindle when it ended?

1. The Music

2. The Characters


This was an emotional read for me. I connected on an emotional level and emotion is what drove me through the entire plot. I felt each and every thing the main character did so deeply, it was a bit frightening. I cried with her. I laughed with her. I rolled my eyes when she made the wrong decision. I was in her head and it made the book that much more enjoyable.

Claire was great. Her story was pretty unique -- her ex-boyfriend became famous and wrote nasty songs about her. I can't even imagine, but I'm guessing Taylor Swift's exes understand her pain. Claire felt deeply for the boy and they didn't even break up because she didn't love him, but because her mom was dying. The whole thing was just heartbreaking. I felt her shock when she came face to face with the boy in the grocery store and I quickly strapped in for what I knew was going to be a tumultuous ride.

The music! There was SO much music in this book (hello, the title is a famous line from Janis Joplin's song) that I was giddy. From talking about the Beatles to meeting famous made-up bands from Australia, to the music Claire and Jared created. The music was such a major selling point for me.

This book is very much character-driven. We spend a lot of time in Claire's head, dealing with the emotions and the things life has thrown her way. I think this truthfully answers why I loved it so much. The plot was predictable, but the experience was refreshing. I fell madly in love with the book and I SERIOUSLY wish I could have been laying by the pool when I read it. It is the perfect beach read, especially since much of it takes place on or near the beach.

The writing was great, the plot was tight and didn't leave anything hanging or missing, the pacing was perfect, and we spent a lot of time in the character's frame of mind. The end made me smile and the book left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I will definitely be checking out more from this author!

I definitely recommend this to fans of contemporary romances, those who like books with a lot of music, coming-of-age, and reconciliations.
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November 13, 2014
What I enjoyed most about Another Little Piece of My Heart is that it reminded me, in a lot of ways, of the type of fan fiction I used to write when I was in high school. I was am obsessed with boy bands and musicians, so it's not particularly surprising I was eager to read this. Even though I felt like everything was only touched upon lightly (if that makes sense), it was still a pretty fun read.

I adored the fact that this book was set in the summertime! Not just any summer either, mind you, but the summer right after high school graduation for Claire. That summer (and also the summer after you graduate from college) always feels like a clean slate. Everyone gets that chance to start over, start again and try something new. Everyone can reinvent themselves, and that's certainly an opportunity that Claire takes advantage of. From taking on an actual job, to trying to write more music, her summer is certainly a catalyst for change.

I actually didn't know, going in, that this was a book inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion. It makes absolute sense though, if you look at the groundwork of Claire and Jared's romance. They both led very different lives to begin with, and their separation only occurred because of deep sorrow and a misunderstanding. I love the way Martin played with that concept and managed to modernize it, without telling the exact same story.

The best part of this book, by far, is that music has a heavy hand in both Claire and Jared's stories. I love that music was a love affair for them both, and that it helped them cope with all the things that were going on in their lives. Even though it felt like Jared had more polish to his talent (and obviously, that career with the songs inspired by their break-up), Claire also had something raw and real about hers. It was fascinating, honestly, to watch her during the chapters where she tried to work on some music.

If you're looking for a bright, easy read to curl up with during these colder months, I'd definitely recommend Another Little Piece of My Heart. It's got a fun cast of characters, a great summer setting and music woven through its pages. I really enjoyed it, even as the pages flew by!

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November 27, 2013
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Harlequin TEEN, and Netgalley.)
Claire dumped her boyfriend Jared because her dying mother asked her to. Jared wrote a song about how Claire dumped him because she was a ‘daddy’s girl’, and ended up topping the charts, and even getting awards for the song.

Now Jared is back though, and Claire can’t help being awful to him, and trying to prove how over him she is, even if it’s anything but the truth.
Is Claire really over Jared? Is she really a Daddy’s girl? And is there any hope of the two making peace?

When I started this book I was hoping for something light and fluffy, instead I got dull and irritating.

I just couldn’t warm to Claire as a character, I disliked how much she moaned and whined about things that I felt didn’t warrant attention. When your mom is dead, and your trust fund is gone, moaning about some ex-boyfriend who wrote a song about you just seems a little immature. Surely you should be more upset over your mother’s death than some silly song.

The storyline in this annoyed me unfortunately. As if Claire’s constant whining wasn’t annoying enough, we then got some petty snide comments thrown about between Claire and Jared, which basically just convinced me that Jared was a total poo head, which further distanced me from Claire. Why the hell she even liked this bloke was quite beyond me.
The pair then also seemed to be doing things to prove to each other how over each other they were, and to prove that they were the better, and more attractive person, which was also pretty petty and annoying. Then we had Claire going from telling Jared how awful he is, and how over him she is, to her defending him to her dad, because really she was still in love with him. I mean shoot me now. This whole thing was just so irritating!

The ending was then predictable, and again irritating, and I was basically just relieved when it was over.
Overall; dull and predictable, with irritating main characters.
4.5 out of 10.
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December 27, 2013
The blurb totally got my attention for reviewing this book. I'm a sucker for modern re-tellings of my favorite old books- especially Jane Austen. The other thing that really got me was the music aspect of this book. I love books that involve music.

The music was definitely my favorite thing about this book. I love how feelings, memories and situations all revolved around music. I'm sure we all have songs that when we hear them take us right back to a certain moment. There are songs that remind me of people and places and feelings I had. I love music. It is so powerful and can evoke such emotion. The emotions, events and people in this book are all interwoven in music for Claire and Jared. I loved that the most about this book.

Of course, misunderstanding is a key player in this book. Claire breaks up with Jared to please her mother and regrets it every day. Jared doesn't understand and uses his music to vent his feelings. Misunderstanding leads to hurt. I enjoyed Claire's maturing in the book. She learns along the way and starts figuring out what Claire wants and how best to get go about getting it. The moments I enjoyed the most were when Claire becomes emotionally vulnerable and puts herself out there to succeed or fail- knowing it could go either way but still trying.

The things that I didn't like about this book were the swearing (including the F word, multiple times), the underage drinking and drug use, and the casual references to sex. There was no open sexual situations in this book, just talk about them happening (or not). I'm just personally not a fan of these things in YA books. This book would have been just as good (well, better in my opinion) if those things were kept out.

My thanks to Harlequin Teen for allowing me to read and review for them.
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November 17, 2015
When I first heard about this book, I wasn't sure I would suggest the ARC. As a big fan of Robin Benway's "Audrey, Wait!," I thought this book was too similar to be worth a read.

I was wrong.

The only problem with this book is my problem - there are some books that I love, but I can't really adequately express my feels. This is one of those books, so you'll just have to read my ramblings and try it yourself.

I really loved this book, and not just because it takes place near the fabulousness that is Portsmouth, NH, and it isn't just because sometimes I felt like Tracey was in my brain ("Lobster is just one of the many things in life I don't get the hype about." - when I was a little kid, years before I went vegan, my parents were always trying to get me to like lobster, and I never liked it, and I never understood why they wanted their little kid to like something so expensive).

I love Claire. Her family is . . . not one you would want. But she hangs tight to her ideals and who she wants to be, and she just keeps working at what she wants. As a teenager, I wasn't even sure who I wanted to be - I definitely didn't have the wherewithal to go for it, whatever my it was.

And Jared. He's lovely, he really is. He's kind and determined and real and grateful, even after he becomes a big star.

I guess what I'm saying is that my favorite thing about this book is that the two main characters, teenagers, who could be lost and broken, are focused and determined and strong. I envy that.

Okay. I'm stopping my rambling now. I'm going to go find a song to go with this post, and then you can read the post and go read the book.
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December 12, 2013
A wonderful retelling of a classic, Another Little Piece of My Heart was a lovely read. I really enjoyed this YA romance.

Claire was a great heroine. She didn't have the best starts. At first, I thought she was somewhat petulant, bitter, and inclined to blame others for her own problems. But, as the story went on, she great up, realizing that she was responsible for her decisions and her happiness. By the end of the book, I really liked her.

Jared was really sweet. Even though we saw him through the biased eyes of an angry Claire, he still came off as wonderful right away. He was a truly nice guy who might of made mistakes, but he admitted to them and did what he could to make them right. I totally adored him.

The romance as sweet. Even though there was a lot of anger between Claire and Jared at first, it was obvious that neither of them was over the other. And, from then on, their feelings just grew even more. I thought they were a lovely couple.

The plot was fast paced. I was kept interested the entire way through. The author did a great job transferring the tale of Persuasion into the modern world of music. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was lovely.

Another Little Piece of My Heart was a wonderful YA romance. It was a brilliant retelling of a lovely classic. I really enjoyed this book. Lovers of romance, Austen, or music, this is a book you'll want to check out.

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review
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November 30, 2013
I am a sucker for anything Austen related, books, movies, retellings, you name it, I will read or watch it. I never worry about it ruining the classic or any other such nonsense because simply put, I just have fun with it.

But with all my Austen love, I have never read a retelling of Persuasion, at least, I don't think I have. I don't remember reading one although I have read many others that she has written so I jumped at the chance to. Why not? I loved the first, maybe I would even love this more modern version of the story.

After all, it never hurts to try. Right?

This was actually a really cute read and one that surprised me with, considering the rock star status, how realistic it felt.

Claire was definitely not mild and meek Anne Eliot from Austen's Persuasion but instead she was somewhat opinionated and feisty and even sarcastic at times. I like that the author changed her character and personality up but still kept the meat of the original feel of the story by having very similar circumstances of her break up with Jared (Wentworth) and keeping it all very entertaining and fun in the process by adding a modern twist and spin to it.

Overall this was a great modern retelling that I really enjoyed.
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December 15, 2013
2.5 stars.

Though there were some pretty cute moments, I ultimately found myself incredibly frustrated with the characters. I understood their actions, but it became too much after a while.

For someone who was supposed to be over her ex (and of course she wasn't), Claire sure gave a lot of thought about Jared. It was just too much for me. C'mon, either do something about it or shut up. Claire was also absolutely unable to say no to anyone. It was ridiculous, she got into the most awful situations just because she couldn't say no (chaperoning her cousin to the concert?, camping trip? C'mon!).

And then we have Jared. I gotta say, I just didn't feel the connection with Claire. I actually didn't feel the connection with him at all, it's like he was just there and that's it. In the end, it almost doesn't matter if he had been in the book.

I really was expecting a bit more from this book, but it was just too weak in some aspects, which made me feel frustrated with the characters.
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March 15, 2014
This was really uneven for me. I enjoyed some elements (the music/songwriting stuff and the sibling dynamics), but I had a lot of frustrations with everything being nearly resolved and in particular the unforgivable parental behavior that was forgiven (this is a huge issue for me with YA on a regular basis--when parents don't earn their child's forgiveness and yet they get it anyway). This is supposed to be a Persuasion retelling and while I can see the connection, it's a very loose retelling.

In the end, I kept wanting a bit more out of this story, since it's well-written and nicely-paced. It just didn't go as deeply as I would have liked. :-/

This does have a "new adult" vibe to it in terms of the narrator's life stage, so folks looking for that may want to check this one out, as will people who gobble up music themed books.
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June 5, 2014
I kept waiting for it to get better, but it didn't, really.

There were almost no Jared/Claire scenes. How can you have a romance when you don't see the romantic interests interacting? And supposedly they're still in love... but I see no evidence of it, aside from the scene where they count "huns" together. And what about from when they were dating? There's little to no memories or flashbacks written in that talk about why they loved each other.

I thought a he said/she said would have been nice, with Jared's perspective.

Claire was annoying and whiny, and I kept waiting for her friends to drop her butt.

The end was just a "wham-bam, i love you, m'aam," and nothing more.
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January 31, 2016
This is a loose adaptation of Persuasion and definitely on of the better ones. Both the Wentworth and Anne equivalents are likeable (to a degree!) and this was an enjoyable read. I also quite liked the songs featured in this book - shame they're not actual releases.
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June 25, 2015
This book was really promising. It's has more angry tone and fucktheworld tone than how I would've liked it. But the lyrics and wit of the characters kept me.

Rating: 3.5 stars
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