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Knights in Time #3

Knight Blindness

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Given a choice between the pleasant life you knew centuries ago or the possibility of all you want in an uncertain new world, which would you choose? Two men torn through time find themselves in the modern but alien world. Old enemies, one hunting the other,one discovering love, both fighting private battles to survive. Book 3 of The Knights in Time Series Ready for battle, Medieval English knight, Stephen Palmer, charges into the French enemy’s cavalry line. Heeding a warning given months before, he hesitates as he comes face-to-face with the knight in the warning. Struck down in the year 1356, he finds himself landing in the year 2013. Grievously wounded, he’s taken to a nearby hospital. Confused by the new world surrounding him, he attempts to convince the staff he’s from another time, only to find they think him mad. Rescued by friends, who, to his surprise, have also come through time, he must find a way to function in this odd modern England. He is quickly enchanted by the kind Esme Crippen, the young woman hired to tutor him. She too is enchanted by him. Tempted to deepen the relationship, she hesitates thinking him adorable, but mad. He must discover the means for getting her to believe the truth, all the while, unknown to him, he didn’t come forward in time alone. The enemy knight has also traveled to 2013. French noble, Roger Marchand, doesn’t question why the English knight who charged him hesitated. That fraction of a pause gave him the advantage needed and he brought his sword down upon the Englishman’s helmet hard, unhorsing the knight. He moved to finish the Englishman off when the world changed in a rush of sensations as he is ripped through time. Seeking a reason for the terrible event, he enters a nearby chapel. There, thinking God has chosen him for a quest to turn French defeat that day in 1356 to victory, he sets out to find the English knight. The man he is convinced holds the key to time. If he returns to the day of the battle, he can warn his king of mistakes that snatched victory from them.

394 pages, Paperback

First published July 20, 2013

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About the author

Chris Karlsen

34 books448 followers
Chris was born and raised in Chicago. Her father was a history professor and her mother was, and is, a voracious reader. She grew up with a love of history and books. Her parents also love traveling, a passion they passed onto her. She wanted to see the places she read about, see the land and monuments from the time periods that fascinated her. She’s had the good fortune to travel extensively throughout Europe, the Near East, and North Africa. She is also a retired police detective who spent twenty-five years in law enforcement with two different agencies. Her desire to write came in her early teens. After she retired, she decided to pursue that dream. She writes two different series. Her paranormal romance series is called, Knights in Time. Her romantic thriller series is, Dangerous Waters. She currently live in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, four rescue dogs and a rescue horse.
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Author 26 books103 followers
September 24, 2013
A knight of old, Stephen Palmer's life has taken a different turn. One minute, he's charging through the French enemy lines. The next, he finds himself astride a bed in a hospital wounded the point he isn't sure if he'll truly survive. The kicker? The year is no longer 1356.

Stuck in modern times, Stephen is well out of his element. Everything around him has changed, and he's forced to learn everything he needs to know as quick as he can. It doesn't matter that he's come from another time and place. He's stuck in 2013 until he can find a way back home. Something, unfortunately, that seems extremely impossible, given his current circumstances. He's wounded, after all, and currently unable to fend for himself.

To Stephen's surprise, he's not alone in the new world he now finds himself in. Several of his friends have crossed over with him. While they have learned to live new lives, and are intent on showing him the ropes, he's unable to grasp just how much changed. Never-the-less, he'll do his best to get used to things until such a time when he'll be able to make it back home.

His only saving grace comes in the guise of the beautiful and quite intriguing Esme Crippen. She's been sent to help him come to terms with his current predicament, and tutor him in what he needs to know. Granted, she doesn't quite believe that he's a knight from another time, something Stephen is determined to help her understand by any means necessary. In his mind, she's everything he could ever want in a woman, and more.

Unfortunately, things seem too good to be true. His enemy on the field has also crossed over, intent on settling the score between them, once and for all. If Stephen is to find happiness within Esme's arms, he'll need to confront Roger Marchand, and put a stop to the man's sordid machinations before he can finish what he started on the battlefield so long ago. Only then can he truly find his way home.

A truly delightful story, I enjoyed Knight Blindness immensely. The reader finds him/herself smack-dab in the middle of Stephen's turmoil. He's had to come to terms with a good many things so quickly - his being wounded, his blindness, and the fact that he's in a completely different time frame. Chris has taken elements of old and new, and blended them together to give us a refreshing take on a medieval fairy tale. I call it a fairy tale because that's what it truly is. She's injected so much feeling and emotion into the story that it almost pours off the page. Knights In Time is a series you'll definitely want to immerse yourself in. I look forward to what comes next!
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113 reviews5 followers
September 27, 2013

Back in the day , BR (before reviews), I read A LOT of historical romances. Those still are my very favorite sub-genre of romance. I love knights, lords and ladies. I love the time when life could be hard but chivalry prevailed. Knight Blindness is story of a knight, Stephen Palmer, who in the midst of battle is mysteriously brought forward into present day time. Thankfully he has a few friends from his time ( see books 1 & 2) who find him and are able to help him out. Seriously wounded and now blinded by an attack during the battle in his own time - not only is he thrust into a new era of living, but also at the disadvantage of having no vision to see the changes that have been wrought. Still Stephen maintains his chivalry. Yes, I may have fallen just a little bit in love with him :)

The author did a wonderful job piecing together this book. One thing that I especially enjoyed was that although it is Book 3 in a series, it could read fine as a stand alone. I personally did not read the first two books (yet, because you can bet your pants I'm going to check them out now!) and while there are some hints to them, you get along just fine and don't feel lost at all without having read them. The battle scene and Stephen's stories of other battles were written in such a way that you can see them play out in your head as you are reading..

By far, my favorite parts about the book was the laughter I got. Laughter ? In a romance? Oh yes. So many things made me giggle - almost always in conversation between Stephen and his love interest Esme. I wish now I had marked the passages as I read it and giggled so I could share them with you! Regardless, knights + love story + laughter = a solid win in my book! I hope you'll check it out!!

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. **
2 reviews
August 24, 2013
Wow! This book was amazing! I do not normally read modern time romance novels, but this was an exception as I am a sucker for medieval knights transported to modern time. I have always fantasied on how the knights would react when they see how the world is today. All the things probably would not considered to be deemed possible back in the 1300s. This story added a twist by making one of the knights experiencing the new world of year 2013 totally blind.

The author has done a wonderful job in writing this novel. This is my first read by this author and of this series installments. When I spotted this book over on Amazon.com, I knew I had to get a free copy of it. I do not normally read book series out of order. I normally like to start with book 1 and work down the list. This was an exception. This book caught my eye as I was shopping and knew I had to read it.

My favorite male character was Stephen Palmer. I had actually felt sorry for the poor guy. Him being in a new time and experiencing it blind. Everyone thinking he's some mental disturbed person who's one step away from being admitted to a mental clinic as he tries so hard to tell the truth. He's a man of honor and telling-living a lie is something he's totally against.

The structure of the book was amazingly good and descriptively detailed. The sex scenes is hot but not to the point of it being porno from cover to cover. They were your old fashion love making scenes - enough to feel the desire but also leaving it up to your imagination. There were about two or three sex scenes through out the whole book.

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August 27, 2013
3.5 stars
Fore notes:

I am going to just jump into my thoughts about the book for a moment before going on to things... But as I started reading the book I felt a bit lost and confused but I progress onwards until I hit chapter seven. I agree that the title did say that this book 3 in the series but as I started that chapter I had to get the others so I can understand this book. I do have to say to understand this book you will need to read the others in this series...

Now onwards:

Stephen was in the midst of a battle in a field at Poitiers, France on September 19, 1356. He receives a dangerous and serious wound that caused him to black-out. Suddenly and somehow he is transported 657 years later to awaken in strange land and time to him.

But he wasn't the only one that was transported...

Marchand has come along as well but why...

What has occurred to make the impossible possible?

My thoughts after reading this and the others it has that this seems to be different that some of the things seemed off. Overall it seemed mind hoppy to me which I am not a fan of... The storyline and character dialogue had some things that had me puzzled (that is the best word to describe it...)
It was an ok kinda book that I wasn't wowed by.

**free copy was provided for an honest review**
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1,717 reviews312 followers
September 15, 2013
This brilliant story was simultaneously hilarious and heart wrenching. Karlsen’s brilliant storytelling draws you into a world that compares with no other, while remaining realistic and easy to relate to. This novel was well and eloquently written. I really appreciated the fact that I never felt like the author was talking down to her audience. The research behind this novel is out of this world. I was very impressed with the twist that Karlsen put on well-known battles throughout history without rampant inaccuracies.

The characters in this novel are off the hook. Karlsen manages to seamlessly combine the middle ages with modern times to create characters that would be at home in either time period. She also creates characters that really draw you to them. They are unique and realistic all at the same time. It’s a very nice combination. This goes for both the main characters and for the supporting casts.

Overall, this was a very intriguing novel that kept me going throughout. I would highly recommend it to any reader and cannot wait to dig into more from this very talented author.

Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 5 books83 followers
September 17, 2013
4.5 Drops Review

Knight Blindness is book 3 in The Knights in Time series, and yes, it’s best to read them in order. Having said that, I absolutely loved this story. What happens when you take two men from the time of knights and swords and dump them into the middle of 2013? That’s a great question and one you get to travel along with to find how both the good knight and his arch rival deal with all the complex and downright bizarreness of the modern age.

I love reading how the out-of-time men perceive our world! Especially since Stephen is now blind. . . Absolutely fascinating and compelling story and writing.

The romance between Stephen and Esme is HOT, but not too hot, lol. The details so engrossing you’ll think you were right there along with the characters. And the desires of each character are so different, yet it all comes together to form a perfect and delicious adventure. It’s rare to find time travel stories like this that feel so believable, but Chris Karlsen intrigued me from the very beginning and kept me riveted well past the last page.
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Author 41 books208 followers
November 7, 2013
I've read all of the books in this series and this one is by far my favorite! I love how Chris Karlsen made the hero less than perfect, but at the same time wrote him so perfect that I fell in love with him at the same time. I was also excited to read Marchands' tale because even though he was the villain, I found myself wanting him to find his place in life as well.

This book is so beautifully written that I feel as if I'm tearing through time with the knights, or living in the quaint trailer in the English countryside. I hope there are more books to come in this series. I seem to fall in love with each new release. Keep them coming!!!
Profile Image for Tanya Watt.
Author 1 book109 followers
February 18, 2015
Another great read from Chris Karlsen!

This book shows you what real courage is all about. I couldn't stop reading as I followed Stephen through his struggles of a whole new world, and doing it blind by the way! He's sexy, strong and shows you that anyone can face there fears and move on.
I loved all the books in the Knight In Time series but this one was my favorite. The characters are so well written I even felt bad for the bad guy!
My only wish is there is more Knight in Time books in the future. Chris Karlsen is an excellent story-teller who knows how to capture your interest and keep it until the very end:)
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130 reviews97 followers
October 2, 2013
The idea of time travel -- whether to the past or the future -- has always fascinated me. Throw in some romance, and I'm sold! That's precisely what this novel is about, although the traveling is not scientifically detailed, remaining something of a mystery.

This is the third novel in Karlsen's "Knights In Time" series, which describes the adventures of several medieval knights who suddenly find themselves in the 21st century, without knowing how, except that there's a time portal somewhere....

In spite of being the third novel, Knight Blindness can be read by itself, since the author provides some clues as to what's going on, and characters from the previous two novels also appear in this one.

Two enemy knights, one English, the other French, fight each other during the Battle of Poitiers, in France. The year is 1356, A.D. The English knight, Stephen Palmer, had been given a mysterious prophecy about a knight bearing certain colors and heraldic symbols. Upon encountering that very knight, he hesitates....and is struck down by him. The lethal blow is delivered by the Frenchman, Roger Marchand.

Both knights are suddenly transported to the present year -- 2013. Stephen is lying on the ground at the edge of the scene of the famous battle, and is found by some locals, who call an ambulance. Meanwhile, Roger materializes in the midst of a dense cluster of trees, not far from where Stephen is lying....

Although I was indeed attracted to this book by the plot, I must admit that I was not initially comfortable reading the story. That's because Stephen is permanently blinded by the blow he suffered at the hands of Marchand, whose sword hit Stephen's helm in such a way that it injured his eyes. Karlsen actually described the extent of Palmer's injury. I saw that coming, and skipped over that part completely. Still, it wasn't easy for me to go on....

Despite my initial discomfort, I'm glad I persisted with this book. I was rewarded with a wonderful cast of characters, as well as an intriguing plot that really captured my interest!

Stephen Palmer is a very engaging, fascinating character. Being a knight, and thus, bound by a code of honor, he's very proud and stalwart. From the very beginning, he attempts to be independent, to do as much for himself as he possibly can. This is very admirable. It also means that he's very stubborn, resisting help from his friends (who have also traveled in time) whenever he thinks he can cope on his own. He's also a very sweet, chivalrous man. He is very much attracted to Esme Crippen, the tutor his friends Guy and Basil have hired to teach him about historical developments since the 14th century. At one point, he even insists that Esme's boyfriend come to the door to escort her to his car for a date, instead of blowing the horn and waiting for her to come out. I found this enchanting! How many men do that nowadays? Not many....

Another wonderful thing about Stephen is that he has a beautiful tenor voice. He happens to come across the songs from "The Phantom of the Opera", and starts learning them. Eventually, he can sing them by heart, and his interpretations are indeed very musically competent!

I really liked Esme as the perfect woman for Stephen. She's initially reluctant to take on the assignment, especially since she's been told that Stephen is not 'quite right in the head'. His friends think it's best for Esme not to know the truth; they fear she won't be able to take it.

Esme also doubts, in the beginning, that she'll be able to teach a blind man. However, all her doubts are swept aside when she meets Stephen. Although this is not a case of "insta-love", there is an attraction, mostly on Stephen's part, from the start. Esme slowly warms up to him, however. She finds him totally charming, if rather stubborn. He insists on going horseback riding, for instance, something she thinks might be too dangerous for him to attempt, even if she does accompany him. I found her worrying over him very touching.

As for Roger Marchand, he is Stephen's avowed enemy. Once he learns that he and Stephen have traveled in time to the future, he becomes intent on finding Stephen and returning with him to the year 1356, so that he (Roger) can warn the French king, thus assuring victory for France at the Battle of Poitiers. He is relentless in his pursuit of the English knight.

Although Marchand is also chivalrous and bound by a code of honor, his fanaticism in attempting to change history makes him a less than likable character. However, there are moments in the novel when his softer side comes through, and I did feel touched by this aspect of his personality. He has sustained a major loss in his past, which has perhaps really influenced his worldview. He hides his pain through force of will, as I imagine most men similarly affected do.

The minor characters in this novel (who are major characters in the previous two books) are also very well drawn. I like the way they take care that Stephen's needs are met, that he is comfortable and safe. Sometimes Stephen rebels against their concern, but it's understandable that, since they're genuine friends, they would worry about him and want to prevent any harm coming to him, since he now has a disability.

Karlsen makes this story very believable, having gone to quite a bit of trouble to acquaint herself with procedures and techniques used to help the blind. She has also researched the historical period well. Stephen and Roger come across as realistic medieval knights, although at times I think they sound much too modern. However, they do have a definitely outdated view of the world, so this contributes to making them believable, even if they don't always sound like 14th-century warriors.

The pacing of the novel varies throughout. It starts off with battlefield action. Then, when the two knights are mysteriously transported to the 21st century, it slows down as Stephen begins the process of recovery and adaptation to his disability. There's also the gradual unfolding of the romance between Stephen and Esme. Then the action steps up again as the French knight's hunt gets under way.

All in all, I found this to be a very enjoyable novel, in spite of my initial discomfort. Time travel fans will really appreciate Karlsen's attention to historical details, while those who love romance with something 'extra' will also find this a great read!

Now I'd like to go back and read the two previous books in the series! I need to find out all about the other knights' adventures and romances in time!!
3,174 reviews7 followers
December 30, 2019
Usually time travel books involve going backwards in time, but this one involves two knights who go forward in time. They are on opposite sides of a battle and in the middle of the battle where one of them is dealt a blinding blow to the face, they are both sent forwards in time. Now they are trying to adjust to their new reality as well as figure out what happened to them. And, one of them is looking for the other to finish the battle once and for all.

An interesting story which I may have appreciated more if I had read the first two books in the series so that I could understand the dynamics of the other characters who seem to have had similar experiences with traveling through time.
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Author 29 books200 followers
January 22, 2014
Knight Blindness is the third installment in Karlsen’s The Knights in Time series. I have read the first two books and, as always, the author doesn’t disappoint.

The story begins at the Battle of Poitiers, France, in 1356. English knight Stephen Palmer charges into battle when he is suddenly struck by the enemy. In that instant, he plummets through time and when he wakes up, wounded and confused, he finds himself in a hospital in 2013. Not only that, but blind due to his wound. His manner of speaking, questions and claims force people to believe that he’s mad.

In a twist of fate, old friends of his who have also secretly traveled through time before, from earlier books, come to help. They assign him a tutor to help him adjust to the modern world: beautiful and warm-hearted Esme Crippen who, unfortunately, thinks Stephen adorable but also mad.

But unbeknown to Stephen, the man who struck him, French knight Roger Marchant, was also sucked into the vortex and ripped through time…and he has his own agenda and will stop at nothing to hunt his enemy down and bring him back to 1356.

This was a thoroughly entertaining and compelling read. Romance, adventure, intrigue, mystery and a touch of humor await you in Knight Blindness. With her close attention to historical detail, Karlsen brings the story to life. Stephen is a riveting hero, brave, loyal and stubborn, yet with a vulnerable, sensitive side; Esme is as sympathetic as heroines go, and I had fun watching their romance evolve. Roger is a character not many will like, but Karlsen gave him some redeeming qualities as well, making him a more complex and realistic villain. I should mention that although this is third in a series, it is also a standalone book, and the author does a good job in providing some light backstory that doesn’t get overwhelming. If you’re a fan of time-travel and historical romance, you’ll want to add this one to your shelf.
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362 reviews6 followers
May 21, 2014
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Knight Blindness is the third book in a series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but the reader can tell there has been a story prior to this one. The characters in the novel refer back to events that took place prior to the beginning of this story. This novel was well written and did not have editing errors like so many books do today, it was a refreshing change. The plot was well written and the author pulled the different threads in the fabric of the plot together very nicely by the end of the book. Stephen Palmer, a knight from the 1300s, suddenly finds himself in a modern day setting, injured and alone. He soon finds out that he also has a serious disadvantage in this new world that he will have to overcome in order to survive. Luckily, he has friends that have traveled before him that can help him adjust to his new circumstances. Esme is hired to help Stephen transition to his new circumstances and the only thing that can be said is the plot thickens. What kind of relationship can be built between a man from the 1300s and a modern day woman? Adding to Stephen’s problems is the fact that he did not arrive alone when he came forward in time. Roger is not a friend of Stephen’s; in fact they were in a fierce battle when the time travel happened. Roger also wants to find Stephen, but not to help him. Karlsen did a wonderful job with the plot and I enjoyed reading this story. I would recommend it to anyone who likes historical romance or historical fiction.
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1,887 reviews61 followers
June 2, 2014
I was given this book to read in turn for an honest review!!!

Two men are torn through time finding themselves in the Modern but Alien World. Both fighting in a Medieval War then find themselves in the same spot 657 years later, Stephen Palmer is injured and taken to a nearby hospital to be treated, badly wounded and confused by this new world he tries to convince the staff he is from another time but the staff only think he is mad. Roger Merchand seeks answers at a near by chapel coming to the conclusion that God has sent him on a quest to change history.

Stephens’s friends who rescue him from the hospital hire him a tutor to try and bring him up to speed with the Modern World. Roger finds comfort from working with a re–enactment company, who travelled Europe as Medieval Knights re-enacting mock battles etc.

This is the first book of this series I have read and the first of Chris Karlsen’s books and I really enjoyed it. I think I may have understood one or two things better had I read book 1 and 2 but this can be read as a stand alone and thoroughly enjoyed. I have never read any of this Genre before but I really enjoyed it and pleased I got to read this. At first it’s a little slow going but after three or four chapters you’re hooked and intrigued as to where this story will go.

Once I got use to the style of writing I found myself to love it and much easier to follow. If you love a good romance story I would definitely recommend this book it was so refreshing to read a romance with the angle of a Noble Medieval Knight and time travel.
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Author 25 books71 followers
November 7, 2013
I read more or less avidly through the first 3/4 or so. Then the gratuitous sex scenes turned me off rather than on. I plugged ahead and was disappointed when Stephan started acting as much an ass as Roger and Esme turns from strong woman into panting sexpot. The scene when Roger stalks Stephan read like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

I really did like the historical references and how Stephan copes so well with adapting to a different time and to blindness. Chris did a great job on the history and sympathetically portrays a brave man dealing with a lot of adversity very well.

My dislikes will probably place me in the minority, so I won't discourage anybody from reading this, or any of the other, books in the series.
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2,139 reviews3 followers
December 11, 2014
I enjoyed the first two books and I wondered how it could get better but it did. Chris outdid herself. Stephen and Roger found themselves thrust into a different century and had to learn how to deal with everything. Stephen was lucky that he had friends to help him deal with everything that had happened. Roger made his way on his own. The two eventually meet up again and I didn't expect the turn of events that did happen. This book was very enjoyable and I am loving this series. I can't recommend this book enough.
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760 reviews30 followers
October 3, 2013
Chris Karlsen pens "Knight Blindness" in a time traveling plot filled with historical facts. The author's characters were very well developed, believable, unique and you will find yourself drawn to them. An extremely intriguing book that will captivate you from the start. Highly recommended top all historical romance fans.

This review is based on a complimentary copy from the author which was provided for an honest review.
Profile Image for Lori.
274 reviews
August 31, 2015
This was A very good thought out story..
I liked the odd twist of having two knights thrown forward in time trying to figure out what the hell is going on .
you have your loyal one who's a knight at heart then the one who just wants to try and fit in.
the story flows nicely and you jump right in and just go for a ride.
is recommended this story to anyone. it's a sort of sci first story. modern day.

I was given this book for a honest review.
Profile Image for Mindy.
643 reviews10 followers
October 14, 2013
Fascinating story about a time traveling soldier. Granted it wasn’t on purpose. I loved the mystery and the romance. It was a fabulous read.

I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.

This product or book may have been distributed for review; this in no way affects my opinions or reviews.
Profile Image for Lynne.
42 reviews
October 5, 2013
A great book with great detail and history. Time travel at its beat. Enjoy.
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